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Bella strolled through the woods with great purpose. Edward Cullen and his mysterious adopted vampire family had once again disappeared on one of their mysterious trips. Edward had forbid Bella from following them, saying it was too dangerous and that he would return soon. This irritated Bella. She was more than capable of standing up for herself as she had often proved.

She wanted to be with Edward all the time, but he always seemed so distant and untouchable at times. So this was why she was strolling through the woods. She was going to show Edward that she could do without him, that she could live her own life without waiting for him on tenterhooks the whole time. Bella reached the wooden shack by the edge of the woods and knocked on the door.

To her joy her good friend Jacob answered. He was looking dashing, topless as usual at this time of month, Bella could not help but stare at his well toned pectorals and rippling, tanned abdominals. They hugged, a slightly more lingering embrace than just good friends would give one another. Jacob called to his father that he was going out until dusk.

His father reminded him that it was full moon tonight and Bella's father would not be best pleased if she returned to him covered in werewolf bites.

Bella sighed, but Jacob laughed and took her hand as they ran off into the woods. They spent a long happy afternoon together talking and frolicking amongst the pine trees. The talk, of course eventually came round to Bella's absent lover and Jacob's arch enemy Edward.

"You should just forget him, Bella, I've told you this countless times" Jacob urged. "I know, I just find it so difficult, but he treats me like I'm a little girl!" Bella complained. "And you certainly are far from a little girl!" Jacob grinned, looking at her dark hair and pale face, with those wonderfully red lips. Oh how he wanted to kiss them again!

"No I'm not! I mean he still hasn't slept with me! He even says that's too dangerous!" Bella suddenly felt embarrassed. She shouldn't be speaking to Jacob about this. Not after what they had had together before. Jacob did not seem to mind, however. "Well I would happily sleep with you. I know you're strong and can handle being with a supernatural." He said encouragingly. Bella knew where he was heading with this line of conversation, but she wanted it to continue.

Edward wasn't here, but Jacob was! She had always fancied him. She would show Edward! She did not need him! Bella stepped forth and silently and sensually kissed Jacob passionately. He couldn't believe his luck! He reciprocated.

The kissing became more and more passionate, their young lips interlocking, caressing, tongues darting into one another's mouth, exploring one another.

The hands also began to caress and explore. The two teen bodies so closely entwined. Jacob stroked Bella's beautiful smooth raven black hair with his left hand, while his right slid up and down her back, reaching the waist of her jeans.

He paused for a moment, hoping upon hope that she wouldn't feel a pang of guilt towards that vampire. But Bella did not pull away. Instead she plunged her own slender hand down to the shorts of Jacob. He couldn't believe his luck!

Bella's heart was pounding. She always thought this moment would fall to her and Edward.

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But where was he now!? If it were meant to be he would have taken her up on her offer long ago. So now this did feel right! Here and now with Jacob. She caressed the bulge in his shorts. She could feel him gyrating against her massaging hands. He hardening at her touch! She must be doing this right! "Hmmmm! Keep doing that Bella!" Jacob whispered. He was now slipping his strong right hand down her jeans. He could feel the frilly cotton panties he had so often admired from her back yard when they were hung out to dry.

He kept moving his hand down, feeling the amazingly perfect bulge of Bella's firm backside against his palm.

Jacob roughly kneaded the right butt cheek and then slipped his left hand down to her left buttock. It felt awesome! They continued to kiss passionately, running their hands over each other's hot young bodies all the while. Bella slipped her hands into Jacob's shorts.

He was now fully erect. He felt so hard and so long! Suddenly she felt a growling, rumbling sound deep in Jacob's chest. He threw his head back, the veins in his neck bulging and pulsating. A blood curdling scream issued from his lungs. Bella stumbled back as Jacob writhed about.

He was growing, his back arched, a tail sprang from the torn shorts, as Jacob turned to face- the full moon! Bella gasped. She had not realised the time!

Jacob was on his hind legs, now covered in hair and virtually unrecognisable! Had Bella not seen this before she would be petrified! Jacob swung round to face her. Teeth bared he stared at Bella.

Her blouse was ripped. Her breast, still cupped in her black bra was clearly visible. Not particularly big, but a good firm handful all the same! Jacob looked excited. Somehow Bella could see this in the werewolf's face.

Looking down his hairy body she saw that his shorts had torn away completely. He was still hard!

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His length was like a big dog's. like a stick of bright red lipstick protruding from the hairy sheath. Bella gingerly stepped forth, looking at the sharp teeth and claws all the while. She reached a pale hand out towards the beast's crotch.

The werewolf thrust his crotch forward. Bella grasped the hard angry red stick. It was wet and warm and very rigid. She gasped. Jacob threw back his head and howled victoriously to the moon. Suddenly, from nowhere, there was a whooshing sound. The dead leaves swept round the small clearing in which they were standing. As they settled Bella screamed in half shock, half fear.

