Kinky slut wants him to fuck her hard

Kinky slut wants him to fuck her hard
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A SPECIAL BOND Long Weekend at the Lake ___________________________________ No institution or agency may use this work for other than the intended purpose to provide personal entertainment. All characters are fictional. This is a work of fiction.

Of fantasy. It's called 'My Right of Free Speech.' If you do not approve of youngsters engaged in various sexual acts. . or if you live in one of the God-forsaken States that bans possessing/reading such material.

. then please, PLEASE, go someplace else. This is not some 4 page fuck/suck story. This story consists of 35 Chapters! It has the main story, the back story, lots of detail, enough sex to satisfy almost everyone and some humor.

It will be posted in multiple segments. Lastly, 'A Special Bond' is a Trilogy. 'Long Weekend at the Lake' is the second part and will be followed by the Prequel and finally by The Later Years. I've spell-checked and re-read the chapters multiple times. Yet I am sure there are spelling errors, grammatical problems and incorrect words.

I don't have an editor! Just read and enjoy. Many of you provided constructive comments, resulting in changes. This includes some of the names (too many 'K' names) that caused confusion.

As the other two parts are still under development I ask you provide comments and suggestions. If you don't like it let me know why. If you DO, let me know also. DSGIRLSD Characters: Kathy Evans Age 31 Rob Evans Age 36 RJ Evans Age 16 Kayla Evans Age 15 Aunt Christy Peters Age 36 Uncle Tom Peters Age 37 Ken Peters Age 17 Candace Peters Age 14 Chapter 28 of 35 Before departing, both girls had changed into plain skirts that fell halfway down their thighs.

Each had also donned a short sleeve button-front blouse. They had pulled a hairbrush through their locks and applied some makeup, trying to appear presentable for their guys. Candy pointed out that when they 'switched guys' last night, they had said it was until they got home.

So, she wanted to make sure Kayla was OK with Candy sitting in front with RJ, and Kayla sitting in back with Kenny. Kalya just laughed, grabbed Kenny by the bicep and pulled him into the back seat of the Tundra behind her.

RJ started to exit the marina carefully and turned onto the County Road toward the interstate. The four settled in with the girls choosing to sit in the center beside 'their guy' and just wear a lap belt. RJ had only gone about 10 miles or so, and the four were animatedly chatting, when disaster struck! Suddenly the trailer lurched and jerked and RJ saw smoke pouring from the left tires. After managing to get safely onto the shoulder, he quickly determined that something had broken on the spring, allowing the trailer and fender to drop down onto the tire.

He tried in vain to call his Father and Mother on their cells to no avail. He tried repeatedly for 20 minutes and had grown both frustrated at not being able to reach them, and worried at the same time. RJ then made a management decision. He pulled the card out that Gina and Carlo had given them and called Sand Point Marina Boat Repair. He asked for Carlo, but the foreman said he was not back yet. RJ explained the situation and the foreman told him to 'sit tight' and he would call back in 5 minutes.

5 minutes later, the Forman was explaining to RJ that he had 'dispatched a tow truck with flatbed trailer to pick up the boat and trailer. . not to worry'. The four teens watched forlornly as the driver wrenched and loaded the disabled boat and trailer onto the large flatbed.

It seemed huge once sitting on the flatbed. RJ gave the driver the credit card his dad had provided him and told him "For Emergencies Only" The driver was to take the boat and trailer to Carlo's shop at Sand Point Marina. Absent the boat the four were making good time heading home.

While RJ was concerned about not being able to reach his mom or dad, he was more bummed that the damage to the boat trailer would probably mean the end of him and Kayla being allowed to use it on their own. About an hour down the road Candy could sense the RJ was not his usual carefree self. The four teens were all lost in thought and watching the scenery roll by. Candy decided to give RJ a little treat and try to put a smile back on his face. While he drove, eyes focused on the road, she slowly and cautiously unbuttoned her blouse, one button at a time.

As was usual for her, she had decided against a bra this morning and now her blouse hung open providing a glimpse of her 'A' Cup tits with her nipples now on 'high-beam'.

She laid her head on his shoulder and lightly grasped his bicep. After a few minutes he was lost in thought and had not even glanced at her and still had not noticed she had her tits on display for him.

She nudged his arm and caused him to look into her eyes. She directed her glance downward at her chest and his eyes followed, now seeing her erect nipples poking out into the sunlight. "Candy, you are one crazy girl" RJ exclaimed. "Why?

What is she doing RJ" Kalya asked from the back seat. "Right now she has her tits out for me to see" RJ replied. "That sounds like a wonderful idea" Kayla said.

In a flash she had her own blouse off, and shucked her bra and was cuddled up to Kenny with her left breast poking its firmness into his right bicep. With his left hand, Kenny smiled at Kayla as he began massaging her unencumbered tits. RJ would steal glances at Candy's tits every chance he could when it was safe to take his eyes off the road.

He placed his hand on her thigh which sent shivers through the young girl. Instinctively she spread her legs slightly. Candy was happy that she had taken RJ's mind off their bad luck and he now had a smile on his face. RJ let his hand drift up her thigh, perhaps not consciously. When his fingers were mere millimeters from her hairless mound, she spread her legs wider and scooted down in her seat just enough to cause his fingers to come in contact with her womanhood. He felt it instantly.

"You're wet" RJ whispered to Candy, trying not to be obvious to the couple in the back seat. "Yea. You do that to me when you are looking at my tits" she whispered back to him. She spread her legs as wide as space allowed and RJ toyed with her wet and swollen vulva. Soon RJ realized that the back handed contortions he was going through, plus the loss of concentration, was not a safe way to drive. "Baby, I'm sorry. But this isn't safe to be doing while I'm driving" RJ explained while he withdrew his hand from her now very wet pussy.

At that very moment they heard the sound of some sort of skin rubbing, followed by a moan from Kenny. RJ looked in the rear-view but could not see, Candy spun around, took one look, and said "Oh my God, Kayla is jacking off my brother!" "Kayla you better not get any spunk on my upholstery back there" RJ admonished her. "Don't worry, by the time he is ready to cum, I'll have a rubber on his cock and it will be inside of me!" Candy laid her head back on RJ's shoulder and discretely buttoned just the center button of her blouse so her breasts were not exposed.

In a couple of minutes the two in front heard the noises from the back change. Candy glanced over her shoulder quickly. She put her lips beside RJ ear and whispered "Your sister is doing it with my brother. . she's sitting on his cock facing him!" I know. . I can hear" RJ smiled at Candy. Candy wanted to watch particularly as Kayla was doing all the control and riding Kenny's bronco-buster.

It was just a little bit too obvious to be hanging over the front seat and drooling over the coupling going on in the back. Candy and RJ heard all the 'squishy' sound until the couple in back finally was sated. RJ had noted that more than one SUV had passed them only to give RJ a huge knowing grin, or a 'thumbs-up' sign.

RJ assumed Kayla must have been putting on quite a show through the side window of the truck. 30 minutes later RJ stopped for gas and a potty break. As the two girls exited and went to the Ladies Room, Kayla had discretely wrapped a very full condom in a tissue to dispose of. "Wow seems like someone can't get enough of Kenny's cock" Candy chider her older cousin. "I'm sorry Candy. I know I should have asked you first. . but he was playing with my tits and.

. damn that guy turns me on!" "NO, it's OK" Candy replied. "I don't mind the deal was, that we swapped guys until we get home. I just want you to know that Kenny is going to be driving the rest of the way home, while I let RJ fuck my brains out in the back seat!" Kayla laughed and said 'it's a deal' to her younger cousin. "And no fair watching" Candy said, "We didn't watch you guys!".

"OK' was Kayla's response. As the girls approached the truck Kayla grabbed Kenny's arm and said "Kenny why don't you give RJ a break and drive for a while?" RJ gave Kenny the keys and in a minute they were back on the interstate heading to the house. Candy wasted no time and as soon as Kenny had gotten them back on the freeway and everything was settled in, Candy thrust herself into RJ's arms and pulled him down on top of her as she fell back on the seat.

The two kissed madly, like a sailor who had not seen his lover in months. Never mind that they had just had mind-blowing sex earlier that morning. It took RJ all of 30 seconds to find the single button Candy had affixing her blouse over her breasts and expose them to his hands. He kneaded her nipple by rolling it between his fingers causing her to cry out into his open mouth that was planted on hers.

A couple of minutes later Candy grabbed one of his wrists. She brought his hand down to her crotch and under her skirt. She had a great urgency. RJ cupped her sex and moved his hand and fingers about her hairless cunny. The two were trying to be quiet, even though Kayla had turned the radio on up front.

RJ whispered in her ear; "God you are SO wet Candy." He thrust a finger in her swampy tight hole and felt more girl-lube squeeze out. "I get that way because I'm around you RJ" she whispered back breathlessly. "It turns me on that you get wet for me Candy" he whispered as he began to finger-fuck his cousin in earnest.

Each time his finger went in to the hilt, it seemed like more lube squeezed out on his hand. Candy was starting to have trouble concentrating with RJ working her overheated pussy to a new frenzy. "RJ. .

I'm sorry. sorry that. . you can't squirt. . you're stuff in me. God I want to feel you cum in me!" Candy was speaking haltingly, because RJ was now rubbing her G-Spot - driving her crazy. Candy knew she was getting dangerously close. "RJ, get a rubber on, and please fuck me. I want you to fuck me for a long time. This might be our last chance for a while" she pleaded trying to be as silent as possible. Because RJ and Candy were considerably shorter than Kenny, it was possible for them to actually lay on the seat.

. .well mostly. It was still awkward, but who cared about comfort when you were about to get great sex! Candy lay on her back, her blouse totally open with tits exposed to her lover and her legs spread as wide as the truck would allow.

Her skirt was pulled up around her waist. RJ kneeled between her legs with his now condom-protected penis at the opening of his young cousin's sex.

Her gash was so lubricated that when RJ finally thrust forward, he sank all the way to the meshing of their public bones. Candy cried out loudly, not caring who could hear, 'Oh Christ that feels good!" RJ felt that HE should cry out. He simply could not believe how tight his cousin's vagina was. He would have thought that with all the sex she had in the last few days, she might have loosened up a bit. But no, RJ felt that his penis was wedged in a vise. A velvet covered vice, but a vice none-the-less!

Just as RJ was thinking that, Candy bore down with all her might. Kalya had been teaching her young cousin about 'Kegles' and Candy decided to see if she could squeeze down with her P-K muscles.

"SHIT" RJ cried out, "don't do that" "Why? Don't you like that" Candy wanted to know. "It's not that, Candy. But you damn near made me cum right there!" "Oh goody" the girl said and bore down again with all she could muster. RJ groaned loudly. "If you want me to cum I will the next time you do that, but I thought you said you wanted me to do you for a long time?" "OK RJ, I'll be good.

But it felt so naughty doing that to you" Candy said breathlessly. "Maybe I should be punished for being so naughty." This was the second time Candy had alluded to being punished. "If you do that again Candy, I will beat your ass for sure!" "Promise" the girl asked hopefully. "Count on it" RJ growled. RJ started to piston his 9" cock in and out of the young girl's cunt. In just a couple of minutes Candy fell into the orgasm abyss and cried out so loudly that the car in the next lanes over could have heard her.

"Oh my fucking God RJ. So fucking good! Fuck me. . fuck me HARDER" she shouted. RJ continued to service her with all of his tricks. He went slow and deep. He went fast and hard. He swiveled his hips as he withdrew. He would double hump her rapidly and then rest. By the time RJ felt the ejaculate boiling up in his balls, he had brought his young female cousin to orgasmic bliss three times.

Each time she would become totally rigid and whimper with ecstasy while trying not to pass out. RJ knew he was going to fill the condom with his potent seed at any moment. Secretly he wished that she were on the pill so that he could have filled her womb with his seed. . without knocking up his cousin! "Candy. . gonna cum any second" RJ cried. "Give it to me baby-boy. Fill me up" Candy pleaded. RJ redoubled his efforts and pounded her till her public bone ached. One final thrust and she was there.

He was there! RJ thrust in as hard and deep as possible and the condom started to inflate with copious amounts of his jizz. Candy cried out at the top of her lungs "AAAAHHHAAGHHH." As the two teens in the back seat tried to catch their breath, the two in the front sat wide-eyed at Candy's sexual prowess.

"Damn Kayla, you have got to teach ME to fuck like that!" "Gladly Kenny. Gladly!" was her reply.   Chapter 29 of 35 Aside from RJ's embarrassment of not knowing what to do with his used condom full of his baby juice, the four teens regained their composure and stopped to 'freshen up' once more before getting to the house. Before they got out of the car, RJ was tidying up things in the back seat and broke out in a loud belly laugh.

"What's so funny back there RJ" Kayla asked him. "Kayla this was a new 24-pack of condoms when you found this in the personal effects case right"" he said as he tossed the box up to his sister. "Yea mom must have bought it. It was brand new, why?" "Well, there are only four condoms left! She is gonna kill us when she finds out" RJ again broke into a fit of laughter. RJ again tried to call his parents cell phones, with no response. Kenny also tried to call his parents, to tell them they were almost back to Aunt Kathy's house, but he also got no answer from his parent's cell phones!

As they drove Kayla broached the subject that was on everyone's mind. "You Know" she said pointedly, "as Kenny has a car and his license and as RJ is now driving and has the truck, there is no reason that four of us can't see each other more often. Maybe we could come to your house some times, and you could come down to ours?" "That would be so cool" Candy said. But if you came to our house, where would everyone sleep?" "Candy, it's not like you to skirt around what you are really thinking" Kayla said while looking into her cousins eyes in the rear view mirror.

"What you are really wanting to ask is who all are we gonna be sleeping with at your house? "Well, yea, I guess that is a question too" Candy said meekly. "I think it is up to the guys.

Obviously we're gonna be sleeping with our brothers when we're at home alone. We all know that all of us are horn-dogs. So it's whatever you guys say. Do you two guys think that we will be swapping around again. . or was this a onetime thing?" "Gee Girls, RJ and I haven't had any time to think about this, or talk about it.

What are your thoughts RJ?" Kenny passed the buck. "I think that horse is out of the barn. From what I've seen I'm pretty sure you'd like to get with Kayla again, Kenny. And I'll admit that I'd like to be with Candy again". . .as he said this Candy and RJ smiled at each other. . "So yea, I'm pretty sure that both of us guys will want to be sleeping with both of you girls.

. and I'm also pretty sure that you two girls will be wanting to fool around with each other too! The only thing I'm more sure about is that Kenny and I will not be fooling around with each other!!!!" The four broke into laughter at that remark. "So does this mean we're swingers" Kayla asked rhetorically. "Not if the four of us are monogamous within only our group it doesn't" RJ answered. When RJ drove up to the house there was a strange car in the driveway beside his dad's truck.

RJ parked across the street. "Wait a minute" Kenny said 'that's our parent's car!" "What in the world are they doing here" Candy wondered out loud.

As the teens approached the house, they could hear music playing outside coming from the pool area. The four changed paths and walked back the long concrete pathway beside the house. When they reached the wooden gate on the 6 ft privacy fence, RJ released the latch and stepped back to allow the girls to pass through first. Inside there was a large Bougainvillea bush that hid the gate from the pool area.

Kayla heard the strange noises wafting over top of the music before she could see the pool deck. She put her arms out blocking the patch of the other three and placed her finger to her lips to 'be quiet.' Kayla and Candy peered around the Bougainvillea, stood staring for a very long minute and snapped their bodies back with their mouths hanging open.

The boys wanted to know what they saw and squeezed past. The boys stared aghast for a longer time than did the girls, before they too ducked back behind the bush. Kayla made a motion with her hands to shoo everyone back out the gate.

The four went back to RJ's truck, not sure what to say to each other. "Did we see what I think we just saw" Kenny said what was on everyone's mind. "I think so" Kayla said shakily. "But I still don't believe it!" Rob Evans and Christy Peters were fraternal twins. Tom Peters and Kathy Evans were brother and sister. The two pairs of brother/sisters had known each other from grade school. The four were always best friends. As they got older and started dating, Tom had fallen in love with Rob's sister and Rob had fallen in love with Tom's sister.

Everyone thought it was pretty cool, if not a little confusing. The four of them also shared other common 'interests' as they were growing up. "Well I'll tell you what I saw" Candy started, "I saw my Aunty Kathy with my Daddy, her brother. They were both naked, sitting beside each other on that big Chaise Lounge. She was playing with his penis and he was playing with her . . her vagina!" Then RJ said, "and I saw Aunt Christy with my Dad, HER brother. She was kneeling over him, had on her bikini bottom but no top.

He was fingering her. . you know. . through her bathing suit and he was sucking on her breast. Aunt Christy had her hand around behind her and was jacking Dad off. She was also making a lot of noise while dad played with her!" The four were quiet for a long time. Then Kayla broke the silence. "That's not all. Did anyone beside me notice that my mom's.

. er, vaginal area, was all red and stuff was running out? I'm pretty sure Uncle Tom had sex with her and came in her" Kayla said. "Yea, and I never knew my mom shaved her. . vaginal area. Did you know yours did Kayla?" "No I never had that conversation with her" The next silence was even longer, while the four tried to figure out what this all meant. "Well, the heck with it. All this means is that they are just like us" Candy stated matter-of-factly.

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"NO Candy, I think it means that we are just like them! I just remembered, a long time ago, at a family get together, seeing my mom kissing your dad. It was years ago and I was pretty young, so I didn't think anything about it" Kayla explained to them all. "I think that they may have been like us. . been this way. . for a long, long time." "Well what do we do now" RJ stated.

"We can't just sit in the truck all night!" "I'll tell you what we are going to do" Kayla took control. "We are all going to grow up a little bit. Then we are gonna walk in there as though there is nothing out of the ordinary going on. We're all really fine with this. . surprised maybe. . but it is no different than what the four of us have been doing this weekend. They might be a little embarrassed at first, but we'll just tell them we are fine with this.

It's been over 15 minutes hopefully they finished what they were doing. Let's get in there before they start having sex again. . I'm not sure I want to watch that right now!" Kayla finished her speech and reached for the door handle. The boys could not believe they were going back in there with their respective Aunts and Uncles naked with each other.

As they again crossed the street, both girls got beside their brothers and they held hands. Approaching the Gate, RJ again opened it and the four walked in and paused behind the bush. Kayla took a deep breath and she and RJ led off followed closely by Kenny and Candy. "Hello Mom, Hi Daddy. Hi Aunt Christy and Uncle Tom, what a surprise - how nice to see you." The words were not even out of Kayla's mouth when the shit storm started. The four adults has been sitting on Chaise Lounges all still in some form of nakedness and with each other's spouses.

The two women let out a little shriek and jumped up grabbing their bathing suit 'cover-up' and throwing them over their heads. The two Fathers had a more difficult time as they had to stand up, find their pants and put them on. This was particularly difficult for Uncle Tom, as he had a raging hard-on! It seems that Kayla's mom was still stroking Uncle Tom's manhood, as the four teens walked in.

"Jesus! Would everyone relax for just a minute" Kayla said, causing the adults to turn and look at her. "Look, we saw what you were doing before. . ." "When? What did you see" their Aunt Christy interrupted Kayla in midsentence.

