Passionate doggy style fuck for lustful japan

Passionate doggy style fuck for lustful japan
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Team Photos 3 Caitlyn What was that? I was still riding the waves of bliss after cumming so hard, but I could swear that I saw the bathroom door closing. Did Alex just come in? Was he watching me?


That dirty perv! Can't a girl get off in private? I didn't know whether to be disgusted or turned on. I loved showing off and exposing myself to Lauren, but this was different, it was Alex. I didn't want him, I wanted my sweet, innocent little sister.

I continued to think about it as I got out of the shower, grabbed my towel and went into our bedroom. Damn, she was already dressed, another opportunity missed. Lauren was lying face down on the bed reading a book, she was wearing a rather short skirt that drifted around her thighs and I could see the pink of her panties and the round curves of her ass. Man, I had just had an amazing orgasm and already I was craving more.

How could she make me feel this way and she didn't even have to do anything? Ever since that night when she caught me masturbating and I taught her how to do it, I couldn't get her out of my mind. I constantly flirted with her, walking around naked, bending over in front her, getting her to look at me naked while choosing clothes. But none of it seemed to work, I couldn't seem to get her in a position to play again.

How was I going to do it? These are the thoughts that constantly plagued me. "Hey Lauren, what ya reading?" I asked as I started drying my hair, adding an extra bit of vigour to make my boobs shake. "Just some stupid book for school, why do we have to read this crap?

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Can't they give us something cool like game of thrones to read?" She looked over at me and I stared her straight in the eyes as I lowered the towel and started rubbing one of my breasts, biting my lip as I did so. She barely seemed to notice as she sat up and threw the book back on the bed. I sighed, that always works in movies, so why not for me? She looked so cute sitting there in her little skirt and tight little top, nipples pointing straight at me.

Damn, she was irresistible. She was going to break so many hearts; including mine with the way things were going. I decided to just get dressed, it would give me another chance to try and tease Lauren and even if nothing happened I still got a thrill out of it. I walked over to my chest of drawers and bent over, keeping one leg straight, pointing my ass directly at Lauren.

I imagined her coming over to me and dropping down to her knees, placing her hands on both cheeks of my butt, spreading them apart. I could almost feel the cool air against my hot pussy and ass.

A shiver went up my spine as I stood up, holding a skimpy little black pair. I stepped into it and slowly slid it up my legs, my nipples were tingling and I could feel a slow throb in my pussy, I was so turned on! I pulled my panties up nice and snug, loving the feel of the cotton against my clean shaven pussy.

I turned around and was disappointed to see that Lauren wasn't paying any attention to me; in fact she was just opening the door. I gasped "Lauren! I'm naked" She turned back, looking at me "So?" she laughed and walked out, leaving the door wide open. The next words out of her mouth made me jump for the door.

"Hey Alex, Caitlyn wanted to show you something." Oh my god, I rushed to the door but I was too late. Alex was just about to walk in; if I wasn't so embarrassed I would have burst out laughing at the look on his face. His mouth was hanging open and his eyes darted up and down my body, until they settled on my naked breasts, still jiggling from my dash across the room.

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I grabbed the door and slammed it in his face. My heart was hammering and my legs were shaking. Had I just given my brother a double dose in one day? I'm sure he had been spying on me in the shower and now he had gotten an up close and personal look at me.

Damn Lauren! I was going to get her back for this, if it was the last thing I did. That evening we were all sitting down for dinner, Mum and dad at opposite ends of the table, Alex on one side and Lauren and I on the other. Alex kept staring at me, just like he had been doing all afternoon. He had a knowing smirk on his face that was infuriating me, just how much had he seen in the shower?

I had planned on confronting him, but just couldn't find the right time for it; somehow I didn't think there was ever going to be a right time for that conversation. Next week mum and dad were going away for a long weekend for their anniversary and we were going to be staying with our Aunt and Uncle. Mum told us that our Uncle was going to be in hospital getting an operation on his knee so we would be staying at home with Alex in charge and our Aunt would be coming over to check on his.

Alex and Lauren were ecstatic, but I didn't know what to think. What was going to happen with Alex in charge? Dad gave his usual boring speech about how important trust was and how he hoped he could trust us not to do anything stupid while they were away and how we had to listen to Alex and do what he told us.

Yeah right, I thought, no way was I going to let that perv tell me what to do. Lauren and I were going to be running this house and he would be doing our bidding if I had any say in the matter. We all assured them that yes we would and now we wouldn't, blah, blah ,blah.

I almost jumped as I felt something scratch my foot, then I realized it was just Laurens foot. But then I thought why her foot was so far over that it was touching me, not that I minded but I was surprised.

