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Sex boys sexy body photo and two black men having with gay uncle xxx
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"Keep your eyes on the fucking road!" The kidnapper in the passenger seat screams at me as I look into the rearview-mirror. I'm trying to see if my daughter Penny is still okay. And from the glimpse I got, she's everything but okay. Because just like I have an armed deranged stranger sitting next to me, she's got one sitting next to her. "You can take the car, I won't…" Before I can finish the sentence, I feel the cold steel from my uninvited passenger's gun drill into the skin of my temple.

"You won't what? Call the cops?

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I don't think so my friend. Besides, I wouldn't know how to drive this old piece of junk anyway. So keep your FUCKING eyes, on the FUCKING road!" The bigger one of the two keeps his weapon cocked and aimed at the side of my head, while casually biting into an apple I was supposed to take home to my wife. Fuck, it all happened so fast. Penny and I were putting the last bags in the trunk of the classic T-bird my wife got me for my birthday last month, only to get forced inside by these two thugs.

Of course, I tried putting up a fight. I tried protecting my little princess, who is spending her first vacation at home as a college freshmen. But as a guy that punches numbers all day, I was over-powered. I've still got blood pouring out of my nose and into my mouth, and I can barely see through my left eye after getting smacked with the back of the big guy's pistol.

And as much pain as I feel right now, I can't imagine what my daughter is going through in the backseat. She's a good girl, even though she's obsessed with tattoos and piercings. And instead of a smile, she' got silent tears streaming down her soft cheeks, and she's doing her best not to piss off the kidnapper next to her. It doesn't help that he's glaring at Penny with a primal desire, like I've seen so many guys do when she walks into a room.


She has a physical appearance and natural beauty that can be a blessing - and a curse. Tonight, I get a bad feeling it might be the latter. After driving for 30-minutes on a dirt road, deeper into the night and away from civilization, it starts to sink in.

We might not make it out alive.

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I might actually die in front of my daughter tonight. Or worse, I can see her…I don't even want to think about it. We're still alive, and as crazy as our kidnappers appear to be, they are definitely in control of the situation. They don't show any signs of fear, and they don't get anxious.

So, maybe they don't intend on killing us after all, meaning I have to keep calm. "Okay, turn here." The big guy instructs me to turn left, which is an even narrower road which leads to a small clearing. "Kill the engine but keep the lights on." He spits out another command before reaching over and pulling the keys from the ignition. "If you make the slightest attempt to escape this car, you will not live to tell anyone about it." While giving me a cold-dead stare, he tells what looks to be his younger brother to get out with him.

"Come on, Brick." They don't go far, but they stand far enough to speak without me hearing anything. I take this moment to check on Penny, who cracks the moment I touch her shoulder. "We'll be okay, princess, I promise." I lie through my teeth. "You just have to stay calm, okay?

Can you do that?" "I'm so scared, daddy. What if they kill us? I don't want to die!" Her high-pitched voice calls the attention of our kidnappers, and they quickly appear on our side of the car. They also appear agitated. "There's not much use in strategizing." The big guy says as he yanks open my door. "You're only making things worse." With this, he grabs the back of my neck and slings me out of my seat.

"Daddy!" I listen to Penny yelp as I hit the cold dirt. "Don't worry, sweetheart. You'll get your turn." The older brother turns his attention on Penny. "Get away from her!" I launch myself up from the ground, only to get ploughed down by Brick and a hard fist to my stomach. I fold-over and drop to my knees, unable to get air into my lungs.


The inability to breathe, on top of getting kidnapped and assaulted, has me panicked in ways I've never panicked before. Then I hear Penny screaming again through my blurred vision. And as I look up to see what's going on, she slams into the ground right in front of me, spitting blood and coughing the same way I am.

"That's it, Stone. Make the little bitch choke like a dog. I like it when they choke." The younger brother supports his older sibling with excitement.

Brick and Stone, clear code names they developed after probably doing this kidnapping thing for way too long. "It might not look like it right now, but you still have a chance to live." Stone says defiantly, like he's our god and we are mere servants he can crush any moment he sees fit. "But you'll have to play along, though.

