Kimberly wird Kehle gefickt von 2 Männern redxxxcams com

Kimberly wird Kehle gefickt von 2 Männern redxxxcams  com
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Divorce, a Job at K-Mart, and the New young Black Manager Chapter three This young black woman's name is "Chandra" she is taller than Ashley and has undone her top exposing an equally attractive set of smaller, but firmer breasts and was quite forcefully pushing them against her!. She is "surprised" at how strong and forceful this woman is along with the fact that she is not going to be denied! Ashley still naked and trembling with concern has no idea what this woman is going to do, and is virtually helpless do to the drinks and the forcefulness of this aggressive young black woman.

So does not try to, nor can she resist at all, only being able to blurt out please. please don't hurt me!. Chandra then says, Oh! Sweety I'm not going to hurt you.

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well not very much anyway? Ashley's heart is pounding again as she feels one of the woman's hands and sharp fingernails just barely and so sensually start to dig into the soft wet flesh surrounding her slit and clit! The sound of the restroom door opening and two other women entering, and talking about what had just happened on the dance floor is interrupted at the perverted sight of these two naked women, one young and black and the other older and white!

Ashley is even more embarrassed as the the crowd out side that watched was in the dark and the bright lights of the community room dance floor kept her from actually seeing them, but now these two black women are up close, and friends of Chandra the woman who is man handling her. She then calls them by name saying I have only got her "Ashley" for a moment and would they mind helping as she pushes Ashley down onto her knees!

Ashley naked barely feels the cold tile floor as one woman grabs her wrists pulling them up together behind her back, leaving her exposed and totally helpless! As the other has a hold of her beautiful hair forcefully tilting her head back kneeling down and holding her helplessly so she is unable to move. Then Chandra this dominant younger female has unzipped her dress pulling it entirely off that has left her already bare breasts, and now her bottom and pubes equally naked and exposed!

The look on her face is wanton and obscene as she bends her knees slightly and has placed her over stimulated wet glistening cunt right in Ashley's face! It is quite obvious now what she expects Ashley to do, as her well trimmed pubic mound with cunt lips dripping and slightly open and her clit only inches from Ashley's beautiful red lips!

Ashley has no choice as the young woman say's, pleasure me sweety and you better make it good or I will whip your ass or have David give you to me, for the week end and really show you what a lesbian bitch of a woman like me can do to you!

She is hesitant, but only for a moment and now is more than willing to obey. Again never having done anything like this to another woman has left her uncertain as to her ability intent or of the aggressiveness that might be needed! All is moot as the champagne and erotic naked dance has removed every bit of her inhibitions and has made her feel so sexually ready to do anything that is perverse and nasty, things she would have never done before, to another woman and especially a black one!

Ashley now with little hesitation and with aggressiveness she never knew she had, takes a big mouthful of girls wet puffy lips slit and clit! At the same time the woman kneeling and holding her hair has slipped her fingers underneath and between Ashley's soft white ass cheeks and has found her over stimulated and equally wet cunt lips and clit! The young woman now says in a deep voice my pussy is yours. Suck it, or whatever you want.

to do. as she eagerly pushes forward the muscles in her bottom and thighs tighten in perverse anticipation! The woman kneeling with her hand in the perfect place has started to expertly manipulate Ashley's most sensitive sexual being, as she more aggressively continues to finger her. Ashley can no longer help herself and with desire just moments ago, gorges herself completely on this bare well shaven pussy and labia lips, that had been hanging down so sinfully perverted and also accessible as this woman straddles her head!.

I'm telling you woman, Chandra says.suck me, my clit until I cum. Not my lips, just my clit! For Ashley she didn't need to be told twice. Tilting her head up just a little more she was able to get a good hold on Chandra's clit with her teeth making the gal tremble and jerk!.

She must have been close to orgasm as within moments her hands had a hold of Ashley's head and was forcefully grinding her soft wet cunt into her and trying to aggressively face fuck this older white woman's face! Ashley had never fantasized about investigating another woman's genitals, but she opened her legs wider and bent down even more placing more of her weight against Ashley's face as she held her head to her muff even tighter!

Her cunt lips were wet, so wet!.Oh she gasped I'm going to cum my gawd, she screeched in a higher voice don't stop! Ashley with renewed encouragement suddenly clamped her teeth again on the young woman's clit and re assumed sucking and biting it voraciously. The feeling of course was incredible as she forced her clit further into Ashley's mouth! Chandra's orgasm started slow as about the same time the woman that was fingering Ashley really pinched her fingernails sadistically into her clit and then both at almost the same time inured a most incredible orgasm!

