MILF Sells Her Husbands Crap and Fucks

MILF Sells Her Husbands Crap and Fucks
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From the very first time my mother in laws wet lips had engulfed my thick shaft, I'd made the decision that I was going to use her as a way of living out all my sexual fantasies. She would in time become my own personal whore, on call to suck and fuck me or whoever I told her too whenever I told her too. If you've read any of my early stories you'll know by now that my 44yr old mother in law Fiona is a well trained come whore.

You will also be aware that I was caught fucking her other daughter Alice, a fresh na? 18yr old at the time, but she is fast becoming as equally good at whoring herself as her mother. With my girlfriend working away an awful lot it left me ample time and opportunity to indulge myself, fucking her mother and sister, making them my personal whores. I loved fucking Fiona and Alice don't get me wrong, but nothing got me off more than allowing strangers or mates of mine to use my whores, watching them taking cocks in their holes then getting covered in come really got me going.

A couple of days ago I finished a training program on Alice that I called D.P Training. If you'd read previous stories you'll know that Fiona is a seasoned whore and she is available for mouth, pussy and anal entry by multiple cocks in any combination of holes, my personal preference is that she looks fucking irresistible when all her holes are being split by solid cock. Alice on the other hand takes it in all three holes but she has never been double penetrated before, so I took it upon myself as her keeper to ease her tight holes into D.P action.

It would've been a bit harsh of me to allow the dirty bastards we meet at Cottage Lane loose on her holes quite possibly hurting my sweet little whore. So over the course of two sex filled weeks I fucked Alice's holes with my thick six incher and various sized dildos wedged in her vacant hole.

All in front of her naked spread legged mother of course! Next time I took Alice out to meet strangers I wanted her to willing accept multiple cocks into her tight body and milk them of spunk like a good little slut should do.

I'd been looking on various dogging sites over the past weeks and came across a dogging location that I thought would be perfect for a ride out one evening. It was almost an hours' drive from our village, giving me enough distance from unwanted familiar faces when I offered up my whores for outdoor fucking. I didn't really want too many people from our small village knowing about the extra activity I indulged in with my mother in law and sister, especially as a lot of their family lived in the area.

I didn't mind Paul, Alice's boss being privy to such goings on as I'd previously struck a decent deal with him regarding him fucking Alice after her shifts. The two farmers we regularly meet were never going to say anything when I bought them wet pussy to fuck on a regular basis, where else were these old ugly bastards going to shoot their seed?

In their haggard old wives dry smelly pussies? I know for sure what I'd of chose to fuck. The location I'd picked was just on the outskirts of a village called East Norton, I had to Google map it to find out where it was exactly.

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It would take a good hour easily as I'd be crossing from one side of Leicestershire to the other. The site had an additional info button next to the location which I clicked. A drop down menu appeared followed by some text. It read roughly as follows; " Doggers, you'll be keen to find this long secluded tree lined layby ½ mile east of the quaint village of East Norton. The layby is situated along the busy A47 linking Peterborough and Leicester. This site understands that the location is frequented by two regular couples of varying ages and up to five lone me.

The busiest evenings are reported to be Mondays and Fridays, but as the A47 is a busy road for haulage, the layby is often used by passing truck drivers" This sounded ideal for getting some hard strange cock up my two willing whores and I planned to head there on the Friday evening. On Thursday at work I sent a text to my whores; "Were going out tomorrow night, dress like sluts with sexy underwear.

We leave at 18:30pm" Within five minutes I received two messages, both just said; "OK". I couldn't wait to knock off work Friday as I was excited about our little trip; I pulled up outside the house I shared with my missus family at around 17:45pm.

My excitement was cut short by Fiona meeting me at the front door. She instantly began telling me that her twat of a hubby was back and wanted a lift pub at the same time as we were going out. You should know by now that Fiona's useless alcoholic husband that hadn't even looked at her pussy for six years, let alone fuck it with his pathetic cock drove her into sucking my cock, ultimately losing his wife to become my whore.

