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My Degrading Life Ch. 2 A quick recap… My life had really changed over night.

I used to live in the suburbs with my father, step mother and step siblings. I had my own room, my own stuff, and privacy. I went to school, where I was one of the popular crowd, and I mean truly popular, not slutty popular like some of those used up by 21 chicks I knew. I respect for myself and the respect from the people around me. I even had a boy friend, who despite not getting anything, was still a great guy, as far as I could tell.

Before the other day I had a solid foundation of trust in the general goodness of those around me. That was until my father totally screwed me over. It turned out that my father the upstanding man that I and everyone else thought him to be had a bit of gambling problem. Now when I say a bit, I meant he was four million in debt. Four fucking million. If that wasn't bad enough we couldn't just end up broke and living in the streets like normal people in debt.

That way I could have been sent to foster care for a year or two, and then be free from the shame. No, that didn't happen. As it turned out my father, whom I'll see burning in the pits of Hell one day, owed said four million to the mob, and it seemed as if he didn't feel like paying it back. That left the very dangerous men of the seedy organization to take their money out in trade. And, by trade I mean my sweat and sexy body. I was taken from my home, abducted by some strange men and thrown into the back of a van, all while my asshole of a father watched with a pitying look on his face.

He didn't even try and put up a fight as if he had come to terms with his only daughter being carted off to pay off his debts. It wasn't long after my little ride that I met an exceptionally evil man named Edward Newchild. He was the kind of man that as an assistant was probably great, but as a boss or worse, an owner wasn't all that kind.

He had no problem destroying a life, and I'm not talking about murder, though I was sure he wouldn't have a problem with that either. In the few hours that I was in his custody he arranged for me to be gang raped by three men, one of whom stole my virginity. It was a horrid experience, but from what I saw after that, I knew I was lucky, if only marginally. I was saved from total debasement through the power of cocks, by a woman called the Mistress.

She, for some reason, at the time I didn't care to know why, wanted me, and so she bought me. The mistress was a rich woman, and powerful by the way a man like Mr. Newchild kissed her ass.

She had a limo and even a penthouse apartment in New York, that took up the entire top floor. It was there that I would be spending the next part of my life. Not in luxury like a daughter. If that were the case then I was sure that she could gotten a kid at an orphanage. It definitely would have cost her less.

No I was a pet, something for her amusement. I was something to pet from time to time, and keep her pussy wet. At the start of the week I was a normal teenager, going to school, hanging out with my friends and boyfriend. I was popular and on my way to getting an awesome grade in math. But, now I was some woman's sex slave/puppy. I even had a shock collar. There was no way to know exactly what she had in store for me. Now back to the story… Being with the Mistress wasn't all that bad.

You just had to keep perspective on the whole thing. I had mornings to myself. The Mistress tended not to rise before noon. The first day, I tried to escape. That didn't work out too well.

There was a small hallway in front of the door out. That door led to the elevator. Trying to get through the door caused me to get another volt from the black collar around my neck. After that any plans of leaving on my own were gone. I was afraid that before the mistress finally took off my collar I'd be one of two things; bacon, or a lamp. I was already so many things that I didn't feel like becoming either. Instead I took the time I had to myself and explored the place. It was spacious, yet filled with interesting things.

There pictures of the mistress with some very famous people, and pictures I assumed were of her family. On one wall there were collars, just like my own, all with different name tags on them. A quick count told me there had been at least twelve girls in my position. I couldn't help but ponder what happened to them. Were they dead, did the mistress sell them to some one else. Did they end up in some sort used up sex slave pound, or did she simply let us go.

I didn't know, but I sure hoped that it was the last one. My hopes weren't very high though. Apart from that disturbing wall the apartment was really something. There were stairs near the south end that led up to a glass covered roof garden.

There were so many different types of plants, and I think a bird. It wasn't an ordinary New York pigeon either, it had an array of colours. I wasn't sure, but I think it was a parrot. Aside from the parrot the mistress had three different living room like areas. One room had white furniture. Scared that I might mess something up in there and receive another bolt of electricity I decided to stay out of there.

