Irresistible asian teen is riding a loaded fuck rod with her fine ass

Irresistible asian teen is riding a loaded fuck rod with her fine ass
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Even looking at her sleeping turns me on. I took off the blanket so I can see her body and off the air conditioner so she won't get too cold. Slowly, i took off her pantie and I took a good look at her pussy.

I stuck my tongue out and start to lick her pussy. She just moan a little in her sleep. I didn't want to put it in her as i didn't want her to wake up so I masturbated and cum all over her face and hair while she's asleep. I went to take Raj used condom and put it on top of her head just to play with her. I went to office for a while then about 4pm i went to school to pick up the kids.

It was silent for a while then my daughter ask if Samantha, her mom is awake. I told her she didn't text me yet so should be still asleep. When we reach home, my son broke silence and ask if we could continue my wife other sex tape.

I told him only if their mom allow. Samantha was still asleep and they look disappointed so I told them to meet me at the living room after they took their bath.

They came down after 10mins with their hair still wet. I ask if they can consider it as bath and laughed. They ask me to play the video faster. The video shows 30th Oct, 5 days after Abdul case. They thought it look familiar, it was my office.

I pretended to video it when my dad aka their grandfather was bringing us around the factory and office. My lovely wife butt was in front of me showing perfect view of her walking in her OL clothes and Mini skirt. The video then jump to another scene where I ask my wife to put a vibrator in her vagina. She say she is wearing thong that day and it won't hold the vibrator in her.

I then took out a tape and ask her to tape her the vibrator in her. Right after she did that someone walk into the meeting room and greeted us. He say he is the operation manager for the factory, introduce himself as John from Greece and he together with some locals will be guiding us to view few of the factory and also the plantation if we have enough time *video stop*. He told us it will take few days to fully see the plantation as all the plantation is at different location.

My dad has also build few houses in the plantation so they can rest. I called my dad and ask must we go through the whole process as i felt annoyed.

He say Samantha can go home but I have to go to observed and learn everything from the bottom. I was kinda pissed but then Samantha comforted me and told me not to be angry. The operational Manager and Assistant ops manager was in the front seat, didn't dare to make a noise.

He told us he will do everything briefly so we can go home early. I was still moody until Samantha whisper to me, look what inside me. Slowly, she spread her legs.

I blast the vibrator to max to release my anger on My wife. She tries very hard not to moan but luckily the car was bumpy and noisy. I also ask her to unbuttoned her first two button to show a bit of cleavage and pretending that it is because of the hot weather. We reach the first factory, i turn the vibrator off.

Samantha face was red, she took out a tissue and wipe in between her legs as she came a few times. She was wearing heels so they ask if she wants to change it. They offer her a boots, she took it around with her but she didn't wear it yet.

When enter the factory, lots of worker was looking at us like one kind. They knew we are not ordinary visitor. Then we reach a place where we have to walk up those metal/aluminium stairs. Lots of the factory worker from below can look up and see my wife short skirt pantie.

Can see few of them laughing waiting for my wife to cross over, preparing to peek. Samantha was looking at me nervously. John then suggested that she wear the boots but i told her to take out both. She listen to me as she understand me most.

She knew I want people to have a clearer view. She ask John kindly if he could help her take off the strap on her heels and John kindly obey. He was stun when he saw something was plaster into her pussy.

He look at her but she is focus on taking off her heels. Then she notice that John is not moving so she quickly move away so John couldn't see. Sam was a little shy then i blast it to max again and she let off a soft moan. I ask John to help her up and guide her to the office.

He help her up and I started to record again. She was holding John shoulder when she cross with vibrator in her spinning. While she was crossing over, she cum bit by bit dripping to the people below.

She reach the office, John ask if she is ok politely. He was about 40yo at that time so he was already balding. He ask why is she doing such thing, she simply reply because "I'm his wife". John was praising her saying how good she is and etc. The assistant ops manager then came in and notice John concern face and asked what happen. He simply replied that Samantha hurt her ankle. He ask the assistant to go check on other stuff to divert him away.

I ask Sam to strip naked to show John, she a real deal. I can see his pants buldges. Samantha was touching herself begging for an European Cock. I was kinda jealous as she was showing lewd faces. Then I remembered, like any asian girls, she dreamt to be fuck by white males. She didn't seem to mind their appearance, it just turns her on. I push Samantha a bit forward so she would kneel down and pull John pants down.

Just when she pulled it down, John 8inch dick bounce upwards and slap her chin. She gasp as his dick is as thick as her wrist. She struggles to fit it in her mouth too. John was to shy to do anything hardcore to her so he just let her slowly slurp and blow his dick. She climb to the office table and spread her leg and prepare for him to penetrate her vagina. She scream in pain when he pushes it in fast. I was holding her hand while the camera is show her whole body and only show John dick going in and out of her vagina.

