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The sound of excited whoops and yells filled the area as the final bell rang signaling the beginning of summer break. Tony rushed past his locker and out into the muggy late afternoon sunlight. It was a perfect day for swimming. He turned with a grin as Jamal, Tony's best friend called out across the courtyard and jogged toward him.

"Yo Tony, you bring your gear with you?" Tony let his left hand fall and patted his overstuffed duffel. Jamal gave a single nod of the head and turned to look back at the school.

"So where's Anna? She's coming, right?" Tony fought back a grimace. "You know girls, man. She's probably standing around with the rest of them doing their makeup or something." "But she's coming, right?" Jamal wouldn't relent.

"Yeah. She's coming. Sabrina too and Wil and Jeremy." "I heard Sabrina talking to one of the other girls. Apparently her step dad let her buy a bikini this summer." Jamal grinned wickedly at the thought. Tony rolled his eyes and looked back toward the school where Anna and Sabrina were making their way slowly toward them with Will and Jeremy not too far behind.

"About time." Tony muttered under his breath. "Yo, dude you know your sister is gonna get a boyfriend sooner or later, right? You really gotta let off this whole over protective big brother thing. I mean ya'lls the same age. Like five minutes apart or something right?" "Two and I'm not over protective." Jamal turned and stared at Tony before shaking his head.

"Dude you look like you just sucked on a lime right now." "It's just the thought of Sabrina in a bikini." The other boy's jaw gaped open dumbly for a full minute. "What? Why? Sabrina's hot, man!" Tony shrugged one shoulder then turned as the others caught up and began walking toward home.

Luckily with the girls present, Jamal dropped the topic for the time being but Tony was sure he'd only heard the beginning of Jamal's tirade. An hour later, Tony and Anna's mother dropped them all off at the lake. "You kids have fun! You've got three hours to play while Rick and I pack.

I'll be back at seven on the dot. You'd all better be right here ready and waiting when I get back. Got it?" Tony and Anna sighed and answered in unison. "Yes mom." Both rolling their eyes. Jamal leaned over and whispered to Wil "Dude it's so creepy when they do that." All three of their friends laughed and Tony punched Jamal in the shoulder as he ran past toward the beach which just made the others laugh even louder.

Tony kicked off his sneakers and pulled off his shirt, laying it down on top of his sneakers to try to keep the sand off of it as much as possible. He was half way through tugging his jeans off when Sabrina leaned up against his side, all skin and very little cloth between them. "Hey Tony?" She asked in her pouty voice.

"Mm?" "Would you do my back? I don't want to get burnt." She asked before shoving a bottle of water resistant suntan lotion in his face. "Why don't you ask Jamal? He's dying to get his hands all over you." "Or anyone else, for that matter." She huffed. "Fine. I'll have Anna do it. I just thought you might want to be a gentleman is all." Tony shrugged and kicked his jeans off. "Well. I don't." Sabrina stared at him in startled disbelief, her mouth in a little moue of dissatisfaction.

Tony couldn't help but let his eyes travel over her. She really was hot. Thick wavy black hair done up in a long braid and naturally tanned skin. She probably didn't even really need suntan lotion. She'd have to be outside for ages to actually burn probably. Her new hot pink bikini hardly covered anything at all. It was probably even a size too small.

The little triangles of the top only barely covered the tiny mounds where her breasts were just starting to grow. A matching triangle covered her crotch, but outlined everything. The material was some sort of shiny stuff that seemed to mold to her flesh like a second skin.

He looked away from Sabrina and over at Anna and he couldn't help but smile a little bit as he watched her tiptoe toward the water in her black one piece with her beach towel wrapped around her like a cape that fell down to her ankles.

The only thing that poked out above the towel was her wild wavy red hair, so completely opposite of her demeanor. Tony could feel Sabrina's eyes on him.

