Blonde trans fucks her boyfriend hard

Blonde trans fucks her boyfriend hard
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Another night passed and it was morning again. We were still living in tent, continuing our camping and our lives had drastically changed in the last few days. I had seen my mom peeing, then I touched her and then everything yesterday. I still felt guilty but doing her gave me immense pleasure too. I did not know what is in for the day but something surely new and pervert. Afterall, we were still alone and horny.

I found her sleeping when I woke up. She was sleeping cozily right beside me. And she did look beautiful. I couldn't resist her cute face and bent down to kiss her on her lips.

As I was kissing, I felt a slight response and realised that she had woken up.

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I was directly over her and kissing. "Thanks for the kissssss" she said and yawned. I smiled and started to kiss her again, holding her around her waist. We played with our tongues.

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Her lips were juicy and tongue was soft. She also bit my tongue a bit for fun but we still kept on kissing. I got a hard on and knew she could feel it. After few minutes of kissing, "baby, I need to take a piss", my mom said. "Ummmmm ok" I replied. MY pervert brain sprang up. Today I wanted to test the limits I could touch with her. I knew she liked it too. "But it could be dangerous outside. I will accompany you" I said.

"There is no need" she said bluntly and knew what I was upto. I couldn't understand why she was reluctant now.

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In the morning she was kissing and all now suddenly this behavior. "I won't take a no", my voice was louder this time. We both headed out of the tent towards the forest, walking with hand in hand. After walking for like 10 minutes, we stopped and looked around if anyone was looking. It was dense forest now. "Go ahead" I told her. "Umm . " "Umm what mom. I am waiting for you to do it." I asked looking straight at her.

"So how do we do this?" she said keeping her hands around her thighs. "Well, I would un do you." I held authority this time, keeping in mind the events of last few days. "Yeaaah. I mean if you like to ." she couldn't even complete and I was already on her.

She was wearing a light night suit. I untied it and started to pull it down slowly. Next I pulled down her undies too and hung her clothes on the branch of a tree near by. "Well, I won't do it in front of you" she stood her ground, that too while being naked. "What makes you think I would go away" I asked her. "You can't do anything else. I can make you wait here all day with your dick rock hard waiting for me" she replied. "I can do anything.

You don't know how control freak and pervert I can be" I fought back. "Haha . lets see" she said. And we stood still for another 30 minutes.

I wasn't willing to give up. I knew she too was a pervert like me but just didn't understand why she was avoiding me after all what happened in the last few days.

She was reluctant to move too. She stood naked and I could see her pussy and ass all the time. But after 30 minutes, I could see her twitching a bit. "I can't hold it" she said and squatted on the ground. I didn't know what happened to me but I decided to take control.

I upped my pervertness.


"Wait" I shouted. "I am not going to let you go this easy" I shouted and held from squatting down. Instead, I pushed her and forced her to lie on the bare ground. I spread her legs, which spread her pussy wide and then sat down as a blockage so that she couldn't close her legs. "Wanna feel the torture?" I cautioned her again. "What will you do?" she replied trying to free herself from me.

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She wasn't letting it go. Somehow I too wanted to torture her. With one of my hands, I spread her pussy wide. I could see the opening. It was hot but wet too. I spread it wider to see everything.

Just above her pussy, was her pee hole. I put a thumb on her pee hole and pressed it hard. "Aaaah. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" she shouted back crying in pain. "This is what you get for not obeying me" I replied and I pressed harder. "I still won't do it in front of you" she replied, still in pain.

"I myself won't let you pee unless you do it here" I said. It was an ordeal for her now as I had been holding her for 10 minutes. She cried, begged and what not but I didn't let it go.

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She tried pushing and fighting me off but I didn't budge. "Ok, I give up" she said trying to pull my hand away from her. "OK. Once I release you, you release on me.

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Alright?". I knew she had no options. "Umm .

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" she was still feeling the pain. I removed my thumb and my hold and she let it go, all on me. I spread her pussy wider so that I could see it coming. Her piss reached upto my chest making my clothes wet with her pee and flowing down making the ground wet. My shirt was dripping of her pee. It was smelly but I really enjoyed it. Once she was done, she was smiling.


"Now what?" I asked, as if I was getting tricked or something. "Little force, some pain and a pervert mind of yours is the best combination", saying she got up and heaved as if she won something. She was just having fun with me and was enjoying everything.

"You are as pervert as I am" I said. I knew I could go deep with her and she wouldn't mind. "But this was good, I mean pee hole. It just felt nice" she said while wearing her clothes. "Your turn now" she said and pulled my pants down.

My hard dick was all she was looking at. She held it and squeezed it hard, specially pressing it from under where the pee comes from. "Aren't you gonna blow me?" I asked her. "No baby, I want to torture you now" she said and pulled my balls down. "Aaah . I mean why?" I was in pain by now.


"I wanna hold the hose" she replied. I tried to let it out but she held it. She would just release it a little to let out little pee bursts and then press hard again. And she kept on doing it till I was over. And as a punishment for hurting her too much, she didn't blow me at all. [Please leave comments. I would love to hear about your fantasies and I could include them]