I could hear our dog, Dusty slobbering away under the table. That dog was gross, he was a big chocolate coloured Labrador and whenever he was under the table you could always hear him slobbering. "Lauren, stop giving Dusty scraps.

He'll get fat if you feed him too much" Mum said in a disapproving voice. She was always telling Lauren not to feed him. "I'm not giving him any of my food mum" was Lauren's immediate reply. For once I believed her. She was sitting really close to the table as she always did and I'm sure I would have noticed if she had slipped food under the table.

But I could still hear Dusty slobbering away and Lauren was squirming in her seat. What was going on? I couldn't see anything, the table cloth hung down too far for me to see under it. I moved my foot across and felt Laurens leg against mine; she barely seemed to notice and didn't look at me, so I kept going. Her skin was so smooth I couldn't resist sliding my foot down her calf until I reached her foot and then I really did jump.

I felt Dusty's tongue slide over my toes, EWWW! "Caitlyn!


What are you doing?" my dad demanded. "Sorry dad, I just had a cramp in my foot." "Well sit still, some of us are trying to eat and would prefer to do it without you jumping around" I looked down at my plate and went back to eating, I didn't want dad angry at me. If there was one thing he hated it was bad table manners. Weird huh? My mind churned, why was Dusty licking Lauren's feet, better yet why was she letting him?

I cast a few surreptitious glances at her, but she seemed to be ignoring me and I couldn't hear Dusty any more so he must have stopped. After dinner we went back to our room on instruction to finish any weekend homework we had. "What were you doing? Why was Dusty licking your feet?" I demanded as soon as the door closed behind us. "What's wrong with it? It feels nice and he likes licking my&hellip.feet" There was a definite pause before she said feet. What else was he licking? Was our damn dog getting at Lauren's pussy before me?

Was I being cheated out of her charms by a stupid dog?!? I hadn't really thought about licking her feet, her pussy and tits yes, but not her feet. But the thought was certainly sending a rush of heat through my body. "What else have you been doing with him?" I demanded. "Tell me!" She was looking down at the floor, so I grabbed her chin and made her look me in the eye. I felt a little foolish, since she was bigger than me, but I was the older sister here and I wanted answers. "He likes to lick things" she mumbled.

"What things?" my voice came out a little husky, I was definitely getting turned on, thinking about what she might have been doing. "He licks my pussy" she whispered. I could barely hear her, she spoke so quietly.

I decided this was my chance, if I couldn't get Lauren back into my bed now, while she was in this position then I would never get her. "He licks what Lauren? Speak up, I want to hear you say it" I still had hold of her chin and I tightened my grip, keeping her eyes on mine as I stepped closer to her, our bodies almost touching. "He licks my pussy alright! Is that what you wanted to hear? You made me like this and now I can't stop!" "I started you on this?

How did I make you do something so disgusting with our dog?" I could see tears forming in her eyes and my heart went out to her, but I was determined to see this through. "You touched me and made me cum and now I can't stop, if I don't cum every day I feel like I'll explode.

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And sometimes it just takes so long using my fingers and Dusty's tongue is so long and he never tires of licking." I was shocked, she blamed me for this? She was getting off every day and I had no idea? How could I not have noticed?

I wavered for a second; almost giving in to my sisterly instincts to comfort her, but my lust overrode my mind. I suddenly pushed her and she fell backwards onto her bed, a look of shock on her face. I quickly jumped on top of her and sat on her stomach before she could get back up. "Is this what he licks?" I asked as I reached back, flipped her skirt out of the way and placed my hand over her panty clad pussy.

I could feel the heat radiating from her, was she as turned on as I was? "Caitlyn, stop it, get off me!" she struggled, but it seemed a little half-hearted to me.

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She should have been able to throw me off easily; she had certainly done it before when we wrestled. I don't know what had come over me, I had never felt an urge to dominate Lauren, but I couldn't deny the rush I felt. The feeling of my pussy against her taut stomach separated only by the thin material of my panties, not being able to see it, my skirt covering us. Her nipples pointing up at me, the look in her eyes and the knowledge that after a long year I was finally getting my hands on Laurens sweet, sweet body again.

I ran my hand up and down her panties, feeling an undeniable level of moist heat coming thru. I pushed them to the side and slid a finger between her lips, coating it in her juices. My god, she was almost dripping! I brought my hand back and held it up between us, we could both see the glistening moisture on my finger and we both knew where it had come from. "Is this what he likes to lick? Does he suck up all the juices from your sweet little pussy?" I stuck my tongue out and licked my finger, a shiver went thru my body as I tasted my sweet little sister for the first time.

"Yes he does, he licks me there all the time. Do you want to lick me too?" She asked me in a breathy little voice. At that point I'm not sure which of us was in control, was I dominating her or was she doing it to me? I didn't really care, I just wanted my hands on her body. I scooted down until my butt was above her pussy and grabbed her shirt, tugging it up her body.

