Busty slutty brunette India Summer is gangbanged by two cops

Busty slutty brunette India Summer is gangbanged by two cops
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The Park A True Story of us when young marrieds. Please do comment and mark. David Many years ago, when we were young marrieds, the wife and I and the 2 kids lived in a high rise block, just on the edge of Central Park in Dagenham in Essex.

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The whole block was 16 stories high and we lived on the 5th floor. The floor plan of the building was an "H", the central bar of comprising the lift shafts, stairs and utilities. Each leg of had 3 flats, two bedroom ones in the corners and a one bedroom in the middle. Ours was situated so that the main aspect from the lounge overlooked the park. High rise living is what you do if live in a city (we didn't) or if cash is short (it was). The flat was well appointed, we suffered little noise from neighbours, a couple of parties over the 6 years we were there but that was all.

The bane of living like that was the lifts, a malfunction or a power cut and we have to trudge up and down 5 flights of stairs. And worse, when there was no power, the stairwell was unlit. It was 1972, the height of the miner's strike and, as well as the 3 day week, the lack of coal led the government to operate a series of planned power cuts in each area to save electricity. The times were well published and most people either stayed away or did not leave home for the duration of the power cut.

However, I was shift work and often came home in the middle of a 4 hour long outage. As power demands were low at night, there were no cuts at night but started again in the morning. We cooked on gas which was not rationed, and got by with candles for illumination.

No TV though, double whammy as the government legislated for the TV channels (only 3 then) to stop broadcasting at 10 pm to attempt to get people to go to bed and save even more power. Radio was still broadcasting and the was the period when local radio (a new innovation still no commercial radio yet) came into its own and BBC Radio London started a phone-in show at 10 pm.

I had a radio that ran on batteries so we would switch to that. My wife of 2 years was still young, only just 20, we had married when she was 18 and I was 21. She was large, size 24 with humungous tits and a very willing cunt. We already had had swapping sessions with our friends, the Jones's, I would fuck Chris whilst Sue had sex with Kerry sometimes in the same room, sometimes in separate rooms.

She was on the pill and I knew that semen left in her cunt would not cause any problems. In the middle of the strike I works a week of 2 -10 shift, although we tended to change early and I was usually home just after 10 pm. This week I came home to a power outage which I knew about, parked the motorcycle and ascended the 5 flights to our flat. I had a torch and that was just a quick leap for a fit 23 year old.

When I entered the flat it was in complete darkness and I found Sue perched on a chair in total silence, smoking a cigarette and looking out of the window out in to the park. "Your dinner is in the oven." She called so I lit a candle in the kitchen, took my dinner out of the oven and into the lounge to sit and eat it off my lap. "You haven't got the radio on." I remarked.

"It's boring." "So what is so interesting out of the window?" I asked. "Just a group of lads in the park." She replied, "I can only just make them out." "Kids?" "No, a bit older than that I would say. Late teens perhaps." "So what makes it so interesting to huddle in a darkened park "No idea.


I could go and ask them." "You have trouble with the stairs in bright light," I rejoined, "how would you manage in complete darkness?" "I'd manage." She said. "Just take it slowly." "Are you really that bored? And what if they are after a bit more than a quick fag and conversation?" "Well I don't have a problem with that." She said slyly, "Do you?" "No, of course not, but I'd be a little worried about you.

How many of them are there?" "There's about 6 or 7 of them, they are moving about and difficult to count. Well, one less now it looks like one is off home. Better decide soon before they all leave." "Go, if you want.

I'll watch from here to see how you get on." She stubbed out her cigarette and went into the bathroom where I could hear sounds of her having a wash, didn't need to ask where.

Then into the bedroom for a quick spray of her favourite perfume Charlie in those days if my memory serves me right. She came back in to the lounge and planted a quick kiss on my lips. "You sure this is alright with you?" "I'd have said if it wasn't. Be careful." I looked at her. I was not sure if this was a safe thing to do. "I'll be fine. Just you see." And saying that, she collected the torch from the kitchen where I had left it and made her way out of the door.

I took my empty plate to the kitchen, rinsed it in the sink and, as it was the only item needing washing, left it there. I put some water in the kettle, put it on the gas stove to heat for a cup of tea, went into the lounge a sat myself in in the chair she had vacated.

I saw the lads but only 4 of them. "If she does not get there soon, they'll all be gone." I said to myself. Whilst I watched I saw her come round the corner toward the park fence.

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Officially there was no entrance there but a hole had been cut in the chain-link to effect entrance from the flats. She ducked under the wire and slowly made her way to where the boys were stood. Of course I could hear and really see little but dark shadows but perceived that the lads noticeably stopped moving.

