Mi esposa quiere que le chupen las tetas

Mi esposa quiere que le chupen las tetas
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Cassy runs out of her house, slamming the door. She had two bags in her hands and some cash in her pants. She was on her way to get a place of her own because her parents had pissed her off for the last time.

They had told her that she couldn't get a car because they had used the money on her sister, Natalie, so she could get a newer car for herself, only because she was in college. She looks around for a bus, wanting to go to the train station. Seeing none, she sits down on a bench and waits for about thirty minutes. During that time she twiddles her thumbs and hides from cars. She didn't want to be seen or caught. She was leaving for good to be on her own and wouldn't be coming back.

She had well over three hundred dollars in her pocket. The bus arrives and she looks at it, hesitating. She never liked the bus. She had a great figure and sexy looks. Her breasts were D sized and she had a size 6 waist. She picks up her bags and steps on, dispersing one dollar and seventy-five cents into the box.

Once seated, she begins to twiddle her thumbs again, looking around at everyone on the bus. She was a little scared but would soon get over it. When the bus finally arrives at the train station, she walks to the ticket box, and pays for a one way trip to California.

She wanted to go and live with her brother so badly. He had been asking her to come live with him for months and she was finally going to do it. She sits down on a bench, over by the tracks, and waits. Cassy stood as the train comes rolling down the tracks. She boards as it stops and walks to her booth. She slides the door open, puts her cases up on the shelves, and then sits down by the window. She sits back, falling to sleep, her ticket in her pocket.

She wakes up to find it stamped and also to find that there were three people with her. They were all asleep and leaning on the walls against each other. She looks out the window as they start to near the city. She smiles and stands as the train stops. She gets off the train and smiles, taking in a deep breath, loving the smell of fresh air. Cassy walks to the front of the station, calling a taxi. She gets into one, telling him to drop her off at the nearest trucker's station.

With that, the driver takes her to the nearest Truck stop there was. She sat quietly in the back, watching the buildings go by. Once at the truck station, she walks in, sits down, and orders some food.

She looks around the place, unsure of where to go from here. She had her brother's number in her bag but she wasn't sure she should call him yet. She would let everything calm down for a few days before she did anything and let her location be known.

Sitting at the bar, was a man who looked to be a farmer. He had on a red 'Renk Seed' hat, a red and white checkered shirt, with a brown vest covering it up. He had on blue jeans and brown cowboy boots also. By no means was he unattractive in these clothes. This was quite the contrary. His short brown hair rested pleasantly under his hat, his blue eyes glistening as he stared at this teenage beauty.

He had his elbows propped up on the bar as he chewed on a grilled cheese burger. He thought for a second, and then put his burger back down on the plate. He got up, and walked over to the table where she sat. He smiled down at her, sitting across from her. "Howdy," he said to her, trying to be friendly.

She looked dirty and scared to him, "care for something to eat?" he asked her, trying to be nice, not giving off the wrong impression. Cassy looks up at him, while slowly nodding, and then showing a smile. "Thank you, sir, but I already have a cheeseburger on the way. I appreciate it though," she smiles. This cowboy, farmer, whatever he was, was a fine piece of meat. She looks him over slowly, hoping he doesn't notice.

He was an okay guy, as far as she thought anyway. She hoped he would stay to talk with her, "so, mister, what's your name?' She asked, quite curious about this. She smiles to herself, wondering if it was as hot and steamy as he was. He smiled, looking her over a little more closely this time. "Well sweetie, my name is Mr. Williams, but you can call me Kevin," he gave her a little wink, as he looked over to the bar, raising his hand, snapping his fingers, "Hey, Bob, can you bring two chocolate shakes over here?" he called out to someone in the kitchen.

"You got it Kevo!" someone called back out. Kevin looked back at Cassy, smiling lightly. "And what may your lovely name be?" he asked her, resting his hands under his chin, looking down at her slightly. Cassy stares at him. She was a little uneasy, but what the hell, she would need a ride to a hotel later.

She smiles a sweet one. "My name is Cassy," she says a bit louder, not too shy anymore. She wouldn't give him her last name, however, as she didn't want him to catch that name somewhere else, and find out she ran off. She sighs a bit and clears her throat "You really don't have to buy me anything, Kevin. I do have my own money you know," She tries to smile again but fails this time. She looks up when her food comes. She smiles, looking down at the juicy cheeseburger and fries. She picks up the ketchup and squeezes some onto her plate "Thank you, Ma'am," she says kindly to the waitress.

"Well you're just as welcome as anyone else!" she smiles to her and walks off. Kevin looked at Cassy, again looking her over. The milkshakes were the next that arrived at the table. Kevin nodded in appreciation to the waitress. "Well Cassy, I think someone running away from home would need as much help as they can possibly get," he grinned at her. He could tell she was shocked from his response.

He picked up his burger, finishing it slowly. Cassy stares at him, not knowing what to say. How the hell does this guy know about her running away from home? Shaking the thoughts that surged through her mind, she smiles. "Well, Kevin, I believe you are right. But what makes you think I have run away from home?" she asks as she takes a large and wanting bite out of her burger, then a few fries, then another bite of her burger. She keeps her eyes on him, wondering. "Well, for one, you are eating like a pig.

You gotta be hungry," he smiled, "Your clothes are dirty, and you look really tired. Plus, you came in here alone, and there aren't any houses around her for miles," he rested his elbows on the table, "shall I go on?" he then leaned back, crossing his arms, grinning at her. He too ran away when he was a little kid. Now at the age of 30, he had his own farm to tend and take care of.

He needed no family. Cassy stares at him, amazed that he could catch on so quick. She nods and sighs, finishing her burger off, ordering another. She sips on her shake and looks at him. "You're pretty damn good, Kevin. You don't need to go on," she smiles again as she sits back, yawning, looking around "and to answer your question, I am starving.

I haven't eaten in a day," she states seriously. She looks down and away, embarrassed. She wasn't sure what to think about this guy. He knew way too much, but he was cute. He would also probably take her to a hotel or something, "I hate to ask this but could you take me to a hotel? Maybe even a motel if that's all that's around," she smiles again. He smiled at this girl. She seemed really cute and friendly. He thought for a minute, about what they could do. She looked like she knew how to work.

And he didn't want to leave her alone at a hotel. "I'll tell ya what kiddo. You can come back to my farm and work for me. I bet you need a couple days to lay low for a while. So you can come by me, and carry hay or tend the animals. I'll pay you for it too. I was thinking of finding an assistant for that. Do you think you could handle that?" he smiled at her, seeming too perfect. She raises a brow at him. She thanks the waitress as her burger is set in front of her with some nachos.

"Thank you, Ma'am" "Once again, you're very welcome!" she smiles at her and then walks back to the kitchen. "What's the catch here, Kevin?" she asked, taking another large bite out of her burger. She looks up at him, wondering what he would say, "this sounds great and all but it seems all too right," she says softly. She clears her throat, watching him.

"No catch whatsoever Miss Cassy. I'm just trying to do you a favor. You are running away, and I bet you could use the extra cash. I also do not want you alone in a hotel, with all the rapists out there. Who knows what could happen to you," he smiled, watching her eat. He sipped at his shake too, wondering what she would say about this. She nods, continuing to watch him. She clears her throat, taking another bite of her burger, then eating some fries.

She sips on her shake, looking up at him. "Alright then, Kevin, I guess you got yourself a deal. But are you sure you want me out there?" she asks again, digging into her burger harshly. She clears her throat again, thinking on what he had said, figuring he was right.

He didn't want to be the last to see her and get into trouble because she wound up dead in a ditch, raped over and over again. She shrugs it off and looks at him, "well?" He laughed slightly, "Yes I'm sure. I need help around the farm, and you are young and helpful.

I have some extra change lying around, so I can help you out too. I can take you there after we eat," he smiled at her. She seemed so innocent. He thought it was cute how she acted all grown up in front of him. She had no idea what was in store for her. She slowly nods and shrugs, finishing off her burger. Next, she starts on her fries.

"Ok. Well that sounds fine then," she clears her throat again. She looks up at him, sipping on the milk shake. She thinks on this a bit more and shakes her head, "excuse me." She stands and walks to the bathroom, brushing her teeth with a toothbrush and paste she pulled from her purse. Finished with that, she turns and heads to a stall to do her business.

A second after peeing, she wipes, flushes, and steps out. She looks at herself and grimaces. She really did look dirty. She sighs and walks out, back to the table, looking at him, "I'm ready when you are." He smiled brightly up at her. "Glad to hear it," he stood up slowly, after finishing off his shake, and put his hand on her shoulder, "follow me.