She sat up and raised her arms above her head and I finally tugged it free. For a moment I just sat there and stared at her puffy little boobs, capped with dark nipples that stuck out at least a centimetre. My hands seemed to move of their own accord, sliding across her smooth skin until I could feel her hard nipples against my palms. She gave a sharp intake of breath and moaned, I felt her hands rubbing along my legs until she grasped my ass and squeezed.

My dreams were coming true, I had my hands on her and better yet, her hands were on me too! I leant down, my pony tail falling off the side, causing her to giggle as it tickled her face. I quickly stopped that when I lightly brushed my lips against hers, feeling her breath entering me, my heart quickening at the touch.

I stuck my tongue out and licked at her upper lip, her hands squeezed my ass harder, pushing me upwards and our mouths mashed together. My tongue slid between her lips and found her tongue waiting for me. I stretched my legs out until I was lying flat on top of her, my legs spread wide with hers between mine. Her hands never left my butt, squeezing and rubbing my cheeks, sliding under my panties, until I could feel her fingers digging in between my butt cheeks.

I pulled my mouth away from hers and gasped when I felt one of her fingers rub over my asshole and the other hand going further down towards my pussy. "Do you like that Caitlyn? You always seem to like showing me your butt" she said as she tried to push a finger into my ass. "Ow Lauren, don't, that's&hellip.ohhhh ahhhhh" my protestations stopped as her other hand slipped a finger into my dripping pussy. I stopped complaining and let her do whatever she wanted; this was too amazing to stop for any reason.

I went back to kissing her, rubbing her nipples as she began to finger my pussy and continue prodding at my asshole. I was too tight for her to get a finger in, but that didn't stop her from trying as she continued to rub and tease me. I let out a moan of disappointment as her hands slid up my back wrapping around me and hugging me tight, then with a quick surge she rolled us over and now I was under her, I could feel her groin pushed hard against me as she began pulling at my top.

I sat up and yanked it over my head, then tried to push my skirt and panties off. Lauren stood up and pulled off her remaining clothes then grabbing my own and pulling them down my legs. I couldn't believe it, there I was completely naked, turned on beyond belief and my beautiful sister, equally naked standing between my legs looking down at me.

I scooted up higher on the bed until my legs were no longer hanging over the edge and Lauren climbed up, kneeling between my legs. "What do you want me to do Caitlyn?

Do you want me to do what Dusty does to me?" she asked. I'd almost forgotten that this was where our conversation had started, Lauren doing something with our dog. Did I want that? Damn right I did! "Yes Lauren, please lick me, lick me all over" I practically begged her. My eagerness showing in my quivering voice and the flush that had taken over my skin.

I needed this so badly, I was ready for anything. "Turn over, show me your ass" I looked at her quizzically for a moment, and then started to roll over. Lauren was between my legs so I had to bring one right up to my chest to do it; she reached out a hand, trailing it across my ass and pussy lips as I rolled over.

I couldn't help but moan at her touch and the thought of what was to come. Again I felt her hands on my butt, squeezing my cheeks and pulling them apart, I could feel her breath against my skin and her hair tickling my skin. My nipples were rock hard, rubbing against the blankets and I would swear that I must be leaving a wet patch as well. Lauren grabbed me by the hips and pulled me up until I was on my hands and knees, then she pushed down on my back. "Keep your head down, I don't want your nipples off that bed and I want that ass up in the air, nice and high." I was in no condition to argue, completely defenceless and under her spell.

Whatever Lauren wanted I was going to do, as long as she could quench the fire that was burning inside me, I didn't care what happened. Her hands began running up and down my thighs, her touch so light it almost tickled. She kept going higher and higher on each stroke until she was going all the way from my knee, up over my butt, along my back until she reached my shoulders then back down again.

When she was rubbing my back, I could feel her hips against my thighs and her soft little bush against my butt. Every time I would push back against her, almost like we were actually fucking. This went on for several minutes until I begged her "Please Lauren, I need it" "Need what Caitlyn?" I could hear the smile in her voice, obviously she was enjoying this reversal of our roles, now she was dominant and I was begging for it.

"I need you" I replied. Her hands stopped and I wondered if I had said something wrong, then I felt her lips on my back. She began kissing her way down my back, leaving light lingering touches of her lips on my skin.

I moaned and arched my back further, pushing my butt out more. She laughed again and began kissing all over my butt, her hands moving around and stroking the sides of my breasts. I was a quivering mess, she had been driving me higher and higher with lust for ages and I still hadn't come. "Do you want me to do this?" I almost came right then when I felt her breath on my clit and then her tongue reached out and touched my lips. "Please, yes, make me cum!" Then with one long lick from my clit to my asshole I did cum, biting the blanket to keep from screaming I exploded, squirting my juices all over Laurens face as my pussy convulsed and my insides turned inside out.

