Real teen doll toying pussy

Real teen doll toying pussy
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The day after I cursed Nicolas I went out in search of the next person I would bliss. It was currently 5:45PM. I was reading minds as I flew miles above my hometwon. I read one mind imparticula. That's when I knew it. The one that would be mynext conquest. The next one I would bless with my bliss. I was already flying invisible to everybody around me.

In my invisible form flying I had wings that were also invisible. I landed a few feet away from a construction site. While flying above him in the blink of an eye I read his mind, thoughts and all his memories. I also read the minds of everybody he had encountered his whole life as well.

I decided to go ahead and bring this all to head so to speak. One second he was doing construction work the next he was inside his bedroom. Sitting on the side of his bed with his feet touching the ground. Currently he was frozen in time. NAME: jalal Kareem AGE: 21 Years Old RACE: Mixed Arabic and Caucasian BIRTHPLACE: Iran but has lived in the USA since he was 4 years old and speaks in an American accent.

HAIR COLOR: jet black medium length shaggy curly hair style SHOE SIZE: 9 1/2 FLACCID PENIS SIZE: 6 inches in length and 2 inches in width FULLY ERECT PENIS SIZE: 8 1/2 inches in length annd 3 inches in width CIRCUMCISED: no Next I unfroze time and made myself visible to him with my white feathered wings. To make things a little less scary for him at first I decided to put a white loin cloth around me covering my penis.

Jalal jumped backwards and nearly fell off his bed. He yelled at me "who the fuck are you"?! Then Jalal continued right after that by saying and "how the hell did I get here"?!

I sighed and said "I know this is gonna sound crazy Jalal but I am basically the God of Sex and Sexual Desire. Jalal actually didn't have any problem beliveing me as soon as I told him who I was. After all I teleported him from his job site to his bedroom instantly and I had feathered wings attached to my body.

In a mystified voice he said "well why are you here with me"? I responded to him by telling him that I read his mind when I spotted him. I know all his memories and those of everybody he has met. I know that he has had sex exactly 562 times. He laughed a little and said "yeah dude you are probably right". I pounded his knuckle and said "yeah man dats what's up". Jalal knuckled my fist back approvingly and said "for sure dude".

I then went on to tell him however with all the women you have bedded you havem"t brought any pleasure to them. I went on to say you have not brought one women to orgasm or even come close too. I informed him while I was flying I wasn't just flying. I was accessing people minds as I flew. What I had just told Jalal was the very reason I decided to pay him a visit.

Though he has had sex many times he ranks as one of the lowest in actually having the ability of having good sex. Jalal basically was the worst person in bed out of any human's mind I had accessed so far.

I reminded him that I knew this by accessing his mind as well as every woman he has slept with. Jalal's tensed up and with firmness in his voice said "that's bullshit dude". Jalal continued by saying "I ain't got no problems in dat area". "I don't care what the hell you have to say ahhhhhh." I finshed up his sentence by saying "Orgasnick".

I knew that he was saying ahh. because he didn't know my name. Jalal annoyingly said "Orgasnick I know how to fuck you done said yourself I have fucked hundreads of times". I laughed and said "yeah dude but you suck at it". "Not one women not one women whose mind I have read that you slept with liked fucking you." I grinned and said "I am going to teach you and change you to be a man woman crave".

"I am also going to show you how to bring yourself better pleasure". "Now" I said "I believe its always best to start with basics". "To be honest you suck at bringing yourself pleasure". You could masturbate way better then what you have been doing".

Next I said said "take off your clothes and let's get started teaching you." Jalal smirked and said "dude I don't care if you are a God or not I am not gonna wank off in front of you".

I said " how dare you defy I am a God". With that said Jalal started by slipping off his white wife beater and throwing it on the floor. Jalal tried to yell at me while I made him do this but I took away his voice so only his lips moved.

Next Jalal With his hands took off his light brown construction boots one by one and threw them on the floor. Then he slipped off both socks and threw them on the floor as well.

Jalal slowly unbuckled his tool belt and unlooped it. Next his unzipped his zipper and. Let his light blue jeans withs hole in them fall to his feet. My gaze fell on Jalal with nothing on but his red boxers. Jalal removed his boxers he took them off threw one foot at a time.

Jalal threw his boxers across the room completelig the task I made him do. Jalal was absolutely stunning. His body was amazing and extremely toned from doing construction work. His chest was firm with a six pack of abs. His outee belly button to me was a cute factor.