Thanks Bob!" he called back out to behind the counter. "You got it Kevo!" he called out again. Kevin smiled down at Cassy as they walked. He led her to a white pick up truck. He opened the passenger seat for her, letting her get in. He walked back to the driver's side, slipping in himself, pulling the seat belt on.

"Buckle up. Don't want you dying on me now," he smiled at her, pulling his keys out, and starting the engine, before pulling out and driving off down the highway.

The day was a hot one. The sun's rays beat down on the car, causing it to heat up soon. Kevin rolled down his window, then rolling hers down too. She closes her eyes as the wind flies through her hair. She had always loved this part in movies but for her it would continue on without any credits. Well, at least until she died anyway.

She looks over at him. "How far out do you live?" she asks, curious. She smiles at him, showing her perfectly straight and white teeth. She then looks back to the road, waiting on his answer. Her clothes were flapping against her body, as they were much too big. She sighs softly, wondering what her parents were doing at his exact moment. She laughs silently to herself, not caring. She hated them. Her sister got everything and she got the hand-me downs, which of course consisted of clothes, shoes, and even underwear.

She sighs, crossing her arms. She had, had a rough life from the beginning, and she would probably hate it till the end. She looks over at him as she waits for him to answer, asking another "What kind of animals do you have?" She smiles again, placing her hands onto her thighs, watching him, moving her eyes over every inch. If she had the guts, she would tell him to pull over, get out, and fuck her right there right then. She giggles to herself, shaking her head, and looking him over one last good time.

He laughed, smiling at her, "Damn girl. Can't even let me answer one question before you ask another," he grinned, looking at her, then back at the road. "I live about 10 miles down this road.

It's a little while away. But we have a stop to make before we get there. We have to go shopping for you. Those clothes are dirty, and you are going to need a few new outfits to wear over at my place.

I can't have you wear that the whole time," he smiled at her, knowing she was probably really happy about getting to go shopping, "as for my animals. I have all kinds. A few horses, a few cows, lots of pigs, sheep, chickens, and my dog Max," he grinned, "I've raised him since he was a pup." Smiling again, she starts to grin, not able to help it. She looks over at him and nods. "Ok then. Are we going to a mall or something?" She definitely couldn't wait to see this place.

She was very excited about it. As for the animals, she couldn't wait till she saw them either, to see the varieties and all, "you must have a really nice place…" she says, looking at him, "I really hope I'm no trouble to you." With that, she really was worried.

He seemed like a really nice guy and she didn't want to be in the way. He could not stop laughing, "Cassy, didn't I just talk to you about you talking so fast?" he smiled at her, "we are just gonna stop by Kohl's and anywhere else you want to for a few outfits.

You can buy whatever you want, on me," he smiled at her again, knowing that must have really gotten her excited, "and as for being trouble, you won't be. I really need someone to be around. I am bored out of my mind all day at that place," he chuckled to himself, "I think it will be a lot of fun with you there. The short time that may be." She blushes at his comments. She couldn't help but ask so many questions.

She looks down and smiles. She was VERY excited about shopping to get anything she wanted. She giggles softly, telling herself she wouldn't get much though. She looks at him. What did he mean by that? Would he not let her stay around for a while? She had no where else to go and her brother would probably take a few months to get her.

"What do you mean?" She asks curiously. He looked at her, then back to the road. "Well, you are running away.

I'm sure you have a final destination you are wanting to go to. I don't think you would want to stay at my place for so long. Not an old fart like me," he laughed. As much as he thought this was true, he hoped she would stay as long as she could.

He liked this kid a lot. She stares up at him, looking him over, liking everything she saw. "You're not old. You're like maybe twenty-eight or twenty-nine. I was going to my brother's house but that may have changed." She shrugs a bit and smiles, "if this becomes a long term job, I might be sticking around longer if you don't mind," She looks at him, smiling a wide beautiful smile, "if I don't get on your nerves by that time anyway," She shrugs once more, looking out the window at the beautiful hills, at the green grass and trees.

She had always wanted to come to a place like this. He chuckled softly, "Well you sure are kind. But, I am 30 years old. Sad as that may be. And you are welcome at my place as long as you want. I really really could use the company, as I said," he smiled at her, placing a hand on her leg.

He just did this to reassure her that she was welcome, "how old are you anyways sweetie?" She was surprised that he was that old but when he asks her, she hesitates.

She looks out the window, watching the trees go by. She smiles at the green fields, watching all the cows and horses. She sighs softly, knowing she couldn't avoid the question.

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"I turn 17 tomorrow," she says softly. She closes her eyes, knowing he was going to stop, turn around, and drive her back to the truck stop, and drop her off, "it's ok, Kevin. You can leave me at the store. I'll just call my brother. I know you don't want someone my age around…" He started laughing again at her comment. He looked down at her, and just kept driving. "Cassy, I don't care how old you are.

I can assure you I never thought you were older," he smiled at her, "you may be as beautiful as someone older than you, but I can still tell. You are welcome at my place any time and at any age," his hand on her leg squeezed a little bit, trying to make her feel better. The car drove on top of a big old wooden bridge, shaking up and down at bit, as they pulled into a parking lot of a strip mall.

She looks around happily, feeling much more comfortable. She nods at his comment. As they pull in the strip mall. She looks around at all of the stores. She smiles, getting very excited now. She couldn't wait to see what all this place had. She looks at him.

"I have some money I can spend, so you don't have to pay." She smiles and opens the door, stepping out of the truck, looking around. She grins, starting for Kohl's. "Cassy!" he called out to her as she started to walk to Kohl's.

She turns around, looking at him, a smile on her face. He then pulled out his wallet, tossing it to her, "use the Visa. As much as you want. I'll meet you here in an hour," he grinned at her, walking away. He put his hands in his pockets, smiling to himself.

He really wanted her to feel like she could trust him. He looked around, seeing if there were any stores he could visit. He sighed, walking into a Best Buy. She stares after him, not able to believe he just did that. Her smile turns into a grin. She then turns, running off to Kohl's. As she walks in, she looks around at everything. She starts grabbing for stuff like tank tops, shorts, jeans, and shoes.

She walks into the dressing room and starts trying them on. She smiles and laughs as all of them fit just right.

The jeans and shorts hugged every luscious curve she had. The tank tops hugged her breasts, making them look larger than earlier. She smiles going for some underwear too. She buys red, black, blue, gold, and white laced thongs with matching bras. She giggles, running the counter, putting everything on it. She takes out his card and slides it, charging it all.

She takes all of the bags back to his truck, and then walks to the Bath and Body Works. She walks in, looking around, grabbing bubble bath soap, body creams, perfumes, loofas, and more. She giggles and walks to the counter, charging that as well. Meanwhile, while she was busy charging his card, Kevin stood in line at Best Buy.

The line was huge, as the new Xbox 360 had just come out. He sighed, looking at his watch. Inside his cart, he had a plasma screen TV, a new stereo, and multiple CDs.

His old TV had broken, and his stereo was old. This stuff would replace it. He smiled as he looked at the stuff. Sure, he had a farm. But did that mean he couldn't be updated in the field of technology?

Soon he charged everything to a separate card. He walked back to his pick up truck, it being an hour later. He laughed as he saw all of the bags inside. He put his stuff in the back too, leaning against the hood, waiting for her. She walks out of a shoe store, two bags in her hands. She walks over to him and smiles, laughing a bit. She grins at him.

"Did you have fun?" she asks as she puts the shoes in the back of the truck, walking to the front, standing in front of him. She smiles again, "I know I sure as hell did" She giggles again and walks back to her side, getting into the truck.

He laughed and got in with her, "Sure. If you consider waiting in line for an hour fun," he buckled up, making sure she did too, before pulling out and driving off, "so how much stuff did you get exactly?" he asked, looking back at all the bags in the pick up. His eyes bulged when he saw the mountain again. He looked at her, happy to see her so happy and excited. She looks at him and blushes deeply, "I'm so sorry.

I'm not used to being able to get what I want. I got some boots, some shoes, some underwear, some shorts, some shirts, some tank tops, a few bathing suits, some bath and body stuff, some earrings, makeup, umm" she thinks hard "some sneakers, and a few purses." She looks at him "I'm sorry." He just grinned, putting his hand on her leg again.

"Do not be sorry my darling. I told you to get anything you wanted, and you did. I'm glad you had fun, and I'm sure you will love looking at them all again once you unload them into your room," he smiled at her, looking back at the road.

He had a guest room that he was willing to give to her for the time being. "Thank you so much, Kevin. I really needed this and I will work as hard as I can to pay you off. I promise you.

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Thanks again," She looks down, blushing a bit. She really wasn't used to this kind of treatment. She was always being told that her new clothes were in her sister's closet or that they couldn't afford to buy her anything.