The second room had black leather furniture and some chains hanging from the ceiling. That room was beyond creepy, and I wanted to stay out of it for long as possible.

The final room was about the same as the first except it had a very large television. I stood just inside that room wondering whether I should turn on the TV. It was tempting, but I didn't want to wake the mistress up.

"It's alright." said a voice from behind. I turned around suddenly startled out of my mind. Standing behind me was another girl. She was wearing a brown pants suit and had a short hair cut. I could only assume that she was the Mistress' assistant. "It's alright, you're allowed to use this room on your off hours." said the girl. "I'm Amy, the Mistress' niece, nice to meet you." Amy obviously knew what was going on.

From the collars on the wall I was sure she'd been through this before. There were so many questions I wanted to ask her, though none of them seemed to leave my lips.

When I didn't say anything she decided to speak up instead. "The mistress has decided this is what you'll wear during the day." she said pulling something out from behind her back. I wanted to say that I was shocked and appalled by the 'outfit' the mistress picked out for me, but sadly I wasn't. The outfit wasn't much of anything, only a pair of fake fox ears and a fake fox tail. The ears were easy enough to put on, it was just a hair band with the ears sowed onto it.

The tail however was a different matter. Just to note, I so wanted to torture and kill the guy who came up with the stupid tail.

Unlike the ears, and its simple hair band design, the tail was fluff of red and black fur connected to a vibrator and some sort of belt. That was just great, I thought to myself. A vibrating tail in my snatch was all I needed. It was just too bad that it wasn't for my snatch. "The mistress has instructed me to help you out with this." said Amy. Amy was quick, like a ninja or something similar. In the blink of an eye I was bent over the arms of one of the sofas. She flipped up the black skirt I had put back on from the night before.

My ass and cunt were exposed to yet another person I had just met. I tried struggling, but Amy had some muscle under that pants suit. The belt was strapped around me and left to dangle. She held me down by the small of my back, and proceeded to stoop down. I looked behind me to see what she was about to do. I can tell you that I didn't like it. "Excuse me." she said a second before letting up on my back and grabbing both of butt cheeks.

She parted my globes of flesh and began digging into my rose bud with her tongue. "What are you doing?" I asked horrified, and embarrassed. "I have to do this or it won't be the smoothest entry." she said quickly before diving in for another taste. Squirm as I might it didn't deter her from giving my hole a new coat of saliva.

After what felt like the entire day of licking, I felt a finger snake its way inside. I gritted my teeth as she put in another one. I could feel as she moved both fingers in and out, and then as she scissored them, spreading the hole wider. A few globs of spit and then I felt something bigger.

The vibrator I thought was going in my pussy was being eased into my rectum. It wasn't that long, maybe about four inches, and then about an inch and a half thick, except for this one part near the end. It was thicker than the rest of it, and it made it harder for it to slide back out, trust me, she tested it. After thoroughly checking the integrity of the vibrator-tail Amy finally stood up and let me go. "That was unpleasant." I said finding it a little difficult to stand up properly.

I caught my reflection in the big screen TV. Still in my black Lolita outfit I had to admit that tail and ears added a bit of kinky edge to the ensemble. It looked cute, but it was still uncomfortable like a bitch. I kept shifting trying to make the thing in my ass feel some what bearable.

"How long do I have to keep this thing up here?" I asked. "Until the mistress retires for the night." said Amy straight faced. "Each morning you'll be required to reinsert it before the mistress wakes up." "Oh, that sounds like fun." I said sarcastically.

For the next couple of hours I sat beside Amy and watched a series of morning talk shows. I was never a talk show fan, but I found myself unrepentantly drawn to the misfortune of the whores who couldn't identify their baby daddy. After awhile the vibrator in my ass became slightly unnoticeable.

It didn't completely disappear, after all it was a plastic and rubber stick up in my ass, but it didn't bother me as much. Occasionally I saw Amy glancing at me, when I turned my head to look back she was suddenly watching the TV again.

It was a bit annoying, and yet flattering. That feeling wore off quickly as the tingly feeling of being shocked ran through me instead. "Good morning Amy, good morning girl." said the mistress as I slid to the floor.

