Using her skillful mouth honey is breaking down guys defence

Using her skillful mouth  honey is breaking down guys defence
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So there i was with the door opened to my little booth me sitting in a metal folding chair naked with cum and spit running down my little tight body.


My boyfriend behind me as he watches the six guys in the hallway holding the door open. My little pussy and tight asshole just fucked and leaking cum slowly out onto the chair.

my nipples hard and sticking up off my perky little breasts as i taste the cum running down my face slowly. my hands go to my pussy and slowly start to rub the cum across my clit as i watch the older men jerking their cocks to my naked body. One man walks up to me and runs his hand down my messy body rubbing my little tits and pulling on my hard nipples. The man was a lot older than my boyfriend maybe around 45 or 50 yrs old. He was stroking his cock that was big but not crazy big maybe around 7 inches and a very thick shaft almost like my boyfriends cock.

I reached up and started to rub his balls as he jerked his cock off over me. His free hand running over my breasts and teasing my nipples as he started to jerk his cock harder and faster. I sit up and lick the tip of his cock as i pull away slightly pre cum strings from my tongue to his cock. My tongue swirls around his thick head swirling the pre cum around his cock as i do my fingers still rubbing his balsas he pumps it into my mouth.

My eyes looking up into his as i suck him letting him push into my mouth deep his shaft slides over my tongue and his tip presses into my throat making me gag.

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More spit travels from my lips down my chin and over my body as he pumps it into my mouth holding my head by my hair. Another man enters the room and kneels between my spread legs and begins to lick along my little pussy lips collecting the cum leaking out of it into his mouth. He spits it onto my tits and then puts his mouth back to my pussy and begins to tongue around my clit fast.

Flickering his tongue over it fast back and forth then in little circles then pushing his tongue into my pussy. Even though i had just fucked the largest cock in my life i was still tight around the new strangers tongue squeezing it hard. His hands where on my lips as i pushed my hips into his mouth feeling my body begin to tingle and making me moan on the fat cock pushing in and out of my mouth and throat.

I could feel my ass clench my body begin to shiver as my legs went around the strangers shoulders as i began to cum on his mouth. As i cum hard on his mouth he never stops with his tongue whipping circles around and around my little hard button.

My mouth still locked around the fat cock as the guy shoves it in deep my hair in his fists as he shoves every inch into my throat and begins to cum deep in my throat. He makes me gag and choke as cum flows up my throat some dripping back out over his balls and my chin yet more dripping out my nose.

It was such a big load i could smell it in my nostrils and taste him in the back of my throat as my eyes ran with tears from choking. His grip went loose and he released me off of his dick in a slow even pull sliding his dick out slowly as it pulsed and dripped the last bits of his cum out across my tongue.

When i felt a cock being pressed into my pussy from the guy the just licked me to a juicy wet cum of my own.

My pussy was wet with my own juices and his spit. He wasn't terribly large but a good 6" of hard cock. He pumped into me hard and fast fucking me like a little toy. The chair was beginning to scoot across the floor as he pounded into me making my little pussy take his older cock. My boyfriend reached over me as he was still behind me watching me be a little whore and pulled my nipples roughly twisting them.

The guy fucking me gripped me harder and pushed his dick into my pussy deep and shot another hot load filling my pussy once again with a strangers hot load.


The man still throbbing in my pussy smiled at me and i smiled back. As i looked at him i thought to myself how i would never in a million years ever talk to this guy outside of this place let alone let him fuck me and cum in me.

I was shaking all over from the excitement and the pleasure ripping through my body as another guy came into the booth with his small little cock in his hand.


He walked right over to me and stood right above my face grabbing my hair in his hand and pulling me to his dick. He looked down at me licked his lips and shot a load of his hot cum across my face spurt after spurt covering my face. He fired a gallon of cum onto me he must have been so turned on by all the action that his balls emptied completely onto my face. I was actually dripping the hot cum off of my face onto my chest as i was released by the stranger and the guy in my pussy pulled out of me they both exited the booth.

