Masturbating slut fucks her vacuum

Masturbating slut fucks her vacuum
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Daddy's Mind-Controlled Daughters A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research Chapter Two: Two Daughters Double the Fun By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! James Maxwell, head of the Department of Scrying at the Institute of Apotheosis Research, groaned as he pumped his cock in and out of his nineteen-year-old daughter's newly deflowered cunt.

Mindy gasped and moaned into her twin sister Cindy's pussy, lapping through incestuous folds to clean out James's jizz. Thank the new God for this delight, James thought as he savored his barely legal daughter's tight pussy. He plowed into her hard, watching her small tits jiggle and her twin sister writhe before him.

Finally, after the first two to receive the halos were mothers, a father became a God. And his first act: deflower his eighteen-year-old daughter's pussy. And James followed in his new God's footsteps, satiating the lusts which had grown in him since the first Goddess taught lesbian incest. "Daddy!" squealed Cindy, grinding her pussy on her twin sister's mouth.

"The God's moving." James looked at the computer screen.


The spy cam footage, the fiber optics inserted by a drone into the God's study, showed the God leading Kitty, his deflowered and nubile daughter, by the hand out of the room. "Where are they going?" "He mentioned something about playing with his other daughter," moaned Cindy, her face flushed with rapture. "I think Camera 3 is monitoring Crystal's room.

She's the only one else home." "Change it," groaned James, unable to pull out of Mindy's pussy. Cindy extended her nubile body, her hands reaching for the keyboard of his computer.

Everyone in the Institute would be watching the same feed, switching cameras to continue learning their new God's teachings. Her fingers fumbled. She hit the shortcut key, cycling to a room full of pink frills and stuffed animals. Next, the subdued master bedroom appeared. She hit the key again. The screen flickered to a pair of hot girls kissing, both naked. The god's daughter Crystal and another girl James didn't recognize savoring young, lesbian passion. "Ooh, yes," Cindy gasped, watching Crystal's tight ass as she writhed atop her girlfriend.

"That's hot." Then a loud knock came at Crystal's door. "Honey, it's dad." Crystal bolted off her friend, the pair of them scrambling to put on clothes. James kept pumping into his daughter's snatch, eager to see what lesson his God would teach next to these two nubile girls. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I held Kitty's hand, my youngest daughter standing flushed and naked beside me.

She had her other hand pressed between her thighs, trapping my cum in her newly deflowered snatch. The eighteen-year-old's blonde, braided pigtails dangled down her chest towards her small breasts, little developing bumps topped by tiny and cute nipples.

Her green eyes glowed as she stared up at me, an impish grin on her face. "Just a moment, Dad," Crystal shouted. "We, er, were trying on some different clothes.

Let us get dressed." "They were eating each other's pussies," I whispered to my daughter. "Ooh, that's so naughty," Kitty giggled, listening to the two girls panicked scrambled, their voices low and muted through the door.

"Where's my top?" Jessica, Crystal's friend, asked. "Here, beneath my pillow," Crystal answered. Unable to resist, I knocked again. But I held off speaking, not wanting to give them any commands yet.

"Just a sec, Dad!" Crystal hissed, the nineteen-year-old sounding flustered. Something rattled. "We're almost dressed." My dick thrust hard before me despite cumming three times with Kitty down in my office. My increased stamina was thanks to the halo, the bizarre device this company/new age cult had sent me. They wanted to make me into a god, I had no idea why.

But their device gave me mind control powers, as well as enhanced health, physical strength, and sexual stamina. Hence the fact I was still hard despite using my youngest so thoroughly downstairs. "This is so much fun, Daddy," Kitty giggled. "Yes, it is, Kitten," I grinned at her.

Her mother, my wife who was at her pilates class, had named her Kitty but I started calling her Kitten. She liked to curl up in my lap and almost purr as a child. Out of our four daughters, Kitty was the smallest. Short and petite, her body wasn't as developed like her older sisters.

Even Crystal, only a year older, had small handfuls of breasts and curves to her hips. The door threw open. Crystal stood there, her blonde hair disarrayed, stray strands sticking in wild directions. She'd pulled on a tight T-shirt, vaguely like a sport's jersey with the number 1 stretched over her small breasts, and a pair of tight shorts gripping her hips and leaving most of her long legs bare.

Behind her, Jessica sat on the bed, trying to look bored while reading from a magazine, tight jeans and a halter top covering her body. A pair of panties peeked out from beneath the bed, clearly missed in the girl's haste.

I breathed in, smelling the spicy incense my daughter just lit. Here I thought she bought the incense to cover up pot. But it was just hot pussy from eating her friend out. I could just smell barely legal cunt beneath the strong aroma. "Yeah, Dad?" my daughter asked.

