Sex appeal Kody gets extra wet

Sex appeal Kody gets extra wet
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Erica's mind had been a whirl as she washed her soft body, and made sure her beautiful tight pussy was shaved smooth; just the way David her husband loved it. She couldn't help massaging her tender clit with the warm water from the shower nozzle.

Erica had found just the right setting on the shower head to prolong her orgasm for hours, and since David hadn't fucked her tonight, she needed release for the sexual tension that had built up while sucking his 8" cock. Moaning loudly as the jetting water frigged her clit, Erica brought up her left leg to rest it on the edge of the bathtub rim, and spread her fleshy pink cunt lips apart so she could jam two fingers into her moist kitty. As Erica fucked her horny pussy with her fingers, she kept reciting over and over in her head that tonight was all for David, and the love they shared.

But way back in the darkest recesses of her mind she knew that there was a part of her that wanted what would be happening later on - maybe even more than her husband did. Erica sighed, and brought one of her firm C cup tits to her mouth, and sucked hard on her erect nipple, while continuing to dig her long supple fingers into her wet fuck hole.


Erica's twat was on fire, her fat clit swelling up as the water from the shower head continued to masturbate her. Chewing greedily on her nipple, Erica remembered the first time she allowed David to get past first base, and plopped out one of her tits in the back row of the movie theatre.

He had sucked and chewed on her tit, while finger banging her pussy all through the movie, and she had had at least five orgasms before he let up. Erica could hardly stand when the movie was finally over, and when they got outside to the parking lot, she was so mentally out of it that she ended up sucking him off in a dark doorway that was a fire exit for the theater.

David had pushed her into the doorway, and before she knew what hit her, she had his fat choad jammed down her throat, and his jizz coating her tonsils. She licked her lips, and could still taste a hint of her husband's seed from the blow job she had given him an hour ago. As far as Erica was concerned David could shoot his load down her throat any day as she loved the salty flavor, and wondered if all men tasted the same. Continuing the manipulations on her twat, Erica's mind strayed to what might happen tonight.

David and she had broken just about every taboo they could think of that wasn't too far out there. Anal, bondage, light S&M, role playing and public sex had all been fair game in their eight years together, and she had loved every minute of it.

Erica had been 18 when they got married and still a virgin, but tonight one of the final taboos was about to be broken, and she would be fucking another man at her husband's request.

"It will be alright baby," David had said to her a few days ago when he first broached the subject, "If I land this client for our firm, it means full partnership…we'll be set for life." Erica hadn't been very keen on the idea, and was reluctant to say yes.

All that had been going through her mind up to this point was what if David became jealous, would he still love her or would he leave her? David had told her that he wouldn't get jealous, and that it was only this one time so in the end she capitulated, agreeing to be a whore for the record exec tonight. "But what if I enjoy it?" was the final thought she had before going to bed that evening. Now in the shower, she fantasized about another man's cock in her, using her like any common prostitute, and the idea made her pussy send shocks through her whole body.

To feel some stranger's cock penetrate her where only her husband had been before.


To have another man's lips kiss her and suck on her clit, before dumping his steamy load either down her throat or into her cunt. Erica needed more now than just her fingers fucking her heated pussy, she needed a cock, any cock.

David hadn't wanted to fuck her tonight because he wanted her pussy to be as tight as possible for the client, but here she was with an aching inside that needed to be filled.

Erica's eyes fluttered open and saw the bottle of shampoo sitting on the shower rack, and she reached over to grab it. Taking a bit of body wash, she lathered the bottle up, and set it on the shower seat, then slowly lowered her flushing pussy over its end.

Erica had to work her pussy in a circular motion over the bottle head to get it to go in, and she winced at first from the intrusion of her large make-shift dildo.

Inch by inch she lowered herself onto the bottle till she had it almost completely inside her. Grasping the bottle base with both hands, Erica began riding up and down on it, slowly at first as the bottle was about 6" in diameter and was the biggest thing she had ever had crammed up her twat. Erica was in ecstasy from the fucking she was giving her cunt, and also from the thought that it was actually a stranger's big, fat cock that was doing the fucking.

Her pussy made loud squishing noises as she danced faster and faster on the bottle. Erica wished this feeling would never end, her vaginal walls stretching wider from the thickness of the bottle, and she bit down hard on her lower lip, thinking to herself, "It would only be this once." She would meet her husband's client and fuck his brains out, and "It would only be this once." She loved David, and would do anything for him.

If he wanted her to fuck another man tonight she would…"Just this once." "What would it matter if she liked it," she thought…"Oh yes, I wish this was his cock in me now," …it would only be this once…"Fuck me with your fucken big cock," …only just once…"Cum in my pussy," …just once…"I wanna taste your sticky, hot CUM!!!"…oncccce. Erica's orgasm hit her like a freight train, and she bucked up and down on the shampoo bottle, forcing it deeper into her pink crevice as wave upon wave hit her, making her moans stronger, and all she thought about was the orgasm taking hold of her and a more conscious thought of being a stranger's slut for the night.

