Guapos en Selfie de Emporio Armani

Guapos en Selfie de Emporio Armani
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The Payment by by Dunchad© Introduction: This story is a piece of fiction that I wrote for a friend from the site. So mandmd, I hope you like this as much as I liked writing. She sat on the back porch, enjoying the cool day and the breeze wafting through the trees. Her husband was out of town again and she was feeling terrible lonely. She wished he did not have to leave so often, but it was the only way to pay the bills, and even it was a bit of a stretch.

She had offered many times to get a part time job to help out, but he wouldn't hear it. He had promised her that he would take care of her and he felt it was his job alone to provide for her. She longed to have a job, it would get her out of the house for a while and around other people.

She loved her husband dearly and knew his pride was not malicious, but she would like to help out more then just keeping the house clean and cooking for him. When he was home they had an active life. There were always events to go and people to meet. They were well liked in their community and she was would go to country club once in a while. But the ladies there were almost always pretentious and judgmental.

But they were good for company sometimes. And their private life was always amazing. They were both in good shape and exercised often. She would lay out in the backyard after a hard workout to tan her skin and dry off. She was always grateful for the privacy fence and the remote location of their, so most times she could lay out in the nude without prying eyes.

Today she was lonely and frustrated. He had been gone for over a week now, and was not sure when he would be able to return. Something about having to wine and dine the clients a lot to get them to sign the paperwork, which would land them a huge contract and start bringing some much needed funds for the business.

His partner was still in the office, he was a good man, but not always good with getting the client to do what was needed. So her husband was the main salesman and the partner made sure it all worked right. They had talked last night and he told her that there were some problems with bills for the office. His partner was trying to fix the problem, but her husband was afraid that they may have to take some money from their personal account to help until the contract was signed and money started coming in.

She knew a way to help, but she also knew that her husband would not be for it. They had joked about it once before when this had happened. She had offered to give herself over to the collector one night as a kind of joke. He of course said no, but the sex that night had been incredible. In fact it was the most intense love making they had had in quite some time.

And every time he would start to slow down some, she would whisper in his ear the things she would do to dissuade the collector from shutting them down.

That night her husband had come several times, and she came so many times she could not even keep track. As she thought of that night, she felt herself get wet and her need intensified. Before she knew it, she had her legs spread, her skirt up and she was rubbing her wet pussy. Within a few minutes she was having an intense orgasm. Her thoughts had all been about serving herself up to this collector.

As she leaned back and caught her breath, she made up her mind. She called up her husband's partner and was able to get the information she needed. She told him that she needed to know who the debtor was so she could get the funds from their account and since she was going to be in town she would drop off the money.

The partner gave the info quickly and gladly, knowing that all would be taken care of. So she went to the bank and got the money, just in case her plan did not work, and off she went to the man's office. She arrived late in the afternoon, there was only the receptionist and the man that wanted his money. She walked in and gave her name and stated her business to the receptionist. She looked the receptionist over, and was impressed with her appearance as well as her demeanor.

She felt a tingle of anticipation in what she was about to do, but she was not going to stop herself, she would do what she set on doing. She took a seat opposite the receptionist and watched her young body move as she did her job, waiting for her boss to respond to her.

The young girl was very pretty, with long brown hair and big brown eyes.

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She was well proportioned and showed off her cleavage in a professional, yet teasing manner. No reason she had the job she had.

She was indeed the first thing that anyone saw when they entered and she would stay in their minds for quite some time. Finally her phone rang and was told to escort the woman into the conference room. The receptionist did as she was told and led her down to a nice conference room. It was larger than her husbands, but not too ostentatious though.

After looking around for a few minutes an older gentleman entered the room and offered her a drink. She willingly accepted and took a seat near the entrance. She did not feel uncomfortable, but wasn't sure if this man would go for it.


They carried on some small talk and pleasantries. Then finally he asked how he could help. She hesitated for a moment, then decided on her approach. She stood up and started to talk about her husbands business and the deal that was currently working on. She told him that if her husband had the time he would seal the deal and be able to get up to date with all of his bills.

But he just need another month to make it all happen. The man listened and thought. Finally he asked her what her proposal was? She stepped forward and as bluntly as she had ever been, she said that she would offer herself to him if he would give her husband the time he needed. He looked at her shocked as she then reached down and start to unbutton her blouse, exposing her bare flesh.