And then she blinked. "Why are you and Kitty naked!" "We just fucked!" Kitty exclaimed. My daughter tried to slam her door in my face, letting out a screech of fright. I caught it with my hand and said, "Crystal, stop trying to close the door." My thoughts prickled, a sign my brain waves were overwriting hers.

"I'm not going to." She shook her head, her eyes so wide as she let go of the door and stepped back. "I didn't." "Jesus," Jessica said, her dark-brown hair swaying about her shoulders as she scrambled back on the bed, pushing against the wall. "What's going on, Mr. Horne?" "Relax, girls," I said, leading in Kitty by the hand, my youngest beaming.

Thoughts tingling, I said, "It's okay to go nude in the house. You're not shocked or embarrassed, only turned on by the sight of your family members naked." "Turned on?" Crystal asked, her hips squirming.

"Dad, what is.?" She gave me the strangest look. "Why are we.?" She shook her head, glancing at her friend. "Something weird is going on," Jessica muttered. "Why is Kitty covering her pussy?" "It's full of my daddy's cum," Kitty beamed, squeezing my hand. "He just fucked me and came in me." "Holy shit, Dad," Crystal groaned, backing away. She stared at me like I was disgusting, filthy. "She's only eighteen!

What the fuck!" "I can fuck any of my daughters when I want, young lady," I told her, voice firm as she retreated to the bed, grabbing Jessica's hand for support. "And there's nothing wrong with that." The prickling in my thoughts almost burned. The more I changed someone's mind, the more I felt it.

"Understand?" "Yes, Dad," she said, licking her lips as she trembled beside Jessica.

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Her friend had big tits, almost spilling out of her halter top. The straps hung off her shoulders, the top not pulled up as high as it should. I could see the hint of a pink areola. I stared at them, the bewilderment at my powers intoxicating.

"So, what were you two up to, Crystal?" "We were having sex, Dad," my daughter answered. Then she gasped. "Why did I just say that?" "She was eating my pussy while I ate hers," Jessica added, her dark eyes bulging. She clapped a hand over her mouth. "I didn't mean to say that," Crystal babbled. "I meant to say that we were trying on clothes." "You were going to lie to your father?" "Yes, Dad." She stared at me, eyes trembling.

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"So you're a lesbian?" She nodded her head, her eyes sliding down to my cock. Her cheeks grew redder. She licked her lips. My command to find her family members attractive while naked worked on her despite her sexual preference. "But you're staring at my cock. Do you like it?" "It makes my pussy get wet and itchy," she said then clapped her hands over her mouth like I did.

"Does it?" I asked. "What else?" Her words came out muffled as she spoke into her hand. Her blue eyes bulged so wide. Kitty giggled beside me, her hips swaying from side-to-side, her pigtails bouncing.

She loved this. The two never got along, always fighting. "I can't hear you when you talk into your hand. Take it away and repeat yourself." She ripped her hand away. "It makes my pussy ache feel it in me, Dad. You're I never thought of a guy as sexy, but seeing you naked." "Crystal!" gasped Jessica, staring at her girlfriend in shock.

"Sorry, Jessica." "We can't leave Jessica out," I told Kitty. "Jessica, seeing my naked body makes you wet and horny. You find me so sexy you want to fuck me, too." Jessica let out a purring moan.

Her nipples hardened against her halter top, poking up fat and hard. Jeans rasped as she squeezed her thighs together. She licked her crimson lips as she stared at my cock, too. "Oh, Mr. Horne, what are you doing to us?" she asked. "Controlling your minds," I said. "But you find that just wonderful. It makes you happy to do what I say, doesn't it?" Both girls nodded, their confusion and fear melting out of their bodies. They relaxed, their arousal becoming more and more apparent.

Thighs rustled together, lips were licked, hips were shifting as their pussies burned for my cock. "So, Crystal and Jessica, have either of you ever wanted to lick Kitty's pussy." Jessica moaned, "Yes!" "No," Crystal said, blanching. "She's my little sister." Then she realized what her girlfriend said. "You want to eat Kitty's pussy?" "Well." Jessica squirmed. "Come clean, Jessica," I commanded. "She's just so cute, Crystal!" Her eyes flicked to my youngest. "That petite body and that innocent face.

I thought about it a few times. What she'd taste like. How that innocent face would twist and contort as I made her cum." "That's my sister!" Crystal gasped again, staring at her girlfriend in betrayed shock. "You want to eat my sister's pussy!" "Like you've never thought about eating Georgia Simpson's pussy?" Jessica shot back.