The woman on her knees was encouraging Ashley by saying things like faster, chew on her clit, white bitch harder make her cum, eat that pussy good! Ashley needed little encouragement as her sinful wonderful orgasm had given her all the ardent desire she needed to do so!

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Chandra was panting and moaning with the heat and passion of release and with a short gasp of relief she straightened her legs and as she did so her wet cunt and swollen clitoris grudgingly pulled out of Ashley's mouth with a nasty sounding pop! The two women left Ashley helplessly on her knees gasping for air, where eventually her breathing subsided and her senses returned to normal.

Chandra also was becoming her old self saying, girl you did good I think I would love to have you for the evening or a week end, have David bring you by?

Now back in command, she has told the two women to take Ashley back to the dance floor! With her beautiful red dress still laying on the floor and no one making any attempt to retrieve it, she was helplessly pushed ahead of these two women as they held her tight!

Ashley with some of the champagne worn off was at first reluctant to go, and tried to resist some but the women had easily taken her out into the crowd still naked and wearing only her red hi heels, white garter belt and stockings, with Chandra leading the way! She had made no effort to put her dress back on either and was also totally nude! Several of the black brothers along with David were waiting outside the ladies restroom. However David already knew what had gone on.

as he had earlier encouraged Chandra to bid on Ashley's panties knowing full well what would happen. As he wanted to see how Ashley would react to a direct and aggressive sexual advance from a forceful lesbian and apparently she responded exactly as he thought she would, again him being a master of perception. Of the black men waiting to dance with Ashley, one was somewhat older and had earlier witnessed the perverse sexual display on the dance floor with Chandra, and were waiting their turn as they two wanted to dance with this attractive naked older woman!

David purposely stepped back letting them take their turn with her, as he was going to have her for the rest of the evening, and the weekend. He really wanted her to experience everything that these horny aggressive men could think of to threaten her with.

This would happened by them whispering all sorts of sexually perverse things they wanted to do in her ear, or taking dreadful liberties with her exposed naked body on the dance floor! Ashley still hesitant was surprised by what she saw as she emerged from the ladies restroom?

Most all of the couples were dancing, but the surprise was that of the couples the men except for a few were still fully dressed in their suits and ties, but all of the women were either completely naked or like her wearing almost nothing. She was also surprised that there were a number of black women dancing with white men, more than she had first realized! Still awe struck by this spectacle. as another glass of champagne was thrust into her hand and her other was grabbed as she was being pulled towards the dance floor!

She gulped it down washing the taste of Chandra's pussy away and easily renewing her interest in dancing with this new hansom black male that was holding her hand and pulling her toward the music, and colorful lights.

This time with her inhibitions again no where to be found set her glass down on the bar. and was now pulling him out onto the dance floor! It was another slow sultry song that made any couple that was listening, and especially dancing to it smoking hot with perverted lust for one another, and these two were no exception!

The black dude she was dancing with had grabbed her rather tightly and had pulled her helplessly to him leaving no room at all between them for her big bare breasts. Again she could hardly breathe as he held her oh so tight. With his lips nex to her ear she heard him say. how would you like to spend a week on a cruise ship in the Bahamas with an all black male crew, as this was where he worked during the summer, and he could arrange it. But if she went clothes were optional!

One of their stops in the Caribbean, was a resort that catered to older white women that lusted to experience every conceivable type of kinky perverted sex and wild party one could think of with the local islanders that were reported to be well endowed!

He being quite strong had put his knee into her wet pubic folds and had lifted her up slightly making it almost impossible for her to dance as her toes were just barely touching the floor, thus leaving her literally helpless with her legs clamped around his. She could feel the substantial bulge next to her pubes as they danced.and the thought of her being on a cruise ship with an all black crew wearing nothing or at a resort in the Caribbean that only existed for women like her to experience, and be sexually pleasured or abused was do mostly to the champagne and the circumstances, and to Ashley seemed most appealing.

As the song came to an end the next man that had been waiting, cut this dance was fast an hot, Ashley after her wild dance with Chandra earlier had easily reawakened her kinky zeal more than enough to let it all hang out! Back and forth they went with her bare white bottom jiggling and her big tits totally unencumbered and flying around. toward the end of the dance he grabbed a big hand full of her snatch and lifted her up over his head swinging her around faster and faster!

