Lesbian teen zoey having sex with her stepmum

Lesbian teen zoey having sex with her stepmum
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I was never a very tall child, always shorter than average. Growth spurt didn't help as much as I would have liked but oh well, it is what it is. Of course being smaller then most of the guys in my grade, as well as some of the girls, never got me many friends. However, going on to my junior year I fell into a group of friends. Tossed may be a better word for it. A group of jocks had picked me up and stuffed me into a trash can and kicked it over the small hill out front.

The trash cane can rolled shorter then usual and came to a very sudden stop. I slowly stuck out my head, just enough to see, so I could tell what stopped the can.

When I looked up and saw a face somewhat remember from around school I must say I was a little shocked. He was a senior, a little larger then most of the seniors. Wearing black tripp pants with bright green stitching, black combat boots, one of which was resting on the trash can still after it stopped it from rolling, and a bright green tight long sleeve shirt with a black short sleeve over it.

A lip ring hole in the center of his lip, the ring missing however. Dark eye liner and his long black hair, usually hanging to his shoulders was now pulled back in a pony tail. As I sat, still in the trash can, looking up at him others of his group of friends ran up beside him and some on past to stand just on the other side of the trash can. "I have watched you push this poor guy around for the last two years, it ends today." He said looking up the small hill to the jocks, staring them down.

The two jocks in no hurry to tangle with five rather large guys, all dress remotely the same with varying color patterns, several with the chains from their pants wrapped or being wrapped around their fist, turned and walked away.

The five around me started putting in various piercings. Most of the people in the school would have called them goths, at that moment I would have called them my saviors. The next year went smoothly after that. Of course they insisted that I start hanging out with them during school. Which turned to after school. Which turned to whenever. I was now part of their inner circle.

Within weeks I started to dress like them, one even took me to get my first piercing, and then shortly after my second. Ending up with both ears pierced as well as a small hoop on both sides of my bottom lip. Snake bites most call them. There was more then just the five guys in the group as I learned quickly. Many more.

One that was just about my age, we called her ghost. For several reasons. Mostly because she was ghost pale. However that did not remove from how beautiful she was. Her black hair ran in perfectly straight to rest on her shoulders.

Her black lip stick and eye liner stood out perfectly against her pale skin. Her tight fiting shirts, usually displaying some band, clung to her torso in a way that it showed off her upper body. Her upper body muscles well toned, clearly she kept in shape, worked well the show help show that her breast were larger then one would expect from someone her size, shorter then average.

Her legs looked just as good as her upper body. Usually she wore some type of short skirt, black or black and red plaid mostly. She would wear knee high boots from time to time, but most the time she just went with her chucks. The more amazing thing is, that I seemed to have caught her eye. I would often see her out the corner of my eye looking at me, I couldn't be sure but I figured she'd caught me staring more then she let on.

Gradually we started talking more and by the time first semester was ending for our school, letting out for winter break, we were dating. Coming home on the last day of the year before winter break I stepped into an empty house.

Which was unusual. Walking from the door way to the kitchen I found an envelop stuck to the fridge. Opening this I found a few hundred dollar bills and a letter from my mother. "Sorry had to leave in a hurry. Grandma fell down a small flight of steps and broke her hip and since Grandpa is still getting over his heart attack they needed help.


I'll be staying here for a few weeks until your aunt gets back from her cruise to help them. A couple days before Christmas. Remember your sister will be in from college in a week. Leaving you with enough money for pizza or whatever take out you want. Feel free to invite your friends just remember no drugs or alcohol.

Love you, Mom." Not needing to be told twice, and since big bad me didn't like staying home alone anyway, I instantly started calling my little group. Starting, of course, with Ghost. Some readily agreed, including Ghost. and some said they'd try. All agreeing to no drugs or alcohol. In all 11 people showed up. The five that originally brought me into the group and their current girl friends, and of course Ghost was there.

Several people had brought a selection of their favorite movie. Which with this group meant it was a lot of horror films and slasher movies. With a large sectional couch and three large arm chairs there was plenty of room for just about everyone to sit, or cuddle, comfortable.

