Beauty with hot body gives a blow girlfriend and hardcore

Beauty with hot body gives a blow girlfriend and hardcore
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Early that morning, Kurt woke up to his alarm. He took a long hot shower, then enjoyed a croissant and some fruit for breakfast before heading down the basement stairs. From atop the stairs, he could already hear the vibrator humming. And as he reached the bottom his grin widened from ear to ear.

Elizabeth was still lying in the same position he'd left her in. Her hair was a mess from the squirming he was sure she'd done all night. Her skin was stained by the dirt from the floor. There were bags under her blue eyes, a telltale sign that she'd gotten little to no sleep with the toy placed on her clit all night. She looked up at him tiredly, eyes pleading for him to release her, but not a word spoken.

It was clear she had learned her lesson over the long eight hour night. Kurt came to her side, kneeling beside her and cupping her face with his hand, "How many times did you climax last night, slave?" She breathed rigidly, trying to move her legs against the tape that held them together, but ultimately failing. Elizabeth's voice finally came in response to him, though, a bit raspy and dry, "I… I don't know, Master…" "You lost count?" his voice was amused.

Bowing her head away from him in shame, the blonde girl gave him his answer. He was satisfied with that. Reaching forward, he flicked the off switch on the vibrator and the distinct humming ended. The look of relief on her face was priceless and he couldn't help but to be entertained by her. "Your punishment is over," Kurt said, pulling a small knife from his pocket. She eyed the blade, terrified that he may hurt her with it, but biting her tongue. "Stay still," the man warned her as he continued with it, dangerously close to her skin as he cut through the duct tape holding her thighs together, then the tape binding her wrists.

He pulled the tape from her skin quickly, obviously a yank-the-Band-Aid sort of guy. Elizabeth whimpered in pain as the adhesive was torn, but was suddenly relieved to be able to move her limbs freely. She looked up at the figure of him standing over her, "Th-Thank you, Master…" He smirked at her, then pulled a key from his pocket and slid the knife back within his jeans. Kurt unlocked the iron collar from around the blonde's neck and instructed her to stand up. She complied.

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But as she stood, her legs felt sore and weak and she wobbled a bit, nearly losing her balance. He caught her, realizing she wouldn't be able to function through the day without a bit of rest and recuperation.


Kurt allowed Elizabeth to lean on him, leading her quietly up the stairway and then another until they reached her bedroom. He helped her onto the bed, smiling down at her. She couldn't help but feel indebted to him for his help, foolishly forgetting for a moment that he was the reason she was in this predicament in the first place.

"Get some rest," he ordered, though his voice held no malice, "I will wake you up in a few hours." But he didn't have to ask her twice. Elizabeth laid down at the end of the plush mattress and was knocked out before Kurt even closed the door behind him. ********************** A knock came on the door five hours later, and Elizabeth groggily looked up from where she laid. It took her a moment to remember where she was and just who was behind her door knocking.

Once she realized, though, she practically jumped up from the bed and rushed over to the door.

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Elizabeth cracked the door open, looking at Kurt who stood outside, "Y-Yes, Sir.?" He looked over what little of her naked body he could see through the crack in the door. Then he nodded to her, "Take a shower. Dry thoroughly.

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Meet me in the room within the next twenty minutes." Elizabeth gulped, knowing exactly which room he was referring to. The room where the fun happens. Apparently, even after a night of torture, she still needed to endure whatever her master had in store for her. Breathing slowly to calm herself, Elizabeth bobbed her head, "Yes, Master…" Kurt left her then and she found her way into the bathroom, hopping into the large shower.

Her body was sore from sleeping on the hard ground and the hot water rushing over her skin helped to alleviate it. The dirt and dust which had clung to her skin rinsed down the drain. She used the body wash she found in the shower, lathering her body gently and carefully. She stepped out ten minutes later, using one of the soft towels on the rack to dry herself thoroughly as instructed by Kurt.

Then, she left her bedroom and made her way to the black door, rapping softly at it. "Come in," Kurt instructed from inside the room. Stepping in through the open door, Elizabeth looked about. Her eyes caught on Kurt and she couldn't help but to be astounded once again by his handsomeness. He was nude already, muscles bulging. His shaft was soft, but he was well-hung.

He held a bundle of rope in one of his hands and smirked at her, "Come here, Elizabeth." Quietly, the girl made her way over to him. She tried to keep her eyes down, but couldn't help staring at him. Kurt took Elizabeth by one of her hands and he kissed the back of it. Then he led her just a few steps toward the leather stool and leaned her over it gently.

She gave in to every movement he expected of her, lying over the stool with one leg and one arm on either side. "Good girl," Kurt commented with a satisfied tone to his voice.

He kneeled down then, using the rope to secure her ankles and wrists to the posts that held the stool up. Once she was bound and completely restrained, he stood back up. "This time, I give you pleasure, my whore…" he whispered as stepped around her. She laid her face to its side on the leather pedestal, awaiting the pleasure he promised to bring her. And soon she felt his large hands grasping at her ass cheeks. She felt his manhood against her entrance, now standing at full attention.

She let out a small gasp, preparing herself for him to enter. "Tell me what you want," Kurt demanded. Elizabeth swallowed nervously, trying to look behind her, but unable to because of how she was bound.

Finally, her answer came in a small whisper, "Please fuck me, Master…" Her senses screamed at her not to fall for this bullshit. How could she simply give in to the man who had drugged and kidnapped her? How could she tell him that she wanted this? A soft chuckle fell lucidly from his mouth and, at her request, he slowly entered her slit.

"Already wet for me, eh?" he asked as he slowly buried himself to the base inside of her. Her mouth fell open slightly as his girth stretched her pussy open. He was deliberately teasing her - that much she was sure of.