Jacob roared, in full anger! For there, in the clearing, skin glistening in the moonlight, was Edward! Neither male needed a second glance. With a flash Edward threw himself at the werewolf, who slashed with great accuracy at the vampire's thin shirt and cotton trousers. Fortunately Edward dodged the fearsome claws, but his clothes were ripped clean off!

His entire body was shimmering in the bright moonshine. Bella was cowering behind a fallen tree. Again she gasped in surprise and shock. Edward was also fully erect!

Unlike his rival the vampire was neatly shaven and very pale, but for the shimmering on the tort skin. He was bigger than the werewolf, but Bella supposed that would be natural as canines were not as well endowed as humans-or those with human form! Jacob had obviously seen this and he snarled angrily as the two males circled one another. Again they flew at each other, Edward grabbed the swiping forearms of the werewolf and kicked the hind limbs from beneath.

They fell heavily onto the ground fighting fiercely. Their hated rival penises met as they grappled among the leaf litter. Edward's almost white glittering shaft, with it's blood red tip bulging in anger, really did dwarf the red mammalian, pointed offering of Jacob. But both beings were equal in their fighting prowess and hatred for one another and both were also equal in their carnal animal lust and desire for the pretty young human female, who was now attempting to prize the warring males apart.

"STOP IT! THE PAIR OF YOU! STOP AT ONCE!" Bella screamed in fear. As the hate filled pair wrestled, faces inches apart, their rival glans touched. Edward's was fat and fleshy, Jacob's thin and pointed (in his current animal form). Pre cum oozed from both eyes of their big bulbous buds. The sticky substance mixed, both werewolf and vampire's together and as Bella pulled them apart she saw a thick shining film stretch and eventually break away between the two phalluses and despite her fear, she felt mightily aroused at this sight!

But both supernatural beings sprang apart, as if electrocuted. They sat back, nursing their wounds, looking at one another in disgust, Bella between them both now. "I have mixed with a beast" Edward muttered in disgust "My pack better not hear of this" Jacob snarled, trying to clear the sticky pre cum from his own phallus with a paw. "What do you mean, mixed?!" Bella exclaimed, looking concerned.

"Well" Said Edward, looking at Bella sullenly. "When two sexually aroused males of a different superhuman race exchange sexual fluids during combat it now means both of us must penetrate the being for which we are fighting for, or forever share an unbreakable bond where we cannot part" "And I for one would rather die than stay within a hundred yards of that corpse!" Spat Jacob. "So y- you both must penetrate me?!" Bella stammered in shock, barely daring to believe her luck.

"Either that, or we must stay close forever more, or one will perish" Edward answered, hardly looking at Bella. "Well I couldn't live with myself if one of you were to perish, just because of me." Bella announced thoughtfully. "I take it you are still a virgin?" Edward asked, a tone of sarcasm in his voice. "Of course I am!

You know I am!" Bella cried indignantly. "Well, cavorting with werewolves in the woods like this I thought I'd better make sure." Edward retorted bitterly. "We will discuss this later." Bella whispered slightly tearfully. She felt ashamed! "Are we going to end this!?" Growled Jacob. He was rubbing his hard length with a large paw, while eyeing up Bella's shapely rear end, still clad in her blue denim.

Suddenly the mood became so intense, Bella felt threatened for the first time in the presence of these two males. Edward stood before her, Jacob stood behind her. They moved in closely.


Bella's heart was pounding, it felt like it was in her mouth! She turned to the side, so that she could see both rivals. They stood looking at each other with hate in their eyes.

It took all their strength not to attack one another again! But the prize between them was too great to miss, even though they had to share her with one another. Bella grasped a stiff penis in each hand. Jacob's felt hot and wet, while Edward's felt big and stiff, but stone cold. She could feel the pulsating in his excited dong and knew there was plenty of life there! Bella gripped her boys tight and began to jerk them hard.

Edward seemed to shine all the more, she could hear him groaning under his breath. Jacob however was less subtle! He was roaring loudly, scaring the roosting birds out of the trees!

His stiff phallus was pulsating angrily in Bella's pale hand. She jerked him hard, he loved that! Pre cum leaked liberally down her fingers, it felt hot and comforting in the cool night air. Edward's oddly also felt warm. It was a strange feeling with this cold stick in her hand while this warm liquid oozed forth from it. Bella knew instinctively knew what to do next. She sank to her knees, leaving the two males standing over her, vampire and werewolf, naked, hard and face to face.

Bella took her boyfriend's big rod in between her bright red lips. Edward could not contain himself "Hmmmmmm Ooooooh!" He groaned as the amazingly soft lips engulfed his big, stiff shaft. It felt like a juicy popsicle to Bella, very cold but almost chewy in texture! The bulging head hit the back of her throat as Edward pumped her excitedly.

