Sexy babes get horny sucking on cocks

Sexy babes get horny sucking on cocks
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The last thing I remember is getting into my girl friend Roses car, Rose was singing as she drove and I attempted some vocal support, we laughed and giggled . that's all I remember.blackout !!! I am aware of my surroundings, a room with a strange anti-septic smell, it is quiet. Am I dreaming, is this real.

I'm here, thats my voice talking or is it my thoughts. I can't open my eyes, it's dark .omg! Whats happening ? I can't seem to move, am I strapped down. But I can hear, yes I can .people chatting in a distance, or is that my imagination as well. There is musicam I in heaven or hell? I feel a breeze on my face, mmm. yes I can, I hear the fan rotating. I am warm. Why am I here ? My memory, let me remember, who I am, what has happened?

I am Sophia, 24 years old of Italian descent. I work as a secretary at a University, and am good at My job. I have an active life style, enjoy musicdancing, sport, the arts and restuarants.

I am approximately 160cms tall/weight 66kgs, and have a curvaceous figure. Currently flamming red hair, short and straight. Dark sparkling eyes, high cheek bones, full lips. Slender neck leading down to firm well rounded breasts, protruding taut sensitive nipples. My stomach is flat after much nurturing and caring, with a slightly indented belly button.

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I've always been an active person, and a sensous, sensitive person. Prone to be horney with the right thoughts and encouragement. Hmm all this remembering is stiring my body, I'm have some tinglings to my nerves endings.isn't that silly ! Hmm why can't I touch myself. not sure. Anyway, where were we, oh yes.

my memories Moving lower past my indented belly button, my curvy mid section, down to my shaved mound, and on the flip side I have the best arse - full and when I walk guys always look at my sway and waddle, I love that.

If I could move my hands I would give you a guided tour, or at least please myself, because as I'm describing this I feel my body wants attention.


Oh gosh is that a little ache down there .mmmmm.yes it is. Hey. heyI can hear somebody coming, I hear their footsteps.

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They are in this room.hey .hey why can't I call them. I hear them talking. "Sophia is in the rest phase of a comma from a car accident, Sharon it's okay this is a quiet room, no visitors allowed for until this afternoon.

I am the intern looking after her, now come here nurse Jones". " We shouldn't Doc, this is not right.oh.not here.oh". I hear the rustle of clothes, and movements and grunts and groans. Fuck they are being intimate in my room, bastards. Oh I know that sound, fucking bitch, she's giving him a head job. My mind listens and wanders, oh that sounds great, I wonder if he has a big cock.

A loud groan of pleasure from him sends shivers around my body. A loud beep, sounds in the room. " Oh hell thats the pager, sorry nurse Jones.emergency,I need to go", I hear him do up a belt, and head for the door. "Fuck can't leave me like this, I'm so fucking wet and horney".

Sharon utters a sound of frustration. He's gone. I feel her presence at the end of the bed, she's on the side opposite the doorway, hmmm what is she doing. Oh my god, Sharon is playing with herself.

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I can tell by the heavy breathing and bed slightly vibrating. I am imagining her playing with her clit and finger fucking herself. Oh god it sounds so good, she is at the end of my bed, imagining the Doctor is fucking her.I can smell his and her sex fragrances as she is close, my body is tingling.

The intensity is increasing as she breathes more deeply, and her fingers increase in pace on her clit and probbing her pussy. Sharon cries out ."fuck me doc . fuck me". I feel a pause, her body stiffen, a deep sigh and then silence.mmmmmmm Sharon talks to herself, unaware that I can hear her, " Oh god that was good, man I could take some cock now, or at least some tongue and from my best girlfriend.mmmm" Sharon continues chatting to herself, " Gosh look at you Sophia, nice smile on your face, maybe you are aware of whats happened, ha ha, wouldn't that be funny ".

"I'd want some fun if I were you Sophia, ahh well, better dress and get back to work. by Sophia". Sharon was gone. I was horney. Where were we, oh yes, I was describing my body, my cute arse,my shaved mound. Well if you peek over the rise of my shaved mound, you will see the most beautiful camel toe, delicious/inviting, guys have found its sweet juices and not wanted to leave, much to my delight. Oh my, I am so wet with the recent visitors and all this talk about my pussy.

