Nikki messes diaper on laptop

Nikki messes diaper on laptop
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My dad me woke up. I was finally home from New York. I'm where I belong, home. In Texas. It was the last day of winter break. It was a day from new years. I got up, and out of the car, as my dad got all my suitcases. I don't live with him. I've lived with my 'rich' uncle ever since my parents have gotten a divorce. Just the thought of it. Hurts.

I don't exactly like my dad. And any of my ex step moms. There's 5. Anyway, my name is Dallas and I was born in Dallas. Cool right? Not. Too many bad memories live there.

And will stay there.

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I'm in the 10th grade, single. Boys have been a thing going on. I feel like I'm the only one single.

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I hate how guys just want to get into a girls pants these days. It pisses me off. The next morning, I get ready for school. I have naturally black and curly hair. Movie star type. I'm a little darkish tanish. People say I have really pretty brown eyes and a bright smile. I have dimples and braces. I hate them sometimes. I'm wearing fishnet stockings with a cute silky grey skirt and black blouse, And Vans. I have to run to the bus because I get a bit late.

Yeah. That's my everyday routine. I sit in the back, I hate the front. When I get to school, I take a deep breath. I walk inside and my friends come up to me, they make my day by telling me how I look. Then. I see him. Alex. His winter brown hair. He looks so cute in both of his hair. His blonde summer hair.


And dark brown winter hair. He walks up to me, and gives me a hug.

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Not any type of hug, like a side hug. But he puts his arms around my waist. I've had a crush on this guy since 8th grade dance. But he's always in a relationship. Sometimes I hear things about him. Like how he just wants to get in a girls pants. I don't believe them. He's just nearly perfect to me. After we hug, he tells me he's having a party tonight.

So, here's the thing. He always has parties when his parents are at their dates. But, he's always with his girlfriend. It upsets me all the time. I want him. Can't he just realize that? That night, I get ready for the party, wearing a dress a little above thigh, with flowers on it, strapless.

And my bikini under it. My hair is straight, with a few hair extensions to give it a little more layered look, and high heels. The ones that people fall when wearing if you lean front a little.

But I've worn heels since I was little. Im used to them. My friends pick me up, and were on our way. When I get to the party, I could hear the music from at the end of his street. But the neighbors are used to it. And everyone's diving into the pool. I see 'him', Alex. Alone.? Really. I could not believe what I'm seeing! He's just standing there alone. Drinking punch. I walk up to him, "cool party, you shouldn't be standing around.

It's your party you know?" he says, "yeah. I guess. Amber broke up with me after school, but I didn't want to cancel." we tell eachother everything.

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Alex is the only guy I can trust. He knows just about everything. I say, "well, let me cheer you up." -tickles- I know every place where he's ticklish. He; -giggles and drops his glass- "omg. Stop." he ignores the glass. I say, " how about we jump into the pool?" I just say that so he can take his shirt off. He does it, and jumps into the pool.

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I unzip my dress and takes it off, then takes off my heels and dives in. We play around, splashing water on eachother. Then, he disappears off to nowhere. He appears behind me, wrapping his arms around me, and whispers in my ear, "your the one who keeps me happy. Will you be mine?" I giggle a bit like and idiot. But, obviously say yes. He starts kissing my neck, then down to my shoulders. I turn around, and we kiss. Best day ever. I can't believe it. He picks me up, and we get out of the pool.

My hands around his neck. We get our clothes, and he leads me upstairs, to his room.

He closes the door behind us, and gives me a towel to dry off. I've been in his room a lot of times, it's completely normal by now. But then he starts kissing my neck and shoulders again.

He says, "I want you." He knows I'm smiling. In the inside and out. He turns me around, and this time, we make out. He randomly starts tickling me.

And I back away laughing, "wanna play the nervous game?" I say, "oh yes. (;" We sit down, and tells me he'll go first if it makes me more comfortable.

I say yes, and he puts his hand on my ankle. I shake my head, nope. Then he goes up to my legs, nope. Then my thigh, nope. And he goes up. Slower. Im starting to get horny. But, I lie and say "no, but i like it when you touch me there." I want him to keep going.

It makes me feel so secure. He tells me my skin feels so soft and smooth. It's all worth it. Ge keeps going up, and gets to my stomach. I giggle a little because it tickles. Then he goes up even more. His hand is on my 34D Size strapless bikini top! I say it now, "I was nervous when your hand was down there." He lays me down. And starts kissing my body.

My tummy, arms. I say, "I want you too. But. I don't think I'm ready for this. Please babe.?" he smiles. And continues! He keeps kissing me, and slides down to take my bikini off, he goes to the side to untie it.