Not that he knew this yet of course, but it was getting to the point where he was beginning to piss me off. He was too bloody inadequate to provide sexual pleasure for his wife so I'd taken on the job, maybe it was getting near to the time when I should take control of this useless man.

Maybe it was time he was made to see and feel how pathetic he actually was, how he would like it when he came home and caught me fucking his wife and youngest daughter. Not tonight though, I'd save that for another day, tonight I had plans and that prick wasn't going to scupper them. "Go inside and dress like a slut, we leave in forty minutes.

Make sure Alice is suitably dressed as well". "But.wh……&hellip." "Ah, no fucking buts you whore get in there and get ready, leave him to me. Things are going to be changing round her real soon Fiona mark my words on that". Fiona hurried off upstairs to get her and Alice ready, I made a cup of tea then went up to my room to change, passing the pissed up fool on the way, still half cut from his early morning/afternoon session.

He mumbled something towards me, totally inaudible so I just looked at him and shook my head before leaving him on his own. I was ready by quarter past six and popped my head in to Fiona's room where they were both putting the finishing touches to their slutty outfits. "Very nice, you looked good enough to fuck right now! Be down in ten minutes" "Like this"!? Fiona exclaimed. "Yes you fucking whore, just like that. Walk straight out to my car and don't even look or talk to the prick ok?" I walked back to my room and fished a decent sized dildo out of the toy drawer; this'll do for tonight I thought.

I went back to Fiona's room and chucked the dildo at Fiona. "Bring this with you; it'll be needed for tonight". "How the hell do I get this out?" "You've got hands, you'll use them Fiona it's that simple. Five minutes I want you both downstairs and in the car". In a way tonight was the night I'd start to show that useless prick up. Not long later Alice followed by Fiona came down the stairs and into the lounge; they had to walk right across the front of the sofa and past where I was standing before they reached the hallway.

As soon as he saw Alice through half open eyes he pushed himself up off the sofa. "Where you fucking going dressed like sluts, hey fucking bitches" I stepped forward and pushed him back onto the sofa as Alice tottered past on her high heels. Fiona followed close by on her killer heels, stepping over his legs to get by. As she stepped over his last legs and went to pass me I grabbed her and bent her forward grapping the hem of her short black skirt at the same time, as she forwards with the momentum from the shove in her back I raised her skirt exposing her smooth ass cheeks.

All her useless hubby could do was sit and stare at his wives bare bum cheeks, her white lace thong only slightly visible. "These fucking whores are coming out with me, SLAP," I bought my hand down across her right cheek before pulling her skirt back down and telling her to get in the car. I left him sat there speechless looking like a washed up drunk with barely open eyes. Serves him right for being a poor excuse for a husband I thought as I slammed the car door and pulled off the driveway.

Not a word was spoken from Fiona about what I'd just done to her in front of her hubby. The journey was a pretty slow tedious one as the roads were pretty congested nearly all the way as I was crossing the city. I'd been driving for nearly an hour and ten minutes before the satnav came to life and told me I had a left turn ahead.

We drove for about a mile then passed through the village of East Norton itself, a nice village with decent sized country cottages. About three quarters of a mile on the other side of the village I spotted the layby. The road widened considerably as a larger road from the right met the road I was on, I presumed this was a road to allow lorries travelling on the A47 to use the layby.

The trees lining the right hand side made the layby darker and more secluded from the main roads. It was wide enough to allow two trucks to pass easily and was about quarter of a mile in length. I passed to trucks on the way down both had their curtains pulled round their windows shutting out the last of the light allowing the truckers behind there to sleep.

About 50meters from the end there was a dim street lit under it a little pub bench and a bin. Just before that on the left was an opening to two farmers fields, quite a large space, this is where I found 3 cars all reversed into the entrance leaving their noses pointing out towards the layby. I spotted a little gap on the end a reversed in. looking out of the window screen I could see the pub bench under the light not ten feet to the left and beyond that the exit to the main A47.

Looking across at the car next to me I could see it was occupied by a lone man.

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I couldn't really make much else out in the other vehicles. After sitting in silence for maybe two to three minutes a couple got out of the car two places down, they came and stood at the front of their vehicle leaning against the bonnet.

