Blue Eyed Sexy teen Masturbates

Blue Eyed Sexy teen Masturbates
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This is the sequel to Suzanne 1 & 2. The next morning I dreamt that my cock was in someone's mouth.

Eventually I woke up enough to realise that my cock really was in a mouth, Suzanne's mouth. By then she had been bobbing up and down for some minutes and I realised that I was about to cum. When we had been together in Melbourne she had always swallowed my cum when she sucked me off, so I did not warn her that I was cuming. She swallowed the lot, then sat up and smiled at me.

"Good morning sleepy head. You took ages to wake up. Did you enjoy that?" "Oh! Yes! I was having this wonderful dream and then it turned out to be true. Where's Maria?" "She got up ages ago and she is now in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

Come on. Let's have a shower together and get dressed for uni." After a very enjoyable shower, I put on a smart pair of jeans and a white business shirt. I left my shoes off until we were ready to leave. Suzanne put on black tights down to her ankles and a white T-shirt which revealed the shape of her nipples.

"I'm sorry that I'm not dressed sexily for you. This is what I normally wear to uni. I don't want to attract too much attention by dressing up." "Suzanne! You are simply stunning dressed like that. The tights show off your beautiful bum and your shapely legs, without hiding anything. Not to mention the delightful camel toe. The T-shirt with your nipples pushing against it is a delight, and the 6" of bare midriff between tights and shirt is a great temptation to caress you there.

I'm amazed that you don't get raped by some of those randy uni students." She came to me and hugged and kissed me. Of course my hands slipped around her, in the gap where her skin was bare, and held her to me.

We did not have time for more than a quick cuddle before Maria called us: "Breakfast's ready." In the kitchen Maria was still naked. "I quite like being naked around you two. I'm sorry to see that you are dressed already.

Did I miss anything after I got up?" "Yes. I had this dream that someone was sucking my cock. When I woke up, the dream was real and the someone was Suzanne. I came in her mouth and she swallowed the lot." "I wish that I could have stayed to watch that." "Don't worry, mum.

It wont be the last blow job that I'll give him this week. Maybe you'd like to blow him too?" "Hmm.


I'm not sure about that. What does it taste like?" "I like it, but it is impossible to describe. You should try it at least once." "Maybe." After breakfast Suzanne drove us to Adelaide uni in her car.

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She parked in an area reserved for students which was quite a walk from the building that we were headed for. I was not surprised that Suzanne got many wolf whistles as we walked together across the campus. Suzanne showed me where her desk was, in a room with three other students, then led me to Prof.

Jerry Smith's office. When we got there Jerry was standing outside his office talking to a secretary. He greeted Suzanne and me, then took us both into his office for a short chat before he and I would get down to work. "Well, Bill, how come that you're staying with Suzanne?" "Actually, we're both staying with Suzanne's mother for the week.

Suzanne and I met at the conference in Melbourne and got on very well, so she invited me to stay with her any time that I came to Adelaide.

But, when her mother heard that I was coming, she wanted to meet me too, so we are both at Maria's place for the next few nights." "Well, I want to invite you home for dinner tonight.

Would Suzanne and Maria come too?" Suzanne replied, "I'd love to.

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I'll ring mum and let you know before lunch time." "Great. I'll let Sally (his wife) know to expect Bill and you and possibly your mum, Why don't you come to lunch with Bill and me? You can tell me then if Maria's coming too." "Thank you. That would be great. I'll leave you two to whatever you're working on.

I'll be back here at 12:30. OK?" "OK." The rest of the morning passed quickly as Jerry and I planned a joint project that we had been talking about for months. For lunch, Jerry took us both to the staff club. Suzanne told Jerry that Maria would be coming to dinner that night and got Jerry's address and phone numbers from him.

Over lunch, Jerry kept asking about whether we were fucking or not. In the end Suzanne promised to tell all when we were at his place that night. Then we all went back to our desks.

I spent the afternoon working at the desk and computer that Jerry had made available to me. Soon after 5pm Suzanne collected me and we went back to Maria's.

I phoned my wife while the girls were changing. She didn't ask me where I was staying and I didn't volunteer anything. She knows that she can always contact me through my mobile. The girls appeared from Maria's bedroom, both dressed to kill.

Both wore very short wrap-around skirts, with splits up one thigh where the two ends joined. Their tops were little halter tops, very much like bikini tops, that left their arms shoulders and backs bare, except for straps around their necks and across the middles of their backs.