The climax lasted for almost 10 minutes, before Erica could finally get up enough energy to move. She leaned back against the shower wall, half the shampoo bottle still sticking out of her muff. With a tug she pulled the bottle free of her twat, and washed the cunt cream off of it. "I can do this," she thought, "and still love David. And if I like it all the better," and smiling to herself she finished with her shower, and made ready to be the best whore money could buy.

****** The drive to the restaurant where Erica would meet her husband's client didn't take long. It was about 20 minutes from where they lived, and was picked out by David especially for this occasion, as the restaurant was in the Hotel Merlot.

The hotel was very posh and was well known to attract celebrities. The reason for the attraction was not so much the hotel, as it was for the hotel's reputation at anonymity and discreetness. Many of its patrons were rich and had a penchant for adultery. What better place to have his wife wine, dine then sixty-nine a client, and be back in bed before midnight. Erica was nervous as she stepped out her black BMW. There was still a part of her that couldn't believe what she was about to do tonight, but with a giggle and a smile, she handed the keys to her car over to the valet, adjusted her tight black mini-dress, and walked toward the entrance to the hotel.

Erica sashayed through the lobby of the hotel, her long silky blond hair falling just past her firm succulent ass. She couldn't help but notice the attention she was drawing, and every male eye seemed to be drawn to her, and even some of the female ones.

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David had always told her how lucky he was to have her for a wife. He said she was the most gorgeous creature he had ever seen, and that she could make a dead man cum. She smiled to herself again, hoping that the client wasn't a dead man, and had plenty of cum to give her. As she reached the restaurant doors, Erica noticed a very handsome black man standing off to the side, and before she could do a double take, he was making his way towards her.

She hadn't even thought that the client David had set her up with might be black; at least she hoped that he was the client for more reasons than just not being hit on by every guy in the hotel. Erica eyed him up and down, taken in by his size.

He was 6' 4" and weight about 220 lbs, which was a giant compared to her 5' 2" 100 lb frame. The man's eyes were like milk chocolate and his skin was just a shade or two darker. He had a well trimmed goatee and a shaved head. His clothes were tailored to the T, and he exuded confidence, even standing still. Erica was very pleased that he wasn't some middle aged fat man, who probably had a 3" pecker, and a bad heart.

"You must be Erica? I'm Devon Childs," the man said extending his large hand towards her. Devon's hand enveloped Erica's, which was tiny in comparison, and she answered with a smile, "Yes Mr. Childs, I'm Erica." As he led her towards the restaurant he chided her for calling him Mr.

Childs, and told her to call him Devon. The Maitre d' led Erica and her companion to an available table, and by the way he spoke, he seemed to know Mr. Childs. Devon tipped the Maitre d', and held the chair out for Erica brushing her exposed arm with his hand, which sent a thrill down to her moist box. It wasn't long before their drinks came, and they were happily chatting away. "God, Dave wasn't lying you are stunning," Devin said as he poured them both a little more champagne.

Erica smiled at him as she ran her lithe tongue across her bottom lip, which she knew would draw his attention, and then leaned back so Devon could get a good view of her ample cleavage before saying, "So you like what you see?" Devin's eyes were glowing as he looked back into Erica's smoldering green ones. "Oh yes. You are picture perfect. Dave has definitely out done himself." Underneath the table Erica kicked off her right high heel shoe, and ran her stocking clad foot up under Devon's pant leg, caressing his calf.

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"That's good because I am a very expensive whore," Erica purred as she continued rubbing Devon's leg with her silky foot, "But I could see myself doing you for free. I hope that big black cock of yours is up to the task…I'm bought and paid for till midnight." Erica reached down underneath her skirt, and dipped her index finger into her exposed cunt, collecting some of her twat cream then smearing the heady liquid around the edge of her champagne glass, before offering it to Devon to drink.

Devon's chocolate eyes narrowed as he smiled, and took the glass from Erica. After taking a large sip of champagne, he ran his thick tongue around the rim savoring Erica's tarty sauce. "I think we should skip dinner and go up to my room, Devon said rising from the table. Erica couldn't believe what she had just done.

She was nowhere near drunk, but she felt light headed nonetheless.

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"I just flirted with a strange man and loved it," Erica mused as she rose from the table, and started towards the restaurant entrance. Devon paid the bill, but didn't escort her out of the restaurants' lobby; instead he motioned her down a side hall that led to the back.

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The hallway ran back about 30 yards before it turned to the left passing the bathrooms on the right side. As Erica walked next to Devon, he ran his hand down her back, caressing her soft exposed shoulder, and finally making his way to cup her left ass cheek. Devon's touch sent an electrical current of emotion through her body, and Erica found herself pressing hard into his grasp, her pussy beginning to leak uncontrollably.

