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Teen Vicky Fucking PlaythingMore on Sexcam live Biz
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Sweet lovable Sue and her angry with life husband Bob have been married for 25 years.

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Bob a white business man only into trophy's and putting others under the rug, due to the fake macho i have money attitude passed down through generations,his heart was far from black it was deep white and void of color. He could never pay Sue any compliments,he has her always dressed down, and they have sex once a year,only when he doesn't have any gold digging young tramps available. She suggested they head down to the night time market and shop,he only agreed cause he had some business down there,As they ride there she attempts conversation with him,but he answered in that yes you to death manner.He also didn't look at her as if she was disgusting.


They arrive and they get out the car and she walks over to him and open up for some affection only for him to say not here-stop-this isn't a special day or anything. She says okay in a I wont bother you tone,but a just don't leave me kind of way. He ask if she'll be at her exotic decor store and said yes,be back here in half an hour "yes dear" she applied. He was off extorting some of his racially owned businesses, exchanging sex with under age teen daughters of the store owners and treating them like sub humans.

Bob 48 but looked like a bad 58 nothing worth looking at and a 2min warrior and proud of it,only his pleasure counted.


Mean while Sue was shopping in the exotic decor store,where Indian,Asian, and her secret favorite art African Art. She walked through the store and grazed across the art losing herself in it's beauty and strong appeal. Then she crosses the African art with the long spears and wild thick black long gated statues.

A black hot flash cums across her body.She then places her hand down on a black gem like structure and a secret prayer slips out her mouth in a white whisper Darklover. A small black film smoke crowds her and begins to swirl around her body and the Darklover examines her to find this Vanilla white mature hidden vixen 44 with perfect pear shaped hips and well marinated woman meat.

Also hiding under her old lady shirt were crying 36dd breast gasping for black oxygen.Sue had an unconventional beauty striking yet warm and inviting,hiding behind her over sized glasses.But Darklover feared something.

He can sense her aura fading,her skin numb from lack of touch, her sex fumes terrible smells of boredom and rust particles.

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She was dieing sexually. Then he planted the black seed in her ear and in her pocket as he transformed into thee black seeds. Plant these in your Garden as this dark whisper crosses the wind.

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She looked around excited but not scared.She said yes I will yes,great spirit. Then she heads back to the car and can't wait to get home.Then he shows up with lipstick on his face and pants half done.

She still was concerned cause he was 15mins late from the time he said. Then he just lets her know I come when I please and u will wait and just how she is no good for nothing.But Sue then thought about those seeds and said "okay wont fight lets just get home" They get home and he heads straight to bed, she lays down to and ends the night, but in the middle of this darkened night.

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Something spawns her muscles to wake up and she heads to the back and plants those seeds in her private garden.Snaps out of it and says what can really cum of those seeds,how I wish. The next day hits and no affection as usual and he is off to work. She heads back to the Garden thinking nothing of it. Last night was just a dream or something.

She starts digging and digging and her anger finally builds from the way she is treated and this invokes black hands rising from the ground,in a deep sexy fear she is shocked as those hands strip her pants half way down and begin to finger her wet throbbing unused pussy.

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The dark lover tells her she must lubricate her cum juice on top of this soil,rubbing her ass back and forth against the erotic dirt mixing the chemicals for my dark release.moans and groans and small thank full cries echo in the air,fucking cum my sexy mature white slut,your new master commands it.

the mucus bonds the dirt and a mud flow fertilizes the black spot.Then a 9inch black cock rises from the dirt,now to train your sucking powers and new life style as my white hot bitch vampress. cum suck the king juice from your king cock.she did as she was told,slurping the head in hesitation,then into a full blown suck and slirp and suck giving her all. black veins sliding through the ridges of her mouth,her electrical fields are cumming back strong.suck my beautiful sweet slut as she dribbles mucus from the deep throat.

claws away at the dirt to suck his boulder balls. Sue suck these balls like a white cunt slut was ment to do it,she was perfect cause she was real woman,not tainted anymore with the fouls of society.

she then strokes and strokes his black monster trying to remove this powerful sword from the dirt and then her mouth traps his dick matching perfect to the bottom structures of his cock and then the boiling begins to surface and a swish of cum floods her mouth and throat and down to her stomach begining the transformation.

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Sue falls over to the side and he rises from the dirt built like a powerful black bull. He grab her by the neck and presses her against the wall,but she endures the pain and converts it into pleasure. Darklover I am yours use me use me-before i make u I must destroy You first. With powerful black muscular contractions her rips her clothes clean off for this yummy violation.

He slides his fingers up her pussy to feel her heart pulsating. He dives his head into her breast mounds and feeds on her breast, causing blood flow to return and nipple contraction springs back to life,smothered deep in her clevage and molesting those white breast meat. He slaps across her breast and then back hands them,rejuicing her sexual blood. Her thiegh's trembling as his hands slide up them with massive grip power,really grabbing her like a man.He then takes her pussy globs and slides it up the black gardening hoe and then pokes around her pussy heightening his her senses.slide it under your legs and ride the rubber covering like a witch.

Yes master and she does,masterbating with the black hoe, screaming out more orgasims, Thats my ripe sexy bitch-you make your king vamp so happy. Cum here and off she went as he sucked around the rest of her body. Erasing the scars of pain she has suffered over the years,she cry's but in happiness,Let Go Let Go.

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He tells her to stand tall and proud.Up against the wall now my love,he tapers her hands to the hooks. As he begins to slap her ass with stinging pleasure of his hand and tells her you are a mutherfucking sexy woman.slap slap slap moan slap-You now belong to me and u will embrace your beauty, Nobody is to ever talk down to u again.I will fuck when I want and when I want.When we prowl the night I want you all sexy in black heels and red dress or vice versa.

Then out of no where he spreads her juicy white plump ass and slides the 9inch mass up her pussy and starts to fuck her with true warrior might,her pussy starts to blast orgasims now and dormant ones.Damn I love mature pussy,so warm so ready.His hips smashed into the boulder of her ass,her claws began to form,and cries went to dark beastress tones.with a erotic tone voice she says I am your willing vampress whore,and I am your darklover.

she breaks the tie up and flips around into his arms as the fuck away in love and dark sexual passion. Driving her deep and deep into standing missonary, he slices he cock through her,but her plump pussy fights back in a wonderful fusion of power,my love slut I'm cumming I'm cumming ahahahah oh shit as his cum floods her womb cavern making new sexual enymes and receptors,and in that moment she bites down on his neck,absorbing his black lust for they are now tied as one.Sue almost can't stop feeding nearly killing him in passion,but he loved it.They lay together for a while-her new found look as her curves poke out even more,new fangs,and sexual beastress claws.

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Well Bob came home,and rudely calling for her just to start trouble.She came elegantly around the corner.oh there and she stopped him to say we are done you fucking sick Tyrant.of course this coward goes to swing at her but she stops him cold and pushes him down.Then darklover appears to say you will now turn over your assets to us. Good old bob says who is this Nigger, They both laugh at his ignorance and lover walks over to her and sorry I should have come to u sooner,she kisses him agree's.

She walks over to him and spikes her claws against his throat,and tells him how he took her life and tried to waste the sexual woman that dwells inside her.


Then he tries to beg,and says I'll sign anything let me live-he then signs it. They tie him up and then fuck right in front of him and make him clean there juices up from the floor like a dog.Sue later runs her night business with her Darklover and they make Bob their butler.They now walk into the night a dominate dangerous species with her white mouth grabbing at his black skin.