Mama me la chupa rico

Mama me la chupa rico
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Horny Trucker and Young Sara Part 2 Sara and I continued to have sex over the next several months when I drove her home from babysitting for us. She seemed to understand that telling me about her exploits with other boys from her school would turn me on so much that I could not help acting like a sex crazed dominant master.

Funny part is she was the one controlling me, everything she did and said the first time and since had been meant to turn me on to the point I could not resist her.

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Reading the porn and looking at my pictures at my house must have given her enough insight to know how to pull my strings! That spring my wife and I bought a camp on a small lake. It is in a resort so there are many other campers all in close proximity.

Sara's parents bought one near ours too. Our wives are all Asian and they do everything (almost everything) as a group, especially camping. We bought a small boat for fishing and tubing and I quickly made friends with some of the other campers near us. One weekend early that summer the parents and my wife decided to take the kids to Kings Dominion for the day so I planned to go fishing with two of my new friends. The group going to KD got an early start and an hour or so later while I was sitting in just a pair of gym shorts sipping coffee someone knocked on the camper door.

To my surprise it was Sara. I waved her in and said that I thought she was going to KD with everybody else. She told me she was supposed to hang with another girl her age that she met a couple weeks ago but the girl and her family were not there yet.

She figured to would pass some time with me if i don't mind, saying this with a smirk. Getting an instant hardon made it tough to tell her the guys would be over in a few minutes and not knowing how they might react we could not take a chance at getting caught.

I asked how long till her friend arrived. Sara said she called and they were not getting to camp till afternoon because the dad had been called into work for a few hours. That she knew that before everyone left but didn't tell her Mom so she could come see me. I asked if she wanted to go out on the boat with us and got an instantaneous "yes". She was in jean short shorts and a tank top without a bra, looking very cute and fuckable but I thought she might like to be in a bathing suit.

I was curious how she would behave around the other guys and if she would be flirty with them. I told her to go into my wife's drawer and get a bikini.

My wife only wears small bikinis, most being string. She also has a couple wicked weasels which are micro bikinis.

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Sara picked a white bottom with a multi colored WW top. I approved and told her to get changed quick before the guys got here. The bottoms are somewhat transparent when wet and the tops cups are tinny triangles which will cover all of Sara's budding boobies but her nips will still poke out through the thin material.

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She put her shorts and tank on over the suit for the time being. A few minutes later they arrived and I told them we had a guest for the morning. They seemed pleased to have a cute young female coming along. Mike is 35, about 6' and 185 lbs and Pat is 41, 5'9" and an ex college fullback. Both are easy going, married and complain about lack of sex with their wife's.

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I figured the chances were pretty good the would be open to some fun with Sara if I played it right. We packed our gear and cooler into the boat and motored out onto the lake. It's a huge lake with many little coves and I headed to a more remote area to get a bit of privacy from other boaters.

We dropped anchor off a small beach in a hook shaped cove and quickly got some lines out. Even though it was still morning the beer drinking commenced but we didn't have anything other than water for Sara. After the first round went down and we opened our second beer Sara asked to try a sip, I gave her mine and staring me right in the eye she suggestively wrapped her lips around the mouth of the bottle and took a sip. Both the guys had watched her do this and hooted in laughter with Pat saying "well now, if that is not a clear message I don't know what is.

Here honey want a sip of mine" Sara grinned and looked at me, I just nodded and winked. She took Pats bottle and did the same. I know my cock was growing and I'm pretty sure Pats shorts started tenting up too. I gave Sara her own beer and suggested she lay on the bow and get some sun. All 3 of us watched as she striped off her tank and shorts, put a towel down and layer on it.

She put her ear buds in,turned on her music and started humming quietly to our amusement. A few beers later and no fish biting we had had some conversation about Sara.

Keeping it low toned I made a comment about girls maturing early these days and how forward they can be. Both guys chimed in their agreement with comments about it not being fair to get teased by them.

I said what if it goes past teasing, I'm not sure I could say no to someone like Sara if she took it there. They both agreed with Mike saying "we can hope and fantasize right".

We laughed out loud causing Sara to sit up and ask what was so funny. Winking at her I said we were just talking about teenage girls and what teases they are.

She stood up, stretched sexily and dove into the water. Swimming around the boat to the back she rolled onto her back and very slowly floated by us. We all admired her leith build and Pat and Mikes mouths fell open when the saw that the bottoms had become see through.

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Sara might have had an idea this would happen but could not have known for sure. I jumped in and swam towards the beach with everyone close behind me. I stood in chest deep water and called out pee break, everyone laughed and said they were too. We then made our way to knee deep water and sat in the cool water side by side looking out at the lake. Sara said she was getting chilly so I reached out and pulled her across my lap. I told the guys to scoot closer and arranged her body so she was laying across the 3 of our laps with our arms over her.

I asked if she was warmer now and she said some but not enough. I then said ok guys, rub her to warm her up. 6 hands started rubbing her. First it was Pat rubbing her legs with Mike rubbing her belly and me her shoulders and arms. In no time we were getting braver closing in on the bikini areas.

Mike being in the middle was just staring at her pussy.

It was not hard to see her lips and the small patch of sparse hair she had through her bottoms. She made a light moan and said it felt real good, that she was getting warm and would soon be hot!


All 3 of us said in unison "oh you are already hot". My right hand was on her chest between her boobies and brushing back and forth across her hard nipples while Pats left hand had disappeared under her. His right had worked its way up to her inner thigh which were spreading apart now. Mike had lone hand under the small of her back and the other sliding into her bikini bottoms getting very close to her now puffy lips. I leaned me head down and kissed her getting a hungry tongue shoved into my mouth in return.

