Handsome pinoy having gay sex w men first time Taking care Connor

Handsome pinoy having gay sex w men first time Taking care  Connor
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WHAT MAKES A TRUE BLUE FRIEND I got to spend the next week at home since I was a senior and all of my final tests were completed. We already had our senior prom and all that was left was graduation day. My school's graduation ceremony was going to be held next Monday night at the Xfinity Center on the campus of the University of Maryland over in College Park. My plan was to just lounge around and hang out for the week.

I promised Connie that I would come over on Friday to help her host a Grad Bash Senior Pool Party. I was looking forward to this event and had even ordered a few new two piece bikinis for it.

I had discreetly left my sister's credit card and copies of the receipts by her computer when I finished shopping on Sunday night. When I saw Katrina on Monday, I just knew that she was going to lecture me about my over shopping. Her only words were that I could pay the Piper this weekend and that I did not have to worry about giving her the money.

I tried to question her about this weekend but mum was the word. The rest of the day on Monday was uneventful as I was still feeling the effects from my Sunday brunch with the Sorors.

By Tuesday, I started to receive packages by express delivery. All told, I had spent over a thousand dollars on all of the clothes that I had ordered on the internet. The lingerie was the first to be delivered followed by boxes from Macy's, Forever 21, Hollister, Nordstrom's, Gap and Lady's Foot Locker.

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Since I was home alone all week, no one except my sister Katrina knew about my packages. As I received each delivery, I laid the clothing and shoes out in my room.

By mid-afternoon, I had received all of the packages and was ready to begin my showing. I wanted to record myself in my new clothes, so I set-up my web-cam. I decided to keep the camera going even when I was changing clothes. I set up each outfit and realized that I would have 10 different full outfit changes and about six or seven with my lingerie and bikini's.

To make this more interesting, I decided to call Connie up and to ask her to come over to help me with something. She asked me several times what did I need help with, but I never relented and told her it was a surprise.

Before Connie came over, I decided to take a shower. I turned my web cam on and started a slow strip tease of what I had on. Unzipping my shorts slowly took on a whole new meaning as I faced the camera.

It was a slow process as the top button was unfastened first, followed by a quick turn to show off my round ass. With my back to the camera, the shorts were pulled down slowly to reveal my T-strap thong panties. When my shorts were halfway down my ass, I did another half turn and faced the camera again. Now my hands were inside of my shorts directly on the crotch area. Easing the shorts all of the way down, my panty covered crotch was now in full view.

This shit had me hot as hell. I could feel my pussy juices start to form. This was getting so good. Trying to be a real sex kitten, I started rubbing my crotch until you could clearly see the wetness soaking through my panties. Next, I yanked my panties so that they were wedged between my pussy lips. I continued this several times; with each successive movement bring me closer to my point of no return. Between my sexual moaning and the grinding on my pussy lips by my panties, I had to force myself to stop.

Still facing the camera, I slowly pulled the wedged panties out from between my pussy lips. Performing another half turn, I now had my back to the camera.

Slowly and steadily, I pulled the t-strap from between my ass cheeks. Bending forward, my pussy and asshole were in plain view to the world as I eased the panties off of my legs. It did a lot for this image when I did a quick shimmy that had my beautiful chocolate ass cheeks shaking. I followed up with some ass clapping and pulled my cheeks even further apart, opening myself to the world. I could feel beads of my juice running down my leg.

This bitch was hot and ready to go. Leaning myself back up, the bra was next to come off. Before turning my body around to face the camera, I looked over my shoulder and gave the camera a pouting sexy look. I eased the straps of my bra down and released the clasp. Holding my arms under my tits to hold up the bra, I did another half sexy turn to face the camera.

As I slowly lowered my arms, the cleavage on my 38C's was seeing more of the light. I covered the nipples on my tittys with the palms of my hands.

Doing my best rendition of a stripper dance, I moved my hands and was now as naked as the day I was born. I secretly wished that I had waited for Connie to be my audience because payback was a bitch. Turning off the webcam, I was finally headed to the bathroom to take my shower. My body was still super hot as I stepped into the warm shower water. It did nothing to cool down my level of being horny. Using my soft sponge pouf to lather my body up, just turned the heat in my body to a higher level.

Even with the shower water beading down my body, my pussy was still juicing like crazy. The feel of stickiness down below was at its thickness.

Removing my shower head off of its clip, I used the water pressure from it to spray directly on the lips of my pussy. It took all of 30 seconds for my orgasm to take hold. My legs started shaking and the tingling was shooting through my body like a lightning bolt. Damn, the power within my pussy, had taken over my mind. I could not move and did not realize that I was shouting and moaning so loud during my orgasm.

