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Webcam Teen Gesegnet Mit Dieser Perfekten Innie Pussy
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Sunday morning brought a clear sunny and warm day and we were all expected at Grandma's house for Sunday dinner to welcome Cousin Betty. Little did anyone know that Betty had already received my welcome package. My sister Jean knew of my night on the town with Betty but I could trust her not to say anything. After all I was fucking her too! After church we all drove out to Grandma's house and she met us at the door and was pleased to see us all.

She always took care of us and made us feel at home in her house. Cousin Betty had been visiting her and they got along great and it was a good experience for them both. Betty had helped Grandma prepare a wonderful Sunday dinner and we sat and enjoyed it and told stories about each other and things we had done.

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It was a fantastic day in my life and I sure enjoyed it. After dinner Betty and I had gone outside and sat on the back porch swing and were talking about the wild time we had the other night.

She told me that she hadn't had that many orgasms in one night in her entire life. She leaned over and kissed me and thanked me for each one of them. I could feel my dick start to stiffen as I remembered how sweet her pussy tasted and how hard she had fucked me.

I told her that she didn't have to thank me because I had probably had more fun than she did. Then I suggested that we could take a walk out behind the garage to check Grandma's garden. Betty got a real big smile on her face and told me she would like that a lot. I took her by the hand and led her toward the garden. By the time we got to the edge of the garden Betty had her hand down the front of my pants and had a grip on my stiff prick.

I had a hand down the back of her skirt and had a handful of sweet ass cheek. We both just giggled as we looked at the garden.


I explained to Betty that the cucumbers were growing long and thick and could be used for other things than making salads and pickles. She got this really funny look on her face and said that she had used cucumbers for several things not related to food. We both laughed and I told her that the only reason we had corn growing in the garden was so that the neighbors couldn't see a girl sucking a guy's dick.

The stalks were tall enough to hide her if she was on her knees. This got a laugh from Betty and she led me out in the corn to see if it was true. As soon as she was in the corn she unzipped my pants and dropped to her knees.

I looked down at her and she was inspecting my hardon. Apparently it passed inspection as it disappeared into her warm wet mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the wonderful sensation of Betty's soft lips and talented tongue. She could suck cock with the best of them and I loved that.

Just as I was really beginning to enjoy my cousin's talents I heard someone say "you didn't believe that cornstalk story did you Betty?" Betty almost bit my dick off as she was surprised by my sister Jean's comment. She was scared and looked up at me.

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"Don't worry" Jean told her "He tried to tell me that shit too." Jean walked up behind Betty and got down on her knees beside her. She reached over and took my cock and started to suck on it. Betty just stared in disbelief at Jean as she sucked on her brother's cock. Jean sucked it for a couple minutes and then gave it back to Betty.

"Here you suck it a little" she told her "it's a pretty tasty cock. He lets me practice on him so when I get my own boyfriend I will be able to make him happy." "You let her practice on you?" Betty looked at me and smiled. I just shrugged my shoulders and said "Hey I do what I can for my lovely sister." These two lovely young women took turns giving me the best blowjob that I had ever experienced.

The oral talent of these lovely girls had me ready to burst in just a couple minutes. I warned them that I was going to cum and they both just sucked that much harder. Betty had the head of my dick in her mouth and Jean was sucking on my balls. Jean sat up and told me to shoot it on their faces. "He can cover us both in cum" Jean told Betty "and it tastes so good!" "I know it does" Betty replied as she stroked my cum filled dick "I already tasted it." That was all I needed to hear as I took my cock and jacked it off in their faces.

I watched as the first couple of blasts of cum hit them on the lips and cheeks and then I gave them each a shot right in their mouth. Both girls gobbled up all the cum I could shoot and they were begging for more. I looked at them as spunk dribbled from their cheeks and they took their fingers and fed each other the excess cum off their faces.

Then they took turns licking each other clean and then swapped a mouthful of my jizz back and forth. I just kept stroking my dick and watched my two favorite girls have fun with my cum. Betty finally swallowed my sperm and they both licked my cock clean and I almost passed out from the pleasure they gave me. They both stood up and I kissed them both and I could taste cum on their soft lips. "I am learning to eat pussy too" Jean explained to Betty "maybe I could practice on you too?" "I have never been with another woman" Betty told us "I don't know if that's for me or not." "I have been learning from our neighbor Carol" Jean replied "she started teaching me after she started fucking Jeff." "You're getting fucked by your sister and your neighbor?" Betty asked "who else are you fucking?" "Just my sweet sexy cousin" I smiled as I looked her in the eyes "just my beautiful horny cousin." "Come over to our house tomorrow afternoon" Jean told her "Mom always goes grocery shopping on Monday afternoon and we will have the house to ourselves for a couple hours.

I promise that I will make you cum a couple times and I know you will love it." Betty just smiled and told Jean that she would be over in the morning and they would see what happened then. I was already picturing this in my head and I could see Betty lying on the bed with her pretty red hair strewn about and her big tits rising and falling as her chest moved while she was breathing heavily. Her wonderful body spread out with those gorgeous legs spread wide and my beautiful younger sister lapping at her steamy pussy.