I pulled her top off and Pats was pulling her bottoms off as if on cue. Mike finger found their way into her pussy and he said she is soaking wet. At this point I broke away saying I'd be right back.

I swam out to the boat, grabbed a couple of towels and holding them over my head with one hand swam back to the beach. They had her elevated just out of the water with Pat licking her pussy. Her hand was under water in front of Mike going back and forth giving him a hand job while he held her up for Pat. I spread the towels and said to bring her up and put her on them. I dropped my shorts and knelt next to her head.

She grabbed my cock and started sucking while Pat kept eating her. Mike had dropped his shorts and was stroking a thick cock about the same length as my 7 inches. Pat rose up and dropped his to reveal about 89 inches of very fat cock. He lined it up with her pussy and started pushing the head in but could not get it in. I told him he might have to wait his turn and for Mike to fuck her first. Mike is thicker than me but I like fucking sloppy cum filled pussy.

Pat moved up opposite me and as Mike was starting to slide into Sara she saw what Pat was packing and said "I don't know if it will fit but I want you to fuck me with that big cock". I sat back and slowly srtoked myself watching this beautiful teenage nymph take on two guys she barley knew.


Mike fucked her slowly at first commenting that she was tight but certainly not a virgin. Then he picked up the pace as he pulled her legs up and she wrapped them loosely around his back. She was doing her best to suck Pat but mostly licked and stroked him. Mike lasted about 45 minutes before groaning he was about to cum. Sara hooked him hard with her heals to make sure he dumped his load inside her and started to shake as Mikes orgasm set her off.

Her eyes shot open as Mike shot his first couple of spurts of cum, he pumped in and out of her slowly for another 30 seconds. I moved around to be in place as he pulled out and was amazed at the river of cum that started flowing out of her young pussy.

I could not resist and dove in face first, licking from her asshole to her clit. As I licked and sucked as much cum from her pussy as I could she started another orgasm. Pats said what I was doing was hot and Mike said he had never seen anything like it but agreed with Pat.

I then slid up and rammed my painfully ridged cock into her pussy and while I started fucking her kissed her on the side of her mouth. She still had Pat's cock head in her mouth but with her hand moved it so she could kiss me and lick Mikes cum from my lips. Watching this Pat said "what the hell" and pushed his cock back I between our mouths where we both licked and sucked it. This was all to much and I unloaded into Sara's hot hungry pussy. It felt like I pumped a gallon into her but being late 40's it was nothing like what Mike shot into her.

(She told me later Mike came like a firehose, that's why her eyes popped open) I rolled off and lay beside her while Pat moved around to take my place. It was still a tight fit bu he managed to get that fat thing most of the way inside her but never did get balls deep, he was just to long for her young pussy.

She must have had 3 or 4 orgasms in the 10 minutes he pounded her before he unloaded his large load of cum into her. He pulled out and she rolled on her side closing her legs. She said she needed a minute to get some more energy. Mike sat next to her and stroked her hair, face and boobies while she rested. I looked out towards the boat and saw we had company. A boat with two guys was sitting a bit past out boat and it looked like they were sharing a pair of binoculars.

I laughed and said I hope they enjoy the show. Sara giggled and sat up but still kept her legs closed tight. She was stroking Mike agin and he was getting hard again. Sara said I hope those guys like the second half to as she pushed me down and stated my face.

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Doing this released a flood of cum into my open waiting mouth. As I licked her gaping pussy and cleaned her up Mike stood in front of her and she sucked him to rock hard status again.

She then turned around and started 69ing me, calling back over her shoulder to Mike "fuck me now". And he did. Knees on with side of my head and balls rubbing my forehead and nose he slid his big cock into her.

This caused more cum to come dripping out and into my mouth as I tried my best to lick her clit. She was sucking and licking my now hard cock again.

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Mike and I seem to have about the same endurance because in a few more minutes he came deep inside her and as he pulled out he pushed into my mouth a couple of time and this caused me to unload in Sara's mouth. When she felt me start cumming she rubbed my balls to make it as good an orgasm as she could for me.

We all sat there for a bit before I said we might want to think about heading back. All agreed and we put our suits back on and swam back to the boat. The two guys watching from the other boat waved and gave us the thumbs up as we passed. I said Sara was a star now, everyone laughed. She was sitting in a seat with her legs spread slightly, swollen pussy lips very evident and nipples hard as rocks. She had a smile a mile wide as I asked her if she will go fishing again.

"Anytime I can" was her answer. Pat said he can't wait for next time too since he only got one shot at her. I replied that we could go again tomorrow but my wife will go since Sara's parents will be around and she can't go. In response to the looks I got Sara jumped in and said "I've seen pictures, Marie likes having sex with other guys" That evening when my wife was back she noticed her bikini hanging outside still drying and asked what was it doing out.

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I told her Sara's friend was late getting there so she went fishing with us and I let her choose which one she wanted to wear.

You know her mom only lets her wear sport style and I think she wanted to be a bit more grown up for the guys. My wife gave me a curious look that got even more curious the next morning when Sara' mom came over for coffee and said her daughter slept early and when she got out of bed her hips were so sore she had trouble walking. I was in line of site at the time and the look on my wife's face was curious with a strong hint of mischief. Sara's mom left and I picked up the bathing suit Sara wore, gave it to my wife and said the guys really liked it yesterday so you wearing it today will their day!