She wanted to know what the kids had witnessed. "Look, we were all here about 15 or 20 minutes ago and saw you guys doing various things. The four of us went out to the truck to talk. We just want you to know that we are fine with what is going on, after all we're all adults here." As Kayla said that, Candy had to laugh. She wasn't actually feeling very adult, after just having witnessed her mother getting finger-banged by her uncle, while he sucked on her mother's ample tits!

Christy swept over to her daughters side and put her arm around her. "Oh Candy, we are so embarrassed. Please forgive us" her mother said. "Mom, what are you talking about? We really are serious we are all fine with you guys partying with each other. Honest, so stop worrying about anything. But where the hell is your cell phones, RJ and Kenny have been calling you guys all day!" "Oh, I guess our cell phones are all up in the master bedroom" Christy responded to her daughter without thinking!

"Why are all the phones in one bedroom. . did you guys all sleep together last night or something" Kayla asked, somewhat enjoying the discomfort she was causing. The two women instantly turned crimson red, which gave Kayla an unexpected answer. "Never mind, we're all ok with you guys sleeping together also" Candy stated.

"Mom, Daddy, can Kenny and I talk to you in private for a little bit?" "Sure honey is something the matter" Christy asked her daughter.

"No, in fact everything is fine, but we'd like to talk to you and this is a good a time as any." Christy and Tom excused themselves and went into the living room with Kenny and Candy in tow.

Rob turned to RJ, still somewhat shaken at having been caught naked with his twin sister, by his own children. "So RJ, how was the great boating trip?" "Fantastic!

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Kayla and I have so much to tell you. But there is a problem. That's why we've been trying to call you guys all day!" Rob was worried so RJ immediately explained everything that had happened as they left the Marina. About how they had to have the boat and trailer towed to Sandy Point Marina. About how he had to pay the tow driver with his dad's credit card (sorry dad). About Carlo owing the Boat Repair shop, and the fact that he was going to fix the axle. About how 'because of the incident, RJ guessed he and Kayla would never be able to use the boat again by themselves.

Rob had listened very carefully to RJ without interrupting. Kathy listened and felt that this somehow proved her original fears were founded about the kids being on their own. "RJ, first of all I am extremely grateful that the accident was not more serious. That is the most important thing; that no one was hurt. Next, I think you did an excellent job of coaxing the boat off the road without causing a lot of damage and creating a further hazard. That in itself was very good thinking.

I gave you the credit card for emergencies, and this certainly qualifies. I'll need to talk to this Carlo fellow to make sure he is the right guy to fix this. This just illustrates that as much work as you and I did to check everything out on the boat, we didn't check enough!

When I talk to the shop, I'll be interested to know what we missed so that next time we won't miss it. And lastly, I'm very sorry that mom and I were. . er. . unavailable. . when you tried to call us today. As to your concern that you kids won't be able to use the boat again well. . of course you can. I think that when you were faced with adversity you handled the situation with intelligence, maturity and safely and you did all the right things, son." RJ beamed but he was embarrassed at his father's praise.

"Thank you, dad. I'm sorry I didn't get it back home in one piece though." RJ handed him Carlo's Business Card and said that his personal cell number was on the back. As it was not yet 5:00 PM he was sure they could call now. Rob went into the kitchen to call Mr. Carlo Giannini at Sand Point Marina Boat Repair. Meanwhile Christy and Tom had reached the living room and turned to face their Daughter and Son.

Christy noticed they were holding hands but initially thought nothing of it. "What's on your mind honey" Christy said to her daughter. "Kayla told me that I should be able to talk to you about ANYTHING. . just like she and Aunt Kathy do" Candy started to say, only to be interrupted by her mother. "Of course you can sweetie" he mom replied.

" I am always here for you." "Please let me go on. I'm nervous enough about this. Mom, Daddy, I'm not a little girl anymore. . " "We know honey your growing up" this time her father interrupted. "Will you just not interrupt and let me get this out? Mom, Daddy, what I'm trying to tell you is that I'm a woman now. . Mom, I'm not a virgin any more" she blurted out.

Christy suddenly sat on the sofa edge now. She looked up at her daughter for a minute. She stared into the girl's bright green eyes, bore into he soul and saw.

. happiness! "Your Aunt and I talked and she thought this might happen. I told her I thought you were too young. And Kenny is your boyfriend?" Christy asked her daughter, motioning to them holding hands. Ton said not a word, but had placed his hands firmly on his seated wife's shoulders. "Yes, yes he is" Candy said almost in a whisper, afraid of her mother's reaction. However Christy then said something odd that her children didn't understand at the time.

"I don't know what it is about that lake, and boats and young couples" she mused. "So Mom, there is something more we'd like to talk to you and Daddy about." "Ok go on" Christy said. "Well, we want you to know that we were responsible. . we had 'protected sex' every time." As Candy said that last bit, she wished she hadn't said 'every time'. "Anyway, I think it would be better if I was to get on birth control and I was hoping you would agree and make me a doctor's appointment?" "I am happy to hear you guys used protection and I agree that it is the responsible thing to do to get on birth control.

Is there anything else Candy" her mother asked, sensing that she was not through. "Yes mom. Kenny and I would like your blessing. . well at least your permission, I guess, to sleep together permanently when we get back home." As Candy said this to her parents she was afraid that this might have been the straw that broke the Camel's back.

Christy didn't answer right away and instead looked up at her husband, raising an eyebrow at him. "Kenny" Tom started to speak for the first time, "you realize that having. . .a relationship. . with one's sister is both complicated and very special. It is much more difficult than dating other girls, particularly at your ages." "Yes sir, I understand.

Well, I understand now. . " meaning now that he'd seen his father with his Aunt. . "I realize now that you can probably help me with this.

But Candy and I are very serious about this, and we've admitted to each other that we've both wanted this for a long time, but were afraid to profess it to each other, sir." "Very well Kids" Tom said. We'll talk about all the ins and outs of pulling this off when we get home. And Kenny I certainly hope that you realize that your sister can never be just 'another notch on your belt'.

. She has given you the ultimate gift." 'Yes sir, I understood the commitment, the moment Candy and I talked about this the first time. This wasn't some random thing!" The four talked for a few more minutes. Christy suggested they cal old 'Doc Johnson' first thing in the morning to get Candy on birth control.

Then they all decided that they needed to join Rob, Kathy and the kids before they others sent out a search party. As they exited the house Christy pulled Candy aside. She gave the girl a warm hug, looked her in the eye and said "Candy, I want you to know that you really can talk to me, about any thing, any time, any place. Understand?" Candy got tears in her eyes "I love you mommy." Christy whispered in her daughter's ear "I love you too little girl.

You can tell me what a great lover your brother is later." Candy broke into laughter and said "You are SO bad Mom!" As the Peters clan rejoined the Evans family, Rob was just walking back from the kitchen having gotten off the phone with Sand Point Marina Boat Repair.

"How old is this Carlo Giannini" Rob asked not directing his question at any one in particularly. "He's 19 sir, why do you ask" RJ answered, but feared his father had an unfavorable conversation with Carlo. "I ask because he sounded young. And his business card says he is the owner." "That's correct Dad, it is his shop. We saw it when we were at Sand Point Marina. It's huge!" "Well for the record, your Mr. Carlo is extremely thorough. He found that a spring shackle bolt broke.

What's worse is that during his inspection he found two more that are corroded and frozen and are going to break. He is going to put in all new devices called 'wet bolts' that will allow the shackles to be lubricated and this will not happen again. He ordered the parts and said he will have it fixed tomorrow. He also reported that you are correct RJ, there was no damage to the trailer, boat or tires other than the loss of tread where it skidded to a stop." "That's good Dad" RJ said, but felt this conversation was headed somewhere else.

"What I want to know is what the hell you four kids did up there" Rob said gruffly. "Nothing sir. Honest, we just had dinner and spent the night at the guest dock. Why?" Rob grinned and Kathy hadn't yet picked up that he was teasing.

"Well first Carlo told me there would be absolutely no charge for the repair. I argued with him and he told me that it was a gift for 'Signor RJ' and 'Signorina Kayla'. He then went on to say that your cousins are 'Fantastico'. When I told him we would come up next weekend to pick up the boat, he insisted that we all come up both families and that we would stay at his parent's lodge.

. .for free. So my question again is, what the hell did you four do to impress the owners of Sand Point and their children so much!" "Mom you are going to love Mr.

and Mrs. Giannini. They are so sweet" Kayla said. "They tried to give us two rooms when we were there for dinner, but of course we declined. We stayed on the boat. We felt it wouldn't be proper to impose on them." "Dad, does that mean we can all go up to Sand Point next weekend. And maybe we could all go out on the boat together for the weekend.

. I mean it will be tight sleeping 8 people, but if we work it right, we can all make do" RJ asked but he decided he was rambling and need to shut up. Rob looked at Tom and he smiled. The women looked excited about the prospect. "Yes Kids, it means we'll all go up to Sand Point. We'll leave Friday and get there early. Now you four" Tom said, pointing at the teens, "need to get everything planned and all the provisioning for 8 people. Kayla will show you what to do as she is an organizational expert I hear." The kids grinned at the prospect of another weekend, albeit with their parents.

The kids knew it would be different now that their parent's relationships were in the open! "Before you four kids go running off, we want you all to sit down and tell us about all about your long weekend at the lake." Kayla and her mother went to the kitchen to get drinks for everybody.

"Mom, there is one favor I'd like to ask." "Sure, what is it honey?" "Can you please get us another box of condoms tomorrow?" "You're kidding? The whole box? Gone already?" "NO. . but they will be by morning!" Kayla said grinning at her mother. The four teens went and showered. First, RJ showered with Kayla and then Candy showered with her brother.

While the two males sprang the ubiquitous erections when naked with their sisters, there was no fooling around! When the four came bounding down the stairs, the girls with damp hair, they found the four adults had showered also.

No one bothered to ask how the adults had accomplished that faster than the kids, when there was only one other shower available. The four women threw together all the fixins for dinner while Rob and Tom barbecued some stakes.

The two teen boys had managed to find a sports event on TV and were vegetating in the family room. As everyone was famished they all dug in to the impromptu feast.

However, there was an uneasy feeling hanging in the air, which more than one of the kids picked up on. After dinner and clean up it was Aunt Christy that said "I think maybe a little family meeting is in order.

The four adults and their four children all retired to the family room. The kids sat on the floor opposite their parents on the couch; Kayla was in front of RJ with his arms wrapped around her and Candy was in the same position with Kenny.

"Kathy do you want to start, or shall I" Christy asked her sister-in-law. "You're doing fine go on" RJs mother responded. "Look kids, we're all really embarrassed about losing track of time this afternoon, and you guys finding us like that out at the pool.

We certainly never meant for you guys to see that." Candy interrupted her mom. "Mom, we told you guys, the four of us are fine with you guys doing whatever you want to do. Our families have always been close.

So relax you guys, we four are ALL ok with what you were doing. . .whatever that was. . a little surprised was all. What we're more curious about is what are you and Daddy doing here, and when did you come down." "And why is Daddy not in Washington DC?" Kayla chimed in about her father being home on a Monday.

"We'll get to that in a minute" Christy said. "But first we want to tell you about the four of us. "You see we grew up together and we were all friends and hung out together. At some point we got to doing like all kids do and we started getting curious about the opposite sex. Unbeknownst to Rob and I, Tom and Kathy were starting to experiment, just like he and I were." "Wow" Candy said. "how old were you guys when you started with each other?" "I don't know we were like 11 or 12.

. but it was all pretty innocent stuff. You know like looking and touching a little bit. I was older that you are Candy, when things started to get more serious. Your uncle and I were into some pretty heave 'petting' after school by the time I was about 14 or 15." Kathy took up; "And Tom and I were pretty much the same.

We had learned that if you got to touching each other, my brother could make me feel pretty good, and I could make him ejaculate. Sometimes we'd have make-out sessions until our lips hurt!" at that remembrance, Kathy had to laugh.

"We wanted to start dating," Christy interrupted, "but you couldn't very well go out with your brother on a date. Well one day your Aunt Kathy and I got to talking and she slipped and told me about her latest make-out session with her brother. I was blown away that they were just like Rob and I and in all the years we'd know them, we had never figured out that each pair of siblings was doing the same stuff." "Well we struck a deal" Kathy again spoke.

I would 'date' Christy's brother and she would date mine. It seemed like the perfect solution and we 4 could still all be together and us girls could still be with our brothers, and no one would be the wiser!" "That only worked until your Aunt Kathy fell head-over-heels in love with my brother, and I fell for your Dad! Christy said. "And then things got really fouled up when your Aunt Kathy found herself pregnant by my Brother!" "Wait" Kayla said.

"I thought you had RJ when you were 18 mom? How did we get from you and Aunt Christy being 15 to you being pregnant at 18?" Kathy took a deep breath. "Kayla I've lied about my age so long, I have to stop and figure it out all the time.

Your Daddy got me pregnant at 15! RJ was born a little before my 16th birthday. Granddaddy and Grandmama were furious. Things were a mess and the four of us were not allowed to 'officially' see each other. I was forbidden from ever seeing your father again!

It made it difficult for your Aunt Christy and Uncle Tom to see each other with our respective parents feuding also!" "So how did it all get straightened out then mom?" RJ asked. "Well the four of us had to sneak around to see each other. While I was pregnant your Uncle Tom and I could be together.

. sexually. . all I wanted. But being with your daddy was a real difficult adventure!" "Kayla, while all this hub-bub was going on, your Dad, and I would go up to the lake in this old boat he had bought.


. . remember Grandma and Grandpa only lived about 30 minutes from the lake? Well, when we were out on the lake, we had a great time. . and could do all kinds of stuff without adults interfering. That's where we first became really intimate with each other. There sure was something about being out in that old boat. . on that lake. . and running around naked all weekend!" Christy just smiled at Rob thinking back to those days.

"So you and my dad were having sex too Aunt Christy?" Kayla asked. "Well yes and no. Your dad and I did a lot of stuff but he never had actual sexual intercourse with me. I sometimes thought that with Kathy being pregnant, he was spooked." "You said 'never'. . you mean still, to this day, you and Daddy have never done the deed?" Kayla asked incredulously. "Oh we have pleased each other with a lot of sexual things, but no Kayla, you dad and I have never had actual vaginal intercourse!" "That doesn't seem very fair" Candy said, but then thought better of it and said simply "never mind, go on please." Kathy picked up.

"Well the four of us snuck around. After he was born it was pretty hard for me having RJ to take care of. So sneaking around took a lot of planning. . and lies to my parents. The four of us would usually be able to get together a couple of times a week, and when we did your Dad and I would usually spend it in the back seat of his car." Christy took up the story; "That approach worked for several months, until your mom found out she was pregnant with you Kayla. That's when the shit really hit the fan, as Kathy's parents thought they had successfully blocked my brother and your mom from seeing each other.

At first they accused her of whoring around, assuming she had gotten pregnant with some other guy behind their backs. When they found out that it was my brother Rob who has impregnated her for the second time in a little over a year, right under their noses, they went nuts!" "It all came to a head when I was 3 months along and your Dad came over to try and talk to my parents" Kathy told her children. "Your Dad and my father got in a huge fist fight. . it was terrible. .

.my father pounded on Daddy but he wouldn't hit my father back. . all he did was try to defend himself. As my father's rage finally subsided, Daddy stood there with his nose bleeding all over the carpet, looked my father in the eye and said 'I don't care if you beat the shit out of me every day for the rest of your life I love your daughter, I love the children I've made with her, and I am planning on spending the rest of my life with her!" "What happened then?" Kayla asked in anticipation.

"Nothing at first. But my mother interceded after about a month and allowed Rob to come over for dinner, help out with RJ, and spend the night. It got to where Rob was at our house almost every night. When I was about 6 months along with you Kayla" her mother paused, "well one night Daddy said out of the blue at dinner 'Rob you still planning on spending the rest of your life with my daughter?" Your daddy looked him square in the eye and said "Absolutely and there is no power on earth that will keep us apart." My father stared at him for a long minute and said "OK then, as soon as the baby is born you two are getting hitched.

No sooner cause I don't want my daughter walking down the aisle big as a house! Nothing more was said, and a week after you were born, Kayla, your daddy and I were married. "WOW" Candy said, "so you had two children and got married at 16, Aunt Kathy?" "Yes, I was married a week before my 17th birthday" "It must have been really hard being 17, having two babies at home and trying to finish school" RJ finally spoke. "Well I had dropped out of school RJ. I was home schooled and finally got my GED.

As you know both your Dad and I were able to juggle schedules and go on to college. Family responsibilities prevented me from getting my degree. . but Daddy went on to graduate. We've told you this story for a reason" Kathy pointed out, "it wasn't easy, and we certainly don't want you guys to have any of the same difficulties. So, we thought you should know about our backgrounds." "Which brings us to yesterday afternoon" Christy picked up.

"Kids, the four of us adults have always remained very close. . and through the years when time and family schedules have allowed, the four of us still get together and we still fool around with our brothers or sisters as the case may be. We used to do this more often, when Tom and I lived here too. Three years of not seeing each other's family was a long time, so when we came down we got a little carried away and had a little party.

We're still a little embarrassed about our kids seeing us in the act however." So you came down to see Uncle Rob and Aunt Kathy.

That's cool Mom" Kenny spoke for the first time. "Well not exactly Kenny, that's what daddy and I really need to talk to you kids about. You see your Dad's company is transferring him to a new job. . and it's back down here. So I am afraid we're going to be moving!" The two Evans children didn't know what to say. A thousand things ran through their minds. "That's fantastic" Kayla said exuberantly. "Yea, that will be really cool" RJ echoed, but the look on Kenny's face told a different story.

"Well I'm not sure it is that easy" the kid's Aunt Christy spoke. "Kenny, I already know what is going on in your head. You are going to be a Senior this year, and you have a ton of friends. And then, there IS football and the fact that you're being scouted. Candy, I know you will hate leaving all of your girlfriends. . believe me, I understand. But for you Candy, this will be somewhat easier just going into the 9th grade.

. you'll have time to form new friends." SO, you dad and I have talked this through and we have a plan" Christy paused. "Go on mom, what's the plan?" Kenny asked cautiously. "Well, Daddy has to take this promotion or it would mean he'd be cut off from future advancement. We felt that you, Kenny would want to stay for his senior year. So your dad and I talked about it and I will stay behind with you at the old place. Your dad will come down here and start his new job.

Kenny, if you want to stay until you graduate, next June, I'm willing to do that. Or, if you want to transfer down here and go to school with RJ and Kayla, we can move down here after football season is over. . it's entirely your call." Christy paused and looked into her children's eyes, trying to gage how they were doing with this.

"What about me" Candy voiced concern. "Candy, I'm afraid I can't stay up at the old place for 4 years, until you graduate, without your dad. That would just be too hard on us. When we originally planned this. . .Daddy and I. we had no idea you and Kenny would become a 'couple'. . .that complicates things.

So I'll make you an offer; If you want to stay at the old place until Kenny either graduates, or decides he wants to transfer down here, then you can stay at the old place with us.

If you want to start your freshman year here, well then you can move down with daddy and start school here in September." "You kids wanted to know why we we're down here. . well now you know. We came down to look for a place to live!" Everyone was quiet for a minute. Kayla and RJ were sorry they had been so exuberant, now that they were seeing how difficult this would be for their cousins. Suddenly, Candy burst into tears, jumped up and ran for Kayla's bedroom. Christy started to get up to go after her daughter but Kayla stood and said "No, let me go and talk to her." Kayla found Candy bawling her eyes out with her face buried in a pillow.