He turned to look at her and caught her looking him over from head to toe just as he'd done to her previously. He got his looks from their father, dark everywhere Anna was light. He'd found his love for weight lifting when he was eleven and now, two years later, his body had filled out better than any of the other boys. He had biceps and a six pack to show for it even though he was still on the lean side, his dad assured him that he'd fill out more fully in a few years if he kept at it.

Suddenly he felt self-conscious and he crossed his arms over his stomach and stared at Sabrina. "What?" "Nothing. I'll get Anna to do it." She turned and hurried over toward Anna and there was nothing but a string disappearing between her butt cheeks. Tony shook his head. "Geez." He muttered, flushing faintly and looking over toward his three friends and all eyes were fixated on Sabrina, all three of them with stupid grins on their faces.

Tony took a second look and tried to figure out why it didn't affect him the same way. Giving his head another shake, he lay his jeans down on top of his shirt and ran toward the water, diving in with a big splash that made both girls squeal and dart back away from the water for safety.

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From the water, Tony watched as Anna looked dubiously toward Jamal, Wil and Jeremy while she tucked her beach towel carefully around her torso, tucking the corner in under her arm like she'd just gotten out of the shower then took the bottle of suntan lotion from Sabrina and began rubbing it on the other girl's back.

Tony's shorts tightened and he frowned, turning and diving down under the water, then began to swim as hard as he could toward the buoys that marked out the swimming area.


The others came to splash around and play in the shallows. Tony came to push his body, enjoying the resistance of the water and the feel of his muscles burning after a few hours of pushing himself that way. Two hours flew by while Tony continued his laps back and forth across the swimming area. When he finally began to feel his muscles throbbing in complaint, he made his way back toward the shallows and came up out of the water, running his fingers through his hair and wiping water out of his eyes.

His sister was nowhere in sight. "Hey where's Anna?" He asked the others. The group looked around and all three boys shrugged dismissively. Sabrina spoke up. "She went up to the bathroom a while ago." Tony looked around and frowned. The swimming area had been abandoned when they'd first gotten here but now it was packed. "Hmm. I'll be back." Without waiting for a response, he made his way back to shore and grabbed his beach towel, throwing it over his shoulder without drying off and began to walk toward the restrooms.

"Anna you in there?" He called into the grate by the women's room and waited. Inside he could hear talking and he called again. "Anna?" But there was no answer. A minute or two later, a woman came out carrying a toddler on her hip with another girl about four or five years old following behind. The woman offered Tony a smile. "Sorry it's empty in there." Tony smiled and offered the woman his thanks and then began looking around the restroom building for any sign of his sister.

About a hundred yards away from the bathroom he saw something laying on the ground. It looked like Anna's beach towel. Tony broke into a run and grabbed it up off of the ground, then looked around as panic began to well up in his chest. He stood there frozen for a moment as he studied the surrounding area for any other clues where she could have gone. To his right he heard a muffled cry and a soft thud.

He took off at a run through the trees toward the sounds and about five hundred yards away the trees thinned out and a dirty old RV came into view.

It was one of the more secluded camp sites in the area and he could just make out an old man trying to wrangle something through the door of the RV. The old man grunted and nearly fell to one knee but Tony couldn't see what had caused it. A moment later a howl of rage escaped the man along with a string of curses. "You little bitch! I was gonna treat you real nice, but now… now I'm just gonna make it hurt and listen to you scream!" Anna's face peeked out around the man's shoulder and she took a breath to let out a scream but before she could even make a sound, the man slapped her in the face and she flew backwards and landed on the steps of the RV hard.

Tony didn't even realize he was moving until he was there grabbing the old man's arm and shoving him sideways against the dirty RV. "Anna GO!" Tony howled as he slammed his fist into the old pervert's ribcage and shoved his head into the side of the RV.

It was enough to disorient him. Anna scrambled out of the RV and reached for Tony's hand, grabbing it and holding it hard. The top of her swimsuit was pulled down around her waist, her puffy breasts bare and the tiny pink nipples were pebbled from the water still drying on her flesh. The sight hit him like nothing he'd ever felt before and he tightened his fingers on hers and took off running, all but dragging her along with him.

