Gays chest kissing photos and old man kissing and sex with boy video

Gays chest kissing photos and old man kissing and sex with boy video
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"Hey Jake," I answered my cell. "What's up Mario? The guys want to have some pizza tonight, can you deliver?", he asked. "I 'll be happy to," I said, "what time?

I work 4:30 - 8:30." "That's great, how about dinner around 7, can you do it? We need to prepare the "topping", you know…and then you get here some time before 9, okay?" "Sure," I answered feeling my cock getting hard, "call me to order around 6 and I bring you dinner." Time flies and now it's 6:40 and I am at Jake's house doorstep ringing the bell.

He opens the door completely naked, I get in. Frank and Jeb are sitting on the couch watching sports and stroking each other's dick. "Sorry I can't make it early, I would love to join you but we are quite busy tonight, guys," I say. "No worries, we love our pizza with extra topping and it takes time to do that," Jake answers cracking a tiny smile, "Brad and Markus will be here around 8:30 and the twinks a bit later, just like you." "The whole team?

Great! The more the merrier!" and I smile feeling my cock pushing harder and harder on the zipper. "Look, this is what I am thinking," Jake continues facing me.

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"You are new to our game and it takes you longer to get where you need to be to "accept" the big guys, like Markus. Since you 'll be late, what we should do is have you ready when you get here, agree?" and looked me in the eye. "Absolutely!" I say anticipating a nice stretching of my hole. "Preparation is the base of success!" "Okay, so leave the pizzas on the table, drop your pants and bend down," he commands changing his tone to a rather strict, authoritative one.

I obey without hesitation, wondering what is in his mind. Jake feels my crack with his fingers and spits just enough to make it slippery. Then he gently pushes a finger in my hole and spits some more right on my hole while working his finger in and out in short movements.

I am nice and wet now. "Guys," he calls Frank and Jeb, "bring me the pepperoni. Jeb, the red plug is in the kitchen, please bring it too, just washed it." Frank places the pepperoni pizza right under my spread legs and ass. Jake dips a finger in the melted fat and lubes my hole, then he takes a pepperoni, dips it in the melted fat and slowly pushes it in my hole.

I love his idea!

"There, boy," he says. Then he takes another piece and does the same. Frank and Jeb slide another couple pieces each, some of them with pieces of cheese dripping fat. Jake checks with his middle and makes sure everything is in place and spits twice on the butt plug a good amount of saliva, thick and bubbly. The plug is tapered and average in size, three fingers at the widest.

"Open him up," he asks Frank and Jeb and the duo each grab my ass cheeks and pull them aside. By instinct, I assume the cow position, if you go yoga you know what I mean. Jake touches my hole with the plug's tip and pushes it in gently, then starts turning it and pushes some more. A beautiful feeling! He fucks me for maybe a minute and then gives it one more push and it disappears inside me, only its base is left out of my hole.

Totally plugged up, I give a little push just to feel how far I can go without pushing the plug out. "Mother of God!" I cry, "my ass is so full right now!" "And it will be for the next couple of hours," Jake replies. "Don't you dare remove the plug! I can find out if you do and you will not be invited again!" he adds and slaps my right ass cheek.

"Remove it? It's wonderful to have your ass full like that," I say, "I love it!" and I pull up my tight jeans. The guys smirk and I leave; I am already late. While driving, the butt plug feels fine, in place. Luckily, my tight jeans only allow the plug to come out an inch or two, no more. My rectum is excited, I feel a push to empty my bowels but the plug is secure, no way it can move.

I park and when I turn to get out of the car, my rectum pushes hard to get rid of the pepperoni. The plug's widest part is almost out of my hole, my rectum straining, my hole wide open…I feel my bowels protest and when the wave of excitement subsides, my jeans push the plug back in as soon as I start walking to the pizzeria.

My next two hours are hell. My rectal reaction to the pepperoni fat is incredible. My bowels keep pushing the plug out and it keeps coming in. I feel my belly complain, growl and rumble trying to get rid of the stuffing. It comes in waves, some stronger than others.