The bloke looked to be in his late twenties and his small blonde companion perhaps around the same. The lone next man next to me jumped out and joined the couple quickly followed by the occupant of the far vehicle, another lone man in his late fifties. "Right you fucking whores, looks like the party is getting started. Bring that dildo with you slut, and don't speak until I tell you too ok".

I approached the group of four who were engaged in light chatter, my two whores tottering obediently behind me on their high heels, dressed like sluts and Fiona carrying a big dildo.

I could see the three men eyeing up Fiona and Alice, and small smirks were clearly visible on the men's mouths. I introduced myself, and the others introduced themselves. Clive was the eldest lone man, he definitely looked nearer to sixty and was small and bold, he also had a beer belly hanging over his trousers. The other lone man was Vince, he was tall at 6'3"ish and probably late forties but in really good shape. The couple were Lee and Debbie. Lee explained that his missus was only willing to participate in giving oral and swallowing come, this was met with whistles and nods of approval from Clive and Vince as they leered in Debbie's direction.

Vince then spun back to me, looking past me at Fiona and Alice. "And what are these fine women here for?" said Vince looking my whores up and down.

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"Come here" I said to my whores, "stand there…&hellip.that's it just there". Both were now stood in the middle of the semi circle formed by the strangers before them, I wanted to make a bigger show of introducing Fiona and Alice than Lee had of Debbie. I wanted to humiliate them a little, showing the strangers just how much control I had over them.

As I approached Fiona from behind I began to introduce her. "This here is my 42yr old mother in law". I paused briefly as I hooked my hands under Fiona's arms onto the top of her boob tube; I pulled it down pushing down her body until it stopped round her waist. Her 36EE looked incredible pushed up in her white lace bra, the thin material doing nothing to hide her hardening dark nipples.

I then pulled her bra cups down releasing her beautiful bouncing breasts for the strangers to enjoy. Clive and Vince had distinct filthy smirks across their faces and growing lumps in the trousers. "As you can see Fiona still has a fantastic part of tits for an ageing woman, she loves having her big hard nipples pulled and sucked" I said demonstrating by rolling her nipples between my thumb and forefinger on both hands.

"Turn round and bend over slut". Once bent over I continued describing Fiona's attributes. "You'll see as I pull up her skirt that she has a lovely smooth ample arse, Slap!" I struck her bare right cheek once before pulling her matching white lace thong from her arse crease and pushing it across her right bum cheek.

"Bend over more, that's it hold onto your ankles like that". Her smooth hairless pussy lips and puckered arsehole were now exposed for the strangers for the first time.

All the time Alice stood silently, obediently beside us; waiting for her turn to be openly displayed. I sucked my middle finger then inserted into Fiona's dry asshole forcing her to moan a little. "Now I've got a special little role for Fiona tonight which I'll explain to you in a moment, but now I'd like to introduce my other little slut, Alice".

Leaving Fiona bent over exposed I stood round the left side of Alice and pulled her boob tube top down as I'd done her mother's a few minutes ago. I then pulled the cups down on her bra exposing her pert 36c's which drew even broader smiles across the strangers' faces.

I lent in a sucked her left nipple into my mouth erecting it with ease. "Turn round and grab your ankles you slut, let's show these men what's on offer shall we". I pushed her skirt round her slender waist mirroring her exposed mothers. Alice was wearing a lovely pair of black French knickers that made her ass look so sexy; these were soon pulled halfway down her legs leaving her moist sex exposed in the same way as Fiona's. "This little fucking whore is Fiona's 19yr old daughter, SLAP".

I slapped Alice bare ass cheek making her wince and rock forward on her high heels. "Oh yeah, now were fucking talking my man" Vince said excitedly, rubbing a large bulge in his jeans. "Mother and fucking daughter I'm gonna enjoy this tonight". "Like her filthy mother Alice takes cocks in every hole" as I spoke I worked 2 fingers into her delicious pussy hole and poked a finger into her tight little dry anus. "I bought young Alice her along in the home of getting her D.P'd and tripled for the first time, she's been fucked by multiple cocks before but never had all her slutty holes full at the same time".