His chest and stomache was hairless. Only because he shaved it off of course. His arms and legs were covered with a light amount of black hair. No facial hair adorned him ethier because of him shaving it daily. Jalal's pubic region had short nicely trimmed black pubes. Not to mention the pretty boy face of a mixed white arab guy. Next I said "I am going to do a few minor changes".

With that said I made him unable to move until the changes I made were done. I had Jalal grow from 5"9" to 6"1 but had his body keep its proportions. Next I had his nipples grow to be a little less then 1 inch in length. Jalal's nipples then turned from a dark pink to a dark purple shade. I then had Jalal's pubes fall to the floor leaving him cmpletely bare down there.

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Next I had his medium length shaggy curly black hair all fall to the ground leaving his head completely bald. The small patches of black hair Jalal had on his arms pits fell to the ground. Then the hair on his arms and legs fell to the ground. Jalal was now 100% completely smooth and hairless. Next I held his flaccid dick in my hand. It grew to a flaccid size of 9 inches in length and 3 inches wide. Next but not least I changed his penis from uncircumcised to become a circumcised penis.

A beautiful bulbous mushroom shaped head bloomed from his penis. The head of his penis was the size of a small apple. Next came his testicals which remained the traditional shape of testicals but became the size of oranges. I laughed and said to Jalal "you know what they say about penis length and the size of a guys feet don't you"? I continued saying "well let's make shore the feet matches the new growth". With that said his feet grew from a 9 1/2 shoe size in men to a size 13 in men.

I then made Jalal be able to move.I allowed him to finally be able to speak as well. Jalal angrily said to me "you mother fucker what the hell did you do to me"!!!!!!!!!!! I said "I made some slight modifications to you". "For one" I said "no hair shall ever again grow from your head or your pubic region". "Also hair shall no longer grow anywhere else on your body as well". I then quickly corrected myself and said "well I mean you still have your eyelashes and eyebrows of course". Now I said " its time to start".

Two brown wooden chairs with a two red cushions on the seats appeared in the center of his room. With my powers I made him sit on one of the the chairs. The other empty chair was for me and it was placed directly in front on the chair Jalal was now sitting on. Jalal pleaded "come on dude this is to the extreme I know how to masturbate hell I don't even really need to".

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I took away his voice again saying "silence is needed for the time we are about to begin you leason". I took off the white loan cloth from my body and threw it to the side. which revealed me fully nude with my flaccid cock.

I made my white feathered wings disappear and sat on the chair in front of Jalal. Jalal looked embarassed and had a pissed off look on his face at the same time. Jalal also had his head turned to the right and did not look at me directly while I spoke to him. I looked at his face anyway and said "when the human male is eroused and there is nobody around to alleviate his erection".

"The human male will turn to himself to alleviate his own erection". "Human men have many ways in which they do this". "Some human men use there left or right hand to jerk there penises to do this. "Other men rub there penises on there bed or inside a masturbation toy to masturbate".

"These are the main ways in which the human male masturbates". "Some guys use lubricants while they jerk off the penises". "Vaseline and lotions are common lubricants used". I leaned further back in my chair and said "however I believe the best lubricant comes from within".

While I said this I grabbed my flaccid penis. At that point Jalal looked at me in disgust and shook his head no. It was at this point I gave Jalal back his voice. Jalal spoke still shaking his head no and said "no fucking way dude I'm not using you jizz to jerk off with"! I understood why he didn't want to. I leaned back further in my chair and said "fine you can use yours".

I transformed my whole entire body from that of my own to an exact clone of what Jalal looked like. I was sitting in there chair and in mere moments I was a copy of Jalal sitting across from him with my penis that looked just like his in my hand. Jalal's eyes bulged out of his head while he said "what the fuck dude".

Then I started pumping my abdominals in and out in and out while still holding my flaccid dick in my right hand. I grabbed Jalal's right hand and placed it right under the head of my penis.

Out spewed one long stream of cum. It quickly overflowed on his hamd and started spilling on the floor. In Jalal's own voice I said "sometimes guys use porn or erotic thoughts to jerk themselves off to".

"However often the thought of pleasuring ones own body is erotic enough". I leaned back some more in my chair and put my right foot flat on the top of his upper leg. I then put my left foot flat on his other leg's knee. I then announced "so begin to masturbate yourself".

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Jalal tried with all his might to fight it I could tell by reading his mind. Jalal gritted his teeth and tensed up his body. No matter though because he took his right hand full of jizz and started rubbing his penis slowly. I made Jalal's thoughs turn to a girl he fucked. He tried to not concentrate on them but the memory of having sex with the girl named Julie kept replaying in his head. Jalal's penis slowly started to become erect while he was slowly rubbing his penis.