I go to the bathroom only to just pray and hope no accidents happen. I already feel some kind of moisture down there…I am happy today is not one of the days I go commando. Ooops! I dropped my pen and…my lower body is ready to explode.

When I stand up, the plug fucks me one more time. I must sound funny on the phone, it is extremely difficult to manage my voice with all that is going on inside me. I go to the bathroom again. There is a leak of sorts. The toilet tissue is yellowish but doesn't smell bad. It's melted fat. I touch the base of the plug with my finger, then lick it.


It's tasty. I fill my ass crack with dry toilet tissue, give a good push to the plug, pull up my pants and back to the counter. I guess the smiling lady picking up her deep dish with her daughter has no idea what I am going through. She smiles at me, I smile back and feel more rectal juices leaking.

It's funny but the convulsions seem not to come as often as before. I am relaxed, the fullness is still there but it's a different kind, milder, deeper.


There are moments I don't feel anything, not even the butt plug. I know it's there and I squeeze my cheeks to make sure it stays in place. Yes, it is in place but when I relax my glutes, I feel it come out an inch or so only to go back in in just a few seconds. I guess this is what Jake wanted, relax and train my hole before tonight's party. "Jesus," I think, "15 fucking minutes…I am sure my hole will be a mess when I get there tonight.

Jake is right, I will be wide open." I daydream taking all the guys in my ass and in my mouth and tasting another delicious cum covered pizza. I ring the doorbell and Jake opens the door, his cock dangling. Brad and Markus are here, the twinks Bill and Phil too. I undress and notice the large stain on my underwear, a smaller one on my jeans.

I join the others and, it's strange, I do not have to hold the plug in with my hand. It stays there with no effort. "Mario!" Brad shouts with one of the twinks giving him head and the other sucking his balls, "great to see you again! Jake told me he gave you a special treatment for tonight's session. Can't wait to see the results!" "It's been a challenge," I say, "but love the feeling." "Feeling stuffed?" Markus asks, "oh boy, wait and see!" and winks at Brad.

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Frank is on all fours on the floor and Jake is straddling him while bending forward, their asses piling one on top of the other and right in front of Markus. Markus is a big black muscular guy and loves to play in threesomes. He plunges in Frank's ass while his tongue teases Jake's hole. Then he switches asses and fucks Jake while his left middle is in Frank's hole. "I am so hungry, it's time to let your load on my dinner!" Brad says and nods.

"Put the pizza on the floor and sit on it, boy," he orders, "and do your best." I go over the pizza and squat. The plug is not so willing to leave my hole's embrace, I pull it and wait. I feel something dripping off me, then a fart bursts out of my hole and pepperoni pieces land all over the pizza. Now I start to feel the strain, a powerful one. My body pushes out everything Jake made me hold in for hours.

"Hell," I think, "I am gonna shit my guts out! Unnnnhhh!" Some sort of prolapse must be showing out of my hole, I feel my rectum inside out… and still straining hard, very hard. A tiny stream of piss comes out of my cock making the pizza even more flavorful. A few convulsions later and all I had inside me is on the pizza.

My intestines are relaxed now. Frank and Jake offer me their soaked asses while I shit pepperoni. Their asses smell Markus' musky juices. The pepperoni trick worked like magic. I am open to take a whole army. Markus is checking my ass with his fingers. "Man, what a beautiful rosebud you have," he says and pushes me down on my hands and knees.

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He spreads my cheeks and asks me to push again. My rosebud is in plain view. Markus slaps my oily crack with his black monster and just pushes my little prolapse, he enters me effortlessly. There is no better feeling in this world other than a big black cock nailing a well lubricated ass. I gasp, not from pain but from pleasure. I let go of my reflex and push out only to let him in even deeper. "Nothing better than a warmed up ass!" he says and starts fucking me.