They both had high heels on, Suzanne's were the ones that we had bought together in Melbourne. They both came to me and gave me a quick kiss. My hands enjoyed the feel of all that bare skin as they kissed me. Then they lifted their skirts to show me their bare pussies. Jerry and Sally welcomed us and commented on how sexy the two girls looked.

I had been a bit worried that they would think that their clothes were outrageous, but apparently not. Suzanne and Maria kissed Jerry and Sally kissed me with more enthousiasm than I expected. Once the pre-dinner drinks were served Sally plunged right in (where angels fear to tread!): "Jerry tells me that he suspects that you three have been indulging in unconventional sex.

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Please tell us about it. I really love to hear about other people fucking each other, real people." So I started by explaining that, although I still loved my wife of more than 30 years, she had lost all interest in sex, but I had not. Suzanne took over and told how we had got together in Melbourne, she needed a place to sleep and I had a hotel room but lacked a lover.

She tried not to go into too much detail about what we had done together, but Maria kept butting in and reminding her about details that she had left out. We moved to the dinner table and Sally served the meal. Suzanne continued telling us all about her and me in Melbourne (See Suzanne 1 for details).

I was thoroughly enjoying reliving our time together, and looking around the dinner table, I realised that I was not the only one enjoying her story, Maria, Sally and Jerry were all hanging on her every word.

Eventually Suzanne finished to Maria's satisfaction, then Maria started to tell about the previous night's activities, with now Suzanne reminding her of omitted details (See Suzanne 2 for details). By now we had finished our first course and Sally and Maria carried the dirty plates to the kitchen and came back soon with desert. During the whole meal Jerry had kept the wine flowing, and now he brought out fresh glasses and a sweeter wine to drink with desert.

When Maria, prompted by Suzanne had finally finished her story, Sally seemed quite sad: "Oh! I loved hearing all that. I'd love to be able to do something like that. Jerry and I have great sex together, but sometimes I yearn for something more outrageous. What about you Jerry?" "I've never told you because I thought that it would shock you, but I've often thought that it would be fun to try swinging." Sally and Maria went to the kitchen again.

Almost as soon as they were gone we heard Sally scream. Jerry went running to see what was wrong, but then came back grinning. "Maria was showing Sally her freshly shaved pussy. Sally's scream was of excitement, not horror or fear. It seems that you, Suzanne, are very gentle and careful at shaving pussies. I suspect that Sally is going to want you to shave hers." Just then Sally came back into the room: "That's right.

Would you shave my pubic hair for me, Suzanne?" "Sure. Let's strip off and get into the bath.


I'll need scissors, a razer with a fresh blade and shaving cream." Suzanne kicked off her shoes and headed for the bath room, pulling her top off as she went. Sally followed her a little more diffidently. Jerry got up and followed them to the bathroom: "I've got to see this." Maria and I followed Jerry, not wanting to miss out.

Jerry stood just inside the bathroom door, Maria and I stood just outside with Maria's back pressed against my chest.

My arms were around Maria's body and I lifted her top over her breasts and started to play with her nipples. After all, everyone else was concentrating on Sally and Suzanne.

With Suzanne urging her on Sally, somewhat reluctantly, stripped out of her clothes, and climbed into the bath with Suzanne. Suzanne used the scissors first to cut Sally's hair as close to the skin as she could. Then she used the shower rose, which was on a flexible hose, to wet the area to be shaved. Next, she covered the area with shaving cream, before starting to carefully and gently shave Sally.

When she had shaved Sally's mound, she used the shower again to rinse the bare skin. Then she checked Sally's labia and spotted a few hairs on her lips and between the lips and her thighs.

More shaving cream, then one at a time she pulled Sally's lips back and forth as she shaved them very gently. By now, with Suzanne tugging on her labia, Sally was making little moaning sounds. Finally when Suzanne had finished shaving, she squeezed Sally's clit and stuck two fingers of the other hand inside Sally's cunt.

Sally came with a gush of fluid from her cunt which mixed with the shaving cream and hairs still in the bath. Suzanne used the shower to wash everything down the drain, and the two women stood up and got out of the bath. Sally dried herself with a towel, but made no effort to cover her nakedness. Instead she walked up to her husband: "Jerry, feel how smooth I am down there. Do you like it?" They were standing so close together, with her arms around his neck, that I could not tell what he was doing to her, but it was quite obvious, from the little moans coming from her, that she was enjoying what ever it was.