Kayla quietly closed her bedroom door so she could talk to Candy. As Kayla sat on the bed she reached out and stroked the younger girl's head. "Candy, don't cry sweetie." Candy rolled over and crashed into Kayla's outstretched arms, still crying her eyes out.

"It s not fair. . it just isn't FAIR!" the young girl blubbered. "OK. Let's talk about it then" Kayla said softly all the while stroking Candy's back. Kayla handed Candy some tissues and the younger girl started drying her eyes. "Now that I think about it Candy, I can see why this is so upsetting. I'm sorry RJ and I were so happy when Aunt Christy first said something." "Kayla, after years of dreaming about my brother, I finally get together with him.

. everything is finally right between us. and now this has to go and happen! And it's up to me to make the choice about whether to be with him every day, OR live apart and see him every.

. God knows when! Kayla, a few hours ago the four of us were talking about when we'd get to see each other. . and thinking that we'd maybe be able to drive to each other's houses on some weekends to get together. NOW, I have the chance to be with RJ and you every day. . ." As Candy said this, Kayla thought it interesting that she had put RJ first she didn't say 'you and RJ' "I could be going to school every day with you two guys.

. but at the cost of being separated from my brother!" At this, Candy started to snivel again. "Candy, look I can't tell you what to do. But look at it this way; lot's of girlfriends and wives see their guys go off to war for a year at a time. Lots of guys have to leave their families to work in distant cities and they only see their loved-ones on weekends or whenever they can.

So what I can tell you is that if you and Kenny are meant to be, you will endure this. Maybe you should start your freshman year up there, and then transfer down here whenever Kenny decides.

If he wants to graduate at his old High School, you'll be back down here in 9 months. If he wants to transfer after football season, you'll be back down here by the end of November or December.

Hell, maybe Kenny will decide to just transfer and do his senior year here?" "NO. . and I won't let him do that! He's too good a football player and he is being scouted by a few colleges. He stands a chance of getting a football scholarship. Our High School has won the State Championship the last three years, so he stands a much better chance with the scouts choosing him if he is upthere, over the schools down here.

So you see he can't choose to transfer down here for his Senior year. . and I won't let him. "I didn't realize that" Kayla said. "Look Candy, if you stay up there with Kenny we will miss you. . but we'd certainly understand. And you would still have 3 or more good years down here with us. Just know that whatever you and Kenny decide, I'll be with you and help you though it!" Candy again had tears in her eyes, as did Kayla.

However, this time they were tears of gratitude. "Kayla, I just never had anyone like you before. You are such a good friend. . I just don't deserve you." Candy started to blubber again as the two girls hugged.

"Nonsense" Kayla replied, "You know we love you guys! So, what are you going to decide?" "Don't know!" Candy said this positively and it was clear to Kayla that Candy was back on track and back to being the methodical thinker she had witnessed over the past several days. "I am going to sit down with Kenny and discuss all the options.

He and I will make the decision jointly and which every way we decide. . I'm sure I can live through it. Maybe I just need to grow up as little!" When the two teen girls reentered the room, Christy asked her daughter if she was ok and Candy had assured her she was fine. Candy took Kenny's hand and asked him to go for a walk.

The two were gone for a couple of hours and they walked and talked nonstop. The two immediately got into a fight, when Kenny declared that he had decided to transfer down to their new school at the beginning of the Senior year.

Candy hit the roof explaining to Kenny, forcefully, that his chances of a football scholarship were greatly improved if he stayed up North. She also pointed out to him rather heatedly that they needed to be making joint decision, now that they were a couple! When the two finally returned to relieved parents they all again discussed the ins and outs of the situation.

All four of the kids grew to understand that there was a lot of pressure. . and decision making. . between Tom and Christy Peters also. Candy realized she had been so upset about her own situation and decision, that she had failed to realize her mother was being torn by the same decisions and separation problems. Tom turned to his son and asked "Have you two kids decided what you want to do?" "Ummm. . no, Candy and I discussed various options, but we need to talk about it some more before we make up our minds" Kenny said, "she is pretty adamant that I do my Senior year up north however, because of football.".

Candy just squeezed his hand. The rest of Monday night was a blur. The four teens decided to put the blow-up beds in the family room even though Kayla and RJ had perfectly good bedrooms up stairs.

The kids all wanted to sleep together, all four together, one more time. The four adults slipped away and the teens assumed they had retired to California King bed in the Master Suite.

Tuesday was equally a blur. Christy had gotten Candy in to see Doc Johnson. When Christy told the Doctor that she wanted to get birth control for her daughter, Doc Johnson said he'd have to do a full gynecological exam. When the Doctor asked Candy if she wanted to have her mom stay, or should he bring in his nurse, Candy just smiled at her mom and said "I'd like my mom to stay. . I don't have any secretes from her." As the Doctor started the exam, which Candy hated, he asked if she was 'sexually active yet' to which she answered 'Yes'.

The Doctor asked if she'd used any kind or 'protection' and when she indicated to use of condoms he said simply 'good girl'. The doctor completed the exam and floored Candy by telling her that she 'looked fine' but a small percentage of women had vestiges of their ruptured hymen which could cause problems and discomfort.

Upon finishing the doctor explained the pros and cons of going on birth control. He then asked Candy and her mother about whether she wanted to take oral contraceptives, or use the patch. While both were equally effective and with the same risks, the Doctor pointed out that the down side to being on the patch was that it was a walking advertisement you were on birth control, in the school locker room!

Christy Peters indicated it was up to her daughter and ultimately Candy chose to use the patch. She wasn't concerned about other girls seeing it, as she had already seen girls wearing them in gym class in eighth grade! Kenny had gone to the free clinic first thing in the morning. He explained that he had been with multiple girls and wanted to be tested for STDs.

He told the technician that his current girlfriend said she wanted to be sure he was cleared from both Chlamydia and HPV. The technician had been very business-like, had not batted and eye at his request, drew his blood and told him they would have his results in 48 hours and to call back with his ID code.

Tom and Christy Peters spent the afternoon looking at houses. The four teens spent the afternoon planning and prepping for the upcoming boating trip the next weekend at Sandy Point. Things had pretty much settled down by Wednesday evening when the telephone rang after dinner.

"Kayla, there is a girl named Gina on the phone for you" her mother called. "Gina, what a surprise" Kayla squealed to her new friend up at Sandy Point.

"What's up?" "Carlo told me that your families are coming to pick up your boat on Friday. I told Mama that you must stay at the Marina Lodge on Friday night. We have as many rooms as you need and you will not be allowed to pay!" Gina said this forcefully. "Carlo and I would like to take you and your cousins out with us on Saturday, and on Saturday night to go camping on the lake.

We have a huge tent that will sleep the six of us. . that is if it is ok with your parents. Kayla and Gina talked excitedly for another 30 minutes with Kayla telling her Italian friend that she would convince her parents not to worry!   Chapter 30 of 35 The entire crew of both families departed very early Friday morning. The four adults were in the Peters' sedan, while the four teens were in RJ's truck.

They arrived at Sandy Point Marina and while the rest of the crew went to the restaurant to get something to eat, RJ and his dad went to the boat repair shop to find Carlo.

Carlo greeted RJ like a long lost brother and gave Rob senior and firm handshake. Rob was surprised at the size of the shop and the number of boats in there for repair. Carlo took the two to the rear of the shop where the Party Hut sat all ready to roll.

Carlo showed them the shackles and bolts he had removed and explained the problem that had caused the failure. Carlo looked at Rob, "Mr. Evans, you are very lucky RJ had not been on the freeway at speed when the shackle broke. Things could have gone much worse!" "I can see that Carlo.

Believe me I am very thankful no one was hurt!" Rob and Carlo then argued for 10 minutes about the bill, in front of an embarrassed RJ.

In the end Carlo said that there was not even any paperwork, so there was nothing for Signor Evans to pay anyway! Besides, Carlo said, I told you this was a gift to your lovely Daughter and RJ! After prevailing on the payment argument, Carlo asked where the rest of the families were. When he found out they were in the restaurant, he picked up the phone and dialed a number. "Mama, the Evans family is in your restaurant.

Please make sure they do not escape again without checking in to the Lodge." As Carlo said this he laughed out loud and grinned. He then said something to his mother in Italian and ended the conversation by saying 'ciao', and hung up. "Come, I will help you and your dad launch the Party Hut RJ." Carlo barked a couple of orders and in an instant the shop crew had a tug on the Party Hut trailer and walked it to the boat ramp. After securing the boat to the courtesy dock, Carlo took his leave and said he'd see everyone in a 'small while'.

Rob and his son found the rest of the family in the restaurant talking to an older and distinguished looking Italian couple. Mr. and Mrs. Giannini I'd like you to meet my father, Rob" RJ said. Rob shook hands with both and said to them "I really want you to know how much we appreciate you looking after our children when they were here. They told us of your generosity.

Also I am very grateful for your son Carlo who took such good care to repair the boat trailer after it broke. "Honey, Mr. and Mrs. Giannini brought us keys to four sweats in the lodge" Kathy said to Rob, pointing to keys lying on the table. "That is too generous" Rob said to Mr. Giannini. "I insist you let us pay for the rooms." "NO Rob, these are suites we keep aside for family and close friends. As no one has claimed any of the rooms this weekend, they are yours to use.

I think my daughter and son have something planned for camping with your kids, so we were not sure how many of the rooms you would need" Mr. Giannini explained.

As if on cue, Gina appeared around the corner. After greeting the four teens with a warm hug, and a kiss to both cheeks, she was introduced to their parents. She shook hands all around and told the Evans and Peters adults how happy she was to meet them. "Mr. Evans, my wife and I were hoping you would all join us for dinner tonight. . that is if you don't have other plans?" Rob looked at the others who nodded their assent and he told the Giannini's they would be happy to have dinner with them.

"If you would bring all your children, I will lasso Gina and Carlo and make sure they are there. After dinner I'm sure they will keep you four amused" he said nodding at the four teens. The Giannini's left to get back to their duties as did Gina. She told Kayla she would call them on the cell phone later.

But if they were on the lake and out of cell range, she would see them all at dinner. The Evans and the Peters families found the suites they had been given on the top floor of the lodge in the back wing.

The Suites were beyond belief and seemed to Kathy to be almost as big as her house! When they opened the drapes the view of the lake from the hilltop Lodge, took their breath away. The two women took the opportunity to freshen up and each changed into a very revealing bikini, which they then put modest cover-ups over. The men and the kids all got changed too after selecting sleeping arrangement in their respective suits. "So, let's go for a boat ride" Rob said to the group, "it looks like our social calendar is filling up." In 15 minutes they were away from the dock and Rob maneuvered the boat out of the breakwater and up the lake further.

The day was proving to be bright and sunny, and almost as hot as the previous weekend had been. They had powered up the lake for about 45 minutes taking in all the scenery. The wives had gotten everyone drinks; cokes for the kids and highballs for the adults. Rob turned into a large cove that seemed to go back into the hills for a long distance. As he progressed, the winding waterway and the rising hills made the cove more and more private.

As they rounded a bend they encountered a fishing boat. As they passed they all waived at the two in the fishing boat. Shortly after passing, the fishing boat weighed anchor and departed, leaving the families to their own private and secluded cove. At the end of the cove lay a white sandy beach. Rob nosed the Part Hut up as close to the beach as possible. When the front gate was opened and everyone jumped down, the water was only calf-deep.

"What a beautiful place" Christy said to her sister-in-law. "And it's secluded too. I don't think we ever came this far north when we used to come up here years back. Too bad, Rob and I could have had a lot of fun here!" Kathy grinned a mischievous smile to her knowing sister-in-law.

Blankets and picnic baskets were brought from the boat and set up on shore. After everything was set up, Kathy and Christy decided to peel off the modest cover-ups they had over their bikinis. As they did so, Tom and Rob let out long wolf-whistles at the two women.

"Man, do you two babes look hot" Tom said. RJ and Kenny looked up and could not believe their eyes. Not 20 ft away stood their two mothers, each wearing a slightly different version of the same suit. The bottom was two very small triangles that covered the essentials, if just barely. The tops were an altogether different matter; both Christy and Kathy had well rounded 'C' cup breasts, most of which hung out one side or the other of the very small triangle piece of cloth that passed for the top.

The boys could see that the fabric barely covered the women's areola, and Christy's had a tendency to peek out as she breathed. On both suits, RJ and Kenny could see the darkened area through the fabric, and Kathy's nipples stood at attention. Neither teen boy had ever thought of his mother as a sexual being.

. not until today. The two moms just laughed as Rob said 'they looked good enough to eat' and they flopped down on the blanket to sun themselves. Candy peeled off her cover-up and revealed a very small peach-colored bikini she had brought along.

Following Kayla's lead from days before, Candy had meticulously unstitched the tricot crotch panel from the bottom of the suit and as predicted and desired, the bikini bottom rode up her crotch clearly outlining her slit. He long blond hair hung down almost to her waist and was in the usual pony-tail.

Her bikini top covered her breasts sufficiently while still displaying he slight rounding of her small boobies. However, her two nipples and puffy areola stood out prominently perhaps more so because of the sexual tension of allowing her parents to see her in one of the most revealing suits she'd ever worn.

With the long flowing blond hair, green eyes, long legs that seemed to go up forever, and her exotic nipples, she made quite a picture. "Jesus Christy" Kathy said to her counterpart.

"Aren't you the one that said you thought Candy was too young for Kenny to be interest in? Have you LOOKED at the body on your daughter? No wonder Kenny couldn't keep his hands off her!" "She really is striking, isn't she" Christy responded. "I just hope that Tom and Rob don't stroke-out ogling her. Candy flopped down beside her brother and RJ on the other blanket. Candy's back was to Kayla but RJ and Kenny sat facing her, as she slowly peeled off the cover up she wore over her bathing suit.

"OH shit, this is gonna cause trouble" RJ said under his breath while Kenny sat wide-eyed. "Why, what's the matter, RJ" Candy asked. "She's wearing the white Bikini" RJ replied. "The 'Rose Collection' White bikini" Candy asked incredulously. "Yea, that's the one" Kenny replied. Candy snapped her head around to see and let out a low "OH shit!" RJ and Kenny could not take their eyes off Kayla as she sashayed over to the blanket, the bikini bottom riding way up her slit.

Candy said very low under her breath "Kayla are you crazy?" Just then Kathy said 'That's a nice looking suit, Kayla. Is that the new one you bought?" "Yep it is" Kayla replied and Candy thought she would burst trying to suppress her laughter. Some time later all the guys had gone into the water and Candy decided to join them.

Kayla and their moms had decided to stay in the sun for a bit. As the four guys and Candy horsed around and splashed each other, it was not lost on any of the guys that once wet and with all the horse-play, Candy's nipples became rock hard.

A while later RJ managed to get Candy off to the side by herself. "Candy, maybe after dinner tonight we could sort of go off for a walk or something" RJ hinted. "Yea. I'll bet you'd like that RJ!' the girl spat back at him. RJ was slightly taken aback. "What did I say to piss you off? "What? Do you think that I should just melt anytime you have a 'sort of' Idea RJ?

"I. . I don't understand" the boy stammered. "OR, maybe you think that if you beat my ass again, I'll do what you want?" Candy said this as obnoxiously as she could, trying to get his goat. "I'm. . .Sor. . sorry Candy" RJ was totally confused.

Candy grew exasperated at trying to spoon feed him the idea. "Look RJ I told you before, if you want me to respond I need you to be firm. . .tell me what you want. . what to do. . .otherwise fuck off!" RJ just looked at her as she exited the water and went to the blanket where Kayla lay. He was so confused. He had no way of knowing that inside the girl was on fire for him. Inside she was pleading with him to be more forceful with her. Inside she hated that she had to hurt his feelings to make her point.

Finally the women got too hot and decided to go into the water with the guys. Once wet Christy's suit was showing more than a little areola. Both Kathy and Christy now had 'high-beams' on their tits and the guys were teasing them about it.

RJ and Kenny were embarrassed as they had never heard their dad's say anything like that to their moms before. After a while the four adults were engrossed in a lot of horse-lay that involved a lot of close contact splashing and some 'inadvertent' groping. The four teens watched from the shore. Kayla was hot and decided to wade in and then she jumped into the water in a shallow dive. The other three teens held their breath as the adults were sure to see Kayla's see-through bathing suit.

However, when Kayla came up for air, she was standing in water that was up to her neck. She swam for a little bit but with the splashing going on it was not obvious that the suit had become all but invisible.

As quickly as she had waded in, she turned and walked out with her back to the four adults. RJ and Kenny had their eyes glued to the front of Kayla, observing that they could see every detail of her pussy. "Kayla" her mother called to her. "Turn around here so I can see the rest of that bathing suit" Kayla turned to face the four adults and her father's and Uncle Tom's jaws dropped. Her Aunt grinned and her mother was at first shocked then said "That's quite a bikini Kayla. . I've read about those but never seen anyone wear one!

You do realize that we can see every part of you a clearly as if you had on wet tissue paper?" "Yea, that's the idea Mom. Besides, you've all seen me naked before." "Well that's true sweetheart, but you were a lot younger then" her mother told her. "Look, if you and Aunt Christy don't want a bunch of tan lines I'd suggest we all get out of these suits and go skinny dipping. We saw the four of you guys naked the other day, so no big deal with us kids" Kayla said Christy looked at Kathy and they shrugged at each other.

Christy untied the top of her very small bikini and Kathy followed suit. The two women walked to their blanket where they slid the bottoms down their legs and stood in front of their children nude. Candy grinned and shucked off her peach colored bikini. Kayla had a harder time getting out of her wet bathing suit. "OK you guys, all of you get naked. . or us girls are putting out clothes back on" Kathy said. As the four guys dropped their board shorts on their blankets they started to head back to the water.

Christy could not believe the size of the equipment the two teen boys sported. As soon as Kenny dropped his trunks both Christy and Kathy realized his penis was at half mast. "OH. . MY. . GOD!" Kathy said what was on her and Christy's minds.

"I had no idea they had grown into such specimens." "Me either" Christy echoed. Christy put her arm around her daughter's equally naked shoulders. "Candy, you made love to your brother while he was sporting that thing?" she asked seriously. Candy just nodded her head in the affirmative and looked chagrinned. "Way to go . . you little minx!" Christy whispered to her daughter, who blushed seriously now.

Lots of splashing and horsing around ensued. The four girls got on their respective guy's shoulders and played King of the Mountain, trying to topple each other. Candy and Kenny won twice. Candy was the lightest and Kenny the strongest, so it was easy for them to be more maneuverable. She sidled back up to her brother after getting knocked off, but before getting back on his shoulders she reached down under the water and grabbed his cock.

It was also like steel. "Kenny, what is this all about" she asked her brother. "Sorry sis can't help it. I'm naked with four beautiful women around me. . and my sister keeps rubbing her hairless crotch on my neck when we wrestle. . we'll yea I'm gonna have a hard-on!" After a while the four couples drifted a little apart in the water. At some point Christy went to her brother and Kathy to hers.

