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Hailey Young ihre Teen Pussy mit einem brutalen Dildo Füllung
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Harry fell flat on his back by the impact of something hitting him. "Harry Potter sir Dobby is coming to get you. Dobby thinks he find what you look for." Dobby held out a wand. Harry stood up and took it from him while stepping into the room and shutting the door. Harry looked at it closely. It was about ten inches long and a sleek black color. It looked like it was in perfect condition; Harry ran his finger all around it up and down its shaft.

Harry looked at the handle and saw there was an R on it.

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This made Harry jump up with excitement and before running off to Ron and Hermione he told dobby, "I owe you for this one Dobby. If you need anything just ask." Harry bolted out of the room, down the corridors, and up many stairs to get to Gryffindor common room, with a couple passages.

Hermione, Ron and Ginny were sitting there by the fire and before they could ask where he's been he grabbed Ginny and told them all to follow him. He led them up to the boys' dorm because it was empty. Harry pulled the wand out of his pocket and showed it to them.

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Hermione grabbed it right away and looked it over the best she could stopping on the R at the base of it. "Wow Harry how'd you find it?

Where did you find it?" Hermione asked him while she stroked it. Harry took it out of her hands before saying, "Well I didn't find it actually, Dobby did. I also don't want anybody touching this until we can find a way to destroy it." Harry went to his chest, pulled out an old pair of socks, and stuck the wand inside.

He wrapped it up and placed it at the very bottom of the chest underneath his clothes.

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Harry made sure that when he locked it he added a few protection charms on it so no one accidentally found it. They all set out to a wonderful lunch which included roast, chicken, mashed potatoes and an assortment of pies for desert. Harry on the other hand could not eat; neither could Ron, because right after lunch was the last Quidditch match of the year and probably the rest of their lives. They all headed to the field and Hermione bode them good luck before heading to the stands.

Harry, Ron and Ginny entered the tent where the rest of the team was waiting nervously. Harry put on his Quidditch robes and stood in front of his teammates, "For some of us this is the last official match we will be playing. I say we make it a match that no one will forget for years to come." This got some cheers from his teammates and he continued; "Now I want the best efforts out of all of you.

Let's bring the cup home again for the seventh straight year." They all cheered and left the tent ready to go for it.


The fifteen people lifted up off the grounds and Harry circled the playing field looking for the snitch, as he would always do. Harry heard Luna commentating on the match, which was as enjoyable as always when she messed up the names.

The only names she got right were Harry, Ron and Ginny's. Harry heard the score of 70 to 30 Gryffindor was in the lead and Harry was still searching for the snitch. He was searching every inch of the field and could not see it so he circled lower and lower.

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Harry weaved in and out of players racing from each end of the field to the other and back. Harry flew up behind Ron to look the entire length of the field, which did not help at all. As he took off to look higher, he was hit smack in the side of the head by a quaffle soaring past Ron. Harry laid flat on his back looking up and heard the whistle indicating a time out. He looked up and saw Ginny standing over him but all he could hear was ringing.

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Harry sat up and stood for a few seconds before mounting his broom and kicking off again. Harry circled the field as the whistle was blown to continue playing. The score was now 100 to 70 and Harry knew he needed to find the snitch soon.

Harry looked over at the opposing side of the field and noticed something shimmer behind the goal post.

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Harry took off streaking toward it with the other seeker on his tail. Harry was streaking toward the ground at breaking speeds and lifted himself up just in time with the snitch in hand.

Harry looked up and he blacked out. Harry awoke some time later in the hospital wing. Ginny was sitting beside his bed putting a cool cloth on his head. Harry looked at her but before he said anything, she spoke up.

"You ran smack into the wall below the stands where Ravenclaw were sitting and passed out. You pulled out of your plunge a little to close to it." Ginny told him with a little worry on her face, "The match ended three hours ago and diner is about to start. I'll go and nip some food for us and come right back." As Ginny, left he looked around the room and noticed he was the only one there. Harry lay back down, closed his eyes and fell asleep. Harry awoke some time later to a loud smashing noise.

He sat straight up and looked around but the room was still deserted. Harry got out of bed, pulled on his robes, and grabbed his wand out of the pocket. Just then, the door flew open. To Be Continued…