Amateur lez babes licks and fingers wet box

Amateur lez babes licks and fingers wet box
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Kassidy 2 For the next three weeks I hoped Kassidy and I could get together, without all the spectators. That just wasn't working out.

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There were competitions and parties and trips and just constantly something in the way. We did see each other at parties and at the gym but we never had time we could be alone. Every time we spoke the conversations were so sexually loaded it felt like we were having sex in front of everyone. That, combined with the constant image in my head of her kneeling down and taking my entire cock down her throat, led me to excuse myself to the bathroom a lot.

Finally an opportunity came up. It was a Friday when we didn't have to go to the gym so we had the whole day to play. My father was going on a business trip, and my mother had to drive him to the airport, so I knew they would both be gone for the whole day. Luckily, my brother had found himself a job for the summer so he wouldn't be around either.

So naturally I invited Kassidy to come over for the day. I told her to arrive just after my parents left. I didn't invite anyone else. Kassidy showed up and I let her in. She asked "where is everyone else?" So, with a wicked, evil grin, I told her "They're all coming later, right now is just you and me".

As she took a moment to figure out that we were all alone, I started walking toward her with that evil grin on my face. She broke into a big smile herself, but started to back away from me as I approached. She said "Oh, and what do you think we're gonna do until they get here?" Instead of saying anything, I slid a hand around her waist and pulled her toward me. I leaned forward to kiss her, but she pulled back away from my kiss, so I just leaned down and started kissing her neck.

She leaned her head back definitely enjoying it. I pulled her tight and continued nuzzling her neck. She let out a little mmmmmm and wrapped her arms around my neck. I started to caress her back with my other hand.

She pushed me back and said "Dam, slow down already". I just let out a moan but let her go. I offered her something to drink and asked if she wanted to watch tv or play some video games or something.

It was stupid but I guess she didn't want it to look like she was gonna do what I wanted just because we happened to be alone, so I played along.

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I suggested we go out and swim but she thought about it for a minute and I think figured she didn't want to get in her bikini just yet. Much too easy for me to get OFF of her. So we sat on the couch and put a movie on.

Needless to say, I was not paying attention to the movie at all. I kept getting closer and closer to her. Touching her hands. Touching her legs. Finally getting right up next to her and getting back to kissing and nibbling on her neck. She really seemed to love that.

I slowly slid my hand across her belly, absent mindedly just caressing her tight toned abs. Her body was so hot. I started to nibble her earlobes and I could feel her tremble for a moment. She leaned back, opened her mouth wide and took in a deep breath. A sweet spot! I took that moment to slide my hand a little higher. Now Kassidy started getting into it too.

My lips found hers and we started kissing for all we were worth. I opened my mouth and our tongues started to fight for space. I slid my hand up to her breasts and started to fondle and squeeze and tease. She was wearing a sports bra, but her nipples were still poking right out. We had been leaning back on the couch, so I sat her up, reached down, and started to pull her shirt up over her head.

She looked at me and said "not in here, c'mon". Then she took my hand and led me back to my bedroom. When we got to my room, I closed and locked the door behind me. Then I walked over to her, real close to her. I put my hands on her hips, grabbed her shirt and started to pull it up.

She raised her arms up over her head and I pulled her shirt up and off. I threw it on the floor and then ran my hand across her incredible stomach. So smooth and soft, but all hard muscle underneath. I swear her skin over her entire body is perfect. At the same time, she reached out and started to pull my shirt off. Naturally I let her. She ran her hands over my stomach saying "mmmmmm dam". I smiled at that of course. She slide her hands up my chest to my nipples, then she pushed me back on the bed.

Memories of the last time she did this filled my head. Just the vision of her mouth totally engulfing my cock made my already stiffening cock turn to pure iron. She climbed up on the bed with me and we got our selves comfortable. Side by side we started kissing and touching and feeling all over each other.

Suddenly she swung one leg up over my hips and sat up straddling me. As I was sliding my hands up her body to feel those tits, she grabbed the bottom of her sports bra and pulled it up and off.

What a beautiful sight. Her beautiful breast, about a 34b I think at the time, just feel free, her small pink nipples poking out fully hard. My hands found them immediately. I pinched and squeezed. I pulled and teased. I couldn't get enough of those tits. She was grinding against my rock hard cock, with her head leaned back as I fondled her breasts. I pulled her down and rolled her over.

I leaned over her, looked her in those beautiful green eyes and kissed her again. Then I started to kiss my way down. My hands were all over her breasts as I slowly kissed my down to them, until my mouth finally found her nipples. As I said, they were small and pink, but hard as stone. I slipped my mouth over one and sucked it all in.

She let out another moan and grabbed the back of my head, pulling me tight into her chest.