The last three guys took me by my hands and pulled me from the booth. One guy who was old ugly and really fat pushed me face first into the door of the opposite booth pulled my hips back to him and shoved his thick fat cock into my asshole.

He fucked me really hard not caring if it hurt or felt good to me as he spanked my ass and called me his little whore. My hair was becoming matted in the cum on my face as he banged my body roughly making me moan out from his thrusting hips.

After a few pumps he pulled out of my asshole and stepped to the side another guy took his place.

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Since i was facing the door in front of me and my eyes where burning from the cum running into them i could not see the guy pushing his cock into my asshole.

He grabbed me around my waist and forced me to the floor as he kept pumping into my little well fucked ass. The fat ugly guy came around to my face and shoved his prick into my mouth i tasted my boyfriends cum on it along with the taste of my ass and it sent me into a fury of sucking hard and fast.

He matched every head movement with a thrusting of his hips sending his cock into my mouth as deep as he could go. My ass was getting pounded hard as the guy behind me fucked me with reckless abandonment. His hands where spanking my ass hard turning it red as he slapped me over and over again spanking my ass and fucking me hard with long thrusts of his cock.

As i was being fucked hard by the two strangers i felt a load of cum being shot onto my back and not just a little bit but ropes of it. I felt it covering my back as it shot across my spine and shoulder blades. It was the other guy that was standing in the hallway with the other two that are still fucking my holes while laughing as the guy must have jerked off over me.

My knees started to get sore from being fucked as roughly as i was. My body becoming week as i had another orgasm my body trying to fall away from the fucking of the two dicks but held in place as the men held me by my hips and hair fucking into my little holes.

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my mouth hung open as my eyes rolled to the back of my head as i let that man shove his dick in and out of my mouth. My spit running out of my mouth dribbling onto the floor. Spit ran from my nose as i was constantly being choked by the tip pushing in and out of my throat.

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My asshole begging to flex and loosen alternating between the two as the other guys cock slammed into me.

The cheeks of my ass so darkly red where numb and could only feel the bluntness of his hand as he spank me. The stinging no longer being felt as they two cocks strained inside of my mouth and ass. The cum from the fat ugly man swelled inside of his cock and pulsed out onto my mouth in shots.

One shottwo shots collecting int the back of my mouth he pullers his dick out and finished a third and fourth shot on my face adding to the last load shot there. My shaking face with eyes open in a look of lost passion as i was lost in the moment of being such a dirty whore for all the men.

He slapped his cock across my face a few times and held my head up to look into his eyes as i was still being pounded hard in the ass from the other man. My eyes looking into his dark brown eyes staring back smiling at me. watching me tremble and yet another orgasm my hands grabbing at him as i try to hold myself up using him as support. When i felt the last guy pulling my hair back towards him making me arch my back raise my head and push my ass up and against his thumping hips.

All i could concentrate on was being pounded on the cock just felt so good as he slowed down his thrust but kept them hard. Pounding into me with each jab of his hips. Making me grunt with each thrust as it rattled my body, my breasts shaking as every pump made me spasm and cry out loud feeling his cock throb inside of my ass.

The pulse of his cock sent my ass into a tight squeeze trying to lock him in deep. His cock pulled out after his first shot but shoved it back in just in time for the second shot filling my ass up with his cum.

He pulled his cock out and started to jerk out another hot load onto my back stretching from my red ass cheeks to the back of my neck. Leaning into me two smaller shots of cum land half way between my shoulders and hips and onto my lower back. With his massive orgasm over he lets go of me and i fall to the floor face first my energy spent and my body worn.

I was in a state of such sexual bliss i didn't care anymore that i was lying on a dirty floor surrounded by a bunch of old men some that where my grandfathers age even in the middle of the industrial section of my small town.

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Wit a boyfriend who had taken me there as a birthday present for my 18th birthday. I was covered in cum from to toe, my hair a mess matted with my own spit and the cum running down my face. I fucking loved it every second of it. My boyfriend picked me up after a minute had passed pout the dress he had gotten me earlier in the night and helped me wobble out of the hallway back to the entrance of the store.