Ghost and I had one of the large reclining arm chairs to ourselves. She was laying with her back partly over my chest, my arm around her shoulders across her chest, trying not to make it obvious that I was avoiding her breast.

The lights were out since it was already dark outside and they had a horror movie on, and everyone knows a horror movie is better in the dark. I half expected that once the lights were out that the other five couples would stop watching the movie and pay attention to each other, I was pleasantly surprised to see I was wrong. Half-way during the current movie it came to a scene where the killer bust through the wall. Even though we'd all watched it so much we could act out every scene, we were into the movie.

Everyone in that living room up, some screaming (and not all female). As we came settled back down, my hand landed low and rested on Ghost nice, firm breast for several seconds. Moving my hand slowly back up to her shoulder I could have sworn I heard her make a soft moan, just loud enough to be heard over the movie by me. Around mid-night the movie ended and one of the guys got up and started to switch movies.

Since it was later, and getting colder, I got up and grabbed some spare blankets. Enough to cover each person if needed, but of course only half got used. I crawled back into the chair with the blanket for Ghost and I and was just getting into the same position we was in when the movie first started. During the first half of the popular slasher film my hand moved up and down her arm, getting slowly closer to her breast again.

Suddenly she turned and kissed my cheek then whispered softly in my ear, "If you want to touch them then go for it, I won't complain in the slightest." a small smirk crossing her face as she turned back to the movie.

After a moment digesting what she had stated I slowly slid my hand on down, off her arm and onto her right breast. Feeling her breathing deepen for a moment from the movement then even back out. Slowly, experimentally, I move my hand over her breast gently massaging them.

She slowly turns and whispers in my ears, "My nipples are pierced so they are extra sensitive." I had to shift slightly so she wouldn't notice that my cock had just became half erect from her saying that, though I believe she realized it anyway.

She started "accidentally" brushing it as she moved. As the night went, we got more friendly with each other.

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My hand had made it's way inside her shirt then inside the bra she wore. Massaging her breast and occasionally pinching the nipple just enough to make her jump. After the last movie just about everyone had left since they either had to work early the next morning or just had to be home. Two couples did stay. Just after three in the morning every decided it was time for bed so I let the other two decide who was sleeping in the guest room and who got the couch or a chair, honestly either was as good as a bed.

Once decided I showed the couple sleeping in the guest room to their room. As I was turning to leave the guy stopped me and pushed a small box into my hand and muttered, "Just in case." Ghost and I were already in my room before I realized what he had put in my hand. I quickly stored the box of condoms in the bed side table.

Honestly I already had some that my older sister had given me when I turned 17. the only difference was they were colorful, the new ones were only black. I looked around to see if Ghost had seen me storing the condoms or not, aware that she hadn't noticed I sighed quietly with relief. Then I seen why she didn't notice. She was too busy working to remove her shirt. She turned looking at me with that slight smirk that always meant she was about to ask a loaded question, "You don't mind that I like to sleep in just my bra and thong do you?" She loaded it and I pulled the trigger before I could think on it even slightly,"Really?

Of course not. I mean that I don't mind it not for you not too." All said within two seconds. She just laughed softly and continued to remove her shirt. She tossed it aside but I didn't see where. I was too busy looking at her perfect upper body for the first time. My eyes following the curves of her muscles as she worked the belt loose from her skirt. My eyes following these movements until she turned sideways so her silhouette showed her breast. I silently cursed myself for not turning the light on first.

She slowly bent over lowering her short skirt to the ground, which was completely unneeded since she could have just as easily let it drop.

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She stepped out of the skirt and solved the light problem for me. She walked over and turned on the light going over to the dresser. If she was aware of the fact that I was staring at her every movement, she didn't show it.

"So where are your sleep clothes?" Her voice sounding sweet and innocent. "I usually sleep in the clothes I was born with." I almost blurted out to her.