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Thinking to herself, "There is no going back now. I am going to get laid by this gorgeous black man," Devon and she rounded the corner, and Erica noticed that there were four elevators, two on each side of the wall.

One of the elevators had its doors open, and Erica looked inside to see that the walls of the elevator were mirrored, and there was an upholstered bench that ran ¾ of the way around the inside. The carpet on the elevator floor was thick red plush, and she slipped off her high heels as she entered.

"These are private elevators hon, that run up to all the floors in the hotel. They are sort of special cause they don't have warning alarms when you stop them between floors. They're for guests to use who need to be discreet," Devon said as the elevator doors closed behind them.

Devon pressed the button for the15th floor, and after passing the 7th floor, he hit the elevator stop button, bringing the elevator to a halt. Devon ran his large hands up Erica's creamy white arms, and then brought her right hand up to his mouth to kiss it. He noticed her shiny platinum wedding band and said, "So you're married huh?

Isn't your husband jealous about his wife being a call girl?" "What my husband doesn't know won't hurt him. You know a girl has to make a living, and fuck working in an office when I can lie on my back, and get paid for balling guys.

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Anyway, tonight I'm your little white whore, and my husband will be none the wiser," Erica said pulling Devon down by his shirt front, and kissing him full on the lips.

It wasn't long before Erica had wrestled Devon's mouth, open and began probing it with her tongue. Erica was loving this now, as the large black man held her in his firm grip sucking back willingly on her tongue. She could feel his hard member growing in his pants, and pressing up against her firm stomach his size seemed enormous, even through his trousers. As Devon ran his fingers through her silky blond hair, she ran her dainty hands over his ass, clenching the meaty flesh, and sighed as they continued their tongue fucking.

After a few minutes of heated tongue kissing, Erica could not hold out any longer, and sunk to her knees on the soft carpet. With the sexiest pout she could manage, Erica stared up at Devon with her bright green eyes, and undid his zipper.

Out popped the largest cock she had ever seen, in fact to call it a cock was an understatement. What Devon had hidden in his pants was nothing less that 12" of glorious black meat, and the word cudgel came to Erica's mind as she reached to peel back the foreskin, revealing his huge, swollen dark caramel head.

"You are all man aren't you?" Erica said as she smiled up at Devon, and spat a large glob of saliva onto the tip of his cock, "Let's get this healthy monster working." Erica couldn't get her hands completely around Devon's black knob, and it excited her even more than she already was.

The little sexy blond stared at her hand jacking off the first black cock she had ever held, and she was giddy with watching the foreskin slide back and forth over the shiny black prick end. Gathering up more spit into her mouth, she lobbed another loogie onto the licorice stick throbbing in her palm.

With the eagerness of a nymph, Erica took Devon's prick into her mouth, and swirled her tongue over his pee hole. Erica found the taste of Devon's pre cum sweet, unlike her husband's which was slightly salty, and she dug her tongue into Devon's pee hole again to get more.

Devon moaned as Erica washed his cock head, and he pushed his hips forward to try and make her take more of his meat.


Opening her mouth as wide as she could, Erica allowed the black pecker to force its way farther down her throat, her saliva making gargling sounds as the chocolate snake slithered its way towards her tonsils.

Erica had taken about 8" of Devon's cock into her mouth before she slowly backed off of it, dragging her upper teeth lightly across his cock head as he exited her orifice. A long trail of shiny spit ran from Erica's lower lip back to his cock, and she gaped in awe at just how thick of a cock she had just taken into her hungry mouth.

Devon's prick was long, but it had also swollen to almost the circumference of a coke can. "I want you to ram that fuck stick down my throat lover, as deep as you can get it," Erica cooed, while she pumped him with both hands, "I wanna feel it so far down that it feels like your gonna push it out through my ass." Bracing herself, Erica grabbed a hold of Devon's ass cheeks as he obliged her, and crammed his rod into her mouth.

Erica gargled some more as she tried to make room for the huge phallus that creeped its way farther and farther into her mouth. Devon was almost 10" into her before she started to back off of him, but he refused to let her mouth go, and pinched her nose shut so she would have to inhale through her mouth, which allowed him the extra room to bottom out his pecker in her. Devon smiled, as Erica struggled for air, and the sight of this fine young white girl with a mouth full of his black cock made him reluctant to ever pull it out, but after a few more seconds he released her nose, and pulled his cock free of her again.

Devon's cock bounced across Erica's pretty face as it exited her warm mouth, and left sticky spots all over it. Erica gasped for air, while the fat prick throbbed in front of her, hitting her every so often to leave another wet mark. As Erica rested a second, Devon took the time to take off his shirt and slacks, throwing them in a pile on the elevator floor.