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She got near and stopped. I could see them all facing her, but her back was to me. Nothing seemed to happen for a few minutes but I guess one of them must have asked her if she had any "fags" as I saw her outstretch her arm towards them with what I suspected was her newly opened box in her hand. Only 2 of the lads took them and I saw brief flashes of light illuminating their faces as she lit them with her lighter. I was straining to see what was going on.

As the lights around were out my night vision was as good as it was going to get. Obviously they had mad friends as the group gradually got tighter with the guys standing closer and closer to her. Eventually they had become close enough and Sue reached out and put a hand on the arm of the closet guy. He reached out and covered her hand then moved in much closer, sliding his hand off and round her waist.

She slid her arm around his neck and pulled his face to hers. The other guys heads were thrown back, obviously in laughter as they watched the kiss move into a passionate embrace. They broke and Sue held out her arms to one of the other guys who seemed to need no second bidding, folded his arms round her and they too kissed for long moments. In turn, she then kissed the other two and when finished she was hidden by a wall of male bodies.

Sue I got the kids in bed at 8 and sat down to watch some TV. David was due home at around 10. His dinner was to be the same as I had prepared for me and the kids, just pie mash and some gravy. His I had put in the fridge for later. Around 9:30 I lit the oven and warmed the gravy then poured that over the meal placing it in the oven on a low heat.

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I had turned on the radio, but it was dull so I switched it off just as the power went off at 10. Wandering aimlessly around the flat I saw some movement in the park so I blew out the candle I had lit, moved a chair over by the window and sat to watch what was happening.

Several lads were out there, could not count them but they seemed to be just chatting and laughing. I wondered what they would do if a woman approached them and offered sex? I smiled. Would be most interesting. Just after 10 David arrived home, took his meal out of the oven and ate it on his lap.

I wondered if he would agree to what I had in mind. A short conversation soon elicited the fact that he was going to let me. There was no tone to let me know, but I suspect he was just as excited to see it I could pull it off. I had a quick wash of important parts, wanted no smelly bits, sprayed a bit of Charlie for extra effect, swapped kisses and goodbyes, grabbed the torch and my cigarettes and made my way to the stairs. I never liked using the stairs at the best of times and, in the dark, it was much worse.

I took them slowly, taking nearly 10 minutes to get to the ground floor. I snapped off the torch and made my way into the park, ducking under the hole in the fence. The guys were about 50 yards into the park and I walked slowly towards them. It was not long before I was noticed and they turned to face me. One of them must have made a ribald comment because they all laughed. I coloured a bit as I was hoping it was not directed at my size.

When you are as big as me you do receive lots of derogatory comments and it can really be demoralising. But I shrugged it off, I think all comments would be forgotten in the next few minutes. I had been rehearsing what to say on my way down the stairs. "You lost guys?" Bit lame. "No," one of them said. A guy of perhaps 18 or 19, tall and a bit on the thin side (just like my husband except for the tall bit), "just killing a little time.

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Not much to do when the power is off." As I drew closer one of them asked, "Got any fags lady?" (Lady??) I held out my pack to them, they all drew close and two of them took one each. "A light?" I lit their cigarettes for them and they smoked in silence for a few seconds. "Where you off to?" The tall guy asked.

"Just came to see what you were doing." I said and placed my hand on his upper arm. He put his hand on mine and I moved closer to him. His hand moved to round my waist and mine went round his neck, pulling his head to mine for a kiss. His lips met mine so I pushed them open with my tongue, sliding it into his mouth. A couple of giggles escaped the lips of the others but I was not about to leave it there. I held out my arms to one of the others who came in for his turn then kissed them one by one.

By now all four were crowded against me, vying for kisses which I offered in turn. I let them hold me so my hands could be free to wander. I don't know whose crotch I got hold of first but his cock was already starting to stiffen. Shame I only had two hands as I could only feel 2 at a time.

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For their part their hands were all over me, feeling my tits and lifting my skirt. Those I pushed away and broke from the huddle.

"One at a time." I said. "Who's first?" They looked at one another. "Make it fair," I suggested, "draw lots." The big guy bent down and picked 4 blades of grass.

"Longest first." He announced. Each took a blade. The smallest guy pulled the longest and had a grin fit to tear his face in half. "Come on then." I said as I took him by the hand and pulled him over to the shelter of the pavilion where he went to make a grab for me. "Wait a minute" I said and lifted my skirt to my waist. "You need to pull my knickers down." Even in that low light I could see he was surprised but needed no second bidding as he slipped his thumbs into the waistband of my panties pushed them to the floor where I stepped out of them.

