Blonde tramp drilled by horny pawn man

Blonde tramp drilled by horny pawn man
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This is a true story. I'll say it occurred mid-October 2015. Let me explain a little about myself first. Yes, I know nobody gives a shit, and you just want the action now, but fuck you. I'm doing it anyway. I'm 24 and in good shape. I don't exercise, but I eat alright and have a physically demanding job, so it keeps me in check. My cock is a modest 6.5 inches, 7 on a good day. Just putting it out there now, I'm not gay.

I am very much attracted to women.

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I wouldn't even say I'm bi. Like at all. I don't find any man "attractive." The only thing I like about men is their cocks. The idea of a cock in my mouth and/or ass, or mine in theirs turns me on to no end. Other than that, guys do absolutely nothing for me. Call it what you want, but if I don't find a man sexually attractive, that doesn't necessarily make me gay or bi. Maybe that's just me. Fuck labels, just enjoy yourself.

But anyway, let's start my story.

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I work a shitty job. Normal, right? Well, I recently decided to take a small vacation; just take a few days to recharge my batteries, relieve stress, blah blah blah.

I chose to head to Dallas to visit my best friend, let's call him Shane. Shane was a "typical rocker." He had tattoos all over, very thin with long curly hair, and wore nothing but clothing that was related to music somehow. He wasn't in any way gay.

(Or at least not that I could tell.) Shane moved to Dallas 2 years prior for a better job and be closer to family. Despite the distance, (I'm about 10 hours away) we remained close. I was also pretty close with his roommates, but I was closer to Shane.

I stayed at their place, naturally. Forgot to mention, we are all HUGE potheads. So, when Shane welcomed me with a warm hug at the airport, he also welcomed me with a quarter of medical-grade marijuana to start my vacation off right.

This was already well worth the trip up here. I'll go ahead and fast-forward until later that night. After the roommates, we'll call them Jerry and Lance, got home from work, we smoked ALOT that night. Like 90-95% of the quarter. (Yes, it's true.


I don't give a good goddamn fuck what you smokers say, that shit happened. We are experienced, we are musicians, and we are awesome. It. Fucking. Happened.) So, after getting really high, Jerry and Lance called it a night and crashed so they can work tomorrow.

So it was just Shane and I chillin' on the couch. We started watching South Park, just giggling like fucking stoned idiots. Shane laughed at a particularly funny scene, and he started laughing so hard, his arms were flailing around a bit, and his left hand landed directly on my shorts. More specifically, right on top of my covered cock.

His hand stayed there for just a second or two, but it felt like several minutes. Once he realized where his hand was, he jumped up and said, "Fuck dude, I'm so sorry! I wasn't going for your junk. It just happened, honest." I laughed it off and said, "No worries man, shit happens. Let's just smoke a blunt and forget about it." He agreed, and started to calm down and roll a blunt.

He might have been chill now, but my mind was racing. Was that really an accident? Does he want my cock?

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Does he know I want his? Should I make a move? Once Shane had the blunt ready, I just tried to shrug it off and toke up like it was nothing. So after finishing off the blunt and getting even higher still, we just chilled on the couch and continued with the show. After maybe 20 minutes, Shane dozed off on the couch. I looked over at him and I saw what was clearly his hard cock bulging through his basketball shorts. I kept staring at it, wanting to touch it.

To lick it. To suck it. I spent what seemed like an eternity thinking of how our friendship evolved over the years, of how I didn't wanna jeopardize that, and how I didn't want to make the rest of my stay here awkward, and that's if he didn't kick me out from the start. After all those thoughts, (and I'm sure the abundance of weed in my system had a part to play) only 2 words popped in my head: Fuck it.

I decided to go for it. I was too high and too horny to care. I gently placed my hand on top of his bulge. He didn't move. I started to softly rub it, still nothing.

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Even through the thin material of his shorts, I felt his cock getting harder. My cock was ready to burst at this point, and I was only getting hornier! After a few minutes, I got bolder and gradually slipped my hand under his shorts and wrapped my fingers around his shaft. It was definitely a good size. It felt bigger than mine. I slowly stroked him up and down.

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I thought I heard a soft moan, but I couldn't tell. Shane didn't move or say anything, so I carried on. I got bolder and decided to pull down his shorts so I can get a better look at his cock.

I'm already in, might as well go for broke, right? I slid his shorts just past his knees, and his cock popped out and smacked against his flat stomach.