He really made her day and life with this and she would repay him with anything. He chuckled, blushing a bit himself, "Cassy, do not mention it.

I honestly do not mind. I have lots and lots of money, and you may spend as much of it as you need," he smiled down at her, then pulling down a dirt path that went through a forest. The trail went for a few minutes, before pulling into a field, in front of a large barn styled house. "Home sweet home," he chuckled, getting out of his pick up truck.

He went to the back, grabbing a couple of the bags, "you get out and look around as much as you want. I'll bring your bags into your room," he smiled at her, walking to the house. Cassy gets out of the truck, looking around. This place took her breath away. She stares out at the green fields and the open space. She grins as she sees animals in the pasture. She takes off for the stables, wanting to see the horses, one animal the loved so much. Upon entering the stables she breathes in the beautiful smell of hay and even the shit, but she didn't care.

She was in a place that she had longed to be in. She walks in, looking around at the horses. She smiles, petting a few, giggling, talking low and smooth to them as she walks down the line. The horses neigh as they see Cassy walk by. They seemed really friendly, and one of them leaned out to lick the side of her face. This caused her to giggle more, as she pushed him away playfully. She continued to walk around, until she saw more pens.

These consisted of dogs. A lot of dogs. They all had their own cage. There must have been at lease 10 dogs of all different kinds. But in one larger cage, there was a male and a female dog.

Both of them were German Sheppards. The male stood up as he saw Cassy. He immediately got hard, his red rocket peeking out of it's sheath. The female sees this and walks over, sniffing it, then laps at it with her tongue.

The male looks back at her, starting to pant, the red rocket protruding more from the sheath. The female looks up at him, then back, licking it again. The male pulls away and walks around her, sniffing her ass. He then mounts her, trying to get inside of her. The female moves her tail, standing still for him. When he finally enters her, he speeds up, humping her hard and fast, closing his eyes.

The female pushes back against him to keep her balance as she becomes very wet. The male starts humping her faster and harder. Cassy's eyes widen as she sees this. Her pussy twitches and she starts to get hot. She looks around and backs up, sitting down, wondering if he would come and check on her. Like clockwork, Kevin came around the corner of the stabled, smiling as he saw her.

He slowly walked to her, wondering what was up with her. He saw her staring at something, a little worked up. He looked in front of her, and grinned, as he saw the male fucking the bitch. "Hey there," he smiled down at her, standing next to her, hands in his pockets, "I can tell you are intrigued by this," he laughed a little bit. Cassy blushes to crimson. She closes her eyes. "I'm not used to getting this channel in the city," she jokes, laughing a bit, "I've always wondered what it looked like though.

I hope that doesn't make me sound weird or anything…" She looks up at him. She wanted him so bad right now. She closes her legs, hoping he couldn't tell how wet she was, "I had better go take a shower." She stands up and walks to the stable doors, "Could you show me the way?" She asks, looking back at him. He smiled down at her, reaching his hand out to her, helping her up to her feet, "Of course not my dear. It's interesting. All you really have to do is put a male with a female, and he usually just gets horny.

No chemistry or anything. Just pure, raw, natural, sex. And then I sell their pups," he laughs, leading her to the house. He walks in the front of the door with her, "up the stairs, second door to the right," he smiled at her. He then walked to the big plasma TV he pulled into the house, opening the box carefully. Cassy walks up the stairs and to the room. She looks around and smiles. Upon walking in, she takes in the look of the place. She giggles softly, pulling out some new clothes, running off to the bathroom.

She shuts the door and turns on the shower. She slowly strips, throwing her clothes and shoes into the trash, taking out her money first of course. Once in the shower, she starts lathering up her slender sexy form. To everyone else she probably looked kinda big boned, but underneath that clothing was a pure beauty. She rinses her body off, running the soapy rag along her pussy.

Downstairs, Kevin sighed. He put the plasma TV up on the stand, throwing the old one away. He grinned, as he hooked the cables up to the outlet. He grabbed the remote after putting two AA batteries inside. He pressed the power button, as it turned on, static all over.

He laughed, sitting, as he did not need any channels now. He pressed the video button a couple times. Soon enough, on the TV, was an image of Cassy standing in the shower, letting the hot water run over her naked sexy body. His cock grew in his pants, as he leaned back, watching, lips curving with much pleasure. He had hidden cameras throughout his house.

At least two in every room. His cock made a bulge in his pants. "My sweet little Cassy," he said softly to himself, eyes glued to the screen. Cassy runs her hands through her hair, getting the conditioner out.

Once that was done, she stands there, running her hands over her body slowly. She soon leans back against the wall, hiking up one leg. She gropes one breast with one hand, the other hand running down along her pussy lips. She moans out softly as she slowly pushes the finger inside of her. She arches her back, gasping out, using her other hand to rub her clit now.

Kevin groaned out, as he unzipped his jeans. He reached inside, pulling out his nice hard cock. He started to stroke it as he watched this teen beauty start to finger herself in his bathroom. He licked a couple of his fingers, rubbing them on his head to help lube up his masturbation session. His breathing increased slightly, changing his position slightly, to get more comfortable. She leans back more, moaning louder, sliding another finger inside her pussy.

She groans out in pleasure, her juice leaking out all over her hand. She looks down at herself, bending over a little. She grabs a round shampoo bottle and slides it inside of her tight, young, tender pussy. She moans out as she does, arching her back. She grips the tile of the shower, looking up at the ceiling, moaning again. "Oh fuck…look at that hot slut," he said to himself, stroking his cock faster now. He stared at her young flesh, moaning out as he dreamed of being able to fuck that pussy like the bottle was.

His balls started to tighten, as soon he emptied his load all over his hand and shirt, "fuck…" he said softly, looking at the mess he made. He stood up, and groaned out. He wiped his hand on his shirt too.

Might as well. He pulled his pants up, buttoning them, then walking up to his room. Cassy moans out a bit louder as she continues to fuck herself with the shampoo bottle. She grips the tile tightly as she came hard.

She moans louder, slowly removing the bottle from her young tender pussy. She continues to softly moan as she just stands there under the water, enjoying every last moment. Upon turning the shower off, Cassy gets out and dries off. She runs a towel over her breasts, down her arms, along her pussy, and down her slender legs, then her back of course. She looks in the mirror as she blow dries her hair, her eyes scanning over her sexy form.

She smiles to herself and brushes her hair back, pulling on a red lace thong, a matching red lace bra, a pair of booty shorts, some flip flops, and a tank top. Kevin took his brown vest off. That was really the only thing that got cum on it, so he just threw it in the hamper. He grins as he walks past the bathroom again, staring at the door. He heads back downstairs, and changes the channel on the TV so she wouldn't notice.

He then walked back up the stairs, knocking on the bathroom door. "Hey, what would you like to eat tonight?" he asked, pressing his ear against the door. Cassy jumps a little at his knocking. She hadn't expected that and she damn well prayed her didn't here her in the shower. She smiles and shrugs a bit "Steak and potatoes with some grilled asparagus sounds really good." She smiles to herself, opening the door. She looks up at him.

"If you have it all I can cook." He nodded at her, "Yeah. That would be great," he smiled at her. "Just look in the fridge. You should find everything there," he nodded his head at her, walking downstairs, "I'm gonna go check the dogs!

You can start cooking if you'd like," he called up to her, walking outside. He headed over to the pens, smiling when the dogs came into view. Cassy nods to him, watching his ass as he walks off. She grins to herself, walking into the kitchen. She opens the fridge, pulling out two steaks, some corn, and asparagus. She walks to the counter, beginning to season each. Next she grabs the potatoes, basting them in oil, and then wrapping them into foil.

She grabs the steaks, walking out back, starting the grill. Once the grill was started, she shut the lid, letting the coals die out a bit so she wouldn't burn the steaks.

She stretches and looks around, walking back inside, starting the oven. She smiles, putting the potatoes in, timing them for an hour on 375 degrees. She looks around and grabs some rolls, placing them on a pan, and then buttering them up. She then puts a bit of mozzarella on them and smiles. She giggles a bit and walks back outside checking on the grill.

She finally got the coals just right about half an hour later. She looks at the steaks, taking the tongs, picking one up. She places it over the heat and listens to it sizzle, smiling. The smell drifts to her nose and she licks her lips, "Mmmm so tasty!" She giggles and puts the other one on and then puts the onions to the side, the asparagus to the side of that.

She grins and laughs a bit. Kevin walked around, looking at all of his animals, checking them all. It was nearly 7 pm, so he decided to feed them. He went and put fresh hay in the horse bins, and gave slop to the pigs.

