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Lubricous oral for gay dude
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CHAPTER 1 Damn! Damn! Damn! I hit the damned GPS with the heel of my hand, but it still wouldn't work. I had tried repeatedly to tell the suits at the main office that we needed better equipment, but those cheap bastards were always looking out for the bottom line—their bottom line, anything to look good to the higher-ups.

The fact that our lives were at stake was inconsequential. My requests were always turned down. Now we were stuck in the bloody jungle of Brazil with no idea where we were. You'd think that two PhD's in Geology, with the responsibility for finding the new deposits of bauxite that would keep the world's largest manufacturer of aluminum at the top of the hill would be able to get decent equipment, but you'd be wrong. Our GPS was five years old. That may be OK if it's in your car, but ours is exposed to extremes of temperature and humidity that kill it quickly.

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I was standing in a clearing with a clear view of the sky and I couldn't lock on to even a single satellite. Our satellite phone was no better. I'd call the office to complain but the idiot bean counters would probably just bitch back at me about the phone charges and I'd get nowhere. I turned to my partner, Dr. Michael Sullivan, "Mike! I can't get even a single fucking satellite lock on this fucking thing." "Really, David," he replied calmly in his Irish brogue, "all that swearing accomplishes nothing.

If we wait here until dark we can get a star shoot. That'll at least help with our latitude. The rest we can do by dead reckoning." "Yeah, that's great, but why am I carrying all this stuff if we can't use it? It's typical bean counter bullshit. If I have to go out next time with this piece of …I'll quit and go to work for the competition." We had been trekking on foot for almost a month.

Originally we had used a Land Rover, but most areas of the Brazilian jungle are so thick as to make a vehicle a liability, even slower than hacking one's way with a machete.

We had some dried food similar to what the Army uses, but mostly we caught fish or birds along with an ample supply of native fruits. We'd done this before—more than a dozen times—and were survival experts.

I began to clear a small area in the center of the clearing. I was waist deep in native grass, which meant that Mike was covered almost to his chest. I towered over him—my six feet four inches to his five feet eight. Using my machete and shovel I formed an area about twenty feet on a side, piling the grass in the center.

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We'd use this later for a fire. Next I retreated to the woods where I strung my fishing line with tiny bells from tree to tree all the way around our perimeter. We'd learned the hard way that it's always best to be prepared.

The government officials had told us that the natives were friendly and peaceful, but one never knew for sure. The bigger concern--one for which there is no warning system--was the possibility of running into one of the many venomous snakes and spiders in the area. And then, of course, were the insects. At night they were unbearable. Fortunately, we had learned that the smoke from the damp grass kept them at bay. Luckily we hadn't seen a jaguar, but we had rifles in case we did.

Mike finished his explorations and we set up camp which was basically a couple of sleeping bags covered with mosquito mesh and the fire for cooking, boiling water, and safety.

We had a light dinner of some smoked birds I had caught and cooked yesterday, determined our approximate location and went to sleep, our weapons close by. We went to sleep early—there was no reason to sit up swatting bugs all night; it was safer and more comfortable in the sleeping bags.

Mike and I are both light sleepers so when we heard a bell tinkle in the trees we were awake in an instant. I would have risen and grabbed my rifle but for three things—a long bronze spear held inches over my face, a knee on my chest, and a foot standing on the rifle.

I was most surprised by the foot I could see clearly in the firelight—it belonged to a woman and she was white. "Relax Dr. Schneider. We do not want to hurt you. Please sit up slowly." "Who are you?" I asked, noticing for the first time that Mike was in the same situation I found myself in.

"You speak English?" "You will soon learn all about us, and, yes we do speak English. Many of our grandmothers lived in the U.S. and England during World War II as part of the war effort. They taught our mothers and our mothers taught us. Now, please stand and put your hands behind your backs. We will restrain you, but it is for our safety only. I assure you that we mean you no harm." I stood unsteadily and noticed for the first time that all our captors were women and they were all appeared to be incredibly beautiful.

These women were tall, only four or five inches shorter than me, of slender build, and they were dressed similarly, but not exactly the same. Their ample chests were bare and they wore short skirts apparently made of thin metal strips—copper, a silver metal I recognized immediately as aluminum, and gold. I assumed the material had something to do with their status in the tribe or group, or whatever they called themselves.

They wore identical sandals on their feet and coiled bracelets that matched their skirts on their wrists. They were all armed with either spears or bows and arrows, and now with our rifles and pistols. They tied our wrists behind our backs. The woman who tied me asked kindly if the ropes were too tight. "No," I replied, "but I'd love to know why the insects aren't biting you—they're killing me." As soon as I finished my remark two of their band came to us and rubbed some kind of lotion over our exposed skin—head, neck, arms, and legs.

I noticed the change immediately. "Thank you," I told the woman. She turned and smiled, showing me a set of beautiful teeth…and even more beautiful breasts. They gave us food and something to drink—not water; it was flavored strongly with some kind of fruit I couldn't identify. Then we waited for the first signs of daylight. I thought it was a good time to ask some questions.

"Excuse me," I started politely, directing my remarks to the leader, "what do you want with us? We're just geologists." "We know who you are Dr. Schneider. We have spies in many of the cities here in Brazil. As to our purpose…our Queen will no doubt explain when you meet her later today. Now I think we should leave. Please walk with the guards next to you and don't do anything stupid.

We have no wish to harm you, but we will if necessary." We walked swiftly into the jungle. I thought that cooperation was the easiest and safest course to follow. They could have killed us back in the clearing and their actions indicated peaceful intent.

Mike, however, was falling prey to his famous Irish temper, struggling against his bonds and with his guards. I turned to one of mine and commented, "My name is David. May I know yours?" "Yes," replied the guard on my left. She stood almost six feet in height and had a magnificent body highlighted by her symmetrical D-cup breasts that swayed gently as we walked.

"My name is Reta." I thanked her and turned to my right. This woman was easily a twelve on a scale of ten! She appeared to be a shade under six feet with long slender legs, narrow hips and beautiful breasts that looked to be somewhere between a C and D-cup. She had high cheek bones framed by long straight light brown hair that fell below her shoulders. Her eyes looked green in the early morning light.

"My name is Hosi." "Thank you, Reta. Thank you, Hosi. You two are certainly the most beautiful guards I've ever had." "Flattery, Dr. Schneider…er, David will get you nowhere. I'm sure we're the only guards you've ever had," Reta replied, "but we do appreciate the compliment." She and Hosi both smiled as they held my arms while we crossed some rough terrain. A few minutes later we stopped for a brief rest.

"Uh…Hosi, I have to…um…urinate." "Come over here to the edge of the clearing. I will help you." She pulled down my zipper and reached in to find my growing cock. "I seem to have an effect on you, David." "Yes, Hosi you certainly do. You're beautiful and very sexy, too." My stream had just begun when she replied, "What is 'sexy,' David?" "It means that members of the other sex, like me, find you extremely appealing and would like to sleep with you." "Why would sleeping be of interest to you?" The command to continue marching saved me.

Hosi put my penis back into my shorts and zipped me back up. We returned to the group and continued our pleasant stroll.

Roughly two hours later I noticed that we had passed this spot before and after a brief lunch we passed it again. I mentioned it the fourth time, "Are you sure you know where you're going? We've passed this same spot four times today. If you're trying to confuse us you're doing a great job." "We are walking you in circles so you don't know where you are," Reta replied.

I laughed and laughed, attracting the attention of the others in the band. "We didn't know where we were this morning.

You could have just walked us in a straight line and we still wouldn't know." The leader approached asking, "Don't you have instruments that tell you?" "Sure, but they don't work. If you will briefly untie my hands I'll show you. Don't worry, I'm not going to endanger any of you and you can tie me up again once I'm done." She looked to my guards who nodded; a minute later my hands were free.