Christy had wrapped her legs around Rob's hips and had her pussy crammed up against his front. She lay back in the water and floated anchored by his hips, her ample tits exposed to all. Kayla and Candy watched and while neither said anything aloud, they had the same thought; they could not believe that Kayla's dad, Rob, had never had actual intercourse with his sister Christy, Candy's mother. Surely Rob must have an erection right now but the girls were in wonder that he did not, would not, put it into his sister when she was splayed right in front of him.

Meanwhile Kathy was chest deep in water and hard pressed against the front of her brother, Tom. The kids could not see anything, but from the position of his arm, Kayla thought her Uncle must be cupping her mother's sex. Kathy breathed hotly as in fact Tom had his finger buried in her womanhood.

"Tom, do you want to fuck" Kathy pleaded. "Not with the kids watching us babe. I just don't think I could do it with them watching us." "They already saw us fooling around the other day, Tom. Come on. . please?" They didn't actually see us doing the deed. . just the aftermath" he reminded his sister. "Tonight I promise I'll fuck your brains out sis, if you can convince Rob to eat his sister's snatch until she climbs the walls!" "OK, but if our kids start fucking in front of us, I'm putting your cock in me!" Kathy admonished him.

"Deal" Tom replied, "but I don't think the kids are that brazen yet." The teens and the four adults settled down and sunbathed for a while.

No one bothered to put on any clothes. RJ got up and went for a walk up the beach, his mind still racing trying to put it all together. After about 100 yards he turned and returned to the blanket where the rest of the teens were sitting talking. "Candy, come with me, I WANT TO TALK TO YOU" he said forcefully, RJ held out his hand which Candy took without a word and stood up.

RJ grasped her arm and ushered her down the beach. "What the hell was all that about" Kenny said to Kayla. "Damned if I know" Kayla said softly, "Damned if I know." Kathy and her sister-in-law Christy watched the two naked teens walk away from the group up the beach, RJ still guiding Candy by the arm. "I wonder what those two are up to" Kathy wondered out loud. "Maybe they're looking for a private place to be alone. . and do the deed" Christy said to her sister-in-law with a grin.

"I know I am" she laughed. "No RJ is more responsible than that. He knows that her birth control has not kicked in yet. . So he wouldn't take the chance. But there is something weird going on between those two" Kathy opinioned about her son and niece. When RJ had ushered Candy about a hundred yards up the beach, he stopped and turned to face his cousin. "Candy, what the hell is your problem. Why the Doctor Jekyll, Mister Hyde routine with me. You got some mouth on you girl!" "RJ I'm really sorry.

I don't mean to hurt your feelings." "I thought we were having a good time. I thought we liked each other" RJ fired back at her. "RJ, I DO like you. In fact I like you a lot. . .a whole lot as a matter of fact. "Then why bite my head off, just because I suggested we might get away later?" RJ pleaded.

"Look RJ, let me be blunt with you. You have this way about you. Like, you are always in control. You are a natural leader. When you are in control and making decisions, it. . it. . gives me butterflies and makes me melt. But when you get all wishy-washy and 'if-ey' about stuff RJ. . well it makes me crazy. RJ I want you to be in control. Be forceful.

TELL me what you want. TELL me what to do. And if I don't obey, then MAKE me do what you said!" Candy practically cried out. "So, Candy, are you like submissive or something?" RJ queried. "I never thought of it like that" Candy admitted, "I don't know.".

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"Is this the way Kenny is with you" RJ wanted to know. "NO. Kenny is different. He doesn't have the same personality. . qualities. . .that you do RJ. I don't know what you call what I am. . I just know that I like you to be firm and decisive with me!" "What if I tell you to do something that you don't want to do. . or something that is inappropriate?" RJ asked. "I would just do it. . and if I didn't, I'd expect to pay the consequences!" the girl replied. "What if we went back to the group and I just told you to give me a blow-job in front of our parents?" "I'd gladly do that for you" Candy smiled.

RJ just stared at her for a while. "Candy, I don't know if I can be like that to you. I'm not a rude guy." "RJ, you don't have to be rude. . You're a smart guy, so you can figure out how to handle what you say when other people are around. . and still make your point with me. Just look me in the eye and tell me what you want. . don't beat around the bush. If I don't do it, then you have every right to get mad and punish me." "Candy I will tell you one thing" RJ started, "you ARE going to be punished for that mouth of yours a while ago.

But, I'm not going to get in trouble by hitting you in front of my parents. . and I'm not going to embarrass you in front of your parents. . .as you'd then have to explain to them what is going on. However, at the appropriate time this evening you ARE going to get your ass beaten for your punishment. When I tell you to drop your pants, I expect you to do so without hesitation and you will drop your panties as well.

. and get your punishment. Do you understand me?" RJ said forcefully. "Yes" Candy said, but just barely above a whisper. "Yes, what?" RJ fired back. "Yes. . sir" Candy said, now truly in a whisper. "That's much better, young lady" RJ smiled slightly.

So softly that RJ had trouble hearing her, Candy said "RJ, may I tell you something please?" "Yes, of course." "RJ" she breathed "I want you so bad. . will you make love to me. . please?" "Candy, no. That would be bad on so many levels. We don't need to put on a show for our parents.

. we don't have any condoms and your birth control isn't working yet. . and most importantly I do not have permission from either my sister, or more importantly your brother, to have sex with you right now!" "I understand" the girl whispered. "But I do have permission from both of them to kiss you any time I want" RJ said as he pulled Candy into his arms.

The two stood, arms wrapped around each other and kissed passionately. As they embraced and darted tongues in and out of each other's mouths, RJ's erection rose up mightily into Candy's crotch.

Candy mewed as she felt the member against her slickened slit. After a period of time the two teens broke apart and walked hand-in-hand back towards the rest of their party. Kathy and Christy had been watching the two youngsters; first talking rather animatedly, then kissing and now hand-in-hand walking back. "Is it my imagination, or does your son have a huge erection" Christy asked, as she was now able to see his massive, and highly erect, penis sway from side to side as they walked.

"No, it's not your imagination Christy. I'd say the two of them must have really enjoyed that kissing!" Kathy responded while marveling at her son's manhood. By the time RJ and Candy got to the blanket, RJ's manhood was mostly tumescent, but still pretty much at half-mast.

Christy could not take her eyes off of it and was wondering how her sister-in-law managed to keep her hands off RJ, with Rob being away in Washington DC all the time. "Could we have a word with you guys on the boat for a minute" RJ said quietly to the other teens so that the adults could not hear.

As the four started to wander off to the Party Hut, Christy caught Candy by the wrist and said, "give Candy and I just a minute, will you kids?" The three remaining teens wandered off to the boat. "What's up mom" Candy said with her usual smile. "Candy, it seems like you and RJ are kind of interested in each other down the beach." "Yea, we like each other a lot." "I couldn't help but notice that when he walked back, he had an erection, Candy." "Well yea mom, I mean we were kissing down there.

. and we're both naked. . so yea, he gets an erection." The two fathers were listening intently to the conversation between Christy and her daughter. "Candy, when you told us about you and Kenny the other night, you didn't say anything about yourself and RJ. So is RJ your 'boyfriend' too" her mother asked her. "No. Officially RJ is Kayla's boyfriend, mom." "Candy, don't be obtuse" her mother shot back. "What I'm asking is, have you been fooling around with RJ also?" "Well yea.

. and Kayla too. . and Kayla has been with Kenny. . and by the way mom, apparently I'm bi-sexual like Kayla is." Christy blinked at her daughter, not sure exactly what to say. "So you see, us four kids are just like you guys! Mom, can I go, the others are waiting for me?" "Sure honey" Christy stammered.

As she turned to look at the other adults she saw Rob's mouth hanging open at the revelation that his gorgeous niece had been bedded by his son AND his daughter.

"As my Grandmother used to tell me. . don't ask the question if you don't really want to know the answer!" Christy said to the other adults. Tom was a little shaken. Having his daughter tell him she had lost her virginity.

. . to her brother. . was one thing, but finding out your daughter had become something of a sexual dynamo in a week was unnerving! Tom had never thought of his almost-15-year-old daughter in a sexual way before. The four adults talked about this turn of events. The two fathers were not so sure that maybe they shouldn't rein the youngsters in a bit.

Then their wives reminded them that that the four of them had been fucking and messing around since they were the same age as their children are now, or younger. . and a LOT younger than Kenny is! "I think we need to give them space and let them find their way. . and be there to help then when they need it" Kathy said to the others. By the time Candy got to the boat, RJ had already asked his sister permission to fool around with Candy and then when Kayla said 'sure' with a big smile, he had turned to Kenny.

However, it was obvious that Kenny only had eyes for Kayla at that moment. Kathy realized that they had not heard a peep from the teens in over 15 minutes.

She started to walk up the hillside off to the port side of the boat. Christy didn't know where she was going and started to call her, only to be 'shushed'. Christy caught up to Kathy's side and asked where she was headed. Kathy's only reply was that "there is something I have to see." As the ground rose high enough, the two women could now see into the party hut. And what they saw caused each of the mothers to grin broadly.

Christy's son Kenny was on top of Kathy's daughter on the forward lounge and both women could see that he was stroking his goliath man-meat into Kayla repeatedly. Kayla had her heels hooked behind Kenny's butt and each time he thrust inward, Kayla would flex her thighs, pulling inward on her heels and driving the boy deeper. Candy lay with her butt at the end of the Lounge and RJ knelt between her legs lapping at her tight girl spot. Candy had her legs draped over RJ's shoulders and he held her hips so that he could maneuver his tongue to its target.

Candy squirmed and squealed as RJ ran his tongue up and down her folds. Just then the guys appeared behind their wives. "What are you two looking at?" Rob said. As the two fathers peered down at the boat, they saw their children coupling with each other. Both fathers sprung instant bonners from the show playing out below them. "Christy, I want to be open with you" Kathy turned to her sister-in-law. "Earlier I wanted your hubby to fuck me, but he said no because of the kids.

I told him that if I caught the kids fucking, I was gonna stuff his cock in me. So, if you don't mind too much, Tom and I are gonna go down the hill and he's gonna fuck my brains out!" "You go girl" Christy said to her sister-in-law. "Just don't tire him out too badly, as I'll need his lovin later myself! Besides, I have an idea of my own." Tom and Kathy practically ran down the hill and flopped down on the blanket.

Almost immediately they were making out like two long-lost lovers. Tom wasted no time in spreading her outer pussy lips and ramming a finger into his sister.

Rob and Christy continued to watch their offspring having sex down below for a few more minutes. Rob's erection was huge and the head of his cock was turning a bright purple from engorgement. Christy took his penis in her hand and stroked it a few times feeling her brother leak pre-cum onto her hand. "Come on, let's go get comfortable" Christy said as she took her brother's hand and started to slowly walk down the hill.

As Christy and Rob approached the blankets, they watched their spouses. Tom had already penetrated his sister and his ass was pumping up and down furiously while she cried out softly. Rob and his sister, Christy, plopped down onto the blanket the kids had been using about 10 feet away from their coupled spouses.

Rob and his twin sister started kissing, like they always had as a prelude to 'petting'. They had followed the same ritual since they were kids and discovering what the opposite sex was about. Christy fell back and pulled Rob on top of her. She spread her legs widely, allowing Rob's hard-on to fall onto her mound. "OH Rob, I've wanted this for so long!" The twins continued kissing and fondling. Christy reached down and grabbed Rob's cock and rubbed it up and down her slit which was virtually running with lube now.

"Christy, what are you doing. Be careful down there" Rob admonished her. Christy looked him in the eyes and said "Rob, think for a second. . your daughter is down on the boat getting fucked royally by my son. And my daughter is getting her pussy eaten by your son. And, if Candy had been on birth control longer, RJ would be fucking my daughter, just like your daughter is fucking right now!" As Christy kept talking to her twin brother, she rubbed the head of Rob's blood-filled member up and down her slit, forcing the outer lips to splay open in anticipation.

Christy tried to pull him into her but he resisted. "Christy, for Christ's sakes. Don't! You know we can't do that." "Get a grip" She said to Rob.

"Rob, I know Kathy never discussed it with you because of your hang-up about incest with me. . but you know, RJ has been fucking Kayla. Rob, RJ has been fucking his sister.

. your little girl. . a LOT. . for a long time now." As Kayla continued, she pulled even harder on his prick while stroking its head up and down her vagina. "Rob, think about it. . .your son is putting that monster cock of his. . in his little sister. and your daughter is loving every inch of it as he pounds it into her!" The mental image of what RJ must have been doing with his sister was starting to cause him to lose focus.

Kayla pushed the head against her opening and into her labia minora. Ample girl lube was spread all over her brother's glans. "Rob, Kayla told your wife that it was wonderful sleeping with her brother. They're in love Rob and RJ gets to fuck his sister every day. Now it's time for my brother to finally put his cock in me. I've wanted you in me for 25 years Rob. . it's time to fuck your sis Rob.

. please don't deny me any longer." With the mental image of his daughter Kayla receiving her horny brother into her womanhood, Rob let go and quit fighting. Christy had his cock lined up and he could feel the resistance of her love channel beckoning. Before he knew it he had surged his hips forward with a mighty thrust and sank his entire length into his sister, banging hard on the public bone above her shaved pussy. Christy cried out in passion after feeling her brother penetrate her most sacred spot, after all these years of waiting.

Once he had started he could not control his pent up desires from all these years of self denial. Rob fucked Christy like a man possessed and Christy wrapped her legs around her brother and locked her feet to leverage him into her harder.

Christy started whispering into his ear as he held her close while continuing the wild thrusting. Some of what she said was incoherent, but not all. "Oh fuck your sis big brother" Christy chanted. "I won't tell mommy or daddy honest. . just give it to me." Kayla had slipped instantly into role playing from when they were youngsters. Rob was transported back to his youth, when he and Christy used to fool-around with each other all the time.

. .they would do everything to each other. except 'IT'. . .which was off-limits to Rob's mind! "Feels sooooo good fucking my sissy," Rob grunted.

When they were young Rob had always called her 'sissy'. "Robby, your cock feels so good. Robby, give me a baby like you did Kathy. . get me knocked up too!" Christy was into her role now. When Kathy had gotten knocked up by her brother, she was so jealous. She so wanted Robby to give her a big belly like his girlfriend, Kathy.

But she never could get her brother to go 'all the way' with her. "Come on Robby. Give sissy a baby. . knock me up big brother. . squirt your stuff in me. . come on I want it. . no one will know you gave me a baby. .

I won't tell mommy who got me preggers!" Christy was so engrossed in her role play that she had gotten carried away and was grinding her pelvis against her brother brutally. Christy suddenly went stiff and cried out in ecstasy and a million starts filled her vision. "OH FUCKING HELL ROBBY. . FUCK ME HARDER BROTHER . . .GIVE IT TO ME. . AHHHAGHHH." A Christy went off like a roman candle, her whole body went rigid and she pushed her pelvis up so hard ROB felt his prick push into her cervix.

As she shook violently in orgasm, squirting girl nectar around his cock, he suddenly erupted. Christy felt the swell of his cock head and the heat of burst after burst of hot liquid he was injecting into her womb. Christy cried out at the top of her lungs with a shrill shriek. After filling his sister with as much spunk as he'd ever remembered producing, Rob collapsed on top of Christy, both of them panting like racehorses.

10 Feet away Christy's husband lay with his manhood still buried in Kathy's quim, leaking ejaculate out of her overheated hole, and both of them stared in disbelief that after all of these years, Christy had finally achieved her goal of mating with her twin brother.

The four adults finally disengaged from each other, and sat up. Only then did they see the four teenagers sitting on the front rail of the Party Hut, having just watched their entire sex act. Christy felt deeply embarrassed that her niece, nephew and two children had just watched her 'doing it' with her brother. Candy went over to her mom, knelt and gave her a huge hug.

"Mom, I'm so happy for you. . you're not a 'Brother-Virgin' anymore!" "No I guess I'm not sweetie." "Mom let's get you in the lake for a swim. . to get cleaned up a little." As Candy said this she nodded her head towards her mom's vagina which was oozing semen all over the blanket. Candy helped Christy up and the teen just smiled when she watched her mother try to walk.

After the workout she just got from Uncle Rob, her mom would be bowlegged for about a week! After everyone swam for a while, Rob said, perhaps we should all get back to the Lodge to get cleaned up if we're going to have dinner with the Giannini family.

  Chapter 31 of 35 Upon returning to the Lodge everyone set about getting cleaned up for the dinner with the Giannini clan. The adjoining suites were huge and the Evans and Peters families had decided to use only two of the four that had been offered.

Each suite had two king size beds.

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While the four adults and four teens set about finding clothes to wear to dinner, the two rooms were like a whirling dervish. The girls had several sets of clothing laid out on one of the beds, trying to decide what to wear to dinner. The bathrooms were opulent and had enough dressing room for a small sports team. The four teens decided to shower all together while unbeknownst to them, the four adults were doing the same thing next door. The showers were extremely large, with murals of Italian settings placed in the tile walls.

The girls were the first to discover that the shower had four sets of controls; two for conventional shower heads on opposite walls, and two for the two large overhead 'rain showers'. The four teens shucked their clothing and headed for the shower. The two teen girls immediately put their heads under the shower spay to wash the lake out of their long manes. Kenny stepped up in front of his sister as she was wringing out the long blond hair now saturated from the spray.

"You look beautiful "Lil Bit" Kenny said to his younger sibling. "Sure, if you like the 'drowned-rat' look," Candy replied. "You'd be beautiful with any 'look' you wanted to wear" Kenny replied softly. Candy took the wash cloth and soap and started to wash her brother.

As she moved down the front of his torso, she reached down and picked up his lengthy penis. "We better wash 'him' real good. . no telling where he's been! OH, wait. I know. . .he's been spending most of his time these days inside Kayla!" Candy looked right in her brother's eyes and feigned a pout.

"Don't be silly little sister. . have you forgotten the number of times he's been inside you in the last week?" Kenny just grinned at his sister. "No I'm just a little jealous.

Ever since you got a clean bill of health from the Health Clinic, I noticed you dump a big load in Kayla when you cum, but you and I still have to use those damn rubbers!" "Didn't mom say that after you had your next period you would be safe now that you're on the Patch?" "Yes, but I can't wait to feel what it's like to have you pump your stuff into me" Candy said. "It's still like 12 days till I get my period" Candy lamented "Speaking of which; As I understand it this is the most dangerous time for you.

So whichever one of us you're with, RJ and I should be wearing two rubbers!" Kenny exclaimed. "I hadn't considered that I might be ovulating. But you're right Kenny. That would explain why my breasts are so tender right now. I thought it was because you and RJ were constantly sucking on them!" Candy gave her brother a big smile and grin. Kayla picked up her washcloth and soap and started washing down RJ. The moment her washcloth-clad hand touched his penis it stood at full mast and became hard as steel.

"Is it even possible to touch a guy's cock" she said pointing at his penis, "without it jumping to attention instantly" Kayla said to her brother. "No, what would be the sense in that" RJ replied. The four of them all laughed at RJ's remark. "We don't have time for any blow-jobs, and there isn't gonna be any shower-poking today. Besides all this talk about Candy ovulating reminded me that this is my fertile week also, so neither one of you guys is gonna get anything from me, without some added protection!" Kayla reminded them all.