He gave all the dogs bowls of dog food and fresh water, and he did the same to the rest of his farm buddies. He smiled as he walked back to the barn, seeing Cassy grilling outside. "Hey there," he said to her, as he walked up next to her, looking at the food, "wow, that looks amazing. I don't think I have ever had someone cook this good of food for me before," he smiled down at her, putting an arm around her shoulder in a friendly way. Cassy smiles at his comment, giggling softly. She shrugs a bit, "I always wanted to be a chef.

I started cooking when I was 8 years old. But my parents never cared much about what I wanted," She frowns at the thought, flipping the steaks over harshly. She sighs and moves the onions and asparagus over the flame a little, letting them sizzle and cook on the aluminum foil.

She then shuts the lid, sitting down on the steps, looking at the grass. He walked with her, sitting down behind her a little, on a step above her. He looked down at her, resting a hand on her shoulder again, "Cassy, it's ok. You didn't need to stay in that place you called home. If no one there could realize how great of a kid or sister they had, then they don't deserve you. Don't feel like any of it is your fault, because it's not.

You are welcome in my home for as long as you want.


Just know that there are some people in the world that care," he smiled down at her, rubbing her shoulder. Cassy sniffs, slowly nodding.

She wasn't used to doing this. 'This', meaning talking about her problems. Her problems meaning her shitty fucked up family. She slowly looks up at him and nods, and then looks back down, biting her tongue.

She wanted to bitch her family out so bad but she couldn't. She had left and she was happy she did. She clears her throat a bit, staring at the yard, "So where is Max?" she asked, wanting to change the subject badly. She hated getting upset. He looked down at her for a little longer before responding, "He's probably out playing with the chickens or messing around with the sheep.

You can go out and look for him if you want, I'll take care of the food," he smiled at her. Off in the distance on one of the beautiful big green hills, Max ran around. He was a beautiful Rottweiler, that looked so majestic in the distance. He chased around sheep, causing them to cry out, but he just panted and had fun. "Oh, I see him, he is right there," Kevin said, pointing to the hill. He looked down at her, then back at the hill, "just go and have fun," he smiled at her.

Cassy looks at him and stares. "Kevin, I'm going to be truthful. I haven't had fun since I was six and that was before my sister became the favorite of the entire family with her and her fucking brain, so don't think I don't want to go out there. I just don't know how to do it anymore," with that she stands, puts the steaks in their dish, onions and asparagus in their dish, and walks inside. She takes the potatoes out of the oven and then puts the rolls in for a few minutes.

She searches the kitchen, grabbing plates, glasses, and silverware. She serves his plate and puts it to the side. Kevin walked inside, and grabbed her, turning around, looking her in the eyes, "Cassy. Forget the food for now. I want you to go out on that hill, and tell me you don't know how to have fun.

Go out there right now, or you are no longer welcome in my home," he said, looking her dead in the eyes. He was completely serious, "leave the food in the oven on warm, and just go out for a while.

Please." Cassy stares at him. He was dead serious. She couldn't believe this.

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She nods and does as he says. She puts the oven on warm and then puts the food in. She turns and walks out the back door and to the hill, where Max was. She smiles and kneels down, calling him to her. She smiles as he comes, wrapping her arms around his neck. She then stands and runs off, letting him chase her. She laughs out, giggling a bit, looking back at him. She grins and stops, making him run into her. Giggling, she turns around and hugs him.

Max panted hard from her touch, then leaning down, biting her flip flop with his teeth, pulling it off of her foot. He started to run away from her, her flip flop flailing in the wind. He looked back at her as she chased after him. His tail wagged back and forth as he ran away from her. Cassy gasps. She takes off after him, pulling off her other flip flop. She growls and puts it into the back of her pants, running faster than she knew she could, "MAX COME BACK HERE NOW!

DROP THE FLIP FLOP! DROP IT NOW!" she cries out to him. She groans, keeping up her pace. Max panted, and then stopped. This caused her to stop too.

He dropped the flip flop, backing up. She looked at him carefully, and walked towards it slowly. When she was close enough, she reached for it, but Max jumped on top of it, grabbing it again, running away again. She groaned out, laughing slightly, running after him still. Cassy sighs. She continues to run after him, laughing slightly. She runs after him faster, trying to catch his ass.

She sighs, giving up, shaking her head. She turns and walks down to the hill, pissed off at him now. Max came prancing down the hill on all fours. He walked up to her, then circling around her, getting to her front, dropping her flip flop in front of her. His tongue fell out of his mouth as he panted. He drooled slightly as he looked up at her, wagging his tail. Cassy looks down at him. She snatches up her flip flop and glares at him, "Bad dog, Max!

Bad dog!" she taps him on the head with her flip flop and then walks past him, down towards the house. "To think I was going to talk Kevin into giving you a steak!" Max whined now, following her, his head down. He wasn't trying to be mean, just trying to be nice and cute.


He then lifted his head, licking her hand gently as he walked behind her. He looked up at her, hoping she would give him mercy. Cassy sighs and looks back at him. She kneels down and pets him, hugging him gently. She stands back up, walking back towards the house. She was a bit annoyed. She had always wanted a dog but she couldn't blame him. He was after all trying to be cute.

All dogs did that. She sighs again and walks up onto the back porch, walking inside. She sits down in a chair, putting her flip flops back on. "Hey there," Kevin smiled at her, walking out of the living room, "are you ready to eat?" he asked her, pulling down the oven door. He pulled out both of their plates which were full of the wonderful food that she cooked them both.

He lay them down on the table, pulling up a chair. She looks down at it. She cuts a piece of her steak, handing it to Max. She then sighs softly and fixes her potato. She piles butter, sour cream, chives, bacon bits, and cheese on it. She mixes it all up and then cuts another piece of her steak, taking a bite, the juice covering her taste buds.

Max eats it happily, lying beneath her feet as she ate. Kevin started to cut up his steak, taking a bite, "Oh wow, Cassy…this is amazing," he grinned at her, continuing to eat this amazing feast. He started to munch on some asparagus, then buttering up a cob of corn. Cassy smiles and nods to him. "Thanks. I tried my hardest." She looks back to her food, eating more of her it, tasting the onions, then the asparagus. Next, she follows him, buttering up her cob of corn, taking bites out of it.

She looks down at Max, handing him some more steak. Max ate it again, panting up at her as he was done. Kevin smiled at her, "Don't give him too much. I need to put him on a diet," he said, as he soon finished up his food. When she finished, he took both of their plates and silverware, putting them in the sink, "Thank you very much for a wonderful meal," he smiled at her.

"Is there anything you would like to do before we go to bed?" Cassy shrugs and laughs a bit "I've never been asked. I always just go to bed.

I never really want to do anything more." She shrugs and stands. "Thank you again for letting me stay here." She turns, walking into the living room, towards the stairs. Kevin sighed to himself. Tomorrow would be better. She would be rested and ready to work. He sat in the kitchen for a few minutes, before heading to the stairs himself.

He walked up to his room, walking inside, and closing the door softly, before taking his shirt and pants off, crawling into bed in his boxers. Cassy pulls her clothes off, lying in her bed, nude. She sighs sotly, loving the feeling of the clean sheets against her body. She slowly closes her eyes, drifting off into a deep sleep.

The next morning, at dawn, Cassy wakes up, yawning. She smiles, ready to start the day. She stands, pulling on a pair of hip hugging jeans, a pair of socks, a pair of black cowboy boots, a black tank top, and a white shirt over that.

She then pulls her hair back into a pony tail, walking out of her room, and to the kitchen. Kevin was sitting at the table, drinking from a mug of coffee. He had the newspaper in front of him, as he read it careful, one hand on the mug, the other on the paper. He sipped again, as he looked up at her walking into the kitchen. "Hey sleep head. Good morning," he smiled, putting his coffee down. He looked at his watch, it being 8:30.

Still pretty early, "help yourself to some coffee if you would like to," he said, watching her walk in, entranced from her body. Cassy does so walking to the counter. She pours herself a glass and then puts her condiments into it. She stretches a bit and then grabs some bacon from a plate. She walks back to the table, sitting down. She smiles at him, sipping her coffee, and then taking bite of a piece of bacon, "So what's on the agenda?" He turned a page in the paper, then looking at her, "Well, you can go out and feed all the animals in a couple minutes, after you finish here.

Then, you can go collect all the eggs that the chickens have laid today, putting them in a bucket, and bring them back here.

I'll tell you some more after you do all of that," he smiled at her. She shrugs and nods, "Yes, boss." She giggles and continues her eating.

Once done, she stands and walks outside, greeting Max with a hug. She walks out to the barn, getting some hay and putting it in the horse stalls. She then walks through each pen, feeding each animal with there food. Once that was done, she walks towards the chicken coop. She grabs the basket that was on the outside of the fence and walks in. She taps on the side, making all the chickens fly out.