I had to finally grab a hold to the wall to steady myself. The sounds of my orgasm were so loud that I did not realize that Connie was in the house until she came running into the bathroom. She jolted me out of my orgasmic stupor when I heard her voice yelling at me like a banshee.

All I heard was, are you okay coming from her mouth. Since my shower was encased in all clear glass, Connie could see what was causing my moaning and yelling. Connie had a devilish smile on her face as she looked me over from head to toe. I was too far gone to care about covering up my body.

I was kind of feeding off of the attention because I did not even move the shower head from between my legs. Connie tried to break the awkward situation by jokingly asking me if I needed her to come in and help me.

I even surprised myself when I told her yeah, that she could come in and help me trim up my coochie hair. Connie looked at me and told me to stop bullshitting and to get myself out of the shower and tell her what was the mysterious surprise. I halfheartedly turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. Not covering up any of my body, I walked past Connie and proceeded to grab my towel and slowly dry off.

I made sure that I spent a lot of time on my breasts, booty and coochie. It was my time to shine for Connie. As I walked back into my bedroom, I had Connie in tow close behind me. I know that she was watching my ample and beautiful black ass. I made sure to switch it a little harder so that my cheeks were shaking for her to see.

Connie continued to ask about the mystery and when I finally told her what I was doing she looked at me like I had lost my mind. I had not told her about my sexual adventures in the last week or so. I told her that I was ready to shed my skin and see what was out there.

Her expression matched her words of, it's about fucking time. Connie and I looked over all of my new clothes and shoes.

She helped me to rearrange a few of the outfits and her choices seemed to be more to my liking. Connie told me that to look full tilt sexy, I should do one extra thing. To make my outfits look as sexy as possible, she wanted me to shave my coochie bare. This was something that I had never done before. Hell, I was not even sure how to do it.


I usually used Nair on my legs and would put a little on my bikini lines during the summer to get rid of any unsightly loose hair. To cut it all off was going to be a new adventure. When I agreed and told her that she was going to have to do it, Connie seemed to light up like a Xmas tree. I told her to follow me into my sister's room and then into her bathroom.

Connie helped me to find everything that I needed to do the job. When we got back into my room, Connie moved my clothes on the bed to one side. She went into the bathroom and got a dry towel and laid it across the bed.

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Before I laid my body on the towel, I had Connie to turn the webcam back on and make sure that it would show my coming to nature event. Connie asked me if I was sure that I wanted to do this, I answered her by grabbing my coochie by the hair and telling her to take it all off.

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Connie started by running a small comb through my coochie hair to get it to lay down a bit. Connie asked me if I wanted her to use the scissors at first or the small pink electric razor that we brought over from Katrina's bathroom.

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I said it was no difference because both ways would remove my coochie hair. Connie just laughed and said that the electric razor would be quicker and more interesting. As Connie used the electric razor to trim down my hair, I started to feel hot again. The vibration from the razor felt so good, each time it touched my skin. Connie saw me closing my eyes and clutching to the sides of my bed each time she did a pass over my coochie.

Once or twice, she held it in one place a little longer and this only intensified the effect on my body. My pussy was really starting to juice so much that Connie had to use the end of the towel to wipe me down. She asked me if I was alright several times. All I could mumble was an extended YESSSSS several times. Finally she let me know that she was finished with the electric razor. I asked her to hand me a mirror, so that I could see her work. She said no and that I could not see it until she was finished.

Connie had me to lift my body off of the towel and then proceeded to go into my bathroom with it. I was at a loss on what was to come next. I could hear her running water in the bathroom. When she came out she had a wet wash cloth in one hand and a clean towel in the other.

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She made me to lift my body off of the bed so that she could slip the towel under me. Next, she took the cloth and put it over my coochie. It was very warm and felt so good. Connie started to shake a can of shaving cream. She squirted some on one hand and removed the cloth with the other hand. Connie started to rub her hands together until the gel turned into a cream. When Connie started to rub the cream onto what was left of my coochie hair, the good feelings started all over again.

This time Connie took her time to especially run the area near and on my love button. I could feel all of my blood rushing into my clit. Each time she stroked my clit, I know that I moaned loud enough for Connie to hear because she keep smiling and smiling. Connie flat out told me not to come and to try to hold it in as long as possible. It was not going to be an easy feat.

