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This is a true story of something that happened when i was younger. please excuse my bad English if there is any mistake, English is not my main language.

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**************************************************************************************************************************** It was a sunny day, my cousin Kimberly and i were alone for the weekend as our parents was on a trip. We were 16 and our parent thought it would be nice for us to learn to take care of ourselves. I was preparing lunch while kim was watching tv in the living room, my mind kept on going back to one fact, she was cute, i knew it was weird as she was my cousin but i kept thinking about how it would happen.

As i was about to finish she came in the kitchen to get a glass of water, she said she was sorry as she pressed on my back to get to the sink. What happened at that time, i could never forget, i felt her boobs on my back as i got a hard on.

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I could felt them as she passed back again. The rest of the evening was pretty much awkward, we didnt fight like we used to, there was something in the air but i could not figure out what it was, i kept looking at her and as she leaned on the table to get some ships i took a nice glance at her nice ass, she looked at me while doing it and noticed where i was looking.

-Darius! Could you look somewhere else please? She said shily. -Sorry i was spacing out! I answered nervously as i looked away. This was the only thing that happened at that time.


How i wished something else would happen, i imaginated her sucking my cock while i lick her pussy, i could not tell how it would be though because i never had sex before. At night, i started to feel sleepy, so did she, she decided to go take a shower before going to bed. My heart skipped a beat as i realised something, it was dark outside as we lived in the country at the time. There was no neighbors and the shower was on the ground floor. I sneaked out of the house, i remembered the window being open because the day was pretty hot.

I walked to the window and took a look inside. There she was, undressing, her skin was perfect, the small but so perfect boobs, a nice ass that would make even a women drool, she was there, naked in front of me, not even at ten feets away, i could almost touch her, i watched her as she was looking in the mirror, i started masturbating in front of the window as i fantasizing that she could be mine tonight if she was not my cousin.

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As she was looking in the mirror, she started touching her boobs lightly, she was looking at herself and sighed, i dont know why but she seemed to have some pain in her eyes. She then shook her head a little and moved her hand lower, she touched her pussy slowly and sliped a finger inside, she started moaning as she moved her finger on her clit, she kept her eyes closed all the time as she was leaning on the wall that was separating the shower from the bath i was in the perfect angle to see almost everything, i was still masturbating while imagining that i was the one pleasuring her, she was so cute with her face in extacy, as i finished, she was trembling, i thought it was due to the pleasure but i then noticed a tear on her cheek, i felt so bad and ashamed that i could not stay by the window any longer.

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I walked a little bit before going back how, i was thinking of what could cause that much pain to her, i was sad for her and wanted to help her in any way possible. As i realized that walking outside was pointless, i decided to get back home to wash and get some sleep.

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I got back home five minutes after, she was sitting on the couch in her pajama, she still had red eyes. -Hey! What's wrong? I said, you look like you cried. -No, don't worry about it, soap got into my eyes, that's all.

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By the way, your mother told me to sleep on the couch tonight, she told me her bedroom was off limit. -Okay, but i dont like you to sleep on the couch, take my bed, i'll sleep here instead, it will be better for you.

She agreed to that and went to bed. While i was in the shower, my mind kept going back to what i've seen, first i saw Kimberly again, touching herself while her beautiful voice resonated in my head, i heard her moan again in my head, then i saw her tears again, that image was preventing me from getting a hard-on, i was obsessed by the idea of what could have caused that feeling in her. I decided not to masturbate again after the third try, i was not able to do it.

I got out of the shower after washing. I got out of the bathroom with a towel around my hips, i forgot to take some pants before telling her to go to sleep, i went to my room, the door was closed, i knocked softly so it would not wake her up but strong enough so she would notice.

-You can enter. I heard her saying through the door. I entered the room, i was naked except for the towel that was way too revealing and i was also still realy arroussed from the fact that she could see my dick anytime if she would open the light as it started to get up as soon as i smelled her sweet perfume.

-Can you come here? She said with a trembling voice. -sure, what's up? -I'm kinda scared, it's the first time i sleep in a house without an adult and i'm affraid, can you sleep here next to the bed?

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When she asked me that, my heart jumped a beat, i was getting more than arroused as my dick got so hard i felt i could break rock with it. -Sure! I said with a little too much enthusiasm to my liking, i grabed my pajama pants and got the blanket and pillow to sleep on the groud next to her. We started to talk about the movie we saw earlier in the evening, she sounded a little bit trembling, i knew she was nervous.

I remebered when i was younger, i used to sleep at her place when my parents where both going to business trip, when she was affraid of noises or bad dream i kissed her on her cheek so she would calm down, i wanted to do it again so she would at least smile a little bit before going to bed.

-Kim, do you remember when we were kids, i slept sometime at your place and you were affraid of monster under your bed? You would not stop talking until i kissed you, after that tou were feeling better, would you like me to do it right now? She stood silent for a while. -Yes, i'd like it. she said. I stood up, leaned on the bed and kissed her on her cheek,the time stopped, i realized what i wanted, i tried to but i could not control myself any longer, i gave a second one, and a third, each time getting closer to the mouth.

As i was only one kiss away from it, she hugged me and kissed me back, i was stunned, i was expecting that she would reject me afterward, i was so happy that i was wrong with that.

this night was the best of my life, we kissed, we enjoyed ourselves, she was so happy and so was i. we kissed for about half an hour before we fell asleep, when i woke up, i was sleeping on her naked boobs, the top of her pajama got open during the night, i looked at her, sleeping peacefully, i then fondled them while starting masturbating again, without much effort to resist, i started licking them, the pink nipples stood up before long and she started breathing harder, i was in transe while licking them and biting a little bit while she slept, she moaned lightly once or twice, i was playing with myself and with her breasts at the same time, i stopped before jerking off as i didnt wanted her to have sperm all over her pajama.

I went to the bathroom to finish myself off, i then came back, satisfied in my bedroom, i then sat on the edge of my bed, looked at her and i kissed her on the lips, she then woke up. When she opened her eyes, she saw me and did a shy smiled until she realised her boobs were showing and then hid under the blanket. **************************************************************************************************************************** There is more to that story, if you liked it please comment, i'll read them and try to continue writting when i'll have some time.