It was so unexpected that I convulsed a little bit. "Good! You're already on the floor. Now you can come over here like a good little girl and lick my feet." Reluctantly I forced myself onto my hands and knees and crawled over to the mistress.

I froze half way there as she turned on the vibe. It was an odd sensation that kind of made me tingle, and at the same time made the tail wag up and down a little bit. The initial shock over, I continued on my little walk. I got to the mistress and dipped my head.

The woman had beautiful toes. They were done by proper professionals, most likely Asians, unlike my nail girl, an old Ukrainian woman that had probably never experience proper foot care in her life.

My tongue reached out and caressed her big toe. It was hard to concentrate with my body all jittery. I could feel the mistress and Amy staring at me as I tasted the distinct flavour each toe held. Cunt juice dripped down my leg as I loss myself to the pleasure of the vibrator-tail, and the self loathing joy of licking the mistress' feet. "That's enough." she said, turning off the motor, for the moment. "You look absolutely delicious with the new accessories.

Bark for me." I didn't point out as I probably should have that foxes, which is what she dressed me up as, didn't bark. Instead I sat on my hunches like a dog and let out a little bark. "Good girl." she said patting my head. "You're so much more obedient than some of the other pets I've had in the past. Isn't she Amy?" "Yes madam." replied Amy bowing a bit.

"Foxx, this is Amy." said the mistress, seemingly ignoring the fact that we were just watching television together. "She's the daughter of my loser sister, no offence Amy. Since I had to take her in, I decided to put her to work as my assistant, though in truth she isn't much more than a butler.

She'll be attending to your personal needs." The mistress turned leaving the room. I began to stand up intent on following her, but before I could, she activated the vibrator again forcing me to my knees for my troubles. I got the message, it wasn't walking time. The mistress, Amy and I made our way to the kitchen. It was a luxurious thing, top of the line.

I knew my way around a kitchen, and I was sure I could do some damage in there. I shook my head getting my mind back to the moment. It was hard to focus. I wanted to resist, honest, but apart from the degrading aspect of it, and the pain, it was a pretty nice gig.

"Foxx come here." said the mistress in that cute patronizing manor people often used for animals and young children. "Up here on the table." For the second time that day I found myself bent over furniture. She chuckled as she played with my tail.

Flipping it up and down and then twirling it around and around. Each time the vibrator shifting a little bit. I was biting my lower lip, lightly at first, and then a certain action caused me to draw blood. The mistress began to play with my pussy.

She stuck in two fingers and began rotating them as if they were a Q-tip and my cunt was a dirty ear. Back and forth over and over again. She was getting me and the table beneath me soaked. When she removed her fingers from my hole, I felt an emptiness, and wanted that feeling of fullness back.

Looking back I saw the mistress lick the juices from her fingers. "You have a delicious flavour." she said scraping up some of the juices sliding down my leg.

"Why not try some yourself." After making sure that she got a big scoop of my juices she stood up and stuck her fingers into my mouth. I was treated to an unwanted sample of indecent secretions. Making sure I got a good taste she dipped in again and called Amy over.

I watched a little embarrassed as the mistress fed her niece my secret sauce. It was a little bit more embarrassing to see that she was loving it so much. I shouldn't have been so surprised at that, since she did spend more time than needed licking my rose bud.

"See isn't it wonderful?" said the mistress. "Ok, enough playing around for now. Time to get down to business. Sit Foxx." I got off the table and sat down in front of the mistress. She patted my blond hair, and Amy stood at attention. I unrepentantly beamed at the attention, and then instantly hated myself for it.

This woman had an effect on me that made me disgusted with myself.

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"In a week's time, the three of us will be going to a little party. It's not a party that you're probably not familiar with, Foxx. You know the kind I'm talking about Amy." said Mistress with a smile on his face. "Yes, Mistress." answered Amy calmly. "It's a party that you might object to personally, and morally, Foxx, but as my pet you have no choice. That being said, we only have a week to prepare." said the Mistress. "There are so many things to be done before then; things like our hair, our clothes, your training.

