Le gusta que le jale el pelo mientras le meto mi verga

Le gusta que le jale el pelo mientras le meto mi verga
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When I awoke that morning, I didn't have the slightest inkling that the day would bring the most erotic encounter of my life, nor where it would originate. Being a writer allowed me to set my own hours, so on that particular day I had risen late, at least for me anyway.

So it wasn't until about nine thirty that I came downstairs poured myself a coffee and still dressed in nothing but a house coat, wandered out onto the deck to enjoy the beautiful summer morning. Dropping into my favorite muskoka chair I sat pondering a story I was working on, which to be brutally honest wasn't going well, but after the death of my wife a little over a year ago, nothing seemed to be going right including finishing off the book that was already months overdue.

So deep in thought pondering both the inequities of life and a story line that just wouldn't go in the direction I wanted, I didn't hear the garden gate open, or the steady footsteps until a woman's voice asked. "Have you been saved?" "You what," I asked, coming out of my reverie and looking up at a young woman who was perhaps in her late twenties. Although she had a stunningly beautiful face, she seemed to have deliberately gone out of her way to disguise her body by donning the plainest most shapeless clothes she could find.

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"Have you been saved?" She repeated, and then went on. "Have you accepted Jesus as your savior and renounced all of Satan's works." Oh God, I thought somewhat ironically, not another devil dodger out to save my soul. "No I haven't," I answered, "and I have no intentions of being saved by you or by anyone else.

Now if you wouldn't mind leaving me in peace, it may not look like it, but I really am very busy." "One is never too busy to have ones soul wrenched out of Satan's grasp," she went on. "What's your name?" I asked. "Margaret," She answered. "What's yours," she asked? "Tony," I answered automatically, then went on. "I'm sorry to disappoint you Margaret, but I enjoy being bad. The only thing I like better than looking at a pair of nice juicy tits is to have a woman rub her naked body all over mine." "I'm sure that God will forgive you if you truly change your ways," she said, her voice really sounding concerned for my soul, and somewhat shocked at my coarseness.

Sorry for what I was about to do to this sweet young woman, who seemed to truly believed what she was preaching, I went on. "I don't want to be saved," I reiterated.

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"I love life, I love fucking every woman I get the opportunity to screw. I love having them suck my cock until I shoot a load of cum into their mouths." With each descriptive act, I hoped she would turn and stalk off in disgust at the litany of lewd acts that I threw at her. With each one she blanched, but stood her ground until I said. "And I particularly love to stick my tongue into a woman's sopping wet pussy and lick her clit until she comes all over my face." With that her knees seemed to give way and she staggered forward as if she was about to faint.

Jumping out of my chair, I caught her just as her legs gave out, and gently lowered her into my seat. "Let me get you a glass of water," I said.

Walking into the house, I returned seconds later and handed her a glass of ice water. After she had taken several sips, I went on. "Look I'm sorry, not for my lifestyle you understand, but for being so brutal with you. I thought if I was totally crude you would become disgusted with me and leave.

I have to admit you took my barrage of sexual activities with some aplomb, until I mentioned sticking my tongue into a woman's pussy. Looking at you, I would say you're in your mid to late twenties, so you must have had at least one boyfriend stick his tongue into your pussy and give it a good licking. "I've only ever been with one man, my husband and Edgar would never dream of performing such an act," she said, trying to sound haughty and disgusted at my suggestion, but the statement come out with a hint of disappointment in it.

As I heard the words, it suddenly dawned on me why the last in my litany of sex acts almost brought her to her knees, "No Edgar wouldn't dream of sticking his tongue into a woman's warm wet pussy, but you've been fanaticizing about having your clit likedhaven't you"?

I asked. "How dare you suggest such a thing; "she said, trying to sound angry but failing miserably. "I'm a God fearing woman and do not condone such things as the filth you're suggesting." "You haven't denied it," I pointed out.

"If what you say is true, then swear on that book you have clutched in your hand that you've never fanaticized about having a man slip his tongue into that crack of yours and then give your clit a good tongue lashing." "No, I can't," she said, a hint of desperation sounding in her voice, while at the same time she clutched her bible to her chest as though it had to power to defend her from my accusations that her thoughts weren't always as pure as she would like people to think.