Then Suzanne came to Maria and me and just tugged on the velcro holding Maria's clothes together and let her skirt and top drop to the floor. Then she turned to me: "Your turn next, Bill. How about letting me shave you too?" I was taken aback. Did I want to be naked in front of these people?

Then I realised that all the women were naked and so I decided, 'Fuck it! Why not?' So I slipped all my clothes off and let Suzanne lead me to the bath. I was hairy to about 3" above my navel, so she shaved all the way down my belly to my cock.

Then she shaved either side of my cock by holding it out of the way. I was worried when she applied more cream to my scrotum, because the skin there is so rough, but she solved that by squeezing my scrotum and balls to stretch the skin and make it smooth.

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Of course, all this attention to my cock and scrotum had me somewhat aroused; my cock was more than half erect. And, of course the others, Maria and Sally naked, and Jerry still fully dressed, moved towards the bath to watch as closely as possible. Embarrassing! Then Suzanne pumped my cock a few times and I was fully erect.

"Bill. I think that you should plunge that beautiful cock inside Sally's cunt." "Oh! And what will Jerry have to say about that?" "Well! I'm going to shave him first, then he'll be too busy fucking mum and me to object to your fucking Sally." "Well! That works for me, as long as it works for everyone else." Then Sally turned to Jerry: "It's your turn in the bath honey.

Get your clothes off." So, apparently Suzanne's plan worked for Sally, and when Jerry stripped off too and climbed into the bath with Suzanne, it became apparent that it worked for him too. Sally moved over to me and pressed her naked body against mine.

She is a beautiful red-head with big breasts that droop slightly.


She is a few inches shorter than me so I lifted her chin to get her to tilt her head back so that we could kiss. We kissed for some minutes, then Sally started to pull me out of the bathroom, presumably to find a good place to fuck. "Wait! Sally! Don't you want to watch your husband being shaved by this beautiful young woman?" So we stood together facing the action in the bath. I held Sally against me, holding her from behind by her hips.

My erect cock was pressed into her bum crack, reminding her of what was next on the agenda. When Sally held Jerry's cock as she shaved around it his half erect cock stood to full attention. He reached out to touch her nipples. "Jerry! I don't want to cut you. You can do what you like to me when I have finished shaving you, but please let me finish first." Soon Suzanne was satisfied with her shaving job. She washed the debris out of the bath and turned her attention to Jerry's cock, stroking it gently until it was fully erect, then right there in the bath, she pushed him back so that he was lying down then squatted over his cock and lowered herself onto him.

The sight of my young lover fucking her husband was too much for Sally. She turned to face me and pushed me back until I was forced to sit on the toilet seat, then she straddled me and lowered herself toward my cock. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt and she plunged down my pole till our baby-smooth groins met. She was so wet that she just slid down my cock with no discomfort. Suzanne looked at the rest of us and saw that Maria was standing alone, playing with a nipple with one hand while her other hand was stroking her slit from her cunt hole to her clit.

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"Mum! Come here!

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Get in the bath and squat over Jerry's face. Get him to tongue fuck you." Trance-like, Maria moved to the bath, climbed in, straddled Jerry, facing her daughter and squatted down, placing her cunt on his mouth.

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At that point I lost track of what was happening in the bath as Sally's lifting up and down my pole had it's inevitable effect as I pumped what felt like a huge load of cum into her womb.

Oh! That felt so good! When I looked again, Maria and her daughter were both moaning from the pleasure that Jerry was giving them. Then Jerry lifted his hips high off the bath and held himself deep inside Suzanne as he pumped his load into my lover's cunt. We all came down from our orgasms and held each other tight in post-orgasmic euphoria. Eventually, Suzanne broke the spell: "Wow! That was great. I guess that we should be going home, since tomorrow is a work day." Sally objected: "Won't you stay for one last drink.

I really want to thank you for this." Maria countered: "No, I think that we should go, now. But I would like to invite you back for dinner on Thursday night, Bill's last evening before he goes home." Sally liked that idea: "Oh! Yes please! We'd love to come, wouldn't we Jerry?" "Yes. Of course." So we got dressed, kissed our hosts goodbye and Suzanne drove us home to Maria's place.

To be continued.

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