Unmerciful sex with a hot whore

Unmerciful sex with a hot whore
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Sally spent the rest of the week learning the ropes at Jackson's Bar and Grill. Janette had taken Sally under her wing and they were getting along great. Sally was a fast learner and a hard worker so she got comfortable in her role fast. She knew the whole menu and was great with customers.

The week flew by and it was finally time to find out if Jackson was going to hire her full time or not. It was a slow day so Sally tried to keep herself busy by cleaning everything but she found herself glancing over at Jackson's office door waiting for him to call her in. Jackson stepped out of his office and looked over at Sally; she was on her knees bent over scrubbing the floor.

He watched her for a moment taking in the sight of her tight ass moving back and forth as she scrubbed. He imagined her naked bent over on her hands and knees in front of him ready for him to take her. He felt his cock twitch in his pants and pushed thoughts out of his mind. That would come later. Jackson cleared his throat and Sally glanced over her shoulder and he motioned her to follow him into his office.

She got up and quickly came over and came in behind him and closed the door. "This has been a great week thank you for this opportunity Jackson," she said quickly. Jackson smiled at her eagerness, "The pleasure was all mine, please take a seat." Sally slid into the chair and Jackson stood in front of her leaning against his desk.

"Let's cut to the chase. You did a great job this week and we would love to have you." Sally grinned, "Thank you so much!" "Now, before you get to excited I should tell you some of the stipulations of this job," he looked at her waiting. She swallowed and nodded. "One thing you will be required for me to hire you is a new wardrobe. I will pay for it but you will have to let Janette take you shopping. Customers drink more and tip more if the staff is dressed… well sexy.

If this makes you uncomfortable you are free to leave now and find another job." "I understand. It will be okay." Jackson smile, "Great to hear it. You and Janette work very hard and I am giving you both the rest of the day off to do your shopping and go to the spa.

Get whatever you want and listen to Janette she knows what's best for you girls." Sally stood up and gave Jackson an excited hug. He could feel her body pressed against his and he put an arm around her waist holding her tightly. The hug lingered and when she pushed away he let go. Sally blushed, "Is it okay if I go find Janette now?" He nodded, "She should be waiting for you." The girls left for their day of shopping and spa.

Janette got Sally a whole new sexy wardrobe. Then she had Sally's whole body got waxed, her hair was done, her feet and hands were made over. By the end Sally felt sort of amazing. The waxing had hurt initially but now she was feeling silky and sexy. Sally was so overwhelmed by everything and she was so excited that she found this job. When she got back she found out Jackson had given her her own apartment to stay in.

The next month flew by. Sally worked hard and made way more tips then she did before in her new outfits. She secretly loved the attention she got from men (and some women) ogling her body.

Every Sunday night the restaurant shut down and the three of them had supper together and did things like watched movies, played games or just visited. Jackson had big plans this Sunday. It started out like every other Sunday where they cleaned all morning then went up and got ready for their supper. This Sunday appeared to Sally like any other Sunday but this time Jackson made her some very special drinks.

Everytime he made her a drink he added one drop of a very special tonic he had picked up when he traveled to Japan. It was basically a concentrated aphrodisiac. Between that and the alcohol Sally was feeling pretty good. Janette went to bed early just as Jackson had planned.

He turned on the music and began to dance with Sally. Sally felt the heat between them and she felt tingly all over.

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She kind of had a crush on Jackson and tonight she was getting a lot more flirty. Their bodies moved together on the dance floor and Jackson's cock had become rock hard.

He pressed it against her and she felt it and her pussy felt like it was on fire; in a good way.

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Jackson leaned down and kissed her. She was feeling everything and didn't even hesitate to kiss him back. Jackson deepened the kiss and she moaned pressing her body against his.

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He knew she was ready for what he had planned next. He signaled to someone who had been waiting in a booth to the side. As his friend approached he pulled away from Sally, "I want you to meet a very special friend of mine." Sally looked over at the tall muscular man and waved. She wondered where he came from but her brain was too fuzzy from the lust and the drinks.