His eyes widened as he saw that she was obviously prepared, because she did not wear a bra and her nipples were starting to harden. He let her finish her little striptease and he could feel the blood flowing to his cock. He felt it get hard quickly and he smiled wide, it had been a long time since that had happened.

She was now standing before him with her pantyhose, a garter belt, and a pair of lacy thongs. She started to glide over to him and could see the tent in his trousers. She smiled and knew she had his attention. She bent over in front of him, her ample breasts brushing against his legs as she reached for his belt and zipper. Just as she got his belt unbuckled, the door to the conference room opened wide. In walked the receptionist with papers in front of her face. The boss looked up and at her at the same time that I did.

As the young lady stepped up to the table she finally pulled the papers away and saw what was happening. She immediately blushed and stood still as could be.

Her boss looked at each of the women and his mind evaluated whether or not he could make this situation even better. He looked from the women to the young girl and smiled even wider. He said, "well this is a bit compromising, but it is exactly how it looks. So you need to decide Dierdre, do you join us and keep your job?

Or do I have to fire you here and now?" She could not believe her ears, but she needed the job and the woman in front of her was very sexy. She nodded her head no, put the papers down, then stepped over beside her boss. The boss smiled as he knew that he now had his receptionist right where he wanted her. The woman then resumed with her plans and started to unbutton and unzip his trousers. His cock was still hard, if not harder now.

The woman knew she had to finish what she started to make things easier for her husband. After she got his cock out, she saw just how big he was. Certainly bigger then her husband. She started to gently stroke his cock, feel it get throb in her hand. Dierdre stepped up beside her and gasped at the size of the man. She dropped to her knees and reached out to stroke his balls. She lowered her head between his legs and took the tip of his cock into her mouth.

The boss groaned and the woman smiled. She knew she had the man and would be able to achieve her goals and satisfy herself and a couple of fantasies too. Dierdre moved her mouth down the man's shaft and licked the woman's fingers as she squeezed his cock. He groaned with the sensations and his head fell back against the chair. The women started to work on his cock.

Stroking and sucking on it. Both women were getting excited as well. Dierdre was busy sucking her boss, but her hand slide up the stockinged leg of the woman next to her. It was so firm and hard. As she got to top of her legs she slide her hand between her legs and could feel the wet thong the woman wore. Dierdre took her head off her bosses cock and looked into the eyes and of the woman and smiled.

She had never had a woman touch her like that before. Touch her inner legs and her pussy like that. It was erotic and thrilling. She spread her legs as the young lady looked at her, allowing her to have more access to her wetness.

Dierdre returned to her bosses cock and took it all in her mouth.

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She sucked and swallowed as much of it as she could. Dierdre started to remove her clothes as best as she could. She was hot and felt bound up in them. She was always the type of girl that when she started anything sexual she got hot fast and needed to be naked as quickly as she could.

The woman reached over with her free hand and helped her get the rest of her clothes off. As she did, she also touch the girls breasts and marveled at how firm they were. She tweaked the nipples and rolled them in her fingers. This cause the girl to moan on her bosses cock, which caused him to moan as well. After several minutes of Dierdre sucking on her boss the woman reached down and pulled her head from him.

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She wanted a taste as well. Dierdre moves away from her boss and around to behind the woman. Dierdre then grabs her thong and starts to slowly pull them down. Her boss looks on at that moment, waiting to see the pussy that he is desiring.

The woman wiggles her ass and allows the thongs to be removed. Dierdre then buries her face into the woman's pussy and starts to lick and suck the juices that are flowing freely. The woman sucks hard on the cock in her mouth and moans as she experiences her first female encounter, even better her first threesome and with strangers. She swallowed and sucked on the fat cock in her mouth.

She loved to suck cock, and her husband always enjoyed her doing so. She savored the different size and shape of cock in her mouth. This man was bigger and he tasted different and good. She also enjoyed what this young girl was doing to her.

It was an intense feeling and suddenly she felt her orgasm overwhelm her. She had to take his cock out of her mouth or else she would bite it. Dierdre smiles as she realizes she has made the woman cum so quickly. She then licks the woman's asshole and then back down to your her pussy. The man is squirming in his chair and finally bellows that he wants some pussy too. The woman steps away so he can get up and remove his trousers.