That was enough to give any man an erection. We spent the rest of Sunday just hanging out at Grandma's house and thinking about what would happen tomorrow. As I lay in bed Sunday night trying to sleep all I could think of was the picture I had dreamt up that afternoon and I was having trouble going to sleep. I heard the bathroom door open and pretty soon I felt Jean climb into my bed beside me.

"I'm sorry but I can't sleep thinking about Betty" she whispered to me "my pussy is wet and I can't sleep." "Me too" I told her "I was thinking about it too." We cuddled each other and she whispered that maybe it would help if I licked her wet pussy just a little. Funny I was thinking the same thing and I slid down under the covers and found her wet snatch just waiting to be eaten. I slowly started licking all around her swollen clit but made sure not to touch it.

Pretty soon she had me by the head and was directing me straight toward her little love button. As I licked it the first time she shuddered and gasped with excitement and I knew I was doing it right.

I softly bit on her clit and she moaned and the juices really started to run from her tight little hole. I continued my oral assault on my little sister and before long she was shaking and having one of her monster orgasms. She held my head so my lips were on her hot cunt and she continued to convulse for several minutes until she collapsed into a pile of sweating flesh.

My face was wet with her juices as I climbed up and she kissed me to thank me for a job well done. I wrapped my arm around her and we drifted off to sleep in each other's arms. I awoke with the sun starting to shine in my window and my arms around my naked young sister. I knew that she needed to return to her bedroom before Mom caught us so I shook her a little to wake her.

She pushed back at me and then she realized that she was in my bed. She rolled over and looked at me and thanked me for putting her to sleep. She kissed me and when she went to crawl from my bed I slapped her tight little ass and she giggled and ran through the connecting bathroom to her room.


I lay there in bed and looked out at the morning sun. It looked like it would be a good day for gardening. I got up and dressed and ventured to the kitchen to see what Mom had for breakfast. I was just finishing my meal when Jean came to the table. She said good morning to me as she smiled and kissed Mom on the cheek. I headed out to the garage to begin my lawn mowing so I would be done when Betty arrived.

Just before noon Betty pulled into the driveway and she had brought Grandma along. Seems that Grandma thought it would be nice to go shopping with Mom and she caught a ride with Betty. This was good for us as it meant more time alone while the two women shopped all afternoon.

Jean and Betty helped Mom and Grandma prepare lunch for us all and we laughed and had a good time as we all enjoyed the meal.

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Then the young girls were put in charge of cleaning the table and doing the dishes as the other women left for their shopping afternoon. I was going to finish my yard work and work in the garden. I watched from the back yard as Mom and Grandma drove off toward town and I made a couple more rounds to complete my mowing.

I parked the mower in the garage and headed for the house. The girls were just finishing the dishes and you could feel the excitement in the air as I walked into the kitchen. I looked at them both and they smiled and asked what I was doing. "I'm going to take a shower and wash this sweat off me" I smiled as I headed upstairs. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I was thinking about what was about to happen and my cock was getting hard as hell.

I finished my shower and walked into my bedroom and slipped on a pair of shorts. I thought I could hear giggling and sure enough it was coming from Jean's bedroom. I walked to her bedroom door and looked in and the two girls were on the bed and had their arms around each other and were kissing like they were old lovers. I stood there watching them and they were unaware that I was there. They kissed and were very passionate and I could imagine that they were using their tongues to lick and explore each other.

I could see Jean's left hand working its way up the leg of Betty's shorts. Jean's top was already open and I could see her bra was pulled down and her tits were exposed. Betty's hands were rubbing them and I knew that the nipples would be stiff and pointed.

Betty looked over and saw me standing there with my dick making my shorts look like a tent. She whispered to Jean and my sister turned and looked at me. She laughed and told Betty that I would get a hardon even if the wind blew hard. Both girls laughed and then they went back to kissing each other.

I walked into the bedroom and sat on the end of the bed and watched them play with each other. Soon Jean had those big tits of Betty's in her mouth and hands and I could see the nipples sticking straight up in the air. Then they both stopped and removed the rest of their clothes. Now both of these beautiful young women were completely naked and they looked at each other and ran their hands over each other's bodies as if to be sure they were real.

I'm here to tell you that both of those tight shapely bodies were real.

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Finally Jean pushed Betty down onto the bed and moved in between her legs. She wasted no time on any foreplay as she went straight for the cunt. I watched as she licked up and down the clean shaven pussy of my sweet cousin. I could hear the smacking of Jean's lips as she devoured the meal before her. It didn't take long for Betty to start moaning and I could see the cum almost running out of her slit and down the crack of her pretty ass.

Jean was licking up as much of it as she could but there was simply too much of it for only one tongue. Betty had one hand on Jean's head as the other hand was rubbing her own breasts. I think that she was having a pretty good experience for her first time with another woman.

I knew Jean could eat pussy just from the reaction that our neighbor Carol had from her oral talents. My little sister was turning into a lean mean sex machine and she knew it. I had witnessed all I could stand and I had to pull my shorts off and started jacking off while watching this magnificent show that was being put on in front of me.

