Morena con piercing en la cuca

Morena con piercing en la cuca
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Well, I thought my days of playing Monopoly were over when I left my childhood behind. Was I ever surprized to find out how adults can play the game. I had been dating Steven for quite a while.


One Friday night, he called me and said, "Let's go over to Matt's for some beer and Monopoly. There'll be a few other couples -- come on, it'll be fun." Okay, okay, he twisted my arm. I had some work to do at home, but a night out sounded really great. We pulled up to Matt's, and found about 4 other couples, all laughing, drinking beer or wine, and having a great time. Matt called out as we arrived, "Great, the party can really begin. Steve and Max are here." We got our drinks and all went into the living room to gather around his Monopoly board.

I still have a hard time believing that I am here, playing a silly game on a Friday night.


Tim, a gorgeous tall blond with well honed muscles goes first. Hey, wait a minute. this isn't the board I remember.

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There are some new spaces here -- Plato's Retreat? Wasn't that a club in New York? Lover's Lane? The Clinic? What kind of game is this? Tim lands on a space and draws a card. He laughs as he reads it, and turns about five shades of red. He turns the card to the rest of us, and reads it, "Kiss all the members of the opposite sex one one of their favorite spots." He turns to Alix, his girlfriend, opens her blouse, and kisses her on the right tit.

He kisses Judy, a drop-dead knockout blonde, on her neck; kisses Stacy, a hot little redhead on her earlobe, gives Kathy, a blue-eyed brunette a long, deep probing kiss. Now it's my turn. I don't know this guy very well, so I am very relieved when he just gives me an ordinary kiss on the cheek. What kind of girl does he think I am??? Just a kiss on the cheek after all these hot ones? Alix goes next -- "Demonstrate your favorite method of foreplay on the person to your right".

That's Tim, and way too easy. They have been going together for years, so she just whips that huge cock of his out and begins to stroke. All these strangers around, I wonder what's next. I notice that Matt has placed a laundry basket nearby.

I wonder what that's for? Steven is up next. He gets "Show off the ass of the lady on your left, then kiss it". He looks at me, pulls me to my feet and turns me away from everybody.

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He slowly pulls my pants down just below my ass, spreads my cheeks gently, and kisses my asshole! This game is not what I remembered playing. Now, my turn. My card reads, "Remove one article of clothing - your choice - from the person on your right, and put it in the discard basket." An easy one for me, because Steven is on my right. I have him remove his shirt. Not a big deal for him, he is in his t-shirt, and quite happy to get to remove it by the excited look on his face.

The game goes on.

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I have noticed that Matt has set aside some cushions and wine. I couldn't figure this out until Michael, Judy's boyfriend, landed at Plato's retreat. I learn this group has the special rule that anybody who passes Michael must come over and give him the article of clothing of his choice, and have the exposed area caressed or kissed.

They also inform me that the fondling and caressing only applies to members of the opposite sex, and will last until his next turn. Hmmm, can get pretty intense, since Michael is a wonderfully imaginative man sexually, and loves to kiss and suck and fondle.

Kathy is up next. She rolls her dice, and passes Michael in the process.

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He does let her wait to draw her card, "Moon the player on your left", before summoning her to his side. "I'll have you remove your blouse," Michael announces with a twinkle in his eye. Kathy obliges, slowly unbuttoning her blouse before handing it seductively to Michael.

He tosses it into the discard basket, and begins to smother her chest and almost exposed breasts with kisses. Michael has a full mustache, and Kathy begins to giggle as he tickles her with it. He slips a breast out, and begins sucking away on it. Kathy arches her back in pleasure, and slips the other one out for him. This game is heating up. These two continue to excite each other as we go back to the game. Gary is next. He's a quiet, shy guy, now about 50 shades of red.

He has been seeing Kathy for about 6 months. He, too, passes Michael. His card, "Discard one item of clothing", comes at a good time. Gary discards his shirt, as well as the t-shirt Michael has directed, and shows off a tanned, well-muscled chest.

He goes over, and joins Michael and Kathy, kissing and sucking Kathy right along with Michael. Now I see why they call this Plato's Retreat! Matt rolls the dice. He draws his card, "Everybody remove one article of clothing and place it in the discard basket." Matt removes his shirt, several guys remove their pants.

Kathy happily removes her bra, proudly displaying her tits, sticking them in Michael's face for a suck. The rest of us ladies remove our blouses. Stacy lands on "Go to Clinic" square. She has to go to the clinic, and not only lose her next three turns, but cannot participate in the fun, either.

She is really bummed, and withdraws to a corner of the couch while the rest of us get turned on. Tim draws "Show Time!" and strikes a lovely pose, cupping his hand under his very erect cock. Matt has arranged a track light to form a little show area, and Tim stands under this light, posing and laughing all the time.

I think he is deliberately striking sexier poses for Stacy's benefit. It is working, because she just sits on her end of the couch, rocking back and forth, and moaning softly. Alix hits paydirt "Have the man on your right remove an article of clothing. Kiss the exposed skin." She squeals with delight. She goes up to Tim, still posing, and begins to pull his underwear down slowly, kissing his hard, throbbing cock as she does. The expressions of envy on the other men's faces is quite amusing to the women in the room.