As he did his fingers dug into her pussy and cunt hole deeper and deeper! Most of the other dancers either stopped to watch or moved out of the way. As this wild dance came to an end. he lowered her down and at the same time spun her around in one place on the floor keeping his hand and fingers in her as he went. Never leaving her wet pussy as he continued to spin her around and around on her bare bottom until she was so dizzy she could barely see, and close to another orgasm.

Finally he pulled his fingers free, sticking them up in the air and then licking them to the amusement of the crowd that was again clapping hooting and whistling! Ashley just laid there naked in garter belt and heels trembling and unable to move still dizzy and having a hard time regaining her senses. Her first vision was of the older gentleman standing over her that seemed to be interested, and caring about her. As the music started again he helped her up, and said hi, my name is Ben.

This time the music was slow and geared for pelvic grinding. She could hardly stand and great fully put her arms around his neck and easily let him guide her around the dance floor as before her heels seemed to barely touch the floor, but this time for quite a different reason.

After a while she was able to do some of the dancing on her own. This allowed her to loosen her grip and get a better look at him? He was older and had a well trimmed graying mustache but surprisingly looked a lot like. David? Wondering, she was finally able to make eye contact and what she saw seemed to give her perverse chills!

Not the kind that scared one mind you, but the feeling of some sort of sinister motive the kind that made her innermost perverted sexual feelings respond more like animal lust.and to come alive. This for Ashley was a twisted feeling that had never been tapped, and all of this just from the look in his eyes!

During the dance though he acted very gentlemanly and seemed so kind, almost like an old friend. His voice was soothing and she easily relaxed, with this easily giving away to a helpless submissive feeling that she would, with little concern do anything he asked.

The feeling was wonderful but his words were quite different. They started out by him simply saying, I am a "sexual sadist", I torture and abuse women just for the fun of it, and I would love to do the same to you?

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The words at first, were again so smooth matter of fact and the meaning of them took several minutes to actually sink in as, they danced! Ashley was trembling again, at first hesitant and then with tempered curiosity and wonder asked quite boldly, well Ben what kind of sexual torture would you do to me?

She held her breath expecting him to say something like a brutal whipping or some sort of perverted breast and genital torture? But his answer surprised her and was much different than she had expected. This older gentleman went on to say, I give women orgasms, multiple orgasms! Ashley sighed and relaxed as she said, that does not seem like torture to me?

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Ben then went on to say, no you don't understand. I give them multiple and mind blowing orgasms the kind that make women cum so hard that their body hurts and are sexually drained and can give no more, then they are again, and again taken to the very edge of incredible sexual stimulation! This type stimulation is then repeated over and over again! Ashley still not quite fully comprehending his answer said, and now being a bit of an adventurist, sounds like some really kinky and abusive fun to me?

This older gentleman then said, will see! I will have David bring you by the clinic where I work and show you what I do for a living, and then to my personal studio where I can give you a sample of what I do in the way of, what you seem to think is sadistic fun!. Women like you are perfect for the kind of sexual sadistic torture and abuse I have in mind!

Ashley now intrigued and her interest really peaked asks why.why would a woman like me be so appealing to you, and why would you want me?

Ben goes on to say, well first of all I am a lot like David, very perceptive when it come to women, what they want and what they need and as you have suspected we are related as I am his uncle. Also I am a resident physician at this clinic, perhaps you have heard of me?

Doctor Benjamin Desaude I am a specialist. The women I see at the clinic are sexually repressed and sadly, are women that have never had a real orgasm. I, in my practice use all sorts of medical techniques to insure they experience sexual release.


Traditional, non traditional psycho therapy hypnotic therapy as well as a number of mechanical and electro simulators, and of course all of the new drugs that enhance a woman's ease and ability to have incredible orgasms all are available to me! But the studio is a place where I indulge my personal sadistic side and for me is a place to play!


It is a place where adventurous women like you come to experience the ultimate in sexual pleasure and total physical release! The kind that few women can even imagine, and I can easily see that you would be perfect to experience one or more of my intimate studio sessions. Ashley then says. how can you possibly say a thing like that? You do not know anything about me? The gentleman goes on to say, Ashley I know everything about you!

The tone of his voice was again smooth mater of fact and that of a man that was quite self assured and knew exactly what he was about to say!

His comment was followed by, you are a 34 year old divorced mother of two. You lost your ungrateful children in a one sided custody battle to your ex, and this has left you alone, on your own and devastated. You moved to this city to start over where you met David. You being alone, were terrified at your age to even consider a relationship with a man! David was quite charming and you were so lonely.