"I'm sure that can be arranged, ha ha ha". Again Vince was chirping up, getting more and more excited as he stared at the exposed holes of my mother and daughter whore team.

He was getting so excited that he was unzipping his jeans as I finished the introduction of my whores. "Now, to explain the little role I have for Fiona tonight so that everyone is clear before I let you loose on these bitches". "Stand up Fiona and follow me". I walked Fiona back five or six yards to the bonnet of my car, I told Fiona to get down on the floor and lean back against the grill.

"Spread you're fucking legs you slut and pull your knickers to the side". Once like this I made sure her tits were hanging from her bra and her skirt wasn't obstructing the view of her wet shaven hole. I then took the big dildo from her and shoved it up her cunt making her moan loudly.

"Stay here like this and do not speak or touch that dildo". Lee and Debbie, Clive and Vince were looking at me and over to Fiona now sitting there spread legged tits hanging out and a dildo hanging from her pussy. She looked like a humiliated whore.

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Alice was still stood bent over holding her ankles in front of the group. Vince and Clive were now openly wanking solid cocks whilst Debbie rubbed Lee's through his jeans. "Fiona's roll tonight is to sit there and watch as her pretty daughter her gets fucked in all her holes by you guys and myself. All I ask in return for letting you fuck Alice her is that you use her fucking mother as a spunk deposit. Every time you want to shoot some seed I want you to cover that whore from head to toe.


You can come on her face, even make her open her mouth so you can fill her mouth. Spunk on her tits and cunt, turn her around and spunk all over her arse I really don't care. Just use her as a spunk bucket as you see fit. Now Alice has three holes that need filling and I can't see much cock in them". I was almost like a stampede as Vince, Clive and Lee lunged towards Alice almost knocking her off her feet. Vince was like lightening and was behind Alice in no time.

He didn't even bother to check on the wetness of Alice tight little cunt before ramming his 8" cock deep into her hole knocking her of balance into Clive, who was more than happy to provide support in the way of filling her mouth with his smaller six incher. That just left Lee to fondle her tits and puckered asshole.

I leant back against Clive's BMW and pulled my jeans down allowing me to watch the scene before me and stroke my thick six incher. I'd almost forgotten about Debbie until she stepped into my line of vision briefly, before dropping to her knees before and engulfing my helmet with amazing wet warm lips.

I could feel the stickiness of her lipstick on my vein covered thick shaft. The thickness of my cock was stretching her mouth to its limits. I grabbed the back of her blond head and controlled the pace of the glorious blowjob she was dishing out.

"Hey Lee, your fucking bitch certainly knows how to suck mate, I bet this slut milks balls for fun?" Lee just looked across at me and smiled, before swapping places with Clive and feeding Alice his decent sized 8" penis. Vince reluctantly pulled his cock from Alice's now wet cunt with a noisy squelch, and let old man Clive fill her with his member. It wasn't much after this that Alice pulled her head from Lee's saliva covered dick to cry out as her first orgasm ripped through her tight firm body.

"That's it Clive make her fucking come, make her taste that sweetness Clive". Clive listened to my calls and swapped places with Lee, feeding Alice his slimy penis to clean.

I picked Debbie up off her knees and told her just to bend over and suck me. With her bent over it allowed me to pull her t-shirt up round her neck. After a little struggle with her bra clasp it released and allowed me access to her firm pert tits. "Do you like having your nipples pulled whilst sucking cock Debbie?" "Uh hum" "Do you like sucking cock whilst your fella fucks my whores cunt hey?" "Umm uh hmm". Lee was giving Alice a really hard pounding now really slamming his meat into her cunt, his hard thrusts forcing her mouth deeper onto Clive's cock.

I watched as Clive began to screw his face up and knew he wasn't far from spewing his first load. "Clive, remember what I said. Come over that slut sat there". I looked across at Fiona only a few yards away, I could see her cunt was very wet now and her nipples were like little bullets.

