Great Tits College Girl Giving Head and Banged POV

Great Tits College Girl Giving Head and Banged POV
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Act 1: Temperance, pure temptation Temperance Leite… well, let's start describing her assets. Temperance is a very short woman, she's 5'2" tall, 137 pounds. White skin, long straight black hair, dark brown eyes, delicate face.

A regular girl, except for her stunning measurements, at least from waist down. 32B-27-41. Temperance could tempt men only with her body stats alone, no need to do anything else. But she does, she fucking does. Temperance will only wear sexy clothes, those that will enhance her body shapes. Y'know, tight jeans, yoga pants, daisy dukes, tight dresses or light-weight loose fabric ones… In contradiction to her sexy body and personality, Temperance is a religious woman. She keeps her faith and fear of God, go to church on Sundays, say her prayers before meals and before going to bed, does never swear… a good Christian woman.

Some men actually say it's part of her tempting and sexy figure but, well… Temperance is a 33-year-old professor new in town, and the new sensation of both, the church and the faculty. Let's start by the church, because it must come above all else. Act 2: Sexy like Sunday morning And this Sunday morning, very early in the morning, Temperance wakes up for her daily affairs, starting with the church.

In full nude, she gets up from her bad while the other woman keeps on sleeping. Her bare feet touch the cold ground and her steps leave footprints on the floor, still wet because of the condensed air in the room. Temperance turns on the shower and steps under the warm water, feels it washing her head and streaming down her body. The bathroom gets steamy with the water vapor.

A small bunch of shower gel and intimate soap in his hand and she starts by washing her tight pussy. With few trimmed black hair on and delicate lips, her vagina gets creamy and bubbly from the gel. After keeping her pussy clean and tidy, Temperance start to soap her big butt.

It is, well, three times longer than soaping a regular butt. She rubs each buttock with each of her hands and it gets very, very foamy. Temperance flushes the foam from her butt and start to wash the rest of her body carefully. Naked with the towel on her head, Temperance comes out of the bathroom and immediately she gets the goose bumps because of the air conditioner. With the controller, she turns of the air and open the wardrobe to pick the clothes for the church.

In a very loose, delicate fabric flowered short dress, and on high heels clogs, which puts her in a very straight posture, Temperance comes out of the bedroom. She has her purse on her shoulder and nothing else. Although loose, the dress gets a little tight on her large hips because of her bulky humpy buttocks. She enters her son bedroom, who's still asleep, and kisses him on the forehead. "Bye, honey. Mommy is going to the church".

And leaves home. Act 3: Sermon vs. sexy girl Every time Temperance gets up to sing a hymn or listen to the sermon, it's like a sexy party to all the men behind her. And as she's on the front row, it means every men in the church. With her legs slightly open, her butt is so lift in that dress it even looks like she's doing a hyper lordosis pose. She's not, Temperance doesn't need that, she's just on her straight posture.

However, men are going mad and their women, very jealous. You can hear whispers like "That bitch!", "What a whore!", "A church is not a place for that!" Temperance hears some too, but she prefers to listen to the "Oh, my God!" some men accidentally babbles (to get a pinch from their wives right after) And to make it even sexier, Temperance gets wedgies from her panties all the time and she has to fix it by pulling it off (from outside the dress, of course). When she noticed men loved it, she started to do on purpose.

Her small panties wedges every time, after all. Well, unnecessary to say all of them get the boners and try to hide it from different ways. And the wives get more and more envious and jealous. It has been always like that. New girl in town, Temperance has joined this church only two months ago, which would mean she has attended only few Sundays.

But no, Temperance is very participative on the Church duties and does a lot of volunteer work to the community. She gets earlier in the church to help organizing it and goes away a lot later too.

The sermon ends, three brave men comes to greet Temperance. All of them, married. Surely they will face their wives later. While the three talk to Temperance, some women, around ten, surround the Reverend Tommy Sheppard and his wife Nicole Sheppard. Rev. Sheppard is a tall blond man, 29 years old, a young minister. They talk a lot and go away and Rev. Shepard wait till Temperance is free. "Miss Leite, can I talk to you to a second?", asks him.

"Sure, Reverend. Can we go to your room?", she asks on a sexy innocent way. Rev. Sheppard hems and looses his tie a little. "Well, I… I…". "Honey, I don't think it's the kind of talk you can have here, it must be more private", says his wife. "Go with her". "That's right", he says, relieved. Act 4: True faith Temperance enters and sits before the dashboard and crosses her legs.