Mike, however, continued to fight at every opportunity. I asked for my back pack and dug out the GPS. I explained briefly how it was supposed to work. I turned it on—we could see the screen light up. I held it up for several minutes and when I brought it down the screen was still blank. "You see," I continued, "it doesn't work. If there is something you don't want us to see why not just blindfold us? It'll save a lot of time and walking." She thought for a moment and nodded.

Several long strips of cloth were produced and I returned my hands behind my back. "I don't think that will be necessary any longer—with you, anyway. Reta and Hosi will hold onto your arms.

Follow them and their directions." I thanked her as the blindfold was tied behind my head and my guards took my arms. "Well, this is much nicer, don't you agree?" They just laughed, but Hosi also rubbed my back. We walked back--at least I thought it was back then we turned and after a few minutes we stopped.

Hosi spoke quietly, "We have to walk sideways here. Be careful, it's a narrow ledge. Don't look down." "Very funny," I joked.

Again Hosi rubbed my back as she led me onto the ledge. I sidestepped, barely raising my feet from the irregularly shaped rock until I felt soil beneath my feet again. "Are we past it now?" "Yes," Reta replied, "I always get nervous on this part of the trip." "You get nervous? At least you can see. If you fall I'm going with you." Hosi giggled, "It's not that long a drop--probably not more than twenty feet, but the ground down there is covered with rough rocks so the fall would be nasty…but I don't think it would kill you.

Just a little bit further and we can remove your blindfolds." We continued--my guards back at my sides--down a gradual slope. At one point we went down a flight of stone steps. That was slow going, but Hosi directed me carefully. We stopped a few minutes later and the blindfold was removed.

I squinted in the bright light. I turned around slowly taking in the sights. We were in a verdant valley and could see a large stone building with a large number of smaller buildings, also of stone with thatched roofs nearby. Beyond I could see the snow-capped slopes of mountains and several flocks of small animals—goats and sheep. Judging from what I could see it looked like a glacial valley—u-shaped by the movement and retreat of an ancient glacier rather than a v-shaped valley caused by a river's erosion.

There were expansive grassy plains and several large cultivated fields; we were out of the jungle, for sure. The temperature was more moderate and the humidity much less oppressive. "Let us go. I am sure our Queen is waiting impatiently," Hosi told me pointing to the large building.

She and Reta walked next to me, but did not touch or guide me now that I could see. "I liked it better when you were touching me," I commented to Hosi. She smiled coyly and put her hand on my elbow. I smiled back, leaned over and whispered, "That's much better." We walked that way until we reached the village about twenty minutes away.

When we reached the large building I was told to remove my shoes. I sat on a step and pulled off my shoes and socks. I set them aside out of the way. I rose and walked in, noticing that all our guards had also removed their footwear. We walked in a wide hallway and were about halfway when Hosi whispered, "Kneel when you meet the Queen and keep your eyes down unless she tells you otherwise. I don't want to see you punished, but I am afraid your friend is in for a lot of trouble.

I'm glad I was assigned to you." I turned and whispered back, "I'm glad you were assigned to me, too." She blushed like a schoolgirl as we entered a large room festooned with what looked like tapestries. There were skylights and windows that were open to the weather. I saw the Queen seated on a large chair that was raised at least a foot above the floor.

I walked forward slowly and kneeled, placing my face on the floor in front of me. Mike had to be forced down. I would have spoken to him but I knew from experience that it would be a waste of time. A spear shaft across his back held him in place.

"Welcome, gentlemen—well, I can see that one of you is a gentleman.


Please rise, Dr. Schneider." I stood and a chair was provided for me; Mike was still forced down, a guard tightly holding each of his arms. "I am sure that you have many questions—even some you have not yet considered.

Let me answer some of the more important ones. You are in a hidden valley—a valley that has eluded detection for thousands of years. We are a society of women; you are the only men here. You would call us Amazons although that is not our tribe's name. We have brought you here for a purpose, one that is essential for our tribe's survival. At one time we had more than 3,000 women here. Now we have less than 500. We need your seed to create new members. We will feed you a special fruit that will encourage your seed to produce females.

Do not worry—it is delicious, nutritious, and will do you no harm. You will have the freedom to wander in the valley, but do not attempt to leave. Once every seven days you will be milked—milked for your seed. We will use that to impregnate fertile women. "Now, I am sure you are tired from your trip. Dr. Schneider, you will be shown to a house nearby.

You will live there. Dr. Sullivan will remain here under control. That is all—you are dismissed." I backed out of the room while Mike was pulled up. The spear shaft was wedged between his arms and body, further immobilizing him, and he was led away. Hosi guided me back to the front of the building. "Your house is right next to mine. Come, I will show you the way." We walked down a narrow lane, not much more than a dirt path.

I noticed that some of the avenues were paved so it seemed that Hosi was not one of the higher ranking women. She stopped after a few minutes in front of a small stone building. It was a single story with a newly thatched roof. There was a window near the doorway, but no door. She led me inside; the house was immaculate inside with whitewashed walls and a rough stone floor. There was but a single room with a fireplace near the center. The furniture consisted of a rough-hewn bed with rope netting supporting a thin mattress, a small table and two rough wooden chairs.

"This will be your house, David. I do not think you will spend much time here, though. Mine is right across the lane. I have been given the responsibility of feeding and caring for you." She led me out and into her home.

It was of similar size, but had more and better furniture. There were earthenware bowls and jars like Grecian amphorae, some with local fruits and others with juices and wines.

She showed me to a chair. While I sat she removed her sandals and skirt, leaving her clad only in a skimpy undergarment similar to a modern thong that showed her magnificent ass cheeks and abdomen.

She returned to me a moment later. "Hosi…please do not be offended, but… may I touch you?" "Of course, David." I reached forward, placing my hand on her abdomen.

Her skin was silk, but there were hard strong muscles beneath. I reached around her to feel her ass. Her buttocks felt the same—silky smooth but incredibly firm. I doubted that, other than her breasts, she had even an ounce of fat on her. When I returned my hand to her abdomen she took it and moved it to her breast. "I have been told that men enjoy touching and feeling these. Is that true, David?

You are the first man I have ever met." I rubbed my hand over her heavy breast flesh. "Oh, yes, Hosi…most men would die for the chance to touch and fondle breasts as beautiful as these." "Surely, David you are fooling with me. They are nothing special—just blobs of fat." I laughed and it was obvious that I had embarrassed her.

I rose and held her. "I'm sorry, Hosi. I'm not being much of a guest. You may be right but they are beautifully formed and very sexy blobs of fat and some day you may need them to feed your newborn children." "There you go with that 'sexy' again.

Won't you tell me what that means? Am I sexy, David?" "Oh…Hosi, you are the sexiest woman I have ever met. Sexy is a term that means you are desirable and that men would want to sleep with you, but that has nothing to do with actual sleeping. It means having sex, you know—how a woman can become pregnant." "Now I am confused. You are going to be milked. Your seed will be removed from your body and poured into several hollow reeds.

Then the reeds will be introduced to the women. How does that have anything to do with 'sexy'?" I knew now why their numbers had dropped so drastically. I also knew how I would be "milked" and I knew it wasn't going to be pleasant. Hosi and I talked for a while as she prepared our meal. She showed me the fruit I was to eat. It looked like a small plum, but it tasted more like a grapefruit; that was OK—I loved grapefruit.