"Are you ready for some spunk you dirty whore?" Fiona just looked at me and nodded. Clive pulled out of Alice's mouth and waddled over to Fiona with his trousers round his ankles.

He covered the six or so yards in a matter of seconds as the spunk in his old balls bubbled up ready to explode. He stood directly in front of Fiona obscuring my view, his cock probably a matter of inches from her body.

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I couldn't see where he was aiming his cock. "Arrggghh ohhhhhhhh fuck yeahhhh". He moaned and shook for a good 20 seconds as he milked his balls over Fiona. He staggered backwards and pulled up his jeans just holding them up allowing him to walk back over to Alice where she was still being hammered by Lee and fucked in the face by Vince.

Looking across at Fiona I could see now where Clive had chucked his muck. Her massive 36EE'S were covered in a thick gooey mess. It hung from her nipples and dripped down between her legs. Some landing on her shaven area and around the dildo that was splitting her velvet lips apart. "You look like a fucking filthy whore Fiona covered in spunk; they'll be plenty more of that coming your way tonight I can assure you". Debbie was still doing a fantastic job of giving me a long slow and sensual blowjob, I really was enjoying it to be honest and started to feel my own spunk rising.

I couldn't wait to fill her pretty little mouth with spunk and asked her to speed up to make me come quicker. Knowing that there was plenty of cock around to cover Fiona I didn't mind giving Debbie one load of my salty sperm. "That's it Debbie, faster, faster, I'm gonna come you slut……&hellip.OH FUCK YEAH BABBBYYYY".

I held her head and shoot four huge loads of come down her throat. "That's it Debbie swallow my spunk, all of it then clean my cock". After Debbie had finished swallowing my come and licking my cock clean I thanked Lee for letting his missus give me such a good blowjob.

I then just leant back against the BMW and watched the Alice getting pummeled. Lee was the next one to reach spunking point and quickly scurried over to Fiona reaching her in time to blow a massive load directly into her face. Perfect I thought just how a spunk target should look with a face full of come and her tits with stringy come all over them.

Debbie was quickly on the scene to clean Lee's spunky, slimy cock of come and Alice's sweet juices, I left the couple together for a while and wandered back over to Vince who was back balls deep in Alice's soaking wet hole. Alice had now been bent over in the lay by for a good 20 minutes, her cunt and mouth being continually used by the hard cocks of the strange men. Vince was pounding his 8" tool hard and deep into Alice who was finding it increasingly difficult to stay upright on her high heels; just as it looked like she was going to collapse under Vince's powerful thrusts he pushed her off his cock sending her stumbling three or four steps before she was able to stand and rest her aching back.

Vince was heading in Fiona's direction beating his cock as he went. "Time for some more spunk you filthy fucking spunk whore". Vince stood over Fiona pulling his cock furiously in her face. "ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH, have some of that you whore".

Vince had just blasted another load directly into Fiona's already spunk covered face; thick gooey strings of semen lay all over Fiona's face covering her eyes nose and mouth. Her hair was matted at the front and spunk was hanging from her chin and jaw line until it broke away and landed on her spunk covered tits.

Good old Debbie in the mean time had done a fantastic job on her fella and Clive by sucking their cocks alternately until both their pricks were standing to attention yet again. As Lee and Clive made a menacing beeline for Alice, Vince took the opportunity of using Debbie's mouth to clean his cock and make him hard again; ready for another round on Alice's slutty holes.

Lee and Clive were leading Alice over to the picnic bench under the dim streetlamp. With the night closing around us it seemed like a good idea so we could all see the action take place. I went over to Fiona and removed the dildo from her pussy and told her to go over to the bench, once we got there I pushed her down onto her back so she was sprawled on the small grassy area at the side of the bench. "Open your legs slut". Once her legs were splayed I knelt down and pushed the head of the plastic cock into her tightest entrance, with a little bit of force the resistance of her anus gave way and a loud groan greeted the air as the cock disappeared into her dark tight tunnel.

