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Lezzie centerfolds gape their deep anal holes and drill massive fuck toys
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"Coda, I'm sensing a distress signal from sector 51." "Alright Nate, take us there." "Roger that. Computer, set a course to sector 51." Our spaceship lurched, changing directions to head towards our new destination.

My name's Coda, and I'm a space pirate alongside my partner, Nate. We spend our days and nights scouring the vast reaches of space in search of loot, food and hapless captives to tie up and molest for our pleasure. Sounds cruel? Maybe, but being in space for so long, with so little company tends to do some twisted things to your psyche.

Once boredom sets in, you'll really understand how twisted human sexuality can be, and just what kinds of devious sexual acts you'll make someone perform just for the thrill of it.

It's funny, because we actually used to be pretty good people. Nate was once a renowned scientist, and I, an upstanding psychologist.

Strange how life always takes you where you least expect to go. I certainly hadn't studied psychology with the expectation that several years later, I'd be scouring space as a perverted sex-starved space pirate. You might ask, why don't Nate and I just have sex with each other? Well, we've agreed that it's in both our professional interests, that we keep our filthy hands off of one another. It's way more fun to make someone do something they don't want to anyways.

Besides, our victims often get off on it just as much as we do. It doesn't matter how much they protest at first. By the time we're done with them, they're begging us for more. That's the best part. The looks in their eyes when they realize they've been corrupted, and that they'll never again be satisfied with tame vanilla sex. Man, we really are the worst. In time, our spaceship arrived at the site of the distress signal. It was coming from what looked like a research station: an artificially-built satellite about the size of a small complex.

They were far from civilization, housed up to ten people max, and were generally pretty loaded. In other words, the perfect prey for the two of us.

I turned to Nate. "So, the usual plan?" "Lure them into a false sense of security, stun all of them, take everything that's not bolted down, kidnap the ones that look like they'll be the most fun to torment?" "That's the one." We sent their station a signal, indicating that we've come to help.

Time passed by without any sort of response. "Think it could be a trap?" "Could be. What if we're the ones who end up getting captured and molested this time?" "That might be fun in its own way. Let's go for it." We prepared ourselves to board the station.

Nate was wearing a black sleeveless shirt, and beige cargo pants. His jet-black hair was pulled back within a stylish green bandanna.

I had on a red tank top accenting my breasts and exposing my stomach, and tight, form-fitting black shorts that left little to the imagination. It'll be useful as a distraction against guys (and sometimes girls) if it came down to it. We were both armed with stun guns, meant to incapacitate a target for hours. Bracing ourselves for the worst, we connected with the station, and opened the airlock, granting us passage inside.

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A dimly-lit, misty corridor greeted us. Looks like the station was on reserve power. There was no one around, giving off an eerie atmosphere with how silent and deserted the place was. After all, there had to be someone here that sent that distress signal, right? I slipped in, keeping my trigger finger at the ready.

Nate was a couple paces behind, ready to back me up if it came down to a gun-fight. As far as we could tell, there wasn't anything overly out of the ordinary. Temperature was normal, atmosphere was breathable, nothing seemed wrecked or broken. In a way, that just made it even more eerie. Especially considering we hadn't seen a single soul yet. "Hey Nate, can you run a check for any major life-forms on this station?" "Nope.

Security's pretty tight, and there's no power for it anyways. Doesn't seem like I'm even able to broadcast any messages." "So we'll just have to keep looking around.

Keep an eye out for anything valuable." We continued our search of the station's interior. We were currently on the uppermost floor out of three levels. The access point to the deeper levels were sealed off, as we soon discovered. So we found ourselves an emergency access hatch that will take us deeper.

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It was cramped and dark, like a ventilation shaft, since it's not meant for regular use. Nate went in first, being the bigger and slower one, with me taking up the rear. That way, if anything comes at us from inside the shaft, I can retreat back the way we came, leaving Nate to. handle whatever's attacking us. Well, it's preferable to having both of us trapped, right?

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We reached a fork in the path. Nate chose the one that would bring us closer to the stairs, and we continued. But as we were coming around a bend. was it just my imagination, or did something flicker by behind us?

"Hey Nate, I think I saw something just now, in the path that we didn't take." "You want to go back and check it out?" "No. If it's hostile, I won't be able to do much in these tight quarters. Let's just get out of this thing first. It's giving me the creeps." If I really had seen something, it didn't follow us.

We found an exit to the shaft not too far from where the stairs were. There, a rather unsettling sight awaited us. Bodies, presumably of the station's residents.

Three in total. Two were sprawled on the floor face-down; a man and a woman.

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Another was leaning against the wall, a male by the looks of it. Making sure there wasn't anything else in the room with us, we investigated. In the dim light, I saw something that might've made me laugh in any other situation. "Hey Nate, check out their pants." "Huh? Oh, figures you'd look there." "What're you talking about? Don't try to tell me you weren't looking either." The crotches of the pants for all three of them were wet. Like they'd peed themselves, or ejaculated.

