Sweet teenie opens up narrowed pussy and loses virginity

Sweet teenie opens up narrowed pussy and loses virginity
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My husband Dave had persuaded me to go dogging with him again after the good experience I had on my first visit to the woods. I am Julie 5'6'' tall with dark brown hair and quite a good figure despite my 35 years. I suppose I could be described as busty. We arrived at the car park about 11pm on a wonderfully warm summers night.

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Dave had parked the car in a sort of bay in between trees which allowed other cars to come nearby. If you are a regular dogger in my area you will probably know the spot. I was thankful for the darkness created by the canopy of branches. I had put on clothes to give a dogger easy access if we were lucky enough to find the right guy.


My panties were in my bag and I wore no bra but my breasts were still firm enough for me to get away with it. I was excited and trembling slightly but feeling so horney and I admit nervous.

We were aware of a car coming onto the car park with sidelights only and parking in the next bay along from us. I wondered if he would be interested and what he would be like. Presently through the trees I saw his interior light come on as the door opened and closed. My vision was quite limited but soon I was aware that a guy was approaching my side of our car from the woods.

As he got closer I saw that he was maybe our age or slightly younger and of slim build. So far so good I thought as Dave opened my blouse so that our watcher would get a good view. He stopped as he got near my door then looked around before opening his zip. In the limited light I could see that he had a decent size. Dave pressed the window switch and it shot down leaving my naked breasts easily visible to his gaze.

Mt nipples began to harden and he reached into the car to cup my left breast and gently tease my nipple. Suddenly he moved away from the car and raised a finger as though to say he would only be a minute. The interior light of his car went on and through the bushes I could see that two people were approaching our car. As they got closer it was clear that one was female and they both came to my side. In my haste we had forgotten to wind up the window and I thought doing that now would be seen as a refusal so nervously we waited.

She was quite small in height wearing a long dark coat. He turned her sideways tp our car and opened her coat.

She was totally naked under it. Her breasts wee large and firm looking and she was shaven with a very nice petite figure.

He urged her towards my window and I realised what was about to happen. I thought ok why not give it a try. She reached into the car and cupped my left breast teasing my light brown nipple to rock hard.

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Dave touched my hand to encourage me and I reached out for her right breast. It was bigger than I had thought and quite firm with a taut hard nipple. She whispered that I should open the door and I quickly complied turning the interior light off. She opened the door wide and moved closer using both hands to excite my breasts before leaning in and sucking my right one as her hands moved down over my eager body to my thighs. I reached out and took both her dangling globes in my hands. Her eager fingers moved my thighs apart and began to quest for my clitty.

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I was by now wildly excited and curious as no girl had ever done this to me in my adult life. I moved one hand between her thighs and felt her wetness as I found her clit, I rubbed it gently causing her to moan and to increase her efforts on me. I looked up to see that both men were playing with their own cocks and had respectable hards on.

She took my hand and guided me out of the car to the grass alongside. Her mouth moved down across my body to my soaking pussy. She was using 2 fingers now and her tongue.

I felt things welling up inside me as I got close to climax and then with a cry I came my body going rigid and my pussy rising to her.

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She held me tight right through the orgasm. When it had subsided I copied her. Holding her bum with both hands as she wriggled and my tongue, She cried out as I had done as she shit climax and then lay back exhausted.


The guys were still very horney and her man was as hard as a rock. I took his thick length in my hand ,pushing his heavy foreskin back and forth. I saw that she was sucking Dave furiously and then he moved on top of her and I saw him push to gain entry.


Her guy moved between my legs and I reached down to guide his thickness into me. He was thicker than Dave and I could feel him stretching me as he pushed.

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I heard Dave grunting as he shot his seed into her and watched her writhing body. It was my turn and this monster was working on me I gritted my teeth as he pumped in and out using his full length.

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Then I was aware of her hand and a finger teasing my clit. I came furiously again and felt him pumping his thick load into me. We all sat for a while relaxing. Out new friends gave us their mobile number and we gave them ours with a view to meeting again in more comfortable surroundings, They told us that they knew other swingers both singles and couples and we would be welcome to join them. We were both quite keen for this to happen and she told me that we could even fix up girls only sessions if I wished.

We did call them about a fortnight later and had a wonderful evening which I will tell you about later if you wish.

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