About that time Jean moved her tight little ass over blocking my view of Betty's pussy and so I figured that if I was fucking my sister doggy style I would have a perfect bird's eye view of Jean eating her pussy. I crawled up on the bed and leaned over and licked my sister's pussy before I plunged my hardon all the way into her. She let out a deep groan and stopped eating pussy for a second until I bottomed out in her warm wet snatch.

I looked over my sister's shoulder at my cousin Betty who had her eyes closed as she enjoyed the pleasure that another woman's tongue was giving her. I started to slowly thrust my manhood in and out of Jean's tight pussy. I looked down and saw that my cock was wet and shiny as it worked in the juices of my sister's wonderful pussy. I couldn't help myself as I licked my finger and tried to stick it in my sister's asshole.

I had to work it a little and I could feel her relax and then my finger slipped inside her. I slowly fingered her tight asshole as I fucked her sweet pussy.

Jean was doing a job on Betty's pussy and her face was wet with her cousin's pussy juices. She turned and looked at me and asked if I knew how sweet this pussy tasted? "I know it's as sweet as candy" I told her "I couldn't get enough of it the other night." I looked down at Betty as she lay there on her back with those long sexy legs spread wide. Her flat tight belly topped with two of the finest tits I had ever seen in my young life. Her long red hair was all over the bed and she looked at you with those pretty green eyes it made you want to kiss her perfect red lips.

See was really a beautiful young woman.

I shifted my view to my little sister's back and I reached around and got ahold of her handful sized boobs that were hanging down from her tight flat stomach. Her hair was shorter than Betty's and it was almost pure black.

She had a perfect face with high cheekbones and beautiful blue eyes. Her face was pretty even if it was covered in her cousin's cum. I ran my hands across her back and grabbed her by the hips as I fucked her wonderful pussy. I found that my thumbs would fit into the perfect dimples on her back just above her gorgeous ass cheeks.

I pumped her cunt a little bit harder and faster as I thought how beautiful my little sister had grown. Betty was cumming again and she cried that she wanted some cock too. Jean is not above sharing so she simply crawled up on top of Betty and sat her steaming wet pussy right on her face. This gave me the perfect opportunity to stick my hard cock into Betty's wet and willing snatch.

It slid in all the way in one long easy stroke. I don't know if it was my big white cock that made her moan or if it surprised her that Jean had smothered her with pussy. I could see her tongue find its way to Jean's clit and my sister let out a long deep moan of pleasure as her pussy was being licked. I started to hammer Betty's pussy with all the cock I had. I plunged it into her again and again trying to bring her over the edge of happiness and make her cum even more than she already had.

I picked her legs up and put them on my shoulders and then I could reach down and play with those magnificent tits.

I was pulling on her stiff nipples as she started to shake with another strong orgasm. Jean climbed up and stood up and turned around to face me.

She lowered her dripping cunt back down on Betty's waiting tongue and she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. Now I could make out with my sister as I fucked the shit out of my cousin who was eating the pussy of my sister. Unbelievable! I was getting closer to blowing a nut all over the place and I think Jean knew it as she stopped kissing me and told me "blow it all over Betty.

Cover the little bitch with cum." Having your little sister talk filthy to you just makes you want to shoot cum twice as much as usual so I pulled my cock from Betty's pussy and started to shoot cum all over her tits and stomach.

I shot two big blasts all over Jean's belly and it ran down to her pussy and Betty licked it all up. I stood up on the bed and stuck my softening cock in my sister's face and she happily took it in her mouth and cleaned all the leftover cum off of it.

She smiled and smacked her lips as she crawled off the top of Betty and she started to lick up all my cum from Betty's tits and belly. Every time she got a mouthful she would share it with Betty.

It took several minutes for her to clean up the mess I had made and then we had a group hug and kiss. I could taste cum on both of their lips and then we collapsed on the bed and just kind of relaxed.

"I think I could learn to like pussy too" Betty laughed "especially if it's always this good!" "I haven't had very many" Jean smiled "but they were both very good." "I always heard that all pussy is good, just some is better than others." I joked to them.

Betty slapped my stomach as she laughed.

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We all lay there and just enjoyed the moment until I told them that we had better get cleaned up and ready for the women to return from shopping. We all headed for the shower and somehow we all crammed in there at the same time.

There was lots of pussy rubbing and titty feeling and I think my cock was stroked several times too. Afterwards we all dried each other off and we got dressed and went downstairs as if nothing had happened. A while later Mom and Grandma returned with all the things they had purchased.

We helped put all the groceries away and helped load Grandma's stuff into Betty's car. Mom said that maybe the three of us kids should go out to a movie or to the mall and have some fun tonight. Little did she know that we had been having a pretty good time just hanging out around the house.

We just kind of looked at each other and chuckled. Betty had already told me that she wanted to meet our neighbor Carol Wills and I figured that would be another day of all the sex we could stand. I figured we had better take a day to rest up before we tackled that mountain. We had better all be in top shape for a day like that.


I was sure lucky to have a little sister like Jean and a wonderful cousin like Betty. Son of a bitch, this sure was turning out to be a fantastic summer!