Her thick thighs are exposed because of the short dress and Rev. Sheppard starts to sweat and gets nervous.

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There's an empty chair by her side, but the Reverend goest to his chair, after the dashboard. He has a boner and sits to prevent her from seeing it. On the desk, several things, a glass, pens, pencils, books, a laptop computer, a telephone… "Listen, Miss Leite, and I tell you that on a very respectful way… I mean, I don't want to sound rude, but the other female parishioners, they're, like, uncomfortable… with.", he's choosing the right words.

"With what, Reverend? I don't understand!", Temperance is a very smart woman, and no one needs to be that smart to understand what happened since noticing those women surrounding the reverend. "Well, you sit on the front row, and your hips, it… confound the brothers parishioners and…" "Oh, my God!", yells Temperance, putting her hand on her mouth. "Is it because my tush looks big?", she asks. Rev.

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Sheppard blushes. "Well, yes, but…" But Temperance interrupts him and gets up to speak on a wailing way. "Look, Reverend, it's not on purpose.


I know it looks fake like… those panties with pads, with filling stuff women wear to tease man, but I swear it's not my thing! I swear, I can't avoid because mine is natural!", Temperance says in her defense.

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"No, Ms. Leite, I'm not telling it's fake, I just…", Rev. Sheppard was saying, but she interrupts him again. "Look!", she says. Temperance turns her back to Rev. Sheppard and lifts her dress, exposing her big, round butt. Her panties is a plain small black g-string. She then turns her head to Rev. Sheppard. "See? Real!" With his boner almost tearing his zipper, all Rev. Sheppard can answer is… nodding. Temperance turns her head to the front again.

"No, Reverend! Now I demand you confirm it's true! I want you to be sure it's not fake, it is real! You are not sure, are you, Reverend?" She turns her head to the Reverend again. "The only way of certifying it is by feeling it, is that right?". Sheppard nods again. "Y-yes, I, m-must feel it… b-by…" Temperance completes the quote. "Touching it? That's right, we both don't want to be exposed to this situation, but I guess there's no other way!

I agree!". Rev. Sheppard gets up, almost unbalanced because of the boner, and circles the table, to sit on the same chair Temperance was. "I'm sure you're a man of good, won't do anything kinky, right, Reverend?", she asks.

"Right, we are just attesting your truly body conditions to make sure you can keep on coming to the church, Ms. Leite", oh, now he can talk. "C'mon, Reverend. Feel it!", Temperance holds her dress up.

Rev. Sheppard fills his two hands with Temperance large buttocks. They're hot, warm, warm blooded, and the Reverend rubs them slowly, gently, like tasting every inch.

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And there are several inches! "Oh, my God! So real!", he whispers. "Not that fast, Reverend. I'm sure it's not certified yet, you must go on tasting… I mean, testing, until we both are sure, right?", Temperance teases. "Right!", he answers and smacks gently her left buttock making it jiggle. "Hmmm!", she bites her lower lips. And the Reverend smacks gently the right buttock. "You said tasting before, right, Ms. Leite?", Kinky Reverend Sheppard asks. "Right, Reverend. Why?", she answers and asks him back.

"I think tasting is totally necessary to attest something", he says. "Go on, Reverend! Taste it. But do me a favor too". "Yes?" "Hold the right side of my dress here, I need one hand free".

With one hand, Rev. Sheppard holds the dress. The other one, he keeps touching Temperance buttocks. And he bends his torso to reach her bum and starts to lick it. Rev. Sheppard licks, kisses and smooches Temperance butt as she slightly swings it. With her right hand, the free one, Temperance puts her hand on her panties and start to touch herself, her pussy is very, very wet, it feels like a glass of water.

She starts to moan very, very low, like a whisper, to keep the low profile. "Ms. Leite, I think it's almost done, but I must certify in every way", Rev. Sheppard says. "Not like that, Reverend!", Temperance answers, freezing him. What? She wants to stop now? "I saw your pants seem to be very tight, I noticed a huge volume on your zipper… we must be comfortable to test things.

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Will you open it?", she asks. "Sure!", Rev. Sheppard open his zipper and pulls his pink, average-size dick from the briefs.

"Now go on, Reverend!", she whispers. Rev. Sheppard lows Temperance's panties to the middle of her thighs. "It's for the church, right, Ms. Leite? It won't hurt!", he says. "Anything for proving what's true for the benefit of the community, Revered. But I'm tired of standing, can I sit down a little?", Temperance asks. "Sure dear, have a seat", he answers, holding his dick. And Temperance slowly sits on Rev. Sheppard's dick. She still touches her clit with one hand and holds the dress with the other hand.

