Lovely babes willingly share their sexually excited fuck holes

Lovely babes willingly share their sexually excited fuck holes
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"Daddy?" I looked up from my computer to see my teenage son standing in my doorway. Jake looked over at me with tired, almost sullen, look in his eyes. "I can't sleep, can you help me?" He asked as he tried to stifle a yawn.


My son was just barely eighteen, just starting his senior of high school, but he was a rather shy and insecure child.

Standing at only 5'4 and only weighing about 150lbs, he still found his way into my bedroom most nights, still needing the comfort of his loving father to help him sleep at night. I removed my reading glasses and closed my laptop, placing it on my nightstand.

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"Yes son, come get in bed with me, I will help you go to sleep." Jake smiled at me and happily scampered into my bed. Under the soft lighting of my reading lamp his features looked more feminine than masculine. "First let's take off your shirt; I know you must be getting hot in it." Jake nodded his head and lifted up his arms, so I could remove his thin black cotton shirt.

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He let out a soft moan as my finger tips brushed against his soft pale skin. I smirked and licked my lips slowly. "Let me give you a massage that will help you relax." Jake turned over on to his stomach and I positioned myself over him, my fingers massaging deep into his skin. My son let out another soft moan.

"Daddy, that feels very nice." He whispered as my fingers trailed up and down his small back. I felt my cock starting to harden against his tight bubble butt. "Alright, let me get your front." I said before turning him over to his back. Jake looked up at me with his soft, half-lidded, chocolate brown eyes, and I smiled. I moved my hands over his chest, his breathing becoming slightly less steady as my fingers grazed his soft pink nipples.

I circled them slowly as my son began to squirm beneath my touch. "Does that feel good?" I asked, but he could only nod his head in response. I continued to circle his nipples, pinching them gently, tugging on them lightly until they became erect. I lowered my head flicked my tongue against the right one.

A lewd moan escaped Jakes lips. His breathing became more intense. "You must really like your massage," I said before I began to suckle on his nipple. "Yes Daddy…it feels so good. I love your massages." He swallowed hard as I bit down gently. I soon switched to the other one, loving the way Jake squirmed beneath me. My cock was hard as a rock pressing into him completely. "Oh Daddy!" He panted.

I pulled away slowly and looked down to see his young hard cock tenting his boxer shorts. "Well I think I know why you can't sleep," I chuckled to myself as I slowly kissed down his torso until I reached the band of his shorts. I pulled them down freeing his cut six inch cock. He was already leaking precum. "You can't sleep like this son." I said as I ran my finger over the head of his cock, precum sticking to my fingers. "Can you help me make it go away?" Jake whimpered out, lying before completely exposed and vulnerable.

"Of course I can," I grasped the base of his cock and stroked him slowly. Jake was fully shaved; I made sure of that, I had told him that being fully smooth was how young boys like him were supposed to be.

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I watched Jakes chest rise and fall as my strokes became harder and faster, more of his precum leaking out and onto my hands. "Look son, doing this to you has gotten my cock hard as well." I gestured down to my boxers, my cock straining to be free. I pulled my hand away, slowly licking up his juices before removing my own shorts.

My cock throbbed, happy to be free from the cloth prison. I had a cock to be proud of, eight and a half inches, cut, and incredibly thick.

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I placed my cock against my sons, my own precum leaking out mixing with his. "I will stroke our cocks together, that way we can both go to bed when it's over," "Yes Daddy, just please hurry." He moaned and I couldn't help but grin.

My son was a needy submissive and I loved it.

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I took hold of both of our cocks with my hand and stroked hard and fast, trying to ease my own ache. Jake groaned louder than before and I loved watching him clench the sheets as he came closer and closer to orgasm.

"Daddy…Daddy!" He begged and I didn't let up. His cock felt so good rubbing against mine, I loved feeling him trembling beneath my touch. "That's it boy, cum. Cum hard for Daddy." I grunted. Moments later Jake arched his small body and shot out a thick load of hot cum all over his chubby tummy and chest. He laid his head back as he panted, pleasure washing across his face. I pumped his cock a little, forcing the last drops to dribble out before letting him go.

"My, my, that's a lot of cum coming out of your cock, a lot more than last time." I teased. "You always make me feel good Daddy." He said breathlessly. I leaned down and slowly licked up the cum that had covered his stomach and chest, swallowing it quite greedily.

His cum was so sweet. "I think I can go to sleep now," I shook my head. "Well I can't sleep." I said as I gestured to my still rock hard cock. "You did this to me, so you need to fix it." Jake sat up slowly, pouting as he did. "Well how can I help you Daddy?" I licked my lips and took hold of his chin.