Ah, your training, I'm sure you're going to love it. In fact I believe that we'll start right after a decent breakfast. Where should order from today?" I can't explain what compelled me to speak up. It was probably something stupid I got from my mother. There were a few quirks I got from her, some were alright, like flipping my hair, and then there were others that weren't so great.

One of them was cooking. I liked cooking, and it was all because of my mother, who left when I was just a kid. The bitch. "Um, Mistress, I can cook." I said. The Mistress glanced down at me. From the look, I could tell that she wasn't expecting that. "You can? Well I think I'd like to see that." said the mistress turning on the vibrator for a minute. "Ok, whip something up.

If it's good then I'll give you a treat. If it's horrible than you'll be punished, alright." I nodded and agreed quite quickly. Standing up I ran to the fridge and then the cupboards. Scanning them all I decided to make an omelette and crepes with some fruits. For a woman, I could only guess couldn't cook worth a damn, she sure had a lot of food.

Cooking always gave me a tingling feeling. It was much in the same way that the vibe up my bum gave me a tingling feeling, except that it was less disgusting, or evasive. I used to do it with my mother all the time, before she up and left, and ever since I've kept cooking. Occasionally, the mistress would vibe me up as I tried to cook. I didn't dare look back, but I knew that the mistress was smiling. "Here you are mistress." I said, as I placed the food in front of her.

The mistress looked at it with scepticism for a moment. Then she took her fork and knife and cut into the omelette first. I toes were curling in anxious anticipation. I really wanted her to like my cooking. Not for the reward, but for her genuine approval. "It taste delightful." said the mistress. "And, you didn't start a fire, how wonderful. You deserve an extra special reward for this, but don't get used to this. After this meal my standards for your cooking will be higher." "Yes mistress, thank you mistress." I said automatically.

The mistress took her time eating, and while we ate we, Amy and I were expected to just watch. When she finally finished Amy cleared away the dishes and then the mistress stood up.

With a single snap the mistress began to walk away and we followed her, and once again I was on all fours. To my horror the mistress was walking toward the room with the chains. I looked up at Amy who was walking beside me behind the mistress. There was a look of unease on her face, which was making extremely uneasy. As I guessed the mistress led us to the room with the chains.

I stopped when Amy stooped, but the mistress kept on walking further into the room toward a closet I hadn't noticed before. I watched as the mistress disrobed. My nether regions were sent a flutter.

I had to resist the urge to touch myself in front of Amy and the mistress. Trust me, that wasn't an easy task. I was never one for masturbating before, but I definitely had self control issues. There was a swishing sound in my ear. I wasn't sure where the sound was coming from at first, until I looked up and saw Amy.

Her hands were clasped together in front of her. Her face was flushed as she attempted to resist playing with herself as well. Though it looked to be a lot harder for her.

The crack of a whip brought my attention back to the mistress. I have to say it was a refreshing change from the collar. Any more, and I wouldn't be surprised to see myself light up like a Christmas tree. The Madam was wearing classic S&M gear; black leather corset, black leather knee length boots, and black leather elbow length gloves.

She wasn't wearing any panties and I was suddenly overwhelmed. She was stunning naked, but she was even more so with the get up.


The madam cracked the whip again and Amy began walking forward. I took that as my que to move along as well. A sinister smile worked its way onto the madam's face, then Amy began to strip. Her hands moved amazingly quick, as if she was waiting for the signal forever. I could see that her clothes truly hid a lot from the naked eye. This girl was stacked. Her breasts were bigger than mine, and mine weren't anything to laugh at. She was also fit, and looked as if she could break me in half.

It was really hot. My mind must have drifted since the madam thought it was necessary to give me something to get my focus back. That something was another jolt. I swear I don't think my heart could take much more of this. After I was finished twitching from the unexpected volts of electricity I began to disrobe as well. Absent mindedly I almost went to take the vibe out of my butt, but the fear of being shocked again set me straight.