I ate several, bringing a smile to her lips. Our dinner consisted of some broiled fish, a fried flatbread Hosi cooked for us and more fruit. After dinner Hosi and I went to the river to bathe in a pool created by a small outcropping of land. We used a crude soap; she allowed me to wash her body and to be fair I allowed her to wash mine—it was one of the most erotic experiences of my life—I was hard the entire time much to Hosi's amusement.

Then we returned to her house where she asked if I wanted to sleep with her. I knew the invitation did not include sex, but I accepted anyway. We fell asleep holding each other's naked bodies. I was worried about what the future would hold, but I was exhausted so I fell asleep almost immediately.

CHAPTER 2 I woke the following morning to find I was spooning with Hosi, my hand gently cupping her breast. "I think I understand a little more about 'sexy,' David. I enjoy having your hand on my breast…especially when you play with my little bump."   "I think you mean your nipple, Hosi." I rubbed her flesh and rolled her nipple while I asked, "May I ask you some questions?" "Of course, David--if I can answer them I will." "Are we the first men in your village that you can remember?" "Yes, I have been told that I was the last one born from the previous group more than twenty summers ago.

I was also told that they were rough and dangerous. They rebelled at being milked and attacked their guards. They were all killed. We haven't had a man here since." That told me a lot. I doubted that the queen would allow any of her citizens to couple with such men. It would be much too dangerous for the woman and possibly for the entire tribe as well. "Next question, Hosi," I continued. "You seem to know something about a male's anatomy.

You knew about my penis and weren't either surprised or afraid of it." "Yes, David," Hosi interrupted, "I have seen pictures in a book, but I do not know why it is shaped the way it is or what it does other than…what was the word you used?" "Urinate—remove liquid wastes from the body. Yes, that is one purpose—the other is to have sex. The shape and size is to fit into a woman's vagina." Hosi started, jumped up and turned around. "You mean that thing is supposed to fit inside me?" "Yes, and it will.

That's why it becomes hard and larger. It must be hard to penetrate a woman; the size will help to please you. May I show you…not with my penis…I'll use my finger." "I don't know.

I trust you, David but I am afraid you will hurt me." "Hosi, if you trust me you know I will not harm you. I leaned forward and kissed her cheek. She seemed startled. "What was that, David? Why did you do that with your mouth?" Oh, boy—these women have really been missing something. "That was what we call a kiss. It is something people do when they like or love each other. Haven't you ever heard about that?" "I have heard of it, but I have never had one before.

It was interesting." "I'd like to kiss you again, but on your lips this time. Believe me it will be much more interesting." Hosi leaned down tentatively. I stroked her cheek and moved her hair back over her ear. I kissed her cheek several times before moving back a few inches. I looked into her eyes and edged forward. My lips lightly touched hers; she moved back slightly before making up her mind and moving into the kiss.

Our lips ground into each other's until Hosi's arm reached around me and she pulled me even closer. I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes again; they were saying, "Wow!" "Try opening your mouth a bit.

Let my tongue touch yours." She looked unsure but did as I asked. Our tongues touched and danced. The next thing I learned was how strong she was; she had me on my back as she kissed me passionately. She broke the kiss briefly to whisper into my ear, "Use your finger in me…please." I reached between her legs and, not surprisingly, found her pussy soaked.

I rubbed my finger in her slit before telling her, "This is why it won't hurt. You are wet. Your entire tunnel is lubricated with this delicious juice." I put my fingers into my mouth and savored her nectar.

I returned my fingers to their ultimate destination and slowly pushed my middle finger into her. In an instant it was completely enfolded in her. "See…did I hurt you?" She shook her head as I slowly withdrew and pushed in again. I could see her eyes roll back as her ecstasy built. I fucked her for almost a minute before touching her clit. "Oh…David…I like it…I like it a lot.

Is this what it feels like when your penis is in me?" "No, Hosi…that feels better." She moved up and looked at me disbelievingly. Then she smiled and returned her lips to mine. We might have gone further, but we were interrupted when Reta walked in the door. Apparently, there had been little reason for privacy before I had arrived. "I'm sorry to break up your fun, but it is time for you to be milked, David." Reta and Hosi returned to their roles as my guards.

I waited while Hosi dressed, but how long can it take to tie a short skirt around one's hips? I walked briskly between them to a square by the river. I was bent over a round padded rail and tied into place. An earthenware bowl lay beneath my penis, still hard from my episode with Hosi. There was a fire in front of me with a large kettle of what I assumed was water.

Several large metal implements lay heating within. Hosi leaned over me, her breasts pressing into my back, "Try to relax. I am told it will be easier." One of the older women pulled a "spoon" from the kettle. I could tell from her reaction that it was hot. She moved behind me, applied some kind of oil and pushed it into my anus.

I was right—it was fucking hot—burning me as if pressed into my bowel! I howled in pain. She used the tool to roughly rub and stimulate my prostate. Semen dribbled from my cock after a minute or so. Hosi took hold and aimed it over the bowl. It took another two minutes before the flow ended.

The spoon was pulled forcefully out of my ass and more oil was applied. I was released from the rail; I had to be supported by Hosi and Reta. I thought even I might become rough and surly if I had to undergo that kind of treatment every week.

No sooner had I been released than Michael was led to the rail. He fought the entire way, not that it did any good. A new bowl was produced and the process begun. Michael fought every second and his pain was obvious.

When he was finally released he managed to throw off his guards and run into the river. He was able to swim to the middle, but the rapid flow proved too much for him. He was swept away in an instant. I turned away to see Hosi with her hands to her face, "Oh no…there is a waterfall.

He will be killed." That made me more determined than ever. "Let's return to your house, Hosi. Do you think I will be able to see the Queen tomorrow?

I have something of great importance to ask her. Will you please accompany me?" "I will ask Reta to set it up for you. She has a higher rank than I do. Let's go…I can see that you need to rest. That was quite an ordeal for you and then…to lose your friend&hellip." We walked slowly back up the lane.

At her house she placed me carefully onto the bed and covered me with a light blanket. I fell asleep quickly. I awoke in mid-afternoon to a clamor nearby. I walked out to see that Michael's body had been recovered. His body was badly bruised and broken. As I noticed a four-inch gash in his right abdomen a thought flew through my brain. It was like a ghost—something that lacked substance that I could grab on to. 'Poor Mike," I thought. How different things could have been for both of us if I could convince the Queen tomorrow.

Hosi walked up as I stood there and took my arm. I could tell she was sympathetic—what a waste! Mike was a brilliant geologist and a better partner in our explorations. Many times he had kept me in stitches with his stories of his native Ireland.

In contrast, all I could share were stories of growing up in a dirty industrial city in New Jersey. Unconsciously, I took Hosi's hand in mine as we returned to her house. "Will you put your finger into me again, David?" "Of course, Hosi-- but a little later. I want to talk to you about tomorrow when I see the Queen. I understand why your tribe has milked men. You told me that the last men here were brutes—no ruler would endanger her subjects by having them engage in sex with such men.

However, the milking was as brutal and barbaric as those men could ever have been. Not only did it hurt me, but I was also burned and humiliated by it.

I would probably rebel if I had to do it repeatedly. I saw the women who received the sperm…the seed; all that effort to try to impregnate four women—two for each of us. "It can be done much easier and more effectively if I am permitted to have sex with them.

I can probably do four or five a week by myself. I will propose to have sex with you to show the Queen how it will work, but there will be a difference with you. I will give soul…to you. I will give only my seed to the others. Will you help me?" "You will put your penis in me?" she asked. I nodded and continued, "It will hurt a bit at first. All women are born with a membrane that partially covers the tunnel. It must be ripped, but after that you should feel a great deal of pleasure.

In fact, I think I will pleasure you first." "Sometimes, David I find what you say to be very confusing, but I will help you. I liked the part about you giving me your soul. I will also give you mine." I looked into her eyes, pulled her to me and kissed her.

