MallCuties teen girl on czech streets

MallCuties teen girl on czech streets
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Please rate and comment (Blonde Teen Hannah is at cheer leading practice texting her older male friend Jim about getting together later). "Hey, howz practice." Asked Jim.

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"Like boring, can't wait to see U. U were the greatest. Best Ever." "For me too Hannah." "I'll call my Mom now. Tell her I am going to hang with you for a while." "Be nice, say pretty please." "I'll try but she is such a tight ass. Later." "Be nice, let me know Hannah." One hour later Hannah called Jim, distraught.

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"I hate My Mom." Cried Hannah. "Calm down, what did she say?" "That I have to come straight home." She was yelling and screaming that I better be home." "Ok, take it easy, probably just a bad time." "NO NO, you should have heard her, she called me a slut and ranted on.

I better go home." "I miss u Hannah." "Me too, make it up next time. Promise." Cried Hannah.

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Hannah headed home after practice. As she walked in and headed for her room, her Mom, Carol grabbed her arm. " I want to talk to you. " Hannah pulled away. "I am just going to my room, please Mom." "You are not going out tonite." Screamed Carol. 'Mom, I know." Hannah could smell the booze on her Mom's breath. She just wanted to lay down and avoid confrontation.

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Carol grabbed her arm. "Where are you going, we need to talk." "Mom, let go!" "I am going to my room. Please." "Not so fast you little slut. I know what's going on." "You been fucking Jim, I don't want you near him anymore." "What do you care, you are always out yourself drinking and picking up men." Screamed Hannah. Carol slapped Hannah across the face. "You watch your smart little mouth." Hannah ran off crying to her room.

"You better stay in that room, you little bitch. If I catch you trying to leave, the devil will pay." Hanna called Jim hysterical. "Jim, I have to leave home, you have to help me run away like we talked about.


Mom said I can't see you again." "She slapped me and called me names." There was a long pause. "OK, I'll be there at 10, get out the back, I'll be by the door." Hannah was so upset.

Why couldn't her mom leave her alone. She just wanted to be with Jim. Her Dad was OK with them together, she always suspected her Dad had fixed her up with Jim. Jim thought about Hannah running away. He wished things would stay the way they were but he knew he could not be without her.

Her mother was a stupid bitch, he had known her for 20 years when she married Hanna's father, Dave, his best friend. She was always causing problems.


Hannah had packed a small bag and at 10 quietly began to sneak out toward the back door. "Where the fuck You going, you sneaky little slut." Screamed Carol. "I told you not to go out." Carol grabbed Hannah by the hair and threw her down. "I said you are not going anywhere Bitch." Hannah jumped up and rushed Carol pushing her into the counter. The two fell to the ground screaming and wrestling with each other. "Fucking slut, worst mistake I ever made having you." Feeling the stinging pain of those words, Hannah tried to punch Carol.

They both ended up swinging and pummeling each other, screaming like crazy women. Jim burst in as he heard the fighting. He grabbed Carol and pulled her off Hannah. Carol scratched and bit at him as he wrestled her to the ground. He held Carol.

"Get a rope Hannah." Hannah found a roll of yellow nylon rope. Jim had Carol on the floor but Carol's arms and legs were flaying away, kicking. Hannah managed to grab one arm while Jim held the other and she was able to tie Carol's wrists. Carol continued to kick but Jim and Hannah tied her legs at the ankles. Jim pulled Carol's legs and Hannah pulled her Mom's arms and they tied them together behind her back. "Fucking loser bastard and his slut little whore.

You are going to jail for this." "Fucking Whore daughter." "Losers, Two Fucking Loser's." Carol kept screaming at Jim and Hannah. Hannah scratched and bruised gave her Mom a kick to the rib's. "Big fucking talk for an old tied up pig." "What are we going to do with her, Jim." "Lets take her in the basement." "Fucking assholes.

Let me go." Carol did not recognize her peril and continued her tirades. "Fucking cow is heavy, laughed Hannah." As they reached the stairs, Jim opened the door to the stairway.

He looked at Hannah and smiled. They picked Carol partially on her feet and pushed her down the stairs.

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Carol hog tied tumbled down the stair falling almost head over heels. Jim and Hannah laughed as Carol lay at the bottom moaning. "What do you go to say now, Mommy." Taunted Hannah. Jim and Hannah laughed. They kissed and hugged, happy to be together. Jim and Hannah washed up at the kitchen sink and got a couple beers. The talked and laughed as they heard Carol cursing them between moans. They talked like nothing happened finishing their beers and grabbing two more headed down the stairs.

They pulled Carol screaming and twisting out to the middle of the basement floor. Carol's clothes were disarrayed.

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Jim had to admit she look pretty inviting. Blonde streaked hair, nice 40s bitch body, a little heavy but not bad at all.

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Jim and Hannah seemed to have the same idea at once. They looked each other in the eye and smiled. Hannah ripped at her Moms tee shirt, ripping it away. Jim took out a fearsome hunting knife he always carried being an avid outdoorsman.

He cut away Carol's sweat pants and ripped away her panties. Jim ran the blade of his knife up and down Carol's thighs. Quivering, Carol started to snap out of her drunken stupor and realized her dangerous plight. "Listen, Listen." Carol pleaded. "I was just drunk. You two can live your life however you want.

" "I don't care." "Really Carol." Asked Jim as he ran his hands up and down the inside of her thigh. Seeing her Mom tied up, fully exposed excited Hannah. She ran her hands over her Mom's breasts. "Nice Mommy tits." She pinched the nipples and played with her breasts.

Jim pulled off his pants to reveal a fully erect member. Carol began to shake realizing her daughter and Jim were becoming excited by her. Hands ran over her body. They were smiling and making lewd comments. They would rape her, she could tell. Then What? Overcome with fear, Carol took the only desperate course she knew.

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"I'll do what ever you want, just don't hurt me anymore. Please, I'll Let you do what you want and then you can live together, I promise, I'll forget everything." " Please don't hurt me." "Hannah, I am your Mom. Jim, I have known you for 20 years." "Please. Please." To Be Continued.