Unbeknownst to the teens, in the next suite over Kathy and Christy had climbed into the shower while the guys were still futzing with the suitcases. Christy stood with the spray beating into her face and down her front. Kathy walked up behind her. Kathy placed her arms around her sister-in-law and cupped her ample breasts. Even after two children, neither woman experienced much sag in the breast department.

As Kayla rubbed Christy's nipples, and they sprang to attention, Kathy nuzzled her neck and whispered something to her. "That was quite a show you and my husband put on out at the beach today" she said, as she planted another kiss on the nape of Christy's neck. "How did you finally talk him into it after all these years he's resisted putting his cock in you" Kathy asked.

"I was whispering to him about RJ and Kayla. . and how RJ had his cock in his sister. . a lot. . and for a long time now. I guess I finally got thru to him that it's ok to have your cock in your sister!" Christy replied.

"Kathy you never did tell Rob about Kayla and RJ did you? I could see it in his face today." Christy turned to face Kathy suddenly. "Kathy, you aren't upset that I finally talked Rob into doing it with me after all these years are you?" Christy had a genuine look of concern on her face. Kathy leaned in and kissed Christy on the lips. "Of course not, silly girl. I've told Rob a hundred times over the years that I thought his phobia about having sex with his sister was nuts.

. particularly as he never had a problem with the fact that I was doing it with my brother, and you were OK with your husband screwing me. . I tried to talk him into making love with you lots of times!" "Thanks Kathy. That means a lot. I can't believe that I finally got my twin brother to have full sex with me. . after all these years of trying!" "What was all that talk about wanting to have a baby with Rob that you were babbling about?" Kathy asked while still embracing her counterpart.

"Oh when Rob finally thrust into me on the beach, I was transported back to being 19 again. Back when you were 15 and Rob got you pregnant, I was so jealous Kathy.

. I wanted him to put a baby in me so badly. . I guess because he never would do it with me when I was younger and we were fooling around after school all the time. It was silly I know. . and back then Tom and I had just had Kenny. Then a few months after you had RJ I learned you were pregnant again by my brother, and I got frustrated all over again.

Eventually Tom and I had Candy and the whole fantasy of getting pregnant by my brother faded. . .until earlier today!" Christy explained to Kathy "God! I don't know how my parents, and your parents, didn't go nuts back then. . with everything that was going on between the four of us. You know Christy, with all the times my brother and I did the deed when mom and dad were not around, I will never understand why Tom didn't get me pregnant before your brother did!" "I think things were just meant to be this way, me with Tom and you with Rob" Christy said.

"I hope we're doing a better job with our kids being so open with them about everything?" "I'll tell you a little secret though Christy" Kathy said.

"When you were crying out for Rob to give you a baby back there on the beach, and you two were screwing so hard, Tom got really excited watching you, and started to pound me harder than he ever has before. He had a huge cum, and his cock kept pulsing and pulsing in me. The two of us only finished about a minute or so before you had that giant orgasm with my hubby." Just then the two guys stepped into the shower and saw their two wives standing, still embracing.

"Hey, if you two are fooling around, Tom and I wanna watch" Rob said with enthusiasm. "Sorry to disappoint" Kathy said. "We girls were just talking about what a wonderful thing it was that you did with Christy this afternoon, Rob." Christy moved away from Kathy and up to her brother. She kissed him softly but briefly on the lips. "Thanks Bro" Christy said while looking in his eyes.

"No, thank YOU, sis" Rob said to Christy. "I'm sorry I've been such an ass all these years." Christy kissed him again and then said, "we better all get a move on or we'll be late for dinner!" Everyone rushed about to get dressed. The two teen girls again put on the same white garter belts they had worn for their guys a week earlier at the Marina Lodge, but this time Candy wore a small bikini panty that was so see-thru it might as well have been invisible.

Both boys got aroused at the sight of the girls in the white lingerie. Once Kayla and Candy had on the garter belts, stockings, panties and bras, Kayla took Candy aside to fix her hair and do her makeup for her. Candy felt that Kayla could do makeup so much better than herself. When they were done, Kayla put on a well tailored Jumper that her mother had picked up for her.

It was tight across her midriff and accentuated the flair of her hips. Kayla made sure the buttons on her peach colored blouse were undone far enough down to show off some of the frills present on her Victoria's Secret bra. Her wavy strawberry hair hung down to her shoulders and accented the blouse well. Candy again slipped on the 'little black dress' she had worn the previous week. It showed off her curves and long legs to great benefit. She wore a gold necklace with a single diamond, which her parents had given to her for Christmas.

Candy didn't wear high heels often, but tonight she would be on 3" heels. Kayla had told her how the high heels would make her long legs look even better, and shapelier, and certainly made her 5'7" frame look very tall. Much to Kathy's surprise, everyone was ready about 15 minutes early, even her children. "Let's all go down to the bar area to wait for Mr. and Mrs.

Giannini," Rob said to the group. As the eight of them prepared to leave the suite, RJ hung back to the rear and said to his parents "I'll be down in a couple of minutes.

There is something I want to talk to Candy about." As he said this he held Candy's wrist as she was walking by. Kathy looked at the two youngsters. "10 minutes" she said. "I want both of you there in 10 minutes no excuses - I don't want you making a bad impression on the Giannini's" Kathy said this in a manner that RJ knew she meant business.

The adults followed by Kayla and Kenny left the suite, with Kayla firing a questioning look over her shoulder at RJ. As the door closed RJ released Candy's wrist while the two stood in the middle of the living room.

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"Wait right here" he said to Candy as he turned to go into the bedroom. RJ returned with a wooden, straight-backed chair and sat it in the middle of the room.

"Candy, come over here" RJ said to her in a no-nonsense tone. Candy did as told and faced RJ. "Turn around and face the chair" RJ said and she complied. She might have guessed what was coming, but she didn't! "Now bend over and place the palms of your hands flat on the seat of the chair" RJ instructed.

As Candy bent and complied with his direction, the light-bulb came on. 'This is it' she thought realizing that what RJ had told her at the lake, was about to take place. "Take one hand and lift up your dress. . over your hips' RJ commanded and Candy did as told once again.

"Ooops forgot about the panties." RJ said in an irritated tone. "OK Candy, slide your panties down and step out of them right where you are, then put your hands back flat on the chair." Candy slid the diaphanous panties down her legs.

They balled around her ankles and shoes and she carefully stepped out of them, bent and placed her hands flat on the chair again. Of course her skirt had fallen down in the process, so RJ stepped behind her, lifter the short black dress high and placed it above her hips.

"Candy, spread your legs further apart" he told her. She did, but not far enough to suit RJ. "NO a little further." Candy spread her feet a few more inches and stood atop the high heels. RJ backed up to survey the sight, and allow Candy to become uncomfortable with the pause.

Candy's long blond hair hung down around her face spilling on to the chair. As she held her hands flat on the chair as instructed, her breasts heaved with anticipation while hanging downward owing to her position with her ass actually higher than her chest and hands. RJ stared at her exposed private parts. Her pussy was hairless, after she had decided to emulate Kayla's, and her slit was tightly closed, as would be expected on a girl so young.

While some women had exposed labia showing, Candy's treasure was a tight line that extended from her clit in the front, almost to her puckered anus in the rear. The sight of her spread pussy was beautifully framed between her long thighs and by the white garter belt and stockings she was wearing. RJ could plainly see a dew-drop of moisture that had formed and was now egressing from her slit.

Candy was becoming aroused at being on display. RJ fought the urge to step up behind her and ram his cock all the way into the bent-over girl but there was no time for that. "Candy, do you remember that I told you earlier what was going to happen because of that mouth of yours?

"Yes" the girl said, barely above a whisper. "Yes what" RJ queried. "Yes RJ. . I mean Yes SIR" the girl corrected herself. RJ stepped up beside the splayed girl and with his hand flat, struck her upturned ass hard on her left cheek.

Candy surged forward from the strike, but held her hands fast. "Did that hurt" RJ asked. "NO" Candy said somewhat defiantly. 'SWACK' the noise reverberated around the room as his bare hand hit her ass. In close succession RJ landed two more on her now reddening ass perfectly centered over both cheeks.

The sting brought a tear to Candy's eye, but she did not let on. "Have you learned your lesson yet Candy" RJ asked her. There was a noticeable pause and Candy replied "I can hit harder than that!" albeit in a somewhat shaky voice. RJ reached into his waistband behind his back to remove something he had found in a cupboard. Drawing his hand back he let rip with three rapid-succession swats with the ping-pong paddle he had found.

The force drove Candy forward and the pain caused her to lose her hand position. She grabbed the sides of the chair for support and bit her lip so as to not cry out.

Her eyes filled with tears and the rubber surface of the paddle left a bright Red waffle-pattern on her ass cheeks. "So. . about that mouth of yours. . " RJ started to say only to be interrupted by a blubbering Candy. "Sor. . So Sorry RJ," she tried to speak. The pain of her reddened ass was terrible. A tear started to run down her cheek as she told RJ 'she would be a good girl. . and watch her mouth." "Not good enough Candy, you have more punishment coming!" As RJ said that, and Candy prepared to have the paddle fall on her ass again, RJ instead stroked his middle finger up her spread slit.

Her slit oozed with liquid as he suspected it would. He thrust his finger into her hole and she held tight to the chair as he started pumping his middle finger in and out of her. In no time she was losing it and started to buck her hips, thrusting backwards and twisting her hips each time RJ withdrew his digit and pushed it back in. Candy was going crazy, and it wasn't lost on her that she was posed in a very lewd display.

"Yes. . oh YES. RJ. fuck me. . please. . I'll be good I promise" the girl whimpered. No amount of begging caused him to change his pace. Suddenly RJ stopped what he was doing, withdrew his finger from her overheated snatch and pulled her skirt down over her red ass.

"OK we're done" RJ said. "NO RJ" Candy argued, "just do me we have time." "Candy, that's the rest of your punishment. Now that you are all hot and bothered, you don't get to have any sexual release. Maybe if you don't get any sex when you want it, you can watch that mouth of yours" RJ punctuated his point.

Candy stood and wiped her eyes. "RJ, I'll try to be better for you" Candy said meekly, "I promise." As she said that she reached down and began to pick up her panties which still lay on the floor. "No, give those to me" RJ said.

"You'll not be wearing any panties to dinner tonight. And I don't want to see any flirting with Carlo. . and make sure you don't let him look up your skirt when you get up and down for dinner either!" "Yes sir" the girl said very meekly. "Now go in there and wash your eyes a little bit and run a brush through your hair." As Candy went to do as she was told, RJ put on his sport coat and stuffed Candy's panties into his jacket pocket.

As they walked out the door to the suite RJ looked at his watch. Only 7 minutes had elapsed since his mother had told him he had 10 to get to the lobby. Only 7 minutes to make a complete 'attitude adjustment' RJ thought to himself. He still didn't exactly understand why Candy needed such a firm hand from him, but he cared enough for her to give her what she needed he reasoned.

While they rode the elevator to the lobby RJ looked down at Candy and said "You alright there?" "No I'm not alright" the girl said contritely, "my ass stings like crazy." "And. "RJ said and left the question hanging. "And I'm horny as hell.

. "AND," RJ again questioned. "AND I deserved what I got" Candy smiled that dazzling smile of hers and batted her bright green eyes. As they stepped out of the elevator they literally tripped over their parents. Kathy looked at her watch and smiled slightly, seeing that her son and niece had arrived within the time frame she set. Not a minute later the tall Hostess appeared and said "Mr. Evans, may I show you to your table.

Signor Giannini called to say his is finishing some things and to seat you as soon as your party was all here. The Hostess took them to a large table for 12 which had been set up in the aisle between the Owner's Booth and the plate glass pool window right in front of where the kids had dined last weekend.

Kenny held the chair for his sister, while RJ did the same for his sister. The four teens sat across from each other and they left one chair beside Kenny and one beside RJ, for Carlo and Gina to sit with them. As Candy took her seat with Kenny holding the chair back, she winced as she sat putting pressure on her buttocks for the first time since her paddling.

She looked at RJ who looked knowingly into her eyes.   Chapter 32 of 35 After everyone was seated, the parents commented on the large oil painting on the wall. That was Candy's cue. "That painting was painted by Giuseppe Giannini, Mr. Giannini's father." She then went on to tell them everything that she had learned about the painting the previous week.

She started by telling her parents, and Aunt and Uncle, the name of the village and went on to tell some of the stories of the village that had been relayed to the kids.

"The bicycle leaning on the front of the store there is the artist's own bike. He would ride it down to this spot every day to work on his painting. The building next door is a bakery. Grandmother Giannini worked in this bakery when she was young, and Giuseppe would go in every afternoon to see her and to flirt. This building down the street is a restaurant, and they serve the best pasta in the whole village.

That is where Grandfather Giannini proposed to Grandmother Giannini. When they were married, the whole village turned out for the wedding. On the hill in the background are vineyards where the grapes for the winery were grown." Suddenly behind Candy, clapping erupted and she heard "Bravo Candy, Bravo. You got it all correct although you slightly mispronounced the name of the village." Candy spun around, as did the rest of the table who had been engrossed in her story, to see a tall, distinguished looking, Italian gentlemen.

His hair was turning silver, but had obviously once been jet black. He was dressed impeccably as was the women standing to his side. The elder Giannini stepped forward and lightly gripped Candy's chin. "Your daughter is as smart and she is beautiful, Mr. and Mrs. Peters. If you send her here every weekend, we'll teach her Italian and work on the pronunciation" he said with a mischievous grin.

Candy blushed deeply. "I will tell you something about the painting that I failed to tell you last time, Candy. You see on top of the hill, beyond the vineyard. The artist has what looks like an indistinguishable white rectangle there," he said pointing to the area, "with a red area above the white. That is my Parents' house. I was born there, as were Carlo and Gina. I asked my father once why he did not make our house more distinguishable.

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He told me that the focus of the painting was the village, not our house. My father told me that in life, it is important to maintain your focus, Candy. It has been a good lesson." The four from the Giannini family were seated, Carlo and Gina next to the kids, and the two parents at the other end, the elder Giannini taking the seat at the head of the table.

Suddenly the waiter appeared with a busboy filling water glasses. "John, how nice to see you again" Kayla said, recognizing the waiter from their previous dinner. "And you too Signorina Evans. I see you brought the other three movie stars back with you also." The waiter smiled politely.

Mr. Gianni told everyone that John had been with him since the first day he bought the Marina. "John MADE our dinner last week, even more enjoyable than the scrumptious meal itself" Kayla told the adults.

Mr. Giannini said something to John in Italian who responded in kind. John asked the elder a question and upon hearing the answer he bowed his head at the guests and was off. Within minutes he was back with four bottles of wine. "Candy, this wine is from the vineyard in the painting. It was bottled the year Carlo was born." John performed the wine tasting ritual with Mr. Giannini and then poured the rest of the wine glasses. Christy Peters raised an eyebrow when John poured her children's wine glasses, but thought better than to say anything.

The rest of the dinner went extremely nicely. The six adults got on famously and shared stories about their families, and the rearing of children. At one point Mr. Giannini lamented how hard it was to raise children today and how rebellious they could be. Kathy Evans replied that was odd, 'as that was exactly what her parents had said about raising her and her brother!' The six kids were lost in their own conversations at the other end of the table, and talked mostly about the previous weekend, and lamented that they would only have one day and one night on the camping trip with Carlo and Gina, before they had to go home.

The four teens had all crawled into one bed with the girls in the middle. They were actually quite tired and more than a little tipsy from all the wine they had drunk. In spite of being four teenagers in a bed together, the guys spooned to the girls and all four were quickly asleep.

Saturday morning, Kenny and Candy were the first to wake up. As they padded into the bathroom together, Candy marveled at her brother's 'morning wood.' Candy peed very quickly and stood up. Her brother stepped to the bowl and was about to pee, when Candy said, "let me do that." Candy grabbed Kenny's penis and aimed it at the bowl, or at least she thought she had it aimed correctly.

When Kenny didn't start his flow, Candy looked up and said "I thought you had to pee?" "I do, but I've never peed with someone else holding my cock before. It's a little embarrassing" Kenny said to her. "Don't be ridiculous.

You just watched me pee, and wipe myself. Now just relax and let it rip" Candy smiled. As Kenny's urine finally started with quite a force, Candy could not help herself.

She deftly moved his penis about, painting a figure-8 in the toilet bowl. When he was done, Candy let go. "You have to shake it when you're done Candy." "What? Why?" "To get the last little dribbles out of the hose" Kenny laughed in response. While they showered, Kenny became instantly erect when Candy touched his penis for the first time. "Kenny, we can't screw right now with me ovulating. . not without being very, very careful" Candy said.

"It doesn't seem fair, I am dying to have you cum in me. . you get a clean bill of health, and my birth control hasn't kicked in. . and to top it off I'm making eggs right now." "I don't mind waiting. It's OK sis." "The hell it is, I need to make it up to you!" As Candy said this she dropped to her knees and with the shower spraying over both of them. She grasped Kenny's cock with both hands and began to felate him vigorously. Candy was learning that she really liked giving blow jobs.

While the size of Kenny, and RJ for that matter, caused her jaw to ache after a while, she loved the feeling and texture of a cock in her mouth. While she loved to watch the guys ejaculate all over her, today she would swallow as much of Kenny's cum as she could. . now that he had received the 'green light' from the Health Clinic and she was sure it was Ok to ingest his semen.

Kenny didn't last long and Candy could not swallow the copious amounts of cum quickly enough, so some of it dribbled out of her mouth into the shower spray. As the two came out of the bathroom wrapped in towels Kayla said "Did you leave us any hot water?" Candy laughed, and looking down saw that RJ was also sporting 'morning wood'. "Looks like RJ could use a blow-job, Kayla" Candy said.

"Kenny sure did!" Kayla thought that was an excellent idea and would not take a lot of time so RJ got his rocks off inside his sister's mouth also. When they saw their parents briefly, Kayla had asked her mother what they intended on doing all day. Kathy told her daughter the four were planning on doing some exploring on the Party Hut.

Kayla took her mother aside and said "Do you think the four of you are planning on fooling around together today?" "Honey we never 'plan' on it, it just happens, when it happens. "Well if it 'happens'. . do you think Daddy and Aunt Christy will do it again?" "Ummmm.

. I would guess so. I think given what happened yesterday, they won't hold back any longer. Why do you ask?" Kathy queried her daughter "Oh, no reason, Mom. Just curious. Have a great day" Kayla said as she prepared to leave with the others.

Kathy assumed that her children, and her niece and nephew, would abstain from any hanky-panky today, as they would be out on the lake with Carlo and Gina. After dressing, eating and making sure they had everything in their overnight bags, the four teens met Carlo and Gina at the dock at 9:30. With everyone aboard and the gear stowed, Carlo headed the Four Winns cruiser out of the breakwater.

"Where are we headed again" Kayla asked. "To the far north end of the lake" Gina replied. "Carlo and I have a special place there. It will take about an hour to get there. . unless Carlo decides to hot-rod!"   Chapter 33 of 35 By 10 AM the heat of the day was starting to become oppressive. Today would certainly be hotter than yesterday was everyone's thought. The girls shucked their shorts and tops off to reveal the tiny bikinis they wore underneath.