"I've seen you stare at that cheerleader! Don't even deny it." "Well." My daughter licked her lips. "At least she's not your sister." "I don't have a sister," Jessica huffed. "But I wouldn't be mad if I did have one and you thought about eating her pussy. I mean, Kitty's got the same genes as you. Don't be mad I find her attractive." "In fact, never be mad our jealous," I told them.

"What's so wrong about having sex with another girl? You two love each other." My thoughts prickled hard. The two stared at each other, their faces melting into puddles of pure love. They held hands and both sighed, "We do love each other." And then they kissed.

I blinked. Maybe they didn't love each other before I spoke. Instead they had that puppy love young people got, confusing the thrill of sex for actual emotions.

But now. I'd have to be careful about what I said around people. And then I groaned, watching one of my fantasies come to life. Crystal and her hot friend moaned as they kissed, their tongues dancing. It grew hotter and hotter with every moment. Jessica's hand landed on my daughter's bare thigh, stroking the silky flesh. My cock ached and throbbed before me. "Eww," Kitty grimaced. "They're kissing, Dad." "You find girls kissing very hot," I told my daughter.

"Especially when one's your sister." She blinked green eyes at me. "Wow, Daddy, you are so wise. Everything you say just makes so much sense." Then she squirmed. "How long do I have to cover my pussy? Your cum is leaking out and it's getting messy.


And I want to cum again. Please, Daddy, I need to cum." "Right," I grinned, the sight of the two girls kissing banished why I was here: to fuck my daughters. "Crystal, Jessica, enough kissing for now. I need you two to strip naked. You have to go nude in the house. New rule." Only a light prickling crossed my mind.

The two girls broke their kiss in an instant. "Sorry, Mr. Horne," Jessica gasped, her hands ripping off her halter top. "I didn't mean to break a rule." "You're forgiven," I groaned as her huge tits fell out of her top, bouncing before her. Fat, dusky nipples thrust from those heaving mounds. They were pillowy soft and so delicious, still perky despite their size.

I couldn't wait to play with them. Beside her, Crystal revealed her small breasts, little handfuls with pink nipples. She then fell back onto her back, her tits jiggling, and peeled off her shorts. Her legs thrust into the air, her pussy peeking between them, aimed right at me. I groaned, staring at the shaved snatch of my daughter.

She had no hair, her vulva plump and blushing with arousal, glistening with her juices. I licked my lips as she peeled her shorts off her feet and threw them aside, sitting up again.

A landing strip of blonde hair ran down her pubic mound to the top of her pussy. She stared back at me, blue eyes smoky with her arousal for my dick, her thighs spreading wider open. Beside her, Jessica wiggled out of her tight pants. She had a pair of red panties on, answering the mystery of whose were peeking out from under the bed.

Her underwear came down with her jeans, pulled along by the tight denim. She kicked her legs, flashing a shaved pussy between her thighs, her labia peeking out of her tight slit, dark and engorged.

Then she was naked, too, sitting beside my daughter, shoulders touching, the two nineteen-year-olds looking so delicious. "So, Crystal, you never thought about eating your little sister's pussy?" I asked. "No, Dad," she purred, staring at me with such hunger. "Nor sucking your cock, but I am now." "And what about the twins?" Rosie and Lily were at a youth group thing tonight, so active in our local church.

They really bought into the whole religious thing. Something Kitty said about the twins though itched at my mind. "Never. Incest is." Crystal blinked. "Well, I used to think it was wrong." "So now you want to eat your little sister's pussy," I groaned, licking my lips. "You want to crawl across the floor and bury your mouth into Kitty's pussy right now." "I do," she moaned as my thoughts tingled, not much.

She didn't need much encouraging now. She licked her lips. "Then do it." Crystal slipped off the bed onto her hands and knees. Her curvy ass swayed back and forth as she crawled forward. Her blonde hair framed her hungry face, her blue eyes locked on Kitty's hand. My youngest squirmed. "Daddy?" she asked. "You're going to love it as much as when I ate your cute cunny," I told her with a wink.

"Okay, Kitten?" "Okay, Daddy," she beamed. And then her sister reached her, prying away Kitty's hand. Crystal pressed her face between her sister's thighs.

I watched as one daughter ate the other's pussy. Kitty's green eyes widened. Her hand squeezed mine hard as she let out a wanton moan. Her slim hips wiggled, grinding her cum-filled snatch on her older sister's mouth. Crystal devoured my jizz out of her sister's snatch. She made her little sister tremble and my cock ache. I needed to be buried in something. I glanced at Jessica. "On your knees, Jessica. I'm going to fuck you while we watch my daughters love each other." "Yes, Mr.