The training was obviously working. The madam ushered us over with her fingers. She even gave me the ok to walk like a person. The joy I felt from that left a bad taste in my mouth. I got over it though. And, as I did I got to see the madam bend Amy over some kind of table and strap her wrists in the restraints. I thought I'd be next to get straped down, but I was instructed to just stand and watch for a moment.

I wondered for a second at what exactly I was about to watch when my question was answered with the madam picking up a paddle. It was clearly obvious what was about to happen. The madam was taking a couple of practice swings, while I saw Amy sweat waiting for the inevitable.

She was rubbing her legs together, in a desperate need for release. The loud slap from the board making contact with Amy's bare flesh was amazingly loud. There was a moan from Amy, and a smile from the madam. "Too soft it seems." said the madam. I couldn't believe that she said that after seeing the sizable red area spreading on Amy's ass. For the next strike the madam really put some effort into it.

The smack echoed throughout the room. Then there was another moan from Amy, as well as a, "Thank you madma, may I have another." I was a little surrised to hear that. I thought it was something you only heard in bad frat or sorority movies. Apparently that was saying things like, "Can I have another", were normal things. As far as normal this behaviour could be. I was captivated watching the madam paddle Amy's behind. I was captivated watching her ass jiggle each time it was hit.

I was feeling hot and bothered. Then to make it worse the madam had activated the vibrator again. I instantly fell to my knees. That was when I found out that the madam had been going easy on me, because the vibrations suddenly got more powerful. "Enjoying yourself, I hope." said the madam. Truth be told I was having mixed feelings. Physically it was good and getting better, but mentally I was being tortured.

A part of me wanted to punch her, and anpther part wanted to tackle and hold her down, if only to lick every part of her body. Then as if reading mind again she gave me the command to lick her boots. I was only too happy snd disgusted with myself to oblige. I crawled to her feet and stincking out my tongue like the dog I was becoming and began sliding it over her leather boot.


It had a disgusting taste but the very act itself was making wet. The madam giggled and took a random swing to Amy's bum. "Enough." said the madam kicking me away. "Stand up." I stood up on unsteady legs. The juices were running down my legs. My breaths were short and laboured causing my chest to rise and fall.

The madam led me over to a set of chains hanging from the ceiling. My wrists were fastened into the cuffs sort of how Amy was tied down to the bench.

All tight and secured I anxiously awaited the madam's next moves. Unfortunately I didn't have to wait long. The madam came up from behind me and groped me. The feel of the leather on my bare tits made me shiver a little bit. The madam made me shiver even more when she pushed her pelvis into my behind. She pushed the vibrator even further into me, which I couldn't believe was actually possible, and I felt the brush of her pubic hair on my lower back.

I wouldn't fallen if my arms weren't being held up. "You're a little slut aren't you?" whispered the madam into my ear. "You're my little slut. You're my little bitch. I own you, every single piece." She bgan grabing different bits of me to make a point. First she grabbed my tits. She squeezed, twisted and pinched then ran her hands down my body.

She caressed my stomach for a moment and then passed that grabbed a handful of my ass. She shifted to the side a bit so she could look into my face. She smiled as she took hold of my tail and began jerking it. It was rough, but not so rough that it she could pull it out.

Her face was full of ecstasy at my discomfort. "Does it feel good?" the madam asked. "Yes." I said truthfully. "How about this?" said the madam as she grabbed and pinched my clit. A surge of electricity, not as powerful as the collar, but just as effective. "God yes!" I screamed, and she gave it a mighty twist. "Whose pussy is this?" she asked. "Whose ass is this?" "Yours madam." I said.

"They belong to you." "That's right." she said swating with her hand. "You're such a good girl. My other pets weren't as receptive as you are Foxx." The madam went from pinching and twisting my clit, to rubbing my outer lips. She smashed her entire hand up against cunny as she massaged it.

It was hard to breath. Then she stuck a her index finger inside. I gasped. Her nails scraped my insides a bit and it was an exhilarating rush. She was pistoning her finger in and out of my hole at fluxuating speeds. After a certain point she inserted another finger, doing the same as the first. Like clock work the madam stuck another one of her digits up there, and then another.