And finally, after what seemed like an eternity, he was eight inches deep inside of her. She felt her juices flowing for him, her body's natural lubrication to make this situation all that much more pleasurable for the both of them. Kurt didn't waste much time. He began pumping in and out of her hole, immersing himself completely before pulling his entire length from her.

Then repeating all over again. Elizabeth found herself craving more of him with every second that passed. She released small moans and groans with each slow thrust.

"You're stretching for me, slave," Kurt informed her with lust in his voice, "Such a good little slut, aren't you?" "Mm, yes…" Elizabeth made the small reply quickly. And he grinned down at her, shaking his head, "That won't do." Before she could change her answer to him, Kurt began plunging his meat deep inside of her faster and harder. He fucked her so hard that the wood in the stool she was bound to creaked and threatened to snap. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her mouth once again fell open in marvel at how good it all felt.

"Now, are you my good little whore?" he asked again, tone harsher. "Yes…" she whimpered out, and then, "Yes! YES!!!" "Yes, what?" Kurt demanded, continuing at the same pace, burying himself inside her wet, tight slit and then pulling almost all the way out before pounding back into her.

Her ass cheeks jiggled against his every thrust, making a loud pat-pat-patting sound. He reached forward, taking a handful of her damp blonde hair and pulling it hard, "I want to hear you fucking SAY IT." She moaned low, feeling herself nearing orgasm already.

And having been tormented by back-to-back orgasms the previous night, she'd expected to dread the feeling. But she welcomed it at this moment, wanting nothing more than to climax with his manhood deep within her. "I'm a good… little… fucking… SLUT!!" Elizabeth's words came between panting breaths.

And as the last word came out, her body convulsed in the best orgasm she'd ever had. Kurt continued pumping into her for the next few minutes, riding her through her incredible climax before pulling out. "I must say," he started, running a hand along her now quivering ass, "I'm impressed at how far you've come in such a short time." He raised his hand then, lowering it with a loud clap to her left ass cheek.

Elizabeth whimpered as he hit her, and her ass stung in the place his hand had made contact. She frowned at him as he made his way around to stand just before her face. His hand was gentle against her face, grazing over her soft features. His thumb stopped at her lips though and he forced it into her mouth. "Have you ever sucked a cock, slave?" The blonde looked up at Kurt with wide doe-like eyes.

She couldn't speak with his thumb between her lips, so she settled for the simple shaking of her head. At that, Kurt smiled, "Well, it's time to get some practice then, eh?" He removed his thumb from her mouth and raised his hips so that the head of his cock was just before her lips.

She squirmed against her restraints in order to lean forward.

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While Elizabeth had never given oral before, she knew the basics. The head of Kurt's shaft was pressing against her lips and finally, Elizabeth was in the right position. She kissed the tip, then stuck her tongue out to lick it. He tasted surprisingly sweet to her, and she wanted more. Her captor was beginning to feel more and more like a drug to her. Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock then for a few moments. Kurt was patient with the girl, waiting to see what she had in store for him.

He moaned as she worked the tip of his cock, then breathed through his teeth as she wrapped her lips around him and bobbed her head slowly back and forth. Being tied up, it was hard for her to take in his full length, but he was proud of his slave for simply giving it her best shot.

The man placed his hands at the sides of her head, though. He wanted to show her just what he liked and what she'd need to learn to do to please him.


Kurt pressed Elizabeth's head down on his cock, burying almost his entire length into her throat. Her eyes went wide and she struggled against her restraints, unable to breath. Elizabeth gagged against his cock, and slobber began to leak from the edges of her mouth. Kurt chuckled at her, "Look at how dirty you are.

It's pathetic, really." Finally, he released the girl's head, and she fell back, gasping for air and coughing. He knelt down, petting his hand through the blonde locks of hair, "You're not done yet, princess." Standing up again, Kurt pressed his dick forcefully against her lips. She winced, looking up at him with a silent begging. She wanted all at once to keep her lips closed and never have his dick shoved in her mouth again, but on the other hand, she couldn't help liking it a little.

This man was demanding and so dominant.

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She didn't have a choice when it came down to it. He was in charge. Like he said the night before, he called the shots… The blonde's mouth opened and allowed his did entrance. Kurt slid it inside, whispering down to her, "Keep your mouth wide open, slut." She did as she was told, keeping her lips pursed and her jaw open as far as it could go.

He began thrusting into her mouth as he had done with her pussy only moments ago. She gagged on him and coughed a few times, drooling all over the leather stood underneath her.

And this went on for a good fifteen minutes, practically nonstop before Kurt once again grabbed the girl's head and pulled her forward back onto his shaft. She felt a hot liquid poured into the back of her throat, leaking there and choking her.

He moaned loudly, and held her in place for a moment. Then finally, he pulled back and knelt before her again. Holding a hand to Elizabeth's mouth, he looked her directly in the eyes, "Don't you dare spit a drop out.

Swallow it all, bitch!" Her brows furrowed together, a terrible taste filling her mouth. But she did as he said once more, afraid of what other punishments the man would have in store for her. She gulped down every last drop of his bittersweet nectar. Kurt took his hand from her mouth and ordered her, "Open up and show me." Elizabeth opened her mouth wide, held out her tongue to show that there was not even an ounce of the warm white fluid left. He looked pleased to see it had all been swallowed, then stood and patted her head, "Good girl." The next thing she felt was Kurt busying himself with untying her restraints.

Once she was completely untied, she still remained on the leather stool before he finally instructed her to climb off of it. She stood before him, waiting anxiously to be dismissed. "You've done good today," he commented, running a hand over her shoulder, then down to the curve of her breasts, "You may take the rest of the day to relax. I will see you in the kitchen at 6 o'clock sharp for supper." He shot her a warning glare, "Do not be late, Elizabeth."