Bella gagged a little, spluttering. The warm saliva covered Edward's prick and it felt good! All the while Bella grasped Jacob's pink stick. To appease his wrath she ran her fingers up and down his length and fondled the big hairy balls. This pleased Jacob greatly and he howled long and loud to the moon. The werewolf's 4 inches were pounding hard and the more Bella stroked and fondled him, the larger her grew! Eventually the odd pink lipstick was extended to 6 inches, now almost comparable to his hated rival's 8 inches!

Bella alternated, popping the big dripping vampire's cock out of her wet mouth and turning to her left and swallowing the werewolf's beast dick in a swift gulp. All the while she attentively wanked Edward nice and hard and fast.

Jacob was grunting fiercely, forcing his dribbling, growing shaft towards Bella's tonsils, his hairy, dog-like balls slapping against her chin. He was incredibly excited, his paw like hands tore at Bella's shirt, ripping the remainder of it clean off.

"Be careful!" Spat Edward as he unclipped the little black bra. It fell to the ground and both males were barely able to suppress gasps of excitement at the sight of her pert, perfect little breasts.


They were milky white with pink pointy nipples. They were the perfect handful and Edward greedily cupped them in his hands. Jacob barged in pawing at her left breast. Bella could see the males beginning to jostle for position, so to avoid more conflict she popped Jacob out of her mouth and stood up, unbuttoning her jeans. Edward and Jacob quickly yanked down the blue denim, marvelling at her smooth and shapely legs.

Her bum looked fabulous in her tight black frilly knickers! But it was short lived. With another excitable swipe, young Jacob tore the underwear clean off! There in all her naked glory Bella stood.

The guys stood, transfixed for a moment, taking in her fantastic form. Her tight ass jutted out rudely from her soft elegant back. Her firm tits sat neatly upon her chest. Her virgin vagina was perfect! So tight, so young and so neat! Not much hair was present, Bella maybe a virgin, but she knew how to present herself to a gentleman!

"Whose first then?" She asked shyly.


"We must penetrate together" Edward answered distractedly, staring at her pussy in wonder. "B-But that's impossible!" Bella protested. "Believe me, nobody wants this situation less than I" Edward mumbled. Jacob growled in disagreement. Both closed round Bella. The werewolf, Jacob came from behind, while the Vampire Edward faced her.

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Both males crouched down, their phalluses straining upwards, the eye of each glans staring up at the tight opening above them. Bella knew what she must do. Reaching behind her she felt Jacob's hairy body against her back, his hot breath upon her neck, he was sniffing her black hair.

She grasped his stiffy and positioned it, so that the point was kissing her pussy lips. Then she grabbed Edward. Pulling him in close she positioned him beneath her, so that his bulging head was pressed against her moist opening and also touching Jacob.

Bella wrapped an arm round Edward's neck and raised her right leg. Simultaneously the two super humans pushed their big boners up into the tight opening, while Bella sank down upon them.

She screamed in agony as the two rock solid males forced a passage into her virgin slit. When they thought they could go no further, her hymen broke. Blood leaked down the two dicks. Edward's entire body stiffened. He could smell her blood!

The blood that he had yearned for. Like a man processed he gripped Bella's petit hips and pumped rampantly at the fresh young hole. Bella felt limp and drained. She fell forth, causing the vampire to stumble backwards onto the forest floor. The werewolf followed, falling on top of the pile, still balls deep in the girl. Edward continued to pump, while Jacob squatted over Bella's body like a mating creature and began to pump at the aching, gaping hole himself.

Although neither male would ever admit it, but the feeling of one another's hard sausage- Edward's cold meat rubbing against Jacob's hot rod- felt amazing! Their balls also squashed together, the werewolf's hairy members tickled his bald, smooth counterparts. Bella continued to scream as the two males continued to pound her. It was so intense! It felt as though the two creatures were machines, drilling at her, the vibrations made her feel almost numb, like her hips were about to shatter!

But after a very short while she began to feel the pleasure in it. She was feeling wet. Her love juices gushed down the two dicks, lubricating a good path for them. The smell of blood was still too much for Edward Cullen and his fangs shot out and into Bella's soft neck. Bella screamed, outdoing Jacob's horny howling!

But this time it was a scream of ecstasy as she felt the fangs sink into her neck she felt more sensual than she had ever done, it was indescribable, better than her first kiss with Edward or Jacob! Her entire body was shuddering and quivering.

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Yet more juices gushed forth from her pussy as her first, most intense orgasm took hold of her entire body.

This pushed the two beings over the edge. As one, Jacob roaring, Edward groaning both hated rivals let rip. Hot sperm squirted out of the cold vampire's head, while burning hot jets ejected with forth from the werewolf's pink tip. The spell was broken, both males had broken Bella. Their conjoined juices gushed forth from her gaping gash as the two beings wriggled free of her tight hole. Bella lay, still quivering and panting in the leaf litter. Tonight had been unbelievable, unthinkable, unforgettable!

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She would hope upon hope that she would be taken again by these two males, it was meant to be! No wonder she could never choose between them, this was how it was meant to be!

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If only she could make them see sense and agree with her!