Horne," moaned Jessica, the slut rolling onto her hands and knees, her huge tits swaying back and forth, nipples almost brushing the bed. I let go of Kitty's hand. She grabbed her older sister's hair with both hands as she swayed. Her mouth opened, moans and gasps escaping her lips. She shuddered, grinding her hot pussy on Crystal's mouth as she experienced the joys of sisterly incest. I watched them, my eyes falling on Crystal's ass wiggling back and forth as she devoured her little sister's cunt, eating my jizz out of that tight snatch.

I licked my lips. She had a gorgeous ass, both cheeks curved and plump. I'd always wanted to try anal. But my wife would never let me. I mounted the bed, moving around Jessica. She knelt so she faced her girlfriend and Kitty, licking her lips. I grabbed the girl's hips, my dick prodding at her shaved snatch. She, too, had a great ass, plump and jiggling as she wiggled it. I rammed my cock into Jessica's pussy, savoring the silky grip. She wasn't as tight as Kitty's virgin twat had been, but she still felt amazing.

Her juicy cunt engulfed every inch of me, soaking me with her lubing juices.

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My hands pried apart her butt-cheeks, exposing her puckered asshole. "Jessica, have you ever been fucked up the ass?" I asked as I ran my finger around her sphincter, feeling the texture, loving the way it clenched. "No, Mr. Horne," she moaned. "Well, you're going to let me do it, aren't you?" She nodded her head, dark hair swaying, her pussy clenching hard on my dick.

"You can do that, Daddy?" Kitty asked, staring at me as she ground her cunt on her older sister's mouth. "Put it in her butt?" "Yes, I can," I moaned, pulling my cock out of Jessica's cunt. The barely legal whore drenched it in her cream. I brought it up to her puckered asshole. "Just watch, Kitten. I'll fuck your butt, too, and you'll love it." "I will, Daddy," she gasped. "As much as I love Crystal licking my pussy!" Her budding breasts quivered as she squirmed. Her small hands clutched at Crystal's hair, pulling her older sister's mouth tight into her snatch.

My other daughter just moaned, eating Kitty's pussy with sloppy passion. Crystal's ass wiggled, her pussy on display between her thighs, juices dripping down her legs. I savored the sight of her. I'd enjoy fucking her so much. I'd pound her pussy so fast. I'd anticipate it the entire time I buggered her friend's ass. I pressed forward, my cock pushing on Jessica's sphincter.

The puckered hole resisted me. But I kept pushing. "Mr. Horne," the girl groaned, her asshole clenched hard. "Just relax, slut," I growled, growing impatient. I wanted to be in her young ass. "You're my whore now. You never resist. You want me to fuck all your holes. When you're not loving my daughter, I own you." "Yes, Mr.

Horne," she panted, my thoughts prickling. Her asshole relaxed. She let out at throaty moan as my pussy-lubed cock spread her sphincter open. The puckered ring stretched wider and wider, sliding up and over the crown of my dick. Pleasure raced through me as her hot bowels embraced my shaft. "Fuck," I grunted, sinking into virgin ass. "Goddamn, you have a tight hole, slut." "Thank you, Mr. Horne," she purred. "Oh, yes, this feel so weird. But nice. Oh, use my ass. Use it, Mr.

Horne. I'm your whore." "You are," Kitty moaned, her body trembling. "Please my daddy with your ass, whore!" "Yes," Crystal moaned. "Do it, honey. You have to love my daddy. You're his whore. My girlfriend is my daddy's whore!" My nineteen-year-old daughter shoved a hand between her thighs, rubbing at her shaved twat.

She kept licking her little sister's snatch as she fingered herself. She plunged two fingers into her depths, stirring them around as she moaned and gasped. As I bottomed out in her girlfriend's ass, I watched Crystal finger herself. Her digits glistened when they emerged from her tight slit. She pumped them back into her pink depths over and over, her hips wiggling more.

"Oh, Daddy, she's moaning about my clit," panted Kitty. "That makes me feel so good." "Are you going to cum?" I asked, drawing my cock back through Jessica's tight bowels, savoring every inch of her velvety embrace. "I am, Daddy." Kitty squeezed her green eyes slut. "Oh, Crystal. Oh, I didn't know you could be this nice. Ooh, yes. Keep nibbling on my clit. I'm going to cum." "Do it," panted Jessica, her bowels clenching on my dick. "Cum on her mouth. I bet you taste amazing!" "She does," Crystal moaned, fingers plunging faster and faster into her tight twat.

Juices spilled around her digits. "So fresh and innocent. And she's mixed with Daddy's cum. That taste so salty and good. I just love it." "Eat it all," I panted, thrusting harder into her girlfriend's bowels, my balls smacking the lesbian's taint. "Just feast on her and make her cum!" Crystal devoured her sister, obeying me. Kitty bucked and moaned, clinging to her sister's blonde hair as she swayed.