And I try to push away. But no. He gets on top of me I'm not exactly "strong". But I keep trying to push away, and this point, he instead goes up to unclip my bikini. It falls off and there. My bare breasts open out. He kisses them.

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And says, "I love you, but if you stay still, I'll let you go. I said I want you. And you said it too. If you don't let me do what I want, you'll be punished.

I won't hurt you though. Like I said, I just want you. And I love you." he takes out a camera and sets it down next to us. I was stupid. Being in love with a 12th grader. Most athletic guy in school. I still push away, "don't please. Im still a virgin. I'll do anything." Alex laughs.

Gets off of me. And says, "anything?" "yes anything." I say, shaking. "come stand here." he says. Ido what he says while he sits on the edge of the bed. If you don't listen to me, your gonna get it.

Now take off everything you have on left." I slowly take off the bottom of my bikini. A tear falls down my cheek. "come here and sit on my lap, sweetie. Don't cry." he says, as I do what he says, crying a lot. "wait. Before you do, slide my shorts and boxers off, now bitch." I do it, shaking a lot. His 8 inch reveals. "now sit, facing me." he rubs it around my stomach and down to my pubic area.

He takes his hand and starts from my nose, he slides his finger down. Down. Down. Passed my pubic area.

He rubs. "it's wet. You like it, huh? Tell me how much you like me telling you what to do? Fucking cunt. You know I love you. It's why I'm doing this.

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You need to learn your lesson. But you like it right? Being humiliated? Your 'best friend' Amber told me how much you love me. Isn't it fun? Being humiliated and having nowhere else to go?" I say nothing. Just cries. He slides one finger in. I scream a little, and try to push away. I see his dick getting harder, as he forces another finger.

I push away harder. He just let's go of me, letting me fall to the floor, hitting my head. I lay there, then I hear a 'click'. I look up. And he was taking a picture! I try to stop and get up, "a few more pictures, and your getting it." He lays down, "suck it." I slowly walk back.

"no." he gets up, pulls me by the hair and throws me on the bed. Grabs a rope and ties me up. He starts taking more pictures. "your gonna do what I say." he stops and sits on my face.

Suck it. I open my mouth and he deep throats. "Make me cum. But if you do. Say bye to your virginty." I try not too, but then, he sticks a vibrator into my pussy.

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I can't stop myself. And I cum. "I'm ready to cum!!" he says. Taking his dick out of my mouth, he cums all over my face and stomach.

He checks me pussy, and sees that I disobeyed him. He takes out the vibrator. And unties one of my hands. "I'm gonna take more pictures before you say bye." he picks up his camera and tells me to open up my pussy with my one free hand and I do as told, shaking. He stops and gets ready, his tip goes in and I scream in pain as the slowly pushes his dick into my pussy.

Then takes it out, blood drips everywhere. He tells me to calm the fuck down and to hold it open again, as he takes more shots. He stops, and gets a stick/cane from under his bed. "here's your naughty punishment, love." he slowly taps my breasts then gets harder and faster, I scream and moan.

He stops. And sucks on each of my breasts, pulling and biting on my nipples. Nibbling on them innocently. He stops and unties me. Helps me stand up. And tells me, " i just had to. Your body was just oh so perfect. Your perfect. Promise you won't ever leave me?" I say, "what were those pictures for?" "i just need them. Now I have control over you. I can make you do whatever or else, you'll be the slut of the school and town.

" "no! Don't! Please!" "I have everything on video too." pointing at the dresser at a hidden camera. "why? Why me?!" "calm down. Just don't tell anyone, and listen to me. Your my bitch at home and girlfriend at school." "can I have some time alone to think about something?" realizing that I liked it all.

And wanting more. "go clean yourself up in the bath tub and think. I won't come in. Just don't do anything to yourself." "okay." I walk to the bath tub with a towel, and run the water to shower, then I get in and rub my body, making sure there's no more blood or cum on my body. My pussy still sore. I get out, and wrap myself in a towel, while he's laying on the bed. With his eyes closed. I cough, hoping he's awake, and his eyes open and he gets up. "your clothes are in the corner." "shh." I drop my towel down, and get on top of Alex.

"my turn to speak. I've liked you since 7th grade when we met. and 8th grade when we went to dance together as friends. And I still do. I need you. Please. Just dont leave me. I'll do whatever it takes. I'll even be your bitch. I just can't stay away from you. I still want more.


I enjoyed it all." he's silent. But leans over to kiss me. "no. What I did was wrong. I couldn't handle myself. I love you.


I want you. I need you. Don't leave." •------------------------——------——-----------• This was just part one, if you like it. Tell me, and I'll make a part two. If you have any ideas, that will be great too.

(: Thanks for reading.