Rather than going back the way he had come, he led her into the woods away from the camp ground and when she stumbled, he moved in front of her and motioned for her to hop onto his back and she did without complaint. Every step he took caused her blooming chest to slide and drag against his bare back and he felt his shorts tightening once again the more he ran.

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Her hard little nipples raked against his flesh each time he took a step and he gave himself a mental shake, trying to ignore the feeling and the way it had his cock pushing the front of his shorts lewdly away from his body. Finally he began to slow to a walk and he slid one hand back to hold her in place, fingers resting under her pert rear end while he reached for his beach towel pinned under Anna's arm. She shifted her arm for him, allowing the towel to slide free but she didn't let go of his neck.

She didn't make a sound but Tony could feel the hot tears occasionally dropping onto his shoulder as he lay the beach towel out on the ground and settled down onto his knees. "Come here." He said softly and gave her ass a little pat. "I've got you." Anna hesitated for a moment before slowly letting her legs slide down off of his hips and relaxing her hold on his neck. Tony didn't let her stand there long.

As soon as he was free, he turned and sat on the towel and pulled Anna into his arms, holding her against his chest and rubbing her back softly. Anna began to sob and Tony tightened his arms around her all the while trying to keep her close but not close enough to feel the hardness threatening to burst the seam of his shorts.

Half an hour passed before Anna's crying eased from gut wrenching sobs down into shaky breathing. Tony cleared his throat softly. "Anna… Did… Did he…?" Anna ducked her head and buried her face in against his neck more tightly before giving it a slight shake. Relief welled through Tony and he leaned back, gently nudging Anna back away from his chest as well. His eyes immediately went to her bare chest and his mouth went dry at the sight of her. His hands shook as he raised them to her sides and slipped his fingers under the edge of her swim suit, pulling it up slowly.

His thumbs lightly brushed over her small nipples and they both sucked in a breath even as Tony gulped hard and pulled her swimsuit the rest of the way back up, reaching behind her to refasten the latches. His voice cracked slightly as he whispered "Uh… S- sorry." Tony looked up into Anna's tear streaked face and that rage came to life anew. Her cheeks were red, the one that had been slapped was slightly swollen.

He lifted his thumbs and wiped the tears away softly. "I should have been watching you. I'm sorry. We need to tell mom and dad." Anna shook her head suddenly, almost violently. "No.


Tony I don't want anyone to know. Please. I just want to go home. I want to get away from here and forget about it." "But--" "No." She pushed away from him and stood up, her whole body shaking. "We'll be late if we don't get back." "Anna--" "I can't. Please don't make me talk about it again." The way her voice sounded. The softness to her words. The raw vulnerability there. She'd always been shy and withdrawn but she sounded almost broken. Tony couldn't make her go through any more.

Not when she sounded like that.

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"Okay. I promise. Anna, Its gonna be okay." He stood then and picked up his beach towel, shaking it out and throwing it over his shoulder again and as soon as they started walking, Anna grabbed onto his arm with both hands and stayed glued to his side the whole way back to the beach.

Even when they were gathering their things up to leave, Anna followed him around like a shadow with her towel wrapped tightly around her shoulders.

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Tony made up some excuse about the women's door getting stuck to cover for the missing time and the others bought it without any obvious suspicion. Sometimes their lack of interest in things grated on Tony but right now he was glad of it. He and Anna were quiet on their way back into town, not that their friends really let a minute pass where one of them wasn't talking about one thing or another.

Another of their flaws that Tony found himself glad of tonight.


When they reached the house, Anna and Tony said goodbye to their friends and hurried to their rooms. Tony dropped his stuff on the floor by his bed and walked over to the door that led into the bathroom that adjoined both his and Anna's rooms. He stopped short when he found Anna standing there in front of the mirror clutching her beach towel and looking like she was a thousand miles away. She always locked his door when she was in the bathroom so he wouldn't accidentally walk in on her.