My youngest's gasps echoed through the room. Her head threw back, braided pigtails flying. "Yes!" she howled and bucked. "I'm cumming, Daddy! Crystal made me cum!" My dick throbbed in Jessica's bowels. I buggered the slut as fast as I could, reaming her asshole faster and faster. Her tight velvet gripped me. The friction burned about my dick. Her butt-cheeks slapped against my crotch.

Crystal's fingers almost blurred as she frigged her pussy. She lapped up her sister's flooding pussy juices, her hips wiggling. Then her back arched. Her ass clenched. Cream squirted out of her pussy as she came, too, screaming her rapture into Kitty's cunt.

"That's it," I panted.

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"Oh, Crystal, you're such a good girl. Mmm, yes, look at you, just devouring your little sister's cunt. Such a good whore." "She is," Jessica moaned, her hips rocking back into my thrusts, undulating, stirring her bowels around my dick.

"Oh, honey, lick up all your little sister's juices. I want to taste them so badly." Kitty swayed and moaned, her orgasm raging through her small body. She quivered, the flush in her cheeks spreading down her chest to her small, budding breasts.

I licked my lips, loving how innocent she appeared. My balls tightened. They boiled as I plowed Jessica's ass faster and faster. The pleasure surged through me. The friction burned around my dick. Fucking her ass felt amazing. I'd never let my wife deny me again. She'd have to surrender her ass whenever I wanted it. "Fuck," I panted as Kitty stumbled away, falling on her cute rump.

She lay on the floor, panting. "That's so hot." "It was, Daddy," Crystal moaned, throwing a look over her shoulders. Kitty's cream smeared across my daughter's face, dripping from her chin. "I can't believe I never wanted to do this to her before." "Yes, it was amazing!" panted Kitty. "I loved it! Just loved it!" Her legs spasmed wide, revealing the wispy, blonde hair adorning her pubic mound and pussy. Drenched with her juices, they did little to hide her tight slit.

"Oh, Daddy, thank you for showing me all this fun stuff." "You're welcome," I groaned, staring at Crystal. "And you, come over here and kiss your lover.

She wants to taste your little sister's pussy." "Yes!" Jessica hissed, her bowels squeezing down so hard on my dick I almost erupted into her asshole. Crystal crawled across the floor, beaming. I shuddered, pounding her girlfriend's ass so hard as they kissed.

Jessica moaned, wiggling her ass as she licked my daughter's cream off my other daughter's mouth. Dizzy lust shot through me. My hands gripped Jessica's bowels. I rammed into her depths. The friction burned up my cock.

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My sensitive tip drank in the velvety delight of the girl's bowels. My balls tensed. I let out a grunt as the first pulse of my orgasm shot through my body. My first blast of cum fired out of my cock. Jessica moaned into the kiss with my daughter, tasting incestuous passion on Crystal's lips. The slut felt my cum flooding her bowels. Her back arching. And then her asshole spasmed and writhed about my dick. "I'm cumming, Mr. Horne!" she howled, breaking the kiss with my daughter.

"Oh, my god, I'm cumming! Yes, yes, yes! Flood my ass! I'm your whore, Mr. Horne." "Yes, you are," I grunted, the pleasure shooting through my mind. I savored every moment of spurting my cum into her hot bowels. The girl's ass massaged my cock. My balls worked, giving her every drop of cum I had in me. I groaned through clenched teeth as the pleasure peaked in me. Then it left me dizzy, my cock still aching in her asshole as she kissed Crystal hard, her orgasm still raging through her.

I savored her bowels writhing about my dick while she shuddered. Her moans lessened, her orgasm dying down until she only quivered before me. I took in deep breaths, surveying the room, thinking of what new depravity to enjoy next. I pulled my cock slowly out of the barely legal slut's asshole. I shuddered, smelling the sour musk of her ass. I sat down on the bed, taking deep breaths as my cum trickled out of her asshole, running down her crack to her pussy. My dick waved hard before me.

I needed to cum again. "Crystal, you've never sucked a cock, have you?" I asked, knowing this next step would be so nasty.

She broke the kiss with her girlfriend. "No, Daddy. I've never been with a boy before." "Yet you were fingering your pussy pretty hard. No hymen?" She blushed. "Jessica popped it with a carrot two months ago.

We were at her house, having a slumber party, and, well, we started kissing and then we were licking. And then she took my cherry with a carrot." "And I ate it when I was done," moaned Jessica, licking her lips and winking at me. "So, was my daughter the first girl you seduced?" Jessica shook her head.

