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Sexy amateur webcam babe more videos on sexycamsorg
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Seducing The Beautiful Ashley This story is purely fictional and although its a fantasy I would love for it to come through. I am married with no kids but my wife and I have a large family with lots of kids and young teenagers.I am someone who is a hard worker and I am very careful when it comes to getting my groove on outside of my marriage which I only did once in 15 years of marriage.My wife is a very down to earth woman and is open to my needs.On a few occassions while we would have our usual drinks on a late Saturday nights we would share some of our fantasies and for my wife it's mostly having sex in romantic places with beautiful settings.My fantasies are sexual but a bit more on the wild side.However, my wife was a bit shocked at my main fantasy of having hot and wild sex with a young virgin maybe about 13-16 years of age.

At first she was a bit concerned but after careful thinking she saw my side and was actually very interested in this particular fantasy of mine.One night she actually offered to assist me in getting my goal achieved.Her target was one of her cousin that has a 14 year old daughter named Ashley.Ashley is a very beautiful and smart girl.She has a body of an angel and whats more interesting is that has a big crush on me.My wife knew this cause ashleys' mom told my wife and this she promised not to tell me.But hey thats my wife.So we decided upon a plan to get ashley to have sex with me.

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Three weeks later my wife called Tina,ashley's mom.They had made arranement for Tina and family to spend a weekend at our place.They happily agreed since we have a posh house and have good access to lots of fun activities.So the weekend arrived and Tina,Bob(husband),Jason(16 years)and ashley(14 years).So far I am loving the way this is turning out.So friday arrived and they showed up on time.After they settled in I had to control myself especially when ashley is around.

Friday night we had an outdoor party and it went well.I got a bit drunk and Bob and I bonded well.

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Tina as usual would link up with my wife,while the kids would stick to themselves.Saturday morning arrived and Tina and my wife was going shopping down town while bob just wanted to stay indoor and just enjoy the luxury of my home and huge garden.He is actually a nature freak and my property was like heaven to him.So my day was to be spent taking the kids out to get some shopping in the mall downtwn.It was my wife idea that I go with the kids alone which my wife suggested would help me get prepared for children.I did not had to worry about meeting up with Tina and my wife down town case its way too big and congested.I am well aware that ashley has been observing me alot.Jason is a cool kid,he is so into gaming that he is so distracted.We drove up to this very famous mall and I had my own game plan as well.Hmmmmm.guess I am a gamer too lol.

The kids had their own cash to spend but jason was not too happy with the $200 he got so I offered to back him up.Now I wanted to get Jason out of the picture at least until I can sweet talk ashley.So I gave him another $150 and boy was he happy.I guessed I was being a good father.We decided that we will all meet up at 12 midday at the Cafe' on floor 3.So we went off and I can see that ashley was so hapy that she and I can spend time shopping.She had $200 as well but like I gave to jason I told her she can get anything she wants.She bought a few pieces of clothing and other girly stuff.It was a bit boring too but I was more intrested in checking out her sexy looking ass and breasts.She is such a beautiful young lady.Finally things got very very interesting.We went into a lingerie store and she was very particular in what she wanted.Ashley piked up and red silky lace panty and bra and asked me if I liked it,ofcourse I do.What happened next made me the happiest man in the mall.

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Ashley whispered to me quietly "I only bought this to wear for you".It was so soothing to hear such erotic words coming from a young and sexy angel.I told her I love the idea but when will you get the chance to do that?Ashley told me it was up to me to sort that out.So I told her ok. After all the shopping we all went home and she gave me the lingerie to hold for her.Later that night my wife wanted to know how it went and Just showed her the red silky lingerie and she just smiled and said "you are so gonna enjoy this young flower".

Saturday evening arrived when Bob and Tina were going out to dinner at a top class restaurant and boy oh boy was this plan working like a charm.At 5:30 pm they left and promised to be home by midnight.