Even shy Gary has stopped turning 500 shades of red and begun to get excited, his now hard cock making a tent in his shorts. "Drinks Time!" reads Steven's card. He now must serve all the others in the room, kissing the women as he does so.

Hey, I think he likes kissing Kathy. He is taking soo long to serve her another glass of wine. When he gets to me, he spills a little wine on my almost bare chest, and leans down to lick it off. Kathy who? My turn. This time, I hit paydirt. I draw "Tease Time! Spend 2 minutes having each of the other players fondle your erogeous zones.

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No fair cumming!" I giggle, and decide I will save Steven for last. I turn to Michael, who immediately sticks a hand down my pants and his fingers into my dripping wet pussy.

I am so glad I wore loose clothing! I move around the room, having my tits sucked, fondled and pinched, my ass kissed and fingered, and my clit teased into a frenzy. Going up to Steven, he begins to kiss me on my earlobes, while his hands caress my tits. He moves down, working his fingers into my hot little box. Heaven!!!! I remember that I am not to cum, though that has been hard. Wicked Michael is up next. He happily draws, "Choose a pussy cat. Make her purr." He grabs Judy, and begins to fondle her, making her giggle with delight.

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As he works his hand into her pants, she begins moaning with pleasure. Judy's card, "Practice your self control!" is what she has been waiting for. With a seductive wink, she stands up, and begins removing what clothing she has on.

When she is all done, she moves over to the cushions at Plato's Retreat, and lies down, announcing, "Okay, boys, come and get it!" We all have three minutes to bring her to the edge of orgasm, using whatever techiques we choose. I notice hands and mouths all over her gorgeous tits, in her dripping pussy, and even in her ass. Three minutes is over far too fast for Judy.

The Group Grope continues on the next turn, as Kathy draws that card, and begins to kiss and fondle Gary.

Gary draws, "Sit on the face of the player on your right for one minute." He goes over to Kathy, pushes her down on the cushions at Plato's Retreat, and sticks his hard cock in her mouth.

Who said this guy was shy? Alix's turn comes up, and she has drawn, "Describe your fantasy. Pick whatever players you need to fulfill it." She tells us that she has always wanted to be tied up and gang-fucked by both men and women. Matt goes over to a closet and pulls out a storage box of "toys". He begins to remove silky ties and tosses these to Tim.

Tim leads her to the spare bedroom where the bed has a lovely brass headboard and foot. He ties her hands over her head, thrusting her tits out proudly. He kisses these gently. Next, he places a cushion under her ass, and spreads her legs wide, tying them this way, elevated, so that both her ass and her dripping cunt are fully exposed and easy for all to play with. Then he tells us, "Ready", and we all move into the bedroom. Alix is totally restrained, wide open, and ready for action.

Tim comes towards her with a soft whip in his hand. He offers her the choice of his cock or being whipped. She elects to play, and he shoves his cock into her mouth. Gary, the shy (?) one already has a hand in her ass, lubricating it up for the festivities.

Michael has been licking and teasing her clit, making her moan. Kathy goes to her tits and begins sucking one, stroking her mound as she licks. Seeing all this action, we all shed the rest of our clothes and take turns having our holes filled while waiting to take care of Alix.

After Alix has sucked Tim off, Steven climbs up on her and slides his cock into her wet hole. He leans forward, and allows Stacy and Judy to play with both exposed assholes. Alix is moaning and writhing with pleasure, as she now has all three holes filled, and both tits being sucked on.

What a fantasy! After Alix has cum in a huge, shuddering climax, Kathy decides it is her turn to be restrained, and takes Alix's place on the bed. Alix knows that Kathy is Bi, so she goes and sits on Kathy's face first, letting Kathy clean her hot dripping cunt. Kathy moans with pleasure.

We girls decide we will take care of Kathy while the guys recover. In the box Matt has brought into the playroom are several dildos and vibrators. Judy straps on a huge double dildo, lubricates it up, and slides into Kathy's waiting cunt. We play with her tits, finger her clit, and work a slender vibrator into her tight ass.

Judy moves a button at the base of her dildo and a vibrator turns on. The guys have recovered enough to come back to the bed and help us play. I have taken a place on the bed to finger Kathy's clit when I feel this huge warm hand between my legs. I lift my leg up, and shudder with delight to feel an enormous cock enter me from the rear. Alix decides the best way to recover from the hot sex is to take a cold shower and move to the hot tub.

While she is in the shower, Gary and Michael join her there, helping her get clean. One by one, we follow Alix. Matt's hot tub is in the middle of a gazebo with padded seats in a quiet, secluded private yard. The party simply moved out there in the cool spring evening.

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Those that wanted to soak did so, those who needed to continue exploring found plenty of toys and willing partners. Nobody was surprized to see the sunrise and the party still going on. I will always look at the game of Monopoly in a different light!

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