John carry her up and pushes her on the glass windows overlooking the whole factory worker. She was planted to the glass and some worker notice as they view my wife boobs planted to the glass.

He fun deep in her, then as he pulled it out. Samantha fell to the ground. With her hand trying to keep her body up. John carry her up and kissed her. He ask her to follow him and be his wife instead. I was jealous and angry at that moment but also high with lust. She refused. She say she is mine. I pulled her hair and push her towards John face and ask her to say she love him.

She didn't want to do so, i forced her again as it turns me on listening to her saying she love someone else. Again she refused. I told her I gonna invite people downstairs to take turn on her if she refused.

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Still she didn't want to, John then say he had enough, turn off my camcorder and he wears his shirt and help Samantha to wear her dress. He carry her to the car didn't want people to peek on her again. Trying to protect her, I went to the car as well. She hug me saying she love me. I hug her back and apologize to her. John was acting hero and the whole trip we didn't do much other than Samantha teasing me bit by bit. John didn't get to touch Samantha at all after that and I know he must greatly regret for acting like a gentleman.

My daughter than ask if thats her actual dad. I told her "nope, he wasn't that good guy". My daughter got curious again and ask what I meant by that.

I didn't get to answer her, my wife woke up already. Walking down the stairs, in her soft voice asking if we are having dinner. I told her Raj already bought us food and he is on the way. She notice we had just finish the 2nd video of her. She ask the kids what they are thinking. The kids go over and hug her saying they love her.

I ask her, how was yesterday? she say she had to come home later than promise to close the deal. She smile and say she manage to close another deal worth 1mil. I kiss her proudly, my kids laugh as they notice there is a condom stuck on her hair and her face look like there is dried cum.

Raj, reached my house and we had dinner together like a happy family. After the dinner, my wife took everything to the kitchen and wash the dishes. My kids and Raj went to the living room and watch TV. I walk over and hug my wife from behind, slowly move my hand upwards.

She was still focusing on her dishes, i start to fondling her breast. I ask her if she is ready to show the kids some live action and who is Janiss *our daughter* real dad?

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She nodded while I kiss her neck, i ask her to text Raj to invite some of his homeless friends over as she is going to do some charity work with her body.

I smacked her butt and ask her to come out after I put on her tape. I heard Raj standing up excusing himself and that's when i walk over. Raj say in good manner that he will be back in a while. I asked the kid if they want to see the next video. They nodded, I put on the taped and then I pause it. "Introducing today's pornstar, a mom, a whore and my human pet". Samantha crawl out on of the kitchen naked. Look at your mom, she's a slut. Look at her lewd face, look at her pussy, this is the hole you two came out from.

She was standing next to the TV. I played the video. I told them that John beg to be in action and promise to organise something for me and her mom when we are in the States. It was meant to be our honeymoon + company meeting. It started with Samantha *my hot young wife who is still 17yo turning 18yo at that time. She was walking faster than me and keep turning around swinging her smooth long black hair, she was so hot and pretty.

The hot pants shows her bubble butt with white Spaghetti strap. The background was full of laser light and music was loud.

We were in a rave party. I was holding the camera while John was next to me. He felt out of place as he felt that he is the oldest guy there. I ask John to keep our valuable with him, she pass John our wedding rings, phones and her ID.

There lots of teenage girls flashes their boobs to the camera, some even took off their tops. It was crazy! My wife came over to me and hug me, I ask John don't be shy, just treat Sam like her own.

He put his hand around Samantha waist. John and my wife, kept drinking and a group of guy sold us drinks that contain drugs. We kept it going, John start to loosen up as he is seen clearly jumping to the beats. My wife was loosening up too, she was moving her butt and twerk a little.

Her spaghetti strap shirt showing her bra strap and her cleavage. Her chest a little wet cause she starting to sweat a little. John grab her from behind and force his hand into her hot pants while kissing her. There were crowd all over her but she didn't seem to mind. When she notice there were already people looking at her, luckily that time not many people have camcorder and Handphone camera development isn't up there yet.

She ran towards me because she was shy. The crowd was chanting dont be shy come on! John walk over and I pass him the camera a while. I pulled my wife shirt and bra up for people to see.

I grab back the camera and John start to play with her again, Everyone ask her to jump to see her boobs bounce and laughed at her. John unbuttoned her hot pants so they can see the top of her pantie while she was touching his buldge pants. John then unzip to take out his dick, she was so hot in this scene as she grab John dick and started moving back and forth.