Erica soon followed suit, and unzipped her black one piece mini dress, letting it crumple to the floor next to Devon's clothes. She was about to remove her stockings and garter as well, but Devon stopped her with his strong hands, and pulled her towards the bench seat. The bench seat was pretty wide, and Devon positioned Erica so her back was lying flat, and her legs were propped straight up against the mirrored walls. Erica had an idea what was coming as her head hung backwards over the edge of the bench.

Stroking his member, Devon squatted a little, and rubbed his cock all over Erica's face, then slid his huge hanging nuts across her lips. Erica moaned as she licked at the balls hanging over her mouth. Devon allowed Erica a little time with them, and she sucked one of his nut sacks hungrily. Devon was on fire now, and he reached down to rub his hand across Erica's dripping pussy, catching some of her nectar, and bringing it up to keep his cock well lubed as he jacked off.

"OoO…yeah. That's it you little bitch. Use your teeth and tug on my nuts," Devon exclaimed as Erica tried to peel his nuts like an orange. "You like that huh…having your balls gobbled by a little white cock craving slut? I bet you'll like this too," Erica replied, and ran her velvet tongue from Devon's balls up to his ass crack.

"Yeah stick your tongue in my shitter. God you're so fucking hot," Devon shouted as he increased his cock jerking. Erica pushed Devon's ass cheeks apart so she could rim him good.

"Omg, I'm licking this guy's ass and loving it. I know I shouldn't love it but I do," Erica thought as she kept up cleaning Devon's anus with her pink tongue. Erica could feel the vibration of Devon's cock palming, while his large plum colored balls smacked against her chin, and she wished she had three mouths so she could suck his cock, balls, and asshole all at the same time.

A few minutes later Devon stood up, and brought his choad back to Erica's mouth. He started fucking her face with a frenzy, his thick heavy balls smacking her across the bridge of her nose, and her forehead. Devon reached down grabbing a hold of Erica's long blond hair, and because of its length, he was able to wrap it around her neck like a noose, and still have about two feet left in his hand to pull her up and down on his cock.

Erica was at first scared when Devon wrapped her hair around her throat, but all of the pressure was actually at the back of her neck so it didn't take long for her to get into the groove, and enjoy the submissive position she was in. As Devon jerked on Erica's hair he said, "Come on whore suck my cock.

I bet you never want your husband again after the dicking you're gonna get tonight. Yeah I'm gonna fuck that throat of yours raw, and dump my slop into your mouth." Devon pushed his giant cock into Erica's little mouth harder, and because of the angle, he was able to slide it down her throat like a piston without choking her.

Erica's pussy was burning with passion, and she started fingering her clit as the black snake abused her mouth. "David…I'm sorry,"…Erica thought as she fingered her clit faster, "I didn't want to," …as Devon fucked her face harder, "This black man is so gorgeous.

Fuck I need his cum!"…her pussy contracting, nearing her first orgasm with another man, "Please I need it." Erica needed to time this just right, and she reached up to massage Devon's balls, and loosen the cum knots contained within.

She wanted to feel this black man's baby sauce slide down her throat at the same time she reached her climax she needed to taste him. Erica continued to masturbate her clit as she squeezed and pulled on Devon's nuts, and nearing the point where her cunt would shoot its goo, she felt his balls tighten and unleash his first volley of jizz down her throat.

The first wave of her orgasm hit her, which made her back arch, forcing the giant black prick farther down her throat, and all she could think of was, "Yes Devon…give me your cream," as she felt the hot gooey sludge shoot down her throat. In the background she could hear Devon yell out and say, "Its feeding time bitch, and your daddy's got a protein shake a cummmmminnn." Erica was euphoric now, and her orgasms were coming one after another as Devon dumped blast after blast of semen into her, filling her mouth so full, that his thick white seed pushed its way out passed her clamped lips, and ran trickling into her nose and eyes.

"I want more," Erica mumbled as her cum dump mouth tried to hold Devon's seed in, "God he's so fucken thick and sweet, I need every drop… I need it everyday… I would do anything to have Devon feed me on his cum for the rest of my life." All thoughts of Erica's husband had left her as her orgasms reached their pinnacle.

As Devon pulled his tool out of her mouth, the last shot of cum coated her chin, and Erica reached up to push every last drop she could find into her mouth, savoring the flavor, and wanting more already. Devon scooped up his sludge that had fallen into the pit between Erica's, eyes and let it trickle into her hungry, gaping mouth.

As Devon watched the white slut lap up the last few drops of his nut honey he said, "Now bitch you really are my whore, and I don't think you'll be goin back to your husband tonight, cause we have some serious fucking to do." Erica smiled, running her pretty tongue over her lips, and knowing that this hung black man was right. She wouldn't be going home to David, not until she had as much of Devon's prick steak as she could handle, and that could be a very long time.