Kneeling in front of her, I casually placed my right hand on her knee, where her skirt had ridden up revealing bare flesh. "It's nothing to be ashamed of," I said, allowing my hand to slide an inch or so under her skirt and closer to my goal of caressing her pussy.

"Lots of people have fantasies, in fact I'd say most people have some sexual dream they'd love to have fulfilled," I went on allowing my hand to creep another inch closer to her muff.

Looking down at the point where my hand disappeared under her skirt, she said. "Please don't, Tony." "I'll tell you what," I said. "If you want me to stop, then move my hands, I swear I'll neither fight you, nor will I put it back if you pull my hand out from under your skirt." "Please don't," she reiterated, but made no move to pull my hand away from her warm soft flesh.

Emboldened by the fact that she had made no move to stop me, I slid my hands even closer to my goal, making sure that I moved very slowly so as not to alarm her. After several minutes, and more halfhearted attempts to stop me, my hand reached her crotch and to my utter amazement, her pussy was completely bare with not even a thong covering her pubs.

"I'm begging you Tony, don't go any further," she pleaded, but at the same time her legs moved apart and she slid forward in the chair.

"You naughty girl," I said, slipping my middle finger between her leg and gently began to probe her pussy.

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Instantly, my finger became soaked with love juice and instead of protesting at what I was doing, she shuffled down and opened her legs even wider giving me easier access to her warm wet hole. The instant I knew she was beyond the point of backing down I quickly grabbed one of the cushions off a lounge chair and threw it on the deck.

Leading her over to it, I lifted her skirt, and she sank down onto the cushion, raising her knees, she opened her legs revealing a patch of blond hair, two sopping wet lips, and a tight little hole ready to have my tongue stuck into it. Dropping to my knees, I pushed he legs even further apart and leaned forward and ran my tongue from the patch of skin between her ass and her pussy right up to her clit.

I swear that she must not of had sex or an orgasm in years, as my tongue sank into her hole for a second then continued on until I was lapping away at her clit, she arched her back, grabbed onto my hair and rammed her muff into my face as a massive spasm shook her entire body.

Not giving her time to relax, I wormed my tongue into her hole again then moved back up to that juicy piece of flesh and sucked it into my mouth and gently bit down on it. As I did, her hips began to gyrate again and within seconds, another spasm, even more intense than the first one shook her entire frame.

After a third massive orgasm, she eventually collapsed onto the lounge cushion, and lay there, as convulsive shivers wracking her body from time to time. Throwing a second cushion next to her, I lay down at her side and she snuggled into me. "Thank you Tony," she said as she cradled her head into my shoulder. "That was the most intense experience of my life, sex with Edgar was never like that.

He'd climb on top, fuck me 'till he came then roll over and go to sleep.

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I don't think it even dawned on him that women are supposed to enjoy sex as well. I'll remember this experience for the rest of my life." "You can come back any time you want and we can play some more," I said, having no intentions of her getting away until I'd buried my prick in that wet little hole.

"No, I couldn't," she said, "I've sinned enough as it is, I don't know what kind of penance will atone for letting you lick my pussy, but it was so good. To be truthful, I'm having problems regretting the fact that I allowed you to stick your tongue in my hole, but having my clit licked has been a fantasy of mine for a long time now." Then after a moment's pensive thought, she went on. "There is one thing you could do that would atone for my sins and at the same time fulfill another fantasy that I've always wanted to try." "What's that?" I asked, intrigued at what other sexual game she had in mind that would fulfill her wish and at the same time atone for the perceived sin she believed she had just committed.

After a moment silence, she said. "No I couldn't, I don't know what I was thinking when I mentioned it, I once asked Edgar to do it for me and he called me a pervert, and told me to pray for forgiveness for having such deviant thoughts." "I'm not Edgar," I said thankful that I wasn't prone to judging people for having different values and needs to the ones that turned my crank. "Come on tell me, and I swear, no matter what it is, I won't think any less of you. Take me for instance, I hardly know you yet I couldn't wait to spread your legs and stick my tongue in that beautiful juicy hole of yours, and given the chance will do it any time you're horny.