It seemed to last forever. I reached around her and untied her skirt. I lowered it gently to the floor just before I led her almost naked to the bed. I began to unbutton my shirt, but Hosi stopped me so she could do it herself. She grinned as she opened my belt and dropped my shorts and boxers. She gripped my cock and pulled me to her on the bed. We lay in the late afternoon coolness clinging to each other.

I loved the feeling of Hosi's skin against mine, especially when she pressed her firm breasts into my chest. I broke the kiss momentarily to tell her, "I love the touch of your skin against mine." Hosi giggled, "Do you know what I love, David?" She ran her fingers through my chest hair.

"It is soft and sometimes it tickles, but…enough talking." She resumed the kiss, her tongue adventurously exploring my mouth.

I reached down between her legs finding her wet again. Her nectar ran down her thighs. I rubbed my fingers in her, drenching them. Then, breaking the kiss, I held them to her lips. She licked them and sucked them into her mouth. I took her hand and rubbed her fingers along her thighs. I brought them to my mouth. I ran my fingers into her slit again, entering her seconds later. I wanted her to feel pleasure, but not to cum—that would occur tomorrow. I knew she was hooked when, instinctively, she took my cock into her hand and stroked it slowly.

"Oh, Hosi that feels so good. I can't wait to fuck you tomorrow." Hosi moved back a bit, "Fuck? What does that mean?" "You just asked me one of the hardest questions. The word 'fuck' has many meanings. It can mean sexual intercourse or congress between a man and a woman. It can also mean something vile.

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Don't ask me to explain how a word that describes the most beautiful thing that can happen between a man and a woman can also mean something vile and disgusting because I do not know. If I asked to fuck you, that would be good, but if I said, 'Fuck you' that would be bad. Do you understand?" Hosi thought for a few minutes before responding, "No!" "Just as well. Your people don't really need it. I'll just tell you I want to make love to you." "Do you want that, David?" "More than anything, but I think we need to wait for the Queen to give her permission." Just then Reta walked in to tell us that Queen Aleppa would meet with me at midmorning tomorrow.

I thanked her and joined Hosi in preparing for our dinner. I ate several of the fertility fruit while we worked. That night we spooned nervously in anticipation of tomorrow. CHAPTER 3 We woke early, sharing several yummy kisses just to get us into the mood.

We ate a light breakfast of fruit and bread. I suggested we bathe so we would be clean when we met the Queen. It was just after ten when Reta came for us. A few minutes later we were kneeling before the Queen. "You asked to see me, Dr. Schneider?" "Yes, thank you Queen Aleppa. I want you to know that someone has harmed me—hurt me badly, in fact." "WHAT? Who would dare to violate my orders?" "I regret to tell you that it was your milkers.

If I may say, the process is barbaric and very inefficient, as well. I was brutalized in an attempt to impregnate only two women. If you will give your permission I believe I can double that or better." "How would you do that?" "By having sex—regular biological sex. I believe I could have sex with four or five women each week. The remaining days would be for Hosi." "I understand you are not making any use of your house, but are spending all your time with Hosi." "Yes, your highness.

I am in love with Hosi and with your permission I would ask her to be my mate. I will give the other women my sperm…my seed…but not my heart or soul." "I don't know…I have been told this can be a brutal act. I would not want any of my subjects harmed." "Hosi and I are willing to demonstrate if you would have a mattress brought here." Queen Aleppa gave the matter some thought before clapping her hands and giving the order. Minutes later a grass mattress roughly the size of a double bed was placed on the floor in front of her throne.

I bowed to the Queen and turned to Hosi. "Do you trust me, Hosi? Do you love me?" She nodded twice as I led her to the mattress. "This is usually done in privacy," I told the Queen, "but since this is a demonstration you and the others present are welcome to observe." I brought Hosi to me and we kissed gently. However, it was merely seconds before our passion grew in spite of the audience.

Hosi reached up to unbutton my shirt. It was discarded on the floor. My shorts and boxers joined the pile seconds later. I reached behind Hosi to remove her skirt; if was followed by her undergarment.

We stood naked before the Queen, but neither of us noticed—we were totally absorbed in each other. Gently, I lowered Hosi following her shortly thereafter. We held each other tenderly as I began to kiss my way down her body. I kissed and suckled each breast and licked her navel.

Hosi writhed under my ministrations and gasped when I first licked her cunt. I spread her legs and, beginning at her anus, licked my way up, covering her entire organ with my mouth. Her labia were red and engorged with her desire so I diverted my attention to her slit. I licked and sucked, drinking her fluids as Hosi jumped and rolled. Then I attacked her clit.

I licked and sucked it between my teeth as Hosi thrashed. When she came she screamed at the top of her lungs. The guards rushed forward and grabbed me. "NO! STOP! (pant) (pant) He (pant) did (pant) not (pant) (pant) hurt me. I have (pant) (pant) never felt such pleasure. That is why I screamed." Her chest was heaving as the guards released me. "I think I understand what you said yesterday about pleasuring me. What was that?" "You had an orgasm…a really, really big one.

I will have one when I release my seed in you and you may have another when we make love." She pulled me from the guards into a long embrace and kiss. "Do it, David. Put your penis in me. I want you so badly." I broke the kiss to address the Queen, "I have told Hosi that this may hurt a bit in the beginning.

All women are born with a membrane—some thin material—that covers part of the tunnel. It must be ripped. Once that is done there should be only pleasure. You were right—some men can make this a brutal act. I am not one of those men. I was raised to love and respect women and I have already told you how much I love Hosi. I would use the same approach with any of the women in your tribe." I turned back to Hosi, kissing her again.

I rose over her and positioned my cock at the entrance of her tunnel. I ran my cock up and down her slit, making sure she was lubricated before slowly pushing into her. I pushed in and stopped, but Hosi wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled herself up—nothing happened.

I would explain but not now. I was too much enthralled with my lover's hot tight pussy. She gripped me like a velvet vise as I thrust into her slowly. This was Hosi's first time so I needed to be careful. God knows how much I'd want her to do it again…and again…and again. Hosi had great instincts; she began to move—to meet every thrust with one of her own.

I hadn't cum in weeks—there was no orgasm from my milking—so I wasn't going to last long. "I'm sorry, Hosi I'm going to cum soon. I'm going to give you my seed—now! I grunted and groaned several times as I blew my semen deep into Hosi's hot pussy. I was half-way through when she came again, bucking vigorously into me.

I collapsed, sweating, onto her. I kissed her over and over before rolling off. "My Queen, you saw that Hosi had no pain. Sometimes a young girl will break her hymen—the barrier—if she participates in a sport or other rigorous activity. That seems to have happened with Hosi. I think it may be true with a number of other women in the tribe." Queen Aleppa thought for several minutes before speaking, "What did you think, Hosi?" "I can't wait for David to do it to me again.

I loved it. It was wonderful and I agree with him—the milking was terrible. It cost Dr. Sullivan's life." "Perhaps…how would you manage this, Dr. Schneider?" I explained what I had in mind—bigger bed or, at least, a bigger mattress; a clean sheet for every woman; the Queen to select and send them to me after lunch; two days working followed by a day off with Hosi followed by two more work days and two days to relax.

I would try to inseminate women four days out of seven. Queen Aleppa agreed, Hosi and I dressed, bowed and left. We were halfway back to her house when the ghost took form, "Oh my God. We have to go back to the Queen…quickly." We ran and interrupted her. She was not pleased until I spoke, "Queen Aleppa, what has happened to Dr.

Sullivan's body? It is critical that I have access to it. Your tribe's very survival depends on it." She stopped her work and led us to the makings of a funeral pyre. I asked one of the women for a sharp knife. I cut into the gash I had seen earlier.

