Me baila y cogemos cuando esta borracha

Me baila y cogemos cuando esta borracha
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CHAPTER 2. The first night. Missus began to clear the dishes from the table asking David and Peter if they would mind grabbing the dishes and cutlery and washing them in the shower room on the back porch, they agreed of course however you could see the embarrassment in the colour of their skin of having to walk around in the complete nude and Peter was sporting a semi stiffy not from arousal you understand but tiredness and he was trying to hide his member from the female eyes by carrying the dish tub lower, this however was proving to be a wasted effort.

Missus I later realised took advantage of Peters embarrassing predicament and upped the ante. "Peter dear can you please hold these lanterns up a little higher so I can see in the pantry". Of course Peter did this and left himself exposed. "My goodness" Missus commented "you certainly appear to be enjoying helping me in the kitchen". At this Peters arms dropped and Missus put her hands under his arms guiding them back up to the desired height and ensuring her view was unobstructed, I noticed as she did this that she stood close enough that her apron was brushing against the tip of Peters penis she lightly ran her fingers down under his arms and to his ribs and I could see the goose bumps on his behind making it appear tighter and more shapely even though none of us were in any way overweight or out of shape.


Missus watched me and knew I was staring at Peter's magnificence and smiled as she turned back to the Pantry. "Well their out to it Mother, snoring their bloody heads off didn't take em much at all".

"So what's been going on in here then"?


Mister had returned to the kitchen and was in particularly good humour compared to the last 90 minutes we had known him. Missus answered "Well Peter has certainly been a great help and he appears to be particularly enjoying helping me in the kitchen". Peter immediately went redder than I could have believed possible and his arms began to drop once again.

Missus again repeated the catching and raising of the arms and Mister walked over to investigate and comment on how pleased he was that this was the case standing behind Peter whilst continuing to converse with Missus. This blocked my direct vision of Peter and this time I could hear him give a small groan and his arms wavered but this time Mister was there to help keep his arms up.

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Peter didn't wince like he was in pain and he certainly wasn't trying to move away. Mister turned back " I'm going for my shower Mother give me a call when you're done and the tea's made" "Righto" Missus replied, "Young David's still out there doing the crockery give him a hurry up if he is in your way" As Mister walked past he threw me a friendly wink.

Peter was now heading back to the table but now he was fully erect and moist at the tip and holding the two lanterns could in no way hide it. "I have finished with the table and surfaces" I informed Missus and she thanked me and said she would be over with the tea shortly and we could all sit and have a chat. "What happened Pete"? I asked when I had the chance, he looked around and seeing he had some time and told me that she had cupped his balls and slid her hand down his Penis in front of her husband and Mister had said good boy.

"It felt awesome Bruce I've never had that happen to me before, her hands were so warm and smooth and her smile as she did it was like she was proud of what I had between my legs, I felt scared and excited at the same time". At that David returned to the kitchen carrying the Crockery and put it over on the shelf, Missus your husband said he would be fifteen minutes and would like you to make the herbal tea for him before bed tonight".

We were all sitting in the Kitchen drinking our tea when Mister returned; we were on our second cup of tea and had been filling in the time with some small talk about the weather and where exactly we had set up our camp and Missus was explaining the dangers out here in the wilderness of setting up tents to close to the river. David and Peter must have been exhausted as they were beginning to nod off midway through our conversation.

Mister stood at the end of the table and picked up his cup surveying the kitchen, "Mother I will take these 2 in to the lounge they can sleep in front of the fire tonight", "Come on you 2 follow me ". Mister led them out of the Kitchen and into where he had taken Tina and Rick earlier.

"Would you like another tea dear"? "Um yes please I replied it's very unusual but nicer than normal tea". "That's the honey dear" she replied "It adds to the flavour without taking the benefits away from the ingredients". I replied "It's very nice". "Come over here Bruce and let me brush that birds nest out of your hair whilst we chat" "Just kneel down in front of me here with your back to me", as this was an easy enough request I did this and she continued to comment about my beautiful blonde hair and how shoulder length hair on a boy was always becoming, as I knelt there and listened to her voice I noticed I was very relaxed and yawning more and more, I was so relaxed that I didn't notice when mister had returned until Missus said to me "Spin around sweetie let me have a look at you now your hair is brushed".

I opened my eyes that had involuntarily closed whilst she was doing my hair and did as she asked that's when I noticed Mister sitting at the table drinking his tea.

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She cupped my face in her hands and supporting my head that was for some reason heavy she gently slid her fingers to my shoulderher hands are warm and smooth I thought and I felt them go to my chest and tickle my nipples, I also felt the goose bumps return and gave a little shudder. She brought her hands back to my face and then she kissed me gently on the cheeks and then the neck and because I hadn't voiced any annoyance proceeded to get more vigorous sucking on my nipples kissing my belly and seeing me respond I moaned when she first grabbed my member.

I was so hard I didn't even realise and I was moist and laying on a rug.

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This was the first moment I realised that I didn't know exactly where I was and how I got here. "shhh don't be afraid your safe with us just do as we tell you and you will be fine".

I couldn't answer, whose we? What am I doing? I then realised I was still being patted from behind whilst I was being kissed and grabbed. Oh god it feels good but I am panicking and am powerless. Aaaargh hnnnn mmmm My rod was being sucked and my pelvis was automatically thrusting "Shhhh relax sweetie" "Your enjoying this I can see and I want to kiss you and suck on your tongue when you explode" "but I won't if you tell me not too".

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I couldn't answer it did feel awesome and I was enjoying it but why couldn't I answer My penis was getting ready to explode I could feel it the sucking was amazing her kisses were so intrusive but felt fantastic I let her suck on my tongue my dick is ready I can feel it oh god I can't move she's in my mouth and I am exploding I groaned this was my first head job and I could feel my juice being sucked out and my tongue being sucked at the same time felt awesome.

"Good Boy". I was breathing very heavy and when I heard good boy I realised what had happened and who had given me my first head job and had began to panic again.

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I felt myself being lifted and I was placed on a large pillow type floor cushion face down. Mister was now kneeling in front of me and he was as naked as me.

"You're gonna be a good boy for me this time.

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When you open your mouth I am going to put myself in side your mouth and you are going to suck whilst I pump your face". I looked at him pleadingly but he smiled and said it's alright boy you are going to be doing a lot of things whilst the river remains flooded "Open your mouth". I half opened my mouth as Mister began to feed his cock in to me, It was huge and the pre cum was substantial, MMMpfff mmpff mmpff He was fucking my face and I was matching his thrusts with little groans but I couldn't stop it from continuing.

I could feel his dick getting further and further in to my mouth. At the same time my bum was being rubbed and tickled it felt good I had never received a massage on the bum before. suddenly I felt something enter my bum hole i opened my mouth to cry out and found a full dick shoved in my mouth instead banging in to my throat and making me want to throw up.

Mister pumped his load into my throat I gargled and thought I was going to drown, "Swallow it Like a Good Boy'.