You were also reluctant to consider dating, much less have a meaningful relationship with a man, especially a black one almost ten years your junior Your only sexual relief during most of your marriage and recently has been masturbation. You have not had sexual intercourse since your children were conceived and you have been manipulated and pleasured numerous times over the last several month by David including this evening, and by the young lesbian woman Chandra.

You desperately want David to be your first real lover in over ten years and you will do most anything he asks, and now could care less what anyone thinks, or that he is young and black! Your morals sexual desire and view of society have drastically changed over the last month. You are now ripe and ready for just about any kind of kinky sexual experience that comes your way!

Ben then said, have I missed anything? Ashley was stunned by this simple and very accurate account of her life, trying to act as if none of what he said. was true? Then she blurted out without thinking how could you possibly know all of that or whether any of it is. true? Ashley. Ben went on to say, think about for a moment, what you have just said.

You are at a singles dance, dancing with a total stranger and are completely naked. many of the couples here are interracial and if you have not noticed am black! Furthermore I have already placed several hypnotic suggestions in that pretty little head of yours and you will. I assure you do any thing I ask ! The feeling in her genitals was almost burning as her thoughts quickly returned to sexually perverted things he might do to her or have her helplessly submit to, by only his power of suggestion?

How she thought, could he have possibly placed hypnotic suggestions in her mind with out her knowing about it! He then told her first, this evening you will have some of the best and most incredible sex with David! But I did not need to place much of a. suggestion about this in your mind as you and him are more than ready for sex! Second anytime you are in my presence and around me you will do exactly what I ask, and again I assure you that you will, do anything, and one will be to come to my studio!

This is where you will experience only a small taste of my perverse sexual expertise while in my care, with numerous stimulating sexual experience's and intense orgasms that will leave you only wanting more! As the music stopped he held her close and gave her a kiss that left her breathless, then saying I will give you a little sample this evening of what the power of my suggestions can bring and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Then he spun her around and into David's waiting arms, as the last dance for her this evening was going to be with him and his plans for her so far had gone exactly as he planned.

The rest of the evening would be some of the best and most memorable that Ashley could ever imagine. in the way of exhibition romance and incredible sex! It was now about midnight and although the dancing would officially end at 2:00 am David was more than ready to enjoy all of the sexual pleasures this older attractive woman he so adored and lusted after would easily surrender to him!

He had taken off his coat and had placed it over her bare shoulders and had escorted her out of the community room and into the long well lighted hall.

There were a number of other couples and a bunch of single men that were either returning to the bar or their rooms from several of the other community room activities on this floor.

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His coat could not be buttoned as there was no way it would be able to do so and cover her big breasts! As they walked down the hall they passed the good doctor she had earlier danced with, and as they did so he snapped his fingers! One would have to be listening closely in order to hear the snap of his fingers, and at the same time said have fun tonight Ashley!

She only moments after without any warning removed Davids coat. Handing it to him, saying that she did not need it and that she was plenty warm enough without it, emphasizing that she was really hot! Several of the couples almost choked as she stood there stark ass naked as the good doctor said again with a knowing smile, tonight as it is on me Ashley!

Ashley now with David in tow entered the elevator and into a group of well dressed men that were on their way to the bar, she said standing there naked quite loudly to anyone listening I am really "hot and need a drink"! Several of the men quickly offered to buy her what ever kind of drink she wanted! David slowed down what was happening by punching it the upper floor luxury suites and reminding her that they had other plans for the evening much to the detain of the horny men!

As the elevator passed through several floors she was getting plenty of attention by first removing her garter belt and handing it to one of the wide eyed men that she had easily let fondle her! This was followed by removing first one of her red hi heels and precariously standing on the other as she slowly rolled down one of her stockings and handing it to another man that had been admiring her beautiful bare legs and naked well shaven pubes!

As the elevator stopped and started she almost fell and hands lots of them reached out and grabbed to steady her! But they seemed to grab only her big tits! Now with one stocking gone she did the same with the other in an elevator version of a quickie Gypsy Rose Lee burlesque striptease! Numerous cell phone cameras recorded all of her exposed lovely nakedness and the willing total unconcerned look on her face!

The elevator stopped at the Sky Room Bar and Ashley was ready to follow them to the public bar wearing only her red hi heels and with no concern what so ever that she was stark ass naked! David of course was having a hard time pulling her back into the elevator and had hug and hold her as she tried to leave with them.

As the door closed she blew several kisses to those men that were encouraging her to have a nightcap with them, saying she would give them a rain check this time! It was all David could do to calm her down as the elevator stopped at the upper floor executive suites these were very expensive rooms and one that David had reserved and planned on using for this very special occasion!. Continued in Chapter Four