"Michelle Henderson. I ate her out at a slumber party, and she ate me back. But then she avoided me. I think it freaked her out, what with her being such a church girl." "Really?" Crystal blinked. "Damn, she's as much a bible thumper as the twins are. I bet she's at the same youth group boredom that Rosie and Lily are at tonight." "Probably," Jessica said.

"But when I seduced Crystal, well, I knew she was special. She didn't freak out on me." "I loved it!" groaned Crystal. "So, no, Daddy, I've never sucked a cock or fucked a boy or even kissed one." "But you'll suck my cock because you're my slutty daughter and you want to love me and please me." "I will, Daddy," she said. "Want me to get a wash cloth to wash off Jessica's ass from your dick so I can suck it." "No, slutty girls use their tongues to clean a man's dick even if it's been in another girl's ass.

Or their own." My thoughts tingled. "Yes, Daddy," Crystal moaned. "Ooh, but that's so dirty and nasty." "Makes you wet," I commanded. "It does now that you told me to do it," she grinned. "So wet." "So Kitty, time for you to lick your older sister's pussy," I told my youngest. "You'll love licking her shaved twat.

Get to it!" "Yes, Daddy." She ran her tongue around her pink lips as she rose into a cat-like crouch.

Then she prowled forward as her older sister settled between my thighs to lick my cock clean of her friend's ass. "Can I eat her pussy, Mr. Horne?" asked Jessica, staring at my daughter's playful advance. "Please, she's so cute." "Yes, you can, little slut.

You have to make my daughters happy, too. And not just your girlfriend if you're going to be my whore. And that's what you want. To be my whore." "So badly," she moaned, big tits quivering. "I'll please all your daughters, Mr.

Horne. I promise." "Good girl," I grinned then groaned as my daughter took her first lick of my dirty cock. I glanced down at Crystal, face flushed from her orgasm and eating her little sister's snatch, staring up at me, my cock before her. Her tongue ran up the shaft, a slow drag as she savored the sour musk of her friend's ass seasoning my prick.

A tension built in me as she climbed higher and higher, nearing my spongy, pink tip. Then she brushed the crown, flicking past the sensitive frenulum to sweep across the pinnacle. I groaned, stars bursting before my eyes at the incestuous delight of her tongue.

She pulled her mouth away, shivering. "Ooh, your ass tastes soooooo good, Jessica." "Good," the girl moaned, moving behind Kitty.

And then Kitty reached her sister. As Crystal started her second lick up my shaft, my youngest grabbed her sister's ass. Kitty's green eyes peeked over the curving swell of Crystal's rump, looking like such a curious cat. Her entire head moved as she dragged her tongue across her sister's shaved twat.

Crystal moaned. Kitty purred, smacking her lips. "So good, Daddy. She tastes so sweet." Then my naughty kitten buried her mouth into her sister's twat, tonguing her while her green eyes stared at me. Behind her, Jessica rolled onto her back, pulling Kitty's ass down, bringing my youngest's snatch to my hungry lips.

Kitty moaned and ate her older sister faster. Crystal shuddered, groaning as she lapped my cock clean of her girlfriend's ass. I shivered, savoring the chain of pussy licking ending at my cock, the room full of feminine lust, so musky and delicious.

"That's it," I groaned. "Clean Daddy's cock with that naughty tongue." "I am, Daddy," Crystal moaned, her breath throaty from her sister's lapping tongue. She engulfed the crown of my dick. Her cheeks hollowed as my daughter sucked hard. My balls twitched. For her first time, she put her all into it, her tongue swirling about the crown as she wiggled her pussy into Kitty's licking mouth. I groaned, the suction reaching down to tug at my nuts.

My cum built in there, a fresh load for my daughter to enjoy. Her cheeks hollowed with each suck, her head moving as her body quivered. Kitty dug her fingers into Crystal's ass as she feasted, her green eyes growing cloudy with pleasure.

"Is Jessica making you feel good, Kitten?" I asked. "Uh-huh, Daddy," she moaned, her voice sensual and lethargic. "She's different from Crystal. She's fluttering about my pussy and making me feel all dreamy and yummy and warm." "Good," I groaned.

"And what about Crystal?" Kitty lifted her face, lips glistening with her sister's incestuous cream. "Is her mouth making you feel good?" "So good." I grabbed Crystal's blonde hair, pressing her mouth lower on my dick. "Just keep licking her pussy. Lap at her cream like a good kitten." "Yes, Daddy!" With a purr, she buried her mouth back into her older sister's snatch. She lapped through pussy, making Crystal moan about my cock.

The humming vibrations rippled down my shaft. My balls tightened, the pressure growing in them as I bobbed my daughter's head up and down my cock, gripping her silky, blonde curls. Every time I pushed down, she took more of my cock. By the fifth bob, I brushed the back of her throat. I tickled her tonsils before I drew her back up.