"I want you," she started, and then faltered for a second then went on, "I want you to spank my bottom," she ended blushing furiously." "It's not exactly what I'm into, but I've always been of the belief that if something brings pleasure to you partner, then anything is acceptable; so if you're sure you want me to do this, then I'm willing to give your backside a damned good spanking.

What would you like me to use?" I asked, "My hand, a hair brush or is there something in particular you'd like me to administer this chastisement with?" "So you don't think I'm a pervert?" She asked, relief sounding in her voice. "Not in the least," I answered, "now then, what do you want me to do?" "When I came into your garden, I noticed some canes standing beside your shed, could you get one and use that." "Sure thing," I said, getting up I walked over to the shed and grabbed one of the canes.

It was about three feet long and as thick as my little finger. When I got back to the deck, I was in for a tremendous surprise as Margret had removed her jacket and blouse and then had stripped of a corset type contraption she had been wearing to flatten her breasts revealing a pair of the most beautiful tits I'd ever seen." "Do you like them?" she asked shyly, making them giggle as she moved her torso back and forth. "They're magnificent," I said, walking over and fondling them, then cupping first one and then the other, I sucked her nipples into my mouth, and to my utter delight, was reward as a stream of milk squirted out of her tit filling my mouth with its warm sweetness." "I'm sorry," she said pulling away from me.

"You must think me disgusting for squirting milk into your mouth like that, I'll leave if you want," she added, stooping to grab her clothes. "Nothing could be further from the truth," I said, taking her clothes from her and throwing them onto one of the lounge chairs.

"As I said earlier everyone has their own particular things that turns them on, and sucking warm breast milk from a woman's boobs is one of mine. Have you just had a baby?" I asked, hoping if she had, that the child was at least several months old. "No," she answered, "my tits have always oozed milk, Edgar would never touch them, I'm sure he thought it was some kind of sign that I was unclean. I never imagined that someone would come along that would find it a turn on, why don't you see if you can suck them dry if you find it a turn on.

It's some hour since I drained them so you should be able to slake both your thirst and your lust at the same time," she ended, jiggling her tits in my face. Grabbing her left breast I gently squeezed it and watched as of milk oozed out of the nipple and ran down her chest. Leaning forward, I ran my tongue over her bare skin lapping up every drop of liquid. Once I'd finished, I did the same with her right tit, finding the whole experience extremely erotic.

"Now then," I said, once I'd finished with those beautiful tits. "Are you sure you want to go through with this spanking?" For reply, all she did was nod her head vigorously. "How do you want me to go about this?" I asked, never having administered a caning to anyone in my entire life. "I thought if I stretched out over the end of your picnic table, it would give you the perfect angle to administer my punishment," she ended walking over to the table and stretching out across the end, leaving not only her buttocks exposed, but also a fair portion of her pussy." "Ready?" I asked, bringing the cane back over my shoulder.

"Do it," she said. Bringing the cane forward, I tapped her gently across her ass, thinking that was all she really wanted. "No Tony, Harder, I've got to experience real pain, not just a slight twinge." Again, I brought the cane back over my shoulder and brought it forward, slightly harder this time. "You're still not doing it properly," she bemoaned, "Please Tony, do it with all your strength." If that's what she wants, I though, thinking that after the first real blow she would realize how painful it would be and not ask for any more.


This time, I brought the cane forward in a sweeping arc and delivered a stinging blow to those beautiful cheeks. As the cane bit into her flesh, her buttocks clamped together as a spasm ran through her body but not a single cry of pain escaped her lips. For several seconds I stood there expecting her to say enough, instead, she said. "Again Tony, and this time make it even harder." In all, not counting the first two gentle taps, I caned her six times before she said enough, as I stood there watching the welts, and in places drops of blood appear across her soft white flesh, I realized that her pussy was at the ideal height for me to slip my dick into her crack.

Throwing off my housecoat, I stood for a moment, my cock throbbing with anticipation. Gently moving up against her, I ran the tip of my cock sever times across her pussy, when I got no complaint, I slid it into her muff as far as I could get it feeling the heat from her flesh against my crotch. For a second, a ripple ran through her and I thought she was going to protest that I had gone too far . Instead, she let out a small moan of pleasure and said. "Oh, give it to me Tony, give me that cock of yours, stick it as far up my pussy as you can get it and give my cunt exactly what it needs." As I rammed my cock into her willing wet hole, I could feel her pussy quivering and then with an explosive force she came, the muscled of her pussy clamping around my cock.