He quickly removes his tie and shirt and grabs the woman and starts to kiss her hard. His tongue going into her mouth and tasting her. His hands are all over her, forcible grabbing and feeling her tight, hard body. His intensity is more then she has experienced in a long time. She can feel herself excited again and her juices flowing down her inner legs.

He picks her up and places her onto the strong table. Her legs spread wide around his waist. Dierdre quickly moves up besides him and starts to stroke his cock again. She leans forward and kisses her boss, letting him taste the juices of the woman before him.

He licks the girls face, tasting the juices of the woman before him. He decides that he wants a taste of her as well. He spreads her legs wide and dives between them.

Licking her inner thighs then down to her pussy. As he gets to his goal he tastes her first hand and is pleased with what he finds. She is shaved around her pussy, but has a small patch of hair above her clit. He licks and sucked on her lips, then he discovers a little treasure. He feels her hood is pierced and the ball rolls against his tongue, and he now knows why she was so excited. He is sure that ball presses against her clit all the time, keeping her in a constant state of arousal.

As the woman is getting her pussy licked and sucked by the man, she feels movement nearby. She opens her eyes and sees Dierdre move onto the table and lowers herself onto the woman's face. As Dierdre gets her pussy above the woman, she closes her eyes and hopes for the best. The woman pushes into the face of the man and up into the woman above her.

She flicks her tongue out and taste another woman for the first time. A fire goes off in her brain and spreads through her body. Dierdre shivers at the feel of the tongue against her. She tries not to push down, but she can't hold still for much longer. Her legs are twitching and spasming within a couple of minutes.

But the feelings between those legs are so intense that she holds as still as she can. Her juices flowing and dripping over the face of the woman. The boss is enjoying the sight of these two woman as he licks and sucks on the pussy in front of him. After a few more minutes he announces that he is going to fuck that pussy. The woman moans at the thought, but then she grows concerned and starts to fidget.

Dierdre moves off of her face and smiles down at her. She leans down and whispers not to worry. Dierdre hopes off the table and goes over to the boss and strokes his cock. She then goes to her skirt and pulls out a small bag from a pocket. She moves around and then pulls out a small package.

She tears it open and then puts something in her mouth. She returns to the boss and slides her mouth over his hard cock. She bobs up and down on his cock as he realizes that she has slid a condom onto him. He pulls out of her mouth and then prepares to enter the woman before him.

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Dierdre grabs his cock, stroking it and then helps to guide him into the pussy. The woman moans as she is spread open. Stretched for the first time in her life by a man and not a toy. Her thoughts quickly fill with her husband, and she knows that she still loves him and misses him and his cock more. But she is happy with the one stretching her open right now. Dierdre returns to her face, she leans over and kisses the woman.

Licking her own juices from the beautiful face. Dierdre then moves so she is on her hands and knees and lowers herself down to the woman's face, her ass facing her boss. The woman pushes up and starts to lick at the pussy above her and reaches up with a hand to pull her down so she can lick and suck on her easier.


The boss starts to push his cock in faster and deeper now. Trying to get as much as he can inside of her. He grabs her legs and pulls them hard against his chest, lifter her a little as he works deeper into her. Soon he has his full length inside of her. He works her hard, slamming into her, pushing her back and forth across Dierdre's pussy as well.

The boss reaches up and slaps Dierdre's ass hard. The sound echoes in the conference room and Dierdre moans loud in delight. As the man pounds into the woman's pussy, he also slaps the tight ass of Dierdre. Dierdre then moves her pussy more and more across the face of the woman until she can't hold it in anymore and explodes all over the woman's face.

Her juices flow thick and constant and cover the face of the woman below her. Dierdre moves forward and lies down for a few minutes to recover and relax her legs. Meanwhile, the man continues to fuck at the woman below. Pounding into her hard and deep. She is pushing back against him and she is amazed at how full she feels.

It is a wonderful sensation and she enjoys every second of it. She can feel his cock start to throb inside of her and she know that he will soon come. She is so grateful that Dierdre put a condom onto him before he entered her. She pushes back against him, wanting him to come inside of her.

She knows she will not feel his hot seed, but she will feel his orgasm though. Within minutes, as she tightens and loosens around his cock she feels him thrust hard into her. She knows he is coming as he bucks and thrust into her. When he is done he pulls out and collapses into a chair nearby. Dierdre moves around and starts to lick and suck on the woman and within seconds the woman starts to orgasm and then falls still.