Jalal's penis went from 9 inches in length and 3 inches in width to a fully erect state. It eventually crept up 12 1/3 inches in length and 4 inches in width. When this happened he wrapped his hand around the top of his penis and started jerking off very quickly. Still speaking in Jalal's own voice I said to him "no no no slow down for more pleasure and more time". Jalal's hand suddenly stopped jerking his penis fast and slowed down. He slowed down at an extremely slow rate jerking up and down starting from the top.

I said to him "I want to open up communication Jalal". "As you already know I know everything about you and everybody you have ever met in your life". "In your own words though dude I want you to answer my questions". I gave Jalal back his voice. I said look directly in my eyes while I ask you these questions". "Although I still want you to jerk yourself off ok"? He didn't answer me. It didn't matter because I just forced him to answer my last question and all others from here on out.

With gritted teeth Jalal said "yes". He was looking straight in my eyes still jerking himself off amazingly slow. I asked him "Jalal when was the last time you masturbated"? He answered "about 2 months ago". I then asked "how long do you last usually when you masturbate"? He answered "about 14 minutes". Jalal's penis was rock hard of course with barely visible light blue veins going along the length of his penis.

After about 14 minutes of him jerking off slowly Jalal was breathing heavier. I then tweaked his body to last a long time before orgasming. I told him to pick up the pace of his jerking off about 3 or 4 notches faster and he did. He looked furious at me still staring me in the eye. My feet were still propped up on him in the same area.

After a few more minutes he was letting out light moans though he tried not to. I said to him "Jalal some guys when they masturbate like to do it in public". "The risk of getting caught often turns some guys on". "I guess you can relate its the same kinda feeling you have had while having sex in public places". I ended this short conversation by saying "let's have a change of venue shall we".

With a snap of my fingers we were no longer sitting on chairs in his bedroom. Now we were in a small storage room inside a girls locker room in the local high school. Jalal was still jerking off when he was teleported into this room. Trying to keep his breathing to a minimum he said "wat the hell; what just happened"? I said "calm down dude I'm still here". When he looked to see where the noise came from he saw a small table right next to him on his left side.

On that table was a 10 inch long and 6 inch wide bottle. I was currently the bottle that had a sticker on the front of a smiley face that I was moving as I talked. I knew it would be a gamble doing this. Even though my father Cupid explained that I would have any powers that I needed in order to sexually bliss somebody in the way I saw fit. Inside the bottle was Jalal's own jizz with a noozle for dispensing it. He looked down with shock in his face and in a loud whisper asked me "Orgasnick where the fuck are we"?

I said to him in a low whisper "we are in a stock supply room in the girls locker room at Fernda High School. "Infuriated Jalal said to me in a low whisper "what the fuck dude I can get caught in here".

I responded by saying "that's the thrill of it and you don't mind while you fuck outside or in public places". Then I told him "look threw that little peep whole through the door in this room". "Once you look though it" I said "you will see something that will turn you on I'm sure". Jalal of course was still jerking himself off for this whole time. Jalal not wanting too walked a few steps to a peep hole that was at his eye level and saw tons of naked senior girls.

They were joking around with each other and talking. Some of them still undressing and some of them showering off. Jalal couldn't deny to himself that this all was making him even hornier. For when I teleported him here I made him stop thinking of memories of fucking Julie.

I told him to pick up more speed while he jerked himself off. Jalal grunted from pleasure and hatred of being told what to do. He still did as I commanded him too. Jalal was looking at some of these girls and fantasizing about them.

He was Imagining fucking them and eating them out and them blowing him. He was jerking himself off pretty fast at this rate trying very hard not breath heavy not wanting one of the girls to hear him and catch him.

He stared intently at some of the girls. As he continued jerking up and down on his penis he needed more lube. I instructed him to push down on my nozzle so I could disperse more of his jizz on his hand. He walked back a few feet and did this. Then he went back to looking at the girls. It became really hard for him to not start moaning and breath heavier. For he had been masturbating for 30 minutes at this point.

I told him "slow down to the rate you were jerking yourself off to at the beginning". I then expressed to him "you see all you do is jerk off in the same way just the top of your penis". Then I stated to him "Start jerking yourself off from the top to the bottom of your shaft". Jalal grunted annoyed and whispered "fuck you dude I don't want to slow down now or jerk differently". As I commanded he did what I said and started jerking from the top to the bottom of his shaft over and over again.