John hold her up in the air for a while to show her sexy body. Once she was on the ground, she tries to put John dick in her but a security guy came and stop us. He ask us not to cause any trouble, he say no hanky panky there in the rave. John was a little agitated and ask if there is rules for flashing? he pulled Samantha strap down revealing both her breast and pulled her hot pants down until her thigh. The security guy couldn't answer him, then walk away. John continue to shout and provoke the security guard as he walkaway.

He put two finger in my wife pussy and roughly move around to make it real wet. He shouted "look!! is this slut that wants to be fucked badly, I'm just helping her". John then ask Samantha to tell the crowd she is the slut wife that needed cock in her.

My wife was touching her pussy and pushing her bra up asking for people who is willing to fuck her. Everyone rushes in and grope this hot beautiful Asian slut.

John didn't try to stop people from touching her.

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She was molested all over, for at least 8 mins i tries to move in from the crowd to get a video of her, everyone was pushing around to get a piece of her. When i manage to go in, John was holding Samantha upper body while a stranger was fucking her. There is a box of condom on Samantha body so people who wants to use her can easily grab the condom.

It was a mess, there is spit all over her body. Some cum on her breast, face, hair and even the condom box is tainted with cums. I couldn't record the whole event so before I turn it off, I went in to have my turn, when I put my dick in her pussy is already very wet and felt slimy as there is people spit and someone surely didn't wear condom before me.

The video when I was fucking her, Samantha already look as if she is not conscious. I didn't check the time as after we took the drugs, it surely felt like it was just minutes ago.


I cum deep in her only realized the person holding Samantha upper body is not John already as was not seen around. There were like 2 empty boxes of condom on the floor and lots of condoms lying around. *each box contains 12pcs of condom*. Some even took time to tie their condom on Samantha long hair, I look back at the crowd there were definitely lesser people but still quite a number of people around us.

Samantha was definitely exhausted as she didn't responds to me, the 3rd box was empty as well and few of the people started to complaint. They started to slap Samantha in the face, hard and harder to wake her up asking for condom.

Samantha woke up but she look very weak, they had to slap her to keep her awake. Still she didn't manage to say a word and they started to slap her tits. The guy holding her upper body and the guy holding her lower body just decided to leave her. They left her body on the ground some before they leave the area, spit on her. I didn't want to touch her with my hand so I use my shoe, softly knock her head to wake her up. She sat up, breathing heavily, asking me for support but I didn't want to touch her.

She smells awful and it look disgusting. One of the rave worker came over and ask if I needed help, he can ask people to throw this whore at the toilet area, he says there is at least a dozen of sluts that is high there and is as disgusting as her.

I haven't reply there is already 3 more guys there to carry her there. My camera running out of battery, that's when i realize the whole video took at least 2 hours 50mins. The video ended with them throwing her body in the garbage area, it was really close to the toilet area. Few of the guys follow us there, One of the stranger ask if he can have a round with her. I say to him "fuck her in your own risk". I didn't count how many people had fuck her without condom, only manage to count at least 36 people had fuck her with condom.

As the stranger start fucking her, I ask him to take good care of her first while i go look for John. I went to the crowded toilet area, it was crazy. Like a orgy fest, lots of the cubicles had girls waiting to be fuck.

I saw John dancing around with one slutty Asian girl, I ask John lets leave and go back to our hotel. The girl follow us back, She introduce herself as Nicole. When i reach the garbage area, the guy fucking my wife was not around already. It was another guy, i told him we got to go.

He was saying that was his girl, I ask John to take out her wedding ring & her ID. He look nervous and told me he lost her ID but luckily her wedding ring is still there. I couldn't show the guy anything as our handphone at that time doesn't have camera but have colors.

My video camera ran out of battery. I only manage to put her wedding ring on which is similar to mine but I told the guy he can cum first. After 5mins, he came and shouted at us angrily saying we can have this whore back. Samantha was lying there breathing heavily but wasn't awake. Nicole was kind enough to help me carry my wife up with John.

She say my wife is one crazy slut, she is amazed as she wouldn't be able to take anyone's dick. She is very picky, John giggled, well you took mine. Nicole blushes and joke that he didn't last long. When we reach our car, I started to call Samantha phone hoping the people that stole it will return it back to us but he didn't pick up. The whole car stinks because of Samantha, there is still condoms stinking or Samantha hairs, some are tied to it.

I didn't bother helping her, thinking we should rush back to hotel. When we reach hotel, she was already awake but still look blur. She say she cant walk straight so she have to lean on John as I didn't want to touch her. When we enter our room, John pass me a box full of used condom, he says a guy pass it to him. He laughed as we put Samantha into the toilet. Our room is a 2 bedroom suites with 1 living room.