As her orgasm started to subside, I rammed my cock home one last time and filled her muff with hot cum that seemed to squirt out the end of my dick forever. As I stood there, my cock still buried up to my balls in her warm flesh, a voice said. "You filthy lecherous whore, when I get you home, I'll give you a thrashing that you'll never forget, you despicable whereof Babylon, I should have known when you asked me to be as deviant as you are that you are a creature of Satan." The thought had never occurred to me that the infamous Edgar would be with Margaret, or that she would think that he would track her down.

Pulling my dick out of Margaret's warm wet hole, I turned not caring in the least that I was stark naked and that cum still dripped off the end of my dick. Standing about ten feet away was a short stocky individual with a dour expression, that told that the individual new nothing of enjoyment or pleasure, and would, if given the opportunity, ban anything that might bring happiness to people.

For individuals like Edgar, their sole purpose in life was to grovel before God and they saw anyone that refused to comply with their beliefs as Devil worshiping deviants.

"You lay a hand on Margaret and I swear that I'll make you regret it," I said, angrily. "And how do you intend to do that?" He asked, puffing out his barrel like chest. "Considering, I have black belts in four different martial arts, I'm fairly sure I'll be able to think of something," I ended, smiling wickedly. "And I suppose the police are going to stand by and watch you attack me, because the instant I leave her I will be on the phone telling them how you're holding my wife against her will." "Against my will," Margaret laughed cynically.

"Tony has shown me what real pleasure is, so if you must, go phone the police, that is if you want to come out looking like a complete fool." "Oh and when you get through to the police ask for Joe Gorsman," I added, "he's chief of police and remind him that our weekly poker game is at his house this week.

Nice guy Joe, biggest individual I ever met, at least six foot eight, and about three hundred and fifty pounds of solid muscle. Real family man is Joe, about the only thing he hates more than wife abusers are child molesters." My years of studying martial arts told me the moment that Edgar worked up the courage to attack me.

"You think you're so clever, you pervert," he screamed, and then as I knew he would, he charged forward intent on crushing me in a bear hug. Sidestepping his attack, I brought my foot up and kicked him just below the rib cage right over his liver. With a grunt of pain, he sank to his knees and doubled over in agony, his breath coming in ragged gasps.

"I'm going into the house with Margaret to get us a drink," I said, lifting his chin so I could look him in the eyes. "When I come back out, it would be advisable if you weren't here," I said, "because if you are, then I'll be forced to throw you off my property.

Come on Margaret, let's go inside and I'll find you something to wear, you're about the same size as my late wife, so it shouldn't be too difficult. As we entered the house, she grabbed my arm, stepped in front of me, and asked.

"Did you mean what you said about protect ting me from Edgar?" She asked. "Absolutely," I answered, "If that lout lays a finger on you, he'll not only have me to deal with, he'll also have the chief of police to contend with. Strange thing is, there have been a few cases of spousal abuse, but they never go to trail, Joe deals with them personally, and you know what not one of them has ever reoffended. As we entered the bedroom, she glanced around, and then asked.

"I don't mean to be nosy, but what happened to your wife?" "Cancer I answered, I didn't think I'd ever get over it, but our little tryst this morning has given me a new lease on life." "It has," she said beaming with excitement.

Before I knew what was happening, she pushed me back onto the bed, grabbed my cock and wrapped her warm soft mouth around the end, and then slid down its length until my balls slapped up against her chin. Instantly my cock grew hard as she drew back and ran her tongue around the end.

After several minutes, I withdrew my dick, dragged her onto the bed, and made mad passionate love to her. For the next several hours we screwed each other every way possible, until thoroughly exhausted, we fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms.

It was late afternoon, when the door chimes dragged me out of my blissful slumber, throwing a house coat on I went to the front of the house and opened the door. Standing there was Joe Gorsman, his immense frame completely filling the doorway. "Hi Tony," he said, "Can I come in?" "Of course," I said, stepping aside to allow him access. "You probably know why I'm here," he said, without preamble.