I had to put my hand on top of her now lather covered hand to get her to stop. Connie was truly enjoying this experience. She had me right where she wanted me. To finish off her barbering job, Connie took a pink Bic Lady Shaver and proceeded to take off any remaining hair that was left on my coochie. Each stroke left my coochie barer. When she was finally finished, Connie took the warm wash cloth and wiped any loose hair off of my coochie.

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Connie took her sweet time in doing this. To hear her tell it, she wanted to make sure that she got it all off. She knew that I was now ultra sensitive and would be highly aroused by her actions. I did not help any by continuously moaning and clutching the sides of the bed. When Connie made the statement that my pussy was fat as hell, I just smiled at the compliment. She handed me a hand mirror that she had retrieved from my bathroom. I slowly moved it around so that I could see my bare coochie.

I loved what I saw. When I jumped off of the bed, still butt naked, I was awkwardly looking Connie square in her face. We gravitated towards each other and started to hug. I thanked my sister from another mother for being so open and for helping me with my coming out.

Connie said that she would do anything for me and asked if she could do one more thing. I was a little skeptical at what this was. Connie gently eased me back down onto the bed on my back. When Connie reached behind her back and pulled the zipper down on her mini-dress, I knew it was about to be on.

When her dress hit the ground and she was butt naked like me, I knew that I was going to enjoy what I had waited for. Connie knelt down between my legs and started to kiss her way up one leg towards my honey pot. Since my body was so sensitive right now, the sparks of arousal started firing up once again. Before she reached my honey pot, Connie jumped to my other leg and started all over by kissing and licking her way back up towards the honey pot.

This shit was getting real intense. My anticipation of what she was going to do to my honey pot was intense. My perpetual horniness wanted to be satisfied. I knew Connie was more of a pussy expert than I ever thought by the way she was teasing me.

I called out her name several times to get to my pussy and all it did was to make her teasing more intense. As she neared my honey pot again, she abruptly pulled up and covered my body with hers. I could feel her bare pussy rubbing on my stomach. It was making my stomach wet from her leaking juices.

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Connie started talking real dirty to me. She keep telling me that she was going to fuck the shit out of my virgin pussy and that I was going to be calling out her name. She purposely kept away from my pussy and each time I went to rub on myself, she pinned my arms down. Connie kept asking me if I was ready to be fucked. When I called out her name and said yes several times, she moved her body so that her pussy was looking me straight in my eyes. Connie could sense my hesitation and told me in a very harsh but sexy voice to eat her pussy and to make her come.

I was new at this and tried to remember what the soror had done to me. I licked on both sides of her pussy lips until I could feel her start to move her hips back and forth. When I finally could get a hold of her clit, I sucked hard on it until Connie started to moan and groan loud. I released it just gently flicked it back and forth.

The juice from her pussy really started to flow into my mouth and on my face.


I was doing something right because right before she came, Connie called out Karm, Karm, Karmen, I am coming.

She was now clutching the sheets on the bed, pinning my head hard against the mattress. Connie let out a flood of squirts that left me trying to catch as much as I could. It was very hard with her ass jumping all around on my face. Connie's legs were shaking and before her orgasm ended, she grabbed my head and started grinding her pussy on it.

I held onto her legs and ass for as long as I could hold my breath. When I finally needed air, I pushed her off my face and onto the bed. (I was glad that I had a king size bed, because I surely did not need my new clothes to smell like pussy juice.) By the time both of us had gotten ourselves together, all we could do was to laugh.

We started to hug it up again. Connie whispered to me that it was now my time to shine. She started by kissing me all over my face including sucking on my very sensitive ear lobes. (Only she knew that secret.) At the same time, she rubbed and pinched my feeling left out tittys.

This only made my nipples to become hard and to plump up like giant erasers. When she started sucking on them, I swore that I could feel it all of the way down to my pussy because I was tingling hard.

Connie was now using her legs to push my legs wide open. When she had them open wide enough, she laid her pussy right on top of mine, so that I could feel her clit on top of mines. As our pussies started a hard grind against each other, I suddenly felt so oversensitive because there was no longer any protective hair on my coochie. It did not take long for our grinding to go into overdrive. We both were hitting the high point at the same time.

Our moaning was in sync with each other. I was yelling at her to fuck me with that pussy and she was continuously calling me her bitch and that I had to keep fucking her with my fat pussy lips. I was about ready to burst when Connie stopped suddenly and jumped off of me.

