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Xxxx story hot mumbai girl
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[b]45 REALLY FEELY When they arrive at Black's Beach, Jeff helps Roberto set up his new privacy fence. Jeff asks Maria to put sun tan lotion on him.

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Sweetly, "Only if you do me." "Of course, marvelous Maria!" Jeff lies on his stomach inside the fence. Maria starts with his neck and works down. Maria says, "Your butt looks even more shapely in this position. Is your crack clean?" Delighted by the question, "Yeah.

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I haven't had to wipe it since my shower this morning." "Then I can enjoy massaging there too." Jeff gets goose bumps all over as she does that.

"Now for these terrific thighs." "Maria, where were you my whole life?" Smiling, "Cuba." "That's not what I meant." "I know, Jeff. I wish I could have been born next door to you." "That would have been heaven. OK, now you get on your stomach.

My turn to give you heaven." When Jeff massages her butt, tears roll down Maria's cheeks, she feels so loved. "My crack is clean." "It's more than clean, it's cute, real cute. But I think it's forbidden for me to run my fingers through." "Please don't think that.

I feel your love flowing through your fingers." "OK, here we go, oh! This is so intense, even though I'm not allowing sexual thoughts." "Me too.

Looks like mama's rules helped us find a new way to love." Sonya smiles, thinking, "I need to learn this too. They seem to have found a buried treasure. I'm so proud of them." She restrains herself from telling them now, not wanting to interrupt them. "Now for your lovely legs. Oh, they're so soft too." When Jeff finishes, he lies down on his back. Maria gets into a kneeling position to kiss Jeff.

Both immediately get their tongues involved. Then Jeff quickly stops. "This kissing turns me on, so we need to stop." Sadly, "I understand." Maria starts rubbing lotion onto his rosy cheeks. When she gets to his stomach she says, "You look so vulnerable lying here. You trust me so much!" "Because you're trustworthy.

I just wish I could show you some hair down there." "I don't need to see any hair. I never touched a … Big Jeff is my first. Having time to think makes this difficult&hellip.

I'm scared to touch your handsome sack. I don't want to hurt you. "As gentle as you touch me, you need not worry. I can't wait!" As she moves down, "Oh Jeff, I feel so special." "I can't say how wonderful your tender touch feels." When Maria finishes down to his toes, Jeff jumps up, eagerly ready to finish Maria.

She says, "I'll do my front myself." Jeff's head drops. "Only kidding, Jeff. I'm eager too." "Maria, you really had me there!" When Jeff gets down to her breasts he says, "I don't feel worthy of this opportunity." "I don't know anyone else I would want to have this honor.

Please continue Jeff, with all your love." Applying lotion lovingly over her tender breasts, "This is better than I imagined! I'll have to go over them again. I can't let you get sunburn on your sweet breasts. I want to name them Flopsy and Mopsy. How's that sound?" "I like that. I can't wait 'til you get to Cottontail!" Jeff laughs with joy, "Yeah, Cottontail!" When Jeff pets Cottontail, Maria says, "Your fingers feel fabulous!" "I have to admit, my brain just went dead.

My nervousness stopped me from appreciating the moment. Sorry." "Next time will be better, my angel." "Doing your lovely legs fills my heart with song." When Jeff finishes, he lies on his side beside Maria, massaging her stomach once again.

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"Jeff, Jesus loves you, and so do I." "I don't get that, Maria." Nice people at church say that. I hope you go to church with us again tomorrow. "My 'parents' had bad experiences in church. I think they liked your church but I don't know if they want to make a habit of it. That preacher needs to get over himself. I like the people and the worship though. I like being with you and God at the same time.


Maybe you can pick me up, if they don't go." "Sounds like a plan, Jeff. Now let me massage your stomach." "Hey, nobody got on our case. That's way cool." "We kept the rules and stuff." "Maria, we must be doing it right." Sonya speaks up now, "As a matter of fact, I'm totally impressed with the two of you." "Thank you Sonya, so much." Jeff jumps up, giving her a hug. "Hey, Do you ever listen to the waves breaking on the shore?" "I guess so." "That can be very romantic." "How about it, Maria?" 46 DIVE 'N DRIVE If the Cardinals beat the Cubs in their final game of the season, they finish in second place.

Even though the Cubs have first place locked up; a loss now would leave a blemish on a dream-come-true year. Sean tells Karim, "You may coach tonight—the entire game." "Thanks, Sean, I feel honored." After chatting with each player, Sean sits in the bleachers with Rachel, who finally is able to see another game. "Sean, I heard about you doing this. Now I get to see it." "I think Karim will do a better job than I could tonight.

All I want right now is to be with you." Karim asks Jose, "Can you be ready to pitch after Michael?" "Really! Sure! Thanks, Karim." The Cardinals have runners at second and third with two outs. A hard ground ball heads for the hole.

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Jeff dives, snags the ball, gets to his knees, and tosses the ball to first. It's close, as the umpire signals "out" to end the threat. Now Jeff steps to the plate against the lefty that falls toward the third base line on each pitch.

As expected the third baseman plays for a bunt, but not the first baseman. The second baseman does instead! Jeff thinks, "That wipes out my plan. I better swing away, maybe bloop it over the second baseman." He ends up hitting a line drive just out of reach of the second baseman, into the gap. Jeff makes second base, standing up.

He looks proudly at his mother, tipping his cap. On a grounder to third he races to third on the throw to first. On a ground ball to short he darts home unchallenged, for the first run of the game. Each starting pitcher completes three innings with no more scoring.

Sean tells Rachel, "That's trouble. Juan, their ace, now can pitch the last three innings.


Oh, look at that! Karim just put Jose in to pitch instead of himself. Isn't he amazing!" In three innings Jose gives up only one run. Jeff leads off the bottom of the final inning, score tied, with the infield expecting a bunt.

As the fastball comes in, he hits a soft line drive that Juan grabs for the out.

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Unexpectedly Jose drops down a bunt that is thrown away. Jose stops at second. Michael hits a slow roller to third. Jose immediately knows he can advance. He decides he's not stopping at third. He'll get into a run down if needed. Racing home, he glances at the first baseman—after the out he tosses the ball back to the pitcher!

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So Jose keeps running. Jose dives in before the catcher can apply a tag. Game over! As Sean hugs Jose, "Diving is dangerous. I don't seem to be able to break you from that habit.

But you got the job done cunningly! Congratulations, buddy!" Jose stretches to kiss Sean. Lightheartedly, "If you don't kill yourself, you're gonna kill me!"

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