Tony frowned and walked over to her, reaching over her shoulder and tugging the towel out of her hands to toss in the hamper. "You're safe, Anna." He said softly and kissed the side of her head.

"Now get in the shower and you'll feel better." Anna turned and wrapped her arms around his waist, hugging him tight and nodding her head. "Thank you Tony." She murmured in a tight voice.

He hugged her in return and then quickly pulled away. "Just hurry up. Don't use all the hot water." Then hurried out of the bathroom and closed the door with one hand while the other slid down into his shorts to adjust his cock. He moved across his room and locked the door, then peeled his shorts off and sat on the edge of his bed, giving his cock a couple of slow strokes. "What am I doing?" He groaned to his empty room, then stared down at his cock in his hand, giving a little squeeze and another stroke, only to have it throb and swell even more in his hand as the image of his sister's bare chest danced through his mind.

He stood up suddenly, dropping his hand to his side and paced back and forth across his room. He stopped at his dresser and pulled a pair of boxers from the drawer and tugged them on then sat down at his desk, opening his laptop and typing 'Funny cat videos' into google.

"Please…" He muttered under his breath as he clicked one of the videos and stared at the screen. The sound of the shower turning on drew his attention and he licked his lips, thinking about the way the water would roll down—he turned back to his laptop and tried another search 'Scary pranks'. His cock throbbed in his boxers, every beat of his heart causing the hard length of it to pulse.

His eyes kept wandering away from the video on his screen toward the bathroom door and he winced, finally grabbing a box of tissue and scooting back in his chair, shifting his boxers out of the way and starting to pump his hand up and down his length he remembered the way those soft mounds felt against his bare back. The way her nipples had gotten even harder as his thumbs brushed across them.

The memory of his thumbs on his sister's hard little nipples had his back arching and his cock exploding, sending bursts of thick white cum shooting out onto the tissue and beyond.

He groaned softly as he continued to stroke his cock, not yet ready for the pleasure to go away and trying to draw it out as long as he could. It had been too short. It had happened too fast. A soft gasp filled Tony's senses as loud as if a gunshot had gone off in the otherwise silent room. His head snapped up and he looked toward the source of the gasp, hand still wrapped around his cock to find Anna standing there, staring at him.

Her body still wet from the shower, her white cotton t-shirt nearly see through as it stuck to her still wet skin. Tony jerked up and out of his seat, trying to tug his boxers back into place as his face turned bright red.

"Shit. Anna…" His sister twisted her towel in her hands, eyes focused on his crotch as he fumbled with his boxers. "I came to… the shower… its… its yours…" She took a couple of small steps forward and nibbled her lip, wringing the towel a bit more. "Can-- Can you do it again?" Tony blinked and looked down at his crotch where his sister still stared.

The slit in his boxers barely contained him and he blushed as his cock remained as hard as if he hadn't just finished cumming.

"Uh. Y-yeah." He was wholly unprepared for the next words that came out of his twin's mouth. "Can I watch?" He had to sit down quickly to keep his knees from buckling right under him.

The question sent thrills running through every nerve ending and his cock swelled with hunger. "If… if you want to." Tony glanced toward the door nervously. He always felt like his mom was going to walk in at any minute even when he was just touching himself, but right now he felt sure she would somehow just materialize right here and now but the thought of Anna watching him was more than he could bear.

Anna walked over to him and settled down on her knees right in front of him, eyes never leaving his crotch. She caught her lip between her teeth again and nibbled it. Watching her, Tony pulled his boxers down again and began to rub his fingers across his length as he watched his sister's face.

Her eyes widened slightly and she leaned forward, chest actually touching his knees and laying her fingers lightly on his thighs. The feel of those soft hands on his thighs made his cock jump and a drop of precum oozed out of his cock. He let out another soft groan and tightened his fingers on his shaft, starting to pump his hand up and down the length.