Reaching inside his body I found it and pulled it out. "Thank God," I said, falling to my knees on the hard ground. I showed the Queen the bloody object. "This is called a micro-transmitter. On a certain date it will send a signal that will allow our company to locate us. Likewise, if it is damaged or burned it will send the signal before it is destroyed. If that happened your hidden valley would be discovered.

Your way of life would be destroyed." I showed her the scar on the side of my abdomen. "I also have such a device implanted in me. If it was on the surface—under my skin--I would cut it out, but it is implanted deep under the muscle. Only a skilled surgeon can remove it." I looked at my watch and checked the date. "I have ten weeks before my signal is sent.

I need to be far away by then, but I assure you that I will return." I turned to Hosi, "I love you and don't want to leave you, but I must. I promise you that I will return to take you as my mate. I want to live here with you forever." We spoke with the Queen, discussing the best way to manage my departure.

It was decided that building a canoe and going down the river would be the fastest. That way I could remain here and hopefully impregnate as many women as possible. I swore that I would not reveal the valley or the Amazons. I discussed what should be done with Mike's body and after considering a number of alternatives it was agreed that he would be transported to a waterfall about 50 miles away and buried at its base.

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I returned the transmitter to his body. Hosi and I left, returning to her house. The following morning a large mattress and a quantity of sheets were delivered to my house. A larger bed and mattress were also sent to Hosi's.

Apparently the Queen approved of our union. Hosi and I met with several workers—they had made canoes in the past and asked me if I had any experience. I told them I had not. "Then," the leader said, "we need to do a sloppy job, one a first-time builder would do. Your canoe will leak a bit, but we will give you something to bail with. There will be rough edges and uneven sides, but don't worry, it will float and get you down river safely." I thanked them and returned to the village.

Hosi and I went to bathe just before lunch. I explained that I would bathe at least twice daily—before and after sex with the tribe's women. I wanted to be clean for the women and clean for Hosi afterward. We ate our lunch and I returned for the first time in days to my house. I laid the sheet over the mattress, folding the edges underneath. I had just finished when I looked up to greet my first visitor—it was the leader of the party that had captured us.

I rose and took her hand. I could tell she was nervous. I kissed her cheek as I helped her undress. When I was naked I helped her down to the mattress. I had her lie on her stomach so I could massage her shoulders, back, and legs. The massage helped her to relax; she sighed when I rolled her over. I leaned down to kiss her, my tongue penetrating her mouth as I massaged her breast.

I was not surprised to find her pussy gushing. I rose up and pushed easily into her cunt. I expected a barrier, but she, too, had none. Their training must be so arduous that most if not all had ruptured their hymens at a very early age.

I slid all the way into her easily. I fucked her with long slow strokes, increasing my tempo as we went. Soon I was pumping her pussy hard. It would be nice if she could cum, but that wasn't my priority—I wanted to knock her up! She suddenly began to meet my thrusts; her actions brought her clit into contact with my pubic bone.

We exploded together as I drove deep into her, bathing her womb with my baby cream. I withdrew after I had shot my load into her, but I made her lie there for thirty minutes with her legs in the air. I helped her to her feet when her time was up, kissed her gently, and placed the soiled sheet outside my door for pick-up by a member of the Queen's staff. I walked to the pool, finding Hosi there waiting for me—she was pouting. I lifted her chin and asked her with my eyes.

"I wish you would just make love to me." "That's what I wish, also, but I promised the Queen and the alternative is milking. We must think of your tribe. It needs new members badly. She shook her head in agreement, but I could see that she still didn't like it. CHAPTER 4 That's the way my days went except for those days I spent happily with Hosi.

However, almost three weeks later I had just finished off my thirteenth virgin when I heard a bell pealing loudly. "Quick," my partner of the day squealed, "that is the emergency bell!" We rose and ran out of my house.

I met Hosi and we ran to the Queen's residence where we learned that a huge jaguar had found its way into the valley. Few people in the States realize that the jaguar is the third largest wild cat behind only the tiger and lion.

Such an animal would present a tremendous danger to the tribe. I offered to hunt it down if the Queen would return my rifle and backpack. "How will you find it," Queen Aleppa asked. "I won't; it will find me. If you will allow me an old goat from the herd I will set it out as bait. Jaguars are nocturnal hunters; it will come at night and I will lie in ambush." She agreed and we selected an area just outside the village. I tied the poor animal to a stake and sought refuge in the nearest house almost one hundred yards away.

I heard a noise behind me and when I turned it was Hosi and Reta with their spears. "Be quiet, we may have a long night ahead of us," I whispered. I sat between them with my arms around them. I removed my night scope from the backpack and placed it on the rifle. I loaded it with hollow points and sat down to wait. No need to keep watch all night; the goat would warn us when the jaguar approached. It was just before three when the goat bleated crazily.

I took my station at the window, leaning the barrel on the sill—I could just make out the cat in the trees beyond. It approached warily and as it did I got him into my sights. I inhaled and released; slowly I squeezed the trigger and fired—a head shot—just before it reached the goat.

The hollow point spread like a mushroom as it passed through the big cat's brain. The jaguar did a back flip and when it hit the ground it was dead. I stood up and walked out with Hosi and Reta. I warned them to be careful in case the cat was only wounded. I put another bullet into its head when we were ten feet away just to be sure. I tied a rope around the cat's head and hauled it up onto a tree limb.

Using a sharp knife I quickly separated the skin from the flesh. Hosi and Reta cut away the meat for distribution, placing it in large cloth sacks and giving the Queen the select cuts. I hung the pelt between two trees to dry. The following day I began to carefully scrape away all the fat and organic matter. It had no odor when the skin had completely dried and the pelt was extremely supple.

I rolled it and presented it to the Queen. "Thank you, Dr. Schneider, but I think you are giving it to the wrong person. Hosi, please accept this gift from your mate. I give my approval to your union." I handed the pelt to Hosi just before she jumped into my arms, kissing me wildly while Queen Aleppa sat by laughing.

The weeks flew by quickly…much too quickly. By the time I had to leave I'd had sex with almost forty women—forty incredibly beautiful women, but none as beautiful as my Hosi. We finalized my departure plans. My canoe would be lowered alongside the waterfall to some brush at the bottom.

I would have two paddles in case one should break. I would be given several goatskins of water in addition to our two canteens. I would take my back pack and Mike's in addition to some food. I tested my balky GPS and—surprise—it worked.

I took special note of the latitude. If I had to I could follow that line until I found the valley and Hosi. I was really good at remembering numbers. The Queen suspended my breeding activities a few days before my departure so I could spend the days and nights exclusively with Hosi. We spent most of our time in bed naked kissing and holding each other. We fucked plenty, but mostly we held each other.

I must have told her that I loved her a thousand times—almost as many as she told me. Finally, the time came. I arose early, a tear in my eye. Hosi, Reta and many of those I had coupled with walked to the waterfall. I kissed Hosi, reminding her that I would come back as soon as possible before lowering myself down a long rope to the river bed below. I pulled the canoe from the brush, blew a kiss to Hosi, and moved carefully into the canoe.

The seat was just above the floor, making the whole craft more stable, something I would almost certainly need.

I paddled quickly into the stream. I moved steadily downstream. The paddling was easy, more with the idea of keeping the canoe straight and in the current than actually propelling the craft. I was pretty sure I was doing more than five miles an hour. In a day I could be more than a hundred miles away. The transmitter would send its signal the following day. I knew I was on a tributary of the Amazon and paddled to the shore where the two met. I pulled the canoe up the bank, removed a long thin strip of brightly colored cloth and tied it onto a slender tree limb.