"Sweetie, this is Lucas. He is a long time customer and friend." "Hi," she smiled at him, "I'm Sally nice to meet you." Jackson turned her around again and stated dancing with her again.

She felt Lucas come up behind her and grab her hips as he grinded his hard cock on her ass. She wanted to protest but it felt to good. Jackson kissed her again and his hands roamed her body making her feel things she had never felt before; being a virgin (tonight being her first kiss even). This was all moving so fast but her body burned with desire and she couldn't make a sound besides panting and moaning.

Lucas started trailing kisses down her neck and nibbled her neck.

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She let out a gasp of surprise and it quickly turned into a moan of pleasure. She could feel his hands all over her body, but couldn't hardly tell the difference between him and Jackson.

She just felt pleasure all over and they groaped her and felt her breasts, stomach, ass, and thighs.

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She felt something hard bump her hip and she realized they were close to a table and hit it. Next thing she know she was bent over the table. She was on her tippy toes and Jackson was holding her wrists down and Lucas was behind her rubbing her thighs beneath her skirt. Her voice shook, "Guys, what are you doing?" "Shhh baby we are going to take care of you," Lucas whispered.

He pushed her skirt up and revealed a pair of white silk panties. She was soaking wet and he could see through her panties to the lips of her pussy.

He groaned as he ran his finger up and down her slit. She wriggled but moaned as pleasure hit her body. She felt embarrassed and she tried to push away from them but they were much stronger then her and it was futile.

Lucas had taken his clothes off without missing beat of rubbing her wet pussy. He slid her panties down, "I love the taste and feel of virgin pussy. I've been watching you baby girl. I wanted you since you got here." Lucas bent down and inhaled her scent before he took his tongue and tasted her.

Sally yelped at the sensation and she wriggled her ass trying to get away but then trying to get more. She hated that she loved it. "Jackson," she panted as Lucas licked her clit.

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"Yes?" he loved the way she said his name. Lucas was hungry and he started lapping at her harder and she began to shake.


"I.I. how… why…?" She looked up at him with her beautiful eyes looking for answers. Jackson smiled, "Shh…" Waves of pleasure hit her hard as she convulsed on the table between the two men. She was having her first orgasim. Lucas grinned and stood up. This was his favorite part. As she twitched coming down from her orgasim he gripped her hips and thrust inside her all at once.

She screamed as he ripped through her hymen, "STOP! NO!


PLEASE!" Lucas grunted as he pulled out and slammed into her once more, "No. Tonight you are mine for the taking. I paid good money for your virginity." Sally hardly had a chance to think about what he said before he pulled out and slammed back inside her again. She looked up at Jackson a few tears in her eyes but he didn't show any sign of remorse. He only licked his lips as Lucas thrust inside her again. Sally turned her head to the side as she hid the look of pleasure from them.

The pain was gone and pleasure filled her every time he did.

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He picked up his pace and his balls slapped her clit with every thrust and she bit her lip trying to keep it inside but she failed and a moan escaped her lips. "You like my cock inside your virgin pussy don't you? You're so tight and wet ready for me to take you," he grunted as he slammed inside her.

She wanted to tell him no she hated it but her body had a different story as she felt another orgasim coming. The table squeaked beneath her as he was thrusting inside her again and again and again.

She moaned as she felt herself come to the edge of another orgasim. "Fuck yea baby come on my cock right in front of your boss," he grunted and Sally started convulsing with an orgasim once again.

"Yea milk me. Make me fill you up with my cum. Fuck yea!" He grunted as he slammed into her hard all at once releasing streams of cum into her tiny fuck hole.

She could feel it all hot as it shot deep inside her. He began to slowly pull out and she whimpered at the feeling of being empty. He plopped out and she could feel his cum start to run down her thighs.

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