"Can I… touch it?" Tony gasped and his cock jerked hard in his hand. He tried to answer her but all that came out was a strangled little sound so he just nodded his head instead and pulled his hand back slightly, watching Anna with wide eyes. Anna slid her hands up her brother's thighs slowly, watching the way his cock would jerk and jump sometimes without him even touching it.

She lifted her right hand and ran her fingertip from the very tip all the way to the base. Her eyes lifting at the choked sound Tony made when she did so.

"Did I do it wrong? Did I hurt you?" Tony shook his head quickly and gulped hard. Her eyes dropped back down to his cock and she wrapped her fingers around it like Tony had been doing just moments ago and she began stroking up and down the length of it. Slow at first. When Tony dropped his head and began to sort of lift his hips a little, she began to move her hand a little faster. Tony couldn't do anything but gasp and groan as his sister began to stroke his cock so slow.

It was torture, those slow little strokes. His hips shifted, thrusting against her hand and when she began to stroke faster, he gripped the sides of his chair and bucked against her hand.

"W… wont… last… lo—oh fuck. W- watch ouuuuuuu!" Before he could even get the words out, his cock began to explode. Anna blinked as white hot jets shot out of her brother's cock so quickly that several of them hit her right in the face before she could even react. She licked her lips and tasted him. It tasted good, sort of salty and spicy. She leaned forward and wrapped her lips just around the tip, starting to suckle at it carefully.

Tony thought he might just shatter into a million tiny little pieces right at that moment. And then she actually began to suck on his cock!

He couldn't believe what was happening. His hips rocked, shifting his cock in and out of her mouth a little more even as he continued to cum. He wasn't sure if it was ever going to end. He'd never cum this long or this hard ever before and yet still he wanted her mouth all the way down, all the way around him. Anna looked up at her brother and started slowly moving her head with him. When he pushed his hips forward, she pushed her head downward a little more then pulled back when he did.

The spurts began to slow down a little and she thrust her head forward as far as she could. She couldn't quite reach all the way down but she took what she could and the last few spurts of cum shot down her throat as she suckled and licked along her twin's shaft. She kept her mouth around him until his cock finally began to soften in her lips and she pulled her head back and smiled shyly up at him, cheeks flushed bright red.

"Thank you." She whispered and then she stood up and walked back into the bathroom. The shower came on again for a few minutes and then she called out again. "It's yours." Tony sat there panting heavily, head spinning, unable to believe what had just happened.

Had that really just happened? He chanced a peek down at his cock and found it still slick with his sister's saliva and another groan tore its way out of his mouth. It really had just happened! He stood up on shaky legs and made his way to the shower. Half an hour later Tony and Anna stood on the front porch hugging their mom and dad and saying their goodbyes.

"Now we're only going to be gone for a week but the numbers are on the fridge if you need us for anything. Aunt Sue is going to be coming over every other day to check in on you guys while we're gone. You know to call 911 if there's any emergency and then you call us too." Tony nodded and rolled his eyes. "Yeah mom, we know. We're old enough to stay by ourselves for a few days.

We'll be fine. We know how to use the microwave, we know how to use the phone, we know. We know. We're fine. Have a good time." Their mother stared at them dubiously for a long moment while their dad tried to usher her on. "They'll be fine honey, trust them. Come on now." Their dad grumbled softly. Finally their mother and father were gone and they made their way back into the house.

A long, awkward silence filled the living room as they both stood there just inside the front door. Tony broke it by shutting the front door and moving over to sit on the couch, grabbing the remote and turning on the T.V.

Usually he'd hog the T.V. and make Anna go and watch it in her room but as he sat there staring at the screen, he lay back on the couch and asked. "You wanna pick the show Annie?" "Can I lay down too?" She asked in her usual quiet tones. Tony smiled and nodded, scooting back and rolling over on his side a bit to make room. "Come on." Anna hurried over and snuggled into the couch with him, snuggling her back up against his chest and laying her head on his arm and taking the remote from him.

She spent several minutes flicking through the channels before settling on some chick flick. Tony wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tight against his chest. Immediately his cock stiffened and settled in right along the cleft of her ass and he sighed softly, running his hand along her side and over her hip then back up her side again.