Hopefully, I'd be able to find it when I returned. I pushed the canoe back into the water. The Amazon's flow was much slower so I had to paddle harder to maintain my pace. I ignored the insects and paddled through the night, wanting to put as much distance between us as possible. It was mid-morning of the second day that I saw the town down river on the right. This had been our embarkation point months before. I knew I could get a small plane to take me down to the coast and, from there, a flight back to the States.

I pulled the canoe up to a small dock, threw the backpacks up, climbed out wearily, and let the canoe drift into the current—it had done its job. I found a small hotel and booked a room using my corporate credit card. The first thing I did was call the office. I let them know that Mike had perished—no need to lie. I told them that he tried to cross a river and was swept away in the current.

I found him at the bottom of a fifty foot waterfall broken and dead. I took a long hot shower, shaved, and went to find a place to eat. I missed Hosi already—my heart ached for her touch. I made arrangements to fly to Recife from which I'd fly to the U.S.A. I got a haircut and some new clothes—mine were pretty well shot.

The next day I was gone; the following I was home in New York City. I could have slept on the plane, but I had a lot of planning to do. I knew I was finished when I saw the Statue of Liberty. I took a cab directly from Kennedy Airport to the office, not bothering to wash or change into my corporate garb.

I had a story to tell and sell. I climbed out of the cab and stomped into the lobby like a madman, wearing a khaki shirt, shorts, and hiking boots and carrying the two backpacks. I was told by some asshole doorman that I needed to be properly dressed to enter the building. The look I gave him would have cut through steel; he backed away and I walked to the elevator. There were several people waiting; I pushed them out of the way, telling them to get the next car.

When one guy protested, asking who the hell did I think I was I told him as I pulled my machete from my pack. He suddenly remembered a prior appointment.

I got off at the 37th floor and stormed past the shocked receptionist. It had been more than six months since I'd been to the office and I had never seen her before. I charged right past his secretary and kicked in Stewart Marks' office door. I pulled out the crummy GPS and threw it at him. "Here's your fucking GPS, asshole! Maybe if it had actually worked Mike Sullivan would still be alive, you fucking jerk!" I was screaming at the top of my lungs. Marks stood up in his $2,000 suit telling me I couldn't speak to him that way.

"Oh really? While you were sitting here shining up your ass and drinking fucking martinis at lunch I was out in the fucking jungle with Mike Sullivan risking my life every fucking second made so much worse because you couldn't find your way clear to buy a $500 GPS. This is a fucking Fortune 100 company, shithead! I'll bet you shit in your pants in Central Park, you fucking loser.

Try spending a night in the jungle." "I'm calling security," he screamed. "Go ahead—I quit anyway. Nothing is worse than working for an asshole like you. Here's something to complain about, douche bag!" I pulled my right hand back and punched him in the nose.

Like the sissy he was it bled like crazy, destroying his monogrammed shirt and suit. Tsk, Tsk—too fucking bad! "I'll have you arrested!" "No, you will not." The voice came from behind me; it was John Spillane, the CEO.

"Hello, David," he greeted me, "I guess it was pretty tough out there." "Worse than tough, sir—it was terrible. Most of the time we didn't know where we were. Even if we found any bauxite we wouldn't be able to do anything about it because we had no idea where we were and all because this idiot wouldn't spend 500 bucks." Security arrived and tried to remove me.

"No," John told them, "remove him. You're fired Stewart. I can overlook a lot of things, but risking men's lives to save a couple of bucks is inexcusable. Get out now. David, please come to my office." I walked out, thinking to myself that my story had worked out pretty well.I was off the hook and Marks was on and the Amazons were completely out of the picture.

Now I just had to deal with Spillane. I followed him into his office and took a seat on the leather couch. "Tell me about Mike," he said once he was back behind his desk. "Well, sir we were completely lost most of the time. We were able to take a star sighting some nights if it didn't rain to find our latitude, but we had no idea what our longitude was.

That's how we made the mistake. We looked at our map and determined from the topography that the stream we had to cross was just shallow and slow-moving.

Mike waded out and for the first forty feet he was fine. The water only came up to his knees, but the next step put him over his head and in a strong current.

I tried to race along the shore but the brush was too thick. In an instant he must have been a quarter mile ahead of me…and then I heard the scream.

Oh God, it was terrible. "When I caught up I saw it was a waterfall. Mike had gone over. I worked my way to the bottom where I found his body. He was bashed and broken and he was obviously dead. I replaced his transmitter—it had already been forced almost completely out of his body. I buried him in the soft sand—deep enough that the animals would leave him alone. That's when I realized we had the wrong stream. I could see the waterfall clearly on the topographic map.

We were more than 200 miles from where we thought we were. Mike died needlessly, just so some asshole bean counter would look good to his boss." "I assume you'll want some time off after that ordeal." "You might say that, sir. I figure the company owes me six months between vacation and sick days. I'm quitting; I just can't do this any longer. Losing Mike was bad enough; I almost died, too. After he died I wandered around in the jungle for more than a month.

It was a miracle that I was found by a local tribe and given a beat up canoe so I could make my way to the Amazon. I want this transmitter out of my body today. I'd appreciate my back salary and what you owe me for the vacation and then I'm gone." John expressed his sorrow at the loss of Mike and tried to change my mind, but I was steadfast. I only asked for one favor—make the appointment to have the transmitter removed.

He agreed and told me that Human Resources would have my check within a week. I saw the doctor that afternoon. The procedure was out-patient so I was nursing a handful of stitches in my side when I got back to my condo at five. I called the real estate company that had helped me buy it and told them I wanted to sell—quickly.

It had cost me over $400,000, quite reasonable for a two bedroom condo in Manhattan with a view of the Hudson. Living space in Manhattan is always in demand so he was sure he could find a buyer within a few months. I went out for dinner—Wendy's-- for some silly reason I had a yearning for a fatty burger even though I could easily afford the city's best restaurant. Wandering all around the globe and risking your life paid well; I earned more than $200,000 a year and at 29 had almost two million in investments.

I rarely spent any money. All my expenses in the field were on the company which made the GPS issue all the more ridiculous.

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The expedition to Brazil had cost well in excess of $100,000, yet that asshole Marks wouldn't spend $500 so we could know where we were. Incredible! After dinner I put phase two of my plan into effect, inviting three people to dinner the following evening—my brother, my cousin, and my best friend.

I took them to a fine restaurant and we returned to the condo after. I poured brandy and began to tell my story. "I want you to know that I've quit. I'm going back to Brazil to live and I want you to come with me. Listen to what I have to say—it's a long story and it's all true." I began with the evening in the clearing, our capture by the Amazons, the milking, and everything. I finished by telling them I was going back for two reasons—Hosi and 450 gorgeous virgins who couldn't wait to be fucked.

"I'm willing to share the virgins, but Hosi is mine. Now, I want you to ask yourselves if you are truly happy in your work here. Scott, you're my brother and you're an engineer. I know you've been frustrated by the negative company politics and idiotic government regulations.

Think of what you could do in the valley, not to mention all the fucking you could possibly handle. Kevin, you're my cousin and I know you're pissed about being passed over for that professorship. You're an agricultural expert; you could make crop yields triple there and I know how horny you are. Dennis, you and I have always been buddies, going all the way back to third grade. You're a doctor, but you hate the way the insurance companies run everything, putting patients and their health a distant second to their bottom line.

All three of you have so much you could offer. I'm liquidating my physical assets, but keeping my investments. I plan to use the proceeds to help fund projects in the valley. If you decide to join me I'd like you to do the same. Your needs will be few. They will feed and house you, probably with a beautiful horny woman. My only job was to fuck a different hot babe each and every day. They're not interested in rough sex, so that's out. There's no crime—hell, there aren't even any doors on the houses.