I was on the edge as she tried to wriggle in her thumb. "Look at this hungry whoring cunt." said the madam. "It just sucking me in further." She was moving every finger individually inside of my pussy, tickling the hell out of me.

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I began rocking my waist like Elvis trying to get the most out of this feeling. That was when the madam made her hands into a fist. I could feel the vibrator hitting against her fist through the thin wall that separated my ass from my pussy. If it weren't for the madam's fist acting as a damn I was sure that the floor would have been soaked from my juices.

The madam thrust her fist up into me, reaching as far as she could. Her leather clad wrist and fore arm brushing against my clit as it went up and down. Her fist was also pushing the vibe in my butt into different positions.

I grabbed what I could of the chains sqeezed pushing the blood from my knuckles, and gritted my teeth. She reached a wall, what I could only assume was my cervix, and when she discovered that fact another grin spread across the madam's face. She extended a finger and began to tickle the unbelievably small opening to my womb. I was about to bite through my lip when the vibrating stopped. I thought that the madam turned it off. As it turned out the batteries just died. The madam pulled out, which it was a bit of an ordeal.

Turns out, that it was harder to take out then it was to put it in; it was that, or the madam was prolonging the experience of my first fisting. "Look, you got me all wet with your delicious pussy juice.

Here lick it all off before it stains." said the madam holding out her hand. As I went to work, so did the madam. I heard her unbuckle something and then felt a massive emptiness, as she removed the toy from my asshole. Somehow, the tail was still there. Seems that the vibrator wasn't all that necessary for the cosplay. A slight breeze passed over my gaping shithole.

I was just happy that shit wasn't coming out. "Hmph, cheap batteries." said the madam tossing the ass vibe over her shoulder. "Oh well. What should we do now?" The madam looked over to where Amy was still lying on the bench. She had her eyes closed, and even more of her juices were running down the inside of her legs.

She was a mess, obviously more so then I was. The madam had something about her that I couldn't put my finger on. "Ok got it." she said suddenly figuring something out. The madam unlocked me from the shackles. My arms fell limply to my sides. They were sore from being held up so long, and my wrists hurt like a bitch. I wondered what was about to happen, and how it involved Amy. The madam walked over to the closet where she had gotten the S&M outfit.

She rummaged in there for a second or two before she came back out holding something I'd never seen before that day. She was holding two strap-on dildos. One of them was long and pink. The other was shorter, but thicker and blue. She tossed the pink one to me and told me to strap it on. I wasn't exactly sure how, but I worked through it. It was a strange feeling having the thing dangling in front of me, while a smaller one rested inside of me.

I began shaking it up and down like some little boy on the playground. The madam smiled at my abundant enjoyment. She had straped the other one on and I nearly fell again. Catching myself, I made my way to Amy as the madam instructed.

"Foxx, use that and fuck Amy's ass. She has to be punished for falling asleep." said the madam. "Look at that. She provide her own lube." It took a nano second for me to understand the last statement.

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Using the blue dildo I scraped up as much of her pussy juice as possible, and took my time smearing it all over the fake shaft. I parted Amy's ass getting a good firm grope, just like she did to me. She had stuck a vibe up my butt, and now it was payback.

Just as that disgusting man did to me I hocked up the biggest wad of spit I could onto Amy's tiny rosebud. With that in place I took my time inserting the strap-on. I had to really drill it in to get the damn hole to open, but once I was in I was golden. The head finally broke through, and the hole closed behind the head. I wanted to savour it a little more, but clearly the madam had some kind of scheldule to keep.

She pushed me forward, and the entire shaft, all six or seven inches of it flew through Amy's bowels. That definitely woke up sleeping beauty. She groaned upon discovered that a big plastic toy was up her shit chute. Personally I moaned. There was a smaller vibe inside me that vibrated whenever I moved. I went to pull out, if only to slam it back in, but the madam had other plans.

The madam leaned down on me forcing me deeper into Amy. She held me place while she lined herself up. At first I thought that she was going to fuck me in the ass. I was so fucking wrong. Instead of plowing into my ass, which probably have been less uncomfortable, she decided my pussy wasn't packed enough.