After a few minutes, he let his fingers slip up under the edge of her t-shirt so that his fingers could caress along her bare flesh. Anna sighed softly at the feel of her brother's hand sliding along her side and over her hip. A shy smile tugged at the corners of her lips. "I like that." She whispered quietly.

He smiled at her words and kissed her neck lightly, then slid his hand down over her stomach and dipped his fingers down to brush across the top of her panties teasingly. To his surprise, Anna wiggled her hips a little and shifted her leg up and settled it on top of his own. Slowly, Tony eased his fingers down more, brushing over her mound through her panties.

His middle finger pressed down slightly, nudging curiously between the cleft of her pussy. Anna gasped softly and let out a little moan. A warmth began to come off of her pussy there, and then a feeling of moisture the more he rubbed his finger up and down that little cleft until his finger was coated with it through her panties. He slid his hand back up then and wriggled his fingers under the waistband of her panties, stroking little circles along her skin as he moved his hand further downward.

When his fingertips found her pussy again, they both groaned in unison. Tony's middle finger slid down into that cleft, listening for the soft sighs and moans she made. He'd seen enough porn to know generally what to do and what things were, even if he'd never actually touched a girl like this before.

Slowly he rubbed his finger up and down the length of her slit, working it deeper and deeper between her pussy lips. Finally the tip of his finger bumped against her clit and she let out a soft cry of pleasure and Tony leaned his head down, kissing along her neck as he began to circle his finger around that little nub, drawing the sweetest, sexiest cries from his twin's lips. "You like that, my Annie?" He growled against her throat, dragging his fingertip across her clit slowly.

She nodded her head quickly and whimpered a hungry plea. "Yes! Tony! More, please!" Tony smiled slowly and nibbled at her ear, running his finger up and down that wet little cunt, slowly working his finger against her clit until her hips were grinding and rocking against his throbbing cock so much that he thought he might go crazy with it. He pulled his fingers back and slid out from behind her.

Anna let out a little cry of protest and her eyes opened, looking around in a daze and staring at him with silent question in her glazed eyes. "Wha?" She panted out. Tony grinned a little. "Well… you got to taste me today… I want to taste you." Anna's face turned red and she lifted her hands to cover her cheeks but she nodded her head as an embarrassed giggle escaped her lips.

He moved down onto the floor and helped her sit up on the couch, then spread her thighs and slid his hands up to her hips, starting to tug her panties down. "These are in the way." She lifted her hips, helping to remove the panties and then lifted her legs once he had them down to her knees. Though once they were off, she pressed her thighs together and ducked her head again.

"Shh. I've got you, Annie." He whispered and slid his hands along her thighs, pulling her butt to the edge of the couch and pressing her thighs open.

"Let me see how pretty you are." Nervously, she let her thighs be pushed open and he stared at her bare pussy. A small patch of hair as red as her head topped her pubic bone, but the rest of her was still smooth. He ran his fingers along her pussy lips and groaned softly at the silky slick softness of her. "So pretty." He leaned in then and kissed her there, then ran her tongue along her slit, tasting her hot juices and groaning softly as he pressed his face deeper, flicking his tongue between the folds until he found her clit again.

Anna jumped and her hands slapped down onto the couch on either side of her hips as her brother's tongue lapped at her clit. "Oh! Tony!" She cried out and spread her thighs even wider for him. Tony smiled at his sister's reaction and groaned in pleasure, starting to lick and suck at that tiny little nub between her puffy pussy lips.

She was his. She was half of him in every way and he wanted to make her feel as good as she'd made him feel earlier. He flicked his tongue around and over her clit harder and faster, working it up and down on either side of the sensitive little nub. All the while, he watched her face, studying her to see what she seemed to like the most. He wrapped his lips around her clit and suckled at it gently at first and then a little harder, alternating the suckling with flicks of his tongue against the little nub until suddenly she seemed to tense up.