I looked at her with a bitch please look. She laughed and told me to cool that virgin pussy down. Talking about being frustrated was not saying enough about how I felt. Connie came and sat down at the edge of the bed. She saw that I was starting to feel on my tits and she knew that I was going to finger myself to my own orgasm. Connie swatted my hands away from my tits several times. She could see that I was starting to pout like a baby.

Her next move surprised me. She grabbed my legs and flipped me over onto my stomach. She had me to get up on all fours like a dog.

Connie smacked my black ass several times. Each time it seemed to become more stimulating. What the fuck was this chick doing to me. My little spanking was followed by a barrage of kisses all over my ass.

This started the tingling all over again. Connie stopped the ass kissing and stuck her head between my legs causing them to open wider.


She began to savagely kiss, lick and bite on my pussy lips and clitty. I tried to encourage her on by calling her my pussy eating bitch and for her to eat my black pussy. It seemed to me that she was on a hard charge to take me over the edge. The further that she pushed into my pussy the more intense was my feelings. I was pushing my ass harder and harder back onto her face. I told her, bitch do it, do it hard.

Over and over again, I repeated; that's right chew on that chocolate pussy, suck on Karm's fat pussy lips.

Connie's pussy play had my juices building up. When I thought that I was about to come, she moved her mouth a little further up and was now licking around my asshole.

My body felt like thunder was shooting from my pussy to my head and toes. What the fuck was my girl doing to me. My little bit of ass play on Sunday was nothing compared to what her tongue had started now.

She went around the asshole several times and then bobbed her tongue in several times. She kept repeating this over and over. I was shouting for her to keep it going. When I started rocking back on her tongue each time, she knew that I was trying to get her to push further into my ass. When I moaned for her to go deeper and deeper to make me to come, she stopped again.

Instead, Connie started spanking my ass again. This just made me want to come more and more. I begged Connie to finish me off. She told me to talk dirty to her.

I called her my butch bitch and told her that she needed to use that golden tongue to get me off. She just laughed and spanked me some more. Going even deeper with my words, I told her that I loved her beautiful white ass and that I needed her to tongue fuck my ass and lick like there was no tomorrow. This did it because she put me on all fours.

Again she surprised me by slipping her head under my pussy and grabbed my juicy ass so that I was sitting on her face. I was looking for ass play and this bitch was switching to my pussy, or so I thought.

Connie started loving on my pussy again, this time with much more force and intensity. I could truly feel the difference.

Connie was unrelenting and being very aggressive. She felt my juices swelling out of my pussy. She could hear me get louder and louder with my moaning and pleading for her to finish me off. I was building towards my ultimate orgasm with my girl. My grinding on her face was getting faster and harder. I was cursing her and telling her that I would kick her bitch ass if she tried to stop. I reached my point of no return when she shoved two fingers into my ass, moving them in and out very quickly. The initial shock and some pain were quickly followed by pleasures that were too much for my young body.

I yelled to the top of my lungs that I was coming. For the second time in my life, I squirted a waterfall. It went into her mouth and all over her face. Her ass and pussy play did not stop and my waterfall just kept coming. I felt like I was going to pass out. My world was spinning and my intense body feelings had taken over.

I finally fell off of Connie's face and was lying flat on my face. I could feel Connie come lay her body on top of mine. She was rolling and rolling her warm pussy on my ass. I had no strength to return the favor and by the way that she was moving, it did not matter. Connie was humping hard on my right booty cheek. She had her lips on my neck and I could hear her whispering that she loved me and had waited a long time to show me. This perked me up enough to return the favor of humping back on her pussy with my ass.

I told her that we were more connected than ever. Connie moaned, groaned and yelled that she was coming. She clutched my body so tight that I could feel her entire body shaking back and forth. Her pussy was creaming so hard that it felt as if a river was rolling down my ass.

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When both of us finally came down off of our highs, she whispered in my ear, thank you. I turned my head so that our lips could meet. Our soulful kiss was full of tongue play.

When we released each other from the lip lock, I smiled and thought to myself that it could get no better than this.

There was no awkwardness between us as new lovers. Connie was the first to get up off of the bed. She put out her hand to assist me off of the bed. Not letting go of my hand, she used her other hand to grab the webcam and the tripod that it was sitting on. We walked together into my bathroom. Connie in her best sexy voice asked me to turn the shower on and to also turn on the bathroom fan. When she had setup the webcam so that it was pointing towards the shower, she led me into the shower, purposely leaving the shower door open.

We used the shower poufs to gently soap up each others bodies. There was no rush as we took our time. Our words and kisses to each other were sweet and gentle. There was so much familiarity between us. Today, I found out what a true blue friend really was.