HD PornPros Guy joins two sexy brunette for a hot threesome

HD PornPros Guy joins two sexy brunette for a hot threesome
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This is my first story. It is true and just happened to me recently, and fulfilled a fantasy that I have had for a long time. First a little background: My name is Mike and I'm 32 years old. I'm mixed half black and half white. I stay in good shape.

I hit the gym 3 times a week, stand at 5'7, 160 lbs., and bench 285 curl 55 dumb bells and run a mile in about 7 minutes. I am very well defined and keep a clean shaven head, a beard and I wear glasses.

I'm from Wichita, Kansas where this story happened. I work a 40 hour a week job and on occasion pick up a shift at a restaurant whenever they need someone to pick up a shift and that's a good place to start.

It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon when I was at my day job when I got a text from the cook at the restaurant. She had drunk an energy drink that didn't agree with her and nobody else could cover her shift, I was her only hope.


I normally don't like closing on weekdays as I have to be up at 6 am every weekday but I told her I would cover her shift. I rushed home and got out of my slacks and tie and got into my denim and tee and rushed downtown.

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It was a busy evening and I ended up leaving at 11:15. I was planning on going straight home and going to bed, little did I know that my normal 10 minute drive home was going to take a long detour. I had gotten off on my normal exit that took me through the "hood" in my city and as I drove down the street I saw her. A white girl, with strawberry blonde hair, she was notable wearing eye shadow, pants, boots and a jacket.

She was too dressed up to be a hooker, plus who would hook on a rainy Tuesday night at 11:30 on a main street? She looked like she may have come from a club or was planning on going to one. I passed her wondering if I should see if she would want a ride.

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I had given rides to strange random women before and 80% of the time I ended up getting a sexual favor from the woman. I wondered to myself if I could get at least a blowjob from this girl if I gave her a ride.

I took the next turn and turned around and went towards her.

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I rolled down my passenger side window and asked her if she needed a ride. She said yes, that she need to get to the other side of the city and that she would give me gas money, I told her not to worry about it.

I asked her name as I jumped back onto the highway, "Holly" she said as we started to talk. I asked her how old she was "26" she said as she asked me my age.

When I told her she stated matter of fact way that I was older than her. When I asked her what she was doing over there she told me she was seeing a "client", an escort I thought to myself, I asked her what she did. She told me she was a dancer. She met this client at Club G, she had agreed to come over to do a private show but apparently he had been doing dope, acting crazy and not obeying her rules so she just left.

I asked her how much she charged for a private dance, "$100" Holly said. Now I've always had a fantasy of getting a private dance from a stripper that turned into something more and now sitting next to me in my car was that exact chance, but could I do it. We continued to drive and as she told me how she lost her license because of a DUI, how she use to dance at Club G, but was working at Pleasures, and was thinking of working at Jezebel's.

I continued towards her grandmother's house, getting off the highway and going toward her destination I noticed a branch of my bank and made a mental note. We were getting closer to where she wanted to go when I saw it, a hotel, it was now or never. "How about I get a private dance from you so you can make a little bit of money tonight, we can go to that hotel", Holly said "Sure".

I found a street to turn around, got to the back and took out $100 plus a little extra and went back to the hotel.When we got out of the car I was finally able to see her full figure. Besides the strawberry blonde hair and the eye shadow she stood 5'6 weighed probably 110-115 lbs., probably only a 28-30 inch waist and maybe 32-34 A or B cup tits that I would see later.

We went to the lobby. They had two types of rooms, a double and a hot tub room. She said wanted the hot tub but was ok with the double beds since it was $50 cheaper.

The man behind the counter decided to work me a deal and offered me the hot tub room for $30 less. I would come to thank myself for getting that hot tub. We went to the room, the lights went on, and she found a station on the clock-radio as she closed the curtains and I took off my Dr.

Martens and sat in a chair and she tripped to her bra and panties. I handed her the $100 as she asked me what kind of dance I wanted, I told her any kind she wanted.

She asked me if I wanted her topless, I told her the less the better and she almost reluctantly took off her bra exposing her small perky tits. She started to dance, moving her hips, grinding against me, pushing her tits into my mouth, letting me touch her.