"Oh I know just how you can help," I sat back on the bed and got myself comfortable, before I positioned him between my legs. "You have such a cute little mouth Jake." I said as I ran my fingers over his soft pink lips. "Thank you Daddy, I know you love how my lips feel when they suck on your cock." "Mmm, yes I do." I pushed his head down, his lips brushing against the head of my cock, my precum smearing causing his lips to glisten like he was wearing lip gloss.

Jake opened his mouth quite willing and I moaned loudly as his wet warm mouth engulfed the head of my cock. "Such a good boy you are Jake." I ran my fingers through his thick brown hair that rested on his shoulders. I shifted slightly but I knew my son wouldn't need much encouragement. He loved sucking on his Daddy's thick cock.


Jake pulled away for a moment, slowly licking up and down on the underside of my cock. "Such a very good boy," I groaned as he stroked my cock and let my cum heavy balls enter his mouth. I had been training him for years and my hard work had paid off.

Jake's tongue slowly made its way back to the head of my cock and he swirled it around doing his best to tease me. I finally couldn't take it anymore and pushed down on his head, forcing him to swallow my cock completely. "Suck harder Jake," I pressed down on his head causing him to choke on my dick, taking it deep down his throat. "That's good, keep sucking, just like that." His wet slurping sounds filled the room as my precum spilled down his throat. I placed both my hands on his head and forced even more down his tight throat.

I start to moan louder as I began to fuck my son's throat. "You like sucking on Daddy's dick boy? You like being a cock whore?" Jake put his hands on my hips in an effort to keep me from fucking his mouth to hard, but it was no use. His nose was pressed into my crotch as my body tensed up and I came hard into his throat.

I tightened my hold on his hair and pulled his head away slowly, letting my thick hot seed fill his young mouth. As I pulled out completely, I stroked my cock and the last few thick ropes landed across his face.

"You look so sexy covered in my cum son." I panted heavily. "Daddy…it happened again," I looked down to see Jake's cock was hard once more. "Don't worry, I will fix it." I pushed my son back on the bed, loving that he automatically spread his legs for me.

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I guided my slick cock to his tight pink hole and slowly pushed inside. Both of us threw out heads back, moaning loudly as I filled him completely, stretching his incredibly tight hole wide open.

"Oh god, it feels like you haven't fucked me in forever!" Jake groaned. I closed my eyes a little as I gripped his hips. "Yeah, I know. Your ass is so fucking tight! Always fucking squeezing me." I thrust into him as hard as I could and he scoots back a bit. "What you're not running from me already?" I tightened my hold on his hips as I slammed into him hard again.

"No I'm not running Daddy! Please fuck me hard!" "As you wish," I keep moving my hips harder and faster. "God son, your ass is so amazing! It just keeps sucking me in! I can't get enough!" Jake's hands reached for his cock and he began to furiously stroke himself, moaning much louder than he was before.

I quickly grabbed his wrists and held them above his head. "Please son, allow me." My free hand wrapped around his dick and I stroked him, loving that he only moaned louder. "Daddy! You're driving me crazy!" My cock is throbbing like crazy inside him and his whines are only making it worse. "Oh my god, you're going to make me cum again! I'm going to fucking cum!" I keep stroking Jake's cock with one hand, my other gripping his hips tightly again as I keep pounding his ass.

"I'm almost there okay I'm almost fucking there!" I give one final thrust and I fill his ass completely with all my white hot sticky cum.

His eyes roll back as my grip on his hips gets much tighter, my fingers digging into his skin. "Oh my fucking god!" I groan loudly as more and more cum fills his ass, some beginning to drip out the sides.

I pull out slowly my cock a little white with cum and I get so happy when I see it just start to run out. I only have to give his cock a few good strokes before he bucks his hips hard and shoots his load high up into the air. Jakes body trembles as I keep stroking him, forcing more and more of his cum out, letting it rain down on the both of us, getting in both of our hair and all over his chest, my hands and arms, and his thighs and stomach.

I let him go and we are breathing hard, his face all red. I lay down next to my son on the bed staring at him for a moment before I pull him close to me and start kissing him. I slowly and reluctantly pull away from Jake after a moment, pressing my forehead against his. I give him another small gentle kiss as my thumb rubs your cheek.

His eyes slowly close and I wrap my arms around my waist, pulling the covers around us, our legs getting tangled together, our cocks rubbing against each other. Jake lays his head on my chest wrapping his arm around my torso snuggling close to me. "Get your rest Jake; you have school in the morning." I whispered. "I love you Daddy.


Good night." "I love you too son. Good night." And within minutes we were both fast asleep.