Maybe even both. On top of that, their exposed skins were covered with some kind of weird slime residue. That said, they were still breathing, but unresponsive. No matter how much we shook them or slapped their cheeks, facial or ass, they wouldn't wake up. "Hey Coda, don't these people seem kind of. violated?" He was right.

I pulled down the girl's pants, poking around her crotch a bit, then snuck a digit between her ass-cheeks and fingered around.


"Whoa, don't stick your whole hand in there." "I won't. Who knows if I'll get it back." But her anal sphincter definitely felt kind of loose. Poking around, I brought my finger out and held it up. The same slime residue from before. "Her backdoor's kinda drafty." "Yeah, these two as well. You think we have some kind of rapist monster on this station somewhere?" "Either that, or these guys got some pretty hardcore initiation rituals.

I'm going to bet the former." We checked their bodies for any kind of useful items. Finding nothing of apparent value, we went back to searching the floor for anything worthwhile: survivors, loot, or even the monster itself. *** There wasn't anything really noteworthy on the second floor. We did find two more bodies.

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They were alive, but unconscious, just like the others. They also had traces of slime all over their bodies. Though interestingly enough, we didn't see the slime anywhere else. Just on the bodies of the comatose victims.

More distressingly, we didn't find anything overly valuable. I mean, there was research equipment and the likes, but most were bolted down and inaccessible during emergency power mode.

The most we could nab were maybe a couple test tubes. Hardly worth our time. "Want to just cut our losses and take back a guy and a girl, Coda?" "No way. Who knows what happened to them or whether they'll wake up. Besides, you really want to drag one or two of those bodies through the emergency access shaft?" "Good point. So keep going?" "Yeah.

I want to see for myself what this rapist monster looks like. Maybe we can kidnap it and use it to entertain anyone else we kidnap." "You are terrible." "You would've thought of it if I didn't." We reached the stairs. Unlike the level one stairway, this one wasn't sealed off. The third floor wasn't very big, so maybe seals weren't necessary. I took the lead, descending downwards with Nate covering my back.

Even down here, it doesn't seem like there was anything waiting for us. It was as eerie and quiet as the previous floors we've been on. "Maybe whatever was here left before we came." "But what about whoever sent that distress signal?

Think they escape too?" "If so, then this would've all been a sorry waste of time." Our search of the third floor seemed as fruitless as the first and second. That is, until we found a locked door. One that suggested there might've been someone hiding behind it. I hailed the door's intercom. "Hello! Is anyone in there? We're here to rescue you!" A moment later, we got a response.

"Is it safe out there?

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Is the creature gone?" It sounded like a woman's voice. "We haven't seen anything. Looks pretty safe." "Really? Okay, I'm opening it." With a whoosh, the door slid open. Behind it was a short, mousy-looking lady. She was a dead ringer for stereotypical nerdy scientist, complete with a white research coat and coke bottle glasses.

That said, she was definitely pretty, with a lustrous auburn ponytail that made me a bit jealous with my rough, spiky blonde cut. "Who are you two?" "Police. We got your distress signal and came to investigate. What happened here?" "Wait, it might still be out there." Looking around to make sure it was safe, she ushered us in and locked the door. We were inside the supply room.

It seemed like it contained mainly spare parts and food items. Again, nothing overly priceless or worth hauling back up, to our ever growing disappointment. "Okay. We should be safe in here for now. My name's Lana." She looked at us suspiciously. "Where are your uniforms?" "We're off-duty and just happened to be in the area.

I'm Coda, and this is Nate. What happened here?" "Long story short, our research specimen escaped and started. incapacitating the other researchers. I was the only one who got away, by locking myself in here." "Can you tell us about that escaped research specimen of yours?" "There's not too much I can tell you, since it's confidential. It's an artificial bio-mass, about as big as a large dog, with multiple tentacles.

Try not to touch it, or the slime it leaves behind if you can help it." "What, why? What happens if you touch it?" "Um. it's confidential." "Nope, that's not going to do at all. Nate and I have already touched more than our fair share of it. Spill it, lady." "W-W-Well it's. um. well it's not poisonous or anything like that! It's just. it might be. distracting? Anyways, I really can't say it, so please just trust me." Nate and I glanced at each other.

Considering the state of the bodies upstairs, it's a pretty safe bet to assume we've got a rapist tentacle monster. Sounds like we're getting a new pet for our ship.

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"Please don't hurt the specimen. It's not a threat. .At least, I guarantee it won't kill you." "Well, that's reassuring. The bodies upstairs certainly didn't seem like they were dying." Lana startled at this, then adjusted herself. "Um.


I know it's difficult to take my word on this, but please. That research specimen is quite important and mustn't come to any harm."