Faketit lesbian milf scissoring stepdaughter

Faketit lesbian milf scissoring stepdaughter
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Northern Stockholm, Sweden (Europe) Maria was the most beautiful girl I´d ever seen.

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The first time she caught my eye, I was 15 and she was 13. She went to the same school as me, and that year we both ended up in the C section. For two whole years I watched her every day. She was an impossible dream. But during the springbreak before I went to High School, one of my friends got together with Maria´s best friend. Suddenly I met Maria at every party, and it didn´t take long for me to take my chance.

The clock was just passing midnight when I met Maria alone for the first time. My pal Sven was having a party, and I got out to smoke. She was just sitting there, on the bench bahind the big oak in the backyard. I just walked up to her and said; "Do you want a smoke?" She watched me for a couple of seconds before it happend. She got up and started kissing me.

And I kissed her.

I was 17, she was 15. My hands embraced her at first, but then they started exploring her body. Her blond hair, her soft skin and her thin body.


Her small boobs and just perfect ass. I swear, it was exeptionally perfect. She was certainly Swedish. We took off and walked the 500 meters to my house. My parents had gone to Finland for the weekend, so we entered the livingroom. I lay down in the sofa, but she sisn´t follow. Instead she started to undress in front of me. Her glamorous body appeared right in front of my eyes.

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She stripped down the her bra and g-string. Then she kneeled in front of me. "Can I unzip your pants now?" she asked. I just nodded.

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Incredible, I thought. She dragged my pants off in a split second. My cock was all ready for her sweet lips.

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She softly pulled down my shorts and started to massage my penis. The erection came faster than usual. She noticed and wrapped her soft lips around my erected cock.

She tried to deepthroat it to the shaft, but failed and kept on sucking. I tried to relax and put my hand on her head.

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She did such a great work. When I told her, I could see in her little, blue eyes that she liked it. "Lie down on the sofa, Maria" I told her after a while. She did as I said. "Face down" I said, and she turned over. "Are you ready for me, Maria?" "Yes" she said.


I trusted her for it, so I went for her ass. It was so tight, I had to grab her sides and force myself into it. She moaned at first, but then I caught up some speed and we started matching our swinging.

She was soon enjoying it and screamed loudly for me to make it harder. But I doubted she could take it, so I kept on in the same pace. I smashed her butt with the palm of my hand several times and her soft, shining ass turned to a dark pink color.

Then I felt it. Too early. I had to come. There was something special about this girl. "Maria, give me your face" I quickly ordered. My cock left her ass and she crawled around. "Open your mouth" I told her, and she did. I only had to masturbate a couple of seconds before I cummed all over her face.

Her mouth, soft lips, blue eyes and blond hair all got a bit of it.

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She swallowed what had actually hit her mouth and smiled. When I got out of the bathroom she was allready dressed. "I have to get going" she said, "but we´ll meet again, right?" "Right" I said, "ofcourse we will" Then she took off into the warm night. Another sunrise over Stockholm.