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That was fine by me.So my wife made supper and made sure Jason was comfortable and he went to sleep early at 10pm.So while all was going fine I told ashley that we have a good opportunity for her to put on that sexy ingerie.She was worried about my wife and I quickly told her that she will go to bed early tonight cause she has to go out early in the morning.After jason went to bed I told ashey to meet me in our pool house and she was so so excited.I myself was begining to loose control.My cock was as hard as ever.I told my wife and she made me set up a hidden camera.I went and took a`shower and so did ashley.I put on my robe with nothing underneath and my wife bid me good luck and I was so excited my cock was standing traight out.I went into the pool house,lit some candles and got a bottle of Whiskey and took about 6 big shots just to cool the nerves down.I layed on the bed when I saw ashley entered the doorway.She had on a long t-shirt and her hair style was special.The chemistry between us was so right.I told her let me see your outfit and boy oh boy when ashley took off that t-shirt my eyes were delighted as to the pure beauty that stood before me to have my own way.I stood up and as I walked up to her she was nervous and i offered her a drink.She drank two shots and began to get restless.I then held her hand and it was so soft and I looked her in her eyes and just kissed those pretty pink lips.She did not have much experiencce but knew what she wanted.As we kissed my cock was poking her tummy and she held it with her hands and I could not help it but took my robe off.

The excitment from having this young flower at my disposal was so erotic.I removed her bra and her cute little breasts were so succulent.I went straight to sucking them and she was already in ecstasy.

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We moved towards the bed and I lay her down gently and layed next to her.She got up and held my cock with such care and I blew my load in her hand after just a few seconds.I cleaned up and she continued when i told her suck my cock baby.She was willing and when my cock head entered he mouth it was so heavenly and I held her head and guided her up and down.After about 5 mminutes she stopped and I told her to lay down and I stood over her.Everytime I glanced at her body I was reminded that this does not come to a man very often.I parted her legs and the sight of her pink, bald pussy was golden to look upon.I quickly went to work and started to suck and lick and drink her juices and as I licked this virgin she was too caught up in pleasure to give a fuck who comes in and saw us.Her juices were so delicious and I took it all in.Ashley was moaning loud and kept saying "oh yes,please don't stop,oh yes suck my pussy,suck my pussy,oh yes.Soon she started to shiver from pleasure she buckled me and let out a big "ohhhhhhhhhhh my gosh", "yes,yes,yes.please don't stop and she started to cum and her juices tasted so good I licked it all up.This was so wonderful for both of us and I could not have wanted this any different, especially with my wife helping me with the planning.

After she came she just layed there with a big smile on her face of pure satisfaction.I told her that what I'll do next will make her more wild and will experience the ultimate orgasm.She was willing and submitted herself to me without holding back.I moved over her and positioned my cock at her virgin entrance and played with her pussy lips until she begged for it.I started to play with her swollen clit and this child was loosing her cool and was just screaming out for pleasure and within a dash I eased my solid 7" cock in her pussy when I met her hymen and stopped and pulled back out and went back in and back out and in until she was accustomed to the feeling of her first cock.Next I pushed harder and broke her cherry and she dropped some tears but pleasure got the best of her.For me all I felt was my super cock in a very tight,wet,pink pussy and her walls were grippig my tool.When I pulled out her body would move with mine and when I pushed in her body would move up with the stroke.

She was tight and was enjoying her fuck.She kept screaming out"fuck me hard,make me cum,yes,yes,oh yes this feels so so good,please don't stop".I fucked her slowly and with every push and pull I can feel my sperm moving and we both were holding on to eachother.Her scent was wild and made me more horny.As I fucked ashley she started to move in motion with my fucking and she soon started to wiggle and twist from pleasure.She held onto my back and from her grip I can tell she is about to go into overdrive.As she was now cumming I started to pick up speed and I fuck her at a faster pace and she was begging me to go faster and harder.And so I did.I rammed her furiously and we both came together.

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I shot my sperm deep in her vagina and I knew she might get pregnant but was not worried about that. Eventually I slowed down and pulled out to a slight pop and she just looked at me and blushed and said " that was the best feeling in her life and she wants do it again".I told her give me some time and we would do it again in the morning".Ashley was a great fuck and so so tender and soft.I got my way and after showing my wife the video here comes a super surprise.My wife said " I want to share another of her fantasy and she wanted to have wild and hot sex with a young boy maybe 14-18 year and Jason was the perfect match".I was a bit shocked but agreed for our next plan to get Jason and I would get ashley.


After the summer arrived my wife asked Tina and Bob if the kids can spend 2 weeks with us and they were over joyed at the offer.The kids were more than happy to leave home.And so we continue.