Kayla and Candy put their hair on ponytails to keep the heat off their neck, but Gina let her long dark locks hang down. Candy wore a pale yellow bikini that was even smaller than the peach one she had shown off in to her parents previously. This top showed off the curve of her budding breasts much more nicely than the other suit Kayla thought. Kayla again wore the Rose Collection white bikini. Kenny and RJ looked forward to her getting the suit wet.

Kayla was ok with showing off her body, even to Carlo after all she knew that Carlo regularly saw Gina topless or nude. Gina again wore the black micro bikini. All the guys loved they way the bulk of her well rounded 'D'; cups hung mostly out the sides. Kayla wondered how the small triangles stayed in place, such that Gina's areola or nipples never seemed to peek out!

The girls chatted amicably and sunbathed in the forward bow seats for quite a while. Finally Gina said "It is much too hot, do you girls mind if I take my top off. . the guys won't be offended, will they?" "I don't think offended is quite the right word. Kenny has a real thing for your boobies" Kayla said.

"How do you know this?" Gina asked. "He told me last week after he saw you topless in the boat with Carlo" Kayla explained. "How strange" Gina mused, "my brother Carlo has a thing for Candy's titties also." The Italian girl untied her top and placed it in a seat pocket.

Candy and Kayla looked at each other for only a second, before untying and removing their own tops. The three girls faced forward in the bow seats and the guys were so busy talking that they had not yet noticed the partial nudity taking place up front.

"Geese Gina, with breasts like yours, why would your brother have any interest in these little mosquito bites of mine?" Candy said "Carlo is fascinated by not only your size, but your shape. Your nipples are often poking out at him, and your areola are what he calls 'puffies'. I find your breasts quite cute myself" Gina finished.

"Gina, can I ask you a personal question if you don't mind?" Candy posed. After a second, Gina looked Candy in the eye and said "I have learned that even if I say 'no' you will ask what is on your mind anyway, little one." Kayla and Gina laughed at her statement. Undaunted Candy asked, "what I wanted to ask was whether your boobies are real. . you know natural. . or if you have had implants or something?" "Why would you think I have implants" Gina asked with amusement.

"Because you have the biggest tits I've ever seen on someone your age, and because they are so perfect, and because they point straight out without any sag even though they are very big. They are beautiful, Gina. I just wondered if you might have implants or something?

Gina took both of Candy's hands in her own and placed them on top of her tits. "See for yourself and tell me if you think these are real of paid for" Gina said slyly. Candy blushed, but she squeezed the large breasts, tentatively at first and then more purposefully.

As Candy massaged the giant mammary she allowed Gina's hardening nipples to slip between her second and third finger, trapping the nipples, and lifting the nipples outward as she arched her hand to massage the girl's chest. Gina was not expecting such a talented response from another girl so young. However, Candy's ministrations excited her instantly and caused Gina to arch her chests forward into Candy's warm hands.

"I see you have experience with playing with another girl's tits" Gina said to Candy. "You must tell me later what sort of things you and Kayla have been up to." Kayla and Candy just grinned knowingly. "So Candy, what is the verdict? Are they real, or are they store-bought. . or will you have to suck on them first to tell?" Gina asked devilishly. "Yes. . No and. . YES DEFINATELY!" Candy exclaimed.

At that moment the boat made a circle to the left and Carlo yelled "we are here". Kayla and Candy looked up to see a beautiful white sandy beach framed to the rear by large pine trees and sitting in the middle, an ancient looking log cabin! Carlo throttled back, raised the outdrive and allowed the Four Winns to slide its keel onto the sandy bottom so that you could step off the bow onto the beach.

It was only then that the three guys noticed their girlfriends had no tops on! As the three girls exited the bow of the boat, Kayla asked Gina, "What is this place?" Carlo and I found this place years ago. Not a lot of people bother coming all the way to this end of the lake. When we first found the cabin it was overgrown, and pretty run down. Carlo and I wanted to make a project of it. So when we were kids we started cleaning it up, and Carlo would repair door hinges, windows, and so forth.

Four times over the years it HAS been vandalized to a lesser or greater amount. Each time, Carlo and I would scrub off the graffiti, or repair the broken glass, or haul off the trash left behind by drunken teens.

"Wow, what a cool old place" Candy said to the group all of whom were now standing looking at the place from the edge of shore. Carlo spoke for the first time; "I did as much research as I could on this place. It is not accessible, at least not easily, from inland. The hills are pretty rugged back there. Anyway, this place was built before the turn of the Century by a guy named Tom-Paul Gardner. Apparently Tom was a prospector in these parts and was rumored to have found gold, but lived the life of a hermit, based out of this cabin.

He would show up in town, 20 miles away, twice a year, with his pack mules. The records from the town newspaper indicated that old Tom would get liquored-up in town and on more than one occasion shot up the saloon and went to jail. He'd then load all of his food dry goods on the pack mules and come back here.

No one would see him for six months then. But here is the interesting thing he always paid for his trips into town with gold nuggets! "Whatever became of him" Kenny asked. "No one knows. I found an article in the 1911 Town Gazette that reported that when he didn't show up on his regular schedule, the Sherriff decided to come out and check on him. The paper said the Sherriff reported that he found the front door partially open, molded-over food on a plate on the table, like it had been served but not eaten, all of Tom's horses and pack mules were gone.

. but all of Tom's clothes and belongings were still in the cabin. Some people thought Tom had just headed out to go back east with his gold. The Sherriff said he suspected foul play, as no one goes to the trouble to fix dinner and put it on the plate, and then leave without eating!

The only thing that is certain is that no one in these parts ever heard from him again. 'Very spooky" RJ said after having been listening intently. Gina then went on to explain more about the cabin. "Way back others used the cabin. At some point a tin roof was added. The cabin measures 20 by 20 inside and there walls are cut logs. The fourth wall on that side, is all stones set in mortar.

That is where the fireplace and cooking area is. Carlo thinks the front porch was added on when the tin roof was put on, as it is made from cut wood planks, and the tin roof matches the cabin roof.

Also out back is an outhouse and a small Root Cellar or Storm Cellar. . where not sure what it was used for." She explained. "So what is with all the Park Service 'NO Trespassing' signs RJ wanted to know? "A couple of years back," Carlo began to explain, "the park Service got a new head Ranger. The Rangers are so understaffed, that they never come out here on the weekends. But this guy did and caught Gina and I working on the cabin. He had a shit-fit and told us we could not be in the cabin.

. let alone working on the roof. . .because of liability and insurance issues, etc. So he then came back, plastered 'No Trespassing' signs on all four sides of the building, put that big hasp on the front door up there, and put a lock on the door." "So that was the end of your cabin adventure then?" Kayla said.

"Not exactly" Gina said and nodded at Carlo who had carried a black duffle bag out of the boat. Carlo walked up to the front door and extracted a key from the bag. Placing the key in the Park Service lock on the front door, he had it open in a second. He swung the door open. "Welcome to Tom-Paul Gardner's house" Gina said as she made a sweeping gesture with her hand.

As the six entered the cabin Gina went on to explain. "Carlo had a locksmith make a key for the lock on the front door. Over the last two years Carlo and I have continued to keep the place clean, repair things that rot or need to be fixed and we've made a few additions.

. very discretely. . so the Park Rangers will probably never find them. As she said this, the 5 teens turned to look at Carlo who was extracting things out of the duffle bag.

Carlo extracted three small table lamps out of the bag and a fourth item that looked like a work light. Each had a fine cord with some type of miniature plug on the end. Carlo set the first light on the counter used for the cooking area. He opened the door to an ancient overhead cabinet and plugged the fine cord into some hidden receptacle. The two guys, intrigued, went to look and they found what appeared to be a miniature stereo jack inside the cabinet, about an inch or two below the tin roof, into which Carlo had plugged the lamp cord.

Carlo flipped the switch on the table lamp and it instantly illuminated the dark interior with a multitude of LED lights. He then took one unit over to the far side of the raised fireplace hearth and plugged it into a jack that was hidden between the log wall siding and the stone of the hearth. The third and final table lamp went to the far side of the room beside a chair that looked like it had been woven from some sort of vine, perhaps an ancient form of wicker furniture.

With the three LED lights aglow, the cabin took on a homier feel. "Looks like the batteries have stayed charged just fine Gina" Carlo remarked. "What batteries," RJ and Kenny said almost in unison. "About a 100 yards or more out that way" Carlo said pointing, "is a 3 ft square building, about 6 foot tall, crammed with car batteries. The building is mostly covered with vines and leaves from the trees, so it is very hard to see. IF you were to climb to the top of four nearby pine trees, you would find solar cells up there, bolted to the trees.

They too are very hard to see from the ground. We use a lot of solar cells at the Marina. The solar cells keep the batteries charged and Gina and I dug a shallow ditch for conduit from the battery building to the cabin, all overgrown now.

That is where we get the DC voltage for the LED lights and the pumps." "WHAT pumps" both of the guys again said at the same time. "Gina" Carlo said as he gestured with his hand toward the sink. The sink was as ancient as everything else with large chips missing from the white enamel coating that once had covered the tub. Gina pulled out a drawer under the counter and reached her finger up into the recess above the drawer, but under the counter top.

From somewhere under their feet they heard to murmur of electric motors. Gina then contorted her hand and spun two unseen miniature valves. Feeding into the sink was an old-time hand water pump. Something like Kayla's grandmother said they used to have on the farm when SHE was little.

As Gina twisted the knobs water suddenly flowed from the mouth of the hand-pump. "Feel" Gina said to the girls. Candy and Kayla put their hands under the stream, and Candy said "It's hot!" Carlo chuckled and said 'The solar heat panels are hidden and recessed into the roof over the outhouse and rear porch.

Unless you get up there with a ladder you can't tell from the ground that the tin roof is false and there is another roof below it. The hard part was hiding the 20 gal hot water tank in the root cellar and the demand pumps! So, if the Rangers ever do go in the basement, nothing looks out of the ordinary.

But Gina does like her hot showers" Carlo finished. "Shower?" it was now Candy and Kayla's turn to both talk at the same time. "Yes. You remove a secret board out back, screw in the shower head, and you get to have a nice hot shower at the end of the day. Of course 20 gals of water doesn't last real long with a lot of people, so we may have to shower together" Gina chuckled. "Oh goody!" was Candy's reply. The six spent the next hour with brooms and cloths, disposing of all the settled dust.

The 20 ft by 20 ft cabin was sparsely furnished. The kids assumed that at some point in the past there must have been a bed, perhaps on the far side of the room. They would have thought that perhaps there were more chairs. There was a large wrought-iron arm that would swing in over the fire in the fireplace, presumably to heat water, or perhaps to cook food. The fireplace was well used and dark smudges licked up the front of the stone from years of use. As Kayla dusted, she noted a large round flat stone directly under the mantle and over the center of the fireplace mouth.

Hand chiseled in the stone was the initials 'TG' Tom-Paul Gardner she thought. Even though Carlo had released the shutters and opened the two windows on the front of the cabin, it soon became too sweltering to work.

The floors had been swept clean and most of the accumulated dust on the counter and walls wiped up. "It's too fucking hot to work anymore. Let's go swimming" Gina said. The six had all donned tee shirts and shorts to do the dirty work inside. Now they all shucked them off. The girls still had on their bikini bottoms under the tees, but were topless.

The guys pulled off their tees and were already wearing board shorts. One after the other they dove in the lake and swam about. When they were sufficiently cooled off, Candy was standing chest deep in the water staring at the Cabin. "It's such an interesting story" Candy said to no one in particular. "I wonder if old Tom's spirit is still somewhere around here" she mused. "Don't be creeping me out" Kayla warned. The six decided to play King of the Mountain and Candy and Kenny won most of the matches, because of their maneuverability.

After an hour or so of horseplay they all ate lunch and napped. When they were roused by the heat, they all again swam and eventually only Candy and Gina came back to the blanket.

As the two sat Gina locked eyes with Candy and there was some sort of electricity between the two. Candy reached out and again cupped Gina's large breasts and immediately started manipulating her nipples. Gina's nipples responded to the touch and became quite distended. Gina's nipples were thick, almost a half-inch in diameter and stuck out almost three-quarters of an inch with Candy pulling on them.

Gina could not help but whimper. Candy leaned in and kissed Gina full on the lips. It took only a moment before Gina searcher Candy's mouth with her tongue.

"A penny for your thoughts Candy" Gina breathed. "Actions speak louder than words" was Candy's reply. She slid down Gina's chest, pushed the girl backwards onto the blanket and placed her mouth over first one engorged nipple and then the other. Candy latched onto the erect nipples and nursed expertly. As she suckled the massive mounds Gina moaned and wiggled.

Candy would suck so hard that as she pulled her head back each nipple would be stretched to twice the length of its engorged state. Gina had only had one previous sexual encounter with a girl in Junior High School.

Gina and the girl had kissed endlessly and played with each other's pussies. Alas the girl's parents got divorced and she moved away. In a small community, with not that many students in the High School, everyone knew each other, and each other's business. So Gina never had much chance to experiment with girls since that first time, and considered it a miracle that she and Carlo had not been discovered.

There had been this chemistry between Gina and Candy since the moment Gina had met the outspoken 14 ½ year old. Gina was intrigued with how mature the girl was and obviously bright. Finally the pot had boiled over and Gina could not believe she and Candy were rolling around the beach. Candy continued to suckle on the older girl and when she pulled on Gina's nipple with her teeth, raking them along the length of the hardened tip, Gina cried out.

The loud cry from Gina's lips finally got the attention of the rest of the teens who had been idly chatting, chest deep in the water. "Oh wow" was all anyone could say as they watched from a distance. Candy continued to kiss and work her hands on Gina's tits. Slowly she started to kiss her way down the valley between the Italian's tits and over her tummy. When she got to the girl's navel, she suddenly stopped, rose up and French kissed her partner furiously.

Just as quickly, she returned to Gina's lower abdomen and continued to work her way downward. Candy's long blond hair fell across Gina's body and formed a sharp contrast with her olive skin. Candy kissed her way downward and across the fabric of the mini bikini. As she lavished kisses on Gina, she cupped her sex. As Gina continued to writhe under Candy, the young blond reached up and untied the side-strings on Gina's bikini bottoms. With a slight tug on the garment, Gina raised her hips slightly and allowed Candy to pull the bikini free and toss it aside.

Gina spread her legs wide and Candy attached her snatch with gusto. Gina had a small 'landing strip' above her crack unlike Kayla and Candy who were hairless. Candy carefully spread Gina's outer pussy lips and began to tongue up and down the ridge of her labia, then landing on her clit. Gina went wild with desire. She's never actually had her pussy eaten by another girl before. Her Junior High girlfriend had felt her up and played with her pussy, but never actually had oral sex with her.

As Candy began to suck harder on Gina's blood-filled clit, the older girl went crazy. She was saying incoherent things, some of it in Italian, and moaning continuously. As Candy sucked on her clitty, she rolled her tongue around the sensitive organ at the same time she thrust two fingers and Gina's overheated hole.

Candy was having difficulty staying on target, what with Gina bucking so wildly. Candy was a little uncertain of herself as she had not had much experience in the oral sex department.

After all, she and Kayla had only been fooling around for a week in between episodes with their respective guys. While Candy wanted to please Gina in the worst way, she couldn't be sure she was doing the deed 'right'! Candy reached upward and grabbed Gina's hands, interlacing her fingers with the Italian girl's, while keeping her sucking lips centered on Gina's love button.

Gina quickly learned that holding Candy's hands gave her leverage to push down on the young girls' probing tongue. Candy started alternating her tongue between stroking Gina's clit and thrusting it deep into her wanton and slickened hole.

Suddenly Gina could take no more and yelled out in ecstasy and thrust her mound hard onto Candy's mouth. Her back arched and lifted Candy's head. Candy took the hint and rapidly thrust her tongue in and out of Gina's cunt savoring the girls excretions. Candy flicked her tongue on Gina's most sensitive place, until the girl finally collapsed in a heap.

The two girls fought to refill their lungs and slow their breathing. Candy slowly crawled up Gina's outstretched torso and nuzzled her friend's neck. Gina was so sated she was actually making little purring sounds. The two lay like this for a couple of minutes. "Candy, I should do something for you" Gina whispered to her blond lover.

"Maybe later" Candy said, "we have an audience and I'm getting a little self-conscious with the four of them staring at us like that" Candy replied softly.   Chapter 34 of 35 Unbeknownst to the group of sex-charged teens, about 5 miles down the lake the Evans' and Peters' parents were anchored up in their own private cove. The four adults had been sans-clothing for hours and had been enjoying a lot of naked play-time. Kathy Evans sat with her brother, Tom, in the Captain's Seat of the Party Hut.

Kathy and Tom had been fooling around all morning. As they sat snuggled together, Kathy slowly stroked his still erect cock, enjoying the feel of his semi-hard and well used cock in her hand. Tom had his arm around Kathy's shoulders and his hand draped down over one breast, slowly toying with a nipple.

What held their attention, however, was Tom's wife Christy, on the forward Lounge having sex with her brother Rob, Kathy's husband. For years Rob had refused to have actual sexual intercourse with his sister. However, with the recent events with their children's sexual exploits coming to light, and so much changing, that relationship with his sister had suddenly changed and blossomed, much to Christy's delight. While Kathy and Tom sat watching their spouses, they saw Rob roll his sister over and onto all fours.

He then got behind her, holding firmly onto Christy's broad hips, and fucked her furiously in 'doggy style'. Christy cried out and whined as her brother pounded his ample manhood into her. Kathy could hear her husband's low-hanging balls slapping his sister's crotch, each time he thrust forward!

Christy's tits hung down and swayed in sync with Robs pounding. "That's the third time Rob's fucked her today, Tommy" Kathy said to her brother rather indignantly. "Christy has always been frustrated that Rob would not put it in her for the last 25 years.

She's been jealous of the intimacy you got to share with your brother; while all she got to do with hers was foreplay and oral stuff. Right now she's like a kid with a new toy, Kathy. The novelty will wear off in a while.

You aren't jealous, are you Kathy?" her brother asked her. "Not in the way you mean 'jealous' Tommy. But hell yes I'm jealous. Christy hasn't paid any attention to me and MY 'girl-needs' since Rob finally relented to screw her properly!" As Tom chucked at his sister's complaint, they saw Rob thrust forward and let out what sounded like a bear groaning as he held his prick buried in his sister, his loins glued to her butt, and his cock pulsing wave after wave of seed deep within her.

The two of them collapsed with Rob still buried in Christy's quim. After a couple of minutes Rob arose and jumped into the water to both clean up and cool off. Kathy got up leaving her brother at the helm station, and walked up to Christy who lay recuperating. "Hey girl' Kathy said to her sister in law, "you alright after your third fuck of the day with my husband?" As she said this she sat down on the lounge seat beside her. Kathy noted that Christy had a dreamy look on her face.

"Ummmm yea, I'm more than OK" Christy grinned. "You aren't upset, are you Kathy?" "Upset? No. Wanting some girl-time with you? Yes. You've been ignoring me, Christy" her sister-In-Law said.

"Sorry, I'm just making up for lost time with Rob I guess." Christy caught Kathy's stare at her pussy and she too glanced down. What Kathy saw was that Christy's inner and outer pussy-lips were red, swollen and descended from her vulva. Her vaginal hole was VERY red and remained slightly open as Christy sat there. Kathy saw her husband's copious spuddy oozing from her sister-in-law's puss.