She giggles and steps in, going through each nest, getting the eggs. She walks out and throws them there food and then walks off to the house, the basket in her hand. Kevin smiled, as he started to do the dishes from last night.

When she stepped inside, he looked over at her, washing the plates, "just drop it on the table. Next, you can take the bag of dog food outside and fill all the dog bowls with food, and then refill their water bowls too. Be careful around the Pitt Bull though.

Bruno is a really tough dog," he looked at her seriously. Cassy nods and smiles, "Of course!" She turns and grabs the bag, walking back outside, to the dog pins in the stables. She looks around, walking into each pin, filling the bowls. She looks at each dog as she does, petting and hugging each one. She then comes to the pin with Bruno. She looks at him, slowly stepping in. Bruno sat at the back of the cage, staring her down. He showed his teeth to her, growling slightly.

His eyes looked mean and hurtful, as he looked up and down at her body, then staring into her eyes. He stood up on all fours, walking towards her very slowly. Cassy watches him, moving slow, closing the pin door. She slowly sets the bag down, reaching in to get his food. She keeps eye contact with him, careful to try and not upset him. Bruno walked up to the bowl, grinning at her, making sure she didn't try to do anything.

He has never seen her before, so had no idea what to expect. When she started to fill his bowl, he began to eat it slowly, watching her the whole time. Cassy watches him, standing there for a few more moments.

Slowly opening the pin, she slips out of it with the dog food, slowly closing it back. She then reaches down into the pin, slowly, wanting to at least try and pet him, allowing him to sniff her hand.

After sniffing her hand for a moment, he reached and tried to bite her. Luckily, she pulled back fast enough before she let him. He growled violently, barking at her loudly. Cassy backed up, walking away, then starting to jog back to the house, scared shitless.

She runs through the fields, leaving the food. She jumps over Max, running through the house. She then stops and falls to her knees, crying, holding herself, sliding against the wall. She had never encountered a dog, or animal for that matter, that tried to bite her, or even hated her.

Kevin was watching TV when he heard her come inside. He was confused, as he walked into the kitchen. He saw her on her knees in the kitchen, "Hey, Cassy, what's wrong hun?" he asked, going down to his knees next to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. He rubbed her gently, trying to comfort her. Cassy wraps her arms around his neck, crying hard into his chest, gripping to him tightly.

She couldn't talk, her words turned into jumbled sounds. She cries harder, holding close to his body. He had no idea what was wrong. He looked down at her, kissing the top of her head, rubbing her back all over now, trying to ease her down, "There there Cassy…it's ok. It's ok. Just calm down. Shhh, it's ok," he nuzzled his cheek against her head, holding her close in his arms. Cassy slowly calms down. "I am NEVER feeding that fucking dog again!

Never! I swear I will leave if you ever make me feed him again! I don't want him to bite me! He just tried and all I did was try and pet him!" She grips to him tightly, crying softer now, her words clearer now. "It's ok Cassy. Please just calm down. He is a Pitt Bull. Violent by nature. But I can't feed him for you. You are going to have to learn how to feed him, and once he can trust you, he will never try to bite you again," he said, looking down at her.

He scratched her back now, hoping she would come to her senses. She shakes her head, pulling away from him, "Fine then. I'll keep feeding him and maybe when I am bitten you will learn not to keep a dog like that around!" She stands and walks past him, going back out to the stables.

She looks at Bruno and glares at him. She then picks up the dog food, picking it up, walking off to the house. Kevin sighed as he watched her walk back, "These aren't dogs for a family Cassy.

They are breeding dogs. Bruno is a pure breed, and I need him to make pups for people to buy, so I can make money. All he knows to do is to be mean and fuck. You have to learn that this place isn't fairy land, and that you can get hurt around these animals," he looked at her, keeping eye contact with her. Cassy stops, looking at him.

She slowly narrows her eyes, "You're an asshole, Kevin. I never thought this would be fairyland but compared to my other home, this is. So lay off and stop being such an ass!" She glares hard at him. "Now if you will tell me my next task, I'll try and do what I can to please you! If that is at all possible." He looked at her, not liking her attitude at all, "Yes, your next task is to get the fuck off my property before I call the cops.

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You wanted to work here, and I am going to give you pay. So maybe you should just stop bitching around. Either deal with this, or get off of my land," he said, walking inside, slamming the door behind him. She lowers her eyes. She nods and looks around. She then walks off to the driveway. She walks off and down to the road and then continues down, minutes passing, then an hour. She continues to walk, bound and determined to now go to her brother. She didn't need this shit.

Especially not after she got away from it at her house. She looks around and keeps walking, not caring if she ever saw him again. Kevin sighed, going to his chair to sit and finish the paper. He turned the TV on, wondering where she was. He flipped through the channels, not seeing her in any of the rooms. He raised a brow in confusion, and then walked outside, looking around.

"Cassy?" he called out, running out to the middle of the field, not seeing her anywhere in sight. Did she really leave? He ran to his pick up truck, hopped inside, and started it, hurrying down the road, "Shit, which way?" he prayed to God, and turned east, hoping to find her eventually. He sped up, 20 over the limit.

She walks back towards the truck stop, looking around. She looks up, seeing it. She walks over to it, crossing the street, walking inside. She takes a bit of cash from her pocket, picking up the phone. She sighs, trying to remember her brother's number. She couldn't remember whether the last digit was 4, 9, or 7. She sighs, racking her brain on it. Kevin came driving by in his pick up soon. He decided to check the truck stop to see if anyone there had seen her. He pulled in, parking his truck next to the diner, before walking inside.

He looked around, asking if anyone had seen her. One guy had then pointed to the phones, where Kevin saw her standing. He sighed, walking towards her slowly. Upon remembering the last digit, she puts her quarter in and starts to dial the numbers. She sighs deeply, holding herself, leaning against the wall, wondering.

She closes her eyes as she hears the phone ring, a slow smile coming to her face. She couldn't wait to hear her brother's voice. It was one of the only things she needed right now. "Hello there," he said, standing behind her. He too was leaning on the wall. He looked down at her, a pleasant look on his face. His hands were in his pockets, his feet crossed on the floor, "what ya doing?" he asked her. Cassy nearly screams at his voice. She jumps a bit and looks back at him.

She stares and then shrugs, "Calling my brother for some money so I can leave you in peace!" She raises her eyebrows at him. "Well, you know Cassy. You are still welcome at my place, but you really do have to learn that you can get hurt. I still want you to stay," he said, putting a hand on her shoulder. She hangs up the phone, "I never said I couldn't get hurt there. I am only saying that, that damn dog is vicious and could kill someone!" She glares at him and then sighs. She walks past him, ordering a burger.

He sighed, "I know. But once he gets used to seeing you around, he won't be like that anymore. You are a nice girl, and I'm sure he will realize that very soon. I just want you to come back. I don't want to see you traveling still," Cassy looks back at him. She nods slowly and has her burger made to go. She then changes it to two burgers and extra fries. She stands and waits. She pays for it and then takes the bag, thanking the lady.

She walks past him and out the door, walking to his truck. She slides in and takes out one of her burgers. He smiled at her as he got in his car too, "You made the right choice Cassy," he rubbed her cheek softly, before driving back to his house.

He sighed happily, glad that she decided to come back, "I promise you, Bruno will be better. Just give him a few days," he looked at her, then back to the road. Cassy looks around that night. She was finished with dinner and had decided to lie down on the couch and read a book. She flips the page, yawning softly, sighing to herself. Kevin sat in his chair, looking over at Cassy as she read, "Cassy, I'm going to go to bed. You head to bed soon too, it's getting late," he smiled, walking upstairs after she said goodnight too.

He walked into his room, closing the door, and sitting at his computer chair, turning it on. He logged onto his desktop, and signed into the internet. Cassy nods as he leaves. She smiles, watching his ass the entire time. She slowly gets up, walking to her room to get ready for bed. She stretches a bit and sighs, pulling her boots, pants, and shirt off. She had showered earlier so she was nice and clean.

She sets her alarm for dawn and then lies down. Kevin grinned, as he typed in 'SexPredators.com/FarmFantasies.com'. This was his personal website. He grinned, looking around at all the pictures of girls naked, playing with animals of all kinds. He had been running this site for years, updating it every weekend. Every Saturday morning, he would drive out to the city, where he had a big office in a huge Porno company. The company name was 'Sex Predators'. It was a wide range of different people, each running their own section.

Kevin's section was beastiality. He had to make a website dedicated to animal sex, which he did. Of course, there were other sections too. These consisted of incest, lesbian, group sex, gay males, too many to name. And of course, these were all looked over by one person in charge, who ran the company. The site had explicit sections for pictures of all kinds.