Because any funny business will lead to me popping off two rounds from this here gun." He reminds us of the loaded weapons they have, as well as the upper-hand. "It's been a long road, and Brick is right about your daughter looking pretty tasty. I mean, we haven't had any sweet pussy since…" Stone turns to his brother for some help in refreshing his memory.

"Hope Springs." Brick helps him.

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"That's it! Hope Springs. That was like, two months ago." Stone searches through my wallet as he takes a moment to reminisce, then he pulls out my driver's license. "Paul, is it? It's been two months since we've had a proper banging, Paul. So, what do you say? Can we take your daughter for a spin and forget this whole thing ever happened?" I can't believe I'm actually hearing someone speak these words.

But it's happening. Two assholes are telling me they want to rape my daughter in exchange for our lives. How does anybody react to this situation? Because there is no way in hell you can ever prepare for it. "Let me paint a more graphic picture for you, Paul, seeing as you've suddenly turned celibate. We're going to rape your daughter, either way. But if she doesn't put up a fight, you get to drive home without us weighing you down." He arrogantly dangles my car keys in front of me.

"Of course, we don't mind if she squirms and screams, we want her to be comfortable and all. But no biting, kicking, scratching, or punching. If she goes there, her pretty brains come out. Deal?" "Okay." Penny says softly, still holding her stomach with both arms and soothing the pain from Stone's heavy hit.

"No, princess! They have to kill me first!" I decide there is no other option than to go down fighting, but Penny stops me and adds another few minutes to my life. "Daddy! Please!" She begs me through the tears. "Just let them get it over with.

I don't want you to die." "And you don't have to, Paul. You can listen to your daughter and still be the family man that coaches softball and goes to church. All we need are what…thirty-minutes? Fuck, man, I'm so horny, I'll probably cum before she can start screaming.

Hey, Brick?" Once again, the older brother turns to his younger sibling, who just stands there in the darkness, gawking at Penny with more and more lust. "Ten-minutes, tops." Brick replies with the same indifferent tone he spoke with earlier.

It's clear all he can think about at this moment is ripping up my daughter. "I can't let them do that, princess." I tell her, more scared than I've ever been in my life. "You have to, daddy." She seals the deal and struggles to her feet. "If this isn't the perfect example of loyalty and family love, I don't know what is.

Right, Brick?" "All the way, brother, all the way. That's good love right there." Brick gets closer and unbuckles his belt. "Thanks, Paul. I really need this one." There is nothing I would like more than to charge that son of a bitch right now, but Stone has that gun pointing at Penny's head this time, indicating he'll gladly shoot her before getting to me. "Right here, darling." Like a gentlemen, Stone guides Penny to the front of the car while Brick grabs my arm and yanks me to my feet.

Then Stone presses the pistol against her temple, just like he did with me, making her whimper and visibly shake with fear all over again. This is followed by his hand pulling up her shirt, exposing her tattoos and black bra.

"As if you didn't get me horny enough, darling!" Both brothers howl like wolves while they appreciate the inked images, printed into her smooth and youthful skin. "Looks like you've got a little wild-cat on your hands, Paul." Brick says and drags me closer to the action.

"I think you should see what your little princess is really made of." "Yeah, Paul, we're not bad guys. We'll let you see everything as it happens, play-by-fucking-play. Because I bet you've thought about it." Stone taunts me with his fingers cupping Penny's breast, teasing to rip off the bra at any second. "In fact, if you close your eyes or look anywhere except in the direction of your daughter's snatch, I'm pulling the trigger." This is when his hand drops toward the front of her skirt, where it disappears underneath the red material.

I don't see him touching her, but I can hear it in the strange and frightful sounds escaping Penny's bloody lips. She wenches and jerks against the hood of the car, trying hard not to hit or scratch her rapist.

And the tears keep coming. "This is going to be a good one, brother." Stone tells Brick with his wrist twisting and stabbing underneath my daughter's skirt, and his hard-on grinding against her hip.