At the same time he slowed his jerking speed to that of what it was when he first started. Never taking an eye off the girls the whole time he changed up the routine.

After another 15 minutes he was drenched in sweat completely drenched even his bald head was soaked with it. I then said "you have seen a few ways and techniques of masturbation". 'I believe its time for you to see another side of masturbation the human male uses". I then stated "some guys get aroused by jerking off while spying on other people actually having sex" I then stated "here goes the peeping tom portion of your leason".

With that said we teleported out of the locker room storage room. We teleported to a house that was a great distances away from other houses in the area. This house was in another state. We were teleported to Kansas. It was pooring down rain and I mean pooring rain. In this situation Jalal was still 100% naked of course standing right in front of a huge bedroom window still jerking himself off. Jalal went err in shock of now standing in the rain.

I made him unable to walk more then a few inches away from where he was standing. His beautiful big feet were standing in gushy mud.

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He was not very well hidden except for a few bushes that just barely covered his butt from the view of the streets. Without him having an orgasm yet I made him cum 3 cups worth on his right hand while he was jerking. The cum just shot out continuously until 3 cups of it was released. Jalal said "where the fuck are you Orgasnick"!!!!!!

I was currently a red robin bird resting on the ledge to the right of the big window. I told him "I am the robin on the ledge in front of you" and he looked at me exhaustingly angry and asked "why am I here in front of a fucking window"!!! I told him " remember what I said before we teleported about peeping toms". I explained to him that a couple was just about to have sex in the bedroom for which the window viewed.

"He rolled his eyes back and said to me "anybody can fucking see me you idiot I'm right near the street and right in front of there window". "For fucks sake man"!!! "He continued "The window is only about 17 feet away from bed which is directly in the middle of the room"!!!! I clairified "I am well aware of where we are don't worry about getting caught that's part of the thrill just enjoy the show". With that said the couple entered there bedroom making out like crazy hands wrapped all around each other.

The guy's name was Zander Nelson. Zander had short cropped brown hair a little more then half an inch in length. He was lightly tanned and was well toned. Zander had a six pack and a light amount of brown hair on his chest. Zander was another pretty boy for sure and had light green eyes.

Zander was 6"4" and was 24 years old. The girl Zander was macking on was Veronica Kelly she was 24 years old also. Veronica had a small petite body and was 5"6". She like Zander was white. Veronica had all natural size double DD breasts. She also had long black straight hair that reached half way down her back. Veronica was very hot.

They quickly started ripping off eachothers clothes off never breaking there long kiss. Then Zander layed side ways on the bed while Veronica got on her knees beside Zander.


At this point they were both completely naked as she knelt down and started to blow him. Now Zander head layed horizontally on the king sized bed. His head was on the the right siide of the bed as was my position on the right side of the window ledge.

Veronica kenlt down at the further end of the bed while she was on her knees blowing him. This gave Jalal a perfect view of what was going on. Jalal got really eroused seeing this. He was still jerking off the way he was in the storage room.

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He muttered "oh fuck". I said right now "you are the peeping tom while you masturbate to this hot couple making love". Jalal was so eroused that at this point. Jalal actually doubted whether or not he could have stopped himself even if I wasn't forcing him to jerk off. He continued jerking and I told him to quicken the pace up but use the same technique he currently is. Jalal did this in the pooring rain while intently watching this couple.

At this point Jalal was moaning and panting and digging his feet deeper in the mud as he continued to jerk him self off. I said to Jalal "time to become more voyeuristic as some guys do when the masturbate themselves to bring ultimate pleaseure". With that said we were teleported into the closet of the couple Jalal was jerking off too. In this big spacious closet was a mound of clothes about 5 feet high covering the entire floor of the closet. All of these were Zander's dirty clothes.

Jalal now found himself laying with his back on the mound of clothes inside Zander's closet. Jalal was drenched with sweat and from the rain he got soaked in.

Jala's feet were still muddy from when they were outside. He looked all around and looked foward. Jalal saw that the closet door was open 9 inches. This nine inches gave him a even better perfect view of the couple on the bed. The closet lights were off as Jalal layed down in darkness. Jalal was more then freaked out because one turn of Zander's or Veronica's heads towards the closet would lead him to easily be discovered.