Then there was another section on short videos, then another on full movies, then another on stories. The site was filled with stuff any porno loving person would look at. The company had already pushed it's 50 millionth dollar and they were still going at it. Cassy rolls over in her bed, stretching. She stares at the ceiling, remembering Kevin again, mad. She smiles. He was so sexy when he looked like that and it made her hot. She runs her hands down along her legs, moaning his name softly.

She closes her eyes, imagining his body against hers, his huge cock sliding in and out of her tight tender pussy. She arches her back, slowly starting to rub her clit. Kevin grinned, as he pulled down his pants, sliding his boxers down too. His right hand gripped along his cock, as he started to stroke it up and down. He uploaded a video of a girl getting fucked hard by a Golden Retriever.

He groaned out loud, as he jacked off harder. Seeing his young girl getting fucked reminded him about how sexy Cassy was. His brain turned to thoughts of her in the shower, fucking her cunt with a shampoo bottle.

Cassy cries out as she climaxes the first time. It wasn't enough for her though. She wanted more than that. She arches her back, starting to finger herself, using two fingers. She uses her free hand to grope her breast and pinch her nipples. She moans a bit louder, gripping her breast. Kevin arched his back a little, humping into his fist slightly. He needed to cum again. He loved his site so much. Every girl on it was so fucking sexy, and they all loved getting dog cock shoved into their cunts.

Kevin squeezed harder, as his balls started to tighten. She moans out as she pumps her fingers out of her faster and faster. She wanted to taste her cum. She wanted to get the stains out of her sheet. She wanted to cum so bad, she thought of Kevin jacking off. Cassy screams out, gripping the bed hard as she climaxes all over her sheets, her cum flowing out of her steadily in streams.

She arches her back high, screaming out again as her cum sprays out of her. Kevin sighed happily, grabbing a nearby Kleenex to clean himself up. He threw it in his garbage, and then turned his computer off. In another three days he would have to go down to the city again, with new material. He smiled to himself, thinking about Cassy.

He crawled into his bed, pulling the covers over himself. His eyes bulged out, grinning wildly to himself, as he thought of a brilliant idea. Cassy stands, walking out into the hall, then across to her bathroom. She takes another shower, and then gets out, drying off.

She sighs softly as she walks back into her room, laying back into her bed after spraying it with febreeze. She rolls over, closing her eyes, wondering what tomorrow would bring. The next morning, Kevin got up a little before dawn. He got dressed, and brought his laptop downstairs, to the kitchen table.

He fixed himself a small breakfast, signing into his website again. He looked at all of the updates that the other websites had, grinning at all the sexy pictures. He sipped some coffee as the phone rang. He stood up. "Hello?" He asked, taking another sip of coffee. "Hey, Kevin?" asked the voice on the other line. "Oh, hey there Tony," Kevin grinned. Tony was the guy head in charge of the whole company, "how's it going?" he asked. "It's going great Kev. Look, I need you to come down to your department.

We are having an important meeting. I'm sorry I couldn't contact you earlier, but the power went out down in the city." "Oh, no, Tony, It's fine," Kevin said, looking at the clock, "I'll be there as soon as I can," Kevin said, before hanging up. He grabbed a piece of paper, writing a note for Cassy saying that he wouldn't be back until about 7 pm.

He knew that the meetings always went for a long time. He grabbed his hat, and walked outside to his car, driving off. Cassy wakes up at 6am, looking around. She sighs and gets up, pulling on her clothes. She stretches as she walks downstairs, seeing the note. Reading it, she sighs, and makes herself some eggs, bacon, toast, and sausage.

Once done, she walks to the table, eating, looking over at his laptop. She stretches a bit and sighs, pulling it to her. She stares at the screen, unable to find the words to describe her feelings. She pushes it away quickly and stands, throwing her food out. She next starts on her chores for the day. Later on that night, Cassy sits on the couch.

She hadn't made dinner as she wasn't hungry at all that day. She wasn't sure what she was going to do. She stands as she hears his truck. She grabs his laptop, walks up to her room, and shuts and locks the door. She sits back on her bed, staring at the site again. She looks away, shutting it, stuffing it between her mattresses, knowing he would never find it there.

Kevin sighed as he walked back into the house. He hung his hat up and took his boots off. He fell onto the couch, exhausted from the long meeting he had just encountered. The main boss told Kevin and all the other site holders what they needed to improve and suggestions on what to add.

Kevin was supposed to find a young girl for his to be his new 'Mascot'. She was supposed to start her little mini series with the animals. This was brought up by Kevin to the officials, as he knew he had Cassy. Cassy sits in her room, lying on her bed, and holding herself. She closes her eyes, pulling the covers over her body after making sure the door was locked securely. She pushes her boots off and then pulls her pants off, next her shirt, leaving her in only her lingerie.

She shakes her head again. She had always been taught against stuff like this. Kevin rested on the couch for a while, watching TV for a bit. He wanted to go and update a couple things on the site, but he was too damn tired. He closed his eyes softly after grabbing a blanket by his feet. He was too tired to get up and go to bed, so he decided to just sleep on the couch.

He soon fell asleep, thinking about how he could convince Cassy to join him with his site. The next morning Cassy wakes up and hides the computer in a secret place that she had made. She walks downstairs and into the kitchen, starting his coffee, then their breakfast. She then places it on the table and grabs a piece of toast, walking out to start her chores, starting on the feed. Kevin woke up to the wonderful smell of coffee. His eyes opened slightly, as he stretched, standing and yawning.

He walked into the kitchen, scratching himself as he poured a cup into his mug. He sipped it, his eyes opening a bit more. He put the mug on the counter, as he stared out the kitchen window, watching Cassy feed the animals. He smiled, and then looked at the table. Oh shit. Where was his laptop? Cassy walks from stall to stall, halving up one bail of hay per horse. She then walks back through, feeding them their grain, nutritional fluids, treats, and carrots, all mixed up of course.

Next she walks to the chicken coop, throwing out their feed, then getting there eggs. She puts the basket to the side and walks to the pigs, throwing their slop into their slop trough.

Once that was done, she began to feed the dogs. She walks into Bruno's pin, feeding him slowly as always, before slowly backing out, locking him back in. Kevin ran all over the house, looking frantically for his laptop. The laptop had all his reports and files and everything on it! Where the fuck could it be? Did Cassy take it? "Cassy?" Kevin called out to her as he walked outside. He stood on the porch, watching her walk away from Bruno's pen, "did you see my laptop?" he called out again.

Cassy looks up at him, smirking a bit, "No, Kevin! I didn't know you even owned something that technological!" she calls back to him. She puts the dog food away and walks off to the pens, letting Max out, starting to play with him. She smiles to herself, knowing she damn well did take that thing. She giggles to herself, hugging Max, then running from him playfully.

"Fuck…" Kevin said, as he walked back into the house. Maybe a cool shower would calm him down. He sighed, as he took his clothes off, jumping into the shower. Max panted as he chased after Cassy. His tongue flailed to the side as he tackled into her occasionally.

Cassy giggled back at him, then running away once more. Max ran after her still, as he then jumped up onto her, knocking her onto all fours. Cassy laughs, looking back at him, giggling, "Ok, Max, let me up." She says softly, looking back into his deep brown eyes.

Her smile slowly fades as she soon realizes what he was doing. He was mounting her and trying to hump her. She struggles to get away, crying out softly, gripping the grass, pulling away from him.

Max then jumps on her again as she does, his paw grabbing her tightly around the waist. His red rocket came out and was rubbing against her ass as he started to hump her hard and fast through the pants.

Cassy cries out louder, sitting up, gripping his arms tightly, pushing him off. Max landed on all fours, as he continued to hump the air. His breathing increased, now being a lot more ragged. He looked up at her, as his tongue drooled, dripping all over the place. He walked up to her, his cock still sticking out, as he began to lick her hand gently.

His nose then went to her ass, sniffing all over. Cassy stands up and looks at him, grabbing him by the collar. She walks him back to his pen, putting him inside. She sighs and grabs the eggs from the chick coop, bringing them back to the house. After that, she walks back out and to the barn, starting to sweep it out, knowing she had to reload the hay today. Kevin started to pace around the house, his eyes bulged out as he looked from place to place for his missing laptop.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck…" he mumbled under his breath as he checked under couches and through his room. He sighed, only one place he hadn't looked. He walked up to Cassy's bedroom door, opening it slowly. He looked around cautiously, beginning to look through the drawers and her closet.

Cassy smiles, knowing he would never find his laptop. She giggles to herself and walks back to the house, then inside. "Kevin I need your keys to the truck!" she calls up to him. She sighs and waits. Kevin stepped out of her room, walking downstairs, "For what?" he asked her, watching her suspiciously. He knew she must have taken it.