Oh yeah, no booze, although they do have some decent wine. Think it over and let me know. However, I must insist on your silence. Consider this top-secret. I'd appreciate an answer in two weeks so we can plan together." I sat back to let them think.

"I don't need two weeks, David," my brother Scott replied, "I'm in. I can't wait to get away from this filthy city." "Count me in, too, where would I be without my best friend," Dennis exclaimed. "Oh, shit, might as well make it unanimous," Kevin grinned. We planned well into the night, first about our finances, second about our trip—how to get there, what to bring, etc. We met again the next evening talking for hours over pizza and beer.

After a week it was done. Now all we had to do was sell off our assets. That took the longest time. I was able to sell my condo within a month; although Dennis lived in a nice section of the Bronx he had the most difficulty. Four months later we were ready to go. We had ordered a huge variety of tools—axes, saws, hammers and nails, hoes and tillers, cultivators and a load of medical supplies so we could start a hospital.

We had developed some solutions to what I believed were the valley's biggest problems. And most important of all—two large rigid hull inflatable boats with strong outboard engines to carry everything up the Amazon. The last things I bought were some dependable GPS receivers and a shortwave radio. CHAPTER 5 We sent everything by ship, witnessing both the departure from the Hoboken dock and the arrival near the mouth of the Amazon. We unpacked everything in a dockside warehouse we had rented for a month, carefully loading the equipment into the inflatables.

We filled the gas tanks, tested the Yamahas and balanced the boats. I knew from my previous trip that we would be able to buy gasoline and food at various stops along the river. We loaded fresh water and food last, spent our last night having a good meal and sleeping in a decent bed although none of us slept very well that night—we were too excited and impatient to depart.

We planned to travel about a hundred miles a day—going upstream is much more arduous and time consuming and we had to watch out for river traffic for the first eighty percent of the trip. Finally, at the end of the eighth day we reached the small town that I knew was less than a day's journey from the beloved valley. We replenished our supplies, ate a decent meal, and posted a guard while the rest of us slept in the boats.

There was a strong likelihood that everything would have been stolen, boats included, had we not. The final morning we left early—as soon as it was light enough to see. There was little traffic on the river here so we could open up the engines.

I kept a keen lookout, first to see if anyone tried to follow us and, second for the strip of cloth I had tied off months ago when I had left my love. Anything could have happened. It could have been removed by some native tribesman or overgrown by the jungle plants, or just rotted away in the hot humid weather, but there it was exactly as I had tied it. We proceeded up the tributary at a slower pace—the river was narrower and the current stronger There were also submerged logs to be dealt with.

It took most of the day to reach the waterfall. We pulled the boats onto the bank and tied them off to some stout trees. We covered them with brush in case we had been followed.

I didn't think we were, but it's always better to be safe. I showed them the rope I had used to descend. Knowing that we would have to climb the rope all of us had worked out daily at our local YMCA for weeks.

We went up the rope like monkeys up a tree. I led the band to the village. Reta was the first to see us. She hugged me fiercely, but I could tell she was checking out the other men—she knew I was taken. She led us to the Queen's residence where we removed our shoes and socks and followed Reta to meet her. We walked in, kneeled and bowed. "So, Dr. Schneider I see you have returned, but who are these strangers?" "My Queen may I introduce my brother Scott. He is an engineer and very good at solving problems and building things.

This is my cousin Kevin; he is an agricultural expert, a former university professor (OK, so I exaggerated a bit) and this is my best friend Dennis. He is a doctor of medicine.

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I remember you told me that only seven of every ten newborn children survived. I am sure that Dennis can help improve that as well as care for any injuries or illnesses that may occur. All three have volunteered to help with impregnating your women. I will vouch for their character. Also, we have brought a number of tools and medical implements; they are in two boats at the bottom of the waterfall.

We will bring them up tomorrow with your permission." "Very well…please rise, gentlemen. Reta will show you to some houses you may use. I will set a guard over your boats. Dr. Schneider, I believe you need to bathe. Please do so immediately. You are dismissed." We backed out as Reta set about finding the necessary housing. I noticed that she billeted Scott in a house next to hers.

She had a twinkle in her eye as she reminded me of the Queen's command to bathe. I walked to the pool and understood why. There, with her back to me was my Hosi. I stripped quietly and stepped into the water, "Do you think there is room here for two?" I asked. Hosi straightened and I could see her smile as she turned, "Don't you mean room for three?" I saw her swollen belly heavy with child as she turned.

I grinned wildly as I ran through the shallow water to her. I ran my hands up her silky back to hold her head as we kissed for the first time in months. She washed me and led me home. We walked into Hosi's home—it was exactly as it was when I had left. Hosi undressed me, lay me down and stepped over me. "Fuck me, David! Fuck me hard!" Then she whispered, "Did I get that right?" She wasted no time, sliding down my pole in an instant once I had grinned and nodded.

"Promise me, David that you will never leave me again. I have been desperate for you these last two months." "I was desperate for you five minutes after I left. I promise you that we will never spend a night apart again. I'm going to embarrass myself now, though. I have not cum since I left here." "That only means we will do it again and again.

I hope you do not need much sleep tonight." She said giggling as she raised herself up, only to sink down my cock again. She repeated fewer than twenty times when I could hold back no longer. I sprayed her vaginal walls repeatedly before collapsing back to rest in anticipation of our next mating.

CHAPTER 6 We made love five times that evening. I knew that there was a time beyond which pregnant women should cease having vaginal sex, but I didn't know when that was and Hosi didn't care. I was a wreck when I rose the following morning for our meeting with the Queen. I was feeling pretty badly until I saw Scott. He looked as though he had been ridden hard and put away wet.

In contrast, Reta looked as fresh as a daisy. When I looked at Scott he held up six fingers as he almost collapsed on his feet. "There are plenty of others if you don't like her," I whispered. "Like her? Hell no, I love her. What a woman! All I did was lie there—she did all the work. My God, I've never seen a set of abdominal and vaginal muscles like those in my life." Kevin and Dennis had similar experiences. We were a sorry looking group as we met the Queen. Unlike our audiences this was a meeting.

We sat at a table while we explained some of our plans. We had identified several critical concerns—developing an irrigation system for the farms and improving the sanitary system. Scott described how he would create a large water wheel that would power an Archimedes screw. This device would provide an unending source of water for the fields.

I had located some mineral deposits that could be used to make a primitive concrete to line the channels to the fields and minimize loss to the soil en route.

The screw could also provide water for a continual flush toilet system. Scott had drawings and explained them carefully.


The hardest part of this project would be the sinking of four large pine logs in the river to support the water wheel. To Scott it was child's play. Dennis explained how he would establish his hospital. Queen Aleppa recalled how I had set a woman's leg, saving her life.

Could Dennis do that, too? I almost laughed while I explained the difference between Dennis's skill level and mine. She made the third largest house in the village available to him; he would begin his examination of the pregnant women the following morning. His job would be relatively easy most days—the Amazons were physically strong and there were few diseases in the valley—no AIDS or venereal diseases, no TB, no colds or flu.

However, their strenuous activities occasionally resulted in injuries that could now be treated. Kevin went last. He explained how he would look at all the existing crops before making suggestions on new species or agricultural techniques. He would make similar studies of the flocks and herds. When they were done Queen Aleppa asked me, "And what will you be doing, David?" "Well, my Queen, right now I'm recovering from my first night with Hosi." I continued after the laughter had died down, "Hosi showed me some forges and smelting operations up in the mountains during one of our walks.