All the way in, down to his balls, then out half way and then all in till his hips slam my cheeks. A few times he gets out and feels like his thick head turns me inside out tickling my anal muscle. Right after my gaping hole closes, he pushes in fast till he disappears inside. Brad does the same with the twins taking turns fucking them in the ass and the mouth. The young boys serve their master every way they can every time they are asked.

With Brad's cock pumping in his ass, Phil fucks Bill's ass who can't help but let little screams out. Then Brad fucks Bill who in turn pushes his dick inside Phil.

A beautiful, happy trio! Soon, the twins run to the pizza and cum together on my soft pepperoni. Brad follows them and takes a slice. As soon as he sinks his teeth in it, he rolls his eyes and says, "Super fucking delicious! I never ever in my life had such a tasty pepperoni pizza!" He devours the whole slice leaving only the crust which he dips in the small piss pool at the corner of the pizza box.

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"Mamma mia! Mario, you are our preferred pizza delivery boy from now on!" and winks.

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Right now, Markus is fucking me ferociously doggy style, my juices splashing on his hips every time he thrusts deep. My knees are on the floor but my hands have better things to do.

I grab Franks's and Jake's balls and squeeze them tight. They moan in pain but I know they like it. Literally, I am hanging by their balls. Brad comes close and lays down on his back next to me. "Markus, let's do it!" he says and smiles. "Ride my cock, boy!" he orders me and I am happy to serve him my soft ass lips. I straddle him and sit on his cock which enters balls-deep with very little resistance. A few fucking motions and I become the happiest rider on earth.

Markus comes behind me and guides his cock in my hole. Without kneeling, he forces himself in my ass.

It's not easy but I am so oiled up, he pushes all the way in. I gasp again. I am ecstatic! My first DP! Two monstrous cocks create the most devilish havoc in my rear end.

I feel them both going in and out independently of one another, but sometimes they have the same rhythm and fuck me in unison.

I have absolutely no control over my ass sphincter. I feel it is stretched beyond anything I could achieve with just straining. Actually, I am in a constant state of straining…my rectum is wrecked and having a ball!

With two cocks in my ass, two cocks in my mouth and two balls in each hand, all fucking me in every way possible…I am the slut of the night! My heart beats fast, I lose concept of time…now, that's a high!

I hear some rustling noises, it seems the twinks placed a pizza right under my chin. Soon after Fred and Jeb shoot my face with their sperm…warm thick sperm…running down my cheeks and on the pizza. I lick my two mouth-fuckers dry as much as I can when…Markus pushes all the way in me, his cock starts convulsing inside my ass.

I feel him flood my rectum…and I know…black guys' sperm is so very white, shiny white!

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He moans, "Wooooaahhh!" and stays put to keep my hole stretched for Brad to feel the squeeze. Soon after, Brad, the muscular fucker below me gives one more powerful thrust and releases his man juice right where Markus shot his. Knowing they are both so pleased, I can't help but cum on Brad's belly, almost the same time he lets his juice go in me.

I know my sphincter is squeezing these two men, trying to milk the last few drops from their cocks… One of the twinks moves the pizza under my ass and I start licking my own sperm from Brad's navel. Then I move to his cock and balls.

The mix of cum and ass mucous tastes delicious! Thanks to my two DP friends, I am not tight anymore. Most of my fuckers' sperm drips on the pizza, I push a little and some more leaves my insides.

But Markus can't wait, he shoves three fingers up me and fucks me hard triggering another reflex reaction…my rosebud comes out of its hiding covered with even more juice, bright white juice! It all lands on the pizza. "Guys, let's eat," Brad says and grabs a sperm covered slice.

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"I am not there yet," Markus says and he takes a pizza slice too. He does not eat it but dips his cock in the sperm and feeds it to me.

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When all the sperm is gone from his slice, I lick him a few more times. I love the oily feel of his dark purple head and how it slides on my tongue. "Awesome!" I manage to say in spite of my physical exhaustion.

"We need to do this often, guys." "Sure," Jake says and they all laugh. "But next time we can try something new. My friend asked me to house-sit on his gorgeous condo and it is right on the beach!"