"I think I can guess," I answered, "give me a second while I go and get my hostage."As I walked towards the corridor leading to the bedroom, Margaret appeared in the doorway. "Ah, here she is now," I said placing my arm affectionately around her shoulders, "now then Joe, I believe you have something to ask her." "I know this is ridicules, knowing Tony as well as I do, but are you being held here against your will." "Absolutely not," she answered, "Tony has been an utter gentleman.

He even stepped in front of my husband to prevent him from hitting me. And then when Edgar charged him, Tony had to defend himself. Edgar is very strong, if he'd wrapped his arms around Tony's chest, he would probably have broken several ribs, if not worse." "Somewhat of a different story to that of your husband's" Joe said. "Anyway, now that I know you're in no danger, which I didn't believe for a moment, I'll leave you two love birds in peace.

Oh and by the way Margaret, when Toney comes over to play poker with me and the boys, the wives normally tag along, you're welcome to come, my wife will be delighted to see that Tony has a new love interest in his life.

"I'd love to come," Margaret, said, "that's if Tony doesn't mind me tagging along "Of course you can come," I said. "Ok then, see you on Wednesday," he said, then left. "Tony?" Margaret asked seriously. "What's to become of me?" "How do you mean?" I asked.

"I don't regret what we did, but I'm now estranged from Edgar, which means that because my father is a minister in the same church, he'll see what I did as sinful and the work of Satan, so I'm also estranged from him, so I can't go home." "This is your home now, Margaret," I said taking her in my arms and hugging her, "so that's the least of your worries." "Really, when I look back at my life I haven't lost much, In fact taken everything into account, I think I've come out way ahead.

I will miss Molly though; we were always very close; I just hope she doesn't think too badly of me." "Who' Molly, is she someone else from your father's congregation?" I suggested, but thought it must be someone even closer than that by the tone of sadness that crept into her voice when she mentioned her.

"No; Molly is my sister, she's married to Myles, Edger's bother, who is just as fanatical about anything that brings extreme pleasure as being the work of Satan as is my father and husband." She's welcome to come over anytime she wants," I offered. "Dad would never allow that," Margaret said regretfully, "but I do appreciate the offer," she ended snuggling into me. That was over a year ago now and believe me it's been pure heaven having Margaret as a companion, and on top of that, she gave me the greatest gift possible, the sweetest little girl in the world that has rapidly become the light of my life.

However, that's not where my story ends. About a week before Megan was borne, the doorbell rang, on opening the door, I found a petite woman in her mid twenties standing there. My first impulse was to tell her that I wasn't interested in whatever she was selling, when her demure cloths and the fact that she clutched a bible told me who she was. "You're Molly, Margaret's sister?" I said digging her name out of my memory.

"Listen," I went on, "I don't mind you coming in, but I don't want any trouble, and I certainly don't want you espousing scriptures, or condemning Margaret and me for our lifestyle. "Thank you she said, I really appreciate you letting me visit with Margaret, and I swear I won't cause you any problems.

The instant Margaret caught sight of Molly, she moved as fast as her huge belly would allow and swept her into her arms and within seconds, the pair of them were weeping with joy. "I would never have believed that dad or Edgar would allow you to visit me," Margaret said, "the pair of them must be mellowing in their old age." "Afraid not," Molly said, "dad is just as dogmatic and closed minded as he ever was and the same goes for Myles and Edgar. To this day your ex still walks around muttering about how God will punish you for your hedonistic lifestyle and sends up ardent prays that he condemns you to eternal damnation for abandoning both him, and even worse still in his eyes, the church." "Then how come you're here?" Margaret asked, "I'm sure there'll be hell to pay if you've done it without their knowledge and they find out.

"Oh they all know exactly where I am. After I found out you were pregnant, I gave the three of them an ultimatum, either allow me to visit you and be a part of my niece or nephew's life, or I was leaving and I'd see you anyway. So here I am and once I finished visiting you, I'll find myself a hotel room until I can come up with something more permanent. "You most certainly will not," I said. "There's more than enough room for you to stay with us for as long as you want.

