Ultimate Public Nudity Public gash flashing On The Roof

Ultimate Public Nudity Public gash flashing On The Roof
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The Ghost and Me I suppose that at one time or another, everyone feels or think they see a ghost. Me, I had never seen anything like a ghost or anything I couldn't explain, until now. I'm a 33 years old male, born in the far west of NSW, being raised on a farm with just my parents. I'm 6 tall with a good athletic body. I never had any real girlfriends before, mainly because I'm too shy.

I really never spoke with many girls before, so I suppose I was seen as stand offish, which actually drove women away from me. I really didn't have anyone who I could learn from and so it made it hard for me.


Believe me, I could never go gay, I don't even like the male body, except for mine and especially my 7 inch cock. Nothing about other men appeals to me. I came to Sydney to find a new life for myself.

I thought that being in the largest city in Australia I would find something for me. I made arrangements through a real estate, before leaving, to find an apartment, something in the city.

They emailed me several apartments, which I went and looked over. Of The several places there wasn't very much to look at, but one. I felt at home the most in old apartment, which had several balconies over looking the city.

The balconies had been covered at one time with flowers, but they died, leaving dried remains behind. I liked the feel to the apartment. It satisfied my need to live somewhere, so I took it. I moved in a couple of weeks later. Then I spent a lot of time looking at furniture, until I found a little second hand store, nearby to where I lived. I had travelled all over the city looking, but never in my backyard, so to speak.

After settling the furniture, I thought something was missing. Then one day while drinking coffee on the balcony. I received an impression of greenery and I thought that plants may bring the rest of the apartment alive. So I started looking on the net at what plants would help. I've never had a green thumb, or even cared for gardening for that matter. I soon as run over a flower with a lawn mower or put a driveway down, than to try and grow a plant.

But, as soon as I had the impression of plants in the place, one thought kept surfacing, making this apartment and my life, come alive.

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It was the most important part of living in this new apartment. This was a new change for me. The weeks I toiled with the plants, reading what was suitable and what was not.

But in the end I was really astonished at my ability to bring life into my world. It took a year to make everything alive, but I did it. It was just after bringing the apartment to life, I was sitting in a dark lounge room, with only the glow from the TV to brighten my immediate area. When there was movement and from the corner of my eye, it seemed to be standing in the hall. At first I looked but no one was there. Thinking it was my imagination, I went back to watching TV and letting its soft glow surround me.

Then I caught the movement again, so again I fixed my gaze to the hallway, though nothing was visible.

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I couldn't understand why I was seeing something there when there wasn't. It puzzled me until I thought I must have been tired, so switching off the TV, I walked down the unlit hallway, to the door that opened to my room.

Just as I opened the door, but stopped short of turning on the light, something moved behind me. This something gave me a feeling I couldn't explain. It made the hair on my body rise and produced goose bumps. I couldn't explain it, for when I turned nothing was there. I turned on the light and enter the bedroom.

I undressed myself, leaving me naked for sleep, and laid down under the blankets. I read until I felt myself start to sleep, so turning of the second of the room's lights, I closed my eyes and let the room settle until the next morning. I don't know how long I'd been asleep when the strangest dream had come to me.

This woman of unmistakable beauty had lay next to me on my bed. She had told me how wonderful the apartment looked, and how she came alive at such beauty. She felt that the apartment was made just for her and that she would now reward me. This beauty had long wavy red hair. Her lips were red and full, to match her hair. Her eyes were of emerald green and took on life that brought her smile to brighten all around her.

Her skin was pale and stood out against her hair. This woman was beautiful and nothing I could do would make me take my eyes off her.

The beauty had been lightly touching my cock, which now stirred from slumber. In my dream I rolled on to my back to allow her better access. Her touch was fleeting but magical, taking no time for my manhood become rigid.

The beautiful woman smiled and my heart skipped, then racing to a whole new throb. As she lowered her mouth to my stiffened pole, I saw how her lips floated over it.

As she took me the feeling I got was magical, there were tingly electrical touch to the head of my cock, and something that made me feel alive.


Her tongue swirled around and around, making the feeling more explicit and real. Soon her mouth was engulfing me, taking me all the way to the base of my cock. Electricity up lifted my soul, making my cock feel charged.

This raised my seed through my cock, till I was ready to explode. Then as I was ready to cum, the beauty took hold of my cock with her mouth and hands until my body shook. I exploded in a wave of sensuality and intensity. My cum landed upon my body, my face, my pillow and the wall. My cock wouldn't stop shooting the load I produced and my mind went into a bliss that was indescribable.

The dream was so real that the amount of cum that shot from my cock, found me awake instantly. I Bolted upright, looking at the cum on my stomach, around the room and wondering what just happened. I grabbed a handful of tissues and wiped myself clean.