He needed it back. He thought to go back up to her room after he was done here to look some more. She smiles and laughs, "Kevin, you know I have to reload the hay into the loft!" She smiles sweetly at him, holding out her hand. She took his laptop and she knew he wanted it back but she wasn't about to give it to him. He sighed softly, and reached around inside his pocket, pulling out his keys, and then handing them to her.

He gave her a light smile as she walked away. He turned back up the stairs, and walked back into her room. He searched around some more before checking under the bed. Nothing. Fuck, where was it? He sighed and sat on his ass, looking around. If he didn't get his computer back, he would probably lose his job. Cassy finishes her job outside, lifting and throwing, she was losing a lot of weight and even getting some muscles.

She had only been here for a few days but she was still seeing results. She sighs and drives his truck back to the driveway. She walks inside and upstairs to her bathroom. Kevin as up in her room still when he heard her come inside. He heard her walk into the bathroom. Cassy had just pulled off her pants and then her shirt, standing there in a black laced thong and bra to match.

She reached into the shower stall to turn the water on, when she was suddenly interrupted by Kevin. He grabbed her roughly, shoving her into the wall. "What the fuck did you do with it?" he asked her violently, rage surging throughout his body.

Cassy arches her back, gasping, gripping his arms. She looks up at him, fear in her eyes. "What did I do with what?" she asks, trying to keep from getting wet. Being this close to him was a dream. She stares into his beautiful eyes, her hand gripping his large biceps. "Don't you fucking play dumb with me. What did you do with my laptop? It's been gone for a day now, and I KNOW you have it!" he pushed her harder into the wall, staring down at her, seeing her flesh exposed to his eyes.

A grin spread onto his face. She arches her back a bit more, gasping softly, "Geeze! All you had to say was please! I'll give it back to you after my shower, Kevin! I swear it!" She looks up at him, so innocently. She looked like she was a virgin, although she wasn't.

She was skilled in many ways. He removed a hand from her, bringing it back before slapping her hard across the face, "You fucking bitch, go get it now! Do you have any idea what is on there? I can get fired if I don't have it. Not like that means anything to you. But maybe it should, cause then you will have no where to go!" he shouted at her, very upset. Cassy leaves her head to the side, not daring to turn it. His hand print on her face as clear as day. She slowly nods and when he lets her go, she walks out of the bathroom and into her room.

She kneels down, pulling back her carpet, pulling out a board. She pulls his laptop out, silk all around it. She hands it to him and walks back into the bathroom, shutting the door quietly. He sighed, with a little bit of happiness, but also some sadness. He knew that he made her feel really bad, and scared, but he was scared too. He took his laptop downstairs, sitting on the couch, turning the TV on to look into the bathroom shower where she was.

He turned the laptop back on, looking from one to the other. Cassy stands there, holding herself, staring at the tiling. She sighs and starts to wash her hair, then her body. She was terrified of him now because she knew he would stop at nothing and no one knew where she was, so it didn't matter anyway. She gets out of the shower and wraps a towel around her body, drying her hair with another towel. He changed the channel, and loaded up his site to add some updates. He typed in how he was trying to find a girl now to start a series with.

It would be a picture series, with captions underneath, describing a girls encounters on her uncle's farm. He grins at the idea. When he saw Cassy walk down the stairs, he looked up at her. "So what did you think of the site?" he asked, grinning widely. Cassy looks at him and shrugs, walking into the kitchen, not wanting to answer him. She makes herself a roast beef sandwich, putting some chip on the side, and a dill pickle. She grabs a Pepsi from the fridge and sits down at the table. He smiled lightly, going into the kitchen, resting the laptop on the table as he continued looking at it.

"I would love some feedback. I need all of it I can get. To make it better. Ya know?" he asked, looking at her. She looks over at him, "If you want feedback then here it is. Your site sucks, period. There is nothing good on it. There are no series, no guys, and come on, just dogs? What about horses and cows and other animals?

I mean seriously, Kevin." He laughed, smiling at her, "Well. This is why I want feedback. I have only been running it for about a month. I need new material and series of the sorts.

This is where I get all my money Cassy," he looked at her, taking a chip from her plate. She shrugs, staring out the window, taking a bite out of her sandwich, "So you only wanted me to take care of the animals while you go off and take photos of naked girls, right?!" She looks back at him, glaring.

He shook his head, "Not at all. I liked you from the start. And I really wanted to help you, and I still do. But I really didn't even think about you taking care of the animals while I'm gone.

I guess it's easier now that you know." He shrugged lightly, looking back at her. She looks away from him, shaking her head. "I have feelings to, you know!" With that, she picks her plate up, walks past him, and up to her room.

She slams the door and sits on her bed, turning on her TV. He sighed, and watched her leave. What was the matter with her? He didn't think he said anything offensive.

He really liked this girl, and he wanted to keep her happy with him. He turned his computer off, and walked into the living room, lying down on the couch. Cassy soon finishes her meal in her room. She wanted to be with him, be the one in his pictures, be the girl he always fantasizes about.

She wanted to fuck him too but that was beside the point. She stands, walking downstairs into the kitchen to throw away her trash.

On the way back, she looks at him. He looked up at her from the couch, as he turned the TV off. He looked into her eyes, "How may I help you?" he asked her, smiling slightly. He looked deep into her eyes, trying to see what she was thinking. If only it was that easy. Cassy looks back at him, "I don't need any help", she says softly. She walks back upstairs and into her room, shutting the door quietly.

She lies down on her bed, sighing softly, looking down at the floor. She needed to get a computer to start her GED. She had to finish her education. Kevin stood up, and walked up the stairs after her.

She seemed really upset. He knocked on her door, and walked in, sitting down on her bed next to her. "Are you ok Cassy? You seem depressed…" he said, resting a hand on her leg.

She glances at his hand and shrugs a bit. "I'm just staying out of your way," she says truthfully. She shrugs again and sighs, looking to the floor. He had scared her so bad earlier.

Kevin sighed, and looked down at the floor. "Can you tell me what's on your mind?" he asked, not looking at her. He knew what he did earlier was wrong, but what was done was done. He wasn't going to bring it up unless she did. She shrugs a bit. "Well.you scared the shit out of me earlier, I can tell you that much," She clears her throat and sighs, sitting back, "I also wanna be on your site but that also includes some prices." His eyes bulged out a bit, kind of shocked from her coming out like this.

"Wow…you do? I didn't know you would like the idea of getting it on with farm animals," he grinned at her, scooting closer to her, and wrapping an arm around her shoulder. He looked at her in a new light. She shrugs a bit "Yea well.you don't know me." She pulls away from him and walks into her bathroom, brushing her teeth. She then brushes her hair, changing into a new shirt.

Once done with that, she walks back into her room, climbing into her bed, pulling her pants off under the sheets.

She then throws them to the side and lays there. Kevin smiled down at her, "Ok, well, you get some rest. Wake up at the normal time, and maybe we can discuss you getting a job on my site," he winked at her. Of course he wanted her on it, she was a hot babe! And so young. This would attract so many fans. Cassy looks up and at him. She sits up and smiles a bit. She then nods, her slight depression over. She clears her throat a bit, "We will also talk about my finances and some of the things I will be wanting.if I do this." She looks him over then back into his eyes, clearing her throat a bit, "there will be a few things I want, Kevin.

Don't make a mistake of that." The back of his hand rubbed against her cheek gently, as he smiled right back into her eyes. "Of course. Whatever seems fair to you. Think about it while you sleep, and we can chat tomorrow. Goodnight Cassy," he stood up and kissed her forehead, before leaving the room and turning the lights off, closing the door. She bites her lip, placing a few fingers to his kiss.

She closes her eyes, imagining it was upon her lips. She smiles wide and rolls over, pulling her shirt off, laying her head upon her pillow, slowly falling asleep. Kevin woke up the next morning, heading downstairs to the kitchen table to start working on some things for him and Cassy. He wrote notes in his notebook and did things on the laptop as he thought about what they could do for the site.

He was also thinking about some possible private plans for him and Cassy. She was a really great kid, and he wanted her to feel good in every way he could. Cassy slowly walks downstairs at 6 am, yawning and stretching, wearing her usual. She walks to the coffee pot, grabbing a cup of joe, then she sits down across from him, taking the news paper, and some bacon that was left over. She clears her throat a bit, taking a bite of the bacon, then a sip of her coffee, reading over some of the happenings.

He looked up at her as he finished writing a new sentence. A smile curved onto his lips, as he put the pencil down and sat back in his chair, folding his arms across his chest. "So did you think about our terms of agreement?" he asked, looking at her. He looked at her body up and down, sinking in all the curves she had, wondering about all the shots for the website and how they would work. Cassy puts the paper down and leans back, crossing her legs.