She sucked so hard, my hips wanting to thrust up and follow her rising mouth. And then I pushed her down, a little harder. My cock nudged at her throat, pressing at her gullet. She didn't fight me. I grinned, drawing her up my cock and then fucking that hot, sucking mouth back down my dick. "That's it," I groaned. "Oh, yes, you're going to deep-throat Daddy's cock." "Deep-throat?" Kitty asked, her eyes peering at me above her sister's ass. "She's going to swallow my cock, take it down her slutty throat," I moaned, pushing down on Crystal's head.

"Because she's daddy's slut." Crystal moaned loudly, agreeing that she was my slut. My cock brushed the back of her throat. I kept pushing, forcing my dick down my daughter's gullet. I groaned, shuddering as my shaft slipped into her esophagus. She coughed and choked, spluttering about my dick as I pressed it deeper. Her lips sank lower and lower. She didn't fight me. She was such a good slut. And then my daughter's lips pressed into my blond pubic hair, my dick buried down her throat.

"Such a good girl," I groaned. "You took every inch of Daddy's cock." "Yay!" Kitty cheered as she licked and lapped. "Now you should cum, Crystal." "Make her cum, Kitten!" "Yes, Daddy!" Crystal shuddered. She moaned about my cock, swallowing and massaging it with her throat. I gripped both sides of her head and fucked her mouth up and down my dick faster and faster.

She sucked the entire time as I rammed down her gullet over and over. The pleasure boiled in my nuts. I worked her mouth faster. The pleasure built and built in me. I groaned, my fingers digging through her hair to grip her head.

Her body shuddered. She moaned so loudly about my cock. And then she bucked. "She's cumming, Daddy!" Kitty moaned with such excitement. "She squirted her juices in my mouth. So yummy!" Kitty's head appeared, face drenched in cream, the juices running down her neck. She squirmed and wiggled on Jessica's licking mouth while Crystal moaned about my dick. My daughter's passionate gasps, brought on by her orgasm, hummed around my dick. I wrenched her head up my cock until only the throbbing tip remained in her mouth.

I gripped her hard, holding her in place as she sucked. My balls tensed. Fuzzy darkness flooded across my vision. And then my cock erupted. My cum fired into her mouth. "Fuck, Crystal, swallow it all!" I groaned.

"All of Daddy's cum." My spunk flooded her mouth. She swallowed, moaning the entire time, wiggling her hips. Behind her, Kitty bucked and gasped.

She gripped her older sister's ass as she came, too. She squeaked out her pleasure, flooding Jessica's mouth. "So good, Daddy! I love cumming!" "Me, too, Kitten," I moaned as the last of my cum fired into my daughter's hungry mouth. My chest heaved, the rapture buzzing through my body. I loved incest with my daughters. It was so hot. Crystal popped her mouth off my dick.

"Oh, Daddy, your cum was amazing!" "Better straight from the source?" She blinked. "I don't know. It's so good mixed in Kitty's pussy. But it's so hot and creamy when you fire it into my mouth." "I want to try your cum out of Crystal's pussy," Kitty said, bouncing on Jessica. "Please, Daddy, you have to fuck her so I can lick her pussy clean of your spunk. Please, Daddy. It's not fair if I don't get to do it. Crystal did." "She's right," I grinned at my daughter. I stretched back on her bed.

"Come ride your daddy's cock." "Yes, Daddy," squealed Crystal with such girlish enthusiasm. She hopped up onto the bed with the spryness of youth, her firm titties jiggling. I grasped those handfuls, loving how pliant they felt. So different from her mother's softer tits. I fingered her nipples as she ground her pussy into my dick rubbing hot, incestuous flesh on my cock.

And then she guided the tip of my dick to her cunt. I groaned as Crystal sank her pussy down my cock. Her barely legal cunt burned around my dick. Her juicy depths embraced me with her silky passion. I shuddered, pinching her nipples as she bottomed out on me.

"Oh, Daddy, you feel so much better than a carrot in me," she panted, her blue eyes glossy. "Oh, wow, it just makes me want to move. To slide it through my cunt." "Then what are you waiting on?" "Yes, Daddy!" I groaned as she slid her silky pussy up my cock. She gripped me almost as tight as Kitty had. She climbed my dick to its pinnacle before she slammed back down me with such enthusiasm. Blonde hair flew about her shoulders as she let out panting groans. And then she rode me hard.