The door opens, whats this, more visitors.

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"Hey George, put the do not disturb sign on the door, we need to bath Sophia". "Okay Cynthia, no problems it's done,". "Do you notice a sexy fragrance around her George". " Oh come on Cynthia. .hmmm it does smell like cum.ha ha, its probably from you, you cum slut". "Oh I like it when you talk dirty that what I think it is pointing at me in your pants.ha ha". What the hell, this is my I have George and Cynthia. Hey they have removed my coverings.

"Look at those nipples On Sophia, Cynthia they are erect and firm, they have never been like that before, maybe she's getting better, I'll wash this one you do the other".

Hey guys, oh thats great, oh fucking great.don't stop. "Cynthia show me yours while we wash cum slut you he he.gosh my cocks getting hard". " George, you animal, get yours out I want to see it, and you have a deal".

They are on opposite sides of the bed. George undoes his fly and lets his huge black cock rest on the the bed, he tweeks Sophias nipple as he holds his cock in his moistened hand.

While Cynthia undoes her blouse and takes off her bra, coupling her breasts with her hands and tweeking her nipples. "Look Sophias nipples are larger and firmer, maybe we are helping cure her", says Cynthia." I know I would want some loving if I had a body like hers". Cynthia lets her hand run down Sophias bellyover to her shaved mound and finds her camel toefeeling the oozing juices on her fingers. "Smell my fingers George this is pre-cum from Sophia, I was right this girl is horney".

"Damn your right Cynthia, let me feel ". Oh.


George is probbing my pussy with his finger, while Cynthia has a tickling finger on my clit.oh that is soso good. George leans over and grasps Cynthia's breasts, she lets out a moan.

" Damn girl I have worked with you so long, and never knew you had such gorgeous breasts".

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"I have fantacized about you George, I am so fucking wet right now George", she takes off her pants and feels her soaking pussy.

Hey guys, don't forget me, I'm here in bed, take me .I have creamed onceI want more. Guys.hey put your fingers back .please ! George and Cynthia embrace, there hands eagerly feeling each other. "We don't have long Cynthia, sorry Sophia. But man I gotta fuck this woman now".

George violently turns Cynthia around, pushing her on the the side of the bed, Cynthia spreads her legs, her pussy oozing with pre-cum opens more for Georges huge cock.He's behind her and enters her with a gentle probe, to which she gasps, he then increases thrusts harder and faster. Shaking the bed. " Fuck me George fuck.pound my fucking pussy.Oh yes baby.fuck me." They collapse, spent of sexual energies, unaware that I have cum in unison with them as they had transfered their energies to me through the shaking bed.

I had cum as well- big time. They quickly got dressed, then covered me, both kissing me gently on my cheeks and then left, their sexual aromas trailing after them. I lay there, thinking perhaps these goings on might be benefitting my recovery. I feel good now and I can move my hand a little now and my fingers. They had left both my hands on my groin area, I move my fingers a little lower,they had left my legs parted, I wonder if they had planned this for my benefit, my gosh it is wet down there!

Oh god I am getting horney again. My fingers wriggle a little, parting my camel toe, revealing a swollen clit, omg so slippery, my fingers cruise over it. Such an electric feeling, I feel a slight bucking motion in my hips, omg some movement. I am desperate to enduce movement in my recovery, so brave as I am, I run my fingers over and over on my clit, inducing more and more movements from my hipsthe orgasms so strong - a flood of love juices between my legs.

My body is burning in esctasy, I don't realize immediately that I am fully awake nowbut wow I am staring at the ceiling, I can see. I have some hand and body Oh gosh, I can smell my own sweet aromas. My legs spread, my mind alert, my body aches - from taut sensitive nipples to pulsating insatiable pussy, oozing welcoming love juices. I am exhausted.and doze off into a welcome, relaxed sleep.


Someone will come soon, what will happen tomorrow.I have a smile on my face. ***What will tomorrow bring. hmmmm I wonder.will Sophia reveal her improvement or play fox and see how every one reacts to herperhaps she may manipulate the situation, and have some erotic fun.*** Hmmmmmm

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