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I continued sucking and licking. Nibbling. Little love bites. Every time she let out a moan and pulled my head closer. I could have stayed there forever. I was laying on top of her nuzzling and nursing her nipples while she was pulling me very close and very tight and scratching her fingers down my back. This drove me crazy. The feeling was amazing.

At this point she spread her legs apart and pulled her knees up so that I was laying on top of her right between them. I took this as a hint and started to kiss my way down her belly. So tight and smooth and perfect. I stopped for a few moments are her belly button and gave it a little extra attention. This seem to work up a little more tension as well. My hands were travelling below me and started working on her pants.

I unbuttoned. I unzipped. I started to pull them open. Then she pulled back up toward the head of the bed and away from me. I got up on my hands and knees looking at her to see what was wrong, but she was just making it easier to pull her pants off. I got up off the bed, reached down and pulled her pants off.

I made sure to pull her panties down with them. I was greeted with me most beautiful, cleanly shaven pussy. I'd never seen one like that before. Even she had had a small patch of hair there the last time we were skinny dipping.

I hadn't gotten a close up view but I did see that. While I was standing, I undid my own pants and opened them. I had to let my cock out before it burst through my pants. I had been hard as stone since we left the couch.


I pushed my pants down, then Kassidy sat up on the edge of the bed and started pulling my boxers down. My cock jumped out right in front of her, just like last time. And also just like last time, as I was stepping out of my boxers, her hands found my cock and wrapped themselves around it. She sat on the edge of the bed with my cock in her hands.

She started to stroke it with both hands, slowly. It felt amazing. She was saying "Dam Zane what a beautiful cock", "It's so hard". I was like, "yeah I wonder why". She continued to stroke it a little faster, first with both hands, then she continued with one while the other started to massage my balls.

Oh it was so fucking amazing, it was all that I could do to not just start shooting all over her. Then it happened again. She pulled me close, leaned forward, and lowered her mouth right down onto my cock.


I just leaned my head back and let out a moan as she closed her lips around my cock and started sucking the whole thing into her mouth. I put my hands on her head and followed along with her motions, playing with her hair, keeping her head right where it was. Everything she did produced another moan from me.

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She worked her tongue hard around my shaft as she sucked and went deeper and deeper. I still could not believe she could get the whole thing in her mouth. I could feel it against the back of her throat. And then actually going DOWN her throat. She would stop and gag a little every now and then, lines of saliva and pre-cum connected from my cock to her mouth. What a sight. It is burned into my mind still.

I was just moaning and saying "oh my god" over and over. My knees were getting wobbly and it was hard to stay standing, but I wasn't going to move. Kassidy slipped off the bed and on her knees in front of me, my cock in her mouth the whole time. She started sucking me deeper and harder. When my cock wasn't all the down her throat, she was licking it from top to bottom while stroking it fast with one hand.

I loved when she ran her tongue all up and down my cock. Her other hand would be fondling my balls. I knew I was gonna blow any moment. Just like last time, she grabbed my balls, and swallowed my cock completely. She was sucking hard and I just exploded in her mouth. I shot over and over. She pulled back enough to swallow it all and then went right back down, sucking for more as I continued to shoot cum down her throat. My knees almost gave out as I filled her mouth with it. She pulled back and leaned against the bed.

I collapsed on top of it. "Oh my god that was amazing". I pulled her back up onto the bed with me and we both stopped for a few moments to catch our breath.

I said "that is the most amazing thing I've ever felt". She looked at the clock and asked me when our friends were coming over. I told her that no, I actually didn't invite anyone else over. It was just us until my mom got back from the airport.

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She looked at me and said "You asshole!" with a huge grin. "You just assumed you could get me in bed with you just because no one else was around?! "No" I said. "but I was sure hoping I could". "But really, I just wanted to pay you back for last time. And now for THIS time".

I looked at her with my own grin as I started to slide my hand down her belly, between her legs. For the first time, I slid my hand down over her perfectly shaved pussy. It was so smooth. She took in a breath as I started to slide my fingers up and down over her lips.

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As my fingers started to explore, I leaned my head down and started to suck on her nipples again. She wrapped her arm around my back and pulled me tight, while at the same time raising her hips up to meet my fingers. As I was sucking on her nipples, a finger found its way inside her. She took a deep breath, let out a big moan, and her legs spread apart even wider and her hips raised up to meet my finger. I started to kiss lower and lower, until I had a beautiful view of her pussy, my finger still inside and starting to work her into a frenzy.

I had never actually done this before but was determined to do my best. I'd watched a lot of porn so had lots of ideas of what I was supposed to do. I had also never been this up close and personal to a real live pussy before.

At least not my face. I leaned in close, used my thumbs to pull those lips wide open, and then just ran my tongue from bottom to top right up them. Kassidy let out a shutter and a moan and clenched her legs against my head.