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She got on the floor and did a back bend putting her legs over my shoulders and her pussy right in my face, she pulled her panties to the side and shown me her shaven pussy, I tried to come forward to lich but she pulled away and wagged her finger at me. She straddled me and started to grind against me, she put her hand on my chest and noticed how muscular it was; I took a cue and took off my shirt.

She gasped in amazement and started to feel my chest and arms. She stopped and asked if I wanted to take a bath together, I said yes, and she said that would mean we would have to be naked together. I went over and started the hot tub as she went into the bathroom, she came out shyly covering her pussy as I undressed and the hot tub filled.

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I got in and she came over continuing to cover her pussy, she sat on the side and helped me adjust the temperature. I finally pulled her in with me and she told me that she had never taken a bath with a man; I leaned over and started the jets. After a few minutes I was able to get her into my lap side saddle, my semi-hard dick pressing into her ass. I started to run my hand up and down her legs, she clamped them together as I tried to push them apart to rub her pussy and when I did get a finger in she pushed it out and told me no.

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I decided to give up. Holly decided to start to grind against me again and not even 5 minutes later she was facing me grinding her hips just above me, then it happened. She lowered her hips and I felt myself slide into her, she gasped. "Did she mean to do that?" I asked to myself as she continued to move her hips.


I reached down and made sure my dick was really inside her and when I found it was I grabbed her hips and thrust myself the rest of the way in. The water started splashing as she started to ride me. I was in, I was fucking a stripper. I grabbed her hips and turned us over as she opened her legs and entered her again.

Her head almost went under the water as I start to thrust my uncovered cock into her again. I stopped. "Let's move to the bed" I told her, her wet body got out of the hot tub and went and pulled down the covers as I went over her and she spread herself and I slammed into her again. I grabbed her shoulders as I started to rotate my pelvis, pounding away at her, our skin slapped together and she raised her legs to get me in deeper. "You like that cock?" I asked, "Yes", she moaned.

"Have you ever had a cock as big as mine?" I asked next "Not quite, and your thicker" she barely squeaked out as she came. I decided to go deeper, taking her legs over my shoulders I slammed forward, I didn't even get all in when I hit bottom and my dick bent a little as she cringed in pain as she pushed me back a little. I continued to fuck her on her back for a while before slipping her on top.

She started to bouncer herself up and down in long thrusts as I grabbed her ass. She reached back and played with my balls. "Cum on my cock" I commanded her as she speed up and came yet again. "You like cumming on that cock don't you?"; "Yes" she answered. "Do you want me to cum?"; "I'm cumming a lot but if you cum a lot I might have a baby" she replied.

I asked her what her favorite position was, "This one" she said as she started moving her hips faster in quick thrusts leaning into me, kissing my neck as orgasmed yet again. We switched to doggie and I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me as I spanked her.

I watched my black cock split her white pussy lips as I reached forward and pulled back on her hair and started slamming into her hard and fast, I could see her wetness glisten on my cock as she moaned and her body convulsed yet again. She fell forward and I got her on her back as I mounted her again and started to fuck her again. She started to speak gibberish as I rotated my hips starting to move faster, she was saying things like "You're a beast, where did you come from?" I felt that familiar twinge in my cock and I knew I was close and I started to move my hips faster.

The pace started to bring her to a climax to, then I felt it&hellip."I'm gonna cum" I moaned, "Pull out, I'm not on the pill" she pleaded. Now honesty I could have, but her pussy just felt too good, I made my final thrusts as I fell two spurts as her pussy clamped down on me as she came.

Afterwards we showered together. We talked and she told me she would like to fuck again, that I was the best she ever had. I jotted down my number as we left the room. I dropped her off at her grandma's, she gave me a peck on the lips and I gave her an extra $40 for plan b and told her that it might be a good idea to get on birth control.

I wondered if I would hear from her as I drove away as she told me she didn't have a cell phone and only had her grandmother's home phone.


All I know is I know what clubs to go to if I ever want to see Holly and cum in that tight stripper pussy again. Feedback on my story is appreciated, and who knows, maybe I'll write about my further adventures…