CFNM voyeur gives a sneaky suckjob

CFNM voyeur gives a sneaky suckjob
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Growing up in India is fun. There are many things I enjoyed as a young boy of 14 that others my age over other did not get a chance to experience. One thing was pressing the legs of my neighbor. She was a girl I would call Debbie.

She had a nice build. She was 23 at the time of my first real encounter with her. She had nice big breasts, now I can guess they must be D cups. Her legs were nicely built. They had enough flesh on the thighs to give a nice round shape. She was naturally hairless. Until this day the only fun I had was when she would ask me to press her legs, I would definitely get a glimpse of her panties. She would make sure that I got my reward for helping her relieve her tension.

I had once or twice accidentally rubbed my fingers over her panties. The day started as usual. I had returned home from school. Mom and sis had gone to work. I was just doing reading story book. We lived in the same apartment building. "What are you doing? Are you free?" she asked as she entered our apartment.

"What do you want?" I asked.

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"I want my legs pressed, if you are free." "Sure" I put the book down. I was glad to get this invitation. I was looking forward to see her panties, and may be rub my fingers over it. I just followed her. I just closed the door behind me. She stood by the door. This was unusual. She let me in and than closed the door behind her. She saw the questioning look in my eyes. "If somebody comes, I don't want them to disturb me without warning." I was glad of that. It meant that I can also play the field without worrying of anybody coming and finding me trying to peek under her skirt.

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She was wearing a brown skirt which reached below her knees. She was wearing a white blouse. I was sure she was wearing a simple bra.

I had seen that many a times on the clothes line drying after the wash along with her panties. The routine started as usual. She lay down on the bed. I went to the end of the bed towards her leg. I made myself comfortable and started to press the legs from foot to knee. As I reached the knee I would slowly push her skirt above the knee. I knew that in a few minutes she would bend her legs, the skirt will create view for me, her panties. I changed the legs.


To my dismay she pushed her skirt back down. "I need to relax. You can keep pressing my legs. I will take a small nap. Wake me up if you want to leave." She closed her eyes and brought one hand over her forehead. I decided to try my luck again. Again I pushed the skirt just near the knee of the left leg. And I went to press the right leg. She brought her hand down by the skirt.

I was disappointed. But instead of pushing the skirt down she pulled it up and scratched the left thigh. Than again she relaxed. He smooth thigh was exposed for me to view. I had seen her thighs before under skirt, but in full daylight. It was wonderful sight. My cock came to life, it started to twitch with excitement. Then she bent her left leg. This was what I was waiting for. The skirt slipped down to the end of the thigh and covered her groin.

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Ok so I could not see the panties, but full naked thigh was a good. Than again she scratched her thigh at the bottom. This time she moved the skirt away from the groin area. "Wow" I could not help but react. "What?" She opened her eyes. "You are not wearing any panties" I blurted before I realized the situation. She bent up, raised her skirt, took a peek, "I am in such a tension, I forgot to put it on." She started grinning. I was still staring at her bush. It contrasted nicely against the fair thighs.

My dick was hard in my shorts. She was not making any attempt to cover it. I did not want to miss this sight for anything. "Do you want to touch it?" she asked. I was brought to my senses.


I looked up. She had opened her blouse. Her breasts were staring at me. I was trembling with excitement. She pulled me over her. "I am so excited today.

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I need some relief. I know you are always trying to peek at me. Today is your chance." I started to fondle her breasts. I wanted to experience them before she changed her mind or anybody came. She stopped me. "No you stupid. Do it gently.

Squeeze them as if you are squeezing mangoes for their juice." I slowed down, gently squeezing both the breast in my hand. They were too big for my hands but I enjoyed the feeling. "Now suck my nipples as you suck on mangoes." I obeyed. I started sucking on left nipple, just like I sucked mangoes.

After few minutes I savored the right nipple. As I was sucking her nipples I felt her hand playing with my dick. I was in heaven. My dick was stroked and I was sucking and fondling breasts. Then I felt some hairy feeling on the dick. I realized what it was. It sent shivers up my spine. I stopped sucking on her nipples and just indulged the feeling of pussy on my dick. She was stroking my dick and rubbing it on her pussy.

"Don't stop. Keep sucking my nipples. Fondle my breasts." She said in kind of a tense voice. I kept sucking and fondling.

She kept rubbing my dick on her pussy. After some time she guided it inside her. I had never experienced such a nice wet and tight feeling around my dick.

Her pussy was very smooth. My dick just glided in the direction she pushed. She then released my dick and wrapped her hands on my butt.

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She pressed it very hard and pushed herself up to get as much of me inside her as possible. I instinctively started humping her. She would pull her groins down when I pull up, and thrust against me as I pushed in.

she would squeeze her pussy muscles and squeeze me inside her just before releasing so I could pull out for the next stroke. I kept fucking her. I forgot to suck on her nipples. I was panting with my head on her shoulders and my hands still fondling her breasts. She did not complain about it. She had her eyes closed and she was interested only in thrusting herself into me.

Then without warning I released my load into her. I was scared. But she seemed pleased. "Don't worry.

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I am on pills." She smiled. My dick was limp and came out of her pussy. She asked me to sleep next her and took my hand and showed me her clit. "I would like you to rub me here till I tell you to stop." I obliged and started rubbing her clit.

It was a wonderful feeling rubbing a pussy. I again got hard. She started to stroke me. "We will masturbate each other this time. What you are doing to me is called masturbation. Or hand job" But I did not care what it was called as along as I can do it and get it done.

After some time she tensed up, pressed her legs together, raised her butt in air and then calmed down. She has the most wonderful smile on her face.

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I could not hold it longer either. I released my load on her hands.

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We remained like that for sometime. Then she got dressed. This time she put on panties. Then I adjusted my clothes. "Not a word to this to anyone." She said. I know was going to tell this to my best friend. But I understood that this should not be mentioned to anyone of importance or consequence. So I agreed with her. Next month she got married and went to her in-laws out of state. I never heard from her again, but her memory is carved into me permanently.