Dierdre smiles and gently cleans the woman up. The boss watching Dierde at work gets hard again and pulls the used condom off his hardening cock. She turns around and see his thick cock bob up and down and decides that if he is ready she wants her go at him.

She moves aside on the table with her ass in the air. Her boss immediately gets up and moves behind her. He slaps her ass hard and she squeals in delight. The woman rolls to her side to watch what happens next. She sees the mans hard cock as he moves up to Dierdre.

The woman moves quickly and takes his cock into her mouth to get him nice and wet. She knows what is to happen as Dierdre has her hands on her ass spreading her cheeks wide open. The woman gets his cock nice and wet. She then moves to spit on Dierdre's asshole to make sure the woman can take him.

As the man moves in with his cock, the woman spits on Dierdre asshole one more time and helps guide the huge cock into her tight hole. As the man's cock slowly pushes in Dierdre starts to moan and before her boss is even half way into her, she pushes back to get all his cock into her.

As he adjusts to the sudden feeling, she starts to move back forth, setting the pace she wants to start with. He works with her, pushing into her as she pushes back. The woman then moves around and under Dierdre and starts to suck and lick at her pussy and clit again.

Dierdre pushes back harder onto her boss and starts demanding that he fuck her good and hard. The boss starts to thrust in harder and harder, slapping her ass as he thrusts deep inside of her. The woman sucks and licks at Dierdre's wet pussy.

Upon occasion she licks the balls of the man as well as the base of his cock. Suddenly Dierdre cries out and shakes through a violent orgasm. The woman smiles, licks Dierdre clean then moves around and gets in front of the young receptionist. She spreads her legs and slides forward.

Dierdre greedily grabs her legs and dives in to start licking and sucking. She moans and groans as her boss rams his cock hard and deep into her ass and pushing her deeper into the woman's pussy before her. The woman moans with the pleasure of the attention to her pussy again. Even though she enjoyed the cock in her pussy, she finds that she loves the feel of a woman eating her pussy and ass more then the strange cock. Minutes pass, moaning and groaning fills the room and the boss thrusts hard into the woman and fills her ass with his sperm.

He keeps his cock in her until he goes soft, then pulls out and again falls to the nearby chair. The woman moves around under Dierdre and starts to lick and suck on her pussy in a '69' position. As Dierdre feels another orgasm approaching, the woman pushes upward and starts to lick the dripping cum from her. Dierdre then screams and orgasms heavily on the woman's face. The two women finish licking and sucking each other.

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The woman being brought to another orgasm before they are finished. The boss the whole time sitting and watching the women explore and pleasure each other. As they move apart and start looking for their clothes to get dressed. The boss soon joins them and within a few minutes everyone is dressed again. The woman looks to the man and then asks if he pleased.

He agrees and tells the receptionist to bring in her husband's file. As they sit and talk a few minutes, Dierdre returns with the file. The boss takes out the bill and makes notations that the bill is paid in full for two months. He signs the paper and has a photo copy made.

The woman takes the offered paper and thanks him for his time and the pleasure of his company. As she walks out the receptionist hands her a business card and smiles. She gets into her car and sits still for several minutes. She thinks of what she had just done, she worries a little, but she knows she will tell her husband. She then grabs the business card and looks it over. She sees a simple note on the back saying thanks for all the fun and call me. It is Dierdre's phone number.

She smiles and puts the business card in her purse for a possible later call. As soon as she gets home she calls her husband, knowing he is getting ready for another outing with the client. She tells him that the bill is taken care and not to worry about it during his outing. She can hear her husband sigh of relief and she knows he will now excel.

She tells him to call her when he is back in his room and she will give him all the details. He hesitates and asks her what details. She just says, remember the fantasy and hangs up the phone on him.

He calls back and she refuses to answer, instead going up to take a long and much needed bath. After several hours of waiting, her husband calls back and she tells him all the details. From her plans that morning up to the enactment of her plan and then getting the bill dealt with.

She informed her husband that they had a two month reprieve from that collector and therefore giving them plenty of time to get the account inline. She could hear her husband breathing heavily. She knew what he was doing, so she went into detail of what they had done, even the experience with the receptionist.

She then told her husband that Dierdre have given her home number and wanted to meet up again. And then she heard her husband come loud and clear.

She knew she was okay with her husband and that life would be good again soon.