I started licking up and down, enjoying the taste of her. I pulled back to examine my prize and sank my fingers into her again. Two this time. I started in and out with them, and she started moaning more, her hips starting to build a rhythm with my fingers. I decided I need to get my tongue back to work, so while one hand was busy working my fingers inside her, I used the other to spread her lips open again, enough to find her clit.

As I said, I still wasn't sure what I was doing, so I started licking and fingering and hoping I could find the right spot. Kassidy grabbed the back of my head and started to push me into her every time I hit the right spot. Then I found it.

As my tongue touched against her clit she tried to stifle a very loud moan and just pushed her hips hard up against my face. I started to focus my attention there. I started licking and sucking on the little nub I found in my mouth. I kept my fingers working deeper and harder inside her. She was moaning and pushing herself against me and practically trying to push my whole head inside her. Finally I took her clit gently between my lips and held it tight. I started flicking over it with my tongue, this drove her over the edge.

She let out a loud moan, thank god no one else was home, and pushed her pussy hard against my face. I kept on going as she suddenly started to leak out juices. I started to lap up those juices, definitely something I'd never tasted before, but gooood. Her legs had me in a headlock and I just kept licking and still working my fingers until she finally relaxed and let my head go.

I looked up at her, and she seemed exhausted. I on the other hand was hard as a rock again. I wasn't going to let the moment go to waste. I got up on my knees between her legs and moved my hands forward so I was over her. I looked in those beautiful eyes again and leaned down to start kissing her again. She told me "That was amazing, how did you learn that". I told her "the internet, where else". She laughed at me but honestly, it was true. She was on her back, sort of collapsed, and I was above her on all four, my hard cock hanging down right to where my face just was.

I kissed her a few more times, leaning forward, getting my cock right up against her pussy, hard and ready to enter. I looked at her for a moment. She looked at me for a moment. Then I reached down between us and pushed my cock up against her pussy. I rubbed it up and down and slowly between her lips, until finally I found the spot and the head just pushed in. She let out another moan. I pushed my hips forward a little and entered her a little more.

This time instead of a moan she just leaned her head back and took in a deep breath. I looked back up to look in her eyes but she had them closed and her head thrown back. She was moaning and raising her hips up to meet me, so I lowered myself down on her and started pushing deeper and deeper. I started moving my hips and driving my cock deeper into her hot pussy. She was so tight. For all the rumors of her fucking around, she still seemed pretty tight to me. I started to pump away, and she started matching me thrust for thrust.

The feeling of my cock buried all the way inside her just excited me more and more. I felt like the longer I was inside her the harder I kept getting.

The sight of her head thrown back, and her tits just bouncing back and forth with every thrust just made everything even sexier, and hotter for me.

I started getting faster and faster. I could feel the cum building up inside my balls. I started trying to thrust even deeper and deeper, until I was slapping my balls against her with every push. She started moaning louder and then lifter her legs up and wrapped them right around my waist, pulling me in even more.

My god it was so hot. That changed the angle of things and I just went even deeper than before. I couldn't get any deeper inside her. I couldn't ram it into her hard or fast enough.

She wrapped her arms around my back and pulled me hard against her as her hips thrust up against mine every time. After a few more thrusts I knew I was going to cum any moment. I told her "I'm gonna cum", and she just said "do it, I wanna feel it inside me".

I didn't know if that meant she was on the pill, or that she just didn't care, but at that point I didn't care either. I took two more thrusts and then just had to push into her as hard as I could. My cock just blew inside her, releasing everything I had.

I came inside her over and over. Thrusting into her hard every time, trying to grind into her as far as our bodies would allow, mingling my juices with hers. It was so hot, so wet. A few more thrusts, and I collapsed on top of her. I sat up on my knees and pulled out of her, and pushed her legs apart again just in time to see my cum dripping out of her pussy. I pushed my softening cock back into her again a couple times just to push it all back into her, then collapsed on the bed next to her.

We lay there for a few moments before she said anything. She said "holy shit that was hot".


I agreed. She told me "that was so much better than John". John was her boyfriend. I thought they had broken up but I found out later they had not, yet. We talked for a while and I found out that she was not the slut the whole school thought she was, but she had fucked her boyfriend earlier in the summer. I was only her second, and she made me promise to NEVER tell anyone.

Fine with me, but I AM gonna want to do that again. She said "yeah me too, that was so good". So I told her "yeah well, don't tell John, and we can do it whenever you want". She never did, I never did, and we continued to fuck whenever we wanted to for the rest of that year. About an hour later, after we got dressed again and had something to eat (we were both starving).

Our friends called. I told them sure, come on over. When some of them started showing up, and learned that Kassidy was already there before any of them, that's when the rumors started. Our own friends, thanks a lot! (Although I have to admit, I didn't mind the girls thinking I knew what I was doing in bed, that would help me down the road)