She watches him look her over then slowly smiles. She takes a sip of her coffee and then nods. "I have many agreements." She slowly grins and takes another bite of bacon, watching him closely. He laughed slightly, and continued looking at her. "Ok then Cassy, tell me everything on your mind for this," he said, leaning in a bit more to listen. He wanted to hear her wants to see if he could give them all to her. She slowly leans forward, looking into his eyes.

"Number one: I want you. Number two: I want to pick which animals I have sex with. Number three: I want to meet these people you work for. Number four: I want Max to be my first. Number Five: I want to be paid nicely for my services. Once you take those in, I have more," She sits back and watches him, placing her hands across her lap. "Well, so far I can tell you these are all working out fine, but I'll ask questions when you finish," he said, looking at her.

His cock started to stir in his pants after she said 'I want you'. His eyes looked her over more now, feeling a lot more lust for this girl.

Cassy slowly smiles. She then nods and leans forward again, "I would like my own TV, my own computer, my own car, and I want my own horse." She sits back again, sighing softly, thinking again. "I want copies of these movies, I want copies of the pictures, and I want a video camera. I also want a slightly nicer bathroom, mind that it isn't too expensive," She smiles wide. He started to laugh hard, looking at her, smiling wide "Wow Cassy, that sure is a lot of stuff. How about this.

You can have all of the first five you mentioned. I'll get you a horse, whatever kind you want. And you can buy everything you want with the money you make from doing all this stuff.

How does one thousand a week sound?" he asked, looking at her, smiling now. She raises a brow at him and snorts. She then starts to laugh. "One thousand a week? I've seen people who scrape shit from walls and make more than that! Two thousand." She frowns and sits back, watching him close. "$1,500," he said to her, "and the more work you do, and better you get, I can always give you a raise." He looked at her still, trying to break her down.

"$1800," She tilts her head to the side, smiling, watching him, laughing softly, "I think you'll learn a lot about me when this begins, Kevin. I'm already good at what you ask of me." She smiles again and then grins slowly. He sighed, and grinned, looking at her. He extended his hand, holding it in front of her, as she took it into hers, the two new partners shaking hands.


"You got yourself a deal," Kevin said to her, smiling wide, now having what would make his site go to the top. She smiles and nods, standing, letting go of his hand. She finishes her coffee, then her bacon, then puts her dishes into the sink, washing them.

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Once done, she grabs the dog food, walking out of the house and to the stables for her regular job. Later on, she walks back inside, covered in mud and in hay. She grunts and throws the dog food into the pantry, looking to him, "I.hate.Bruno!' She scowls and walks up the stairs, towards her bathroom. Kevin just laughed, as he knew that this was going to be a long life with this girl living with him.

He shook his head softly, thinking of everything that was going to come. Just thinking about Cassy naked got his cock hard. Why wouldn't it? "KEVIN!" She cries out, screaming, something crashing and breaking. She shrieks again, her feet present on the floor above him in her bathroom. "KEVIN!" she cries out again, screaming hysterically. Kevin was downstairs in the living room when he heard her screams. He looked up at the stairs, jumping from his chair as he ran up them.

He opened the door quickly as he ran into the bathroom. "What is it?" he shouted out as he got inside, looking around. She screams, crying, holding her naked form on the sink counter, huddled in the corner of the wall. She points to the bath tub, exposing her left breast, crying again. "A SNAKE!" She cries out. There were debris of what used to be a soap dish and a vase. Inside the tub was a large rattle snake, hissing, curled, and ready to strike.

Kevin took a step forward, looking at Cassy. His eyes were entranced on her body as he saw that she was naked. His cock started to harden inside his jeans as he continued staring at her. He just couldn't help it. He then shook it off, as he looked in the tub. He smiled. "Heh. Cassy, I would like you to meet Ace. He is my pet snake. He must have gotten out of his cage," he grinned, walking to the tub, picking him up. He slowly walked over to Cassy, grinning, "he's defanged.

Don't worry." She cringes a little, looking at the snake. She then winces as she slowly reaches out, petting his little head. She watches him, slowly uncurling her body, sliding to the edge of the counter, forgetting she was naked. There she was. A beauty upon others. A body, a perfect body, with perfectly long legs, beautiful thighs, a hairless pussy, large breasts. She was perfect in every manner. Kevin's eyes moved from the snake and back to her body. His mouth gaped open a little as he was completely mesmerized.

His cock was now fully hard, poking violently at the front of his jeans. His grip on Ace loosened a bit as he crawled out of his hands, slithering up onto Cassy's arm. Cassy closes her eyes, cringing a bit as the snake does. She moans a bit at the feeling of him on her skin. She gently grabs him, looking own at him, kissing his little nose gently. She smiles and giggles, stroking Ace gently. Kevin saw her kiss Ace, his lips starting to moisten. His lips turned to a smirk, as he made up his mind.

Kevin stepped up to her, as he grabbed her shoulders, pulling her off of the sink, pushing her into the wall. His lips engulfed hers fast, his eyes closing as his hands roamed her naked body. She gasps out in the short amount of time she had. She arches her back slightly, pressing her breasts into his chest.

She gently lets Ace go, dropping him to the floor, her legs wrapping around his waist as she kisses him back, her hand going to his cheek. She had gotten a lot of the mud off in the sink but was still slightly dirty. She holds closer to him, pressing her body into his, feeling his hard cock against her hot cunt. Kevin's hands grabbed both of her breasts violently as he began to squeezed and mash them around.

The large tits she had were too much for his hands. They were magical. Kevin slipped his tongue out of his mouth and pushed it into hers, as they began to wrestle each other with them.

Kevin grinned as he felt her nipples harden beneath his fingers. She arches her back into his hands, pressing her hardening breasts into them. She moans into the kiss, fighting with his tongue, groaning softly. She grinds her hips teasingly against his, her hands at his belt, slowly, teasingly undoing it.

Kevin removed his mouth from hers, as he looked down. His bulge was pushing into her pussy, still covered with his jeans. He grinned as he saw her unbutton his pants, eager to feel it inside of her. It throbbed gently. He hadn't had a pussy to fuck in a long time, and he was prepared to show her his gratitude. Cassy looks down as well, her hips rolling and grinding against his as she finally pulled his belt off. She then slowly started to unbutton and unzip his pants.

She took her time with this, knowing how eager he was, but she wanted to show him she was worth the wait. She also wanted to show him that she could take her time and be more pleasant about things, teasing everyone who would watch the movies and the video.

She moans softly, letting him hear her love sounds, letting him get harder. Kevin's breathing increased rapidly as he watched her. He stepped back, letting her slide down to the floor, her ass touching the cold tiled floor. She got onto her knees fast, looking up at him. Kevin smiled, petting her head, "Go on," His jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped, still around his ass, as his cock was pressing against his boxers.

She runs her hands along his pants slowly, pushing them down. She then starts on his boxers, slowly sliding them down as well. She runs a hand along his cock, looking at it, watching him throb. She grins a bit, running her other hand along his balls. She licks her lips, slowly letting a tongue slide along the side of his cock, then to the tip, as she gently slides his cock into her mouth, sucking on the tip.

She then pulls away, flicking her tongue along the head, moaning softly as she did. Kevin closed his eyes, leaning his head back as his hands found their way to the back of her head.

He moaned out gently as he felt her work her tongue all over his cock. He couldn't believe someone this young and sexy was actually giving him a blow job. She was definitely the greatest girl he had ever met.

"Oh fuck…that's right Cassy, suck it good. I bet you have done this many times. You little cock sucker. Oh fuck…" he humped against her mouth slowly as she continued working. She glances up at him. The truth was, this was her first blow job. She had only learned by practicing on dildos, watching porno, and watching other girls give guys one.

She smiles softly, sucking on his balls gently, before moving back to his cock. She slips it inside her mouth, sucking on the head gently, before slowly deep throating him. Kevin pushed more of his cock into her throat, as he let out a mute gasp, starting to cum down her throat. He decided not to warn her, in case she pulled him out. He wanted to cum inside of her mouth.

His moans now escaped, as streams of juice flowed from his piss slit into her mouth and throat. "Oh yeah! Swallow it all Cassy," he called out, humping her throat still. She moans out as she tastes the salty, tangy spread of his sperm. She slowly swallows it, taking in all he gave her, swallowing it, wanting it all. When he was done, she pulls him from her mouth, running a hand along his muscular stomach slowly, looking up at him as she stands.

"That was amazing," he whispered to her, as he leaned in kissing her lips gently. The two of them stood their, kissing each other for a few minutes, hands roaming across the other's body. He laughed slightly as he pulled away, the two of them making eye contact, smiling brightly, "you are going to be the best bitch I ever could have dreamed of."