I help her to washed up as John bring Nicole to his room next door. Samantha was still bathing, I went to the living room to charge my camcorder. Can easily hear John training Nicole as there was slapping sounds and she was moaning very loudly.

I went back to my room and Samantha was still in the bath so I went in to check on her.

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She was sobbing and washing her body very hard, I went in and hug her. She says she feel disgusted by herself, she notice I didn't want to touch her. I move her chin up so she can look me eyes to eyes and tell her she was so HOT even when she was this disgusting. I love her dearly, we started kissing and I fuck her in the shower. She took the morning after pill to prevent pregnancy and went to bed while we can hear John and Nicole making love.

We fell asleep looking at each other, thinking how pretty my wife is. Back to our current time in 2017, My wife was still so hot. There isn't a sign of her aging, she look slightly more matured now but still have her baby face. She was sucking my dick in front of our kids, who is 17yo & 18yo right now.

The video doesn't show who is Janiss father but i promise her. The next video will definitely show the father real face. I ask them to go to bed as her mom need to entertain some guest. Raj, leads them in, there were 3 old guy that look like they didn't bath for few years came in.

I went to the bed with my kids too and we can hear noises of Samantha getting bang. When I woke up, it was so quiet, I went down and make coffee. I look into the garden my son was preparing to play football with few of his friends.

I went to the backyard, my lovely daughter was in her bikini near our pool. I walk to our garage, my lovely wife was sleeping naked with 3 homeless guy and Raj. I thought to myself, what a lovely family I have.

I start the car, i woke them up.


My wife walk towards my side of window and lean on it, She didn't seems like she wanted to talk so I just look at her while she pushes her breast hard to glass. Someone is banging her from the back, i didn't bother checking. She was sexy af. The 2 other guy grab her away from the car and started to deepthroat her. I open the garage, as i was reversing. A ball was bouncing behind, my wife was fully exposed at this point. One of my son friends was apologising to me, showing hand signal when he saw something unusual.

My hot wife giving blowjob and getting fuck by strangers but I pretend nothing happen and drive to office. He look like he is stunned but he never say a word.


In my office, my secretary is Nicole the girl that use to serve John. John is married to my wife younger sister, Tiffany. She is also being shared around in my company but she serve the Operation people more, people like farmers & factory worker.

Nicole spend most of her time in the work place under my desk when im around. She had a kid with John. She is like a widow and someone who was used and dumped by John.

I bring her in out of sympathy but also because she is still hot. John was a player after he climb to my company Operation director. Tiffany is like a toy to him. I've played with Tiffany on few occasion but that's it. I play with my computer while Nicole was giving me a blowjob, someone knock the door.

John came in "yo, buddy! how are you?". Behind him walking in is Tiffany in a trench coat. She look very tired, she use to be very pretty, she even join beauty pageant before. I ask John what happen to her, she look like she could use some sleep. She just lie down to my office sofa. John laugh and went over to her while explaining to me. She had to serve a division of workers pretending she is a whore.

Look at her underneath, he pull open the trench coat. There is lots of body writing degrading her and tried up cum and used condom in the trench coat. John reported production increase because everyone want to hit their quota and go back to their house and fuck her.

Suddenly, i receive a call from my son Jay. He ask permission to show his friends my wife sex tape, i switch to video call and ask Nicole go naked. I ask their auntie Tiffany to walk next to Nicole and show his friends two.

I smiled, like it? Tiffany is 26yo and Nicole is 33yo. I can hear they were masturbating. Jay ask if they can go garage shyly. I say only when im home. I packed and went home, I ask Nicole to follow John back to his factory and Tiffany follow me home. When I reach home, Tiffany was leaning on me. My son and friends was out kicking balls and was sweaty af. He say everyone is waiting for me. I went inside, Samantha is fully dress, One of Jay friend was flirting with Janiss who is still in her bikini.

Tiffany rushed towards Samantha and hug her. She was crying and said she had lost count how many people she slept with. Samantha wipe her tears and comfort her, me too but I treat it like a charity and kiss her. I ask everyone in to the house as we prepare for Janiss dad revealing video. 3 days after the rave, someone finally pick up the phone. The guys voice was roughed.

He ask who the fuck calling? I ask him to return the phone but he says he just bought it from one his friends son for 300usd. I told him I would pay him back 300 USD with my wife ID behind the casing. He say damn my wife is 17yo and is married? he say if we can go find him but his friends might not like Asians. He told us go to a secluded bar in Nevada in the afternoon, he says they are all bikers. My wife got so angry and shouted give me back the phone you fucking robbers. I didn't want to go but my wife says is about the contacts she had in the phone.