"Keep your legs open and don't move". I took a moment to look down upon my once respectable mother in law. Her she was sprawled out on the floor in a truckers lay by an hour or so from home covered in three lots of strangers' spunk with a plastic cock up her arse; it's amazing what years without cock can do to some women.

Fiona's cunt was clearly leaking a lot of juices as her thighs were sticky and slick.

She was fucking enjoying this I thought, being used as a spunk target for her daughters abusers. I turned my back on Fiona just as Lee was lining his purple cock head up to Alice's puckered little asshole. "You're gonna love her ass chaps, it's so fucking tight believe me" "It fucking looks it too! Let's try this out for size then hey you little bitch". Lee nudged his helmet at her ring 4 or 5 times, each time his helmet pushing through the resistance of her 19yr old tight rectum.

'POP' "AHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH AAAAARRRRGGHHHH". Her anuses resistance had been breached and Lee's solid shaft disappeared up her tight bum hole.

Alice's face was screwed up as Lee fed his cock right up her until his wiry pubes rubbed against her sensitive pink pussy lips.

Lee withdrew slowly almost to the tip of his cock giving us a wonderful look at Alice's arse walls gripping his invading penis. Clive and Vince were positioned one side of the bench, watching and wanking. Debbie had joined me on the other as the four of us looked on as Lee slammed his cock back into Alice's loosening rectum, he repeated the same slow withdrawal and punishing thrust into Alice until her body tensed and her smooth ass cheeks lifted off the bench.


Alice's body shook for four or five seconds as a massive orgasm ripped through her body, as she was nearing the end of it Clive reached in and jammed 3 fingers into her cunt and his calloused thumb on her very sensitive clitoris, rubbing it hard. Alice's body tensed again a continued to shake as the strangers made Alice multiple orgasm. It was quite possibly the first time she'd been made to orgasm more than once and it was an incredibly horny sight to watch. Lee wasn't greedy in his use of Alice's butthole and pulled out allowing Clive his turn.

Clive spent five minutes slowly fucking her ass before moving over for Vince. Vince on the other hand obviously didn't know how to fuck slow and pummeled into her bum like it was her cunt, he was only satisfied when he'd made Alice come for the third time.


As he pulled out I looked at Alice's well fucked holes, as they leaked sex juice over her smooth tanned thighs and onto the bench. What a sexy whore she really was. I positioned myself between her legs and plunged my thick cock into her cunt and gave her 3 hard strokes, each one making her moan. I then pulled out and forced my girth into her anal passage, opening her slightly wider than the previous 3 cocks she'd just been fucked by.

"Are you ready to have all 3 of your holes filled you little whore?" I asked Alice as I slowly fucked her bum. She didn't answer.


"I said are you ready for these men to fuck all your holes at the same time you little fucking whore?" "Huh hum" "I want you ask these men nicely if they'll fuck all your holes at the same time" again I was met with silence for maybe ten seconds as I continued slowly sliding my cock in and out of her lovely tight arse.

"Fucking ask them now whore". "Please kind men, will you fuck all my holes at the same time? I'm such a whore that I need all of your cocks in me". "Good girl. The whores all yours chaps". I pulled my cock out of her gaping anus and stepped back allowing the three strangers to take control. They'd pulled Alice to her feet briefly whilst Lee positioned himself on the picnic table, once laid down Alice was lifted on the table and told to impale herself on Lee's cock facing towards Lee.

Alice painted another glorious picture in my mind as she squatted over the penis resting on her high heels as best she could before reaching under to grab the base of Lee's dick and guide it into her wet cunt as she lowered her whoring sex onto his engorged penis. Another long low groan escaped her young lips as she sunk completely onto the strangers' penis, not stopping until her clit ground into his pubic bone.

Alice stuffed full of strange cock! I loved it. As I stood admiring the filthy scene before me I felt a pair of hands reach for my swollen cock and turn to find Debbie with a big smile on her face. It would've been rude not to put her pretty mouth to good use as her boyfriend filled my whores' pussy. Before I pushed her to her knees I lifted her top from over her head and removed her bra, Debbie had a wonderful little pair of titties and I gently kneaded both breasts for a few seconds before taking a nipple into my mouth.