"You look well and truly fucked" Kathy said to her female counterpart. Then both girls laughed slightly. Kathy pushed Christy back down onto the Lounge cushion and immediately went to her sister-in-law's crotch. She started tonguing up the jizz that Rob had deposited in her hot fuck hole, intermingled with small kisses and sucking on Christy's over-stimulated clit.

When the Evans brother & sister had discovered that the Peters brother and sister were fooling-around with each other, just like they themselves were way back when they were young teens in High School, the two sets of siblings started 'double dating'.

The two girls used to occasionally 'put on a show' for the guys and would eat each other's snatch, while the guys would get so excited they would jack-off over the girls. While it seemed like another lifetime ago, Christy and Kathy still loved their girl-time together. Christy had learned even as a young teen, that Kathy had a special knack at eating pussy. Christy, while not having the technique of Kathy, did an acceptable job of pleasing her counterpart also.

While it was true that the two women had started having sex fun with each other in their early teens, as they grew older and started having families of their own, the two never tired of their special 'girl-time' together and had sorely missed getting together when Christy and Tom lived so far away.

Kathy was on the attack, savoring the copious amount of semen she was sucking from Christy's puss. Christy, was still sexually charged, as during the most recent fucking she had just received from Rob, she had failed to orgasm.

As Christy became more sexually excited, she started humping motions with Kathy's tongue attack. Suddenly she said "Kathy, get your sexy little cunt up here. 69!" Kathy stopped what she was doing, swung her pelvis over her sister-in-law's face and proceeded to lick Christy's cunt in earnest. Christy likewise, was attacking Kathy's love hole with all her might. Kathy had been playing touchy-feely with Tom for some time, so her own arousal was at fever pitch also. "God, how much of this stuff did my husband shoot up in you Christy?" Kathy said in a muffled tone with semen and pussy juice spread all over her face.

"A LOT" Christy moaned. "I can clearly taste my husband in you too girl!" It was Kathy that fell into bliss first. Christy was sucking on her engorged clitty as though her very existence depended on it. Kathy stiffened and cried out loudly, signaling that she was already there. In the throes of her passion she lost control and actually bit down on Christy's inflamed nub, causing not only pain, but sending Christy off into a writing frenzy of her third orgasm that day! The two females lay cuddling, face to face, for several minutes.

Occasionally one or the other would shiver, coming down from excruciating orgasms that the two had learned to give each other.

"What do you think our kids are doing right now, Kathy? Christy said in whisper. "I hope they are having a good time, but I trust they are behaving themselves as they are out with Carlo and his sister." "God, you could have knocked me over with a feather when Candy announced the other day that she and Kayla, and all four of the kids, had fooled around with each other on the boat last weekend" Christy said casually.

"I would not have guessed my 14 year old daughter was about to become sexually active with her brother, let alone with her cousins!" Christy sighed.

"Well she's not that much younger than we were when we started screwing around" Kathy replied. "Hell, I was knocked up when I was only a few months older than Candy is now" Kathy reminded Christy.

"Yes, but I thought of Candy as being so young. . and well, not ready. Shows you what I know! "It must be genetics though Kathy, I never even spoke to Candy about bi-sexuality, and yet both she and Kayla seem to have followed in our footsteps" Christy opined. "Yep it does seem strange.

You know if the kids had come home from the Lake last Monday 30 minutes earlier, they would have found us with our heads between each other's thighs" Kathy chuckled. "You know Kayla has been Bi with her friend Mary Cunningham for a long time now, but I never have shared with her that you and I are also, Christy.

. I suppose now that everything is out in the open between us and the kids, she'll find out soon enough?" "Once Tom and I get moved back to the city with you guys, a lot of things will come out in the open. It will be good to have a LOT more girl-time with my sister-in-law though" Christy surmised and then kissed Kathy lightly. "With you and Tom back in town, maybe I won't be terminally horny all the time with Rob working in Washington DC?" Kathy mused. "I always expected you to get together with RJ, or Kayla, or both of them, to take care of your itch, Kathy.

Why did you never do that?" RJ and Kayla have been ga-ga over each other, so it wouldn't have been right for me to intrude. Besides, are you forgetting that until Monday your brother had this major hang-up about incest with you? I couldn't tell him his kids were screwing like bunnies.

. so I couldn't very well go up and ask; 'Rob, is it OK for me to take care of my sexual needs with our kids while your away at work?' " Kathy said to her lounge-mate. What about now that he knows everything? Do you think you'll fool around with your kids during the week, Kathy?

"Don't know" Kathy replied. "What about you and Kenny and Candy?" "Hell yes, if he showed any interest, I'd let Kenny screw me. . I mean did you catch the size of our son's cocks? Jesus, I don't know how they got so big! And if Candy ever wants any pointers on girl-girl stuff, I'd be happy to teach her everything that you taught me about eating pussy, Kathy." At that, both women had to chuckle.   Chapter 35 of 35 Back at the Cabin, Gina and Candy had rejoined the four other teens in the water.

They took some mild harassment about their show of affection up on the beach. While it was pretty clear to the girls that all the guys had sprung major erections while watching Gina and Candy go at each other, Gina said that they all needed to be getting things together to make dinner.

After the girls dried themselves, they all put on cover-ups. While they afforded some modesty, they also allowed a lot of peek-a-boo for the guys. Carlo and the guys got more supplies out of the boat, while Gina and the girls started to make preparations in the sparse kitchen. "Carlo, when you guys are done, why don't you show them where you hide the firewood, and bring some back for cooking, some for the fireplace in the cabin and some for the fire ring on the beach.

I think we'll have a fire this evening" Gina concluded. "If we use the fire place, won't that be a give-away to the Park Rangers that someone has been in the Cabin" Kayla asked.

"Ah, but the trick is to remove all the evidence before we leave in the morning, so they are none the wiser" Gina explained. Gina and the girls boiled water and made spaghetti.

With the help of pre-cooked meatballs and sauce in Tupperware, aided by the small Coleman stove Carlo brought, the six teens had a scrumptious, if not simple, dinner complete with some of the best wine they'd tasted, pre-made salad and bread.

After dinner, and a second glass of wine each, the six scurried about to clean up. The guys brought six sleeping bags from the boat into the cabin and set up blankets around the fire ring on the beach. Letting the coals in the cabin die down after removing the pot from the swinging arm in the fireplace, Carlo concentrated on making a fire in the ring on the beach as the sun had set it became more dusk.

The six chatted amicably around the fire. They certainly didn't need the warmth from the fire in the warm summer evening, but the ambiance was great.

A third glass of wine was shared by all causing Candy to have the thought that she needed to cool it with the wine, before she did something silly again. "Why don't you guys keep the fire going and visit, while we three girls grab a shower in the back?" Gina suggested. "I think if we are quick and share the shower, we can save enough water for you guys to shower also." "NO peeking" Kayla added impishly as the three girls entered the cabin to get towels. That was exactly what the girls did, but had to forgo washing their long hair, as THAT would have eaten up too much of the hot water.

10 minutes later Gina appeared in the cabin doorway, wrapped in a large towel, and told the guys the shower was 'all theirs'. While the three guys showered quickly, one at a time, the girls remained wrapped in towels and brushed the kinks out of each other's hair. The three guys were showered, wearing fresh board-shorts and Tees and sitting back around the fire ring before the girls made an appearance.

When the girls came out of the cabin, at first the guys could not see them clearly as their night vision was affected by the fire light. However, as the girls drew closer, their mouths dropped open.

Gina, in the lead, was wearing a pale yellow camisole top that was very see-thru along with matching yellow brief bikini panties that were just as diaphones. The combination of her tanned olive complexion and the black public-hair 'landing strip' she sported made the outfit seem all the more invisible.

The three boys had an excellent view of her dark areola surrounding her highly erect, but slightly lighter in color, nipples. Of the three girls, Gina had the most developed and broad hips, which she swayed in exaggeration as she approached the guys. Behind Gina was Kayla who wore a Shorty PJ set of light pink with matching panties. While not as see-though as Gina's outfit it offered the observer ample exposure of her charms, including her slightly bouncing 'C' cup chest and pale nipples.

While Kayla had no public hair to show through the panties, she had made sure that the matching panties were pushed up into her vaginal crack, to offer the right show to her guy. . .well for all the guys. . as she walked. Lastly, followed Candy. She was also dressed in a pure white Shorty set that came down to her midriff. The matching set had Tap Pants bottoms. While perhaps not as revealing as the other girl's outfits, they had the added advantage of loose leg holes.

On Candy's slim build, with legs that seemed to go up forever, this had the allure of allowing the viewer to see slightly up the leg hole as she walked, or more importantly as she plopped down beside her brother. Her long blond mane seemed to sway seductively as she walked and her bright green eyes had a twinkle in them. As Candy sat beside her brother on the blanket, she sat cross-legged. Carlo could not take his eyes off the young girl, and immediately noted that her Tap Pants panties allowed him a view of a great deal of her inside thigh and crotch, while stopping just short of displaying her treasure.

Carlo's eyes darted to Kayla as she also sat beside her brother. As the material of her sheer top stretched across her breast, the outline of the two pointy nipples was clearly on display to him.

Candy had a problem. While her breasts were naturally pointy, and her areolas 'puffy', as RJ like to call them, the fact that she was 'showing off' her charms on purpose, to all of the guys, caused her to become aroused sexually and made her small puffies swell. Worse, her nipples stood out in the thin material of the white top like large erasers on a pencil.

Had her nipples not been such a pale shade of pink, they surely would have been plainly visible to all! Candy had the sudden thought that she was being VERY naughty, and that she deserved a good spanking from RJ for showing off her charms so wantonly! The three Guys sat with mouths agape and had said not a word.

"Well?" Gina said. "Are you guys gonna speak or just sit there comatose?" Carlo was the first to speak. "You look lovely tonight dear sister. But then you always look lovely" he concluded. "Lovely hmmmm? Not the effect I had in mind" Gina mused. "Well I think the three of you look fucking fantastic" Kenny gushed.

While his eyes darted from his sister Candy, to Kayla to Gina, he was unable to draw his eyes off of the Italian girl's very dark and erect nipples showing through the thin material of her top. "That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen" RJ commented.

"When the three of you walked up to the fire in those outfits, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!" "That's sweet, RJ" Gina smiled at him. Had anyone but Candy been watching Carlo, they would have noted, as did she, that Carlo was trying to look up the leg hole of Candy's Tap Pants panties. Candy's eyes watched his eyes and noted that he didn't seem to breathe as he stared at her crotch intently. She had to fight the urge to pull the material aside, and give him a good show.

She might have done that, had she not been concerned about her brother's reaction. and what would RJ think. . and do. . if she were to perform such a slutty action? Gina caught Carlo staring at the beautiful young blond girl opposite her. Clearing her throat to get his attention, she said "Then I guess all you guys all approve of our sleepwear?" "That's would be an understatement," RJ said what was on each boys mind. The group sat sipping wine, except for Candy who had stopped before she did something foolish.

Hell if she had another glass of wine, she would probably jump all three guy's dicks, as she was getting run-away horny now! After a particularly long pause in the conversation, Gina cleared her throat again and said she wanted to talk to everyone. "We have a little problem, I think." She said this, and let it hang in the air, while the others looked at her.

"I'm sure that after that little show Candy and I put on earlier, you boys are all pretty horny? In fact I've noticed that all three of you are fighting, trying to keep your hard-on hidden from us." Again she paused while the guys looked a little sheepish. "Well the thing is, Carlo would like to sleep with you Kayla and you too Candy" the Italian girl spoke, looking into Kayla's eyes.

"And how would you know that" Kayla retorted. Candy had temporarily locked eyes with Carlo at the announcement. "Because Carlo told me. . one night while we were making love!" Gina averted her eyes at the announcement.

"Thank you so much. . for embarrassing me in front of our new friends" Carlo said to his sister. "Oh, DO come on, Carlo! Do you really think the girls have not noticed the way you stare at their pussies and that drool on your lips?" Gina flung back at her brother, putting him in his place. "The thing is" Gina continued, "is that I want to be with your brothers also" Gina confessed to the girls.

"You see, Carlo and I have only had sex with each other. . for 5 years now. . and we love each other, but we understand that maybe once in a while we may like to have fun with someone else.

We talked about it, and as we both like you guys. . a lot. . I thought I would tell you of this, and see what you think." Kenny had the urge to jump Gina straight away. But he knew if he was over-eager, it would cause trouble with his sister. . and maybe his cousin, so he decided to cool it. "We're flattered" Kenny said, "and you are correct that being around everyone today, and all the teasing and 'little shows' has us pretty worked up." Kenny let it hang.

Candy could not take her eyes off Carlo and his dark brooding good looks. The thought of allowing him to bed her caused her girl-lube to start flowing. "Well I wouldn't mind. . if the guys wanted to fool around with you Gina" Candy said. "I'm pretty sure they want to find out for themselves what it was like for me to be sucking your boobies, like I did earlier." Kayla glanced at Candy, a little surprised that she would be in favor of this so quickly.

"Of course the guys would have to be OK. . you know . . with the 'arrangement'" Kayla said cautiously, not sure how her brother would feel about her having sex with a guy outside the family. Had she been more observant, she would have noted that her brother, as well as her cousin-lover, were both salivating over Gina already.

"Yes, my brother, and RJ, would have to tell me. . you know . . TELL me that it's Ok to have sex with Carlo. As Candy said this with the emphasis, RJ got the message clearly, while she bored into his eyes.

"I think Gina makes a good point. It's no secret that the four of us cousins have fooled around, but I think that you should experience sex with Carlo, Candy. and you too Kayla," he included his sister As RJ said this, just forcefully enough while looking into Candy's eyes, she got the message clearly. RJ had just 'told' her to fuck Carlo that's all she needed. He was getting the gist of how to instruct her, without the others realizing what was going on. "Of course, it's also up to you girls to say it's Ok for RJ and me to get together with Gina" Kenny reminded them.

"Of course Kenny" Kayla responded, "I think it would be fine. . wouldn't it Candy?" 'God, say yes, Candy' Kayla thought as she wanted to fuck Carlo so badly! "So how do we go about this?" Candy said by way of agreeing. "As we're all a little new to this. why don't you girls go in the cabin with Carlo, and Kenny, RJ and I will stay out here by the fire?" Gina suggested. As Kayla and Candy got up and took Carlo by the hand, Kayla looked back over her shoulder and said "Have fun everyone!" In the cabin, Kayla and Candy were surprised to find Carlo a little shy.

The three sat on the unrolled sleeping bags after Carlo stoked the fire in the fireplace. When Kayla reached out to touch his arm, Carlo actually jumped. "Jesus Carlo, I'm not going to bite you" Kayla said. "Relax. . if you don't want to do this, we'll understand" she finished. "No. It isn't that" the handsome Italian stammered. "It's just that I have never been with anyone but Gina. . and being with two girls at once. . well it is a little intimidating.

I mean what if I don't please you" Carlo said almost in a whisper. "So you guys said you've been fooling around for 5 years now?" Candy said, breaking the ice. "That means you were 15 Carlo, and Gina just 13 the first time?" "Yes, we would have started earlier.

. but both of us were afraid. . and besides, neither of us would have known what to do any earlier" he explained, starting to calm down. "Carlo, can I kiss you?" Kayla asked. He turned and leaned in to kiss Kayla. At first it was tentative, a brief peck, and then he leaned back in. Inside of a minute the two were kissing in earnest with tongues being exchanged. Carlo reached up tentatively and his hand started to slide under Kayla's Pink Shorty top.

When his fingers reached the warm flesh directly below her breasts his hand froze. "It's OK, Carlo. You can play with my titties if ya want" Kayla smiled. In response he cupped her right breast, while she kissed him harder. After a brief period Kayla broke and said "Carlo, I think you need to share with Candy?" As Carlo turned to address Candy, she was all over him.

Watching the Italian hunk with her cousin was making her crazy. While she'd already been sexually excited by the earlier discussion, she was very rapidly escalating her want.

Candy practically pushed him over as she pressed her partially open mouth to his. His hand was on her midriff, but Candy grabbed him by the wrist and pulled his hand up to her pointed tit with its erect nipple. Carlo wasted no time in rolling the nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

Candy let out an audible moan. A minute later Candy broke the kiss, out of breath. Carlo turned and started to kiss and fondle Kayla once more. The three were kneeling in the center of the sleeping bags facing the fire.

As Carlo made out with her cousin, Candy attacked the 19 year old's board-shorts and carefully worked the zipper down after unfastening the snap. Candy tugged at the shorts and they traveled down Carlos tanned abdomen and legs, as far as they could to his bent knees. As Candy got the shorts worked down his erection sprung free, as he wore no underwear.

"Jesus Christ, would you look at that!" Candy said out loud. Outside, things had pretty much followed the same route. However, Gina was more aggressive and RJ and Kenny, being teen boys didn't take too much encouragement, before their hard-on's became uncomfortable. As soon as the touchy-feely had started Gina removed her pale yellow Camisole to allow the two boys access to her ample 'D' cup titties. Not only had Ginna never been with another male, other than Carlo, she certainly had never had two guys suck on her tits at the same time before.

She soon fell backwards onto the blankets and writhed as the two boys sucked, pulled and lightly bit her exaggerated nipples. When she was able to concentrate and force the guys to give her a minute she fought, first with Kenny's shorts, and then with RJ's, to get them off of her two admirers.

As soon as she had tossed their shorts aside, she starred in awe at the erect members. Kenny's manhood was larger than RJ's, but both boys were considerably larger than her brother, Carlo. As Gina grabbed both pricks and started to stroke them she said to the guys "You know, this is the first time I've ever seen a circumcised penis. . other than in magazines!" Gina took RJ in her mouth and started to suck on him.

RJ moaned and thrust a finger in Gina's snatch beside her pale, small, bikini bottom. RJ found her to be soaking wet, having anticipated this nirvana all afternoon. She then swapped and sucked on Kenny's magnificent cock, which actually made her jaw ache. While Gina felated Kenny, RJ worked the wispy panties down her hips and off her feet. As soon as he did, he dived in and started licking her hole, just below the 'landing strip' concentrating on the rising 'nub' sheathed between her labia.

Gina bucked and moaned around Kenny's cock as RJ worked her magic box. Gina broke things up and told the boys to lie on their backs, one on each side of her. Gina quickly reached into her purse and drew out a tube of KY Jelly. She squeezed the lubricant onto her hands, using a lot, and reached out to grasp each boy's cock. With the lube, her hands slipped easily up and down the 9" length of these monsters. "For your first time, I want to see you cum, and I want you both to squirt your stuff all over my titties when you cum.

. can you do that for me?" Both boys just murmured, as Gina was already stroking their man-meat in earnest. A few minutes into the double masturbation, Gina's wrists were becoming sore and she had worked herself to a sexual fever pitch, imagining what either one of these magnificent cocks would feel like, if inside her.

She could wait no longer; It seemed like a good idea to have these studs shoot their jizz all over her tits, but desire had over taken her; Desire to feel a fuck-monster between her legs. Gina suddenly swung a leg over Kenny and swiftly placed the flared head of his 9 inch cock at the entrance of her channel.

The action caught Kenny by surprise and he said "Gina wait! Is it safe to do this without a condom?" "But of course silly boy, I've been on birth control since I was 13. . so it is safe" As she answered his considerate question, she pushed down hard on him.