All of a sudden a big white pillow formed under Jalal's head raising his head up to see the couple fucking without having to raise his head on his own. Jalal could now just relax and watch them. Jalal said almost inaudibly "Orgasnick dude where the fuck are". I informed him of my location. This time just directly speaking my own voice into his mind. Explaining to him that I was the pillow he now rested his head on. Jalal watched intently as the Zander began to eat out Veronica. In his head unable to control himself he thought yeah that's right eat that pussy.

He continued by also thinking that girl has got a nice ass pussy. Still speaking directly into Jalal's mind "I told him to switch up his jerking technique". "I instructed him to jerk off the top of his penis with his right hand in a fist position".

However instead of jerking up and down on the top his penis I told him move his hand in a circular motion at the top of his penis. I let him do this in a very fast motion. The moment he started doing this he bit his lower lip and gasped pretty loudly.

Unable to control the pleasure this techniqe was bringing him. Jalal had never thought to jerk off in a circular motion at the top. After 10 minutes his wrist hurt badly from doing this but he continued. After jerking off in the closet for 20 minutes total he now had a combined total jerk off session still going at 1hr and 17 minutes.

The couple began fucking doggy style and was loud in there own moans. They didn't even notice Jalal's loud panting and moaning and groans. Next I entered into Jalal's mind telling him "some guys like to hump while they jerk off".

I continued by saying in his mind "human males hump the air and others sometimes hump objects while they masturbate". I made Jalal who was way past out of energy hump. While laying down I made him hump the air while he jerked off.

He was so exhausted it wasn't even funny. After another 20 minutes of jerking off fast then slowing down to keep the session going I teleported us back to his bedroom. He was now laying back flat on his bed close to cumming. He was letting out animal roars and noises of animalistic pleasure.

He was again drenched in just sweat which was rolling down his face into eyes. The sweat was also rolling in beads all over his body even his feet was drenched in sweat. Before he orgasmed I made another cup worth of his spunk shoot out onto his hands. Then I told him " jerk off the top of your penis in a up and down motion as fast you can". I also instructed him to look at me in the eyes while he did this. I was sitting indian style at the end of his bed about 8 inches away from his feet.

I was now back in my true form completely naked on his bed. I then made him massage his ball sack with his left hand while he jerked his penis with the right. After only 6 minutes of this his body tensed up his groans became screams. His stomache began to pump in and out in and out. His stomache did this in a ripple fashion of pumping in and out.

Lastly he curled his toes at the end of the bed. Then JALAL CAME. In the most manly voice I ever heard he screamed. Jizz shot out in one straight continuous flow. Which of course I tweaked his body to do. The jizz shot up 6 feet in the air and landed every where. He was still screaming from pleasure and some uncomfortable pressure. The pressure came from wide ropes of jizz shooting out his penis with unbelievable speed.

Jalal's jiz landed all over his chest and stomache and on his face. Some got in his mouth but he quickly closed it after.

Some jizz landed on his feet and a lot landed on my body. Jizz went on the floor and the walls as well. His stomache kept pumping till he was done cumming. All in all he shot out 3 GALLONS BEFORE HE STOPPED. When he did he was panting basically having trouble breathing barely able to move an inch. He layed on his bed 9 minutes before he had the energy to move. He took his left land and wipped his jizz off his face.

Jalal then looked at me in disbelief. I said to him myself still covered in his jizz "well did I not teach you how to properly pleasure yourself better then you were dooing before dude".

Jalal slowly shook his head yes in agreement. Still panting between words he said "that was amazing Orgasnick I won't lie dude". "I mean I'm pissed you did this to me" but he smirked "it was beyond erotic man". I told him " I have blissed you here today".


I continued "however now I will bless you". I explained to him that no women will be able to resist him from here on out. Just the smell of him will make women want to fuck him. I went on to tell him that he will impregnate every women he has sex with from now on.

Explaining further that I want as many off spring to come from his ball sack as possible. While I explained he interuped "DUDE NO FUCKING WAY I DON'T WANT NO FUCKING KIDS LET ALONE HUNDREADS OF THEM"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cut him off and said "I am a God you don't tell me what I can do this is my blessing". "You will see how you will not have a choice by tomorrow morning now sleep". With that said Jamal fell alseep and would awake tomorrow. His job would not have known he went missing because I controlled all there minds to believe he had a week off. No friends or anybody would come and see or talk to him as well for this week I planted it in everybodys mind on planet Earth.

With this done I grew my wings back and turned invisible. I also transparently walked threw the wall and flew into the sky. To be continued. P.S I was reading over chapter three I made bad mistakes I might revise it.