I know that Lee had said Debbie would only suck cock but I was pretty sure he wouldn't begrudge me a suck on Debbie's tits. Her pert little tits were soon sporting hard little pink nipples, but I was ready for another sloppy blowjob. "Sit there and suck me off whilst I watch my little whore get a proper cocking". Debbie sat in front of me and swallowed my cock down her throat as I reached down fondling her left breast and nipple.

Lee was holding Alice's slender size 10 waist in both hands and helping her ride his cock, I had a great view of his cock splitting her saturated cunt lips apart as she noisily bounced up and down his shaft. "Someone get a cock in her fucking ass chaps". I said from my position on the side of the bench. Before the last word had barely left my lips Vince was up on the bench behind Alice, trying to get into a comfortable position readying himself to penetrate her anus for the second time tonight.

"Pull the whore forward Lee, let me get at her filthy little asshole". Lee pulled Alice's head forward nuzzling it into his neck. I could hear him in talking into Alice's ear, saying things like; "You better be ready for this you slut, were gonna split your little holes in two" and "You're a filthy fucking whore".

This sort of talk aimed towards Alice seemed to make my cock grow harder instantly and I grabbed Debbie's head and started face fucking her mouth like a sloppy wet pussy hole. My over excited thrusts soon had her gagging on my cock and she pushed me away to spit on the floor, she looked up at me as if it protest but I just grabbed her head and forced my cock back into her mouth and continued fucking her face.

"OH MY FU…KING………GOD…………ARGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTTT…………NO…&hellip.NO…&hellip.STOP…………&hellip.ST……&hellip.OP………IT……&hellip.HURRRTTTSSSS". Alice was screaming at the top of her voice through pants and moans, she wanted it to stop. It wasn't like when I D.P trained her with my cock and dildo's and plenty of lube; this was two real life solid dicks ripping her holes open, and these two dicks were intent on fucking the shit of her.

"ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH SHHHIIIIIITTTT I'M FUCCCCCKKKIIINNNNNG COMMMMMIINNGGGGGGG". Before Vince had even bottomed out his 8" in her ass she'd come all over Lee's cock. I'd moved to stand at the end of the bench so that I could get a close up picture on my phone of Alice's holes totally full of cock.

Lee's balls were soaking wet where Alice had covered them with her on sweet come juice. I took video footage of the D.P and of Debbie sucking my cock as Vince and Lee went to town on Alice's battered holes.

"Clive, get up there and shut the slut up. She's got a perfectly good mouth that aint being used properly". Clive jumped up as best he could, perching on the end of the bench near Lee's head and offering Alice his old cock, which she gladly excepted into her last remaining vacant hole.

I then dragged Debbie back round the side of the table and knelt Debbie down next to Fiona feeding her my cock again. I watched the three cocks pounding into Alice's slender body and wondered how her little slender body would be feeling, her size 10 nineteen year old body look so small and helpless as three strange men sandwiched her and totally destroyed what little bit of innocence she may have had left.

I pushed Debbie off my cock and turned to Fiona for the first time in over forty five minutes. "Ahh, did you think we'd forget about you whilst we were having fun with your daughter? Well I've not and you've got some more spunk coming your way". I got down on my knees between her spread legs and jammed my knee against the end of the dildo, forcing it a bit deeper into her old wet pussy. "You've been a very good quiet whore tonight Fiona, how about a bit more spunk as a little thank you".

I wanked myself for about a minute then shot my second load of the night over Fiona's wet cunt, and shaven pubic area. My come ran across her cunt lips into a little pool in a fold at the entrance of her cunt.

What missed the pool ran down and slide round the dildo at the entrance of her spread anus. "Don't move because there is more on the way". I jumped up and dressed myself properly as I sat on the bench watching the last moments of Alice's first triple penetration session. The whole area stunk of sex and sperm, it was hardly surprising the amount of times Alice had come tonight; I counted at least 3 orgasms with the three cocks in her alone. "Shit I need to come………&hellip.let me out" said Lee, somehow managing to wriggle out from under Alice and Vince.