She savored my cock filling her pussy. My daughter gasped and moaned, hips pumping, working that hot cunt up and down my dick. My eyes rolled back into my head as I savored every moment of her twat working her magic on me. I squeezed her tits hard, the pleasure bursting through me. "Damn," I groaned. "You have one hot cunt, Crystal." "Such a hot cunt, Daddy!" she whimpered. "It's your dick. It's so huge it makes me hot." "His cock is huge," Jessica moaned in the background.

"Wait till you feel him in your ass, honey. You'll love it." "Yes," Crystal gasped, her pussy clenching down hard on my dick as she slammed down. Then she rose up, hips twisting, stirring my dick around. "I want you to fuck my ass, too, Daddy. I want you to fuck all my holes." "Yes, yes, fuck my butt, too, Daddy!" Kitty moaned.

Jessica squealed. "Oh, Kitty, yes, lap my pussy, sweetie. Oooh, yes, you really like pussy." "You taste so tangy! I love it!" My dick throbbed in my daughter's sliding snatch. I shuddered, my hands moving from her tits to grab her ass. I squeezed her, feeling her muscles ripple as she rode me hard. I gripped her, bouncing her on my dick, guiding her hips. She leaned over me, planting her hands on my chest. Her fingernails scratched. She stared down at me, blue eyes almost glowing with her rapture.

Her small, firm tits jiggled, bouncing up and down as she worked her cunt on my dick. "Oh, Daddy, this is amazing. I love being your whore!" "Yes," I groaned, squeezing her ass, my balls boiling. "Cum on Daddy's cock. I want to flood your cunt and breed you.

You want to have Daddy's baby, don't you?" "Yes, Daddy!" she gasped, her hips undulating. "Oh, wow, Daddy! I'm going to be bred by you." "Me, too, Daddy.

You promised me a baby!" "I did, Kitten," I groaned. "Daddy will breed all his daughters. Even you, Jessica. Good whores want to be bred." "Yes, Mr. Horne," she panted. "I can't wait." "Yes, yes, yes, Daddy," panted Crystal, her hair swaying about her flushed face. "I want your baby. Flood me with your seed, Daddy.

Breed me!" She slammed her incestuous cunt down my dick. Her pussy spasmed, rippled. Her orgasm burned through her as she came. I grunted, her cunt sucking at my cock, eager for my jizz to flood her fertile depths. My hands squeezed her ass. "Cum in me, Daddy!" "Yes!" I growled, grabbing her ass and slamming her spasming pussy down my cock. I savored every massaging inch of my daughter's barely legal snatch writhing about my shaft.

My tip ached. My balls boiled. With a grunt, I bucked my hips up and flooded my daughter's depths. I bred her pussy with my seed. The pleasure rushed through my body.

A dizzy wave rippled through me. I couldn't believe this delight. To breed my daughters. I didn't care what reason the crazy Institute had to make me a god and give me these powers. I just wanted to enjoy them. I wanted to fuck my daughters, their friends. I wanted to plant my babies in their barely legal twats. "Yes!" I growled as my orgasm peaked. "I'm going to breed you all!" "I love you, Daddy!" Crystal howled, collapsing on my chest, rubbing her firm titties into me as she spasmed. She rained kisses on my face, moaning, "Love you," between each hot smooch.

I held her, panting, her pussy milking every drop of cum from my balls. Downstairs, the front door opened. My wife or the twins were home. While Jessica moaned, cumming on Kitty's mouth, I grinned. Eager for the fun to continue.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Deidre Icke, President of the Institute of Apotheosis Research, strode through the halls, nodding her head in approval. It seemed every male employee had brought their daughters to work today, anticipating the lesson of the new God. It made her pussy so wet seeing the new God's teachings being embraced by the Institute.

And soon the world. She walked faster, eager to join her son and daughter, to enjoy their youthful flesh. She burned for the day that brother and sister incest was taught. She wanted to watch her twins satiate the incestuous and illegal lust growing between them. "Daddy, yes," a lucky girl moaned from an open office. Deidre blinked, the girl's voice so familiar. And the office. "Robert?" She gaped, seeing her ex-husband, Robert Icke, fucking her daughter.

Alexis gasped, bent over his desk, her cute rump jiggling every time her father plowed his dick into her eighteen-year-old pussy. A stab of jealousy shot through Deidre even as her pussy clenched harder. "Oh, Mother," gasped Alexis, "Daddy's cock is amazing! And look. Someone's arriving at the house. Our God's about to teach another lesson. Come watch!" Despite her loathing for her ex-husband, Deidre entered his office, entranced by the incestuous sight of her daughter being fucked hard by her father.

Her eyes flicked to the drone feed. A car had pulled up to the driveway. What will our new God teach us next?

She slid a hand beneath her skirt to rub at her dripping pussy as she waited to find out. To be continued.