" Thank you Tony," Margaret said tears of happiness streaming down her face as she came over and hugged me. Almost a year has past since Molly, who I rapidly grew to love, came to stay with us. As my little Princess' birthday approached, the pair of them seemed to be spending an inordinate amount of time with their heads together giggling like schoolgirls. At first, I assumed that they were making plans for Megan's party, but as time dragged on and each minute detail got crossed of the list, leaving little left to do the two of them continued their antics, making me suspect that the pair of them were planning something more momentous than Megan's first birthday party.

Inevitably, as I knew they would, things finally came to a head, after putting Megan down for her nap, the two culprits entered the Kitchen, where I invariably did most of my writing, glancing up from the monitor I could tell instantly that the pair of them had finally come to some kind of decision.

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"Ok, out with it," I said. "The two of you have been having too much fun lately and I want to know what you've been up to." "We've been talking." Margaret began until I cut her off. "I already know that," I said trying to sound stern.

"It's what you've been talking about that I'm interested in." "About how you and I got together," Margaret began and then stopped for a moment to compose herself. "At first, all I told Molly was that there was a mutual attraction that drew us together. But I guess she knows me too well and persisted wanting to know how a bible thumping prude like me ended up in your garden, stark naked with your dick buried in my pussy.

So I told her how you had wormed it out of me how I'd always wanted to have my pussy licked and how you willingly obliged by giving my clit a good tongue lashing. It's not the fact that you made me cum like I've never experienced before, but that you genuinely set out to please your partner in any way they desire without recriminations or accusations of being a pervert." "I guess that went a little beyond the normal sisterly chat," I said, slightly embarrassed that Margaret had been discussing out sex life with her sister, but at the same time excited that she had described how I liked to stick my tongue, apart from other things, in her warm wet hole.

"So after finding out what a considerate lover you are, Molly is jealous, because she's never experienced that kind of passion, or that kind of openness without recriminations." "That's a shame," I said, truly sorry that Molly had lived in a relationship so devoid of passion.

"I'm sure if you get out more often Molly, you'll meet someone that'll truly love you." "You can be so dense at times Tony," Margaret said. "How do you mean?" I asked, not sure where this conversation was going. "Just this," Margaret said. "Get into that bedroom this instant and fuck the ass of Molly, and if you don't give her the dicking of her life then you'll have me to deal with," she ended, smiling mischievously.

"Can I suggest something," Molly said her face turning a bright shade of red. "Of course," both Margaret and I said at the same time, and then Margaret continued. "Go ahead sis, if there's something in particular you'd like to try; I guarantee that Tony will be only too glad to satisfy your needs." "It's not just from Tony, for what I want, I'll need you to participate as well," she went on, her face growing redder by the second.

"But no matter what you've said, I bet you'll think me strange when I tell you what it is." "No we won't," I said. "Come on Molly, you little minx," I said trying to lighten the mood and put her more at ease revealing something that she'd probably never confessed to another human being.

"Tell Margaret and me what that horny little pussy of yours wants, and if at all possible we'll go out of our way to fulfill your fantasy." "I want," she began and then halted for a moment before going on.

"I want Margaret to watch as you fuck me, and besides that I want her to order me to do whatever comes into her mind to please you and if I don't do it to her satisfaction, punish me for it." "Well I can live with that," I said, finding the suggestion extremely erotic, and even at the thought of it, I could feel my cock starting to harden." "It's certainly not what I was expecting," Margaret said, "but I guess I can live with it as well, in fact I think I'm going to enjoy this immensely.

Now then Molly, get in that bedroom and strip of, Tony get your clothes off, she went on and get on the bed." A few minutes later found me lying on the bed, stark naked, my cock a rigid pole. Molly stood at the bottom of the bed, just as naked, a slight flush coloring her cheeks as I surveyed her tits that rivaled Margaret's in their perfection.

Her belly was flat and firm with a small patch of hair that she'd shaved into a Vee covering her pubic area. "Now then," Margaret said, "suck Tony's dick, and I want the entire length in your mouth," "But it's too big," Molly protested, staring at the eight and a half inch prick that stood at attention in anticipation of the fun to come. "I said suck it," Margaret reiterated, "all of it." Climbing onto the bed, Molly tentatively grabbed my cock at the base, leaning forward she slid about two inches into her mouth.