She told me that the knowledge to run them had been lost. I have that knowledge. I will need some help, but I can teach your people to make new and better metals." "Well, gentlemen, I am impressed. I give my permission to begin. I will be most interested in seeing how you will put those poles into the river. I anticipate a large audience for that. I will supply whatever resources you might need, both in people and in materials.

Now, I understand that you have already made yourselves at home here and that several members of the tribe have officially welcomed you.

You have my permission and blessing to mate with any Amazon who will have you. We still need many new tribeswomen." This comment led to my most difficult remarks, "My Queen, I know that you are a society of women, but have you ever thought how impractical that is?

You have no way to maintain your numbers unless you kidnap men from outside. That is not always productive because the men may be unruly and unsuitable. You have had that experience already. Why not breed your own male population?

There are many matriarchal societies in the world—ones in which women are in control. We are committed to spending the rest of our lives here with you, but what will happen when we are gone? The same problem will exist. It is an important matter for you to think about." "I have always found your thoughts interesting and valuable, Dr. Schneider," Queen Aleppa replied, "You have given me much to consider…much indeed.

Now, gentlemen shall we address the matter of your implements?" We walked with the Queen to the waterfall. Scott volunteered to descend and I was not surprised when Reta joined him.

They attached the first box to the rope and we pulled. I opened it to reveal a set of pulleys and four hundred feet of braided nylon rope. I climbed out onto the thick branch and tied on the pulleys. I could see that Queen Aleppa was intrigued. I lowered one block of pulleys to the floor where Reta and Scott tied it to the first box of implements. The Queen was astonished to see how easy it was to pull them up. We continued this process all day until everything was done.

Then I lowered the block again and we lifted the lovers. I had seen them all day and it was clear they were smitten with each other. My only question was whether my brother could survive Reta.

She was stronger and in better condition and she was clearly just as horny as he was. I'd hate to lose my only brother the first week. Fortunately, he was in better shape the following morning when we went into the mountains to find the poles we would need to support our water wheel. Scott was thrilled when we were able to find a grove of tall cedars which were much more resistant to water than even the pines.

Getting them down the hills proved to be less a problem than we thought—one hundred strong Amazons per log got the job done in a jiffy. Meanwhile Dennis had established his hospital with the aid of the two Amazons who had provided what limited health care existed before I had arrived. He explained that he wanted to examine all of the pregnant women first and then all the women for a check-up. He was less than a quarter through those   exams when he realized what a waste of time it was.

He had never seen such healthy specimens in his life, nor had he ever examined such consistently beautiful and shapely women, either. Kevin had examined the crops and made some suggestions, including crop rotation to replenish the soil. He recommended moving the goats to the lower mountains and importing a small herd of cows. He also suggested building a large coop for chickens to provide both eggs and meat.

While these projects were interesting they were nothing compared to Scott's sinking of the poles. The first step was location. Several tests were made with long bamboo poles. Once that was done Scott constructed an A-frame from the longest pines he could find.

A pulley was attached and a long rope tied on to a large rock. The A-frame was raised with ropes and push poles and the ropes were tied off to deeply driven stakes. The cedar poles had been cut to thirty feet in length and trimmed to a point on the bottoms. The first pole was held in place with ropes tied to trees and buildings along the shore. The rock was pulled up and dropped repeatedly, driving the pole into the river bottom to a depth of eighteen feet.

The first pole was used to help support the second; they were used to support the others. It took two weeks of hard work, but the job was done.

A heavy plank was bolted across each pair of poles and a hole drilled to support the axle. Stainless inserts helped reduce friction with the 2-inch diameter stainless rod we had brought with us to serve as the axle. We had previously welded a gear to one end and had drilled holes to support the sides of the water wheel which was to be built in place.

Ever conscious of safety, all workers were given safety harnesses tied to the poles. The wisdom of that was shown several times when Amazon workers fell into the swiftly moving water. While that was taking place a series of canals were dug through the fields and a long channel three feet deep and four wide was dug to the river.

The bottom and sides were coated with the crude concrete. A wooden chute ran from the top of the Archimedes screw to the channel.

The entire tribe was present when the water wheel was untied and began to function. Water flowed in a steady stream as the channel filled and irrigated the thirsty crops to the steady cheer of the throng. Previously all this was done by hand with long lines of women carrying water in large wooden buckets. I could see the pride in Reta's face when the water began to flow. I also thought I saw a slight bulge in her abdomen. Now we were ready for the next project. I had located a supply of limestone in the mountains.

Limestone is relatively soft and much easier to quarry than granite or any other igneous rock. I was able to quarry slabs approximately ten feet by five by one. We used these to make smaller blocks for the communal toilet. Water would be diverted from the chute to provide a continuous flow under the benches. This water would be piped underground to a place just above the waterfall. It took four months to get it operating and another four to finish the roof and walls.

In the meantime some of the women began to give birth. I was with Hosi as her time approached. Dennis was able to measure her dilation and give an approximate due date. So far two of the women had experienced difficulty necessitating C-sections.

Queen Aleppa was amazed at Dennis's skill with the scalpel and, more importantly, four people had survived when previously both mothers and their babies would have perished. I knew that I was a father when the first Amazon gave birth, but it was really personal when it became Hosi's turn. I was a nervous wreck when Dennis began to pull the baby from Hosi's body. Hosi had an easier time of it than I did judging by her appearance when she finally held our child. I couldn't kiss her enough, nor could I possibly tell her too often how much I loved her.

She patted my head and whispered, "I guess you were right—these blobs of fat finally have a use." Scott and Reta stayed as a couple and I had been right—Reta was pregnant. Scott could not have been happier. He had never been popular in high school—he was strong, but more of a nerd than a jock. Now he had gone from a mostly celibate life to one where he was a primo stud.

Everyone in the village could hear Reta—she was a screamer and she screamed almost all night long on many occasions. I learned never to ask Scott anything too important in the mornings—he was always too wrecked. I thought "bloodshot" was his normal eye color.

Dennis wound up with his two nurses—Leba and Biva. They were sisters and they obviously learned to share at an early age. The Amazons had no concept of monogamy so there was little if any jealousy among the women. At first the Amazons were reluctant to see Dennis with a health concern; the concept of health care was foreign to them. But after he saved the lives of the two women in childbirth the barriers disappeared.

Dennis was the father of the first twin boys in the history of the tribe. Queen Aleppa was what I considered an ideal ruler. She was fair and just and she never lost touch with her people. More importantly, she was always open to new ideas. One of Scott's had to do with the bathing facilities. Using the pool was fine for adults, but infants had to be held and watched the entire time. Scott proposed using some of the limestone to make a real bath, similar to those used by the Romans.

Tubs of varying depths provided safe bathing for everyone from newborns to adults. Additionally, bathers could sit comfortably on the limestone slabs to dry themselves or just talk. Nudity, even by the men was openly accepted. The only one of us who never settled down was Kevin.

Like Scott he was a real nerd. I don't think he ever dated in high school or college. Now he preferred to play the field. There were some months when he fucked fifty Amazons, at least. Now that my Hosi was a mother our lives changed dramatically. We were parents as well as lovers. There was no birth control in the valley so it seemed likely that Hosi and the other amazons would continue to become pregnant at a rapid rate.

I realized that it would be too rapid. No society can manage when more than half of the women become mothers.

I sought another audience with Queen Aleppa. When I shared my concerns she smiled, "I, too have had such concerns. We must always have enough soldiers to protect ourselves. I am sorry to tell the men that the days of indiscriminate sex are over—for now, anyway." It's funny how things go in a cycle.

When I first arrived in the valley the Amazons were desperate to breed. Now just over a year later they were desperate again—to stop. It wouldn't matter to me; I had Hosi and that was all any man could ever possibly ask for.