The head of the overly large penis spread her, like nothing ever had before. Gina panted and had to pause to rest. Kenny attempted to hump upwards, but to no avail. After a couple of minutes, Gina's box began to expand and accommodate the monster within her and she slid a few more inches in. RJ slowly stroked his own cock as he watched the beautiful Italian girl impale herself slowly on his cousin. After considerable effort, Gina finally sank so that her public bone was against Kenny's.

She paused, catching her breath and admonishing Kenny not to move for a minute, while she adjusted to this maddening fullness within her.

A minute or so after resting she resumed a slow humping motion, bringing only 3 or 4 inches of Kenny's cock clear of her vaginal tunnel, before impaling herself to the hilt once more. Watching this, and stroking his own cock, RJ got an idea. As Gina leaned forward to allow Kenny to suck on her large tits while she humped her prisoner under her, RJ put some KY on his fingers and began to toy with Gina's anus. Gina squealed when RJ tentatively sank his finer in her ass, up to the first knuckle.

"RJ what are you doing!? Take that out" Gina said, but she felt a jolt of electricity. "No way" he replied, "just relax and you'll enjoy this." As Gina tried to relax her sphincter RJ eased more of his finger up her ass each time she humped up and down RJ's cousin. Slathering more KY on Gina's upturned ass, when she made her next stab on Kenny's cock, RJ suddenly slipped two fingers in her anus, up to the limit.

Gina screamed. "RJ take your finger out of my ass that HURTS!" However, as she said this, RJ wiggled his finger and felt his cousin's cock through the thin sheath separating the ass from the vagina.

As RJ wiggled his fingers, Gina suddenly became lost in desire and bliss, sighing loudly. "OH RJ, what the fuck are you doing to me?" Feeling jolts of electricity running through her body, Gina started to hump Kenny's cock into herself with a renewed sense of urgency.

Usually Gina and Carlo would take their time with a long drawn-out sex act. Gina had never felt so wanton.

. so totally slutty before. One thing was certain; there was no way THIS was going to be a long drawn-out coupling. As Gina continued to increase the speed of her ride on Kenny's stallion, RJ withdrew his fingers from her ass. Gina immediately felt both a sense of relief, and a sense of loss at having lost the electricity that was being caused in her bowels.

RJ had other ideas. Having lubed his cock well with the KY, he placed the head lightly against Gina's puckered rosebud. At first Gina thought RJ was putting his fingers back in, and she was secretly thrilled that she would have those sensations again. As Gina continued to buck on Kenny's madly engorged organ, while bent over with him sicking on her tits, as she drew back allowing Kenny to move outward from her womb, RJ suddenly thrust his cock into her ass about 4 or 5 inches. Gina howled with pain and screamed at RJ.

He held still and held her hips as she cursed at him in Italian. After what seemed like an eternity to Gina, she finally caught her breath. "Damn you RJ that HURTS" she wailed. "Be still and it will feel a lot better in a minute" was his only reply. Sure enough, shortly, the feeling of violation and pain, transformed into one of lust. Gina moved again. . tentatively at first, pushing more of Kenny into her slickened hole. However, that caused RJ to slide slightly out of her ass.

As she glided back off of Kenny's cock, RJ's would slide back in. In several more thrusts, RJ had worked his entire 8 ½ inches into her rectum. Now as she rocked back and forth, 4 or 5 inches of Kenny's man-meat would withdraw from her pussy, as 4 or 5 inches of RJ's would invade her rear most heaven. Gina had become incoherent with lust. So many firsts; she's never been with anyone but Carlo, now she was with two guys at once!

She'd never had anal sex before, now she had a very large guy in her ass up to the hilt. . and she was loving it! Gina became a wanton sex fiend on auto pilot. She felt the need. .

.the urge. . to couple to completion. Only she didn't know what completion meant with two guys impaled in her. 'There must be pain' Gina thought, but all she could feel was the lust.

. the desire to fuck like she'd never been fucked before. Gina's riding became more frenetic and RJ was beginning to pant. The excruciating tight confines of Gina's backdoor was causing him to lose it, after only a brief time of fucking.

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He knew he would cum soon, and he hadn't shot off this quickly since shortly after he and Kayla had fucked for the first time. Likewise, Kenny's cock rubbing against RJ's, through the vaginal wall, was creating a feeling the likes of which he'd certainly never experienced. Kenny was beginning to feel the stirring in his balls, signaling he would soon dump a huge load in Gina.

Gina was chanting 'yes. . oh YES. . ohhhhh fuck me. in my ass. fuck my cunt Kenny. . .' As she flailed out of control. Her pelvis was a blur when she shouted "cummmmmmming". The contractions in Gina's cunt was more than Kenny could bear and his orgasm started bathing her womb in one.

. two. three. . no, four giant spurts of baby cum. Kenny rammed his cock home trying to drive it as deep as possible and into the hot Italian's cervix. All this was more than RJ could stand and he too erupted in Gina's ass.

The only problem was that RJ had been denied all day, while his balls continued to churn out production of spuddy. The result was a sperm-enema the likes of which Gina could have never anticipated! RJ's 8 ½ inches spurted fully a half dozen shots of the hot liquid in her ass-canal.!

Gina, feeling the heat in her bowels, screamed one last time and collapsed on Kenny's chest with RJ draped over her back. As the three lay coupled panting and trying to gain their breath, cum started to ooze from Gina as the guys erections started to fade. Inside the cabin Carlo and the two teen girls were exploring, at the same time as the excitement going on outside. As Candy made the loud expletive when she dropped Carlo's board-shorts down and saw his erection, Kayla stopped making out with him and looked down.

"Oh wow!" Kayla exclaimed when she saw what Candy was referring to. Carlo's erection was like steel, but that was not what held the two girls attention. Carlo had his foreskin still. His erect cock was 7 inches, shorter than either one of their brothers, and not as big in girth either.

There were two curious things about Carlo's cock however, First, he had a long and pronounced foreskin. Second, the head of his cock seemed disproportionately large and made a large knot-like bulge in the foreskin.

But the more interesting oddity was that his cock, while as hard either of the girls had ever seen, was curved upwards, not like either RJ or Kenny, both of whom stood straight out when sexually excited. Carlo's looked like an under-ripe banana, Kayla thought. "I've never seen a guy with a foreskin" Candy said in awe, "have you Kayla?" "Yes, but it was on a 7 year old boy I was babysitting, and it didn't look ANYTHING like this!" Candy tentatively reached out to touch Carlo's manhood, allowing her fingers to travel from its base, up the curved shaft to the tip of his foreskin all light as a feather.

As she did so she dared not breathe. As her hand started to trace back down his length, her Green eyes were locked on his, peering into each other's souls. Kayla reached out to replace Candy's hand. She was surprised at how rock-hard the shaft was, engorged to the point of bursting it would seem.

As she reached the tip and started to move her hand back down its length, she grabbed hold of the foreskin and moved it back on his glans, causing Carlo to moan for the first time. "Oh my-oh my!" Kayla exclaimed. "Let me try that" Candy said excitedly, practically knocking Kayla's hand out of the way. Candy made no pretense of lightly stroking him. She wrapped her fingers around the main shaft and stroked upwards. Reaching the tip, she increased her grip and pulled back downward. The head of Carlo's cock peeked out of the end of the taught skin, and had the appearance of a turtle peeking out.

"Cool. God that's hot looking" Kayla whispered hoarsely, as Candy continued to stroke up and down. As she pulled back on the third stroke, Carlo let out a guttural sound. "Did I hurt you" Candy asked, suddenly withdrawing her hand from his penis.

"Hurt? No. But you and Kayla playing with me like that, is making me crazy" Carlo tried to explain. But before he had even finished the sentence, Kayla had wrapped HER hand around his cock and started stroking the foreskin on and off the head of his cock. "This is just amazing. . beautiful" Kayla cooed. "Carlo, why is your penis curved like that?" "It's just the way I am.

. don't know what it's called" he replied. "Does it hurt or anything. . you know, when you do it? Candy inquired. "No it doesn't hurt me. . but Kayla says is rubs her in a 'special spot'.

. which she seems to like a lot" Carlo concluded. Candy bent down and sucked the pointy tip of his manhood into her mouth suddenly. Between clamping her lips tightly on the loose skin, and manipulating her hand, she managed to oscillate the skin back and forth over the head of his cock, in her mouth. Carlo had started kissing Kayla again, while he frantically cupped her sex through the little Pink panties.


"Oh wow Kayla. You have GOT to feel what this is like" Candy said to her cousin as she broke from giving Carlo a blow job. Kayla broke the kiss and did as Candy had suggested. Kayla had a somewhat different approach; she stripped the skin back over the head of Carlo's cock, and started sucking on the exposed crown, and swirling her tongue round-and-round the ridge. This drove Carlo wild with sexual heat. While Kayla showed Carlo her blow job skills Candy had once again started kissing Carlo, while he snaked a finer up the leg of her Tap Pants and fingered her flowing sex.

As Candy broke the kiss she sputtered "Wait. Wait Carlo. . Kayla. . we need to talk about something important!" Kayla stopped sucking on her boy-pop and looked up at Candy, as did a startled Carlo. "Carlo look, both Kayla and I have our cycles real close, and this is a dangerous week for us. We're both ovulating. Besides I've only been on birth control for a week, so my protection is not even working yet!

So Carlo, when you do us, you are going to have to wear a condom OK?" "This is not a problem" Carlo responded. "I don't want to get either of you pregnant either" he concluded. "But that's not the problem Carlo" Candy continued. "I really, REALLY want to feel what it's like to have your cock in me without a damn rubber!

But you have to promise that you won't cum in us. . if you feel like you have to squirt, you need to promise to take it out and cum on our tummies.

Swear?" Before Carlo could respond, Kayla cut in. "Carlo, Gina told me that you can screw for a long time without cumming in her. . and that you always make sure she is satisfied first. Is that true?" Kayla asked him. "Yes, that is usually true. And yes, I swear that if I get the feeling to cum, I will pull out of you" he smiled "OK enough of all this" Candy said as she tore all of her clothes off and threw them in a heap.

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Carlo and Kayla were only a second behind her. Candy flopped onto her back on the sleeping bags and practically drug Carlo on top of her. "Foreplay is overrated" Candy laughed as she grabbed for Carlos beautiful, curved and hard cock and tried to position it at the entrance of her most special girl spot.

Kayla settled beside the pair, playing with her puss and clit while she watched her younger cousin. Kayla realized it was incredibly dangerous to allow Carlo to penetrate their fertile cunts without protection. . but she was in agreement with Candy. . she just had to feel what that thing was like in her pussy!

Candy spread her legs as wide as they would go and tilted her pelvis up while aligning Carlos curved manhood. When she had girl-lube smeared all over and the foreskin and point of his prick edging into her hole, she said simply "push damn it!" Carlo didn't have to be told twice and he sank his cock in the young beauty until their public bones meshed.

Candy grunted and as she had not had sex since the previous day, her cunt was tight. Carlo paused and allowed the 14 ½ year old to adjust. After a brief respite, he started to saw his cock in and out of Candy tight womanhood. With each thrust Candy was feeling more and more on fire.

"Oh God. . oh God Kayla. . .I can feel his thingy moving in and out of the skin. . it's fucking fantastic. . I can feel it" Candy whined. Candy was rapidly getting lost and she was having naughty thoughts. . like maybe she would like to know how it feels to have an uncircumcised cock cum in you!

"Candy. . .take a break" Kayla said as she shook the young girls shoulder. "Carlo, let her calm down and get over here on me" Kayla pleaded. Carlo did as told and positioned himself above Kayla who was lying with her thighs parted in an inviting vee. Carlo's prick was sodden from having been in Candy. Without any preparation, Carlo held his penis and positioned it at Kayla's outter lips.

In one continuous thrust he impaled Kayla, who let out a howl as he sunk into her depths. Carlo was becoming more aroused by the second, and was feeing some stirring in his loins as he sawed in and out of Kayla. Kayla felt his cock-head moving in and out of its protective skin, just as Candy said.

She could not believe how different it felt to have an uncircumcised cock in her. But Kayla felt something else. She felt a strange friction against. . what? She wasn't sure. . but it was certainly different and the friction was rubbing her to new depths of lust.

Gina had been right. Carlo's curved prick did indeed rub some special spot up within her love channel. Kayla thought briefly, 'so this is what the G-Spot is'. Kayla was now humping back furiously. .

humping up onto his cock with all her might. She had also started chanting uncontrollably; "Oh God. . of God. . .Of my fucking God. . " the girls must have repeated a dozen times. Suddenly she felt it. . "what's?. . oh fuck. . Carlo baby. . please don't cum in me. . she wailed and dug her heels into the back of his thighs as she thrust upward and held him buried in her.

She went crazy. . vibrating. . shaking. . crying out. The orgasm was not like any before. . and seemed to keep her at its zenith forever. Carlo rolled off of Kayla, breathing like a race horse.

Candy pulled on his arm and encouraged him to remount her. Carlo thought this a bad idea, as Kayla had him very aroused. None the less, he did a Candy pleaded and ran his curved Italian meat back into the young girl. Candy went wild as the tip of Carlo's magically clad cock rubbed past a special spot. Candy instinctively adjusted the angle of her pelvis, trying to get Carlo to rub that spot with each stroke. Candy was in fact humping back upwards much more furiously than Carlo was.

Carlo suddenly withdrew from candy causing her to cry out "NO Carlo. . put it back in. . please!" Carlo ripped open the condom packet he had at the ready and placed it on his penis faster than anyone ever had. Carlo re-penetrated the over-heated blond and she locked her heels onto the back side of his thighs and started working her cunny up and down his cock, causing squishy sounds, as girl lube pistoned out of her on each stroke. Kayla lay in her own bliss, watching Carlo savagely fuck her cousin.

Carlo's hips were a blur, obvious that he could not hold out much longer. However, it was Candy that had spun totally out of control. Whatever Carlo was hitting in her pussy, she never felt that kind of excitement in her brief sexual experience. Candy had her heels dug into Carlo's thighs so tightly, and her fingernails raked his back and she held on for dear life, that she had actually had lifted her butt off the bed and almost hung under Carlo, seemingly suspended from his cock.

Candy saw the stars and white light exploded in her brain. "Yyyeeeeesssss. . oh yesssss " she hissed . 'Harder. . fuck me hard Carlo" she wailed out loud as her nails dug into this back flesh, causing rivulets of blood.

Candy seemed to be convulsing under him and her already very tight cunt, was squeezing down on his erect manhood. That was all he could take and the urge overtook all his control, causing his cock to pulse wave after wave of potent seed into the condom. Carlo went rigid and cried out with a guttural wail as he rammed as hard as possible into the wanton girl.

It was this later part that the three teens from outside saw as they entered the Cabin. After Gina regained some ability to stand, Kenny and RJ had helped her into the lake, where all three performed a wash-up job as best they could. The three now stood with towels wrapped around them as they watched Carlo's hips in a blur, as Candy humped up furiously during an obvious overwhelming orgasm.

"Well, it looks like Candy is enjoying her fucking, almost as much as I enjoyed mine!" Gina said as she stood holding hands with RJ and Kenny. "From the looks of your sister RJ, it looks like she enjoyed herself with Carlo as well" Kenny said. RJ just smiled. While it was only a little after 8:30, the combination of the day in the sun and the water, combined with all the sexual release the teens had just experienced, caused everyone to be tired.

The girls had slipped back into their sexy sleepwear, while the guys decided to remain unclothed. The six teens slipped into the sleeping bags which had been zippered together into one large baggie. Strictly at random, Gina wound up next to Kenny while Carlo to Gina's right, was next to Candy. Conversation was short-lived while the girls chided each other about their sexual prowess.

With 6 bodies, and the warm summer night, it was not too long before most of the top covering of the sleeping bags had been kicked free of the teen's bodies. Around midnight Gina awoke listening to the light snoring all around her. Seeing Kenny's man-meat lying flaccid angled up his abdomen, Gina reached out and started stroking it. In no time she had his cock fully hard and ready for action, and Kenny was now awake.

"What are you doing, Gina? Kenny whispered trying not to wake the others. "Gina quickly shimmed out of the see-thru yellow bikini panties, and replied simply "shut up and fuck me Kenny!" Kenny rolled on top of the Italian beauty and slowly sunk his ram-rod cock into her. The two tried to be quiet. . to stifle her moans . . and made love slowly. While not as spectacular as her last orgasm with Kenny in her, both were finally sated as Kenny pumped his seed into Gina once more.

Gina slipped back into her panties and shortly the two were back asleep, cuddled together. Around 4 AM, Candy stirred, feeling the hardness of Carlo's erection poking in her panty-clad bottom.

His arm was draped across her, his hand under her top, and he was very slowly playing with her boob. Candy rolled over and looked into Carlo's eyes. 'Yes, he had been awake' she thought to herself.

Without words she pressed into him and placed her lips softly on his. After several slow and sweet kisses Candy placed her mouth beside Carlo's ear to speak in hushed tones. "Carlo I want you to fuck me one more time before we have to leave" she whispered so low he could hardly hear her. "No rubbers. just be careful. . and when you need to cum, pull out and cum on my tummy.

I need to feel your wonderful cock inside me!" Foolhardy? Yes! But the tightness and the velvet softness of her young love tunnel beckoned him. In an instant Carlo was on top of the young blond, and with her aid, slid his erection up through the leg hole of her Tap Pants and aimed his cock into its target. Candy managed to last longer, having been satisfied not that much earlier by this roman stud. They rode each other slowly, but Candy began to feel that rubbing of the special spot within her vagina.

While it lasted considerably longer than her their first coupling, Candy could hold off no longer. Her whole body began to convulse in orgasmic delight as she clung to Carlo tightly. Carlo felt the contractions of the velvet-like glove around him and let himself go.

He picked up speed with urgency and at the last possible second, withdrew his reddened and pulsing cock from Candy, just in time to send jet after jet of his potent seed across her panties on her stomach and onto her tits. Unbeknownst to either, RJ had awakened to the noise and lie there watching his cousin rut with Carlo.

He was steamed, but not for the reason one might think. He would deal with her slut-ass later. . in private! Not two hours later the six were up, ate a quick breakfast of cereal, doughnuts and coffee. They cleaned the cabin of all traces of their presence and Carlo even carefully shoveled out the ash and debris from the fireplace, so that the Ranger would never know they had been in there.

By 9 AM, the Cabin locked, with the boat re-packed, the six were headed back to Sand Point Marina to rendezvous with their parents. As Candy sat in the bow of the boat watching the glass-like lake slide beneath the bow Kenny came forward and sat beside her.

"You are kind of quiet this morning, Candy. . .a penny for your thoughts" her brother said to her. "I was just thinking; that when we got out of school several weeks ago, I would have never thought. . not in my wildest dreams. of all the things that have happened to us this week" Candy replied. "Are you sorry" Kenny asked her.

"Any regrets?" "Are you kidding" Candy said incredulously. "This has been the coolest vacation any girl ever had. EVER!" Kenny just chuckled, as he had to agree with his sister's assessment. Candy looked at him. "I was just wondering.

. "she trailed off. "Wondering what sis?" "Just wondering what will happen next. . .that we never envisioned!" The End of the Long Weekend