Down syndrome boys pissing and gay porn movies group piss Piss Lube

Down syndrome boys pissing and gay porn movies group piss Piss Lube
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"The Wellig Asylum" was one of the most polemic asylums in the state of L.C with many rumors, many things had been told about it, dark experiments, kidnappings, murders, amputations etc. The worst of the country was sent to that hellhole and no one was allowed to enter the asylum except high-level scientists and top-government officials.

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Han and Dean were two teenage students who wanted to discover the dark secrets of the asylum and expose them to the public. MIDAFTERNOON "Hurry up man! We don't have all day for this" - said Dean with a desperate voice looking at each side of the street, making sure no one would see them. Dean and Han climbed the fence effortlessly and entered the gloomy asylum through a broken window, when they entered the asylum, everything around it was broken, it was a huge clutter, something terrible had obviously happened in there.

Han and Dean were recording all the footage they could with a video camera they had just bought, suddenly they heard a noise coming from one room through the hall, the boys raced so fast and what they saw left them speechless.

It was a patient blindfolded tied to his bed, he had blood all over his body and his face was all covered with bandages; the patient was naked and his cock seemed to be part of an experiment, it had needles implanted through it and there was a puddle of blood over his chest, it seemed the scientists had intended to introduce some kind of device through his navel, but failed in the attempt.

The patient was panting so strong and his cock was throbbing at the same time, very few drops of semen were coming out of his cock mixed with blood, a computer seemed to be collecting the samples and analyzing them.

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The boys left the room as soon as possible without first recording the poor patient, the boys kept wandering around the spooky asylum for a while when they found a room for "Vitro Fertilization" which was strange for an asylum to have such room. "Hey dude, I think we've seen enough for tonight, shouldn't we just leave?

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I mean we've got enough footage" responded Han gulping saliva with a terrified face, he really wanted to leave that infernal place. "No way Han!

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Here we're going to find the best footage, we're going to be famous and everyone will want to interview us, we'll be remembered as the guys who reveled the secrets of one of the most controversial companies in L.C "All right Dean, we're just going to check this room and that's it! We're out, I don't want to keep wandering around this creepy place" said Han with a strong tone, kind of angry.

The boys entered the room walking quietly; they were petrified with all the things they were seeing, men and women inside isolation tanks with tubes connected to their cocks and pussies and nipples; another extra pair of thick wires were coming out of their navels and ass.

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"Dude, what the fuck is this place? I think we've had enough for today, let's just get out of here!" - replied Han, he had seen enough for today to remember for the rest of his life. Unexpectedly one of the bodies inside the insolation tanks moved and started pointing behind the boys, the boys turned around their heads slowly just to see an obese man, tall, bald, naked, with deep black eyes, his skin was pretty pale and you could clearly see the stretch marks around his stomach, he was pretty hairy and his cock was quite thick and it had many scars around it.

The boys were amazed by the size of the giant man that couldn't run, their bodies were shuddering and their eyes were wide open; Han wanted to scream, but the scream wouldn't come out. The obese man took them by their throat instantaneously without giving time to the boys to defend or react. "Look what've got here, new specimens; let's see if you two guys can succeed where others failed" said the obese men as some kind of green substance came out of his hairy pits and slipped through his arm and attached to the faces of the boys and put them to sleep.

NIGHT "What the heck did you happen and why does my ass feel so cold?" - responded Han, he had a blurry vision he could barely see and was pretty exhausted Han started to move his hands and realized he was tied to some kind of laboratory metallic table, he began to feel warm thanks to his hairy body though his cock and balls were shrunken.

Dean was in a different room, Han was screaming asking for help but it was useless; no one could hear his screams in that foul room, there was blood on the walls and the room had a strange odor, like chlorine and piss. Suddenly someone opened the door, that door made a horrible sound that made Han move his head from side to side. "Well, well, you've finally awoken up. I'll tell you what's going to happen, I'll try to be as quick as possible.

You entered a private zone and if didn't read the letter it says we are authorized to do anything we want with intruders, so your friend and you have now become our new specimens, you are doomed here boy" - responded the obese man with a sinister laugh "No, let me go! you crazy freak, we won't tell anyone about this place I swear, just let me go with my friend!" replied with tears on his face and his voice sounded quite desperate.