I thought I was going to pass out the pleasure was so intense. Lauren started sucking on my clit and I came again, riding a roller coaster of orgasms I didn't think would ever stop. Finally I had to pull away, it was too much. I collapsed forwards, quivering and shaking uncontrollably, trying to regain my senses after the most intense experience I had ever had. Lauren stretched out behind me, wrapping her arms around me and pulling me in tight against her.

I could feel her nipples poking me in the back and her bush against my butt. "Something makes me think you liked that?" she asked. "How could you tell?" I rolled over, bringing us face to face. "Your pussy juice all over my face might have been a bit of a giveaway" she laughed. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry, I've never done that before" I was shocked. I could see wet spots all over her face.

I leant forward and licked one off her cheek, yummy! I loved the taste of my pussy and would always lick my fingers clean after fingering myself. Lauren closed her eyes and I started kissing her face, licking up any traces of myself from her skin.

We began to kiss again, sliding our hands up and down each other's sides until we were both cupping a breast and tweaking nipples.

I broke away from the kiss and sat up, Lauren looked at me and I said "your turn!" A huge smile broke across her face and she immediately got into the position she had me in, tits down, ass up. I wondered where she had got this idea from, was Dusty the reason she wanted to be in 'Doggy style' position? That would be a question for another time, but for now I just wanted to grab my sisters' perfect ass and bury my face in her pussy.


I got behind her and wondered where to start, at a temporary loss for ideas I just copied Lauren, running my hands up and down her legs, then her butt and back. Being shorter than her it was almost funny, it was more like my stomach than my groin that pressed into her ass when I reached all the way along her back but that didn't stop me. I loved the feel of her skin and the quiet little moans she would make as I touched her.

I couldn't wait any longer and decided to get down to business. I grabbed a cheek in each and jiggled them around, my sister has a great ass and I always loved staring at it and now I had it in my hands. Lauren moaned her approval as I continued to massage her ass. I pulled her cheeks apart revealing her puckered little asshole and beautiful pussy. Wow, she was so wet, she was actually dripping and I could smell her incredible aroma. I leaned in closer and took a deep breath, my pussy tingled in response, and this is what I had been waiting for.

I dove in, pushing my tongue straight into her little hole. Lauren jerked forward then pushed back hard into my face, pushing my nose into her ass and moaned out my name.

I wanted to tease her and make her pay for teasing me for so long. So I moved back and began kissing her thighs and occasionally taking little licks at her pouty lips. Every time I did, she quivered and tried to move her clit towards my mouth. But I kept away, I wanted this to last. What else can I do? I wondered. Oh yeah, she kept trying to finger my ass, so why not do it to her? I ran one of my fingers along her pussy and pushed it slightly into her tight little hole.

She immediately pushed back, trying to get it all in, but I pulled back, just keeping the tip in. She moaned in frustration, "Caitlyn, stop teasing me and finger me already!" I nearly laughed at that, well Lauren you want it, you'll get it.

I took a finger from my other hand and sucked it into my mouth, getting it nice and slick and then I carefully lined it up. I didn't want to give her any warning; I wanted to get it in all the way on the first try. "You want it Lauren? You want me to finger your tight little hole?" "Yes damn it, I want you to make me cum on your fingers!" And with that I jammed a finger into both her holes. Lauren cried out as I quickly started pumping my fingers in and out of her asshole and pussy, it only took a few seconds and then I felt her clamp down on my fingers and her whole body shook and Lauren screamed loudly as she sprayed a huge amount of pussy juice all over my hand.

I thought I had squirted a lot, but that was a dribble compared to what was gushing from Lauren, she was a real squirter. Then my heart stopped as I heard mum yell "What the hell are you girls doing? Keep it down in there!" "Sorry mum, I just dropped a book on my toe" I called back, my heart was in my throat, please mum, don't come in, DON'T COME IN!

"For god's sake, be more careful" I heard her going back downstairs and I started to breathe again. Lauren had fallen forward, a smile on her face and I think she was actually asleep!

How the hell could she have fallen asleep at a time like this? I needed to clean up before mum came back, anyone walking in right now couldn't mistake the smell of young pussy permeating the room and we were both sticky messes. I opened the window and shook Lauren until she finally responded.

She looked at me with a dreamy smile, "Hey you, that was awesome!" "Yeah, it was, but we need to clean up, we almost got caught." "Ok, let's go take a shower together" I walked across the room and opened the bathroom door; I could hear the unmistakeable sound of the other bathroom door closing.

OH SHIT! Had Alex been spying again?