Though I actually said," Normally I just sleep in my boxers." She smiled more hearing that then hid the smile before she turned," Alright, get ready for bed." She motioned with her hand in a playful impatient motion. I couldn't help but worry slightly when I stood. I had been working out with Ghost three times a week so I was in better shape then before, but still.

I slowly removed the black shirt I had been wearing and lets my pants drop so I was just standing in my boxers.

Just to be an ass she whistled and hooted as I did. To which I lift a middle finger. "You promise?" She blurted out before she could stop herself and was instantly bright red in the face, which showed even more since she was pale as a ghost.

She quickly turned the light out to try and hid the fact by turning out the lights. With a smirk I climbed into bed with her next to me and laid out flat on my back. She instantly laid her head on my chest and draped her legs over mine. Which pressed her breast against my side and laid her leg so that if her leg moved it would rub my half hard cock. Which she done on more then one occasion. My arm was wrapped around her resting on her shoulder so my hand was moving up and down her arm slowly as she was drawing small circles on my bare chest.

Suddenly she switched from the pad of her finger and gently dug her nails into my chest. Looking down to her, knowing a couple of her weaknesses already, and dug my nails gently into her arm and dragging my nails up her bare flesh, receiving a small moan for that.

She slowly raised up and looked at me before pressing her lips firmly to mine.

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Slowly, hungrily we began deepening the kiss. My hand moving up and down her back, my nails tracing her spine, supplying the occasional shutter from her. Moving my hand over the clasp of her bra I quickly unsnapped it. As if she was waiting for just that she adjusted enough to remove it and tossed the bra aside. While she was off balance I move to push her to her back and lean half over her kissing her deeply, passionately. Using one hand to hold myself up I move the other to one of her perfect breast massaging and gripping it, teasing the already over sensitive nipple.

She began breathing heavier in the kiss.

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As an after thought I turn on my stereo just loud enough that we wouldn't be heard through the walls. Turning back to her instead of instantly going back to kissing her I lower me head and wrap my lips around her nipple, softly pinching it between my teeth, causing her back to arch and her moans come a little more often. Instead of allowing my hand to stay on her breast I slid it over her smooth stomach and into the fabric of her thong.

Her fingers begin to twist in my hair as my middle and index finger move slowly up her pussy lips, do a small circle around her clit for a moment before moving back down her pussy lips to push slowly into her pussy. Since they had spent the last hours teasing each other the pussy was already soaked.

After several minutes of pumping my fingers in and out of her wet pussy, steadily moving faster and faster until my palm was slapping against her clit, her screams of pure pleasure filling the room, the only thing keeping it from being heard out side the room was the music, I shift my position so I can use both hands to remove her thong. After tossing the thong aside she moved with surprising speed and pushed me onto my back and started pulling my boxers down, my cock jumping out and almost hitting her in the face she was so close.

Slowly she stroked my rock hard cock for a few moments before sliding her lips over the head. She worked her head up and down until she slowly had the full length of my cock in her throat.

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since her nice plump ass was already beside my head I reached up and slapped her ass, causing her to moan around my cock as she continued to suck, slowly speeding up. Every so often she would switch to just suck on the head while stroking with her hand. Reaching over I pulled her so her dripping wet pussy is over my face with her legs on either side of my head.

After looking at that beautiful waiting pussy for several moments I lift my head from the bed and drag my tongue over her clit down her pussy lips then back up. Wrapping my right arm around her leg I push two fingers deep into her pussy and begin pumping them in and out of her, not giving her time to adjust I instantly match the speed she is sucking my cock at. Placing my lips over her clit I suck in deeply, her screams of pleasure exploding around my cock as her body starts to tremble. The harder and faster she sucked on my cock the harder and faster I pumped my fingers in and out of her as sucked her clit, creating an almost ending circle.


It ended with her removing my cock from her mouth and stroking me hard and fast just look enough for her to scream that she was almost there. She instantly sucked my cock back in her mouth and redoubled her effort on my cock. I tried to ask if she wanted me to tell her when so she could remove her mouth, but she had no such thoughts as she grounded her pussy lips and clit back against my mouth. I felt her body give one large shutter and moaned deeply feeling myself about to cum.