I misjudged it. It was easily 8 inches. Hell, closer to 9, I'd bet. After admiring Shane's unit, I resumed stroking his shaft. He tossed and turned for a few seconds, which made me freeze instantly.

I left my hand wrapped around his cock, I couldn't move. But, just as soon as it was over, he dozed back off, even lightly snoring. After regaining myself, I continued exploring my best friend's cock.

Soon after my scare, I stared at the head; picturing what it might taste like. I figured I'd chance it. I licked my lips, then planted a light kiss on the tip.

Not so bad, no real flavor to it. So I took it a step further and stuck the whole head into my mouth and gently sucked. I was liking the feeling of it in my mouth, so I didn't stop. I kept taking more of it in now, filling my mouth with inch after inch of his hard cock. I could get in most of it before I had the urge to gag, so I just relaxed my throat and found a comfortable length to take in so I can make this experience last.

I heard what I thought was another soft moan, so I took it as a good thing and kept going. He didn't seem to be awake, or he wasn't giving any indication that he was.

I was sucking even harder now, and stroking his shaft. I could feel his cock pulsing. No point in stopping now. Might as well finish him off. But just before he finished, I felt a hand on my head. I instantly panicked, all those thoughts of a ruined friendship and vacation clouded my mind. I tried to sit up, but his hand was forcing my mouth back onto his raging cock. And he moaning much louder now, and this time he was conscious.

"Keep going, please. I'm so fucking close." I didn't have time to question it, nor did I want to. I resumed my duties and took as much of his cock into my warm mouth as I could manage and sucked. After just a few seconds, his moans were bordering on screams now. He was tapping on my head. I assumed he was trying to say he was about to cum, but couldn't get the word out. I never tasted cum before, but I was too in the moment to care.

I wanted to taste him. I had to. He let out one final cry as his cock shot out large ropes of cum into my mouth. I tried getting it all. After my mouth was full, I took his cock out and jerked any more cum I could out of his cock onto my lips and face. After he finally settled down, I swallowed the cum in my mouth, then what was left on my lips and face. Turns out, it tastes better than I would've guessed. Not a taste I loved, but I didn't mind it at all.

I put his cock back in my mouth to clean it up and suck whatever cum was left. After a minute or two, he was starting to get soft, so I took him out of my mouth. Shane started to regain himself and opened his eyes to look right at me. He broke out the biggest smile I've ever seen on him. He grabbed my face, pulled me up to him, then kissed me right on the lips.

I wasn't expecting it, but I ended up kissing him back. He pushed through my lips with his tongue, wrestling it with mine. I accepted his eager tongue, and we kissed like that for several minutes. Surprising to me, I liked kissing Shane. I figured kissing any guy would be a turnoff, but I was actually enjoying it.

He broke the kiss and looked at me. "I know we have to talk about this, but I can only think of one thing right now." And with that, he flipped me over and moved his head down to my rock hard cock. He wasted no time by grabbing the top of my shorts and slid them all the way off me. And without hesitation, he took my whole cock into his warm mouth.


I moaned very loudly, very instantly. This was way better than any chick that gave me head, by far. He took my cock in until his nose touched my trimmed pubes, and he didn't even take it out. Not at first. He kept it there for a few seconds and just moaned. His vocal chords vibrating just felt so. Fucking. Good. I knew I wasn't gonna last long, and he knew it too.

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"Fuck, dude. This is just fucking great! I'm gonna cum real soon." That only made him suck harder and faster. Once I felt my cum rising up my shaft, he deepthroated my entire cock without pause, letting my cum slide smoothly down his throat. This only made me wanna scream, it felt so fucking good! After I finally stopped cumming, Shane took my cock out of his mouth, but he was in no rush to do so.

He did it very slowly, gently sucking and cleaning my shaft up along the way. After we caught our breath, he came back up and gave me another passionate, tongue-tied kiss. I didn't hesitate this time, and returned his kiss. But this time, I could taste mine and his cum in the kiss. I tasted my own cum before, and wasn't crazy about it. But tasting it with his cum in a hot kiss with something else entirely! We broke the kiss and he looked at me.

"Any chance you want to talk about this in the morning? It's late and that really wiped me out." I was a bit sad to see him go, but I gave in since I was drowsy now too. He smiled and gave me one more kiss before grabbing his shorts and heading up to bed. As I lied there, drenched in sweat and cum, I could only imagine what the hell just happened, and what the fuck was gonna happen next. Part 2 coming soon!