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John brought us there the next day, we reach around 12pm, it was like a dessert and a rest stop with a bar. Lots of Harley Davidson bikes outside, John didn't want to go in, Samantha wear similar to what she wore to rave. She say she learn kickboxing and she will use it on them. I laughed and walk in. I had to record it if anything happen, I ask John to grab the camera and run to show the police. John gigled and ask me not to worry. I felt like this was a setup so confidently walk in recording my hot wife walking in angrily.

Her hot pants was so short it shows her cute butt. He ask who is Gordon, then come one big fat bald man with beer belly which look like he is in his early 50's, lots of facial hair walk towards her. He say I'm Gordon.

She ask for the phone back and everyone burst into laugh. She threaten him that she will hit him. Everyone still laugh, he say he will let her hit him 5 times. She started kicking him but it didn't sound like it hurt. He say my turn. He pulled Samantha shirt so hard her shirt & bra strap brole exposing her breast and when she tries to cover her breast with both her hands, he pulled her pants so hard, the pants button flew out.

He tears her pantie open leaving her with small pieces of cloth covering her body. She turn around towards me, which is a bad choice as Gordon chokehold hee from behind, lifting her whole body up while she was kicking and gasping for air. Her whole face turned red, i had to put the camera down and run to her aid. He laugh, isnt your wife very good in kickboxing like she had just claimed she was?. Both her hands is trying to loosen Gordon arm. I told him that I would pay the bills for them today.

He let Samantha breathe a little. She manage to stand on the ground but her legs doesnt have much strenght to it. She had tears in her eyes knowing she is powerless against them but still she couldn't resist calling him a thieves. He choke her again, this time her eyes rolled up and her tongue came out. Her face turned purple, there is also saliva dripping out to Gordon hairy arms. Suddenly, there is yellow stream coming down in between her legs, she pee in front of everyone.

Gordon toss her to the ground as she peed on his favourite jeans. She was gasping for air on her own pool of pee. Gordon press her face down and rub her face on the floor of piss, asking her to apologise.

She was still very stubborn, trying to fight it. She stared at Gordon still, Gordon burst into laughter and say "I like this gook, this chink thinks highly of herself. Alright i will give you back your phone but you have to work for it". Gordon ask Samantha to make 50 people cum and she shall get back her phone.

He say that's all she's worth $6 per person should be able to cover his cost of $300. She walks angrily to the nearest uncle and unzip his jeans, giving him blowjob. I took back my camera which is still running to zoom in at her pretty face giving strangers blowjob. She say to me "faster get over this and leave this dirty place". I told her, I can't do anything apart from enjoying the view.

She finally came to her senses and burst into laughter, she joke maybe some of them are gay. Gordon went over to her and tell her they are all straight with kids at home. He unzip his pants and my gosh his dick is bigger than Samantha arms, it is at least 8inch long.

I look at Samantha and tells her, you're fucked. He stand next to his friend that Samantha is sucking. Their dick difference was huge. Gordon use his dick and slap Samantha face with it. Samantha tries to put it in her mouth, she had to open her mouth to her limit to fit it in. Gordon forced it deep into her mouth and deepthroat her.

Samantha gag reflexes kick in and she nearly vomited but that doesn't stop Gordon, instead it got him turned on even more as he pushes as deep as he could until Samantha rolled her eyes as she puked all over his dick.

My poor wife had tears flowing down her eyes makeup smudges. Gordon ask Samantha to continue working as it will take her forever if she only uses her mouth. I ask Samantha to invite people to use her pussy or help them to masturbate. Slowly more and more biker gathered near her as both her hands is busy, mouth giving blowjob. Gordon tries very hard to fit his dick in Samantha pussy as it was seriously thick. Samantha compares it with her fist too, she knew it wasn't easy but he never gave up.

I pass the camera to one of them as Samantha was asking for me to hold her hands. She pause a blowjob for a while as she tries to speak to me but before she could even start, the tip of Gordon dick went in her. She scream in pain and her face was all red, she was telling me "it hurt, it hurt". Gordon didn't care and force it deep in her. She tries to move away from it but everyone was holding her, even me. She had no choice but to have Gordon dick impaled her.

Each time he move we can see her stomach deformation. Her vagina area bulge, she scream out loud and started moving on her own. Gordon didn't move until she begged Gordon to fuck her pussy hard. I saw my lovely young wife getting impregnated by someone who his kid stole her phone and I did nothing. Gordon was shouting to the crowd, telling how good it is to fuck this tight asian cunt as she is considered petite to them.