"Now, let's get this over with." With speed and conviction, Stone starts ripping the clothes from Penny's body, almost pulling her to the ground with the torn garments, only to aggressively shove her back against the car. He doesn't stop until she's totally exposed from head to toe, and sobbing with so much intensity it completely hides her sparkling blue eyes. Out of spite, Stone looks at me before sinking his teeth into her tiny nipple.

She screams in agony, but he doesn't stop. Instead, he tightens his jaw until the blood begins to trace down the side of her breast, and he doesn't let that gun sink any lower than her head. I so badly want to fight him off, or just fucking look away, but Brick anticipates my thoughts and shoves at the back of my head with the shotgun he's carrying.

"You don't want to miss the best part, daddy." He warns me, already panting at the thought of getting his turn. "Sorry, Paul. I got a little carried away there.

It won't happen again." His attention is focused on me as he grabs Penny, then turns her around and bends her over the hood of the car. Her face smashes into the polished metal surface as a result of the force Stone uses to subdue her, putting a dent in the hood and sending a disturbing noise out into the empty field that surrounds us. "Please! Stop! I'll get you anything you want!" I yell out of desperation, knowing there isn't much point.

"I've got everything right here, Paul." Stone zips down his pants and reveals a hard veiny cock, ready to penetrate my sweet princess. And after sliding his fingers between the pink lips covering her tiny entrance, he guides his muscle towards it and forces himself inside her. His head tilts back with pleasure as Penny cries from the pain, and he's groaning like a madman. "Jesus Christ!

This little cunt is tight! I can barely…get…it…in" With the last word, Stone drives forward with all his strength, making Penny claw and scratch at the car like a cat trying to escape certain death. And she's not even screaming anymore.

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Only periodic screeching and gulps of air can be heard coming from my sweet princess, as she takes another hard drive into her stretched enclosure. His hands are all over her, groping and violating the contours of her small body, while he rams her like an animal in pure heat.

The fucker is panting into her neck like a horny dog getting lucky for the first time. He doesn't spare her any pain or discomfort through his aggressive intensity. It's almost like he's trying to push her through the engine, and there is no doubting the force behind the penetration as Penny thuds against the metal every time he contracts his muscles.

At this point, I'm phasing out. I'm looking at this animal, unleashing his sexual urges onto my daughter without any regard for anyone or anything. All he wants is sexual gratification, and he wants it from my sweet princess. I'm seeing his cock disappear inside her, one hard thrust after the other, and I can see her body struggling to take the pressure.

And all I can hope for is this shit to be over with, although, time is not going to heal what happens here tonight. Nothing will. I can hear Stone and Brick talking to each other, providing emotional support and motivation to damage Penny in the worst possible way.

But nothing is registering. All these images and emotions are too much for my logic to comprehend, so I stare on like a zombie. As Stone finally reaches those final thrusts, he squeezes the flesh of Penny's buttocks so hard it turns purple, while he bursts and shudders behind her.

He blatantly enjoys every second of cumming before he slowly pulls out, dragging streams of white liquid with him. I'm simply too numb and shocked to feel anything anymore. And Brick immediately picking up where Stone left off only makes it worse.

With incredibly eagerness, the little prick stabs his cock inside Penny, and he moans in the same way his brother did. "Are you sure you fucked her right, Stone? Because this pussy is sucking my cock like a virgin." Brick tries to upstage his brother and wastes no time using all his force to do it.

Although, Penny isn't reacting anymore. Like a rag-doll, she lies still on the hood of the car and stares into the night, only jerking and jolting as a result from being severely penetrated time and time again. If you can call it luck, Brick doesn't last as long as his brother, but it doesn't make the scene any more pleasant. The prick also goes through the shuddering motions of unloading his cursed seed, and it he doesn't pull out until the last convulsion pulsates through his cock.

The blood and juices dripping from my daughter are distinctly visible, even with just the moon and the headlights of an old car illuminating such a wide open space. But relief is not to be found. Not yet. "Now it's your turn, daddy." Stone says and pulls out his phone.