Rev. Sheppard controls the dick to fits it in her pussy lips. "Ready, Rev?". "Yes!". And Temperance sits totally, feeling Rev. Sheppard's cock enters entirely in her pussy. "Oh, God! Feels real!", she moans. "Deliciously real!", he answers. And Temperance starts to vary her movements. Sometimes she just swings on his cock, quickly, quickly… and then slowly. And then she changes, starts going up and down, like squatting, almost taking his cock off her pussy and suddenly putting it into again.

The dress is loose, with one hand Temperance holds her hair and with the other one, touches her clit. Rev. And squats up and down, up and down. Sheppard holds her buttocks and sometimes smack them smoothly, to avoid making noise.

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Temperance's delicate pussy gets swollen, bloated, and her clit gets tumid, and the Reverend's cock is hard as a rock. When Temperance sits to swing again, Rev. Sheppard keeps a hand on one of her buttocks, but takes the other one to her front, to hold the hand she uses to stimulate her clit.

And she swings like crazy, swallowing his cock. "I'm cumming!", says Rev. Sheppard. Temperance suddenly stops. She gets up, taking the Reverend's cock off her pussy, and takes the glass on the dashboard. "What are you…", the Reverend would ask, but interrupts himself.

Temperance kneels in front of him, puts the glass on the ground, takes his dick and gets her mouth close to the head (of his dick). She lifts her eyes to meet the Reverend's for the first time.

"I'm kneeling, Reverend".

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"Do the sermon, my dear!", asks Rev. Sheppard. And Temperance smooches the head, touching his precum with her lips. And open the mouth a little, starting to eat his cock, firstly by the gland. Filling her mouth, Temperance pulls it out and licks his hole cock, from the head to the balls, she licks and kisses it fully.

And gets back, back to the gland, puts it on her mouth again and eats it, and starts to suck. Sucking, sucking, putting the whole cock on her mouth and taking it off. And sucks again. Reverend moans and she pulls off her mouth. Temperance takes the glass with her left hand and with the right one, she jerks him off. And Rev. Sheppard cums, she quickly puts the glass beneath it and loads it with his sperm. It takes around 30 seconds, cumming and cumming. With the glass fully load, Temperance raises it.

"To what's real and true, Reverend!". "Drink it, dear", he answers. Temperance lifts her head, opens her mouth and puts her tongue out. And pours the warm, white stuff all on her tongue. She pulls the tongue back into her mouth, but Rev. Sheppard asks.

"Show me, I have to attest, Ms. Leite", and Temperance opens her mouth to Rev. Sheppard. She sees the cum there inside. She then closes her mouth and swallows it. With her finger, she rubs the glass and licks it as the Reverend stands and zips his pants. Temperance stands too, but instead pulling the panties back she takes it off and keeps it in her hand.

"Reverend, I guess we're done", she says. "Yes, dear, we are, but, to me. The thing is that… the parishioners, they may still…", and Temperance interrupts again. "I know, Reverend. I understand, you and your wife try talking to them, if they insist…" and he completes Temperance's answer. "If they insist, I can call you here so we can discuss again what to do, what do you think?" And Temperance gets excited.

"I'd love, Reverend!". "Won't you kiss me goodbye, Ms. Leite?", the Reverend asks. "I can do it, Reverend, but, I'm not very accurate, so I may accidentally miss your cheek!", she innocently says. "No problem, dear. When that happens, I accidentally open my mouth, OK for you?" Temperance doesn't even answer, she goes and kisses Rev. Sheppard on the mouth. And he kisses her back, they suck their mouths for a second. And then let go. Nicole Sheppard was the last living soul in the church when the door opens.

Temperance and Rev. Sheppard gets out of the room, Nicole gets up anxious. "So?", she asks. "Nothing decided yet, but don't worry, dear", Temperance holds her hands.


"We will take the best decision!". Nicole smiles "You're such a comprehensive good woman, Temperance. I'm sure we will". Temperance and Nicole hug and Temperance goes away. "She's very helpful! I hope she keeps on attending to the church, or you will miss her a lot, won't you, Tommy?", Nicole asks.

"I definitely will", Rev. Sheppard answers and pulls back into his shirt pocket the strap of Temperance's panties, which was accidentally off. Nicole doesn't notice it.