I then pulled him to me and opened my mouth for a French kiss. That he knew how to do, but I still felt him stiffen as I started to undo his trousers, dropping them to the floor and felt inside his underpants for his cock which was already half hard and took seconds to become fully erect. This is what I had come for so I just opened my legs and pulled him so that his penis would slide into me.

With a quick push it was in as far as it could go and he started thrusting his hips. It seemed no more than a couple of thrust as a small moan escaped his lips and I felt his penis disgorge its load into my cunt. I'm sorry." He stammered. "Don't be," I said, "you've fucked me and that is exactly what I wanted. Leave it there and you'll find you'll be able to come again." I felt is his cock move gently inside my cunt his movements becoming more and more insistent. I pushed against his thrusting encouraging him to another orgasm.

In a matter of minutes his cock was again throbbing as his balls shot another load into me. His cock dropped out and he hastily pulled up his pant and trousers. "Go get the next one." I said and he scooted off. Seconds later the big guy came round the corner. "You Ok with sloppy seconds?" I asked holding out my arms to him.

He nodded and folded himself against me. Seconds later his nether garments were on the floor and my hand was fondling his impressive cock.

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Erect it would have measured 8" long with a heavy girth. I pulled it into me and heard it squelch as it displaced the semen from my cunt. It filled me and I could feel it pressing against the neck of my womb. He bucked and pressed ramming me against the wall with his thrusts until he too let out a stifled cry as his come jetted into my cunt.


A thought occurred to me. "How old are you?" I asked. "15," he said, "so is Jim. The others are 14." I winced "Your name?" "Wayne." "OK I said, this must go no further, I could get into serious trouble if anyone found out." "They won't," he said "I just wish we could do it again sometime." "Why not? What are you doing tomorrow afternoon about 4?" "Nothing, school is shut on Fridays for the power saving." "Do you want to come to my place then?" He nodded and I gave him the address.

"Tomorrow at 4, no earlier I'll take the kids to my mum's. That OK?" He nodded and I bade him tell the next one it was his turn. I could see he did not want to share. "I promised." I said "And it will be only once." Ten minutes later I had 2 more lots of semen in my cunt and walked back to the flat waving to the guys.

In the meantime the power had come on again and I could use the lift to go home but I noticed that the lights were still off in out flat. David was still watching. Then the light in the lounge snapped on and I saw him wave to me.

David I watched them smoke their cigarettes and the huddle then saw Sue take one of the guys by the hand and lead him to the pavilion. Only minutes later the lad was on the way back by himself and the largest of the group joined Sue sound the back of the pavilion. He took considerably more time. It must have been near 20 minutes until he re-joined the other 3 and then remaining two took their turn.

My thoughts wandered to her cunt. I did hope they had not made her sore as I now guessed that each guy had filled her with at least one load of his semen.

I could hear the lift climbing up the shaft and went to the front door as I heard the doors slide open and she made her way inside, a huge smile from ear to ear. "You look like the cat that got the cream." I said "It's certainly creamy. One guy came twice and the others felt like they were pumping gallons into me.

And you can lick it all out" She said with a sexy look on her face as she removed her clothing. Her knickers, I noticed were already absent.

She laid on the bed and spread he legs, There was semen in her pubic hair, running out of her cunt and spread all over her inner thighs. Her cunt smelled of a mixture of cunt juices and come which I licked, sucked and eat from her. More was in her cunt where I poked my tongue licking the heady juices out of her. She had my cock in her hand furiously rubbing it and it was all I could do to hold from cumming myself. "I need a piss." She said. I knew what she wanted so I spread her cunt with my fingers exposing her urethra so I could clamp my lips over it.

I squeezed to signal I was ready and a warm stream of urine poured out of her bladder like a drinking fountain which I eagerly drank as she pissed. When the flow stemmed I transferred my attentions to her clit and massaged it harder and harder with my tongue until her back arched and her cunt started throbbing as she came. When her orgasm had subsided she pushed at me to get into position to fuck her.

I did not take long either, seconds after pushing my cock into her cunt I came pouring the sixth load of cum that her cunt had received that evening. Sue I got the reaction from David that I expected. We had talked about his eating cum out of my cunt. I decided not to tell him about my assignation tomorrow because I planned to fuck Wayne in the late afternoon and have him return around 9 when the kids were asleep and in time for him to deposit a fresh load in my for David's return from work.


He had the weekend off and I planned to make the best Friday. We'll tell that some other time.