Lee knew he couldn't spunk his load in or on Alice and ran over to Fiona still lying on the floor. He lifted her legs in the air and pushed them backwards so that she was now sort of on her shoulders, her pussy and dildo full arse pointing skywards.

Lee pulled the dildo from Fiona's dark passage and fed it into her come covered pussy hole, pushing some of my seed into her entrance with the plastic cock head. As Fiona's bum hole opened and closed before Lee he fired his cream directly at her brown eye.

Some dribbled inside as it flexed in and out, the rest just splattered her cheeks. Once he'd finished coming he just dropped her back onto the floor, a used piece of meat is how she was treated.

As Vince pulled himself out of Alice's rectum and made his way towards the spunk target Debbie was on her knees finishing cleaning her boyfriends cock, a position in which she'd stay until she'd cleaned Vince's and Clive's dirty cocks. Vince had the same idea as Lee and got Fiona on all fours with her bum in the air. He removed the dildo and chucked it on the floor then covered Fiona's pussy and asshole in his creamy white sperm.

Vince retrieved the dildo which was now covered in grass and bits of dirt that had stuck to the sticky dildo and rammed it back into Fiona's spunky asshole.

Debbie was soon over and sucking his cock clean as we stood round Fiona, her ass still in the air as Clive finished up with Alice. With Vince and Lee gone he'd pulled Alice off the table and bent her over it, he was alternating his old cock between her pussy and cunt, pumping a few strokes into each one before moving to the next.

The old bastard actually made Alice come once more before running over lifting Fiona up and shooting a fresh load into her already come crusty face. Vince bent down and slapped Fiona's sticky arse, "Cheers whore" he said before walking over to Alice who was still face down bent over the bench. "Cheers whore, see you again soon yeah?" He then walked off to his car before speeding off.

I went over to Alice who was still bent on the table, her body was totally fucked. She was panting and sweat was dripping off her. Her boob tube and skirt and bra that had been on her body the whole time were soaking wet with perspiration. I bent down behind her to inspect her damaged holes; her cunt was inflamed and swollen after a good fucking.

I touched her hard clitty which made her flinch; it was so hot and sensitive. I pulled her ass cheeks apart to survey her arsehole, that to was red and looked really loose compared to a couple of hours ago. I popped a finger in her ass followed by another with ease, before long I had three fingers in her butt and 3 in her cunt. She'd been fucked well tonight that was for sure.

"I hope you enjoyed that you whore because you'll be taking a lot more multiple cock from now on. Now go and thank Lee and Clive for fucking you so well tonight". She could barely walk properly after the fucking she'd received but she managed to hobble over to the rest. "Thank you Lee, thank you Clive for fucking me so well tonight" "No thanks for letting us fuck your whores man, hope to see you her again soon".

Lee replied, looking at me. I thanked him for allowing his girlfriend to suck my cock and I suggested that maybe he'd let me fuck her next time. "Maybe we'll see" he laughed. Looking down at Fiona I told her to get up, she looked a mess.

Spunk had dried on her tits and stomach. Her legs, thighs, ass cheeks were covered in drying spunk; her clothes were covered in spunk stains and her hair was matted. Clive's last load of spunk was still fresh on her face and hung from her nose and on her cheeks.

The two loads she'd had shot in her face earlier had left her a crusty disgrace. Bur I suppose when you're used as a spunk target these things are expected. "Thank them for covering you in spunk Fiona it only polite". "Thank you for covering me in your lovely come guys". As she spoke Clive's come dribbled on her lip, she didn't flinch at all; she just left it to dry with the rest.

We said our good nights and jumped in our cars before all pulling away heading off to our various homes. Alice jumped in the back and was asleep within 10 minutes of the hour and fifteen minute drive back across county.

Fiona sat beside me and didn't speak until two miles from home when the incident with her hubby cropped back up. "We can't go in like this, what will we say?" "All you two need to worry about from now on is doing whatever I tell you…&hellip.fuck him". More stories coming soon