Now I could see why she chose the longer and thinner dildo as she slid it up inside me along side the toy that was already there. It was my turn to groan. "There now, perfect." said the madam easing back a little.

"Now, lets get started." It was awkward to say the least. The madam pulled back, forcing me to follow and then slammed into me forcing my entire body into Amy. The madam was using me as her own personal strap-on, or an extension to be more accurate.

I could feel Amy shaking beneath me, but that was very low on the list of things I was feeling at that moment. The vibrator was working its little figurative heart out, and the madam was thrusting like a woman possessed.

She slapped my ass, and pulled my blond hair. Right then I didn't feel like being the only getting all the abuse. So I decided to share the fun with Amy. I managed to get my left hand under her and got a good hold of her pubic hair. With a tug she screamed. Then with the other hand I gave her a slap to the ass every time we pulled back.

She was screaming and moaning at the top of her lungs, while was grunting trying to keep my cruelty going. "Oh yes! Scream some more for me!" said the madam. "Scream for me!" The madam may have been talking to either one of us, hell she could have been talking to both, it didn't really matter. One good grip on her pubes and she was breaking glass with her voice.

At the same instant the madam took a tight grip on my hair as well wrenching my head back. I let out a screech that could put a banshee to shame. As I did I heard the madam moan and then fall on top of me. "That was one of the best cums I've ever had." said the madam, pulling out. I had to admitt that was awesome for myself as well, though it hurt something fierce, and Amy seemed somewhat pleased.

It was hard to tell what with the vacant look on her face, or the drool leaking from her lips. "Now wasn't that fun?" the madam asked me. "Yes madam." I answered her. "Good. That's good, because we'll be doing this sort of thing quite frequently." she said igniting mixed feelings within me. "And, I'll also be showing you later. We'll be going to a little party in a couple of days and you need to be prepared." The madam left the room mumbling to herself about the right look for me, then Amy and finally herself.

I was still connected to Amy's rump and wasn't all that sure what to do then.

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Should I have followed the madam, or was I supposed to release Amy? I didn't know, so I thought to myself felt that the best course of action was to keep fucking Amy. After all, I still hadn't cum. The madam had gotten me close, but close wasn't good enough especially with such fine toy in hand, or in ass as the case may be.

I pulled back as far as I could without letting the fake cock leave her body, and then slammed it back deep inside. Amy didn't respond so I could assume that she was either dead or out cold. I preferred to believe that I'd just fucked her unconscious. It made me feel better. I slammed into her as hard and far as I could none stop. I twisted and turned so that the little vibe inside of me could reach different places in my pussy.

I even tried resting my foot on the bench with Amy in an attempt to get more distance. That didn't work out too well after discover I was a little to short for that manoeuvre to work well.

In the end it was the electric shock from the collar that pushed me over the edge.


I collapsed, satisfied onto Amy's back. The madam had come back, realising that I hadn't followed her. She had been watching me and when she had enough gave me a painful reminder to stop. It was kind of like hitting a dog for humping the couch or some one's leg. Usually though that kind of thing is reserved for male dogs. "That's enough Foxx, unhook yourself, and come on." she said, "But, leave the toy in her ass." I followed my madam's instructions and ran to her.

I followed the madam into her bed room, and was amazed at how spacious it was, even with the enormous bed, and vanity mirror. The sheets and the curtains were made from some very nice material. It was so good you could tell at just from the first glance. Then there was the closet. God, it was huge. This was a vision of my ideal bedroom. All except for the accessories on the bed. It was clear to see that the tail and ears combo, had only been the tip of the ice burg, seeing as the madam had fake paw gloves, and a fake nose.

The quality of which was better then the drugstore costume standard you get at Halloween.

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It was all top notch. If that was all, then it wouldn't have been as bad, but there were some other stuff there as well, which I could only guess were also top notch, most of them anyway. Spread out on the bed were a variety of toys. There were big ones and small ones, and there was even one that looked like it was several smaller ones just taped and tied together.

As my luck would have it that was the one the madam picked up before turning to me and smiling. That smile just made it clear to me just how much more my new degrading life would become.