Latina teen shemale first time fucked her girlfriend

Latina teen shemale first time fucked her girlfriend
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it was a hot sunny day here in ny me and the kids and the wife were all in the pool haveing a nice family day went the inlaws show up.

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i dont mind they comeing over but every time im around my wifes moms i get a hard on she is so sexy about 5'4 and 135 pounds with big breast and nice round ass .they come and the kids get happy to see them my wife gets out of the pool to say hi i stay in cause i didnt want to get to excited around her so i just hi and stay in the pool so as time past my wife comes and tells me that her and her dad and the kids were goin to kmart to grab a few things i said now my head is running nuts with the thought of me been alone with my they leave and me and her make small talk so as we start talking she said that she could use a tip in the pool cause it was 100 degrees outside and she was hot in my head im saying shittttt cause i dont know what would happen if she does.

so here she come with a one pc one wow here breast look sooo good and i could see the outline of her pussy lips my 7 3/4 dick and 2 inchest thick was so hard wen i saw her she came in i try to stay as much as i could but then she said we should see who could swim the longest underneath the water i said ok so we did this for about 2 min and then as i come up the last time i didnt notice that she was infront of me so wen i came out the first thing that hit my face was her tits i thought i was goin to blow my load right there she blush wen she felt my hard on and said to me that she should get out of the pool so i could calm down.i said no that i was fine but she wanted to get out so i came up from behind her i told her nooo that she will stayi with me or else.

i saw the look on her face of helples but i didnt care so i grab her tits and ass and told her that i wanted her since the first day i saw her and again she said stop or i will tell i toll her go head i didnt care at the moment so i turn her around and force her to kisss and but she didnt so i pull her by the hair out the pool into the deck were i lay her down and rip her bathing suit and now she was all naked i was so shock to see that she had a bush around her pussy but i loved it she try and get away from me but all i did was pull her hair harder and force her to open her mouth and put my dick in it.

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she stared to gag on my dick so i pull out and work my way down her chest man did i love he tits i was sucking on them for a good 15 min and the i wen down to her pussy wow she has the fatest pussy lips i ever seen evan with all the hair on it it was nice and puffy and big i eat her pussy like it was the last thing on earth and afther me eating she stared to get wet but i saw that she had tears in her eyes but i didnt care i couldnt stop my self any more so i got up on the deck line my dick with her pussy and ramp my dick all the way in wow was she tight by the best pussy i have ever been in she had her eyes close the hole time i had to slow down because i was about to cum to soon and i didnt want it to end so quick so i told her to get on all fours i was about to put it back in her pussy but i saw her nice asshole and i got even harder so i put one finger in my mouth and then i put it in her asshole she just look back at me and said no please in all my 55 years i never had anything up there wow she shouldnt never told me that so i put another finger in her ass she was screaming so loud in pain but i didnt care that ass had to b mine so i spit on my dick for some lube and put the tip of my dick on her asshole and i stared slowly in then the head was in and i just stood there for about a min or so and the i put about 3" more in it and i thought she was goin to past out but i spank her ass to make sure she was awake and then i wen in balls deep in her wow it was so good i only was in her ass for about 4 min into i came in her ass it was so much cum by far the bigest orgasm i have ever had and it was with my motherinlaw and not my wife.

so as i pull out of her ass some of my cum came out she was just laying there crying and i had a big smile on my face i told her to get up and get dress before her husband and daughter and the kids see her this way.she got wen in the house and got dress but she stay inside and 15 later every one came back to the house i was on the deck with a beer in hand and a cig in my mouth afther rapeing my mother inlaw and my wife look at me and ask me why did i look so relax i just said nothing babe just enjoying this wondeful summer day

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