I laid back down, and started thinking what was that dream all about.

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Something came to me about wet dreams and I remembered it usually had to do with puberty. I let the thought go and tried to sleep, but the picture of the woman held my memory.

Finally I slept and was not disturbed again until the alarm woke me up at 7am. I got up and looked at the room again, the bunch of tissues and the marks left on the wall.

I started cleaning up, but the thought of the woman came back to me.

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I knew that working on the plants helped, so I started working on each plant and flower, which made me happy. I talked to each one and played music that I read would actually help plants grow. By the afternoon, the image of the woman had vanished from my mind. The feeling that I got for looking after the plants, replaced the image.

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I was able to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and read my book. That night I went to a friend's place, who introduced me to a nice girl, Samantha.

She seemed interesting to me, until she left without leaving me a number or any further indication of wanting to see me. So I travelled home, had a coffee, and got ready for bed.

The apartment felt warm, friendly and I enjoyed living in it. I went to bed, again read part of my book, and when I felt ready I turned off the light.

I was deep asleep again when the dream of the red headed beauty came to me again. This time she was floating above me, looking down into my eyes. She thanked me for looking after the plants, and how happy she felt to be alive again. I felt safe when I told her, her smile was something that I lived to feel on my lips. At that invitation she lowered her head and touched my lips with hers. With the touch, electrical energy serge passed between us. It gave me an incredible feeling of love and arousal.

Straight away my cock rose up to its full rigidity. I looked into the eyes of this beauty of mine, and asked if she would take my manhood into her.

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At that the woman looked down at me, smiled and lowered her body down onto me. As my cock stood up, her pussy enveloped my manhood. The tingling sensation returned and again the electrical energy serge passed between her to me. I could not believe the feeling as her body rose and fell onto my cock. There wasn't any other feeling, but this did not stop my cock from responding. Soon, from her movements, my cock was close to erupting into her body, and spreading my juice into a woman of beauty.

I had kept my eyes on her the whole time we fucked. I couldn't be released from them. I know that I wanted to keep myself there always. Though in this dream I could not hold her, but, she kept her body close to me. Finally I shot my load again, and the volume was more than the night before. My ejaculation shot up and landed on my stomach, chest and hair. My cock was still pumping out cum from me, when I realised I was awake and that the figure had gone.

These dreams started to worry me, as I cleaned myself up. I had never had any problems of wet dreams before arriving in the city. As I thought about this, I came to the conclusion that the problems only started when I finished the garden.

That everything that happened around the apartment happened to me. I cleaned up and laid back in bed, and thought about the first night, when I kept on thinking I saw something. Finally I fell asleep and didn't dream for the rest of the night.

The next morning again I tendered to the plants and found they loved the attention that I gave. I decided to see my friend again.

So that afternoon I travelled to my friends place. When I arrived, the Samantha girl, I met the previous evening was there waiting too. Samantha was 22 years old, long wavy Auburn hair, with hazel eyes. A slim nice figure and with what could be a lovely smile. Her skin looked taunt and fresh, which gave it a touch of beauty to it.

I greeted her and asked about her day. She seemed to be evasive of me, and everything I did to have her join in conversation, didn't help. Finally, I asked her about ghosts and strange occurrences. I asked where I would look to find such information. At that she scowled at me and gave me mocked laughter. I asked her about the sarcastic laugh, when asking about my line of enquiry. She looked real hard at me and stated, "Yeah, so you know I study para-psychology." I said, "What's that about?" She gave a scornful look when she replied, "It's the study into supernatural/psychic events and the discovery of events that would not be classed as normal, such as hauntings." I looked at Samantha who seemed to be scoffing at me, looking down her nose at me.

When she asked, "Why do you want to know about this?" I said, "I don't think you'd believe me." She said, "Try me." So I told her the story of moving into the apartment, the need to have the unit living. Then after finishing the apartment, the strange feelings that someone was there, and I could always see something out the corner of my eyes.

I finished, telling her of my dreams, the erotic feelings and wet dreams I had, revealing to her I was awake just before ejaculation.

Samantha seemed to be thinking about my story. She told me that if I was having a lend at her expense, she would cut my balls off. I took a step back at her threat, and told her that I wasn't lying, that I was worried about the weird occurrences that happened and that I could be in trouble. Samantha told she'd come over that night and start her investigation. I was happy at hearing that and asked would she like dinner. She abruptly said No. and stated further, "I'm not there to fraternise with you." I felt wounded and self conscious.

But I turn that thought off, looking at trying to be a friend. So I left telling her I'd see her later. She told me ok, and that was that. I returned home to wait for Samantha. Part 2 the Investigation