"Too late kid, no one escapes from this place" replied the obese men Han started to move desperately trying to break the straps that were holding him, but it was hopeless, those straps were fairly tight. Subsequently the obese men took a catheter of one of the many tables in the room and injected inside one of Han's balls, the pain was unbearable for Han, his body was quivering a lot there was nothing he could do.

The obese man finished inserting this modified catheter inside Han's balls and introduced the other part of the catheter inside one of his testicles and started absorbing Han's sperm.

According to what the obese man told to Han while he was crying was that his body couldn't produce cum, so he abducts male adults to steal their juice, but he was more excited this time because the juice he was about to steal was fresh, new and young. That was just the phase one of the psychotic plan he had for him and Dean. Afterwards draining both ball sacks, the man introduced a wire inside Han's urethra, this wire seemed to have a mind of its own, it went right straight without problems.

Han's body was totally defenseless to the strange animated object, after a couple of minutes the wire found Han´s prostate which is what it was looking for. The wire started to grow inside Han's urethra and inserted small needles inside his prostate and started absorbing his prostatic fluid into the obese men's prostate which was connected to Han's prostate too and more wires were also inserted inside Han's body to absorb fluid from Han's seminal vesicles and Cowper gland.

"Oh man, I feel pretty exhausted, I really want to sleep" - responded Han with a weary tone almost yawning, the pain was almost gone due to the sleep, Han couldn't control his cock anymore his cock was having strong contractions and it could be seen in the transparent tubes coming out of his piss-hole how the animated wire was extracting his precious young seed.

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"You're feeling like that because I'm absorbing many of your nutrients, vitamins, fructose, water, sperm etc. from your prostate, balls and glans. I'll inject you a serum so you feel better you won't need to piss or poo anymore, I'm already taking care of that"- contested the man with a face of pleasure.

His cock was so stiff and ready to cum it looked like a cannon. After having emptied Han's balls and glans responsible for the creation of semen, the man disconnected the wires from his body, but now to connect them to a machine, so in the meantime while he was gone; the machine could extract and save the valuable seed and nutrients inside a flask. Han just fell asleep, the machines were working the twenty-fours extracting Han's seed, there was a computer beside him making sure he was alive and ensuring his survival, the milking process would never be stopped.


The obese man went to one of the isolation tanks and opened it, a woman in her mid-40's came out of it, there were many wires connected to her nipples and inside her vagina. The obese man hadn't only been experimenting with men, but also with women, her wife was infertile so he decided to kidnap women and extract their ovules and maternal milk.

It was the dream of the obese man and his wife to have an offspring but it was impossible and adoption wasn't neither one. His wife was as irrational as him. The obese man connected wires inside the body of the defenseless woman to the body of his wife, the wire made their way inside the fallopian tubes of the woman and started collecting more ovules and transferred them to the body of the obese man´s wife No one would ever know of these people who were abducted because the asylum was just a facade, a private organization rents the place to sick people so they can do whatever they want as long as the pay them a good sum of money.

The organization pays for the diabolical instruments, isolation tanks, weapons, hitmen etc.

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After having transferred the ovules the obese man started to fuck her wife in the bed, he started by smelling and putting his mouth in her hairy pussy and using his tongue to lick every inch of her fat pussy, he squeezed the fat cheeks of her pussy and more juice started to come out, it tasted like fructose mixed with milk, the liquid was quite slimy. The man started to suck her enlarged nipples that were full of milk from the other woman and giving it small bites to make more milk come out of them, suddenly the woman's legs started to shake and her vagina was expulsing more of this marvelous and aphrodisiac juice.

The man pushed abruptly his cock inside her wife, the sweat of both of them mixed with the juice of the woman gave to the room a pleasant odor, the man started to thrust his cock every time faster and started to feel how the fresh new seed he'd stole from that teenage boy was about to come out, he put his wife above his cock and it was feeling amazing how she was bouncing over his cock he took her by the hips and she started to move frenetically on him.

"Oh fuck! I can't hold it any longer" - responded the obese man as he was cumming inside the juicy pussy of her wife, he was releasing all that young and fresh new seed inside her wife, they could feel how the genetic material of two strangers was mixing.

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Though the offspring wasn't going to have any of their genetic material neither of him or her, they were happy they could finally procreate. As for the second teenage boy, the obese man didn't really know what to do, but he knew he'd come out with a plan at any moment.