"What?" "I said, you're up! We need to make sure you don't run to the cops, right? And what better leverage do we have than a video of you, raping your own daughter? Come to think of it, you don't ever want the cops to catch us after tonight." "You are fucking insane!" I lose my temper.

But my rage is met with a 9mm pistol against my forehead, and two very determined pieces of shit, just aching to put me in my grave. "What's insane is how much I'll enjoy stringing her up that tree and letting the animals feed of her sodomized corpse!

That's what's fucking insane, Paul! Now, are you going to test me? Or are you going to be a man, get your cock hard, and fuck your daughter?!" "Just do it, daddy." Penny mutters lifelessly while staring up at me. "Then we can go home." She's still hunched over the hood of my birthday present - bloody, naked, and broken. The sperm from her rapists haven't stopped dripping down her thighs, but she's not shaking anymore.

My heart breaks as I step towards her, unable to picture myself touching her the same way these bastards did. And as I finally gather up the courage to pull out my cock and get myself hard, my night gets worse. "Didn't we tell you, Paul? For this one you have to be face to face, seeing as we're recoding and we want a clear picture." Stone says with a smirk. I want to protest, but Penny is already slowly turning around to lie on her back, and she's opening her legs without question.

"Do it, daddy." I don't know what's worse. Having my own daughter watch me get hard at the sight of her pussy, swollen and blossoming in front of me. Or, how she looks away in disgust as I separate her lips with the head of my quickly expanding cock, getting ready to penetrate her. "We're doing you a favor, Paul. Because never in your life will you fuck a girl as hot as the one you're fucking now." Stone hovers around us with the phone recording the whole scene.

"It feels good, doesn't it?" I try to ignore him and focus on what needs to happen right now, which is to maintain some kind of grip on my sanity. But I can't help getting harder and more excited the deeper I plunge into Penny, especially with all the excess sperm pushing to the outside.

My daughter is literally leaking semen, and I'm being forced to add mine to the mix. I'm being honest when I say I'm desperately ignoring the warm sensations, wrapping themselves around my throbbing muscle. I'm pushing myself to ignore the incredibly tight space that is my daughter's pussy, along with her small and perky breasts, heaving with her delicate chest the deeper I go. I swear on my life that I don't want to enjoy the smooth curves of her tiny muscles, clenching down with such power I can't help but consider driving forward like the thugs before me.

But I keep getting harder. Somehow, I forget that there are two guns pointing at me and my daughter. For a brief and beautiful moment, I'm not struck down with fear and pain.

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All I can think about is how wonderful it feels, pulling back and burrowing as deep as Penny's slit lets me. I'm building up. Everything is too much, because the residue on my cock isn't just from the kidnappers. It's pussy juice from my princess, lathering me with each sweet penetration.

"It's okay, daddy. It's okay." Penny senses I'm close to unloading, and after getting her final blessing, I'm unable to hold back. "That's it, Paul! Do it, man!" All the shouting in the background doesn't deter me from spewing waves of hot seed straight into the core of my daughter's sweet pussy. My muscles freeze up, except for my cock, which expands and contracts like a caged animal about to burst out of its cage.

I have no sanity left as I retrieve my cock from the most heavenly enclosure, and give our kidnappers what they asked for. And we don't say anything on the drive home. Two weeks later… "Dad." Penny calls from inside the house. I've been sitting on the porch for three hours now, just blindly staring into the distance.

It's a routine I developed after…well…you know. We didn't give the cops any useful information, and we never spoke about it again. Needless to say, things are not what they used to be, and it's not easy keeping it from my wife.

"Dad, did you hear me?" I let Penny snap me out of my daze and follow the sound of her voice. And as I spot her waiting at the end of the hall, next to the door leading to the garage, I notice she's wearing the same type of skirt she had on two weeks ago.

"Can you help me with my car? I can't get it to start." She asks and disappears through the door. Hesitantly, I follow her into the garage, where she's standing against the hood of my classic car, nervously tugging on her skirt. "Princess?" I look at her without any understanding of what's going on. Then she says it, while slowly sliding her finger up and down her inner-thigh.

"Rape me again, daddy." ***