He almost stopped to ask if she was alright when she let out a scream and her hips began to buck and grind against his face and suddenly he knew what was going on. He redoubled his efforts, licking and suckling faster at that little nub of hers and something squirted out of her, spraying over his bare chest and dribbling down his chin. His cock felt like it was going to split in two as her sweet scent grew stronger each time that thick burst of liquid shot out of her.

Tony pulled his mouth away from her and looked down at himself, shivering with need at the way his chest glistened with his sister's cum and he shoved his shorts down off of his hips, taking his boxers along with them and he pushed her knees up and apart, studying her pussy intently for a long minute before settling the tip of his cock against her little hole.

"A… Annie?" He asked softly and pushed just a little bit against that tight little hole of hers, careful not to push inside just in case she didn't want that. Another squirt of her juice burst right out of that opening and sprayed across his cock, drawing a long groan of hunger from his lips.

Anna nodded her head and let out another little cry of pleasure. "Yes. Tony! I want to feel you." Tony let out a grunt of lust and pressed forward quickly, tearing past the barrier of his sister's virginity and shuddering as her muscles clamped down on him in protest. Anna's sharp cry of pain filled the room and he leaned forward, kissing her chin and lips softly. His hands moved to the edge of her shirt and pushed it up under her chin, looking down at those beautiful little breasts of hers.

"So pretty." He groaned again and began kissing his way down her neck to her chest, kissing and licking along her flesh as he went. He pressed a soft kiss onto her right nipple and then bit it gently as he thrust his hips forward again, then pulled that nipple into his mouth as he worked his hips against hers, struggling to bury his cock completely within the tight confines of his sister's virgin pussy.

She let out another cry and he groaned again as her muscles clenched and trembled around him, massaging his cock like he'd never imagined before. "Oh Annie. You feel so good." "You kinda hurt." She answered, her voice a mix of husky pleasure and pain.

"Do you want me to stop?" He asked, pulling his hips back just a little and rocking forward slowly, drawing a soft whimpering moan from his twin's lips. Anna shook her head quickly. "No. I want more!" Tony smiled and kissed his way over to her left nipple, flicking it with his tongue and rocking his hips against her own again as he began to nibble and suckle at her nipple.

He drew his hips back slowly and thrust forward into her tight hot pussy once and then a second time, pulling more out with each movement and thrusting all the way back in again each time.

Her hands moved then to grip his shoulders as she began to gasp softly and rock against him as he moved inside of her. "Oh… Oh God!" She cried out.

"Oh God!" "More?" He asked, his voice growing a little husky with need. Anna nodded her head and cried out.

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"YES!" Tony leaned up and adjusted his hips, pulling her ass toward him a little more so that it was partially off of the couch and he pulled almost all the way out of her, watching his cock slide out of her as he did so. "Oh god&hellip. Annie… My Annie… my sister." He growled those last two words as he slammed his hips forward, making them both cry out loudly.

Soft little gasps filled the room as he began to move his hips quickly, thrusting in and out of her tight little hole again and again, each thrust faster and harder than the next. He just couldn't get enough of being inside of her.

Her pussy clamped down on his cock hard, making it difficult to move, but he kept thrusting into her as sweat began to drip down his forehead and shoulders. He wanted to tell her how pretty she was, how good she felt, but all that would escape him was those wild animalistic grunts and growls as a tickling, tingling sensation began at the base of his spine and rolled out throughout his body and he slammed into her again, shuddering as her hot juices began to spurt out of her each time he pulled back.

She writhed on the couch underneath him and he grunted again softly as his hips slapped against hers, filling the room with loud squishing, slapping noises until he thrust forward as hard as he could and his cock began to twitch and jerk inside of her, filling her womb with burst after hot burst of cum.

Slowly he bent forward, relaxing on top of her and sliding his hands up under her back to hold her close as he rested his cheek against her shoulder. He couldn't talk, he couldn't think. All he could do was just stay there, buried deep inside his sister and gasp for breath.

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This was going to be the most amazing week ever.