"More," Margaret said, "or you'll be sorry. At the threat, another half an inch disappeared into her warm wet mouth, for me I was quite satisfied with the effort Molly was putting into massaging my dick with her tongue and lips, but for some reason, Margaret insisted that she take the entire length up to my balls.

"If you think you're going to get away with that, then you're mistaken." Walking over to the closet, she retrieved the cane, she still insisted that I use on her whenever she felt that she had committed some infraction that deserved a spanking.

Coming back over to the bed, she placed the cane on Molly's buttocks and said. "Now then, are you going to get the rest of Tony's cock into your mouth, or do I have to use this?" When Molly continued to slide up and down my member, taking only half of it into her mouth, Margaret brought the cane back and then with a quick flick of her wrist delivered a stinging blow to her sister's dairair.

With a flinch of pain, Molly suddenly surged forward, my dick disappearing into her mouth, the head sliding down her gullet as she swallowed the entire length of my prick. After a half a dozen thrusts, she slowly backed off until only half my cock slid in and out of her lips. "So you think you can disobey me," Margaret said, delivering another stinging welt to those delightful cheeks.

In all that happened about six times, as soon as molly backed off, which I'm sure she did deliberately, Margaret administered a blow from the cane, and Molly would instantly suck my cock as far as it would go down her throat.

Finally, Margaret said. "Enough, now sit on Tony's face, and see how far he can get his tongue up your crack." Obediently, Molly somewhat reluctantly slid my cock out of her mouth and shuffled up the bed, then straddling my face she lowered her muff until her pussy pressed against my lips.

Slowly at first, I began to slide my tongue in and out of her wet hole, the instant it touched her crack, her whole body stiffened and I knew it would only take me seconds to bring her off. Sliding forward slightly, I shifted my attention to her clit and started to suck it in and out of my mouth, biting it, gently at first, but as I felt her orgasm growing ever closer, I bit harder and harder until Molly was moaning in ecstasy. Finally, not able to take it anymore, she let out a piercing shriek and grabbed onto my head, pulling my face deeper into her wet pussy as spasms wracked her body and her cunt opened and closed as I lashed her clit with my tongue bringing on a multitude of orgasms.

"Enough," She finally said rolling to one side. "I never thought an orgasm could be so intense," she went on, a satisfied tone filling her voice. "When you described what sex was like with Tony, I thought you must be telling me fibs just to get me into his bed, but I can quite honestly say I've never been fucked like that in my entire life." "But that just it," Margaret said, "so far you haven't even been fucked, now get off your back and climb on that cock and satisfy Tony before I introduce you to my little friend again," she ended, slapping the cane suggestively across the palm of her hand.

Ignoring Margaret's orders, Molly rolled over, grabbed my cock, and buried it in her face as far as it would go. As she slid up and down the shaft, I had to fight the urge to squirt a wad of hot cum down her throat. After several minutes of eating my prick, Molly suddenly let go, straddled my crotch, she slid my dick into her hot wet little pussy.

As she rocked back and forth, I reached up, and tweaked her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and was delighted as large drops of milk seeped out of her tits just like her sister's.

Pulling her forward, I sucked first one dark brown areola and then the other into my mouth and drained them of the sweet succulent milk. Having slated my peculiar love of fresh mommy juice, I rolled Molly onto her back, slid my cock almost all the way out of her muff and then rammed it forward, burying it up to my balls.

Repeating the action I started to drive my dick again and again into the tight little pussy, with each thrust, Molly's nails dug into my back, and like her sister, she started to egg me on.


"Yes Tony," she moaned, "give me that cock as hard as you can, fuck my pussy like it's never been fucked before. If Myles could see me now he would not believe his eyes. But if he'd fucked me like you are with that magnificent dick of yours then perhaps I wouldn't have left him. Yes Tony, that's it," she moaned as her back arched and spasms gripped her body as a massive climax gripped her.

At the same time Molly came, cum exploded from the end of my dick in great gobs of hot sperm. Eventually sated, I allowed myself to collapse on Molly's chest her nipples oozing fresh milk onto my torso. After several minutes, Margaret said. "Ok guys, you've had your fun, now it's my turn so which one of you wants to take care of this warm wet pussy that's dripping wet after the exhibition you've just put on.

