Jillian Janson get fucked in the ass

Jillian Janson get fucked in the ass
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Pantyhose Weekend At Aunt and Uncles Part 1 One weekend in mid October,when I was about 14years old, my parents were going out of town so I had to stay with my Uncle and his new wife. He was 45 and she was 22 which shocked the family by itself but she also was a wild partier so she was not well received.


My parents seemed to like her for some reason though so off I went. After they dropped me off she told me my uncle was working third shift from 8am to 8pm so it was just us for the night.

She said she had some errands to do though and would be back in a hour or two. The reality was she was going to find some speed to keep her up all night, but I didn't mind being alone so I told her to be safe and off she went.

I had a severe pantyhose and lingerie fetish at this age and she always wore shiny exercise tights, so I decided that I would raid her dresser drawers for some fun.

When I opened the drawers I eventually found heaven. Not one, but 2 drawers of shiny tights and lingerie. After some experimenting with trying on different colors and combinations, I put on 2 pairs of black shimmery tights and a black nylon half slip. I played in them around the house for a while until I noticed lights coming down the long drive way. She was back already! I quickly put the others away in her dresser and threw my pants and shirt back on.

When she came in it was obvious she was speeding and really talkative and jittery, but I was nervous myself, still in the slip and tights!

We sat down to eat and eventually went to the couch to watch a movie. After a while I passed out. A little later on I woke up to someone massaging my feet. It took a minute but then it hit me, the tights were still on! I started to freak out silently but that's when she spoke. In this weird, creepy voice she told me how it was OK, and she understood, and all young people liked to experiment and had fetish's.

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She kept massaging my feet while she spoke, sliding the tights together, and making me start to get hard. She told me that she also loved wearing those shiny tights and asked me if everything we spoke of would be our secret.

I agreed. She went on to say that she loved getting looked at in them and even touched while she wore them and that my uncle didn't mind at all and that he loved anything she did in them. I was really bothered at this point and started to tent up in my pants. She looked down and said, "Oh.Oh my.what do we have here? Maybe you should take those off and be comfortable?". Her voice was sarcastic but had an obvious sexual tone. I agreed and stood up to remove my pants. When I did her eyes got even bigger.

"Wow! You like my slips too? We do have alot in common huh? I like.

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That looks great on you!" she said.I told her thanks and we went on for a little while spilling our dirty secrets about slips and tights and having fun in them.

Then came the really interesting part of the weekend. She said that she didn't think I would be up and that she was actually having company over soon but would love for me to join them. I was getting angry but remembered what she had said about my uncle not caring what she did so I let it slide and thats when my mind went numb!

There was a knock at the door so she told me to stay in the living room for a minute as she ran to let whoever in.


I heard her and a man talking for a minute or two and then they came in. The man was older, probably in his late 50's. He introduced himself as Jim and said he liked my tights and that I had pretty legs. I was so blown away by all of this that I just clammed up.

"Aww he's just nervous, he'll warm up in a little bit", my Aunt told Jim. He then patted me on the knee and told me not to worry, and how he wasn't going to rape me or anything, and then told me about what they were doing.

It seemed he was there to take pictures of her legs in the tights. He then told me that if I wanted to join her or take some pictures myself he would give me $250.

That was alot of money for a 14year old so I thought about and agreed. They took off to the bedroom and I waited where I was. After about 20 minutes they were done. "See, that didn't take too long did it?" she asked.

Jim came out and said I was next if I wanted too so I got up and went back. He started off telling me how to sit, and how to place my legs and feet while he took pictures.

By the bed however I noticed a camcorder on a tri-pod with the red light on.

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I inquired as to its use and he told me it was in case he didn't catch the right still shots. I must admit, he did touch on my legs and feet a great deal while he posed me but I did like it and was getting very turned on.

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My Aunt yelled from the other room that I had 2 minutes left (her way of being protective or maybe her feeling guilty). Jim said ok but noticed my lump in the slip getting bigger. He quickly ran over to the bed and said, "no no no we can't have that in the pictures now". He reached down suddenly and cupped a hand over my mouth, while taking his other hand and placing it directly on my crotch. He grabbed hold of my slip and tights covered penis and quickly started jerking me up and down!

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He then leaned over and whispered so she couldn't hear, "mmm yeah.I like little cocks like yours honey.I wanted to fuck you the moment I saw you baby.I bet that ass has never been fucked has it?.oh yeah.guess I only have time to grab on you huh? Maybe next time I'll get ya?". I was in shock but something inside me was quivering as I came right in his hand! He then got his things together and left as fast as he could telling her I had an accident in my tights!

She just laughed as she closed the door. This was the first part of my weekend.