I quickly moved my lips to the entrance of her pussy and continued sucking there, now probing her entrance with my tongue.

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Her moans and screams of pleasure exploded around my cock as she reached her climax, her pussy contracting and releasing around my tongue as her sweet juices filled my mouth. Moaning more against her pussy I lifted my hips to her and she took the cue and backed off, only half way. Allowing my cock to fire wad after wad of my cum into her mouth, I could feel where she was swallowing my cum, which made me cum just a little more.

She didn't even bother to remove my cock from her mouth as she collapsed on top of me.

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I didn't work to hard to remove my face from being buried in her pussy. She finally started moving and started a slow sucking motion, making my cock hard again then climbed of me and turned straddling my lap looking at me, "Oh stud, don't tell me your tired. We are just getting started." She smirked and saw me looking to reach for the condoms and grabs my arm pinning it down. "No need, I can't get pregnant." She lowered herself onto my cock, sliding just the head into her pussy.

Without giving her a chance to lower herself I lifted my hips and slammed up into her. My hips slapping against hers, her roar of pain and pleasure getting even over the music for a moment. Moving my hands to her hips and gripping them tight. She reached up and grabbed the headboard and used it to help her move as she began to ride my cock just as fast as she could. My grip on her hips allowing me to pull her down faster and harder on my cock.

Moaning deeply, without my cock in her mouth she was now able to talk, "AHH FU-FUCK!!!" She continues to ride my cock for a while longer before I lift her off my cock and drop her onto her back, rolling so I am now on her and slamming my cock straight into the depths of her pussy.

Her moans and screams now louder, Slamming my hips down harder to meet hers, driving my cock deep into her tight, wet pussy. Her moans of pleasure now mix with mine as I look down to meet her eyes and growl out," Ahh fu-fuck bitch, is that all you got?" Suddenly unsure expecting to be slapped in the face, as slap that didn't come.

Her moans got louder as I called her a bitch, voice more commanding then normal. Looking down at her I smirk, "Oh so someone likes being talked dirty to, is that right?" Voice a mixture of a moan and a commanding growl. She looks up to me between moans, "Oh yes Master, treat me as bad as you think I deserve." Growling commandingly to her I lean up on my knees and lift her legs to run up along my chest.

Dragging my nails hard up the flesh of her legs, hard enough to leave white pale pick streaks up her legs before I grip her ankles and lean back forward.

Her knees ending on either side of her breast, squeezing them together, now slamming into her harder, her new angle putting my pressure on my cock with her pussy increasing the pleasure. "Ahh fucking bitch, that's the damn spot!" Growling commandingly to her while I pump in and out of her harder, her moans getting louder getting talked down to. Keeping this motion she looks up at me pleadingly, "Cum with me Master!!" She manages to get out between gasps and moans.

Growling more at her I snarl," You will cum when master does and not a second sooner!!!" She nods eagerly staring up at me almost pleading knowing she couldn't hold it much longer. Truth be told I couldn't either. I let go of her legs which she promptly wrapped around my waist. Slamming into her pussy and holding it deep into her, for the second time that night, allowing my cum to flow freely into her.

The moment she felt my cum enter her pussy she screamed louder and let back the flood that she had been holding on to. Her juices squirting out of her pussy, around my cock to cover my legs and drip onto the sheets.

I lean over her still, my cock deep in her, and kiss her deeply, which she returned hungrily. Slowly I climbed off her and helped her into the chair since when she tried to help get the now soaked sheets from the bed her legs tried to give out. I laughed softly with her then more when my legs tried to do the same. I pull off the fixed sheet and put on the loose sheet, which ended up in the floor with the cover sometime so it was completely dry, "Fuck it I'll change the damn things tomorrow." Which got another tired laugh from Ghost.

She got up and collapse on the bed pulling me with her. Laying there, still completely naked, we cuddled up together and fell asleep wondering what the next few days would bring.