Before I could roll over and take care of my beloved's needs, Molly piped up. "Let me, although I've never admitted it, I've always wanted to eat your pussy, Margaret, I hope you don't think me strange or anything," she added, a hint of concern creeping back into her voice, at what reaction the admission might elicit.

"You have?" Margaret said, a hint of excitement sounding in her voice. "Do you mind if molly gets me off, Tony?" Margaret asked, "I'd love for my sister to stick her tongue into my pussy and give my clit a good licking." "If that's what you want sweetheart," I said, finding the whole idea extremely erotic. Within seconds, Margaret was on her back, her knees raised and her legs apart giving Molly easy access to her muff.

The instant Molly's tongue made contact with Margaret's pussy and I could hear her greedily lapping at her sister's clit, my cock, like Lazarus, instantly came back to life.

Seeing Molly's cute ass sticking up, I could not resist sliding my shaft into her warm wet hole, as I penetrated her, she stopped licking and turned to look at me. "Oh," she said, "that's so nice Tony; let's see if we can time it so we all come together." As Molly tongue flicked back and forth over Margaret's clit, she began to moan as a massive orgasm slowly grew within her; at the same time, I could feel Molly's pussy begin to tighten as quivers of ecstasy began to send ripples of pleasure through her body.

Knowing they were both on the verge of coming I drove my cock as deep into molly's hole as I could, and allowed myself to squirt more cum up her crack as both Margaret and Molly gave gasps of pleasure as orgasms wracked their bodies. For several seconds I knelt there, my now completely limp dick still inside of Molly's warm wet hole that still twitched from the climax that had shaken her entire body.

Pulling away, I crept up beside Margaret.


"Satisfied?" I asked already knowing the answer. "I could do with another good tongue Lashing she said," Glancing at my dick that now hung soft and limp with little possibility of revival. "Your wish is my command," I said smiling. As Molly moved aside, I took her place between Margaret's legs and buried my tongue into her pussy, and then slowly worked my way up to her clit and gently began to massage it and started to suck it in and out of my mouth. As I worked on Margaret, Molly wriggled between my legs and sucked my limp dick into her mouth.

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Although there was no way she was going to revive it, the sensation of my flaccid member rolling round in her mouth was extremely pleasant, especially when she stuck her tongue under my foreskin and ran it around the head.

In all, I had to make Margaret come twice more before she was finally satisfied, in that time, Molly had not only continued to work on my cock, but her finger had discover my asshole and was soon stimulating my prostate, something I'd never experienced before, but from now on planned to explore it as an avenue of extreme pleasure.

Well, that's where we stand. Not only did I end up with a new partner from my chance meeting with Margaret, but also a second willing participant in our sex games. Looking back, no one would have guessed on seeing Margaret and Molly in their staid attire or demure demeanor, what horny little mink lay underneath.

I often wondered if their bible thumping husbands knew what they had lost, and whether they would fight to get them back if they ever discovered how hot they were. However, after meeting Edgar, and hearing that Myles, Molly's husband, was just as adverse to worldly pleasures, I doubted if they would see the two sisters as anything but creatures of Satan. Well guys, what could be better than having two gorgeous women willing to satisfy your every whim.

Well with luck, that number could increase to three, because there's a cute blond who lives on the other side of the street. Since her husband died in a car crash several months ago, she's been living all alone in a huge house and rarely goes out. Both Margaret and Molly think it would be a great idea to take her under their wing, because since the tragedy, she has become a recluse. Besides befriending her, my two little vixen have hatched a plan to see if they can turn her on, not only because they want to watch me fuck her, they also have desires of their own that they hope to fulfill, once I get her naked and into bed.

Anyway, at the moment I'm sitting at the kitchen table recording everything that's happened since I met Margaret, the two girls have gone over to see if they can entice the cute little blond to come and play. So that's where things stand, oh, hang on a moment, they've just come through the garden gate with their intended victim in tow.

Man does she look hot; so I'd better go, when this is over, I'll let everyone know if Margaret and Molly's plan worked out and if things go to plan, what it's like to fuck three women at the same time. I just hope I have the stamina, well if not Molly can suck my limp dick, but I intend to have a lot of fun before it gets to that state.